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  • The Media and the Truth | VOL. 33 * NEWSLETTER * NOV./DEC. 1997 |


    Dear “OR TZION” Family,

    Greetings, my dear friends and brethren, beloved saints in Yeshua theMessiah, and G-d’s blessings on you in whose hearts are the highways toZion. This issue will be lengthy since its contents are pressing and cannot wait until the March/April issue. Before getting into the message, however, let me share G-d’s faithfulness during my last trip:

    G-d’s Faithfulness
    While in Germany I received the funds needed to get out of our terrible overdraft in Israel. But I flew to Dallas, Texas (U.S.A.) without a dollar to my name, and the Visa account I use for OR TZION was about to be closed unless I paid a certain amount immediately. I prayed that the account would be fully paid by the time I would leave again for Israel. I promised not to check the offerings as I did not doubt G-d’s provision.

    The saints at Living Waters in Cross Plains, Texas, gave generously despite their limited means, and I received the precise amount needed to keep the account open. A few days before my departure I received a phone call from a couple I had ministered to, saying that the Lord had told them to give me a certain amount. Before I left I had the exact amount needed to pay off the Visa. Hallelujah!

    I was without any transportation, yet the Lord put it on the hearts of brothers and sisters to pick me up from where I stayed and drive many hours to bring me to my meetings in Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and other places, and back. May G-d bless them richly for their service. Indeed, by them the Lord carried me both “in His arms and on wings of eagles.” PTL ~ Baruch HaShem!

    At my first home meeting in Grapevine, Texas, a long-time friend came who had cerebral palsey. Many years ago I prophesied her healing and shortly thereafter the Lord began her physical and inner healing. We prayed for the completion of her healing. The next day she called excitedly: “The Lord has straightened out my spine 4 – 5 inches!” A few hours later she rang again, “My spine has straightened 8 inches! Everybody is amazed at the miracle!” she laughed and cried. Furthermore, her proposals for a nationwide television mentoring program to help handicapped people went through, to be funded by the National Cerebral Palsey Association and by several United Cerebral Palsey Affiliates. Ah yes, the Lord is good!

    ( (Daily the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, BBC and all television broadcasts demonize Israel and Judaism, forever harping on the same theme : “Nazi” Israelis brutalizing helpless Palestinians.” Never a good word about Jews, never a bad word about Arabs: Arab atrocities are minimized, while Jewish mishaps or -deeds are maximized.

    Minimal attention is given to the ongoing slaughter in Algeria (by now numbering 65,000 dead), or to the massacre of Christians in Egypt (by the Moslem Brotherhood, which has vowed not to rest until all the “infidels” are killed, converted, or expelled). The ongoing slaughter and enslavement of black Christians in Sudan by racist Arabs is not at all mentioned, neither the persecution of Shiites by Sunnis in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, nor the genocide of Bahais in Iran (or the emerging Islamic fundamentalist state in Afghanistan). And no mention is made of the Arabs, Turks, and Iranians conspiring to deprive the Kurds of their own state (the Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world, 20 million plus, that are denied their own government)2. (

    In a recent e-mail message Cosette Sullivan from San Angelo, Texas, wrote: “May I ask you some questions, Annelore? Because all forms of media are so very powerful in swaying the people, some reference must be made of that in G-d’s Word, huh? Propoganda has played a very, very prominent role in fostering and spreading lies about Israel and G-d’s Chosen People for, how long? Forever? Thinking of  /media is what got me to thinking about this. I’m in no way a scholar so I cannot find it in the Bible. Surely it must be there tho’ not with words with which we (I) are familiar. I know that if it is there, you have found it!”

    Oh yes, indeed it is there. G-d’s own witness to this is particularly clear in Ezekiel 35:12-13, “You shall know that I, the L-RD, have heard all the revilings which you have uttered against the mountains of Israel… and you magnified yourselves against Me with your mouth, and multiplied your words against Me; I heard it.” Ezek. 36:3, “… and you [Israel] became the talk and lewd gossip of the people.”

    Still other Scriptures speak of the lies and false accusations against Israel in the last days. Daniel 8:12 says, in the time of the end, “truth shall be cast to the ground;” and Psalm 12:8: “on every side the wicked prowl as vileness is exalted among the sons of men” (or, “the vilest men are exalted,” such as Yasser Arafat with the Nobel Peace Prize). G-d pronounces a “woe” on “all those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight… who aquit the guilty [PLO] for a bribe [oil], and deprive the innocent [Israel] of his right [to land and sovereignty].” 3

    We can plainly observe in our national life and on the news that “justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth has fallen in the public squares, and uprightness cannot enter. Truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey.” 4

    Furthermore, the apostle Paul warns us “that in the last days it is going to be very difficult to be a believer. For people will only love themselves and their money; they will be proud and boastful, sneering at G-d… and thoroughly bad. They will be hardheaded and never give in to others; they will be constant liars and  trouble makers and will think nothing of immorality. They will be rough and cruel and sneer at those who try to be good. They will betray their friends; they will be hotheaded, puffed up with pride, and prefer good times to worshiping G-d. They will hold a form of godliness, yes, but they won’t really believe anything they hear.”5

    The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah pronounced G-d’s judgment upon liars who oppress Israel in the last days, because among many other things they “have broken the everlasting covenant”; “they have made lies their refuge and in falsehood they have taken shelter;” and “… they have called Zion an outcast… for whom no one cares.” “Because there is none to uphold Israel’s cause, no medicine for her wound, no healing for her…, the L-RD is enraged against all the nations, and furious against all their hosts who have said to Israel : ‘Bow down, that we may pass over’; and [the Jews] have made their back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over.” 6

    1Quotes from a message by Samuel Fistel , “Good Jew, Bad Jew,” dated 16-02-1997,; received from Freeman Center of Strategic Studies. ( Beginning and end of quotes, edited for this newsletter.
    2Kuwaitis, for whose defense the US rallied such a massive military alliance, number not even 2 Million, nor do the Palestinians. What makes THEM more important, or more deserving, than the Kurds?
    3Isaiah 5:20-21, 23 52 Timothy 3:1-5, Living Bible
    4Isaiah 59:14-15 6Isa. 24:5; 28:15; Jer. 30:17, 13; Isa. 34:2; 51:23

  • The Oslo Accords

    Page 2

    Nought but Lies  7
    M If the PLO claimed that Jews eat Christians for Passover, would that be enough to convince you that Oslo is a sham and the PLO has no interest in peace? Suppose the PLO blamed the Jews for poisoning Arab wells and causing a deadly epidemic (moving the PLO forward into the 14th century)? Would that convince you?

