Newsletter Vol. 32

  • Genealogy, Faith and Family


    Dear “OR TZION” Family,

    Greetings, my dear friends and brethren, beloved saints in Yeshua the Messiah, and G-d’s blessings on you in whose hearts are the highways to Zion.

    A month has passed since my return. Your love, generosity and hospitality blessed me, and your eager desire to become genuine partners with Israel in her joys and woes, to share in her destiny as fellow-citizens and co-heirs. Your zeal to learn and know more of the truth and G-d’s commandments, your honest indignation at the perpetuation of lies such as the replacement theology, and your love for G-d’s people, Israel, and their Land, greatly encouraged my heart. After fifteen years of teaching, warning and exhorting,

      it is for the first time that I saw a marked change, a clearly perceivable transition back to the foundations laid by the Lord Himself and the apostles. I see a remnant marching, yes, a glorious, wonderful remnant, coming out of the alien sheepfold and returning to the ancient path, to the highway that leads to Zion, into the sheepfold of the Good Shepherd, the Holy One of Israel.

    Many of you have expressed a desire for more. This is also my desire, as I long to disciple you with life-changing, life-saving truth from the Word, exhorting and edifying you as you grow into full maturity. Paul the apostle often spent weeks and months discipling the saints, establishing them firmly in the truth, that they not be shaken but work out their salvation with fear and trembling, and mature into the full measure of likeness with Messiah (Christlikeness). Saints fed only with milk and not solid food “digest” my messages with difficulty. Frequently it is necessary to lay a foundation first before proceeding with the message, as many saints have not fully grasped certain basics such as, for example, the effects of water baptism for this life; the reality of unity with Messiah; the full extent and power of His blood for this life and the new one; and the principles and the effects of the laying on of hands1.

    G-d willing, my 1998 schedule will allow me to visit with your congregation or fellowship for several days, teaching and training, and ministering to you personally. Hopefully I will provide you with my itinerary in the March/April ‘98 newsletter, before I come to you in May.

    THE 1997 TRIP
    In the Jewish neighborhood of Paris
    It began with one week at the International Genealogical Seminarin Paris, in obedience to the Lord’s leading. The book of generations of our family, which I so ardently hoped to locate, I did not find, but I did meet four professional genealogists (two Israelis and two non-Jewish Germans), who offered to help me with my search for the book and surviving relatives. I also received a letter from a Documentation Center of Contemporary Jews, called Memorial to the Unknown Jewish Martyr, containing valuable information, addresses and a photo copy of the German Abschubliste (List of Deportation) of convoy 28 from Camp de Gurs on which my maternal grandfather is listed. To my surprise I found another name, the maiden name of my husband’s mother, the family name of his maternal grandmother. I very much covet your prayers for successfully locating the book of generations and surviving relatives, since both play an integral part in Israel’s destiny.

    Next I visited my mother who still lives in Germany. For three weeks I “doused” her with love and ministered tenderly to her every need. She is 79 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s. She is looked after every day in her apartment she loves and receives the necessary care. I promised to come to her 80th birthday in Mid-April of ‘98.

    My mother rejected me as her daughter when I came to Yeshua. Much praying and fasting led to her receiving Him as her Savior. However, her neglect of G-d’s Word, and her former spiritual inclinations and intellectual views caused her to backslide and reject me again. But praise G-d, prayer and unconditional love prevailed; while two accidents rendered my mother dependent on the care of others, and cast her into the arms of the Lord. She now enjoys intimate fellowship with Him Who has become her strength and the Rock of her salvation. Hallelujah!

    May this encourage you who are praying for loved ones. Don’t quit – be steadfast and abounding in unconditional love. What is impossible for you, is possible for G-d. It is all worth while when love and prayers prevail.


