Newsletter Vol. 31

  • Annelore’s Family Genealogy | VOL. 31 * NEWSLETTER * MAY/JUNE 1997 |

    Dear lovers of Zion, and “OR TZION” family,

    blessings in the Name of our Savior and Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach. I missed the March/April news- letter, because I did not have the funds for the production and mail out. This newsletter will get to you just before I leave for an International Genealogical Seminar in Paris.


    For many years now I have been trying to put back the missing pieces lost since the Nazi Holocaust, and to “repair the breaches and close up the gap” in the genealogy of our family (see Amos 9:11). This is very tedious work, and used to require much traveling for which I did not have the funds. Now on the Internet, Jewish people across the globe are posting their genealogical searches on a common “search board”. Any pertinent information is likewise posted. Many of us are meeting at this seminar to exchange information, compare records, establish new contacts, and learn new ways of searching and finding.

    I am very ecxited about it, because I am going to this seminar in obedience to a very strong prompting from the Lord. Only He can put it all back together. Only He has the power to repair those breaches and close up those gaps. Only He knows where I must go, and when, and whom I must meet. I merely follow His lead. I covet your prayers for the success of this undertaking, in particular for locating the family book of generations, in which every family member, of every generation, is meticulously recorded all the way back before the fall of Jerusalem. This book is of priceless worth to us, as you can understand. For that reason my grandfather took it with him to Holland and then to France, to keep it safe from the Nazis. But it is like searching for a pebble in an ocean. Only G-d knows where this book is kept in trust, and by whom. And only He knows how I can find that person who holds the book. Hence, when I “just so happened” to learn of this seminar in Paris, and He prompted me so strongly to attend it, it aroused my faith and anticipation. When I find this book, it will be a major miracle. But G-d has worked many miracles in my life. Let me share some with you.

    Is Anything Too Hard For G-d?
    My husband and I met and married in Southern Italy. We bought our wedding bands in the Navy Exchange in Naples, two plain golden bands, engraved with “forever yours”. They meant very much to me, the Lord having brought my husband and me together in answer to my cry. Late one lovely summer night we took a walk on the beach. My husband felt like swimming, and plunged into the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea. That’s when all his rings slipped off his fingers, including the wedding band, and sunk into the deep, dark waters. He dove and dove to find the rings, but it was hopeless, of course.

    I had just encountered Yeshua, Who had revealed Himself to me, and I was a fervent believer. At home I immediately prayed and pleaded with the Lord to please let us find the wedding band. I told Him that it was not the value of gold I cared for, but the value it held in my heart. That even if it were a costly diamond ring it wouldn’t mean half as much to me as this wedding band. But THIS ring, I said, means so very much to me, because it is You Who gave me my husband. Please restore it.

    Then I told my husband we would go look for it the next day. He thought that my brain had momentarily short circuited, and tried to talk me out of it. The mere idea was utterly ridiculous, he said: first of all, it had been at night, and we weren’t even sure where he took the plunge. Secondly, this was not a pond, but the Mediterranean Sea, with waves washing the rings G-d only knows where. And thirdly, innumerable feet would have stirred and kicked up the sand, since the beach was full of people sunbathing and swimming. But I insisted. He finally agreed, on condition that we go only in the afternoon, when most people would have left.

    Gaeta, Southern Italy, homeport of the ComSixFleet flagship; fleet landing with the ship visible

    Gaeta, Southern Italy, homeport of the ComSixFleet flagship; fleet landing with the ship visible; in front the beach. Click on pic for full size

    About four in the afternoon we went. While my husband got ready with swim mask and snorkel, I went to inquire of the beach guards if anyone had turned in some rings, or at least a golden wedding band. No, no one had. They wanted to know what happened. I told them, and also that my husband was going to look for it. They laughed, and shook their heads, and came down to the shore. Others joined the spectacle, anticipating some entertainment. And I just thanked the Lord for having heard and granted my prayers.

    I remembered that my husband plunged into the waters near a boat. The boat was still there. So that’s where he went into the water to search. I need to add, that without eyeglasses my husband is half blind, and under the swimming mask he could not wear his glasses. We saw him dive, as people made bets among themselves, and we all waited. One minute later my husband came shooting up out of the waters, his arm raised high into the air, shouting with excitement: “I found it! I got it!” I praised the Lord loudly, and the people were stunned with amazement, shaking their heads in wonder.