    Well, the PLO IS spreading precisely that sort of medieval Anti-Semitic blood libel. It is charging that Jews are intentionally spreading AIDS among Palestinian babies. The PLO’s official representative to the UN, Nabil Ramlawi, submitted a formal complaint to the UN Commission on Human Rights, charging that Israel injected 300 Palestinian babies with HIV virus during the intifada. (Jerusalem Post April 11, 1977). M

    One Middle East “expert”, interviewed by CNN said, “America [President Clinton] should never have “allowed’ Mr. Netanyahu to continue the settlement policy and the ‘freedom’ of stalling with the withdrawals.” What arrogance! Israel is a sovereign nation with a democratically elected leader, who is not “Mr.” Netanyahu, but Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is the responsibility and duty of every head of state – including Israel’s – to safeguard the security and welfare of his citizens first.

    Beset by the liberal left from within, and by leading world powers, the Arab states and Media from without, Netanyahu has been fighting for the survival of his government since his election. Such undermining has not remained without effect on Israeli leaders, who strive to please the “omni-potent” American President, and thereby weaken the people and nation of Israel.

    Y The Israeli left blames Yigal Amir O – the late Prime Minister Yitzchaq Rabin’sassassin – for early elections, which led to Labor’s defeat. They actually consider the premiership as having been stolen from them and Netanyahu to be an illegitimate Prime Minister – so claimed by Leah Rabin – despite the fact that he received 11% more votes than did Peres, who admitted that a majority of Israelis opposed Oslo (while negotiating it).

    The recent resignations from Netanyahu’s government (e.g. David LevyP ) and threats of leaving the coalition are not indicative of Netanyahu’s failure as Prime Minister. Rather, they are attempts to ‘politically assassinate’ the Prime Minister and replace him with one who will return to the disastrous policies of the previous government, and the prospect of national suicide.

    Amir took the law into his own hands, killing Rabin. This has been condemned by everyone. This attempt to “politically” assassinate Netanyahu, however, is being initiated by people holding the most senior public offices at the highest levels of government. In other words, this is nothing less than “an attempted coup.” 8 Y

    Five times the Lord had me warn PM Netanyahu not to fear President Clinton, nor Arafat, nor President Mubarak and king Hussein, nor any man, because as long as Netanyahu would stand firm on G-d’s oath, G-d Himself would vindicate him. But should he look to men like king Saul did, instead of to the Holy One of Israel, and break the inviolable covenant by ceding yet more land, it would lead to his ruin in shame and disgrace, neither would the people mourn him.

    Thanks to the thousands of people praying for him and for Israel, PM Netanyahu seems to be heeding G-d’s words.

    By all legal standards Israel can declare the Oslo Accords no longer binding, since the PA Z   has not yet changed – and never will – the Palestinian Covenant calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. (Neither will the PA stop Hamas from committing heinous attacks; nor diminsh their police force, nor halt building their Gaza airport, nor cease smuggling weapons, etc. etc.). That Israel has not done so is due to American pressure and threats to annul foreign aid. While Egypt’s debt was revoked, and Jordan’s turned into a grant in “reward” for signing the Peace Treaty with Israel, Israel’s debt was neither cancelled nor turned into a grant in reward for signing with Egypt and Jordan. Rather, demand after demand is heaped on Israel’s government, accompanied by threats and ultimatums.

    J  9 In an effort to appease the Islamic nations of the regions, U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, gave new meaning to the term : moral equivalency. Building homes and bombing Jews are morally equal. Jews of Israel may not build homes in their capital of Jerusalem so that Arafat may claim this city for his own capital – as he has so often proclaimed: “Jerusalem is the capital ONLY of the Palestinian State, and anyone who doesn’t like it can go drink Gaza Sea water.”L

    All of this has led to a grave split within our nation and among our leaders because one group wants to bow to American demands and “please” the PA, Egyptian President Mubarak, Syrian dictator Hafez Al-Assad and Jordanian king Hussein; while the other group insists on keeping the land for reasons of both security and faith, and pleasing G-d rather than man.

    t This reminds us of the story of two Jews in front of a firing squad. When asked if they want a blindfold, one Jew says: “Go to Hell.” The other says, “What, are you crazy? Do you want to make them mad?”  t

    Thus the twain shall never meet. An intolerable atmosphere exists, splitting the Knesset, the parties and people, even family and friends.

    7 M Jer. 16:19; Quotes [edited for this newsletter] from a message of 04-12-1997, “Anti-Semitic Blood Libels from the PLO,” by Dr. Steven E. Plaut, Graduate School of Business, University of Haifa, Haifa 31905, Israel; Fax: (972) 4-824-9194; E-mail: RSEC792@UVM.HAIFA.AC.IL
    8 Y Excerpts [edited for this newsletter] from the message, Assassination of the Prime Minister, dated April 18, 1997, by David Wilder of Hebron-Past, Present and Forever, of The Jewish Community of Hebron, POB 105 Kiryat Arba, Israel 90100; Fax: (972) 2-996-5304; Tel: (972) 2-996-5333 E-mail:
    9 Quotes from the article “Morning News Watch for Jews,” by Emanuel Winston, Middle East Analyst and Commentator, made available over E-mail on 26-09-1997, by Bernard J. Shapiro, of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies ( —
    O Other web sites covering Yigal Amir and the assassination of Rabin:
    CNN –;;;
    Harry’s Black Hole; lots of info links –;
    Project Genesis – assassination of a head of state (Jewish or not) is not justifiable for any Jew, for it is an act of anarchy:;
    Gremlin Fine Arts Gallery –
    P Bio-Profile of David Levy:
    The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics is just one of the PA’s many branches, all of which feature the entire land MAP of Israel as their “Palestine” – “from the river to the sea” -, covered with the colors of their flag. They will never be satisfied with “only” the West Bank for their state. It is all of Israel or nothing, as Arafat demonstrated frequently.
      t From the same source as footnote # 8

