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  • Islam’s Yihad Of Conquest More Than Mere Warfare | VOL. 48 * NEWSLETTER * SEPT./OCT. 2004 |

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    Dear Friends of Israel and “Or Tzion”,

    May you know joy, peace, health and prosperity in spirit and in life as you continue to serve our G-d and Father and the Lord Yeshua the Messiah with all your hearts.

    These are great and exciting days for the Kingdom of G-d and its citizens – us! The fields are ripe for harvest and G-d’s angels and elected saints stand poised for the coming mighty move of G-d. This move, which G-d’s prophets repeatedly foretold in these past few years, is in the process of swelling up like a tidal wave. This divine “tidal wave” differs, however, in that it purges man-made traditions and systems in the Body of Messiah, while sweeping large numbers of the unsaved into the Kingdom. Some years ago the Lord called this move His “upward vortex” while at the same time warning of the “downward vortex”1.

    The principle of the tidal wave or of a vortex is the same: it increases in size and power, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast, but it always increases! The downward vortex has its origin on earth, resulting from man’s choices; the upward vortex originates in heaven as prophetically foretold events unfold and the mighty sickle of the Lord swings over the earth2.

    Once again the somber warning of our Heavenly Father rings in my ears: “Let the proud and arrogant humble themselves, and the haughty and conceited clothe themselves in sackcloth and ashes. Let them repent with mourning and tears, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, that I may forgive them and not sweep them away with the tempest.”

    “For not what the world considers great is great indeed,” says the Lord, “and not what the world regards as exalted is truly exalted. I called a shepherd boy to be king over my people Israel, and to shepherds I revealed my glory in a manger. To fishermen and tax collectors I disclosed my heavenly majesty and endowed them with power from on high at Shavuot [Pentecost].”

    “I have not changed, I am the same today as I was yesterday and always will be3. I delight to choose the humble and the lowly, the insignificant and unimportant in the eyes of the world to reveal my love and salvation, and demonstrate the great power of My Name and glory of My Majesty. For I give my glory to no other.”4


    The New York Twin Towers of the World Trade Center destroyed on 9/11/2001

    The New York Twin Towers
    of the World Trade Center destroyed on 9/11/2001

    The downward vortex struck on September 11th 2001 upon the two primary “gods” of the United States: economic power and military might as exhibited in New York’s twin towers and the Pentagon. The strike came – so it would seem – in the name of Islam’s god, Allah, yet the instigating power

    The Pentagon attacked on 9/11 but few casualties due to that section having been evacuated for repairs

    The Pentagon attacked on 9/11 but few casualties due to that section having been evacuated for repairs

    behind it was doubtlessly the prince of Persia5 and the mighty string-pullers hid away in deep dark shadows

    Yet what do we see? Warring against this terror and principality – which with fire, blood, and suicide bombers is spreading its domain and strengthening its grip – is the arm of flesh in the name of mortals, the strength of which Scriptures say that “A king is not saved by his great army; a warrior is not delivered by his great strength. The war horse is a vain hope for victory, and by its great might it cannot save.6

    However, were America as a nation to put her trust and hope in the Holy One of Israel and stand with Jacob (i.e., the Jewish nation Israel), victory would be forthcoming as is written: “You are our King and G-d, Who ordains victories for Jacob [and us who stand with him]. Through You [the G-d of Jacob] we push down our foes; through Your Name [Yeshua the Messiah] we tread down our assailants. For not in my/our bow [missiles] do I/we trust, nor can my/our sword [machine gun, rifle] save me/us. For it is YOU Who saves us from our foes, and puts to confusion those who hate us. In G-d we make our boast continually, and give thanks to Your Name for ever.”7


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  • The Double Standard of the War against Terror

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    But America and her allies are fighting in the strength of man – and therefore victory has as yet eluded them. G-d had clearly warned against the timing of this war, that He was not going up with the armies8, and that this second war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein could hasten the prophesied disaster before the appointed time.

