Newsletter Vol. 39



    Dear OR TZION family,

    “Shalom shalom” and blessings and prosperity in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach. You may wonder why you have not received an Or Tzion newsletter since December 1999. The reason is very simple — lack of funds. In our Media-oriented days it is vital to be heard and seen, and be personally present for people to identify with and support a ministry. Our Aliyah to Israel diminished the continuity of my voice and my presence, and with it, the funds J.

    Hence I ask you, dear friends, to please bear with me and Or Tzion’s ministry. As Joseph waited patiently for the fulfillment of the divinely inspired dreams, so am I patiently waiting for the last twenty years in the assurance that G-d’s promises never fail. In the meantime the Lord has been at work in me to put to death all that is carnal. It took forty years to get Egypt out of Moses. Hence twenty years to get the world out of me is not so bad J.

    The prophet Zephaniah exhorts us to “seek the L-RD, all you humble of the land, who do His commands; seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the wrath of the L-RD”1. And the apostle Peter admonishes us to “clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for ‘G-d opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’ Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of G-d, that in due time He may exalt you.”2 This I have sought to do, although it is not very effective in covering the costs of Or Tzion’s ministry. But G-d, who richly supplies all our needs, will also grant the funds and prayer support needed for Or Tzion’s ministry to be unfettered.

    The world watched as Pope John Paul II steered the rudder of eighteen hundred years of catholic anti-Semitism into a new direction of reconciliation3.

    However, the political reality of Jewish sovereignty over Israel and its holy places was carefully avoided by speaking of the “Holy Land” instead of “Israel”. The title “Holy Land” sidesteps recognizing Jewish sovereignty while supporting the cherished idea that the “Holy Land” belongs to ALL.

    As Jews are only “subjects”, according to traditional Christianity and Islam, Jewish sovereignty is wholly unacceptable to both. (However, Spirit-led Christians love and support Israel, rejoicing in her restoration in fulfillment of G-d’s promise.)

    We listened intently to what the Pope said, hoping that he would acknowledge his Church’s guilt and seek forgiveness. But his words, “How could man have such utter contempt for man… and carry out the extermination of a whole people?” fell short of that hope.

    It was the ideology of the Church of Rome that brought unspeakable suffering and humiliation upon the Jewish people for almost two millennia. How could the religion of “brotherly love” have had such utter contempt for the brethren of the One they confessed as their Savior and professed to love?

    Nonetheless, when John Paul II stood in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem and lit the eternal flame, he said, “I have come to Yad Vashem to pay homage to the millions of Jewish people who, stripped of everything, especially of their human dignity, were murdered in the Holocaust.“ It moved many of us to tears. We felt comforted when he said, “Men, women, children cry out to us from the depths of the horror that they knew. How can we fail to heed their cry? No one can forget or ignore what happened. No one can diminish it.”

    His words witnessed against the Holocaust deniers. Yet it was a woman, historian Deborah Lipstadt, at Emory University in Atlanta, who triumphed over the deniers at the London Royal Courts of Justice by publicly defeating the Holocaust denial movement in the libel suit David Irving – the champion of Holocaust denial – had filed against her4.

    1 Zephaniah 2:3 2 1 Peter 5:5-6
    3 View: Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel:; or:;
    4 From an article by Douglas Davis on this “woman of valor” and the final hours and outcome of the libel action brought against her by Irving, in the “Friday” Insert of The Jerusalem Post of Friday, April 14, 2000.


    page 2

    She had not wanted the battle, but when challenged she fought courageously as her biblical namesake had done, proving the liars in the wrong. The Pope’s words pale next to the dauntless stand of Professor Lipstadt who fought for the truth to triumph — and won!

    Although the Pope’s words were soothing, we waited in vain for the balm that would heal our gaping wounds. He left them exposed for more injury as he shook hands with a modern-day Haman tainted with the innocent blood of Jews and even of his own people: Yasser Arafat!5

    Furthermore, John Paul II spoke of the “rights” of the Palestinian people to the Holy Land, to create their own state on the soil G-d swore to give as an inheritance to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thus he strengthened Arafat’s goal of usurping the state of Israel.