  • Information Warfare is the War on Truth

    Page 3

    Bethelehem Ephratah, smallest among the clans of Judah ,
    from you shall come forth for Me
    One Who is to be Ruler in Israel…
    or… wait a minute… correction: among the cities of the West Bank,
    the regions of the Philistines, speak: Palestinians,
    one who is to be ruler in Palestine??? 10

    The Peace-Process ~ A Refuge of Lies 

    Let us see now if the Palestinians really want peaceful co-excistence with Israel, or if their “comprehensive peace” means the dismanteling of the Jewish State and the seizure of its land and cities, universities, industry and agriculture built up by Israel’s returned exiles.

    Early in 1997 the PLO declared the sale of land by Arabs to Jews a capital crime, for which they implemented the death penalty. Following are quotations of PLO terrorists now titled PA ministers :

    PA Justice Minister Freih Abu Middein:
    “This (sale of land) is a very dangerous act and there has been a decision to ban it by putting anyone who sells even a centimeter on swift trial and to seek the death penalty against them… These people are traitors and Israel exploits them in expanding its settlements…” (in an interview [Agence France Press, May 5, 1997]).

    PA (PLO) Mufti Ikrama Sabri:
    “Whoever is found to have sold land to Jews, his punishment is death. It is forbidden to pray for him , it is forbidden to purify his body before burial, and it is forbidden to bury him in a Muslim cemetery . We are obligated to remind the public of this religious law, so as not to allow Jews to purchase Arab land and property with dollars they receive from America in order to throw us out of this land.” (In an intervierw with an Israeli newspaper [Yediot Acharonot, May 20, 1997]).

    The Zionist entity exists on seized land. The Jews REMAIN enemies because they expropriate lands, build settlements and pay high sums to buy properties. They are the greatest enemies of us Muslims.” (In a newspaper interview [The New York Times, May 18, 1997]).

    “We (the PLO/PA) condemn this abhorrent crime and emphasize that despite all the conspiracies, Jerusalem and Palestine from the river to the sea will REMAIN ISLAMIC until judgment day…”(in his weekly sermon at Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount [Voice of Palestine, May 9, 1997]).

    PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat:
    “We are taking forceful steps against those who do this. Recently, a decision was past to punish anyone who sells land, property or homes. We are keeping track of land dealers and punishing them.” (In an interview with a Lebanese newspaper [Al-Hawadath, May 16, 1997]).

    Amin Maqbul, member of the Fatah Supreme Council, at a rally, March 30, 1997:
    “All options are open, including the armed struggle (terror) if necessary.”

    Marwan Barghouti, Fatah Secretary-General and PA Council member, March 26, 1997:
    “I don’t think that stones are violence. It is peaceful to throw stones.”

    And a list of unilateral measures taken by the Palestinian Authority in violation of the Oslo Accords is too long to enclose here. I only summarize some of them:

    The PA has doubled the number of policemen permitted: from 24,000 to over 50,000; Has over 1,500 policemen in Hebron, nearly 4 times the number permitted under the agreement, and has vastly exceeded its limits on weaponry; They fail to enforce Restrictions on Visitors’ Permits which has led to an uncontrolled influx of masses of people; Continues with unauthorized construction of Gaza strip sea port… and of Dahaniye airport (its main, albeit covert, purpose is to import weapons into the Palestinian Authority)…; Fails to coordinate movement of Palstinian police..; Detains Israeli Citizens..; Fails to notify Israel concerning Palestinian Police Recruits (at least 19 wanted terrorists are known to be serving in the Palestinian security forces or are in the process of joining its ranks)..; Circumvents mechanisms for resolution of disputes…

    So far the Palestinians have not lived up to a single agreement on their part of any of the signed accords. Yet President Clinton keeps pressuring Netanyahu. To this U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich (R.-Ga.) had the following to say :

    PA Chairman Yasser Arafat is waging an information warfare campaign against Israel, in which the American media act as the witting or unwitting ally of Arafat . The Clinton Administration does not distinguish between the aggressor and the victimO, and instead of pressuring Arafat, the White House prefers to pressure Netanyahu concerning Har Homa… (see settlements, or this or that land issue). There is extraordinary danger in treating terror and democracy equivalently,” Gingrich said. “There is extraordinary danger in placing the burden on your friends because you are scared to tell the enemy the truth.”

    American officials have even submitted reports on Israeli military preparedness to the Palestinians. American military representatives, including Maj. Dremer, the Deputy Military Attache in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, took it upon themselves to measure the size, amount, extent and capacity of Israel’s military preparedness, and transferred and even interpreted some of these reports to the PLO/PA.

    The Jewish State is stabbed in the back and betrayed to the Palestinians even by Israeli leading personalities such as Yael DayanO and General Uzi Dayan, Commander of the Central region. An IDF reserve soldier serving his reserve duty in Hebron told a Voice of Israel reporter: A situation has been created whereby soldiers have become cannon fodder. There isn’t any other word. They are not allowed any mechanism with which to react. If they react, they are liable to be put on trial… Soldiers are injured and injured, yet forbidden to react… The Commander of the Central region, Uzi Dayan, does not permit [even] plastic and rubber bullets. It has reached the point where soldiers… cursed the military commander of the Hebron region… and removed their uniforms, saying: ‘I am not willing to serve in this army.’”

    X The commerce driven West ignores [Arab] Muslim history and believes that Islamic Fundamentalists can be appeased. But, having sold the Arabs NBC – Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons – with ballistic missiles to transport them, the nations of the world will suffer for their short-sighted greed. After the Arab aggressor targets Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, the capital cities of the nations will also one day receive notification of being targeted with a nuclear “gift”.

    Shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, 4 to 6 tactical nukes went missing. On the CBS TV show ’60 Minutes’ the Russian General Alexander Lebed publicly confirmed that close to 100 miniature nuclear devices called “suitcase bombs” are unaccounted for. X

    Both observant Jews and Christian fundamentalists believe that a world conflagration is imminent because the Biblical messages from the Prophets are accurate: ‘The hordes from the North (Syria, Iran, Iraq et al) will descend upon Israel and that, when there is only a remnant left, the earth will shake with earthquakes and fire will sweep across the nations. Whole mountain ranges will sink into the earth’s mantle; tidal waves and storms of catastrophic intensity will sweep the earth.’ Killer floods, droughts, hurricanes, volcanic and plate tectonics activity, accompanied by earthquakes, are on the rise as if nature itself was going wild. Scientists may say that scientific principles, solar activity or el Ninjo are in action. But those who believe G-d’s Word conclude, that these are the forebodings of His coming wrath.11

    An overview of weaponry sales and plans to eliminate the source of Arab irritation – Israel – hints at the prophecy about Armageddon.

    X So, watch the morning news for the number of Jews killed and then turn to the weather page. The two may have much in common.  X 12

    10 Micah 5:2; Joel 3:4
    11 Ez 38:10-23; 39:1-29; Re 6:12-17; Is 66:15-16
    12 X [Edited for this newsletter] “Gore Clinches Nuclear Arms Deal with Russia”, by Colin McMahon, CHICAGO TRIBUNE 9/24/97
    O Yael Dayan was also instrumental in the rapid spread of an aggressive, even militant gay community festering inside Israel like gangrene: “By 1992 when Yitzhak Rabin’s Labor government swept out the Likud, the door opened to a dizzying rush of pro-gay developments. New Knesset member Yael Dayan, heterosexual daughter of the revered late war hero Moshe Dayan, took up the cause, engineering passage of a sweeping workplace protection law for gays and lesbians.”
    “At this time the S.P.P.R. asked the intervention of MK Yael Dayan, who asked the intervention of the deputy to the Foreign Minister, Dr. Yossi Beilin. Dr. Beilin wrote back that he sees no reason for a homosexual not to become a part of the Ministry staff. Two days later A. began his cadet course.”;; etc.etc.

  • The real Power behind Politics

    Page 4

    Yes, I know there are those who say of me, “she always talks ‘politics’. She misses the mark.” But I say, “Praise You, Lord, how awesome and mighty are Your works. What You have spoken You also bring to pass, what You have purposed will stand. Men may plan their way, but it is You Who directs their steps. It is You Who moves them, and they do not discern it. Even the wicked serve Your purpose. From the beginning You announced what would happen, and although men plot, and scheme, and plan, it is Your counsel that shall stand.” 13

    “G-d, Messiah Yeshua, the Church, and the Word of G-d are supposed to be separate from politics,” they say. What a reversal by Satan of the original idea behind ‘separation of Church and State!’. It lulls us into ignoring the national and international arena.

    But consider: when Moses and Aaron requested the release of the Hebrews, Pharao unilaterally refused. However, G-d “excerted pressure” through His envoys Moses and Aaron until Pharao – who proposed several options – bowed to the almighty hand of G-d. That was POLITICS ! Likewise pressure is being applied to Saddam, although the UN sanctions and threats of military action seem not to carry the same persuasive power as G-d’s ultimatums did.

    When king Saul sought to assassinate David, men with expertise in fighting sided with David in his cause. Again, that was politics! And so was the decision of the leaders of Israel to make David “head of state” over all the tribes, after he already had reigned over Judah for seven years from Hebron. Since PM Benjamin Netanyahu took power, his own countrymen have tried to politically assassinate him (the American Administration and of course the PA have shamelessly sought to exploit this. In fact, Netanyahu’s adversaries go so far as to plot his downfall with Israel’s enemies). But today, Israel’s valiant men, who support keeping all of the Land of Israel, are slandered by Israel’s Left and the world media alike as “dangerous right-wing extremists.” Not even David, in his worst days, was as alone as PM Benjamin Netanyahu today.

    Even the arrest, trial and crucifixion of our Lord Yeshua was politics. Both parties, namely Israel’s religious leaders and Rome’s governmental authorities over Judea, weighed the pros and cons of condemning Yeshua. They schemed and plotted the Lord’s undoing as true politicians, and Pilate’s verdict was motivated by personal, political ambitions.

    Man cannot see spiritual principalities, nor angelic beings behind various leaders (although the words of the angel Gabriel should open our eyes to this factor 14) and their plotting, scheming and decision makings. Nor can we see G-d. However, the Word declares that it is He who exalts one man to leadership while He brings down another 15.

    What we see and hear on TV and radio, and what we read in the newspapers is about politics. Yet G-d Himself may have had a hand in this, as well as spiritual entities in plotting to create circumstances. Take the present Iraqi/UN case: it looks like pure politics, doesn’t it? Yet the Lord had said to me (with the war of Ezekiel 39 in view), “Watch this! It won’t go away.” For a while it looked like I might have heard wrong. Nevertheless, the Lord says to this specific enemy: “I am against you… I will turn you around and drive you forward… and bring you up… and lead you against” (vs. 2).

    Indeed, the Iraqi political problem has not gone away. On the contrary – Iraq is mobilizing forces for war against America – by striking at Israel. We see on TV envoys, and UN inspectors, and foreign ministers and President Clinton and Saddam Hussein and Madeleine Albright and Yasser Arafat and Hanan Ashrawi and… and…and

    But G-d said:I have spoken… I will bring it to pass.”

    13 Isa. 14:24, 27; Pr 16:9, 4; 20:24; Isa. 46:10-11
    14 Daniel 10:20; 11:1; 12:1 15 Daniel 2:21

  • President Clinton, the Holy Land and Noah’s Days

    Page 5

    As We Deal out so shall it be Dealt back to Us
    The world’s broadcasting stations buzz with the allegations against President Clinton of yet another extra-marital affair. Tapes of secretly recorded confessions, videos with the young lady at his side and other material shall indite him. Would the most powerful man on earth risk his position and career for just any adoring young girl? Whatever President Clinton’s morals may be, he is not stupid. However — his Administration has supported liars who seek to dismantle the Jewish State.

