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  • Annelore’s Visit in the States | VOL. 22 * NEWSLETTER * AUG./SEPT. 1994 |


    Dear Friends of “Or Tzion,”

    shalom and hag sameach (happy holiday) from Israel in the Name of our Lord Yeshua. In Him all the chagim (festivals) of Israel find their fulfillment. Rosh Hashanah (head of the year, or New Year) is now past (when I began this letter, it was still two weeks away). Special preparations are made for this high holiday. In the supermarkets tart apples are stapled into big heaps, and jars of honey of every size and shape fill the shelves. Wines for every taste and beautiful gift-baskets are placed on sale. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah people eat pieces of apples dipped into honey prefiguring a “sweet” new year, and exchange the wines and gift-baskets as tokens of a merry heart over the bountiful blessings of God.

    Here and there one could hear men practicing on the shofar. The blasts need to be clear and sharp for the Feast of Trumpets (another Name for Rosh Hashanah) and the following ten days of awe, until the last trumpet blast at sundown on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). It is a very special time in Israel, a mix between festive joy and reflective somberness. Wrongs will be righted, offenses repented of and forgiven. The haredim (ultra-orthodox) prepare well ahead of time. Already during the forty days preceding Rosh Hashanah they go on a partial fast, similar to that of Daniel: they don’t eat any meat or pleasant foods and delicatessen. Each morning at dawn they gather for prayers of repentance.

    Many Messianic Jews believe that it were these forty days which Yeshua spent in the wilderness fasting and praying after John’s baptism of repentance. They believe His ministry officially began on Rosh Hashanah, the trumpets warning of the coming judgment made irrevo-cably final with the last trump on Yom Kippur. It certainly would make sense in view of God’s calendar, seen that the end of the age of grace will culminate with the fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets ending in the last trump. Then only Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) will await its final fulfillment at the end of the Messianic Age.

    My Visit in the States
    This year’s visit was different. I believe it began a new era in my ministry. It was sort of a resurrection. “Or Tzion” had been blossoming before the Lord said it was time to move to Israel. I had waited ten years for that move. It required giving Him back all we had: family, friends, house, furniture, cars, job, securities — and ministry. Some thought we were missing the Lord because it required letting go of a growing ministry. I, on the other hand, believed like Abraham did: what G-d promised He also would do. And if it took a resurrection.

    My original purpose for this trip was to attend the week-long Homecoming Celebration at Christ For The Nations in Dallas, of which I am an alumni of 1978-80. I had no message… I thought. I was wrong. The Lord gave me teachings to more clearly illustrate to the Gentile believers how they figure in the citizenship and inheritance of Israel. As long as they continue to regard themselves as separate from Israel, as Gentiles who do not belong and will only figure as part of Israel AFTER the return of Messiah, they are in danger of falling victim to the deception.

    The people of G-d walk by the obedience of faith, whether originally Jews or Gentiles. We cannot walk in a partial obedience, believing and acting upon one part of G-d’s Word, but neither believing nor acting upon another part of G-d’s Word. Either you ARE fellow-citizens and co-heirs of and with Israel, or you are not. If you are indeed IN Messiah, then you also are IN Israel. You cannot be in Messiah, but outside of Israel. Messiah is the very heart and nucleus INSIDE of Israel. If you are in Him, then you are also in the commonwealth of Israel.

    I strongly encourage you therefore to obtain the tapes with the two illustrations and receive a true blessing from the Lord by means of them. Do not think you already know it all. Otherwise the Lord would not have such an intense concern for you to lay hold of this truth, and then walk in obedience to it. Believe me, beloved friends, the danger NOT to fully understand is far greater than you realize (see “… Misleading Influence”).

    The second teaching centers on the events preceding and following the Jericho-Gaza-First Agreements. The events are placed vis-a-vis the Word. The accuracy of fulfillment is striking. I also define in a condensed form the doctrine and aim of Islam. It helps you to understand better the true nature of the Arab/Israeli conflict. I summarize the latest agreements and give a short biography of Yasser Arafat and of those men in power with him over the area of autonomy. The true aims of Arafat become evident through reference to his recent speeches.