    When my husband came out of the waters, with the wedding band in his hand, all gathered around him and wanted to know how he found it. Then he told us: “When I dove down, I really did not believe I would find anything. Who can find a tiny wedding band in an ocean? The waves would have long washed it away, or buried it deep in the sand. I was going to swim in the direction the waves moved, when I suddenly saw something shining brightly golden. I was curious as to what it was and swam toward it. And there it was, right where I had plunged into the water, laying on top of the sand — my golden wedding band! The waves had not moved it, and feet had not buried it. And my wife is right who said, that G-d cares even for the smallest things about us, and that nothing was too difficult for Him. She said, ‘He will command the waves not to move the ring, and keep every foot away from it.’ Then everybody marveled, and I hope and pray that the miracle they witnessed will have brought some of them to faith in Yeshua.

    My husband went back into the waters to search for the other rings. I told him that I had prayed only for the wedding band. Therefore the other rings would be subject to the moving waves and the stirring of the sand. He tried it anyway. After several hours of searching he gave up. He never could find those rings for which I had not prayed the Father. This little “mighty” miracle has always been a strength to us, although in the meantime G-d has worked many other little “mighty” miracles in our behalf. If we do not have it is mostly because we do not ask, or ask with the wrong motive, or for the wrong thing; and sometimes it is because someone, who would be used by G-d for His answer to the prayer, does not obey.

    O More pictures of Gaeta, | Gaeta | Gaeta, Italy, where I and my husband lived for 5 years.

  • Miracles still happen

    page 2

    “In a time of favor I have answered you, in a day of salvation I have helped you; I have kept you…” 1
    Another miracle, of the many G-d worked to preserve us during the Nazi days, occurred during our flight on a train. It was in January 18th, 1945, and bitterly cold with -18oC, with much snow. We had left Breslau, my hometown in Silesia, Germany (now Poland), in great haste after two SS men had come to our door. We mingled with the trek of refugees fleeing from the approaching Russians, in hope of escape.

    How we got on this train is a major miracle. There was absolutely no room left, and this was the last train to leave the station. A barrier blocked any access to the train from the railroad platform, where frantic masses were shoving and pushing. Yet somehow the station master’s eyes were drawn to my fragile, beautiful mother. She stood there like a forlorn island in this tossing sea of human panic. The Lord must have moved this man’s heart with compassion, because he took my mother along with me, grandmother and grandmother’s sister (father wasn’t with us) amid screams of protest, and led her to the train. “I get you and yours on this train, if that’s the last thing I do,” he said. Then he shoved us through an open window into the laps of those inside. The window apparently was open because it was the only car of the whole train which was heated..

    The train was crossing the white blanket of a wide open field, when the rumbling noise of approaching airplanes could be heard. Then someone screamed, “Allied bombers!”, and the train loudly screeched to a standstill. With naked horror the women and children in that train saw the three conductors flee across the white field towards a forest. The Allies were not all war heroes. They bombed everything, regardless if that were military or civilian places or people. They had bombed every train that moved, including those filled with refugees. For this reason most people fled by foot and trains stopped running. Apparently the bombers were approaching to bomb this train.

    There stood their train, like a big, black snake, visible from far in the brilliant white of the snow. Women and children screamed and wept, others prayed to G-d, to Jesus, to all sorts of saints. Mother only whispered, “O G-d, Holy One of Israel, G-d of my fathers, my G-d, help and protect us, I pray!”

    The Allied bombers flew right above the train. Four bombers rumbled to and fro, back and forth, above the train. But not a single bomb fell. It was as if they could not see the train. There was now utter quiet inside, not even a child cried. For a long time the bombers searched for the so strangely disappeared train. Then they left.

    “A miracle! A miracle!” the women whispered. Truly, it was a miracle!

    When the train pulled into “Marktredwitz”, a small town in the Fichtelgebirge of northern Bavaria, the station master there announced that the train would not continue for three days. Women and children poured out of the train. Mother, with me at her hand, and grandmother and aunt got out to stretch our legs, and to get some food. A young woman approached mother and said, “We have been waiting for you, to provide you with food and some much needed rest. Please, be our guest for these three days. We are Christians who serve the G-d of Israel.” A strange thing to say in those days in Germany. Mother was suddenly filled with great peace, and overcome by fatigue. She, grandmother and aunt, followed the young girl like zombies.