    In supporting the Palestinians’ “equal” rights to the land, the “Vicar of Christ” contradicted the express will of his Divine Master. G-d never allotted any portion of the Promised Land to the Philistines who number among His enemies named in Psalm 83. By not refuting their claim the Pope became partner in their ultimate goal. In addition, the Holy See signed two conflicting agreements — one with Israel and one with the international terror organization, the PLO6. The Church of Rome displayed a double standard regarded as diplomacy by the world but as unacceptable compromise to the Holy One of Israel. For by keeping one the Vatican shall be in conflict with the other. The Pope failed to clearly refute the “replacement” doctrine of the Church of Rome.

    However, the man Wojtyla’s love for the “people of the Covenant”, the brethren of His Savior and Lord, was apparent when he placed a sheet of paper into a crack of the Western Wall [Kotel], dated and signed by him, on which he had written:

    “G-d of our fathers, you chose Abraham and his descendants to bring your Name to the nations. We are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking Your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant.”7

    John Paul II’s visit to Israel8 was a historical act, signaling an end to the “times of the Gentiles”. He closed the circle begun by his predecessors when he acknowledged the Jews to be the people of the Covenant (even though he meant the Old one and not the New). The scepter and staff will once again be in Judah’s hands: for “the scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until He comes to Whom it belongs; and the obedience of the people is His.”9


    5 Picture of the Pope with Arafat: from the Supplement of the Israeli newspaper HA’ARETZ, English Edition, Friday, March 24, 2000 (Adar 11 17, 5760), Vol. 78, No. 24543, pp. 38.
    6 The Basic Agreement between the Holy See and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO):, or from the PLO site:; both featured sites of The Jerusalem Report and the PNA no longer work; try their archives.
    [This basic agreement amounts to %, and shall be valid for no more than 20 years]. The PLO site is so intermixed with lies like dough is mixed with leaven. Truth is utterly cast to the ground.
    7 Papal apology online: – search Archives
    8 The papal photos are by Ariel Jerozolimski for The Jerusalem Post, International Edition, and can be viewed at:
    9 Genesis 49:10


    page 3

    On May 15th I participated in a rally to protest giving over three Judean villages to total Palestinian control (see pictures net page), which seriously endangers the security and safety of Jerusalem and her suburb’s residents.

    Abu Dis is the gate into Jerusalem,” said Arafat’s security chief of Jericho, Nasr Yussef, some years ago. “Without Abu Dis there will be no peace.” The “Palestinian governor” of Jerusalem, Jamil Nasser, adds: “No peace treaty with Israel without all of East Jerusalem under our control.” Bassem Obaisi, the project director of the future Palestinian Parliament in Abu Dis said, with a grin, “we are slowly creeping toward Jerusalem.”

    An editorial called “The Last Mile” on the PA web site10 leaves no doubt about it: “Before this year is over, however, and whether or not we have reached an agreement on final status, we will proclaim our sovereignty on our occupied land, and declare Palestinian statehood on the territory occupied in 1967, with Holy Jerusalem as our capital. And we will continue, as a state, to demand the recognition of our rights…”

    When Israel celebrated Independence Day on May 10th (calculated according to the lunar calendar) thousands of Arab Israeli citizens hoisted Palestinian flags and ripped and burned Israeli ones in protest.

    The main anti-Israel demonstration took place in a Galilee Arab village and included several Arab Knesset members. One of them, Taleb al-Sana, declared that there will be no Mideast peace until “the last grain of the soil of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) ZU , the historical capital of the Palestinian people, is returned to its ancient owners.”

    Jerusalem, of course, never was the “capital” of either the Philistines or the Arabs who lived in that area. The only time Jerusalem was a nation’s capital was during the reigns of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Only since the Return of the Jewish people to their own land is Jerusalem once again the capital of the sovereign state of Israel.

    Hence, Jerusalem has indeed been returned to its ancient owners and shall remain their capital, despite of world efforts to the contrary11.