    1 1 Cor. 3:2; Heb. 5:13-14; 6:1-2

  • Prophetic Ministry in Action

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    Following my visit in Germany during one of the worst flood catastrophes this nation has known in three centuries, thanks to unceasing rain, I continued to the U.S. to visit with daughter and grandchildren for three weeks, and for another three weeks to deliver G-d’s message, contained in His Unchangeable Calendar, to His saints.

    Here they are, my darling grandchildren, blond and blue-eyed, in lovely contrast to the dark eyes, dark hair and olive complexion of my family line. Bright and lively, they are the precious new generation of a very old family, my joy and pride. Clockwise from right: Isabelle (11), David (7), Andrew (4), and Joseph (10).

    The Lord ministered in particular release through the prophetic word, removing obstacles hindering some ministries. People were encouraged, exhorted, and praised, gently reproved, corrected and challenged, given guidance and confirmation. Some were called into ministry and established in a specific work through the laying on of hands. As always, tears flowed freely when the Lord spoke to hearts on a person-to-person basis. Who would not respond to Him Who knows our every secret, our every hope and desire 2?

    The Lord reserved a special blessing also for me when He had me prophesy over a young man I did not recognize as being the sixteen year old boy whom the Lord Yeshua loved so dearly, and over whom I had prophesied twice before. Light had poured from the boy’s eyes, revealing his zeal for the Lord. A few years later, the light was gone. The young man had gone his own ways. But the Lord kept him. While I was not aware of the young man’s identity the Lord had me prophesy for the third time the same word of calling to ministry and anointing. After I was told over whom I had been prophesying my joy over his restoration and the Lord’s faithfulness was exceedingly great. We hugged each other like long lost friends, and I introduced him and his young wife to the congregation among whom he now serves until his strong apostolic anointing will take him to new places.

    Does this report bless you? Then be encouraged: the Lord’s basket of blessings never runs empty, but always overflows toward those who love and obey Him, and put all their trust in Him. He remembers that our frame is still dust and mercifully passes over our shortcomings, looking at the heart, testing its motives and desires 3. If He is pleased with what He sees He will work with and through us, forbearing toward our frail humanity.

    2 Psalm 44:21
    3 Ps 103:10-14; Jer. 17:10; Ro 7:15, 18-8:1-2

  • The Iraqi Crisis and Ezekiel 39

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    When I brought the Lord’s message of the Unchangeable Calendar, I spoke of the coming war of Ezekiel 39 (and 38), planned to annihilate Israel and seize G-d’s Land, which He covenanted with an oath to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob for an inheritance 4. The 7 years of tribulation presumably begin midway into the 7 good years following this war, culminating in the last 3 ½ years of indescribable terror. I also wrote about this in my newsletter, Volume 31, and in my book, “The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d”. Michael Drosnin also writes about it, reporting what the Bible Codeforetells 5. However, he was confused by the variation of the given dates. Nevertheless, he did perceive that not all the events and their timing are unalterably predetermined, but that man’s choices can alter their occurrence and outcome.

    It is this alternative which motivated me to urge everyone to pray for Israel incessantly. Why? Because G-d does not reward but rather, judges sinfulness and faithlessness, two things rampant in today’s Israel. For G-d to vindicate His holy Name and the election of His people Israel and their Land, the Body of Messiah needs to stand in the gap and make up the breach for Israel 6. This will alter the outcome of what would otherwise be a devastating war for Israel, and postpone the “final holocaust” to a later date, into the final 3 ½ years 7. G-d counted on our prayers when He declared war against Gog for His holy Name’s sake.

    Watching the news, it appears we are heading toward the war I felt would occur toward the end of this year, 1997, or in the beginning of ’98. With the first American/UN forceful reaction toward the Iraqi expulsion of American UN Inspection Team members, the Holy Spirit pointed to watching very carefully. It seems that the United States has an interest in escalating the crisis, perhaps to justify military action against Saddam. And Saddam can’t risk “losing face” again (and with him the whole Arab world) by yielding to the demands of the “decadent, imperialistic” West. Already the region has begun to react, this time by DEFINITELY siding with Saddam Hussein, or more exactly, with the people of Iraq. The Arab Moslem leaders, seeking for a window of opportunity to strike at Israel, are exploiting the present “crisis” by inciting the masses against Israel, blaming the “Zionist entity” for the interference of the West into the internal affairs of a brother Arab nation, and for the suffering of the Iraqi people from the endless sanctions.

