Newsletter Vol. 41

  • The Team Work of G-d’s Prophetic Servants | VOL. 41 * NEWSLETTER * JAN./FEB. 2001 |


    Dear Friends of Israel and “Or Tzion”,

    Blessings, peace, safety, security, health and prosperity be yours this year, and the joy and favor of G-d and of the Lord Yeshua, with happiness and contentment in His service.May you see this year the fulfillment of your dreams and visions.

    It was the first time I ministered together with my prophetic minstrel friend, Robyn Green from Wisconsin. The Lord had me team up with her and introduce the ministry of the prophetic minstrel to the churches, to both old and new friends. He gave us specific assignments to prophetically decree, declare and release His will and blessings into certain places. A friend from Watervliet, Michigan, served the Lord by arranging for a week’s meetings in the area1, followed by a weekend of home meetings in Flint, Michigan. We ministered several days in home meetings in Grand Rapids, MI, continued to Akron, Ohio, at the “Church of the Holy Ghost”; preached in Beloit, WI at the Overflowing Cup Total Life Center,” and at “Believers Faith Fellowship” in Janesville  U . After that I returned to my daughter and grandchildren in Slidell, Texas and Robyn to Pewaukee.

    We continued ministry from December 1 – 3 in Elk City, Oklahoma, and from there to friends in Clyde, Texas, concluding with four days of ministry at my U.S. “home base” of my dear friends at “Living Water Ministries” in Cross Plains, TX, lead by Colleen Anderson, Max Evans and others.

    Our final assignment was in Denton, Texas, where we carried out the “other side of the coin” of the Jerusalem Assignment2. For again we were precisely 7 persons (six of us prophetic), the only ones who braved sleet and ice.

    This time the Lord established a supernatural connection by us between Jerusalem and Denton, between the Body of Messiah there and in the U.S. The Lord opened prophetically by Robyn’s music a heavenly “wellspring” upon our meeting place and declared it a gathering place for “Eagles” (a term often applied to prophets of our days), an apostolic headquarter for the “hidden” Church, the Community of thousands of believers the Lord has been and is calling out of the traditional, man-made church systems. I call it the Lord’s “Networking” of the Remnant.

    The closing “chapter” the Lord wrote by us was a prophetic act effecting the new 2000 U.S. Presidency, which had eluded the nation for many weeks by then. We stood facing toward Austin, the governor’s seat, a “rod of authority” in hand and a shofar, with Robyn at her keyboard, and declared according to the Lord’s instructions, “Let him who stands confirmed thrice ascend from the governor’s mansion to the White House.” We sounded the shofar with a mighty blast, Robyn undergirded it with prophetic cords, while we moved the “rod of authority” from pointing at Austin toward pointing in the direction of Washington. This we repeated three times.

    On the way to that divine assignment the Supreme Court had not ruled yet whether or not to stop the Florida counting as unconstitutional, and confirm George W. Bush as the new President. On our way back home we heard the news that the Court had ruled — Bush was the new President! Intercessory prayers and a prophetic act tilted the balances, and no plotting and scheming, no political manipulation could prevail against it. Al Gore was men’s choice, Bush Jr. the Lord’s. For the Lord had ordained one last “season of mercy and grace;” a “window of opportunity” for America to undo some of the harsh judgments decreed against her, and to render less severe some others.

    The Lord spoke of that season lasting three years (will come to an end by December 2003), yet the Presidential term is for four. Therefore let prayers be made for President Bush, that terror will be far from him, his family, cabinet and staff, no evil come near him and no harm befall him, asking G-d to give His angels charge over Bush for his protection and safety.

    In Elk City the Lord had us open a heavenly gate upon the earthen counterpart of Oklahoma’s Western Gate, linking it to the other gates, and release healing and restoration to the Cheyenne people.

    U Now called “Harvesters Church” in Rock County

  • Winds of Change

    page 2

    In all the places He had us proclaim the imminent “winds of change.” He warned that those who still had not prepared for it despite the many messengers He had sent throughout the past two decades, would certainly miss getting caught in this divine upward “vortex”. They would be in danger of getting caught in the downward “vortex,” instead. At most of the meetings was great anointing, at some instances so heavy I almost could not stand. In the Church at Akron (which had participated in the Jerusalem assignment by praying for us all night), between the altar and the piano, I would get repeatedly “blessed” by the Holy Spirit, arresting me in the message. I wondered ever since what was done in that particular spot to have rendered it such “holy ground,” O something the Lord had us declare for the whole sanctuary.