    Fanatic Islam; Bin Laden and Saddam picture, Palestinian terrorists

    Fanatic Islam; Bin Laden and Saddam picture, Palestinian terrorists

    For although extremely evil, Saddam Hussein stood as a barrier against the spread of fanatic [Shi’ite] Islam in Iraq. His aspirations were personal. [Shi’ite] Islam aspires to world domination to be achieved by global terror. Mere military might is no match for it.
    As the nine-headed serpent of Greek mythology, the Hydra, replaced one lost head by two new ones, so does Islam replace one lost terrorist by two or even more. The frightening, bloody terror of Islamic “Jihad” cannot, and will not, be stopped by the arm of flesh alone. (In the light of the latest killings of abducted non-Islamic civilians the decapitation of their victims certainly makes us think of Revelation 20:4 – for in our modern times who but Islam still practices this?)

    Unhappily, terrorism cannot be overcome as long as the nations who war against it ascribe to a double standard by rewarding terror with more and more of G-d’s own pasturelands9. Terror will continue to spread across the globe with great success among those nations, which force tiny Israel to sign suicidal treaties and give up yet more of her covenanted Land.

    Israel, with her center of Judea & Samaria cut out by international pressure and called "Westbank" = west of the river Jordan

    Israel, with her center of Judea & Samaria cut out by international pressure and called “Westbank” = west of the river Jordan

    Thus the downward vortex will increase steadily in size and power until the day of the sixth trumpet, when with a terrible roar, it will swallow up one third of mankind10. By horrifying natural catastrophes, and by arctic cold in tropical lands and heat waves in nordic spheres, G-d is warning plainly (and NOT “mother nature”): “Repent and mend your ways, O men of the earth, lest my wrath is kindled in ways against you, you have not yet imagined.”

    Alas, mankind will not repent but will persist in worshipping the work of their own hands, thereby honoring demons and idols. They will cast truth to the ground and exalt all that is vile11, making it the moral norm such as drug abuse, homosexuality and pornography.

    “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth has fallen in the PUBLIC squares, and uprightness cannot enter. Truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey.”12

    mosqueThe birth pangs have long begun! The rider on the white horse is already gone out conquering and to conquer in the name of Allah13; the rider on the red horse is killing multitudes with wars, genocides, ethnic cleansing and terror; while the rider on the black horse causes hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, volcanic eruptions and swarms of HRSEHEADlocust to destroy the harvests of the earth. The pale horse has gone out as well to kill with wars and famines and diseases in various places, with epidemics and creatures having turned malignant and vicious, invading human habitations.

    The 5th seal will soon be upon those predestined for martyrdom, whose calling it is to be slain for the Word of G-d and for the witness they bear. Hundreds of thousands behind the former Iron Curtain have already fulfilled this Word, and millions more will give their lives and sanctify the Name of G-d with their testimony of Yeshua and the Word of G-d rather than yield to Islam and the reign of the beast14.

    The Return of the Lord Yeshua is at hand, but first we must go through the gate of birth pangs until, through perseverance and endurance, we shall receive the Kingdom of our G-d.


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    13 Rev. 6:2-8 – Today only one power speaks of  global “conquest” – and that is Islam. To interpret this rider as the crowned Lord is taking him out of the context within which he is found – in partnership with 3 other desolating riders generating tribulation.

  • The Gate of Forgiveness

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    Just prior to Sukkoth (“Feast of Tabernacles”) I returned from a one-month stay in Germany. This visit turned into a major milestone in my life, the benefits of which I will enjoy for a long time to come.

    German pro-Israel believers from the Black Forest invited me to speak to them. This particular invitation was a long time “in the making” by the Lord, and it merits telling the story (you can read it in the “Praise Report15) to illustrate how He works “all things for the good” in accordance with His purpose.

    In 2002, a German believer contacted me for the first time through my dear friend Shira Mayim (the prophetic minstrel and psalmist most of you know). He wished to go to Israel and also visit Beer-Sheva. When I informed him of my upcoming trip to Germany, he offered to find me accommodations.