    When they entered the girl’s house there was a family standing by a table set with dishes and steaming hot food, and a pot of porridge in front of a highchair. Over by a wall stood a table with a baby bathtub. Mother’s face must have shown the utter astonishment, because the family smiled and offered them a welcome in the Name of the Lord. After mother had bathed me in that tub and we had all finished dinner, the lady of the house took mother upstairs. There were three beds freshly made, plus a baby bed. Mother broke into sobs, overwhelmed by this unforeseen, inexplicable provision. “Why?” she wanted to know. “Why us? How did you know us?” Then the family told the story:

    For three consecutive nights the Lord had given them a vision of a young woman with a small child, in the company of two older women. He instructed them on which day and at what time to go to the train station, where a train would pull in and stay for three days. On that train would be that young woman with the child and the two women companions. They were to care for them, feed them, and provide beds for them. They went to buy the baby tub, and the high chair and baby bed they brought down from the attic. Since the Lord had given them a specific time, the woman prepared the food and set the table ready for us when we arrived. Their young daughter had no difficulties in identifying my mother whom she immediately saw, walking towards her with me at her hand. Mother and I looked just as the Lord had shown them. Then, grandmother and aunt also walked up, and there were the two older women companions.

    When mother and grandmother heard that story, there was no end to their sobbing in relief. Even aunt, who wasn’t given to “mushiness”, had tears in her eyes. Then mother knew that G-d had kept us safely in His hands. And even while the world round about us fell apart, she no longer feared. Because now she knew for certain that G-d, who had kept us safe from the Nazi’s spying eyes until that day, was with us 2.

    Almost every Friday night when we’d sit around the table, my mother and grandmother would tell me these stories. Throughout my childhood, Shabbat after Shabbat (I did not know then that this was called “Shabbat”), I heard these tales. Maybe it is because of them that I yearned for G-d, even when I turned away from Him because I blamed Him for the Holocaust and the death of my beloved brother. After the Lord Yeshua showed Himself to me and I came to believe in Him as the Messiah of Israel, these stories were revived in my memory. They have been “a rod and a staff” to me ever since, because the Shepherd of Israel did not abandon us nor would He abandon me. For a truth, His faithfulness reaches to the heavens, and His miracles never cease.

    Therefore, to believe Him for the “repairing of the breach and the closing of the gap” by means of finding the family book of generations is a small thing in comparison to those miracles. Was that wedding band any easier to find than this book is? Was it any easier to hide a whole train from the sight of those Allied bombers? Was it any easier for complete strangers to know us and provide for us? No, because with G-d nothing is impossible. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is too difficult for Him. Therefore I thank and praise Him for restoring this book unto us, that our “sukkah” may be complete again, with not a single branch missing. Hallelujah!

    01 We got on the very last train that left Breslau. The next day, January 19, 2045, Breslau was shut down, decalred “Festung Breslau,” and became one of the worst battle fields inside Germany. 90,000 civilians perished from the fierce winter and the battle.
    1Isaiah 49:8
    2 The reason we were still alive and not hauled off into a camp were our falsified birth certificates, our close friendship with the family of Breslau’s mayor, and my grandfather’s much needed pharmaceutical factory, as rats began to crowd the city and medications got sparse. But all of that was not enough, seeing that my father and mother never turned in the “Arier” Nachweis as they had promised at their hasty civilian wedding in a small town in the mountains of Silesia. Now the SS had come wanting to know from grandmother, why they had not presented their “Arier” papers and, while setting threateningly a final date, they checked out the apartment above the factory. But mother had hid with me, and father wasn’t there.

  • World War III?

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     Egypt Iran      Iraq     Jordan    Syria nuke Israel


    I want to speak now of what may happen very soon, possibly even while I am visiting you. It is a war that Israel’s neighbors are preparing for.

    Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian and Egyptian high-ranking military officials have been meeting secretly to prepare for war against Israel. They consider the present “peace-process” as a historical “window of opportunity” to destroy the State of Israel, because of Israel’s perceived weakness 3. Israeli military intelligence reports an ever increasing presence of missiles aimed at Israel, with Syrian forces on alert at Israel’s northern border, and Jordan and Egypt using maneuvers as a ruse in order to increase their forces on Israel’s southern and eastern borders. (If these are “Gog and Magog”, then how would “Gomer”, alias Germany get involved in this war, plus also Turkey, alias “Beit-Togarmah”?). Thus it would seem that there will be an attempt in the very near future to destroy Israel. This will fail, however, and lead to a time of peace and security as described in Ezekiel 38:11-14: “… the land of unwalled villages; …the quiet people who dwell securely... … when my people Israel are dwelling securely... ”