    Many lives got blessed, touched and changed at these meetings. In some the Lord rearranged literally their molecules through the prophetic chords, with the persons feeling it and knowing that they would never be the same. As has been the Lord’s custom, He used me as well as Shira, to prophetically minister to individuals, some of whom received very concrete callings, directions, confirmations, exhortations, impartations and anointings in answer to their prayers.

    Flowing together as a prophetic team for an extended period of time was new to both of us, as it brings our personalities into play which, if allowed, can interfere with ministry. It was a time of learning, and more of our flesh being put to death J . I learned quickly that personal desires and hopes have to yield to the overriding importance of pursuing the Lord’s interests. Surrendering self and unconditional love were the keys to becoming truly a team, flowing together in the Lord’s Spirit and anointing. Without a doubt, our Lord’s purpose and interests were accomplished.

    Here a short quote from Shira’s e-mail letter, Dec. 16th, following our trip: 

    I cannot even begin to do justice to what just happened on this trip, nor will I be able to process it all for a while…..suffice it to say it was an underground networking, a time of growth, a time of new friendships, new covenantial relationships, a time of congealing my relationship with Elinor, a time of outpouring of the prophetic through music, a time of teaching and psalmistry and helping George W. Bush get the White House in an intense battle in the heavenlies, as the apostolic was being established in God’s government. 

    AND it was a time of going from one time zone to another and back again, sleeping in multitudinous (is that a word?) beds, going from 75 degrees to 0 in two days (Texas is a wonderful place) and learning how to occasionally keep my mouth shut (only occasionally – I can hear Max groaning)… it was a time of appreciation for the generosity of the Body of Messiah, and catching a glimpse of how my brothers and sisters in the Lord may one day carry my family “on their shoulders” back to the land. And it was a time of eating some GREAT steaks in Texas!!!

    NOTE: Shira’s innocent expression “underground networking” has been terribly misinterpreted. Let me explain.

    Shira referred to tens of thousands of saints the Lord has taken out of the organized, traditional church system, not because of what they wanted, but because of what He wanted. I refer to this process as the Lord’s “Networking,” as He is “networking” us all across the globe. Shira used the term “underground” merely because anything outside the “system” is usually referred to as “underground.” No one is in a cult, or doing “strange” or “weird” things. We continue to serve the Lord faithfully in whatever capacity He would have us serve, and many of us meet in house churches, waiting on the Lord for direction.

    I am saddened and troubled that people see “evil” in the most innocent words, and interpret godly works as being of the devil. It reminds me of our Lord having been accused of having a demon Himself and driving out demons by Beelzebul.

    Galileo was called a heretic and threatened with burning at the stakes if he would not recant his assertion that the earth was round rather than flat, and circled around the sun and not vice-versa. Choosing not to die on the stakes, Galileo recanted the truth and accommodated his accuser’s false beliefs. Today, Galileo stands vindicated, and his accusers… judged?

    I am uncompromising as regarding the Word and Truth of the Lord, His Name and Person. This probably would have landed me as well on the stakes in the Middle Ages. Today it only alienates folks who prefer not to take such an uncompromising stand.

    The apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 2:20-21, “I have no one like [Timothy], who will be genuinely anxious for your welfare. They all look after their own interests, not those of Yeshua the Messiah.” It would appear the same is still true today.

    Following now is one example of our prophetic “team” ministry on Friday evening, December 1st service at “First Love Christian Fellowship,” in Elk City, Oklahoma:

    O Update June 1, 2005: See, the paragraph that contains footnotes #19 and #20. The precise spot where this elderly woman received her healing from Tinitus was still under the anointing of G-d’s healing power. I just recently reread the report and came to realize that the answer to my question was in the report from Akron.


    page 3

    1) Winds of Change blowing — Winds blowing away the old traditions of man. The old has passed away!Behold, the new has come!
    2) Divine Rebuke against the demonic powers, against the powers exalting themselves against the knowledge of G-d entrenched in Elk City and the surrounding area.
    3) Rebuke repeated, stronger and more severe against all the forces that are and would set themselves up against what was being done and released that morning in this place!!!
    4) !!! The OPENING of the heavenly Gate, the counterpart of the WESTERN GATE of Oklahoma, was beginning!!!
    5) Heard and saw the VOICE OF THE L-RD descending, covering this place, this whole area, covering it like a transparent indestructible shield, sort of like the protective shield they put on in Star Trek Deep Space. Can’t see the shield, yet it’s there.
    6) The Voice of the L-RD sending forth emissaries — mighty ones — His GATE KEEPERS!!!

