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  • The Middle East Peace Process | VOL. 30 * NEWSLETTER * JAN./FEB. 1997 |

    Dear OR TZION Family and friends,

    greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Yeshua. Much time has past since my last newsletter, and it would take too long to tell what prevented me from sending it out as usual. But even though I got delayed — I was NOT stopped! So, let’s pick up where we left off, as a family in the Lord Who is the Light of Zion, and as friends of one another.

    Our hopes in Israel’s new government have been shattered, especially in Benjamin Netanyahu, our misgivings fulfilled. Benjamin means “son of the right hand”, and Netanyahu means “given unto us by G-d”, or “gift from G-d”. Whose right hand son will he turn out to be? He promised to restore security and the sense of Jewish sovereignty and pride. I remember the days under the Jimmy Carter Administration, how national pride was at its lowest. Then came the “Reagan era” and with it healthy, national pride, as Bruce Springsteen’s hit declared, “Proud to be an American!”.

    We folk in Israel are in desperate need to be again “Proud to be an Israeli!” Our groveling, pusillanimous, cowering, bowing, and to any pressure succumbing leaders have sorely trampled that pride. Netanyahu promised to keep land and settlements, and condemned Oslo I and II. He vouched never to meet with Arafat or shake his bloody hands, and pledged never to renege on the eternal right of the Jewish people to Eretz Israel. “Shalom with Security” was his slogan. Because the Rabin government was running the nation toward the abyss of another genocide, turning deaf ears toward the voice and protests of the people, over 70% of the Jewish citizens of Israel voted for Netanyahu/Likud. It was the Arab vote that lowered the winning margin.

    Netanyahu stands like no other leader of Israel at the crossroads of our nation’s destiny. His decisions will have a vital impact on the area, and whether or not Israel can continue in security without fear, or face a war of genocide. Is Netanyahu another “brother of the Masonic Lodge”? Has Israel another “New Ager” at the helm of the nation?

    The following is an excerpt from the second letter I wrote to the Prime Minister in an attempt to sway him with the warnings of the Lord to return to faith in G-d’s promises and to his own:

    Someone much wiser than you and me, and much more powerful than all the armies of the world, has spoken concerning our present “reality” long ago.

    All agreements concerning the People and Land of Israel are reversible with the exception of those made with the Holy One of Israel. The covenants made by Him with our forefathers concerning our People, Land, and Torah, were sealed by an oath, with blood and with heavenly fire. Only these agreements are irreversible and may not be broken. Our violation of them results in the most dire consequences for our people, to which fact our history amply testifies. Conversely, if we adhere faithfully and courageously to these divinely sealed agreements, the Holy One Himself will battle on our behalf against our enemies.

    Even Ben-Gurion, the atheist and Zionist, said in a speech at the Basel Zionist Congress, 1937:

    “No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish people in Israel.
    “No Jew has the authority to do so.
    “No Jewish body has the authority to do so.
    “Not even the entire Jewish people alive today has the authority to yield any part of Israel.
    “It is the right of the Jewish people over generations, a right which under no conditionbe canceled.
    “Even if Jews in a specific period proclaim they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to deny this right to future generations. No concession of this type is binding or obligates the Jewish people.
    “Our right to the country – to the entire country – exists as an eternal right, and until the full and complete redemption is realized, we shall not yield our ‘historic’ right.”

    Notwithstanding Ben Gurion’s atheistic views, his beliefs concerning our People and Land agreed with the covenants G-d made with our forefathers. Yitzchaq Rabin’s beliefs were those of a Freemason, conflicting with the covenants and promises of the Almighty. He paid with his life for it. Do you share PM Rabin’s beliefs? If you do, then woe is us and you.

    There is no more time, measurable in decades or centuries, for G-d to correct the errors of our leaders and the apostasy of our people. Retribution and judgment will be an almost immediate consequence. Please, HEED my appeal as Barak heeded Deborah’s!

    To give Hebron to the “Phlistim/Invaders” equals cutting Israel from her roots! A tree, or a people, without roots cease to be.”

