Newsletter Vol. 37

  • Kingdom News versus Wolrd News | VOL. 37 * NEWSLETTER * JUL./AUG. 1999 |


    Dear OR TZION family,

    “Shalom shalom” from Israel in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach. This letter follows the March/April volume #36. Throughout May and June I was visiting with family in Germany and Texas, and serving the Lord in various towns of the United States. During the month of July the two older of our four grandchildren were visiting with us in Israel. Hence from May through July I had no opportunity to write a newsletter. This volume is the first one since my return to Israel.

    Regardless of what station or language, the world news are so hopeless it is deeply depressing. We must continually remind ourselves that we are not citizens of this world, that we merely live in it while not being partakers of its downward spiral. We must keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on Kingdom News, because it is, indeed, good News. I am referring to what our Heavenly Father has purposed to do before the great and terrible Day of the L-RD comes. He has prepared works so great for those who are willing and ready to obey His voice it defies imagination. The works He has prepared from the foundation of the world are indeed marvelous and exceedingly great!!!1

    Let me share with you what I have heard and seen while ministering in the United States.

    Twenty years ago the Lord spoke to me about His minstrels who shall herald ahead His Return, just as the musicians preceded the Ark of the Covenant when David brought it into Jerusalem with the help of the Levitical priests’ ministry2. The Lord was teaching me on the order of things in the Body of Messiah preceding His Return.

    What, and who, exactly, are minstrels? They are: 1) highly skilled and gifted singers and musicians on various instruments; 2) members of God’s holy, and most holy priesthood; 3) who sing and play with great anointing. Just as the Levites, who carried and ministered before the Ark had to first sanctify themselves3, so also shall these ministers of G-d “sanctify” themselves in Messiah for their service.

    Minstrels prophesy in song and on their instruments4, as Psalmists. For example, when the prophet Elisha’s spirit was troubled because of his anger against Jehoram, the wicked king of Israel, he called for a minstrel to play before him. The anointed music quieted Elisha’s spirit and enabled him to hear G-d’s voice and prophesy5.

    Another better known instance of the power and effect of the minstrel’s playing and the psalmist’s singing is David’s ministering to King Saul whenever Saul was tormented by an evil spirit: David played on the lyre, and the evil spirit would depart from Saul6.

    Isaiah, son of Amoz, was a prophet who saw the Word of G-d (see Is 2:1), while there are others who only hear G-d’s messages. My prophetic ministry also flows mainly through the eye-gate – like Isaiah’s – rather than through the ear-gate.

    Nevertheless I did not fully understand the minstrels’ prophesying — until I got to see what one of them was prophesying on her instrument!

    2 1 Chr. 15; at temple processions the singers went up front and the musicans at the end (see Ps 68:24-25)
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  • Psalming in Spiritual Warfare

    page 2

    About a year ago I came in contact with a minstrel & psalmist, Shira Mayim, who invited me and provided for my flight to where she lives with her husband and children.

    On the third day of my visit, I was praying in one of the rooms while she played the keyboard in the living room. The Lord prompted me to read in Zechariah 14, and as I read verse 8, I suddenly SAW what her music was prophesying:

     1 . I saw a stream of living water pouring forth from under the throne of G-d (this was not the water on earth as in verse 8), the one that flows (in the third heaven) where G-d is seated7.
    2. Next, the music and singing of Shira echoed – like in stereo – the music and singing of the angelic hosts and saints gathered before the throne. They were in absolute harmony and unity. Their music and voices were ONE.
    3. Next, in the vision of Shira’s music I “traveled” to Paradise8, where I saw and heard the saints praising and worshipping G-d and the Lamb.
    4. From there her music descended to earth and I saw the Church praising G-d, singing with Shira., “Glory to the Lamb.”
    5. And as the Holy Spirit was about to rise on the praises of the Church to pierce through the first heaven (of which Satan is the Prince of the Air), to scatter demons and make a path (for this I knew to be next by the Spirit), Shira’s son made noise in the kitchen, so both music and vision ceased.

    Later in that day, when all was quiet, Shira felt stirred once more to play and sing. She plays skillfully and sings beautifully. The Lord opened my eyes again to see what He inspired her to prophesy on the keyboard and in song:

    1. I saw the waters above the earth9. The water was crystal clear and as smooth as a mirror O . As Shira’s music rose, the waters above the earth began stirring, first gently, then ever stronger.
    2. Suddenly a large, brilliant bright ray of glory, like a round shaft, shot forth from the waters straight into that “sea of glass” before the throne10.
    3. Immediately water began to drip, then drizzle from that “sea of glass” until rain poured on the earth on a desert land. Just then I heard – in the natural – Shira singing Psalm 63:1-2, “My soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You; in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water…” (NKJV) Simultaneously I received the Word in Isaiah 45:8: “Rain down, you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness; let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together. I, the L-RD, have created it.” (NKJV)
    4. As I looked, I saw springs breaking forth in the desert as a result of the rain coming down from the heavenly “sea of glass”. The springs in turn created channels of water that flowed into the desert.
    5. Greenery began to spread out from both sides of the water channels.
    6. The greenery covered the entire desert. I anticipated the greenery to turn into lovely meadows with beautiful flowers. Instead, tiny tree plantlings sprang up all over.
    7. The plantlings grew very rapidly into tall, strong oaks. This astounded me since oaks take a long time to grow to maturity.
    8. These “oaks” began to raise arms and clap hands and praise G-d, just as is written of “the trees of the field” in Isaiah 55:11. I understood that these “oaks” represented the trees [oaks] of righteousness, the planting of the L-RD, that He may be glorified”11.
    9. Suddenly, the oaks gathered together into one assembly. Instantly the “oaks” metamorphosed into men clothed with brightly shining armor. Immediately a tight, closely-knit army emerged, standing in perfectly straight rows, with no gaps or stragglers.
    10. This army of men ascended as on a road to an invisible highway above the earth, and assembled behind the Lord Yeshua Who was awaiting them.
    11. Together with the Lord the whole army returned to earth… (a telephone disturbance caused me to miss some of what came next).
    12. What I saw in conclusion were crowns and a golden glow everywhere.

    7 2 Corinthians 12:2; Revelation 22:1 10 Revelation 4:6; 15:2
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    9 Genesis 1:6-7 O resembling water when viewed from beneath the surface

  • Prophetic Teams

    page 3


    I was amazed! For the first time I heard, saw AND understood the ministry of minstrels! Shira marveled at the clarity and meaning of the vision!

    We were excited! We realized that this type of prophetic ministry was team work! It required seeing the prophesy, and hearing the Lord’s instructions, for the minstrel’s ministry to be fully effective.

    I remembered then the pattern given in 1 Chronicles, chapters 6, 15, 16 and 25 — a divinely organized team 12 of Levitical and high priestly minstrels numbering 4,000 13 (120 were trumpeters of the high priestly order [most holy] 14) , and 288 Levitical leaders with prophetic anointing. They sang and played, saw and spoke in perfect unity effecting a release of G-d’s power at times so great they could not remain standing15!

    Often I had asked the Lord, when considering the sorry state of the Church (at least as far as I knew it in the Western hemisphere): “Lord, how are you going to harvest the earth by a Church so poor in love and so limited in power? There are now almost 6 billion on earth, and we’ve barely made a dent?! You commissioned us to go with the Gospel to every people, nation, tribe and tongue. But how shall we, so weak in love, faith and power, and so divided, overcome all those forces opposing us?”

    My undying faith in G-d’s power and faithfulness is firm — it was the condition of the Church that troubled me. Until that day in Shira’s house it seemed impossible! At once, the Lord opened my understanding to the purpose and ministry of His end time minstrels: THEY WILL PREPARE THE EARTH FOR THE GREAT HARVEST!

    Their prophesying will bring down demonic strongholds which are trapping great masses of people. Set free from such entrapment (of which they are unaware!) souls will be able to hear the Gospel, and believe and receive it. The grip of principalities and powers which exercise evil control over cities, governments and countries, will be severed, while other demonic powers which effectively influence people of every religious persuasion, churches, cults, racist groups, etc., will scatter.

    I clearly see it — how by the music and singing, the seeing and prophesying, the Lord will scatter demonic powers, break down strongholds, and make a way for the masses of people to be reached with the Gospel. In fact, the ingathering of vast multitudes into the Kingdom of G-d in these end times is impossible without the prophetic minstrels’ ministry! Through the prophetic minstrels’ ministry G-d will set the captives free! Hallelujah!

    Then G-d’s “fishers of men” will haul in large catches, for hearts will no longer be bound by unbelief but free to receive the Good News of the Kingdom.

    A floodgate of visions and understanding opened for me! I saw the minstrels according to the divisions in I and II Chronicles: there are the trumpets, horns, saxophones, lutes, flutes, pipes and recorders 16, and a special one of the shofars. Other divisions are the drums, cymbals and tambourines; stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, harps, cellos; and of course pianos and keyboards. The singers are led by prophetic Psalmists.

    Most effective in spiritual warfare, scattering demonic powers, are the trumpets, shofars and drums!