    There is more than one gatekeeper for each gate. Study the set up of gate keepers of the Temple gates in the days of King David, and the meaning of sitting in the gate of a city. Elders, men of honor, of authority, of inte- grity and influence, sat in the gates.Note the duties, privileges and authority of gate keeping in the Old Testament, and in what sense the New Testament refers to gates.

    7) Saw VERY tall, mighty angels, ALL dressed in white robes, standing ready, legs apart; and in front of them a sword whose tip touched the ground, with both their hands resting on the top of the sword. They apparently were warrior angels, awesome to behold.
    8) Suddenly, I saw the GATE above this area – the HEAVENLY GATE – swing wide OPEN! Oklahomas’s Western Gate has now a counterpart in heaven! And once an earthly gate is joined to a heavenly one, there is a vast increase in divine
    intervention, in the miraculous, in the stream of communication between the earthly and heavenly one. And the earthly and the heavenly gate keepers become colleagues, co-workers, in keeping the gates open and
    9) The EYES OF THE L-RD are upon THIS place — the Western Gate!
    10) Then the Lord said: “I am the G-d Who hears and answers prayers — I have HEARD your prayers — and I am ANSWERING them.”
    11) Then the prophetic sound went forth declaring the sending forth of the early and latter rain COMBINED — a DOUBLE PORTION!

    Now, when flood rain pours upon very dry ground, the soil washes away and the rain runs off. It takes breaking up and digging the soil in order for it to receive and absorb the downpour. The Lord urges us to prepare for the double portion of a heavenly “downpour,” purposed to be a mighty blessing that will bring forth the “greening of the [spiritual] desert” and the planting of the Lord — His oaks of righteousness. Passivity, slumbering, laziness, however, will not be able to absorb this double portion and instead it will wash away even that which the saints believe to have.

    So, be on your guard and be prepared!

    12) Then the sound of His love went forth, spreading from here into the region — IN RESPONSE TO THE TEARS WEPT!
    13) Healing — the Cheyenne’s wounds, their brokenness as a people. Saw their brokenness like a figurine that has been broken and glued back together in several places. But they were glued together crooked, and one could see where they were broken. The Lord’s healing will not merely GLUE them together, but will restore them as if they had never been broken. This is what was declared prophetically upon the instrument, because—
    14) — the Chief Shepherd is pouring out the healing balm from His heart that was broken. We know that His heart was broken when they pierced His side, because both blood AND water came pouring out. This occurs only when the heart literally BREAKS!
    15) Then R. (Shira) sang, “My eyes, I lift up my eyes unto the hills; where does my help come from?”
    16) And I saw the rising of souls toward His face like birds toward the sun. It was a huge sea of faces all shining brightly, just as moon and stars reflect the light of the sun, so these faces were reflecting the glorious light of the Son.
    17) Shira now sang, “You are mercy in the midst of judgment…,” for indeed the Lord has granted yet one more season of mercy and grace, that some of the judgments decreed upon America may not be carried out, that the judgments be less severe than had been decreed.
    18) Then I saw the Lord’s hand reach down toward this Western Gate and begin to lift this area up by His hand like a TENT — the Lord raised, lifted up A TABERNACLE OF THE LORD!
    19) Proclamation of His holiness, His Kingdom would/will be sounding forth from this GATE, this TABERNACLE!
    21) I saw the angels, who stood in readiness with their swords in front of them, lifting their right hands with their swords pointing toward heaven, joining in the praise: “GLORY! GLORY! HE REIGNS! Over this area!”
    22) I saw the angels in heaven, cherubim, the elders, all fall on their faces singing, “WORTHY IS THE LAMB! HALLELUJAH! THE L-RD G-D ALMIGHTY REIGNS WHO WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME!”
    23) I saw the saints’ faces raised up toward heaven, joining the chorus: “HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! Is the Lord G-d Almighty! Worthy are you L-RD!”
    24) Then I saw/heard all creation cry out: “HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! WORTHY IS THE L-RD!”
    25) I saw the earth bowing before the L-RD — and even the galaxies were bowing before HIM!
    26) Then I saw Yeshua arising, being VERY, VERY TALL, literally gigantic in stature, light pouring forth from Him — and the glory of G-d filling the place. There was lightning, smoke, there were flames.
    27) And everything inside of me, and all of heaven and earth cried: “COME, L-RD YESHUA! M A R A N A T H A !
    28) Suddenly, unexpected, darkness descended like a blanket upon the earth — there was glory in heaven, glory in the Body, but darkness, deep darkness upon the earth. In those who are truly the Lord’s and of His imperishable seed, the glory in heaven will shine forth as the darkness increases. At that time it will be obvious who is the Lord’s and who is not. For although there is a sea of Christianity out there, not all who say, ”Lord, Lord!” are indeed His. Their “light” will be as dark as the darkness around them. But those who will shine and reflect His light and glory will be the ones to whom those searching and seeking will run.
    29) Now we were told that we were standing on holy ground, for it was declared to us prophetically on the instrument.
    30) And again the WINDS OF CHANGE began to blow that will bring the manifestation of THE GLORY OF THE L-RD, OF HIS POWER, HIS KINGDOM POWER, the Old and the New Testament manifestations of wonders and miracles COMBINED — A DOUBLE PORTION OF “RAIN!”
    31) I saw demons fleeing! Lying spirits fleeing!
    32) I once again rebuked all that would exalt itself against what was decreed and released that day! And all of heaven and creation said, “AMEN!”