    The Galilee demonstration followed months of escalating Arab student unrest at Israeli universities, resulting in violence on several occasions. Analysts say the growing influence of extremist Islamic groups 11a) working in Arab towns and villages, plus the apparent imminent emergence of a neighboring Palestinian state, is combining to produce a far more militant attitude among many Arab citizens, especially youthful ones. They warn that Muslim and nationalistic groups plan to demand that many of Israel’s Arab towns and villages be annexed to Arafat’s new state, slicing away even more land from the tiny Jewish country.

    Such a demand would be the prelude to the battle of Armageddon [Har Megiddo], a battle over the Galilee, where most of Israel’s Arab citizens live, claiming to be in the majority there.

    In response, approximately 70,000 people from every corner of the land streamed into the heart of West Jerusalem shouting for the unity of the Land of Israel and its capital Jerusalem, and against any further ceding of land12.

    I thought of the words of the Lord in one of Ezekiel’s visions: “Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in it.”13 Because in the sight of the Lord and all of Israel we stood against the division of the land and Jerusalem.

    For it is not enough to disagree “quietly” with the dividing up of Israel and Jerusalem. Elijah did not oppose Ahab and the priests of Baal “quietly”, nor did Yeshua disagree “silently” with the abuse of Temple courts for money making purposes.

    The prophet Obadiah and Yeshua leave no room for doubt: passivity means siding with the adversary, with the wrongdoers, with the wicked, with the destroyers and scatterers.

    “On the day that you stood aloof, on the day that strangers carried off Jacob’s wealth, and foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem you were like one of them.”

    “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters.”14

    10 The official PA web site: cannot be found anymore, nor the article mentioned. The new web site is non existent.
    11 Zechariah 12:3
    11a) Norton blocked this site. The following URL is a retrieved cache by Google
    ZU Visiting this web site you will notice that only “Jerusalem and Islam”, “Jerusalem and Christianity” are listed “historically”, while “Jerusalem and Judaism”, the one that has the oldest, historically rightful claim to the city, is left out. King David was not a “Palestinian” when he chose Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and G-d who chose it as the site for His Temple did not enter into a covenant with Palestinians but with the children of Israel, the 12 tribes, and with King David, son of Jesse, from the tribe of Judah. The above outrageous lies can only dupe those who want to be duped, who do not love the truth but take pleasure in unrighteousness and injustice.
    12 Regrettably, there was a conspicuous absence – in my eyes – of Messianic Jews. Only a few thought their physical presence at the rally an act in accordance with their faith
    13 Ezekiel 9:4 14 Obadiah 11; Mtt 12:30; Lk 11:23


    page 4

    This map of Jerusalem outlines the city limits and Abu Dis, south-east of Jerusalem. Abu Dis rises ABOVE Jerusalem, only a few hundred meters from the Old City. From Abu Dis, Jerusalem’s neighborhoods can be threatened, and Ma’ale Adumim, a beautiful Jewish town of ca. 26,000 residents in the Judean hills (a town 8 km from Jerusalem) completely cut off.

    This is to be part of the “Final Status” agreements, which is supposed to preserve Jerusalem intact as Israel’s undivided capital. A look at Palestinian web sites, especially of the “Applied Research Institute Jerusalem” and their recently developed “Atlas of Palestine” should clarify Palestinian “Peace” agreements even for the most dovish pro-Peace Process person: Palestinian statehood – founded upon lies and an invented history – shall eventually cover the whole land of Israel.

    Arafat has made it clear: The capital of a Palestinian State will be none other than Jerusalem. “Without Jerusalem there will be no peace. Whoever does not like this can go drink Gaza water” (the usual referral to driving the Jews into the sea) is the standard threat of Arafat and his PLO consorts.

    Detailed information on the Golan (in English):

    Map #1 shows the watercourses of the Golan into the Sea of Galilee.
    Map #2 shows how the waters of the Sea of Galilee service Israel’s most densely populated areas.

    Israel has 3 water sources: 1) the Sea of Galilee; 2) the Coastal Aquafier; and 3) the Mountain Aquafier, which would come under Palestinian control if the Oslo accords are carried out to their bitter end. Giving up the Golan Heights to Syria and 80% of Judea and Samaria (the Westbank) to the Palestinians will give Israel’s enemies control of its water sources. This would spell “genocide” for Israel Y . If the world allows a second genocide of the Jews, it will fill up her measure of guilt.