    Hence, this war will bring Israel into a time of peace and security, which leads up to another “attack” as prophesied in Ezekiel 38: for this “attack”, as described in verses 12 and 13, culminates in the “seizing of much spoil”, which at present does not exist! But, we know that in the not too distant future Israel shall retrieve from the Salt (Dead) Sea trillions of dollars 4, along with great wealth amassed from oil beds beneath her soil. Therefore, in THE FUTURE… AFTER a time of peace, there will indeed be “great spoil” 5. This then puts the war of Ezekiel 38 at some time in the future, and not now. The war of Ezekiel 39, though, I believe to be close at hand.

    I have researched much, prayed and meditated about the coming war. Besides a strong inner conviction about this war, there are the prophecies of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 (of which I made mention in my last newsletter, Volume 30). Let us consider it together : these wars cannot occur during the Millennial Messianic Reign, because at that time nations no longer have weapons (they are turned into farm tools), nor do they make war anymore 6. These also cannot take place after the Messianic Reign, when Satan once again leads men into war against G-d, for before they can even commence the war, G-d sends down fire from heaven and consumes their armies 7. And, of course, there will be no war when G-d’s new heaven and earth are manifest. The new race of men, the redeemed of the Lord, won’t even remember 8 what war is, much less fight one. So, when does this war take place?

    First of all, it follows the ingathering and restoration of the Jewish people after almost two thousand years of dispersion. Israel has been prospering, with modern cities growing by leaps and bounds, with over fivehundred thousand new immigrants absorbed in the last five years. The countdown for the end time has come, the latter years of which will see this war take place. But it is not yet the end.

    For Ezekiel 38:8 states: “After many days you will be mustered; in the latter years you will go against the land that is restored from war, the land where people were gathered from many nations upon the mountains of Israel [Judea and Samaria ~Westbank].

    So, there will be a war, from which Israel will be restored. We know that the outcome of this war will be victorious for Israel because of G-d’s intervention. For seven years the weapons amassed by Israel’s enemies will be utilized by Israel as fuel; and for seven months Israel will remove the corpses of the fallen enemy and bury them in a vast graveyard in a valley. This deed of burying her enemies will bring Israel honor in the sight of the nations who will recognize divine intervention.

    At this present time Israel does not enjoy any favour with the world who, on the contrary, pressures and blackmails her to give in to the demands of terrorists. However, after this war there will be a reverse policy, and pressure will then be applied on the Arab states and the PLO to sign a “peace”-agreement in Israel’s favor.

    Seven years of relative peace will follow this war, during which time a massive ingathering will take place with Jews from every corner of the earth immigrating to Israel. Because of G-d’s divine intervention at this war, many Jews will return to faith in G-d, an event which will put a wrench into the plans of those who were so eager to hand over portions of the Holy Land (It will also be a time of great opportunity for Yeshua’s followers to share the Gospel in Israel).

    These seven years of peace must occur before the Lord’s Return, since it will be during that time that a “peace”-agreement with the many shall be signed. At the end of these seven years those final, awful 3 ½ years shall come when that “Man of sin” shall succeed in setting himself up in a position of power he will believe invincible, wherefore he will immediately abrogate the hated peace-agreement with Israel.

    What am I saying? I believe that this war is a necessity divinely ordained to demonstrate G-d’s glory and power both to Israel and the nations, and bring about a massive “shuva” 9 and “aliyah” 10 of the Jewish people, which will include the ten lost tribes of Israel 11. Thus the Jewish people will again be a light to the nations bringing G-d’s salvation unto the ends of the earth 12, before the end shall come. Hence, I believe that G-d foreordained this war13for this very purpose, and that Ezekiel 39 describes what will happen at that particular battle.

    However, Ezekiel 38 seems to describe one of the end-time battles and NOT the battle followed by seven years of using weaponry for fuel. (If these seven years were to occur after the Lord’s Return, there is no reason for the signing by “the many” of a peace-agreement with Israel, to be broken after 3 ½ years).

    I believe then, that Ezekiel 38 and 39 speak of two different wars, the one in 39 taking place in the very near future (before the one in Ezekiel 38). When comparing our days with those described in Ezekiel 39, we can’t help but see that the war of Ezekiel 39 is at the door, and will bring Israel into a time period of quiet, security and great prosperity, which will then be followed by the war of Ezekiel 38, and the “time of Jacob’s trouble”14a, the last 3 ½ years of tribulation 14b such as has never been since there was a nation, and never shall be again14c.