    page 4

    I just watched the movie called, “The Beach” — the story of the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. Its message was one of utter hopelessness. Pandominium reigned and people lay down to die. None turned to the Lord, none commanded their souls into His care.

    G-d’s message is different: He warns of the consequences of transgressing His immutable laws of nature, of disregarding His moral laws, and patiently waits for men to wake up and come to their senses. G-d’s message offers hope and escape, and ends with a promise of hope. “For,” He says in Joel 2:32, “all who call upon the Name of the Lord shall be delivered… and among the survivors shall be those whom the L-RD has called.”

    For twenty years now I have urged His people to wake up, to make the most of the time. For twenty years He had me teach His people called out from the Gentiles how they relate to Israel, warning that whoever does not love Jerusalem now will certainly not reign from her then.

    For nearly five months violence has been raging in Israel’s streets and neighborhoods, with random murders taking almost daily the lives of fathers and mothers, of young, old, and children, and no end in sight. The day eight young lives barely off the school bench had been snuffed out by a Palestinian bus driver gone berserk, I watched two young soldierettes carrying their full duffelbags home for the weekend to mother’s washing and good cooking. My heart burned with pain in empathy for the parents who no longer have this joy of embracing their children come home safe.

    The holocaust is still going on.

    And I ask myself: do the leaders of the “Christian” nations not understand? They go to church, yet are siding with the enemies of G-d, with Satan’s plot to “wipe Israel out as a nation, for the name of Israel to be remembered no more!”1 They say, “Lord! Lord!”, yet are not jealous for His Land and city, and do not stand with His people.

    Sure, there are a few million around the world who DO pray for Israel and stand with her, who bless and do not curse. Yet the majority stands passively by, as if it does not concern them. Already their conscience is seared about the past atrocities of the Nazi Holocaust. A new generation has come, one that does not remember, who has not learned from the past.

    As I watch the news and see how on CNN and BBC, on the German, French and Italian news stations they are literally “ganging up” against Israel, I only can shake my head in utter amazement and disbelief. Not once have they broadcasted the story of at least one Israeli family bereft of a loved one by murdering terrorists. There is no compassion, no empathy for their pain and sorrow, their terrible loss and grief, for it is never shown. Never is the world made to realize the terrible price Israel has to pay, daily, just for the right to exist.

    It is G-d Who promised to bring the Jews back to their own Land2, Who is gathering them in. Yet Israelis are treated as thieves and wrongful supplanters of a people who settled in the land during Israel’s exile. Has the G-d of all the earth not the right to give His OWN Land3 to whom He will?