    Clinton knows that the PA has not fulfilled a single clause of the Oslo Accords. Yet Clinton wants to see a two-digit withdrawal by Israel from the covenanted land, based on the lying claims by men of lawlessness. Therefore lies may sweep away his presidency and put an end to his administration.

    This is what the Lord prompted me to write to PM Netanyahu and President Clinton: “How does a mere mortal human being presume to disregard the OATH of the Almighty and Eternal G-d and think he will not suffer serious consequences from it? If a mere man makes an oath and then breaks it, G-d requires it of him. Will G-d then allow any man, whether Prime Minister of Israel or President of the U.S.A., to break the Covenant He swore by His own Name? Is the Almighty subject to the decisions of mere mortals? Is He powerless to keep the oath He made? Does He dispise His own Name by which He swore? Hence, will He hold guiltless those who violate His oath?!

    PLEASE, dear Prime Minister/President, check again Genesis 15:17-20; 22:16-17; 24:7; and 26:3. It is this oath against which Menachem Begin signed the Camp David Accords, and Yitzchaq Shamir went to Madrid, and Yitzchaq Rabin utterly violated, which caused their demise and Rabin’s death. And you would be no exception, Sir. I already warned you four times what the outcome for you would be, if you continue with this cursed “Land for Peace” Process.”

    Hence I believe that what we are witnessing here is reciprocity — lies for lies! — acceptance of the “gossip” allegations in support of Clinton’s ruin, for his acceptance of lies in support of the establishment of a Palestinian State upon the ruins of the Jewish State 16.

    Noah’s Days Are Upon Us 
    When in the late 70’s I delivered G-d’s warning about the coming computerized android, who would speak with a human voice and contain the records of all who will belong to the coming one world eco-system and government, as well as all who refuse to join 17, neither I nor the message was taken serious by the churches. Where was the proof? My realistic approach and their religious ideology did not meet.

    Nonetheless, for a computer to speak with a human voice, to sing and laugh, is commonplace today. But in 1979 only the professionally involved knew the computerized android was no outlandish science fiction — and those who had heard from the Lord.

    But the thing for which I was outright rejected was the message on “Noah’s Days”, the Cloning of Humans. In shocked disbelief the message was discarded as “wild halluzination”.

    Well, now the cat is out of the bag, and the pros and cons of human cloning are on the emergency list of parliaments world-wide. The “wild halluzinations” are proving true, after all.

    Those of you who purchased my book, “The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d,” have hopefully read the chapter on “Noah’s Days”. Since then the matter of human cloning has made giant leaps forward. Surely all of you have heard on the news about Dr. Seeds (indeed, what a most suggestive name to have), who swore that neither concerned collegues nor governmental “vetos” nor congressional legislature would keep him from proceeding with cloning humans.
    16 Latest developments show Proverbs 24:17-18 having come into play: the uninhibited delight and sneering of many at Clinton’s embroilment in this scandal, and their hypocrisy is sure to have displeased the Lord. This may explain Clinton’s all-time high popularity.
    17 Revelation 13:14-17

  • Cloning of Human Embryos

    Page 6
    The Cloning of Human Embryos

    In view of such intentions the words of Yeshua, given 2,000 years ago, are most alarming:

    Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing infants in THOSE DAYS!... For at that time there will be great suffering, such as has not been from the BEGINNING of the world until now, no, and never will be again…For as the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” 18

    And the angel Gabriel warned: “…There shall be a time of anguish, such as has never occurred SINCE nations FIRST came into existence…” 19

    Beware — Noah’s days have again dawned upon the earth! 20                  


    To produce babies whose vital organs can be used to save the lives of others???!!!

    If Christians and Jews will be declared a “sub-human” race – as the Nazis did with the Jews – then evil men will use such women to “produce” organ donating babies. It was already attempted in Hitler’s days.

    These warnings tell us that the Nazi Concentration camps might pale next to those days of suffering. Those days will even surpass Noah’s days. All the evils committed under heaven since the beginning of creation will pale in comparison. Are we, the Body of Messiah, steeled for such days?

    Have we so firmly girded up and garrisoned about our mind with the Word of G-d that we cannot be shaken? Can our loved ones become our fall because we cannot bear to witness their suffering?

    Let these pictures speak for themselves. Then come to realize that the only solid Rock on which to stand in this tossing sea of great evil is Messiah alone. If we are not firmly ankered in Him, the coming days of distress could sweep us away.

    18 Matthew 24:19, 21, 37-39; Mark 13:17, 19; Luke 21:23; 17:26-27
    19 Daniel 12:1 20 Matthew 24:37-39; Luke 17:26-27
    The pictures were scanned from the TIME International Magazine, Vol. 142, No. 19, November 8, 1993, No. 45; cover-page; pp. 63, 66 and 67

  • The Genome Project

    Page 7

    The Genome project can reach its goal in 15 years. The achievement of that goal would launch a new era in medicine. James Wyngaarden, director of the NIH (National Institute of Health), which will oversee the project, predicts that it will make “major contributions to understanding growth, development and human health, and open new avenues for therapy.”

    Full translation of the genetic message would enable medical researchers to identify the causes of thousands of still mysterious inherited disorders, both physical and bahavioral.

    With this insight, scientists could more accurately predict an individual’s vulnerability to such obviously genetic diseases as cystic fibrosis and could eventually develop new drugs to treat or even prevent them. The same would be true for more common disorders like heart disease and cancer, which at the very least have large genetic components. Better knowledge of the genome could speed development of gene therapy — the actual alteration of instructions in the human genome to eliminate genetic deffects.

    The NIH and the Food and Drug Administration have already taken a dramatic step toward gene therapy. In January (of 1993) they gave approval to Dr. W. French Anderson and to Dr. Steven Rosenberg, both at the NIH, to transplant a bacterial gene into cancer patients. While this gene is intended only to make it easier for doctors to monitor an experimental cancer treatment and will not benefit the patients, its successful implantation should help pave the way for actual gene therapy. 