    “Why,” you may ask yourself, “is it of any importance to me to know about a coming war against Israel?” Because as a genuine believer, through your sharing in Messiah you also have come to share in Israel’s destiny and inheritance, as a fellow-citizen and co-heir. In these last days it literally will prove fatal to continue considering yourself separate from Israel, a “Gentile Christian”, for it clearly states in Ephesians 2, that in Messiah we have been made one new man, with the former hostility between Gentile and Israelite abolished. There are not two “people of G-d,” but only one, called Israel; and there is only one Messiah and One G-d, the Messiah and G-d of Israel 15.

    You may want to obtain my latest book, presently in the final stages of editing, “The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d”, to learn yet in greater detail about the events to come and their sequence according to G-d’s immutable time-table. It will be a desk-top publication, with many colorful illustrations, and a graphic representation of the “end-times” . It will be a helpful guide to understanding end-time prophecies, and will be assembled in such a manner that it can be used for topical Bible studies. You will find plenty of Scriptural references as well as a bibliography. The purpose of the book is to gird up the saints with understanding and light for the coming darkness. And to warn all backsliders and sinners about coming into a right standing with G-d.

    With blessings in Yeshua, I am
    yours in Him,





    3 From a report by Congressman Jim Saxton (Chairman) of the TASK FORCE ON TERRORISM & UNCONVENTION-AL WARFARE, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 20515, by Murray Kahl, of December 10, 1996: “APPROACHING THE NEW CYCLE OF ARAB-ISRAELI FIGHTING”
    4 See Isaiah 60:5; according to Israeli scientists and experts the wealth of the Dead Sea is 4 times the wealth of the United States at the height of her prosperity. The wealth which has been harvested up to date in Potash and Bromine does not even scratch the surface of the wealth contained in the Sea. However, it is all in liquid form, and so far no formula has been found to economically solidify and extract this wealth from the Sea
    5Ezekiel 38:13 6Isaiah 2:4 7 Rev. 20:7-9 8Isaiah 65:17
    9 “Shuva” means both “repentance” and “return” in a spiritual sense: “shuva” is a “return” unto G-d in “repentance” and faith.
    10“Aliyah” means “going up”: when the tribes of Israel went 3 times a year to keep the festivals in Jerusalem, they had to make “Aliyah”, go up to Jerusalem, because regardless from which direction one approaches Jerusalem, one has to go up. Hence, this term has been kept for a Jew’s return to Israel to make his home there again.
    11 This is in light of G-d’s promise that He would restore BOTH, the Southern and the Northern kingdom, Judah and Ephraim, to the land and make of both ONE single nation, “one stick” If this is to be an event to take place AFTER Yeshua has returned, then a lot of Scriptures make no sense. Although there will be those who had fled Israel, and survived the Great Day of G-d’s wrath, who will again return, the bulk of the people will return to Israel before the Lord’s Second Coming, the “remainder of Yeshua’s brethren” at the time of travail (see Micah 5:3).
    12 Isaiah 49 13 Ez 38:16, 17, 23; 39:7-8, 22-24
    14a Jeremiah 30:5-7 14b Ezekiel 35:5; 14c Da 12:1; Mt 24:21
    15 Eph.4:4-6; Jn 10:16

  • Seven Years of Blessing

    page 4

    The main purpose for G-d’s mighty acts against Gog is to make His holy Name known in the midst of His people Israel, who shall know that He is the L-RD their G-d from that day forward, and that Gog and the nations may know that He is the L-RD, the Holy One of Israel 10. I.e., this war shall serve to vindicate and make known G-d’s Holy Name, effecting a return of the Jewish people to faith in G-d, and a readiness among the nations to receive the Good News of G-d’s salvation and coming Kingdom.

    When the nations near and far shall witness the miraculous defeat of Israel’s enemies brought about not by man, but by the outstretched arm of G-d, they will realize that G-d never rejected His people, but only hid His Face from them for a time because of their faithlessness 11.