    What the world is made to see are shooting Israeli soldiers and weeping Palestinian mothers. The complaint of Beduins over the destruction of their tent by the IDF was covered for more than 5 minutes by BBC, but the lynching of two Israeli army reservists (one of whom had just married the week before) by jubilating Palestinians for barely 2 minutes. The world was not made to hear and see the sorrow and extremity of shock and anguish of those left behind, nor the story of these two innocent men, mutilated beyond recognition.

    “Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of falsehood, who draw sin as with cart ropes, who say: ‘Let Him make haste, let Him speed His work that we may see it; let the purpose of the Holy One of Israel draw near, and let it come, that we may know it!”

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:18-20
    Daily the truth is being turned upside down T, by Israel being accussed of the aggression and attrocities those who hate and kill us commit against Israel. The world is not made to see the shooting, bombing, ambushing and abduction of defenseless civilians by Palestinians, the dropping of bricks upon their heads, the stabbings, mutilations, atrocities, the constant, unceasing stream of aggression and incitement, between which and Israel’s civilian population stand only Israel’s sons and daughters, husbands, fathers, brothers who must serve as soldiers. For Israel does not have a separate army serving Israel’s protection. The people are also the army4.

    As Jacob tried to appease Esau by giving him half of his possessions, by bowing down before him to the ground seven times5, so are Jacob’s descendants trying to appease Ishmael’s and Esau’s descendants by giving them half of the covenanted Land and city, bowing, bowing and bowing some more. But by letting the evil come into the midst of Israel, trying to appease, evil and weakness increase.

    And I want to cry out and say, “Stop bowing! Stop lowering yourselves to those who can’t save you! Return to the L-RD our G-d, for He will save us. He alone is our salvation! He alone will confirm you as heir, as His covenant people! He alone is our strength and shield!”

    In Psalm 2 it is written that G-d has the nations in derision, who plot and scheme with lies and falsehoods against Israel. He laughs at those who try to wrest His holy mount from Israel, His city from His people, and warns of His coming fury and wrath, because they are acting against His will and counsel. “For,” He says, “I have set my king on Zion my holy hill.”

    Some five or so years ago a prophet by the name of Derek Kuhn prophesied that I would stand before heads of state and leaders of nations, warning them of the coming wrath on account of Israel. And I want with all my heart to go and do just that, saying , “… therefore be wise, be warned, O rulers of the earth…”6


    1 Psalm 83: 4
    2 Isa. 14:1; Ezek. 34:11-13; 36:24; 38:28
    3 Ezek. 35: (10-13) 5; 2 Chr. 20:11; Ps 83:12; 132:13-14
    On Sept. 30, 2001, The New York Times and many other papers published a picture (see above) – supplied by the Associated Press – of an angry Israeli policeman and a badly-beaten and bloodied man, with the caption, “An Israeli policeman and a Palestinian on the Temple Mount.” Dr. Aaron Grossman, of Chicago, Ill., sent the following letter to the Times:
    “Regarding your picture on page A5 (Sept. 30) of the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian on the Temple Mount – that Palestinian is actually my son, Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago. He, and two of his friends, were pulled from their taxicab while traveling in Jerusalem, by a mob of Palestinian Arabs and were severely beaten and stabbed. That picture could not have been taken on the Temple Mount because there are no gas stations on the Temple Mount and certainly none with Hebrew lettering, like the one clearly seen behind the Israeli soldier attempting to protect my son from the mob.”
    Tuvia Grossman was on his way to the Western Wall on Friday afternoon (Sept. 29), and was still hospitalized at the time this letter was written (Oct. 5) with head injuries and a stab wound. He told Arutz-7 today, “I was in a taxi on the way to the Kotel [Western Wall] and we got stoned… [They took me out of the car and beat me and] I gave a scream, and for a second they let go of me, and I said Shma Yisrael, because I thought it was all over… After they let go of me, I ran – even though I had a knife in my leg, G-d gave me the strength to run and I was able to make it up the hill where there were soldiers by the gas station and they took care of me. But I was being beaten for around 5 or 6 minutes with a rock on the top of my head, and I was stabbed in the back of my leg and kicked and punched all over my body.”
    “[When I saw the mis-captioned AP picture] I was extremely, extremely upset. People see a picture of a youth and they think that it’s a Palestinian being beaten by Israelis, it changes their world view and makes them think that it’s the Israelis beating up the Arabs. I was extremely upset. It was totally the opposite. That policeman was yelling at the Arabs to back off, and was protecting me from them – so to change it around and to say that he was beating me, that’s just total distortion, and the world must be notified about how this is not true – the Jews are the ones suffering at the hands of the Arabs.”
    The Times published a correction today, in which it identified Tuvia Grossman as “an American student in Israel” – not as a Jew who was beaten by Arabs. The “correction” also noted that “Mr. Grossman was wounded” in “Jerusalem’s Old City” – although in fact it occurred in an Arab-populated neighborhood of Jerusalem, not in the Old City. An Associated Press spokesman told Arutz-7 that it was looking into the matter.
    4 The photos are from The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition, Feb. 15, 16, 18, 2001
    5 Psalm 2:10 6 Gen. 32:13-20; 33:3, 6, 7