    It is only a question of time when the rage of the incited mobs, burning the American and Israeli flags, fueled by Arab nationalistic and Moslem religious fervor and American threats of military action, will ignite the region into a furious war. And Arab leaders seeking to place the blame for the crisis elsewhere, will most likely claim that the U.S. and Israel are “plotting” together to humiliate the “holy Arab nation”, the U.S. being but a pawn of Israeli manipulations. The Iraqi foreign minister has already attempted to introduce this outrageous lie as fact 8. It will probably serve as their reason to launch an attack against the “Zionist entity”. (Most Arab leaders refer to the Jewish State as the “Zionist Entity”, refusing to call it by its name, Israel, since this would mean an acknowledgment of the Jewish claim and right to the Land.)

    By now long queues of Israelis wait many hours for their gas masks to be updated, since the Israeli Defense Forces – IDF/Zahal (IAF, Army, Navy, ) shifted into high gear to prepare the population for an eventual attack. I did not wait until a time of emergency such as now, but had our gas masks updated last year. I believe in being prepared, as many of you know. Today, November 17th, I stocked up on long-term, non-spoilable goods which need no cooking and can sustain us for several months, and on sealing tapes, should it prove necessary once again to seal a room for safety from lethal gases. Large bottles of spring water I began stocking in June. And because I am the housemaster, I had our building’s bomb-shelter already cleaned and outfitted early this year.

    Ezekiel 39 declares that it is actually G-d Himself “driving forward” the forces called Gog, as we can presently observe with the escalation of hostilities which most likely won’t be stopped, not even by Madeleine Albright. These rebels hate G-d and His people Israel, challenging His election and immutable covenant. By their venomous desire to annihilate the Jewish people G-d will “bring up” the armies and hordes of Gog toward Israel’s borders, and then “lead them against” Judea and Samaria (the so-called West-Bank) first. THERE the L-RD, the Holy One of Israel, will ambush them. And the holocaust they are plotting and intending for Israel will come upon their own heads.

    I am desperately trying to get my newsletter out before this war, that you may know this is from the Lord, and not merely the outcome of “politics”. Politics are what you see. G-d has always used men, good and evil, national and spiritual leaders, to bring about His purposes. What we see developing before our eyes right now should lead to the fulfillment of what G-d spoke by His servant Ezekiel, saying, “Behold, it is coming, and it will be brought about… that is the day of which I have spoken” 9, that “day” leading up to 7 years of blessing.

    P.S. As I am preparing these pages to upload onto Or Tzion’s Website, The Electronic Tabernacle (Nov. 22, 1998), this war has not yet taken place, and once again an escalation of the crisis was averted through diplomatic channels. But what is written must come to pass. Scriptures cannot be broken. Even though the timing may not be according to our expectation, this war of Ezekiel 39 will come. The mighty men behind the weapons’ industry will make sure of it.


    4Ps 83:1-8, 12; Jer. 33:24; Ez 35:10-13; 36:5; Gen. 15:18; 24:7; 26:3 7 Ez 35:5; Jer. 30:5-9; Dan. 12:1; Zech. 14
    5 “The Bible Code,” by Michael Drosnin, Copyright by M. Drosnin 1997, published by Simon & Schuster, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 8 This lie is indeed widely believed in the Arab world, due to the heavy Arab Media propaganda reporting stories and “facts” to this effect
    6Ezekiel 22:30; Psalm 106:23; Daniel 9:3, 16-19 9 Ezekiel 39:8