    12 2 Chr. 29:25 15 2 Chr. 5:11-14
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  • Weapons of Spiritual Warfare

    page 4

    The Trumpets
    In the O.T. days the [silver] trumpet was used to 1) assemble the entire congregation to hear and receive instruction from the L-RD; 2) assemble all the congregational leaders before the Lord; 3) assemble all the men of war, and remind the Lord to save them from their enemies; 4) sound the alarm for the congregation to break up camp according to their divisions; 5) sound on the days of rejoicing, appointed festivals, and on the New Moon {which proclaims the resurrection of Yeshua from the dead], and over certain sacrifices17.

    The Shofar
    The shofar – a ram’s horn – represents: 1) judgment; 2) repentance; 3) redemption; 4) forgiveness; 5) liberty to the captives; and 6) restoration of the inheritance. Because G-d had judged Abraham as faithful and redeemed Isaac from death with a ram caught in a thicket, the shofar is blown instead of the silver trumpet as commanded: a) in the year of jubilee [a year of redemption, of liberty for the captives and restoration of inheritance]; b) on the Feast of Trumpets [Rosh Hashanah, the time of “last chance” for repentance, of making amends, of getting right with G-d and man]; c) the Day of Atonement [a day of sealing judgment for forgiveness and blessings, or for condemnation, punishment and curses]18.

    The blowing of these instruments demands the proper timing and direction of skilled musicians who understand19 their meaning, purpose and power.

    The Drums
    The drums [and cymbals] are instruments for 1) warfare; and 2) dancing and rejoicing. Anointed drumming in perfect unison and according to precise timing with the trumpets, horns and shofars – while seers prophesy and intercessors decree, declare, intercede and pray – is so powerful in scattering Satan’s forces we cannot even imagine it!!! These sounds will pierce through the armies of hell, while the prophetic wordand intercession send them into disarray and confusion, scattering them. The prophetic praise will release G-d’s perfect will on earth, and there will be no halting of the forward march of the Gospel.

    Truly, the Kingdom News IS glorious!!!


    17 Numbers 10:1-10 18 1 Chronicles 15:22
    19 Leviticus 23:24; Numbers 29:1

  • Salvation is Coming to Zion!

    page 5

    The vision of heavenly waters bringing forth “oaks of righteousness” from a barren desert refers, I believe, to the Jewish people, and in particular to the Israelis. Preparations are underway in the land to receive, instruct and train up newly born-again Jewish believer in Kingdom laws and principles. They will need to learn quickly, just as these oaks matured so rapidly. A lost world is hanging in the balances until the Jewish people embrace and walk in their divine destiny — to be G-d’s witnesses to the nations and peoples of this world!

    While at Shira’s I met an American Israeli couple, Yonit & Arni Klein, who have joined up with Maoz, the ministry of Ari & Shira Sorko-ram with whom many of you are familiar. Nearly 20 years ago the Sorko-rams were commissioned by the Lord to raise up a Messianic Yeshiva [Bible College] which they are endeavoring to do now. They also envision a center to battle the mighty principalities arrayed against Israel and the Body of Messiah in the land.

    The vision is becoming a reality! A very large, centrally located building has been purchased and is being prepared for ministry. Skilled minstrels, mature in the Lord and anointed, who understand this kind of prophetic praise and worship and its purpose, will be greatly needed, as well as seasoned intercessors who know and understand all aspects and levels of prayer, intercession, petition and supplication, and of prophetic intercession and decreeing.

    The absolute MUST among all of these is harmony, peace, unison, unity, genuine brotherly love, being of one heart, mind and purpose. Dissent, strife, jealousy and envy, are mortally dangerous and utterly detrimental to the purpose of this ministry.

    The Body of Messiah is beginning to arise in the land and will soon form a formidable force the adversary will have to reckon with! Salvation is coming to Zion!!! Praise the L-RD!

    For the last two years the Lord has had me teach exclusively on the Rapture and His Unchangeable Calendar to shield the saints against false teaching concerning end times and the Lord’s Return.

    Three New Messages
    But — there is now another topic that surpasses all other important matters: the UNITY of the Body! We must bind together in genuine, brotherly love, in the full understanding of who we already are NOW on the earth, and of our tremendous power and authority in Messiah, and their PROPER use and application. And these were the three messages:

    I. “The Commandment to Love” – John 13:34-35; 15:12
    II. “The Righteous live by Faith,” or “Who We are in Messiah” –  Ro 1:17; Hab. 2:4
    III. “Kingdom Authority and Power” –  Eph. 2:6; Col. 2:1; Lk 10:16, 19

    The world will look for a scape-goat to blame for the trials and chaos coming upon it. And Satan knows just whom to choose: the followers of Yeshua and their natural brethren, the Jews. The day these troubles hit the earth, nothing will matter much except this:

    1. the unity of the believers bonded together with the same love with which the Lord loved us;

    2. the comprehensive use of our divine authority and power; and

    3. the full understanding of who WE ARE NOW!!