    page 5


    The time is more than short, the time is frighteningly short for everyone who is still slumbering. There is no more time to waste! The world is already reeling in the throngs of the seals7, with earthquakes, famines, diseases, wars and rumors of wars, bloodshed, anarchy, terrorism, catastrophes across the globe; the glaciers’ melting causing the ocean levels to rise, with islands disappearing in the near future; the hole in the ozone layer widening and the global temperatures rising; and with signs and wonders in the heavens:

    For the third time since 1996 the full moon turned red during a full moon eclipse, like the blood of a corpse8. We saw the dark shadow of the total sun eclipse travel across nations who share a common history of  violent anti-Semitism and anti-Israel policy.

    At the most awesome time in G-d’s Calendar – when the days of final warning and last chance for repentance begin, on Yom T’ruah (day of blowing the trumpets) of 1999 – the moon stood between the legs of Virgo9, as if she was giving birth to him.

    Above her head was the constellation of “Coma” (meaning the “The Desired [of the Nations” Y ]), not the “wig of Berenice”), which is a woman seated upon a throne holding a male child upon her knees. This “sign in the heavens” appears only every 26,000 years!10

    G-d’s faithful witness in the sky11 – the moon12 – is the light that rules over the night, and speaks of our Lord Yeshua who is the light that came into this present darkness to enlighten every man13. The moon diminishes as our Lord did14, until he cannot be seen at all, and then returns and is restored to his former glory15.

    7 Revelation 6:1-8

    8The red-moon full moon eclipse is from 2 NASA sites ; and the lunar-phases pictures are from the web site “Phases of the Moon” ; another page on “Moon Phases”

    9 The picture of VIRGO and COMA I assembled from the illustrations in E.W. Bullinger’s book, “The Witness of the Stars”. Normally the constellation Coma is to the left of Virgo, between the constellations of Bootes and Leo.The entire book of Bullinger, with the map of constellations, is featured on

    Y Haggai 2:7: “… and the Desire of all nations shall come…: / “…uva’u chemdat kol hagoyim…”

    10 see

    11 It is this “witness” in the sky that shone between the legs of the constellation Virgo. “Coma” – a woman of royal origin who holds the “Desire of the nations” upon her knees – will bring forth when “Virgo” will be travailing. Whosoever has insight, let him/her understand

    12 Psalm 89:37 13 John 1:5, 9 14 2 Cor. 8:9; Ph’pp 2:6-8
    15 Jn 17:5; Ph’pp 2:9-11; see


    page 6

    Only a short time ago Israelis went to the polls to chose the next Prime Minister, Arik Sharon16, (who, in turn, assembles the government).These elections followed in the wake of the fiercely embattled elections in the United States. Two decisive elections — one in the most powerful nation on earth, which numbers also among the largest nations; and one in the most embattled and oppressed nation on earth, which also ranks among the smallest. In the heavens these two nations, whose citizens have come from every people, nation, tribe and tongue, are intricately linked. Their welfare is dependent on each other: Israel needs America’s good will and support; and America needs to bless Israel to escape destruction.

    America has enjoyed the blessings and bounty of the Lord like no other nation, and except for the War of Independence and the Civil War all the wars she fought in were not waged on her own soil. She became a haven for the oppressed and persecuted, offering a future and a hope to those who had lost all in their land of birth.

    Now is the time for America to remember her beginnings, to make good on the words of her national anthem and of the “Star spangled Banner,” of “one nation under G-d.” America must not side with Israel’s oppressors who want to destroy her future and her hope. It is not in America’s interest to side with the enemies of G-d for the sake of her economy. For if she continues to do so, it is her very economy that will be judged. It is in America’s interest to stand as a true friend and ally with Israel, blessing and not oppressing, upholding and not dividing, that she may inherit a blessing and not a curse.