    Hence, without any further ado, let us proceed immediately to the matter of “Hebron”, the “cross-roads-stumbling-stone” for the nation of Israel and the nations round about. The following is a selection from my project of “The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d” going on the Internet:

    ♦ The Website “IRIS”– Information regarding Israel’s Security,” provides a mass of valuable information and a vast number of links to most informative websites and is a YYYYYwebsite, as is the Likud website on Netanyahu’s picture. As you proceed, you get information on Netanyahu and all former Prime Ministers, and much more.

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    The Hebron Betrayal

    I believe in the strong likelihood that divine judgment was initiated with the signing of the DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES with the “Jericho-Gaza First” Agreements on September 13, 1993, for the following reasons:

    a) G-d made a Covenant by Sacrifice: Gen.15:7-21;

    He made this covenant with Abraham, whom he assured of the possession of the Promised Land. This Land is given to Abraham and his descendants by Isaac and Jacob ONLY and is given to NO OTHER!

    The pink gives the outlines within G-d’s Covenant (does not show the Euphrates river); the blue shows the actual borders of the modern State of Israel.

    b) No inheritance shall be transferred:
    Numbers 27:1-11; 33:51-56; 36:2-9, 10-13;

    Each of the tribes of the Israelites shall RETAIN THEIR OWN inheritance. It is unlawful to transfer inheritance from one tribe to another.

    c) No Canaanites shall live in the Jews’ own Land: Exodus 23:33

    d) Israel is forbidden to make a covenant with the Canaanites: Exodus 23:32; 34:12, 15;

    e) Borders of the allotted tribal Inheritance of the Land: Ex 23:31; Nu 32:33-42; 4:1-29;
    Joshua 1:4; 12:6-4; 14:13-15;

    Judea’s boundaries – and its cities, plus Caleb’s inheritance: Josh. 15:1-12, 13-19, 20-63.

    Hebron: If Netanyahu will reverse the Hebron “deal”, because — Hebron is the place of G-d’s promise of a son by Sarah; where G-d pledged to Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars; and where Abraham’s faith in the promise was reckoned to him as righteousness. Hebron is the place of our beginning as a people, where Abraham purchased with money the first parcel of land, promised by G-d to his descendants, from the former owners of this property, who were Hittites, not Philistines 1. Hebron is the place where G-d made a Covenant by blood and fire with Abraham regarding the inheritance of the Land 2. In Hebron G-d confirmed this covenant with Isaac, and established it with Jacob. In Hebron our patriarchs’ and matriarchs’ bones await the resurrection. In Hebron Caleb reclaimed Abraham’s possession for his allotted inheritance in Judah by driving out the three sons of Anak, son of Kiriath-Arba 3. On January 15, 1997, Israel’s leaders disinherited Caleb and brought back the Lawless ones. Hebron is one of the six cities of Refuge for the manslayer. In Hebron David was first crowned king and reigned for 7 years before becoming king over all of Israel — then G-d will also reverse judgment and requital, and turn to our leaders and our people 4!!!

    Hebron (with Beer-Sheva) is the Birthplace of the House of Israel. It is there that Abraham bought land and encamped at first, where both the People and the Land of Israel have their beginning.

    Hebron is a place of covenant, of friendship and intimacy with G-d. To relinquish Hebron into the hands of G-d’s and Israel’s adversary is like Jacob waiving his confirmed right as the heir and “prince with G-d” back to his brother Esau. This is unthinkable, unimaginable! It cannot be done! It must never be done! But it has been done!

    Bethlehem is the birthplace of king David and our Lord Yeshua.

    When I watched this year’s 1996 Christmas Programs I was deeply grieved by the blindness and hypocrisy of “Christians”. They read about “Bethlehem Ephratah, smallest among the clans of JUDAH (NOT among the clans of the Philistines), from you shall come forth one Who shall be ruler in ISRAEL (NOT of a Palestinian state)…” (Micah 5:2), all the while Arafat’s picture grinned down on Manger Square. At the conclusion of the program “Christmas in Washington”, President Clinton sang happily together with all the other “confessed” Christians, that the “King of Israel” (not of Palestine) was born in Bethlehem. Yet it didn’t seem to strike him for just a single moment that he was standing there a giant hypocrite: for it was he who had pressured to give that very city of the Savior’s birth to His enemies, to murderers and men of lawlessness.