    Compare the size of Israel [including the West Bank to be proclaimed a Palestinian State] with the size of the Arab nations (not all 22 are on this map) who demand “land for peace”. This map alone suggests that their true intent it NOT peace, but the elimination of Jewish sovereignty in their midst.

    Now compare the size of Israel [which is being sliced up by the “Piece-for-piece Process”] with the size of the United States. Consider the leading role the U.S. has in furthering the division of Israel while helping to establish a Palestinian state on the promised land.

    Unless the United States totally redirects its course, divine Judgment is inevitable. She supports the claims of an international terrorist organization, the PLO, to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, and negotiates with men of lawlessness  M how to divide up G-d’s own land.

    Therefore the Lord warned already years ago that lawlessness would reign in the streets of America and that she will be divided up herself. He warned of the “East wind that will blow against America’s shores…”15 In view of the growing power of the Asian nations (comprising one third of the world’s population), especially economically and militarly, this warning projects a frightful possibility. And Wednesday, May 24th, the US House of Representatives approved by a vote of 218-16 the new open trade-bill with China!

    Watch out, America! The sleeping dragon is awakening from his slumber!

    M M While this Canadian Security Intelligence Service site lists a number of major terror attacks and terror groups it utterly ignores the attacks against Israel. However, as the PBS Frontline website on “the evolution of islamic terrorism – an overview” so rightly states, modern international terrorism had its beginnings with Palestinian terror groups under Arafat targeting Israeli civilians and their dwellings. Had the international community not rewarded PLO attacks with pressure on Israel to make concessions on the ground, the modern war of terror would not have spread so rapidely and widely. Since it proved successful beyond expectations in attaining the desired goal terror groups have mushroomed and so have their ever more sophisticated attacks.
    15 See “Years of Impact”, pp. 22, of “The Unchangeable Calendar of G-d”; also newsletter # 43, and # 47, page 5
      Y   Pictures of Israel


    page 5

    The saying “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” obviously does not apply to Israel’s sale of the Phalcon AWACS Radar-System to China. President Clinton strongly urged Barak to cancel16 the planned AWAC sale to China, expressing deep displeasure and warning that the deal, worth approximately $ 2 billion, could seriously endanger Taiwan’s position by giving China a qualitative edge in a military confrontation, and undermine US-Israel relations .

    Yet it was President Bill Clinton who provided China with access to American metallurgy, computer technology, satellite equipment and nuclear-related devices.

    In fact, under the Clinton Administration two American companies – the American Hughes Corporation and the Loral Space Systems company – helped China with precision in rocket launching. In appreciation of this business deal, the Clinton-Gore campaign has received hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Is Bill Clinton truly concerned for “Taiwan”? Although it is in American interest to keep Taiwan secure, the “bone” of the matter here is that the AIWAC Radar-Systems sale should have enriched the U.S. companies’ coffers rather than Israeli coffers. The U.S. wants to keep Israel dependent on U.S. foreign aid like a dog on a leash, so that America retains control and may blackmail Israel into doing her bidding; such as giving away more of her tiny land.

    Two recently published books document Bill Clinton’s sell-out of US security, and the “Faustian” bargain struck between his administration and Red China: Chinese money in return for access to top secret American technology and intelligence17. According to the findings of authors Timberlake and Tripplett some of this intelligence information and nuclear/missile technology did not stop in China but even made its way into countries such as Pakistan and Iran.

    Why does Bill Clinton so urgently want Israel off the Golan Heights? In an eye-opening article by Barry Chamish, “Why The Golan Squeeze?”, which can be read on several web sites, Chamish details American and European interests in getting Israel off the Golan: as always it has to do with money, lots of it, and a mighty company by the name of “Bechtel” pulling the strings while hiding in the shadows. It has nothing to do with “peace in the region.”