    I took these messages wherever doors opened for me, and was received with love and honor. I pray that the Lord’s messages and His personal words fell only on good soil. I was granted the joy of seeing how the Lord touched and transformed people’s lives through past years’ and this year’s ministry. I want to thank all of you who wrote me words of encouragement and prayed to the Lord on my behalf. He granted your prayers and I was encouraged.

    I went sailing on Lake Michigan with a Pastor friend and a group of youth from his church. A sister at his church – and my hostess in Indiana – enjoyed divine protection as I felt powerfully urged to pray for her safety. She suffered only minor injury, some shock and a damaged car in an auto accident. Had we prayed at the time I received the prompt she might have been spared the accident altogether. But had we not prayed, she might have been killed. In the Lord even the smallest thing will accomplish much. PTL!

  • The Total Sun Eclipse 1999

    page 6

    The eldest two of our four grandchildren accompanied me home to Israel, where we spent 30 days of family fun, exploring Israel together. I thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful and happy time together with my grandchildren who are my joy and pride. He made a way for their coming where there seemed no way.

    Our daughter, the mother of our 4 grandchildren, is studying to become an occupational therapist, and has finished her first half year successfully. She needs prayer for her divorce to be finalized (the marriage cannot be salvaged), with adequate financial support for herself and the children. She works hard to supplement the little she receives, and the Lord provides the rest.

    The plans of our sons have not worked out as expected. Hence, Yizrael begins this fall in Tel Aviv his studies for a BA in Computer Science, in order to eventually support himself while pursuing his musical goals together with Ami. In the meantime he is looking for a job, and also needs your prayers.

    Ami has enrolled in a computer graphics course to acquire a skill that will support him while pursuing his music. In the meantime the Air Force asked him to re-enlist and has accepted him to serve to the end of the year 2,000. This will enable him to save some money while continuing the graphics course.

    My husband continues his research of how to harvest the many trillions of wealth in the Dead Sea. He already generates millions of shekels with his ideas. Pray the Lord will soon reveal the key that unlocks the hidden treasure of the Dead Sea.

    Probably many of you watched the sun eclipse on Wednesday, August 11th, passing over much of Europe and the Middle East. In Israel we observed an eclipse of nearly 80%. This “time of darkness” is when Satanists and witches cast spells, utter incantations and affix curses. Doubtlessly the Jews, Israel and the Body of Messiah topped their list. In vain I tried to find believers with whom I could stand in the gap and counter the works of the evil ones. Consequently I could not wage the type of warfare possible when believers congregate and pray in unison for that purpose. However, I praised the Lord with all my might with “battle songs” on tape, exalting the Holy One of Israel as the G-d above all gods, Whose Name is above every name that is named in heaven, on earth and under the earth. Joined in spirit to the brethren who were standing against the forces of darkness during the duration of the eclipse, I came against spells, curses and incantations with the power of Messiah’s blood and cross, and with the mighty Name of Yeshua before Whom every knee must bow and every tongue confess that He alone is Lord. With G-d’s Word I declared, decreed, proclaimed and rendered void the words of the evil ones. I pray that all of us in Messiah who prayed that day were one in Spirit (though separated by miles), and that our intercession and warfare proves effective.

    On TV they showed the path the darkness took while the moon eclipsed the sun. It suddenly occurred to me that the dark shadow swept over nations who in particular have been enemies of the Jews: Great Britain conducted itself infamuously towards Jews who had just escaped Hitler’s death camps. France has had a long history of anti-Semitism as has Germany, who “crowned” it with the Holocaust; Rome brought anti-Semitism into the churches and was responsible for great bloodshed and outrageous atrocities; Hungary and Romania participated in the Nazi Holocaust as did Austria. Turkey oppressed, despoiled and denuded the Holy Land for 500 years, while Iraq and Iran are sworn enemies of Israel of more recent days.

    Was the Lord marking these nations for the coming wrath? Was the path of sweeping darkness a warning signal? In Rev. 16:10 the fifth bowl of wrath is a bowl of darkness poured on the throne of the beast, plunging its kingdom into darkness. Where is that throne, and how far will the beast’s kingdom reach? If the path of the total sun eclipse just before the turn of the millennium is one of G-d’s “signs in heaven and on earth”, then that kingdom will reach from West to East, from the highly developed, rich and mighty industrial nations, the hub of early Christianity, to the nations of vast oil fields and populations, who are the hub of Islam. Impossible? We shall see!

    I believe the spiritual shadow of the 1999 sun eclipse will endure much longer than that of the natural event.

    To All who love G-d’s festivals, “Shanah Tovah” and “Hag Sameach” at this year’s “Feast of Trumpets”, Rosh Hashanah on October 3, 2005 (at the time of writing this letter, Rosh Hashnah fell on September 11, 1999).

    Yours in His steadfast love,