    The whole world knows that Yasser Arafat is a terrorist and murderer. Yet since President Bush and Secretary of State Baker made Arafat and his PLO socially and politically acceptable at the Tunis Talks, the world has fallen in love with him. So much so, it wants him to have all that belongs to the King of Israel, Who is the Savior of the world. While they sing with jolly faces how much they love this Jesus, Ruler in Israel, born in a manger in Bethlehem, the city of David, they spit Him with their actions in the face. They sing of His Second Coming and Return to Jerusalem, His holy city. But then they have no misgivings to impose on Israel the division of this city, to make it the capital of a Palestinian state. Those “Christians” speak of the Holy Land, and G-d’s Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yes, they even speak of themselves as being the “true” seed of Abraham — but then, without blinking an eye, betray the patriarch they claim for themselves. They insist on giving the “Holy Land” to most unholy people, who have but one thing in mind: to destroy the State of Israel and annihilate its people.

    This “Christian” blindness is so beyond all comprehension astounding, so beyond all possible realms of belief and imaginable height of hypocrisy, that I have only one explanation: G-d Himself has established them in the arrogance and wicked conceit of their heart as He did with pharaoh, in order that it may become plain who among them are genuine disciples of Messiah and who are false. For not all who call Him “Lord! Lord!” belong to Him, since they can neither see, perceive nor understand the truth, even when it stares them directly in the face 5.

    ∇ The green arrow in the sky-blue fill shows the “regions of the Philistines”.

    This was the only region they ever occupied, and which was allotted to Israel and shall be her’s again in the final days: Isaiah 11:14

     The blue man is Judea; and the red couple is Samaria. Their combined circumference is called Westbank, on which Arafat wants to create a Palestinian state.

    The three blue stars are first Hebron, then Bethlehem, and above Jerusalem, Jericho.

    Samaria’s boundaries – and its cities: Joshua 16:1-10; 17:1-13, 17-18

    Benjamin’s boundaries – and its cities: Jericho is one of their cities. Joshua 18:1-21

    All the regions of the Philistines became part of the tribal inheritance assigned by lot:
    Joshua 13:2-7, 8-13; 22:9

    f) The Mountains of Israel: Ezekiel 36:1-11; 37:21-22, 25;

    Israel’s mountains are in Judea and Samaria – with the exception of Mt. Carmel, Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hermon – and are given as an inheritance to Israel ALONE.

    g) Judea is G-d’s OWN Portion: Psalm 60:6-8; 108:7-9;

    Samaria is G-d’s helmet and arrow; and Judea His scepter and bow. The so-called Westbank will be the catapult by which He brandishes the sons of Zion ( Israelis) against the sons of Greece 6, i.e. against Hellenists/Humanists, specifically the Western powers. Greece was the first democracy and is the mother of today’s democracies.

    The term Westbank originated with king Abdullah of Jordan, calling the portion of land west of the Jordan his country occupied by that name. The Western “Christian” nations were quick to adopt His renaming of Judea and Samaria. Until this day Israel is not indicated on Jordan’s maps, not even on their TV’s weather maps: there Israel is called Western Heights.