    I apologize to those of you who have not been promptly served and had to wait an unduly long time for your requests to be fulfilled. I hope in your forgiveness. I am praying to the Lord for dependable and faithful fellow servants to help “Or Tzion” fulfill its ministry honorably and to His glory and praise.

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    Even before I embarked on my visit the Lord urged me to minister personally to the people. Under no circumstances was I to neglect this personal ministry. Then the Lord surprised me and those I ministered to. In one moment, one instant He rekindled the prophetic anointing. Person after person He pointed out and gave me a Word for each in the fashion He did with Isaiah: I both receive and SEE the Word (Isa. 2:1). Many of the people I never had met before. I was unfamiliar with their present circumstances, their specific interests and professions. The secret desires and prayers of their heart were not known to me.

    One man the Lord referred to as a “rock.” In the coming uncertainty and upheaval he would prove himself as immovable and solid as a “rock” in the community of believers. He named him “rock.” The man is a collector of rocks. Before a woman the Lord had me kneel down and caress her feet and hands. He told her that He, the G-d of all the earth, is her true and eternal “husband.” She had just recently become a widow. She felt very lonesome, forsaken and insecure. Her husband had always taken care of everything. Now the Lord told her that He would direct her steps and by her hands minister comfort and healing. She was not alone.

    A couple He assured of their divine calling, shedding light upon their present trials. I saw two flasks of oil, each being poured upon the head of the man and woman. The oil pene-trated them and spread healing through their entire bodies. Later I discovered a flask of oil (used for anointing) in that couple’s house which looked identical to the ones I saw.

    At another meeting I saw the Word for the woman standing before me as a single path which clearly separated into two paths of exactly opposite direction. At present she was one flesh with a man, but they would separate. Seen that G-d says, “I hate divorce,” I did not under-stand this word. “Are you married?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “Is he a believer in the Lord Yeshua?” I asked again. “No,” she said. “He is a Moslem.” When she married him she did not know the Lord. I counseled her to pray for her husband whose path would part from her’s.

    Each time the Lord touched a secret in the person’s life as proof that it was He Who was speaking, and not I1. One woman, who seemed rather averse to this type of personal ministry, I saw standing in a meadow clothed in the beauty of spring. She was surrounded by children of every age and race skipping joyfully around her in circles. The circles of children filled the whole meadow. The Lord appointed her shepherdess of His lambs. He renamed her “Rachel,” who had been the keeper of her father’s flock and barren. Her name means “ewe,” the female sheep which brings forth lambs. He told her that the children He would give her will number far more than she could ever have of her own womb. The woman was now sobbing and rejoicing. She cannot conceive children of her own. She is barren.

    A couple was given a very powerful calling and anointing with emphasis on their unity, their TOGETHERNESS in ministry. But I received a strong warning to guard against their union being attacked. Satan plots to tear them apart. They were to forbid every word that would come against their union. This prophetic Word would act as a shield. I thought that may be false friends might try to come between them. Instead, the man had been diagnosed as having cancer. This Word revealed that the cancer was a plot of Satan and not of divine design. The Lord appointed them to a powerful ministry in togetherness, assuring them of their continuing unity.

    Oh friends, I could go on and on. Each time the message answered some very personal, intimate secrets. The Holy Spirit appointed, anointed, assured, confirmed, comforted and convicted with the Word and visions, with gestures of love, compassion, care and under-standing. Tears were flowing freely and callings and visions were imparted which had been prepared by the Lord from of old.

    This, the Lord said, is only the humble beginning. It is a mere drop in the bucket in view of the anointing and power that will flow through this ministry. This is in accord with the nature of G-d’s moving: the waters flowing out from under His throne are like a mere spring. But its waters increase, its flow broadens, until it becomes a river so broad and deep it can not be passed through2.