    G-d prepared for a “turn-about” following this war : He will restore the “fortunes” of Jacob and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel 11a. In practical terms, this means that the nations will reverse for a time their hostile and oppressive policies toward Israel into favorable ones. Israel will even be highly respected and esteemed for burying for seven months the corpses of her fallen enemies. Moreover, Israeli ingenuity will utilize the fallen enemy’s vast arsenal of weapons to produce energy or fuel, lasting for 7 years 12. Furthermore, G-d will fulfill Isaiah 60:5, by exploiting the wealth of the Salt (Dead) Sea – estimated to be four times the wealth of the U.S. at the height of her prosperity – to provide for the returning exiles 12a. And the Lord will finally cause the “fatness”, or “greasiness”, i.e. the oil that “couches beneath in the flinty rock” to come up, in fulfillment of the blessings by the patriarchs and by Moses 13. The men by whom G-d will suddenly bestow such enormous wealth on Israel are called to bear testimony to the house of Israel and the Gentiles of G-d’s faithfulness, declaring that HE has done it and not man, in fulfillment of His good promises.

    It is during these 7 years that a peace-treaty, favorable to Israel, shall be signed by many co-signers, allowing Israel to dwell securely and restore the land from the war. And it is during this time that the Two Witnesses, those Two anointed prophets, shall appear and begin their ministry of 3 ½ years 14.

    The miraculous outcome of the war, the favorable peace-treaty, the sudden great prosperity of the nation, and the testimony of these men will serve to “trigger” the Return of most of Israel’s exiles, with the exception of those who need a stronger “push”, which G-d will supply through the “hunters” 14a. Then G-d will fulfill His promise of saving and healing the house of Israel from all of their backslidings, sprinkling them with clean water, giving them a new heart, pouring His Spirit out upon them, and not hiding His Face anymore from them 15.

    At that time the divinely imposed blindness will fall from the eyes of many Jews as it fell from the apostle Paul’s, enabling them to finally recognize the Redeemer of Israel, Yeshua HaMashiach. Their ears will be unstopped from the divinely imposed deafness, enabling them to grasp the Good News of salvation when hearing it 16. But it will be by the circumcision of their heart and the working of the Holy Spirit, that many hundreds of thousands of Jews (I pray it will be millions) will come to believe in Yeshua as their Messiah and Savior.

    And it shall be during these 7 good years that a great number of Jews will be born again, baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit and fire, and go together with (formerly Gentile) brethren to every people, nation, tribe and tongue to proclaim the Good News of salvation. Only THEN shall the end come!

    But it shall also be mid-way during these 7 years, that the 7 years of tribulationbegin. While Israel will be at the height of her prosperity and fulfill her destiny as G-d’s witnesses to the nations, the world will undergo the trials and judgments of the final 7 years 17. G-d’s promise to Abraham, by which his descendants shall bless all the nations shall be gloriously fulfilled during the 7 years of plenty when the children of Israel, both natural and ingrafted, shall bring a vast and ripened harvest into G-d’s Kingdom. Never will there have been a time of salvation such as this, just as there will be a time of anguish and troubles such as has never been nor shall ever be again18.

    Yes, the two interlinked sets of 7 years are standing at the threshold. It may be that the war of Ezekiel 38, once again planned by the same enemies of G-d and IsraelGog – will occur midway into the first 7 years. But for certain the peace-treaty will be broken by the end of the first 7 years, mid-way into the second 7 years 19. Then, according to many, the “time of Jacob’s troubles” will begin – his “final punishment” 20. However, I am not in agreement with this interpretation because I cannot believe that G-d first regathers the people, has them build towns, cities, settlements and replanting the Land, building a whole infrastructure, only to whack them worse than in the Nazi Holocaust. Such dealings would be wickedness, something not at all a part of G-d’s character. I believe that the Nazi Holocaust was the “time of Jacob’s trouble,” his “final punishment” out of which G-d delivered him by raising up out of it a vibrant nation. And G-d will deliver, save and heal this nation for His holy Names sake and through Israel vindicate His holy name in the sight of all the nations round about and far off.


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  • Signs of the Time of the End

    page 5

    Almost in every one of my newsletters I point out signs of the times, as I have also done in my book on The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d. When the Lord spoke of the signs of the end He used the image of vultures circling over a body. For when from afar one sees vultures circling, it is certain that a body is beneath, even if it cannot be seen. Just so can we be certain of His Coming being at hand, when we see an accumulation of end-time signs “circling”.