    1Genesis 23:4-20 2Genesis 15:1-21 3Ge 14:12-15; 15:13-14
    4 Today, Tuesday, February 4, 1997, the consequences for the apostasy of ceding the covenanted Land, in particular Hebron, has struck our people: 2 IDF helicopters on their way to Lebanon crashed into each other killing 73 young Israeli soldiers. Not our enmies, but our leaders’ sins killed them! The warning to Benjamin Netanyahu that judgment and retribution will be immediate for this grievious apostasy went unheeded. The price for ceding Hebron are 73 wonderful sons, the best of the nation’s youth. And Rachel is weeping still!
    5 Matthew 7:21-23; Daniel 12:10; 2 Thess. 2:9-12; Rev. 22:11
    I make a distinction between this Christianity and the Remnant of genuine followers of the Messiah of Israel. Genuine believers have always held a love for the House of Israel in their heart, and are mainly the ones who even risked their lives to save Jews from the hands of their persecutors. They love the commandments (Torah) and feel drawn to the Jewish people, their festivals and way of life, even as the prophet Zechariah foretold [Zech. 8:23]. Christianity in general however divorced entirely and violently from Torah and everything Jewish, and instead introduced pagan practices, rites and beliefs into the pure Jewish religion of a Messianic hope. I neither recognize nor identify with this Christianity which, through the centuries, has attempted to usurp Israel’s place by repeatedly uprooting and destroying G-d’s people. For a truth, “If the L-RD of hosts had not left us a few survivors, we should have been like Sodom, and become like Gomorrah” [Isa. 1:9].
    Yeshua clarified from the beginning that there would be two groups to “Christianity”, one genuine, the other false. When He will gather the “nations ~ goyim ~ Gentiles” together after His Return, He will separate them into two groups: to His right the “sheep” He promised He would bring into His own fold (Israel) and join to His own flock [believers from the House of Israel: Jn 10:14-16; Isa. 56:6-8] and to His left the “goats” who, although they called Him “Lord! Lord!” and prophesied in His Name, and cast out demons, and did many mighty works in His Name [Matt. 7:21-23], will nevertheless not be recognized by Him as belonging to or even being known by Him.
    What is it that distinguishes the two groups, one qualifying to be fellow-citizens of His fold and co-heirs with His sheep, and the other not? Apart from believing in Him – which the devils also do [Ja 2:19] and thus is not an outstanding qualification – and obeying His teachings and commandments, the distinguishing mark is how they treated His brethren! Because whatever the nations do even to the least of the Jewish people, they are doing to their Messiah [Matt. 25:31-46]. Israel – of whom Messiah is descended according to the flesh [Ro 1:3] – and Messiah are one. What is done to the one is also done to the other.
    If the Gentiles He gathers together into groups of sheep and goats were at the same time His brethren, then who treats whom? The Lord never confuses issues: the brethren of whom He speaks here can only be Jews of the House of Israel. And I happily call all those my brethren who, though formerly Gentiles after the flesh, not only have become fellow-citizens and co-heirs through their faith in Messiah, but also live, speak, walk and act accordingly. But I do not regard them as belonging to Christianity which, in my eyes, is as alien to the G-d of Israel and His people as is Islam.
    The Tunis Talks are mentioned following the 3 points of PLO “recognition”, in the paragraph that begins with “Responding to the PLO’s public pledges of this policy change, Shultz…”

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    Terrorism and the Middle East Peace Process

    “Because They Have Divided Up My Land…” (Joel 3:2)

    h) The Cities for the Levites: Numbers 35:2-8; Joshua 21:8-43

    i) The Cities of Refuge: Numbers 35:9-34; Joshua 20:1-9

    Kadesh in Galilee – in the hill country of Naphtali (where also Safed is located), adjoining the lush Huleh Valley, over against the foothills of the Golan Heights.

    Golan and Ramoth are on the Golan Heights, which Israel is pressured to cede to Syria. All the Arab states and the USA keep insisting that in the spirit of Land for Peace Israel should let go of the Golan Heights. Yet even American generals acknowledge, that the Golan is an absolutely indispensable strategic asset, vital for the defense and survival of Israel. Giving up the Golan, in addition to Judea and Samaria, amounts to national suicide. A thus weakened Israel faces genocide to which the world will – once again – stand by in silence.

    Shechem – to the world now only known as “Nablus” – is in Samaria and has been delivered to the PA. Opposite Shechem was Shiloh, the place G-d chose first to pitch the Tabernacle. In Shechem Joshua made a covenant with the people of Israel, where he also made statutes and ordinances for them. In Shechem are Joseph’s bones buried which the children of Israel carried with them when they came out of Egypt 7. G-d promised in Psalm 60:6 and 108:7 that “with exultation He will divide up Shechem [among His people]…”

    Hebron in Judea was agreed to give to the PA prior to the elections in June 1996. We hoped that the new government would reverse this agreement 8, and finally look to the Holy One of Israel for help rather than to men; that Netanyahu would put his trust in G-d’s promises and power, and refuse to further bow to the demands of “Esau” and “Ishmael”.