    1 1 Corinthians 14:25 2 see Ezekiel 47:1-6

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    All these personal words through the prophetic anointing were impressive. But the truly thrilling matter emerged gradually through the many messages not mentioned here: The Lord is preparing for the river of the Holy Spirit to flow again — but in a wholly new “river-bed.” As word for word came forth, some with direct marching orders, some with very dis- tinct directions, and as we learned what sort of people the Lord had gathered, a picture began to emerge of G-d’s new move.

    Whoever will look backward – like Lot’s wife – will miss this move altogether. Whoever will wallow in nostalgia of how things used to be, and how the Spirit “used to move,” will not see the coming move. It is not anything like formerly.

    “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”3.

    The Lord will bypass the “big” churches of several thousand in membership. He is grieved with the “performance churches” who offer a “Jesus-Christ-show” and a “Sunday-morning-happy-hour.” Instead He has begun to call some of the most unlikely people, men and women alike, without discrimination. What almost all have in common is this: they were tested by trials and afflictions, and were not overcome. They love and support Israel. They are being instructed by the Lord how they relate to the House of Israel already now, in this present age, while still at home in the mortal body and Israel still a mortal people of sinners. They have “the hots” for the Lord and care only about one thing — to do His will. They don’t seek their own glory, but how to glorify Him.

    The Lord is raising up a new breed of believers. They will be the uncompromising kind, not swerved by various doctrines or the favor or disfavor of men. They will not aim to please fickle men, how to satisfy their itching ears. They are lovers of the truth. Some of them already suffer persecution for their uncompromising stand. But they know that no good thing dwells in the flesh. They seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, not the approval of men.

    This emerged as the new strategy of the Lord: to create nucleuses of this new breed of believers. He refers to them as “headquarters,” each to be identified by a specific name. One particular vision for a couple (the husband is a retired airforce pilot) showed these headquarters to form a network, serviced by professional pilots providing transportation for those in charge to meet together regularly in fasting and prayer. This move of the Holy Spirit will transcend borders and eliminate the competitiveness between one church and another. Though physically apart, they will experience a deep sense of unity, being of one united heart, mind and purpose.

    They will constitute the first seeds for what the Lord is preparing to raise up: men and women who will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every people, nation, tribe and tongue, before the end comes. Together with their Jewish brethren they will turn the world upside down for Yeshua. For this final revival the Lord will restore the apostolic and prophetic ministry to such power it will surpass the early days. It will provide the unifying support and guidance from the Lord as well as protection against false brethren and infiltrators.

    Please, don’t misinterpret me. I am not saying that the Lord is doing away with the communities of believers called “churches.” Of course not! I am speaking in regard to the coming revival and the kind of people G-d will use. He will separate the true from the false. Those prepared by Him will “catch the fire” and carry it like a torch to other places.

    The word “church” is not a building or an establishment. It is a body of believers forming a congregation or community of saints, an assembly of G-d’s Firstborn, the Body of Messiah. They may vary in number and size. The seven churches addressed in the Book of Revelation pertaining to the closing days of this age certainly don’t consist of only a few hundred or thousand members. Nor is there anymore a church in “Ephesus,” or “Sardis,” or “Philadelphia.” These communities had their spiritual beginning in the EAST, at the RISING OF THE SUN (i.e. the dawn of the age of grace), for reason of which the vision places all of them in modern-day Turkey, the “GATE to the East.”

    “Then I saw another angel ascend from the RISING OF THE SUN, with the seal of the Living G-d…”4.

    These are saints from every people, nation, tribe or language. They belong to the different “categories” of believers identified before G-d by those names and represented by their individual guardian angel. There will always be communities of saints, some larger, some smaller. And there will be false and apostate “churches.” Hence G-d will use the “nucleuses” as His vehicles to raise up new communities of believers. Infused with the power of the Holy Spirit they will follow after holiness and godliness, with unshakable faith.