    The very thought of being able to read the entire genetic message, and perhaps alter it, is alarming to those who fear the knowledge could create many moral and ehtical problems.

    Indeed — “the very thought of being able to read the entire genetic message, and perhaps alter it, is ALARMING...!” 21

    Had the Nazis had this knowledge already back then, we might have a glimpse of the horror that is to come. Medical researchers speak only of the benefits of their efforts forgetting, that evil dwells right next to good. In this world there always have lived and will live evil men of corrupted minds and morals.

    If man learns to alter the human genome, and to mass produce clones of whatever traits they desire, then producing colonies of slaves, and women and children for sexual pleasure and abuse, is only one of the horrors which doubtlessly would be created by bottomless evil men.

    The human mind lacks the omni-science of an omni-potent Creator, and thus the personal preferences and ideals realized through cloning and gene-therapy would create a catastrophical imbalance in the human race.

    The abuse of this knowledge led to such profound depths of evil in Noah’s days that it still casts its shadows even into our days, through the tales of mythology: Their knowledge and technology, how to line up – like beads on a string – chromosomes “sympatico” with one another and alter genetic instructions, produced monstrosities which were a combination of several different creatures, such as inhabit all the tales about the pagan “gods” : part human, part animal, part bird. Their ideas and “imaginations” were only evil continually, wherefore G-d saw Himself forced to “blot out every living thing in whom was the breath of life, that was on the face of the ground: human beings, animals, creeping things, and birds of the air.” Genesis 6:5, 11-12, 17; 7:19-23.

    G-d’s law of creation is : each according to its own kind, whether human, plant, animal, bird, fish, insects. Noah’s generation crossed over these boundaries and violated the laws upon which G-d established the earth and all its hosts. Casting off the boundaries of G-d’s laws, statutes and precepts resulted moreover in unrestrained violence which apparently spread over the whole globe (see Genesis 6:11, 13) such as we see once again taking place in our days. Therefore G-d blotted ALL of that evil generation out, them and the monstrosities of genetic engineering they had created, in whom also was the breath of life. The only people who had no partnership in either violence nor “playing god” were Noah and his family! They escaped, but not by any “magic” popping out of heaven! It took 120 years hard work, unwavering faith and tireless efforts of warning men of the coming flood. But men who play “god” do not fear the Living G-d. They exalted themselves against Him on account of their knowledge, a rebellion that inevitably leads to gross violence. Then G-d destroyed both them and their knowledge with the waters of a global flood and buried them deep into the earth.

    Yeshua and the angel Gabriel warned that there would come a time even more evil than the days of Noah!

    We are standing on the threshold to this time! The judgment for it is already declared in Isaiah 24. 

    But “violence”, “lawlessness” and “terror” are already very present factors of today’s societies. Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear and see pictures of such violence either on the news or in films. In fact, violence and lawlessness has become the standard theme of most TV pictures. Even the “kiddi-shows” abound with violence in which animated creatures heap atrocities of murderous violence upon one another. Since the animations never die from all this shooting, axing, bombing, and maiming, the children are raised to believe that this is only roughhousing with no fatal consequences. Violence is the daily “diet” of our days.

    The Hebrew word for “violence” in Genesis 6:11, 13, “… the earth was filled with violence…” is HAMAS! In Psalm 74:20 we read: “Have regard for the Covenant; for the dark places of the land [of Israel] are FULL OF THE HABITATIONS OF HAMAS (violence).” The word for the “violence” which shall “no more be heard in our land, wasting nor destruction within our borders…” a also is HAMAS. And one of the reasons for which G-d will judge Israel’s neighbors such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, is stated in Joel 3:19: “Egypt shall become a desolation and Edom a desolate wilderness, because of the violence ~hamas done to the people of Judah (Jews), in whose land they have shed innocent blood.”

    “Hamas” = violence; cruelty, injustice, oppressor; take away violently, wrong, imagine wrongfully, violent wrongful dealing, damage.

    Hamas is the name of the Islamic terrorist group, headquarterd in Gaza, terrorizing and murdering defenseless Jewish men, women and children within Israel’s borders and cities. Since the PLO may no longer carry out such activities openly in order to deceive the world into believing that they have indeed “changed their spots,” Hamas is now carrying out these acts of violence instead. Of this “hamas” G-d said to Noah: “I have determined to make an end of all flesh, for the earth is filled with hamas~violence.

    The god of the Hamas terror organization and the G-d of the Jews is NOT the same. Because the Holy One of Israel says, “The L-RD tests the righteous and the wicked, and His soul HATES him that loves violence~hamas b; and, “Thou destroyest those who speak LIES; the L-RD ABHORS bloodthirsty and deceitful men” .

    The Islamic terrorist groups (by the deceitful Media called “militants”, “guerillas”, or “freedom fighters”) commit their bloody atrocities in the name of their god, Allah, their battle cry being, “Allah akbar ~ Allah is great”. They claim to worship and serve the god of Abraham, the same claim Christianity makes, whose history of crusades, inquisition, pogroms and genocides is even bloodier than the recent history of Islam c.


    One of the reasons why G-d destroyed Noah’s generation of man was their violence~hamas; and this same violence~hamas is again one of the reasons for which G-d will bring judgment upon Israel’s neighbors and the nations of the world who, passively or actively, condoned and even supported this violence~hamas.

    Behold, the earth is once again filled with violence ~hamas! 

    21 The pictures were scanned from the TIME International Magazine, Vol. 142, No. 19, November 8, 1993, No. 45; cover-page; pp. 63, 66 and 67
    The photos of two virulent Israel-hating Hamas leaders, Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Abu Nizar, have been copied from the Arabic Hamas homepage.
    a Isaiah 60:18 b Psalm 11:5; 5:6 c see news 30:2, footnote 5

  • The Cloning of Saddam Hussein

    Page 8

    In the environmental and agricultural field, companies such as Monsanto of St. Louis in Missouri are developing genetically engineered crop plants that are hardy to insects, fungi and other pests. Some firms, such as Mycogen of San Diego in California, have won approval from regulatory authorities to sell genetically engineered biopesticides. But environmental pressure groups such as Greenpeace and the Genetics Forum in Europe question the safety of releasing genetically altered organisms 22

    The following excerpts from an article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph, and from the CNN Message Board on Human Cloning, will bring the chilling facts of prophetic fulfillment even more into focus:

    Iraqi scientists have been given the mother of all biological challenges – to clone their leader, Saddam Hussein.