    Bezer is in today’s Jordan.

    j) The Land of Israel may never be sold in perpetuity: Lev. 25:23-24, 25-28 (29-34);

    It may not be sold as such among the Israelites themselves, and certainly never to aliens, because the land is G-d’s own Land.

    k) The Land of Israel is G-d’s OWN Land: Joel 3:2; Ps 83:1-8; Zech. 2:12;
    Jeremiah 12:7-10;

    Neither the USA nor any UN nations have the right to negotiate away G-d’s own land. The only land over which they have the right to give it away is their own land. But to the Land of Israel they have absolutely NO RIGHT!

    l) The Land of Israel is the Jews’ OWN Land: Ezekiel 36:24; 37:14, 21; 39:28;
    Jeremiah 23:8; Isaiah 14:1;

    It is the land promised by G-d as an inheritance to the Jewish people, the children of Israel. It does NOT belong to the Philistines, i.e. the Palestinians, who never lived in Shechem, Bethlehem or Jerusalem nor had any sovereignty there.

    <> m) G-d is jealous for His Land and City: Zech. 1:14-17, 21; 8:2-8; Jer. 12:14-17;

    Can a Leopard Change His Spots?

    Under the terms of the Oslo Accords, the leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) is obligated to refrain from incitement to violence against Israel. In his exchange of letters with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on September 9, 1993, Yasser Arafat wrote “The PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence and will assume responsibility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to assure their compliance, prevent violations and discipline violators.”

    The Interim Agreement (Oslo II) of September 28, 1995 (Article XXII) states that Israel and the PA “shall seek to foster mutual understanding and tolerance and shall accordingly abstain from incitement, including hostile propaganda, against each other.” The Gaza-Jericho Agreement of May 1994 contained a similar provision (Article XII).

    Thus, statements made by PA officials which incite to violence against Israel are a violation of the accords. The following is a small selection of numerous statements by PA officials, and particularly Yasser Arafat, in the three years since the beginning of the Oslo process. I list in reverse order:

    Arafat in an October 21 speech at the Dehaishe refugee camp: “We know only one word: jihad, jihad, jihad! When we stopped the intifada, we did not stop the jihad for the establishment of a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem. And we are now entering the phase of the GREAT JIHAD 9 prior to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem… We are in a conflict with the Zionist movement and the Balfour Declaration and all imperialist activities.” (Oct. 23, 1996)

    Arafat to a delegation of Hebron Arab notables urging the use of violence: “Have you run out of stones in Hebron? Prepare the stones.” (Oct. 21, 1996)

    On August 6, 1996, Arafat called Israel a “demon” and urged Arabs to use “all means” at their disposal to fight Israel (The New York Times, Aug. 7, 1996)

    Arafat threatening Israel with violence: “If Israel rejects our demands there will be a reaction and we have a 30,000 man armed force.” (Israel Radio, June 7, 1996)

    Faisal Husseini in an interview: “There will be an intifada not just in Jerusalem, but in all the occupied territories and in all the Middle East.” (Israel Radio, May 21; Ha’aretz, May 22, 1995)

    PA Justice Minister Freih Abu Middain in a speech read in Arafat’s name at Gaza’s Shawa Cultural Center: “I say once more that Israel shall remain the principal enemy of the Palestinian people, not only now but also in the future.” (Voice of Palestine, May 12, 1995). One month previously at Gaza’s Al-Azhar University, Abu Middein said, “We must remember that the main enemy of the Palestinian people, now and forever, 10 is Israel. This is a truth that must never leave our minds.” (An-Nahar, April 11, 1995; Jerusalem Post, April 17, 1995)

    Arafat, at a rally in Gaza, compared the Oslo Accords with the temporary truce between Muhammad and the Quraish tribe, which was later broken, and he said: “We signed that agreement in Oslo, and if any of you has one objection to it, I have one hundred objections.” (Voice of Palestine, April 16, 1995)

    Arafat in a speech on the 30th anniversary of Fatah’s founding: “We are going to continue the Palestinian revolution until the last martyr to create a Palestinian state.” (AFP, Jan. 1, 1995) He further stated, “We are all seekers of martyrdom… I say to the martyrs who died, to the martyrs who are still alive, we hold to the oath, 11 we hold to the commitment to continue the revolution…” (Palestinian TV — equipped from Christian donations over TBN – Jan. 1, 1995).