    A “strange” thing happened recently in Israel : without prior warning, threatening black clouds discharged a massive hail the size of ping-pong balls which, driven by fierce winds, literally “threshed” everything in its path from Beer-Sheva to Eilat. Trees, fields, and flowers were beaten barren; windows and rooftop solar boilers smashed; and houses, cars, and shutters riddled with holes and dents as by bullets. In minutes a several inches deep layer of ice covered the ground and heavy rain turned the wadis of the Arava into wild raging, icy torrents sweeping away whatever was in its path, man or beast.

    Then I understood the image given in Isaiah 28, of “hail sweeping away the refuge of lies, and waters overwhelming the shelter.” I remember how theYitzhak Rabin government scoffed at those who trust in G-d’s Word, covenant and promises, while they made lies their refuge and falsehood their shelter. Because signing an agreement with Yasser Arafat is an agreement with Sheol, and a covenant with death. And just as this hail swept away in minutes what man had made and planted, so will massive troubles hitting as hard as bullets strike unexpectedly, and sweep away this refuge of lies called “Oslo I & II”. The “land for peace” agreements are built upon falsehood and not on G-d’s promises. Some day in the future, Israel’s enemies will rush without prior warning like a raging flood upon her and overwhelm this flimsy shelter of a false peace 21.

    Another warning signal of the soon coming days of wrath are the worldwide effects of a weather condition known as “El Ninjo”. As always, the explanation by the secular media and “experts” of these natural disasters exludes G-d. Apparently the Creator of the heavens and the earth – in their minds – works “magic” by unnatural means. That He might use the things He created, and the laws on which He founded them, to send warning signals and execute judgment, seems a rationalization to them typical for “right-wing extremists”, as they label now those who believe and trust in G-d’s promises. However, Scriptures tell us that winds, hail, fire, rain, lightning and thunder are the Lord’s “servants” who carry out His command 22. In Revelation 7:1 four angels are holding back the four winds of the earth, that no wind may blow on earth or sea. Just so G-d apparently held back the wind that moves cooler waters into the warmed up waters of the Pacific. Yet men refuse to see the finger of G-d, whose mere witholding of a certain wind produced world-wide catastrophes, and be warned. They only see what they call the unpredictable caprices of “mother nature”. It escapes them that the phenomenon of global floods, fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are warning signals from G-d of worse things yet to come if men will not turn from their corruption, immorality and evil deeds.

    Oh, how urgently the world needs G-d’s messengers of warning, faithful to the truth. But the glory of TV evangelists, U and the splendor and exitement of their “shows” has blinded many eyes and deafened many ears to G-d’s end-time messengers. When finally the Two Witnesses shall come with more forceful warnings, they will be hated by all except for those who rather hate lies and falsehood, but love the truth.

    To the many signs already evident another one will soon be added : Egypt’s fall into the hands of Islamic fanatics, the outbreak of civil war, the flight of many Egyptians into exile, and the drying up of the Nile. The fulfillment of Isaiah 19 is on the threshold, G-d judging this nation for her treachery against Israel. But after having made Egypt the lowliest of nations she shall be saved, and become a blessing in the earth along with Israel and Assyria 23.

    Prayer Warriors needed!
    Dear friends of Or Tzion, I am in desperate need of helpers! The work load has become more than I alone can handle. My four manuscripts, all edited, and most of my publications need retyping on computers current with today’s standards. My many casette tapes need labeling, sorting and filing, and so does the mass of my research material. Many of my letters, publications and tapes need printing, copying, and dubbing. I hardly find time to do any of these things by having to attend to more immediate matters. I have not been able to continue my Revelation Series, or follow up on my Genealogical findings and contacts. My days are 18 hour-days or more, and I can’t continue like this — I need your prayers for the Lord to send me skilled, faithful and reliable helpers!

    Now may the Lord bless you with this newsletter as He has with the last one, according to the many letters of appreciation I received. I happily recount the Lord’s miracles, great and small, for your encouragement and strengthening of faith.

    Yours in Him,


    21 Isaiah 28:14-18 23 Mt 24:28; Ez 29:14-16
    22 Ps 18:10; 78:26; 107:25; 135:7; Heb. 1:7
    UListing this link is not to be understood as passing judgment on these ministers and ministries, because only G-d knows the heart of each of them. They are listed because of their “glory and showmanship,” and because of the huge gap which exists between them and those whose very life and livelihood is on the line for Yeshua. However, we regard those who affiliate their ministry with persons known to be evil, murderers and men of lawlessness, as having compromised the Name of the Lord and the Gospel.