    ♦A prominent Iraqi doctor, who has just arrived in Britain from Baghdad, told The Telegraph last week that the dictator is fascinated by new discoveries in genetic research. The doctor, who would not be identified, reports that Saddam has set up a CLONING LABORATORY in Baghdad , the Iraqi capital.

    After studying reports in British newspapers about the successful cloning of “Dolly”, the sheep produced earlier this year in a Scottish laboratory, Roslin Institute, the Iraqi leader summoned his scientists and questioned them closely about the possibility of cloning humans.

    Saddam has also been encouraged by reports that Western scientists had the technology to create human clones within two years. The procedure is said to be straightforward. Doctors in Belgium claim that they cloned a twin boy, four years ago, “by accident”.

    u  In September 1987 the First International Babylon Festival, under the patronage of Saddam Hussein, was held in the newly revived city of Babylon, the restoration of which began in 1978. For this event Saddam Hussein had a special seal minted which featured his portrait side by side with the great Nebuchadnezzar of Daniel’s days, stressing the similarity of their appearance. The festival’s official theme was: “From Nebuchadnezzar to Saddam Hussein, Babylon undergoes a renaissance.”

    Saddam Hussein sees himself as the incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar, as the successor of the ancient world leader to rule again a mighty empire from Babylon. That empire comprised the modern nations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Kuwait. In August of 1990 Saddam Hussein attempted to reclaim a portion of that empire when he invaded Kuwait. The invasion was stopped — BUT NOT Saddam Hussein! Why?! The man who has no misgivings to execute anyone who even only remotely opposes him, and who has been known to arrest and imprison people for not paying homage to his image displayed throughout the country of Iraq, was NOT overthrown when the American general Schwarzkopf was poised to sack Baghdad. Has Saddam an evil mission — that of Revelation 13? u  24

    Saddam, who turned 60 on April 30, 1997, has become obsessed with his own mortality. The possibility of making a team of identical dictators to continue his legacy is clearly too hard to resist. News of Saddam’s interest in producing clones of himself will undoubtedly reinforce the international clamor for experimentation with human cloning to be banned. Experts have already argued that the technology could be dangerous in the hands of “unscrupulous scientists.”

    That certainly applies to the Iraqi experiment. Saddam’s only recorded achievements in the world of science to date have been his ongoing interest in nuclear engineering and germ warfare.

    Iraq is said to have enough biological weapons to kill the world’s population several times over…

    …Dr Al-Rubeai, an Iraqi scientist and reader in bio-technology at Birmingham University, said that Saddam would find the idea of cloning intriguing. “He considers himself the father of science in Iraq and is interested in any technology if it could help him or his regime to survive. It would be in Saddam’s interests to explore this technology. If it is not too costly and does not need sophisticated equipment, it would be tempting for him to try.”

    But however much Saddam may need clones to prop up his regime, few experts believe his research will lead anywhere.

    My Note: There the “experts” may be wrong!

    Professor Robert Winston, Britain’s leading expert on fertility, said the project would also be difficult for practical reasons. “You have to examine the logistics,” he said. “Given the failure rate in previous published cloning experiments, Iraqi scientists would have to transfer genes to the uteruses of 40,000 primed women to produce one hundred Saddams, then they would have to wait 30 years before they look much like Saddam 25. z

    22 Articles on 50 years of the Double Helix: Nature; Brave new era of transgenic plants and animals; by Andy Coghlan, on pp. 29 of the New Scientist Magazine, Vol. 138, No. 1870, of April 24, 1993; more web sites and views on genetically altered organisms: THE GREENS; Dr. Joseph Mercola; Health Risks.
    23 Presented by The Jewish Community of Hebron POB 105 Kiryat Arba, Israel 90100, April 29, 1997; Tel:972-9965333 Fax:972-2-9965304;
    24 u Excerpt from my book, The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d, pp. 150
    25 z SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (London) 4/27 C|H

  • Babylon Past and Present

    page 9

    26 .
    In light of the preceding pages, Revelation 13:3 and Zechariah 5:5-11 take on a whole new meaning, making these prophecies come chillingly alive with images we can see daily on Television. Is the cruel, bloody slaughter of over 1,000 defenseless men, women and children by Algerian Islamic fanatics since the beginning of the Islamic fast and prayer month of Ramadan evil beyond measure? Are last year’s mass butcheries of theTutus comprehensible? Are not these terrifying signals of what is to come?

    u Babylon is “the house of wickedness” : for the prophet Zechariah predicted long ago the rebuilding of the ancient city in the land of SHINAR – which is modern Iraq! When transgression (represented as a woman) shall have reached its full measure of wickedness 27 G-d will return her in her “measure” (“ephah”; represented as a basket) from whence she originated and destroy her with a destruction in accordance with her measure of evil.

    In the place where Nimrod built his kingdom and the ziggurat (tower of Babel) arises again the ancient city which embodies the rebellion against G-d. It was there where Nimrod’s wife Semiramis [who caused her husband’s horrific death of being torn limb from limb] declared Nimrod risen from the dead as a god (“Marduk”, see also Wikipedia), and of her son she became as the goddess “Ishtar” both “mother” and consort of the dead and risen “god” (“Tammuz”), to keep Nimrod’s kingdom from desintegrating. It was there that she established the worship of the moon-god of Mesopotamia, from which allegedly Islam’s symbol of the quarter moon originates and the name of its god, “Allah”. u

    NOTE: It is impossible to register here all the research material at large about the origin of the worship of a moon god in Mesopotamia whose name allegedly was “Allah”, the quarter moon his symbol, and whose center of worship allegedly was ancient Haran, the same place where Terah, Abraham’s father, decided to stop over when he came from Ur of Chaldea. Apparently Terah liked it in Haran and remained there until his death. However, the ample research material shows that the name “Allah” was pinned to a pagan god long before Muhammed established the religion of Islam. The Name of the G-d of Abraham has never been “Allah”, in any language of these parts of the world.