    The list of such and similar statements is endless. They sufficiently show that the aim of the Palestinians is NOT peace with Israel, not even “land for peace”, but the destruction of the Jewish state and the establishment of a Palestinian state on its ruins. Of this true aim all European governments are aware, as well as the former and present American administrations. Barely half a century after the Nazi Holocaust the world stands again poised to count Messiah’s brethren according to the flesh as sheep for the slaughter. How great is Satan’s hatred of them.


    7 Josh. 24:1, 25, 32
    8 As I was preparing this project of the “Calendar” for publication on the Internet, this hope was undone: Benjamin Netanyahu bowed under the enormous pressure brought to bear upon him. On Thursday, January 16, 1997 (what a black day!), the Israeli Parliament passed the agreement he had signed the day before and only seven members of his cabinet voted against, due to the Arab vote and some interim deals resembling “Watergate”. B. Netanyahu spoke much of the renegotiated points of the agreement, but that is of little to no merit. The fact remains that he relinquished Hebron, the “birthplace” of the Jewish people.
    9The “great jihad” means a war of annihilation, to be carried out against the Jewish State by a military alliance of Arab states.
    11The “oath” is the “Palestinian Covenant”, devoted to the destruction of the Jewish state. The “Covenant” was to be amended since before Jericho-Gaza first, but so far not a single word or line has been changed.
    10Ezekiel 25:15; Joel 3:4;

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    By Emanuel A. Winston
    Middle East analyst and commentator
    In mid-January a terrifying, although not surprising report was revealed to the public. Dated December 10, 1996, compiled and researched by THE US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TASK FORCE ON TERRORISM & UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE, it is entitled:

    “APPROACHING THE NEW CYCLE OF ARAB-ISRAELI FIGHTING”. It may be assumed that this information and more was already known by our US Intelligence agencies and the President.

    In brief, this report tells us that for some time “the supreme leaders, civilians and military, of most Arab States, (see Arab League, 3rd paragraph of link) as well as Iraq and Pakistan are convinced that the present vulnerability of Israel is so great that there is a unique opportunity to begin the process leading to the destruction of Israel. They believe that the Muslim world should not miss this historic window of opportunity. Therefore, these Muslim leaders have finalized numerous strategies and tactical alliances heretofore non- existent in the region.”

    This include acquiring NBC, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, in a mix with conventional weapons, e.g. tanks, aircraft and soldiers, all in massive overwhelming numbers. Pakistan will have fulfilled its role as incubator for the Islamic Nuclear Bomb. It is expected that Syria will be the planned spark that ignites the war by bringing its troops close to Israel’s borders on the Golan and Lebanon, provoking Israel into a no choice pre-emptive strike. This will provide the justification for the other war pact members to join Syria while giving the West an excuse to NOT protest the Arab armies’ assault.

    The Lord Yeshua said: “What you do to one of the least of these My brethren, you do to Me. He who is not with/for Me is against Me…” 13

    May G-d have mercy upon Israel and all of us. May Israel’s watchmen never be silent day or night, nor give the Holy One rest until He has saved, until He has rescued, until He has established His people, His city and His Land as a praise in the earth.

    The shepherds of Israel abandoned the patriarchs and matriarchs of Israel, and their resting place, into the hands of murderers. And today73of Abraham’s, Isaac’s and Jacob’s finest sons, in their flower of youth, were killed. With the deepest sense of mourning and grief at this tragic hour I am

    Yours in Him,



    12 The copy of this letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu is featured under the link “PM Letters”. 13 Matthew 25:40, 45; 12:30; Luke 11:23; Obadiah 10-11