    Now, I always stay at a dear friend’s when visiting my mother (afflicted with Alzheimer’s), and this is what I had planned on doing. However, this time my friend was expecting a long-awaited visit from someone else and my room was taken.

    Troubled at this unexpected obstacle, I “chatted” with Shira who mentioned the German believer, and suggested to offer him to stay at our new home during his visit in Beer-Sheva. My husband agreed.

    I wrote the German of my need for another place to stay in Osnabrueck, and invited him and his wife as our first guests in our new home. Thus the Lord not only provided me with another place to stay, but also with new German friends.

    Altensteig in the Black Forest in Germany

    Altensteig in the Black Forest in Germany

    In 2003 my new friend invited me to come and speak to pro-Israel believers in the Black Forest who paid for my plane ticket. The only feasible date was September 2004 (one year precisely since our daughter’s and grandchildren’s Aliyah and my assisting them with their absorption into Israeli society), and when the Lord moved me on again it was to Germany (not the States – the third year without ministry in the U.S.). I informed the Osnabrueck congregation of my coming where I spoke as well.

    After returning to the Osnabrueck congregation, I learned that it was connected with the very one I had just visited and, like them, with the “Christian Friends of Israel” as well. “Divine connection” was the stamp on my entire visit

    I had seen only obstruction in 2002 when I lacked a place to stay. The Lord, however, used this as a wonderful stepping stone for His purposes for the German saints and me.  What a delightful blessing the Lord had in store!

    “I am sending you through the Gate of forgiveness,” the Lord said regarding this invitation. I understood that He could go no further with me until I passed through this “gate” of forgiveness, as unforgiveness is a terrible offense. In light of the cross, what Yeshua endured for our sake and the Father not allowing for any compromise whatsoever, unforgiveness makes a mockery of His sacrifice.

    Every time I traveled to Germany to visit my mother, I felt like a caged bird. The Nazi Holocaust still cast its long shadows over me, despite healing I had already received — through German believers! But now was the time for me to walk in total forgiveness – total forgiveness that would lead to total freedom. This also was the message He provided for these German saints, with me as the living example.

    Never could I have imagined the blessings I was to receive, nor the blessing Father primed me to be to these Germans. I’ve never been an eloquent speaker; yet the insights the Lord granted me and the anointing would make up for it. While I shared the Word with these German believers in Altensteig in the Black Forest, G-d’s love kept flowing from me to them. The compassion, love and care I felt for them overwhelmed me, while their love and responsiveness enthralled me beyond description.

    Everything the Lord gave me to say hit the mark, from the first to the last meeting. My becoming a living example of this total forgiveness launched me into heights of freedom I’d never known before. Immediately the Scripture came to mind that “for freedom has Messiah set us free!” As I walked through this “gate of forgiveness”, a freedom more glorious than ever imagined was imparted to me by the Lord — reconciliation with the German people! I believe that only those who have suffered as I have can identify with what this means.

    Some 35 years ago, the Lord had appeared to me in a vision of the night and declared, “Now you are free indeed!”16 And I had felt as light as a feather, freed of all weight [of sin] that so easily impedes us17. This liberation from the shadows of the past made the Lord’s promise become more real.

    As I preached “Total Forgiveness leads to Total Freedom”, my entire life and being was poured out. All understood that this forgiveness was not phony but real, experienced by me and passed on to them. The impact was tremendous!

    I dearly wanted to deliver a sequel message – “Who We Truly are in Yeshua” – but time would not permit. However, a door opened, and there was but standing room this time as well despite the short notice. Both messages18  – among the most powerful the Lord has ever given me – will transform believers’ lives if they are not hearers only but doers of the Word.