    Recently Israel withdrew from South Lebanon in a manner that has made many of us feel ashamed. The effect is not, as hoped, a more peaceful border, but rather increased violence, forcing Israel’s northernmost residents back into their underground shelters, and threatening other settlements which were formerly safe from such attacks.

    Hizbullah, Hamas, and all of the Arabs are celebrating with almost hysterical joy their “glorious victory” over Israel, whom they claim to have “driven out in a crushing defeat.” So hasty was the IDF’s withdrawal that ammunition and tanks were left behind for the Hizbullah. Almost 7,000 of the former SLA (South Lebanese Army) who patrolled the security zone and suffered losses side by side with Israel, fled into Israel. Those remaining behind are exposed as “collaborators with the enemy”. The first reports of executions and kidnappings have reached us, casting an ominuous shadow of massacre for which the world will not blame the U.S. or Hizbullah, but as always, Israel.

    A third of the population of the northern Israeli border towns of Metullah and Kiryat Shmonah has left for the center of the country, leaving their homes and possessions behind, the fruits of a lifetime of work. All the sacrifices, all the expenditures, all of Israel’s sons who died to keep Israel’s northern border safe, all will have been in vain. This withdrawal will not only set Israel back 20 years, but also worsen the border situation18 because the enemy today is far better equipped then it was then. Hizbullah has more sophisticated and heavy weapons financed or supplied by Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

    This, my dear friends, paves the way for the “invasion from the north”, involving most probably Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, and being bankrolled by the Arab League19.

    The downward spiral of this age is picking up momentum. But thank G-d, this is not the only force at work. The opposite of negative is positive, and here we perceive an “upward” trend that is also picking up momentum: a new move of G-d that is not merely a “revival”, nor a reheating of the old stew. Rather, the Lord says to all who have ears to hear (I quote from the Living Bible): “Forget all that [the mighty works of old, and how it used to be; the man-made “traditions”, the comfort-zone of the church “system”, the “revival” meetings] – it is nothing compared to what I’m going to do! For I am going to do a brand new thing. See, I have already begun! Don’t you see it?”

    In my newsletter Vol. 22, Aug./Sept. 1994 I wrote about what the Lord was preparing to do. Now the first signs of it are beginning to emerge, and will become a move of G-d unlike anything ever known. It will be the former and latter rain combined; the power, the glory, the miraculous, the signs and wonders of the O.T. dispensation and of the early N.T. Church combined. It is
    G-d’s move of restoration but in a double portion! Why? Because the earth is white for harvest. False religions, idols and demonic principalities and powers are not toppled with mere speech but with the demonstration of the Spirit and power, that the peoples’ “…faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of G-d… for the Kingdom of G-d does not consist in talk but in power.”20

    His Divine Presence, His glory, holiness and power will manifest as never before. But above all there will be an outpouring of His Love, a love kindled by the Holy Spirit that will spread the aroma of Messiah throughout the earth. I plead therefore with you, FORGET the former things, don’t look back. It truly is a NEW thing the Lord is doing, never seen nor experienced before. Only, be ready with a pure heart, with humility and meekness, and let this move of G-d sweep you upwards. BE READY!

    Following this page is a letter by Robyn Green,21 an anointed prophetic minstrel, announcing our ministering together this year 2000 for the first time as a team. We are excited about it and expect from the Lord great and marvelous things.

    16 Related News:;
    17 “Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security,” by Bill Gertz;
    Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton compromised US Security for Chinese Cash,”
    by Edward Timberlake and William Tripplett
    18 Israel’s Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordecaiadamently opposed unilateral withdrawal
    from the South Lebanon Security Zone. He has been successfully neutralized with “timely”
    charges of sexual misconduct.
    19 See U.S. Congressional Taskforce Report at
    20 1 Corinthians 2:4-5; 4:20 21 See “Jerusalem Assignment”,


    page 6

    Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 16:02:55 EDT
    From: Shira Mayim

    Dear Friends:

    As some of you know, our close friend Annelore will be coming to the United States from Israel in October, 2000, for her annual ministry time here. This year the Lord has made it clear that my husband Yoseph and I, Shira, and Dean & Kathleen W. are to join her for team ministry.