    3 Isaiah 43:18-19 4 Revelation 7:2

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    The coming revival will not be apart from Israel. On the contrary! As the evil one and his ministers are preparing to wrench Jerusalem from Israel (i.e. from our King Yeshua) the Lord will cause the fountain of a new revival to spring forth just exactly from that city. Oh, the marvel of His wisdom and justice! Who shall outplot Him? Who can overturn His purpose established long ago? The wicked plot to make the city of the great King their own possession. Whereas the Lord will start from that very city a revival which will sweep the whole earth. Multiplied millions of souls will be gathered into His Kingdom before the night of this age descends upon the world.

    From May 21 – 27, 1996, the World Prayer Congress will meet in Jerusalem. Believers from all nations, and kindred, and people and tongue will come to worship Yeshua. This will be the first major event of JESUS 2000. The purpose of the World Prayer Congress is for spiritual preparation so that “this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then the end shall come”5. JESUS 2000 will allow four years to proclaim the Gospel to every person. Then, between December 20, 1999 and November 30, 2000 specific exiting dramatic events are planned.

    To this agrees Acts 1:8: “But you shall receive power when the Holy spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth.”

    G-d birthed this year-long celebration of the life of Jesus in Israeli business men and government leaders. They asked Christian leaders to help them design the celebration, which they named JESUS 2000. The year 1996 of the World Prayer Congress has historical and spiritual significance. It is the 3000th anniversary of King David coming to Jerusalem to establish his reign. The emphasis focuses on prayer. Prayers from the Scripture will be led in unison. Each participant will have the Scripture prayers in their own language. A multitude from many denominations, nations, tribes, people, and languages will petition G-d IN ONE ACCORD, remind Him of His promises and give praise to the Holy One of Israel.

    Daily sessions will be held each afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This is the time of the evening sacrifice, the time when Yeshua gave the supreme sacrifice of His life. The gatherings will be given to prayer and will include some of the following: singing of Israeli Scripture songs, praise music, the trumpet call, banner processionals, a special keynote speaker, and united prayer time.

    The call is to come to Jerusalem to help “prepare the way of the Lord and make His paths straight,” and to pray with one voice, “G-d have mercy on my home, church and country, and send revival, prepare me for Your Glory – the essence of Your Presence.”

    People are asked to join now and fervently pray, “G-d have mercy, and SEND REVIVAL and begin with ME.”

    Three factors will make this World Prayer Congress the vehicle G-d will choose to spark the new revival: 1) the idea was birthed in Jewish-Israeli hearts; 2) the prayers will arise from Jerusalem; 3) the heart of it is unity and unison: between Jews and Christians, and in prayer. The Lord said, where two or more are gathered in His Name, there is He in the midst of them… and on whatever we AGREE on earth will be done by our Father in heaven.

    No great move of G-d is ever done apart from prayer!

    This is a gathering for the new breed of believers — the end time saints!

    I believe this will be the most powerful, heaven-and earth moving event since the early days of the church. I believe it will kindle a fire of revival that will spread throughout the whole earth, the revival the Lord has promised to send forth from Zion.

    “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit on ALL flesh; your [Israel’s] sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even upon the menservants and maidservants IN THOSE DAYS I will pour out My Spirit…”6.

    “The house of Jacob shall be a FIRE , and the house of Joseph a FLAME , and the house of Esau[the contending usurper for the birthright and inheritance] stubble; they shall burn them and consume them…”7.

    This move of the Holy Spirit will counter the wickedness and deception engulfing the world increasingly. He will use a rather uncompromising lot: a people who have counted the cost and say, “Here am I. Use me, Lord.” The coming trials will require unyielding determination and devotion, rooted in unshakable faith!

    Whoever stays put in the old “riverbed” of the former movement, looking for the Holy Spirit to fill that familiar riverbed again, will look in vain. That riverbed is full of obstructions and accumulated filth and rubbish. He is seeking out new territory for His power to flow unhindered. Sadly, millions will stubbornly insist on remaining in this riverbed. They will persecute with jealousy, envy and slander those who follow the spirit’s move. May they awaken in time and hasten to do the Lord’s bidding — lest they’ll become only onlookers rather than participants.