    15 See the whole report at
    16 3 Visions; you may want to read the whole account, as it has blessed and helped many people.
    17 Hebrews 12:1 18 Available in German

  • G-d’s Forgiveness is Total

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    Most overwhelming, however, was the prophetic Word and vision the Lord gave these believers – an assignment that demonstrates the Father’s forgiveness more than words:

    Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace in southwest Bavaria, Germany

    Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace in southwest Bavaria, Germany

    I, an Israeli believer in Yeshua the Messiah and second generation Holocaust survivor of a German Jewish family, was sent by the Lord to tell these German saints from the Black Forest: “G-d has chosen YOU to be His vessels to take His new and mighty move throughout Germany, and from Germany into all of Europe. He could have selected people from any other nation to do this. Instead, He picked you, from the nation who sought to annihilate His own people, the Jews, to go and spread abroad the fire of His new move of a double portion. It shall roll like a flood throughout Europe to gather in the Lord’s own, but sweep away the chaff.”

    The EU (European Union) flag with map of Europe

    The EU (European Union) flag with map of Europe

    “The European Union encompasses almost entirely the same nations as did the former Roman Empire. No borders shall hamper the messenger nor the message brought in a universal language, and within your own nation you have other nationals who speak the languages of the European Union as well.”

    “Now is still the day of salvation, the time to come to Him with repentance for forgiveness. Afterwards shall the blanket of innocent blood shed descend again upon this nation whom the Holy One of Israel has prepared for blood, and that blood shall pursue her; because she is guilty of blood, therefore blood shall pursue her19. But that it might be grasped how exceedingly great His forgiveness and grace is for everyone who repents, He has chosen you, Germans according to the flesh, to be His messengers and vessels of blessings, power and glory.”

    Who can fathom such forgiveness, such mercy, such unqualified acceptance? Who shall separate any repentant sinner and born-again child of G-d from the love of G-d in Messiah Yeshua our Lord?20

    A call has come to me fromKenya_coatofarmsKenya as well, like the call of Macedonia for Paul21. With fastings and prayer these saints are preparing for my coming and meetings. It was their apostle/pastor who asked me to come.

    He wrote that “G-d has been showing the great Ministry that he has put in you for Kenya and Africa at large. He has shown us great things happening at your meetings. The first thing G-d revealed to us was that he is going to amaze many people who will be coming at the meeting: What people will be expecting to see is not what God is Kenya_02going to do. He will do a different thing. People expected to see Jesus in a different home but He came riding on a donkey; people expected to see Elisha lay his hands upon Naaman in 2 Kings 5 but instead he sent him to dip himself in the River Jordan 7 times; Gideon expected to take thousands of people to fight but God gave him 300 men. That is exactly what God is going to do for the glory of His name. This will make many understand that it is all about G-d and not man.”

    I soon concluded that G-d was calling me to these people, but neither I nor they had the means to pay for my trip. Nevertheless, in faith I called my travel agent for the best reservations. Surely the Lord would provide. Then I left for Germany. Upon my return I had enough money to pay for the ticket! He is faithful!

    Flag of Kenya

    Flag of Kenya

    I am now fasting and praying that my visit in Kenya be a powerful catalyst for this church’s city, for Kenya and Africa as well as for me, and just as it shall be in Germany.

    19 Ezekiel 35:5-6 20 Ro 8:35, 38-39 21 Acts 16:9-10

  • Restoration of the Sukkah / Tabernacle of David

    page 5

    For more than 20 years I have been searching for the genealogical record of my family22, which dates very, very far back. When the Lord instructed me to search for the book I told Him, “O Lord, surely it is easier to find a needle in a haystack than this book. I don’t even know where to start looking for it.” I obeyed, nevertheless, and eventually learned that my maternal grandfather had been in concentration camps in France. Hence I was looking there.

    One day the Lord said that He has kept the book like the Dead Sea Scrolls, but the implication of it escaped me at the time, namely that the scrolls were found in a container within a cave. Not long ago the Lord told me to look for the book where my grandfather was FIRST arrested, this time the meaning of the word “first” escaping my attention.