    Three factors take these ancient prophecies out of their encasement in “religion” and “symbolism”:

    1. The technology of human cloning is a present-day fact and no longer some mere “mad”

    2. A (“mad”) scientist by the name of Dr. Seed is determined against all opposition to continue
    his experiments in human cloning until he succeeds in doing so.

    3. Saddam Hussein has set his evil heart on human cloning. If he died and an identical clone of
    him would step in his place, it would be a sort of counterfeit “resurrection” of the dead


    Rational deduction:

    The worldwide condemnation of Dr. Seed’s “efforts” will drive him to search for a place and support where he may pursue his insane experiments, the ultimate violation of G-d’s moral and natural laws, the apex of rebellion against the Almighty Creator. Saddam Hussein will be on the look-out for just such a scientist. Surely the “plight” of Dr. Seed has not escaped Saddam’s attention. He will gladly provide the doctor with all he needs – equipment, finances, or human guinea pigs. The day may dawn when “farming” of human clones in the wombs of Jewish and Christian women, declared subhuman, will be carried out in “Babylon”, the mother of all the abominations in the earth.

    The standard theme of James Bond fighting a madman wanting to rule the whole earth, or an insane scientist playing god, becomes nightmarish reality under our very eyes.

     u The legends concerning Nimrod and Semiramis, their various names, deeds and fates, are too numerous to list here. Mythology always has one kernel of truth, the rest is tale. And tales change and vary from country to country and from age to age. The above version is the most told.
    26 Revelation 17:8
    27 See Genesis 15:16, and Daniel 8:23: G-d does not pass judgment and send punishment before the time, but gives every nation and individual ample time to turn from their wicked ways and live. Hence He waits patiently until, because of the total lack of repentance, “transgressions have reached their full measure,” and “iniquity is complete.” Only then does He send judgment, punishment and destruction. It is a principle to which the Scriptures bear witness, and according to which G-d acts again in these times of the end.

  • Wisdom without Knowledge is Opinion

    Page 10

    Public Opinion 28
    CNN offers Message Boards for public discussion of a multitude of subjects, including the Middle East “Peace-Process” and Israel. Many of the views will send chills of icecold horror down your spine 29.

    c. dat: In all the furor over producing hordes of Cindy Crawford sex slaves or Hitler tyrants, people are forgetting that you need a womb! You can’t just roll the embryos out on a cookie sheet, Pillsbury style, and pop them in an oven for 30 minutes.

    Tom Yardly: Your mentioning of the selling babies or their organs is one of the things I’ve mentioned long ago on this board. With cloning people, what’s to stop somebody from creating their own little Organ Farming operation? I accept that the technology is here to stay. I just think that some care and caution needs to be taken as we move forward in this area… I don’t think that Dr.Seeds should be the one doing this… He says that he’ll go to another country. His process needs to be examined… At least to determine if what he’s planning is even safe.

    My note: Never mind that this is the ultimate challenge to G-d, the messing around with the perfect balance of G-d’s creation, interfering on the presumption that man knows as much as G-d. It is the absolute height of human arrogance. Consider again Isaiah 24 in view of this wicked pursuit and that of the “Land for peace” evil peace process.

    C.Dat… Thats the whole problem with this issue. If Seeds doesn’t get his money here, he could go to a South American country, set up his little operation with lesser funding, cheaper equipment and should something happen, be responsible to nobody….. its going to happen, Cloning, there will be no stopping it. But we can at least make the attempt to keep it under control so that it won’t be abused or misused… Cloning technology can be used in other areas without having to clone humans. Organs, tissues, things of that nature…

    tanstaafl mvs – 09:22pm Jan 20, 1998 ET (#2506 of 2516): As far as I know… there are already medical labs where the cloning of skin is being advanced, and at the time of the show (“60 Minutes”) they were already producing skin for burn victims. These same labs have also been looking into the cloning of human organs, so I doubt that you will have to kill your clone in order to get any of his/her organs because we will already have a system where organs can be manufactured.…However, even if we are able to clone organs without fully cloning humans, as we are able to do with skin, I still don’t see where the FDA gets off making federal regulations and banning human clone research.

    Forward with science! I would hate to see religion and shortsighted sceptics stand in the way of progress… where would we be today if Galileo had been stopped by the church?

    My Note: Oy vay! The very words I predicted which would be used against all who will stand faithfully on G-d’s Word and resist and oppose such evil schemes. And how can one possibly compare Galileo’s discovery of the earth being round and circling the sun with human cloning? No connection! One was a pure discovery, the other is an interference in G-d’s creation, meddling with laws of nature with far reaching, unforseeable consequences, breaking the last taboo in rebellion against G-d.

    Benjamin Baker – 12:23pm Jan 20, 1998 ET (#2490 of 2516): I don’t believe cost is going to stop illegal cloning, it may even make it easier. There are plenty of people out there with more money than they have time left to count. What’s a few hundred million to clone up a deceased loved one, or youself? Unrestricted cloning could bring up all sorts of property issues. If, for instance, Bill Gates decides that he wants to live forever, he COULD raise himself up from birth and leave everything to himself. Of course, this wouldn’t be the original BG in every respect, but it could be close enough to be interesting, and scarey. This may seem a bit far fetched, but wait a few years… 30

    But we are waiting for the Return of our Savior, 
    Lord and King, Yeshua HaMashiach, 
    Who will put an end to all wickedness
    when He establishes the Kingdom of G-d in all the earth, 

    and will rule the nations from Jerusalem. 
    He is our Hope and Peace, 
    and our strong fortress in times of troubles.

    Yours in Him,

    28^365771@.ee829c1/11#top^365359@.ee829c1/2860; both links no longer serve as free message boards. Sorry!
    29 The URL no longer exists nor the “Message Boards”. Sorry!
    30 All emphasis in bold, underlined and italic format was added by me for this newsletter.