    It were 600,000 men [not counting women and children and the mixed multitude] who left Egypt for the Promised Land. YET ONLY TWO OF THAT GENERATION ENTERED THE LAND! The Lord raised up a new generation to possess the Land! The former perished in the wilderness!8


    5 Matthew 24:14 6 Joel 2:28-29
    7 Obadiah 18 8 Nu 32:11-12; Josh. 14:8-9, 13-14

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    If deception were not what it is, no one would be deceived. Therefore our Lord warned that in the last days it would lead astray, if possible, even the elect9. G-d’s people are in danger of perishing — for lack of knowledge; of coming to ruin for lack of understanding10. A deception is not apparent as error, as an outright evil. Its true nature is disguised with an appearance of truth, goodness and justice.

    Jericho was the first of the cities of Canaan G-d delivered into the hands of His people Israel. It is the first of the cities of Judah delivered back unto the Canaanites by Israel’s apostate leadership. Yet millions of nominal Christians, and even “Spirit-filled” ones, are duped into believing that these agreements will lead to a “just and comprehensive peace” in the Middle East.

    Even the leadership of the Trinity Broadcasting Network has fallen for Satan’s deception. In a letter to a concerned lover of Israel and supporter of “Or Tzion,” Paul Crouch wrote: “We are sorry that you seem to misunderstand what we are trying to do in our contact with the PLO. We are not, in any sense, having “fellowship with a man who is a murderer.” We have met with THE LEADER OF A GOVERNMENT that is in control of an area in the world that we would like very much to have a television ministry in. We have made contacts with the leaders of Israel, leaders in Egypt, leaders in Jordan, and NOW WE HAVE MADE CONTACT WITH THE PLO. Our only desire is that we might be able to establish a television station in that area to bring the Gospel there… Be aware of the fact that in the early church the leaders of the church made contact with local governments in order to establish their work in those areas. That is exactly what we have been doing, AND WE SHOULD NOT BE ACCUSED of trying to have fellowship with someone who is a known terrorist…”

    Who is it that misunderstands the purposes of G-d? Has G-d’s arm been so shortened that He needs to form an alliance with Satan, in the Name of His Son, to get the Gospel into the Middle East? Has the Lord become so weak that He needed to add a new directive to the Great Commission: “The end justifies the means?” Do Messiah and Anti-Christ now work together for the salvation of mankind? Do holiness and lawlessness now agree for the sake of peace? Is it the Lord’s interest that is on Paul Crouch’s heart — or TBN’s?

    Has Mr. Crouch never read: “Lo, THY enemies are in tumult; those who HATE THEE have raised their heads. They lay crafty plans against Thy people; they consult together against Thy protected ones. They say, ‘Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!’ Yea, they conspire with one accord; AGAINST THEE they make a covenant – the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites, Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assyria also has joined them; they are the strong arm of the children of Lot... who said, ‘Let us take possession for ourselves of the PASTURES OF G-D’?”11

    Does he not know G-d’s answer to their plots12: “G-d has spoken by His holiness: ‘With exultation I will divide up Shechem and portion out the vale of Succoth. Gilead is mine; Manasseh is mine; Ephraim is My helmet; Judah is My scepter. Moab is My washbasin; upon Edom I cast my shoe; over Philistia I SHOUT IN TRIUMPH!'”


    9 Matthew 24:24 10 Hosea 4:6, 14e
    11 Psalm 83:2-8, 12 — The “Arab League,” boasting today all 22 sovereign Arab states as members, was formed in Cairo on March 22, 1945 for the sole purpose of preventing the establishment of the Jewish State; this League formed in 1964 the PLO to centralize the various Palestinian terrorist groups and united them with a (PLO) Covenant of a common goal: to use any means to destroy Israel and not to rest until she is wiped off the map. Read this Psalm in the LB.
    12 Psalm 60:6-8 — a) Gilead = Golan Heights; b) Ephraim + Manasseh = Samaria; c) Judea + Samaria = so-called “West-Bank”; d) Moab + Ammon = Jordan; e) Edom = Saudi=Arabia; f) modern day Palestinians; their name means “invaders.”