    Expo 58, also known as the Brussels World’s Fair of 1958

    Expo 58, also known as the Brussels World’s Fair of 1958

    Only in 2002 (when the Lord sent me to Paris) did I discover that my grandfather had been arrested 3 times – the first time in Etterbeek, Brussels. Then in the vault of a bank in Brussels containers were found holding 100 envelopes! I now understood the meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls – in a container in a cave!

    I got all excited and corresponded with the authorities, but no genealogical record was found among those envelopes.

    Nevertheless the Lord insisted, saying I must go to Brussels. Surely this would be next spring, as I would have absolutely no finances after Kenya.

    Yet again the Lord amazes me! My return flight (Sabena Airlines) from Kenya has a lay-over of 12 hours in Brussels! As confirmation by 3 or more witnesses, my prophetess friend Shira e-mailed me THREE bank addresses in Etterbeck to check for the book.

    And in Jerusalem, a Prof. Hillel Weiss and several orthodox rabbis performed a prophetic Temple ritual for the restoration of the monarchy in Israel. This was the 4th witness, for our genealogical record has to do with the repair of the breaches and closing of gaps of the Succah of David23.

    Brussel's district of Etterbeek, with 1, Rue de la Tourelle marked and 70, Place Jourdan

    Brussel’s district of Etterbeek, with 1, Rue de la Tourelle marked and 70, Place Jourdan

    Hardly had I booked the flight than that I found the precise address of where my maternal grandfather had lived for a year in Brussels, and where he had been arrested. All I have to do during my lay-over in Brussels on my return flight is take the airport shuttle to Brussels, and then a Taxi, showing the driver the map I printed out from the Internet. And in minutes I will be standing before the house where my grandfather lived in 1939 and where he got FIRST arrested, on 1, Rue de la Tourelle, in the district of Etterbeek in Brussels, Belgium.

    The Lord works just as it is written: “The former things I declared of old, they went forth from my mouth and I made them known; THEN SUDDENLY I DID THEM and they came to pass.”24

    EyeofGod_smlI asked the Father to lead me with His eye upon me and to direct my eyes toward the place where He has safeguarded the book for all these years.

    A few days later I felt prompted to place the “Eye of G-d” hubble space image on my computer. The same day I checked out those 3 banks in Etterbeek. Only one bank’s web site came up – Bank Degroof – with nothing but one huge eye staring at me…!


    Bank Degroof is the largest private Bank of Europe

    The Lord is the G-d Who helps one find a needle in a haystack, a little golden wedding band in the Mediterranean Sea25, a forgotten file in a French Archive, and vital documents scattered in a street in New York City. Thousands of years ago He declared He would raise up and repair the succah of David. Now suddenly, He brings it to pass – so easily, naturally and quietly! Who will take notice of it?!

    May G-d’s perfect will be done, in the appointed time for this matter. Those of you who pray for Or Tzion, me and my family, please pray as follows for the Kenya ministry and the finding of this book: “You, O LORD of hosts have SWORN: ‘As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand…’ For You, the LORD of hosts have purposed, and who will annul it? Your hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back? For You are G-d, and also henceforth are You He; there is none who can deliver from Your hand; YOU WORK AND WHO CAN HINDER IT? For You are G-d, and there is no other; You are G-d, and there is none like You, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘MY COUNSEL SHALL STAND, and I WILL ACCOMPLISH ALL MY PURPOSE… I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I WILL DO IT.’”26

    So be it! Amen and Amen!

    If you would like to – and your heart tells you to contribute to my work in the Lord’s service, in particular to assist us in paying off Or Tzion’s accumulated debt (due to my absence from the U.S.) of $9,550.14, please send your tax-deductible contribution made out to OR TZION, Inc., c/o Elinor Rasco, P.O. Box 3213, 84131 Beer-Sheva, Israel. The Lord return your gift a hundredfold into your own life and need, and to fulfill a desire of your heart.

    From the South of Israel where the patriarchs put down their tents I am

    Yours in Him,



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