    Annelore is a marvelous prophetess/teacher with a strong prophetic ministry as both a seer and a teacher. When we function in prophetic psalmistry alongside her, she “sees” what we play, and the atmosphere of prophetic vision, words, intercession and/or body ministry is launched. We all flow together in intercession, warfare when needed, teaching, impartation and body ministry. Dean & Kathleen bring the strong prophetic evangelistic element to the team, and function as our main worship leaders. The team can either lead worship for the meetings or work with an existing team in your location.

    Annelore also speaks multiple languages and has a prophetic understanding of the Bible from understanding the languages it was written in. She is quite a scholar. On top of that, she’s a total “love bug” – an intense prophetic woman with a Jewish mama’s heart. You’ll love her instantly, and find her a lover of God’s truth! Here is her web site which you can be at for DAYS, there’s so much great stuff on here: THE ELECTRONIC TABERNACLE [renamed THE VIRTUAL TABERNACLE].

    The story of how we met is on her: – NEWSLETTER # 37; and the story of our prayer assignment in Israel of last fall is at: – JERUSALEM ASSIGNMENT, also a part of her web site.

    Currently, we are scheduled to begin our meetings in St. Joseph, Michigan on Oct. 22, 2000. We have about 10-12 meetings in Michigan to do and then, must route our way back down to be in Cross Plains, Texas, by December 6th. After Michigan, we would like to take a couple of days back home with our kids and then, take care of northern meetings (Wisconsin and east) sooner than later, anticipating getting out of bad weather as quickly as possible and heading down south.

    The purpose of this e-mail is to inquire and see whether any of you would sense the Lord leading to have this team come to your area, whether it is for a meeting in a church or a house or a barn, for that matter. We are very comfortable in the latter two situations!! Some of you have already spoken to my husband and I about coming to your areas, whether to do body ministry or for intercessory purposes concerning land acquisitions and visions you currently are praying about. We would be open for whatever the Lord wants us to do to serve His needs in your area.

    Annelore definitely has a message for this year’s visit to the states, and the message centers on the love of God, the demonstration of team ministry and the call for the end-times of the “one new man” standing together literally in ministry. She has a strong prophetic message to give to prepare the Body of Christ for what is immediately ahead, particularly to accomplish God’s purposes for both inner transformation individually and for the joint call of the Body of Christ with Israel. We will be a firstfruit demonstration of this. This is also a chance for a demonstration of the power of God in psalmistry and prophetic music, along with intense teaching, if that is desired.

    Please let us know if you’d like to host the team for any purpose, knowing that there will be at least 2 married couples and Annelore coming. Depending on where the meetings are held, there may be one or two others joining the team at various times, especially any Texas meetings.

    We would need expenses reimbursed and lodging for the 5 of us, although we don’t all have to stay together in one place. A love offering would take care of all else. We require no set amount before coming.

    Also, pray about the length of our stay. There are some areas we need to stay in for 3-4 days to get everyone appropriately ministered to…we are interested in waiting on the Lord to hear Him for individual lives…and we can’t really impart everything in one 3-4 hour slot. Like the apostolic missions of old, our hearts are really to be able to stay in one place until released by the Lord, but we must unfortunately, do some preliminary scheduling this time around.

    Would you all pray with us that the doors open in exactly the right places?

    If I could share the team’s corporate heart, it would be to emphasize the true covenantal networking that the Lord is calling for in His “called out” church in these end-times. We are looking to both demonstrate His love as He has knit us together…and to encourage and build this network across America at this time. We are looking to establish, strengthen and build His network…to affirm people, to love them, to be “real” with them and to do the work of equipping them. Hopefully, we will establish and strengthen something that already exists in our relationships. God has a need for a very committed “underground railroad” in the U.S. in the end-times…and we know that He has a call for us to come strengthen and encourage people regionally, and to be encouraged and strengthened by you for our call. We also have definitive assignments in a couple of areas that will deal with dislodging principalities and powers – the time has come for some things to GO!! THAT is our heart in all of this.

    Please pray and let us know what the Lord speaks to you.

    With blessings from above, and in His steadfast love I am, as always,

    Yours in Him,