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    To Love our Enemy Does not Mean to Love the Enemy of G-d
    Why does Mr. Crouch strike a deal – IN THE NAME OF MESSIAH – with a man of lawlessness, an enemy of G-d? Does he not know the Lord he professes to love said: “Because you said, ‘These two nations and these two countries [Northern and Southern Kingdom, alias Judea and Samaria, alias “West-Bank” and all of Israel] shall be mine, and we will TAKE POSSESSION of them,’ – although the LORD was there – therefore, AS I LIVE, says the Lord G-D, I will deal with you according to the anger and envy which you showed because of your HATRED against them; and I will make Myself known among you, when I judge you. And you shall know that I, the LORD, have heard all the revilings which you have uttered against the MOUNTAINS of Israel [most of the mountains of Israel are in Judea and Samaria], saying, They are laid desolate, they are given us to devour.’ And you magnified yourselves against ME with your mouth, and multiplied your words against ME; I heard it.”13

    But Paul Crouch did evidently NOT hear!

    Else he would have shrunk in horror from shaking the hand that drips with innocent blood. It would have never entered his mind to link up with the man who has made the destruction of the Jewish State and the creation of “Palestine” in its stead his “holy war.” He would not acknowledge Yasser Arafat’s “government” over the very areas G-d calls HIS portion and scepter, and HIS first-born and helmet.

    Paul Crouch, the international TV minister and renowned Christian leader is deceived into justifying his dealings with the PLO as being for the sake of the Gospel; that he merely follows the example of the early church leaders. Yet none of the apostles initiated contacts with wicked men for the sake of the Gospel. Rather, they were summoned by them, brought before their courts, or visited by them in prison.

    The enemies of Israel are the enemies of G-d. Friendship with the WORLD is enmity with G-d14. We are to love OUR PERSONAL enemies, NOT the enemies of G-d. On the contrary. “Do I not hate them that HATE THEE, O LORD? And do I not LOATHE them that rise up AGAINST THEE? I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them MY enemies.”15

    Since when is the Lord’s enemy a participant in proclaiming the Gospel? What has the precious Gospel in common with this vile and contemptible person, who is a murderer and leader of a band of lawless men? He shall act deceitfully from the time an alliance is made with him by the apostate leaders of Israel16. Yes, also Arabs will be saved. It will be by the counsel and power of the Holy Spirit17, and not by linking up with G-d’s enemies.

    The spirit of error, which disguises the “Jericho-Gaza-First” agreements as being G-d-willed, good and just, is a master in deception. “… And none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand…”18 Unless the saints are kept constantly informed and warned, they are in grave danger of getting robbed of their inheritance without even knowing it.

    The pictures reprinted here and the quotes are from TBN’s newsletter of August 1994, Vol. XXI, No. VIII. Paul Crouch writes: “For many months we have watched and prayed for the negotiators of the new peace initiative between the Palestinians and the Israelis… finally a breakthrough – Prime Minister Rabin and Chairman Arafat signed another historic agreement – ‘Jericho and Gaza first’ is a new reality. the fledgling autonomy agreement, leading to a full Palestinian State, has begun.”

    To this G-d says in Joel 3:2 (4, 12-16, 19-21): “I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehosaphat, and I will enter into judgment with them there, on account of my people and of my heritage Israel, because… they have DIVIDED UP MY LAND…”

    A “full Palestinian State” means dividing up G-d’s land!


    13 Ezekiel 35:10-13 14 James 4:4
    15 Psalm 139:21-22 16 Daniel 11:21-23, 32
    17 Zechariah 4:6 18 Daniel 12:10

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    Has the Lion of Judah become the Lion of the Westbank?
    Mr. Crouch continues: “The exiting news: the Palestinians will be granted Broadcasting Authority and it is technically possible to cover the entire Middle East from the Palestinian territory, known as the West Bank! We have since met with a number of other leaders in the Palestinian movement and have been assured by all – from Chairman Arafat to the other ministers of government that our proposal for a TV station will be given full consideration for approval!”

    Palestinian “territory?!” Palestinian “movement?!” Palestinian “government ministers?!” The “Lion of Judah” has become the “Lion of the West Bank,” and His portion Palestinian “territory?” G-d’s pastures are up for grabs? Organized international terrorism, sneaky murder and the reign of lawlessness a valid “movement?” Did Arafat not declare this “fledgling autonomy” merely his first step of his phased plan to take Jerusalem and then all of Israel? Are these “ministers of government” not all well-known terrorists appointed by Arafat, not elected by the people?

    Already $ 500,000 have come in from Christians deceived by Crouch, to finance equipment for a station that will serve mainly anti-Israel hate propaganda. Arafat is a Moslem. He is not bound by the Koran to keep any agreement he makes with an infidel. He is a cunning plotter and crafty diplomat to achieve his aims. He’ll take the equipment and the money — and then break his agreement with Crouch. Lawlessness is his nature.

    But Crouch continues: “Praise God, there will be peace in the Middle East according to the Word of God! He loves the Arab and the Jew equally. He has a blessed plan for both and we are on our way to the Promised Land!… Praise the Lord! Peace is coming to the Holy Land, and perhaps we may be a small part in seeing it become a blessed reality!”

    If a Christian leader can allude to the agreement between a murderous band of lawless men and the ungodly, apostate Israeli leadership as “there will be peace … according to G-d’s Word,” then how will YOU escape the deception? If a Christian leader believes, that the agreement between the PLO and Israel is “G-d’s blessed plan” to bring peace to the Holy Land, then what will those millions who trust him believe?19 Has Mr. Crouch never read: “When people say, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come upon them… and there will be no escape?”20

    I am heartbroken! Have I indeed labored in vain these last twelve years? Have I spent my strength for nothing and vanity21 , teaching, preaching, quoting, writing and listing over and over again the prophetic Scriptures which declare clearly G-d’s stand in regard to “the cause of Zion?” Have I taught in vain on the believers’ relationship with Israel? Have my tireless warnings been sown into the wind?

    If a Christian leader as renown and internationally known as Paul Crouch can be deceived into making a deal with the world’s best known terrorist, a man of utter lawlessness, how dangerous, do you think, will the coming deception be? If he who should know the Word of G-d is ready to curse Israel in the Name of Jesus for the sake of the Gospel, believing he is serving G-d’s best interests, then how shall the sheep escape?!

    Paul Crouch does NOT understand the purpose and plan of G-d. We already have entered into the beginning of the birth pangs our Lord mentioned. Birth pangs only get worse until the child is born! They don’t go away: “Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? says the LORD; shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb? says our G-d.”size=”+1”>22 We already have entered the divine Ten Days of Awe, which began last year, on the 13th of September, 1993. They won’t go away. They will and must culminate in Yom Kippur and the sound of the Last Trump! Only AFTER the Great and terrible Day of the Lord, when the King of Israel shall return to His city, Jerusalem, shall true and lasting peace reign in Israel and throughout the earth. Not before!

    Beloved, may this new year (according to G-d’s calendar, not that of Rome) prove fruitful for you and bring you the abundant blessings of the Almighty. May He crown you with favor and sustain your body in health and your heart in joy. May He grant you your petitions and to see the desires of your heart fulfilled. May the knowledge of the Truth be your guard against error and deception, and may you continue both as a dedicated disciple of Yeshua our Lord, and a faithful friend and supporter of “Or Tzion,” Inc.

    In anticipation of “running the race” side by side with you in the coming mighty move of the Holy Spirit I remain

    yours in Him



    19You want to find out more about Paul & Jan Crouch? This is just 1 of several web sites disclosing what has become of this couple when the pride of life, lust of the eye and love of money take over
    201 Thessalonians 5:3 21Isaiah 49: 4 22 Isaiah 66:9