    Israel is not oppressing the Palestinians. Rather, the Palestinians oppress each other, and Israel through the Arab world. Israel does not seek the Palestinians’ destruction, but the Palestinian Covenant demands Israel’s destruction.

    Israel’s Arab citizens are those who returned to their homes after the War of Independence: The Arab League, mobilizing against the fledgling State of Israel, issued orders, exhorting the Arab population to seek temporary refuge in neighboring countries, assuring them they would soon be able to return and share in the distribution of the massacred Jews’ possessions. Demoralized by the reckless flight of their own local leaders, and under the powerful incitement of Arab leaders who sought to clear the battlefield for the slaughter17, hundreds of thousands of Palestine Arabs sought the shelter of Arab lands.

    But G-d was with Israel, humiliating the Arab armies with a crushing defeat. The “Palestinian” Arabs (historically they are Syrians) found themselves dispossessed, their Arab “brethren” unwilling to take responsibility for their loss18. The Palestinian refugee problem is a direct result of this war.

    When Israel’s government under Ben Gurion offered the Palestinians to return to their homes without fear of retribution, several tens of thousands returned. The majority of them, however, settled in Jordan, emigrated to the U.S., Canada and European countries, while the rest vegetates in camps purposefully maintained by Arab policy.

    Today’s Israeli Arabs returned of their own free will, and were granted Israeli citizenship. Their status of equality has been greatly hurt, however, by their fellow Palestinians continuing to terrorize Israel’s Jewish citizens.

    And now the PA (PLO) demands the “right of return” to their homes WITHIN Israel proper for all (four million) Palestinians. This demand is, once again, typical for the Arabs blaming someone else for the consequences of their own actions, but never themselves. Since Israel numbers only five million Jewish citizens, it is self-evident that this demand aims at Israel’s destruction from within.

    And now war is looming. Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi leaders have met, believing that Israel has been sufficiently weakened by the peace process.


    16 His picture is taken from The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2001;
    17 On May 15, 1948, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Azam Pasha, told a press conference in Cairo, ”This will be a war of exterminmation and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades” (BBC broadcast). And that on the heel of the genocide of 6 Million Jews. Count the flags – 21 sovereign Arab states! Yet they want to swallow up tiny Israel to make of it the 22nd state – Palestine!
    18 Arabs in general do not take responsibility for their errors and failures, but habitually place the blame on someone else.

  • The Second Seal, The Man of Lawlessness, and The Third Universal Theory

    page 7

    The time of the second seal is at hand: the holocaust of wars initiated by the policies of former Presidents Bush and Clinton, and PM Yitzhak Rabin19. These wars will come in rapid succession, and the sword of him on the red horse will slay vast numbers of men. The wars of Ezekiel 38 and 39 had been imminent at the time Michael Drosnin published the Bible Code20 (1996), but have been delayed because of tremendous intercession, with fasting and sackcloth. They were delayed, not averted.

    Next to come is the war at the Euphrates, involving many nations, both of the Arab League and Nato. The West’s control over parts of Iraq, the suffering of Iraq’s civilian population from the UN sanctions, and the provocation of the Arab world will erupt in a ferocious war, in which one third of mankind, i.e. two billion, will fall21. I have said several times before that its outbreak will be most probably the official opening of the sluice-gates of the Attaturk Dam in Turkey, which will turn the Euphrates, flowing also through Syria and Iraq, into a trickle.

    The armies of a Far Eastern Alliance of nations (kings of the East22) will devastate the Middle East; the war over the Galilee (Har Megiddo/ Armageddon23 will involve many nations and a huge number of casualties; and the final war over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (a war already in preparation from the day Jerusalem became “negotiable”) will result in a global catastrophe, survivors being as rare “as the gold of Ophir.”24

    And the “Man of lawlessness,” that “Son of perdition,” already lives! When I was still a student at Christ Forthe Nations in Dallas, Texas, I came to believe Muammar Gaddafi25 to be that man, because the angel Gabriel’s description of the man fit Gadaffi like a glove (I even wrote a little book, entitled “The Red Dragon”). A prophet from England (who had been a regular speaker at Christ For The Nations Institute’s commencement services) also thought him to be the one. He said to me, “Dear sister, I believe we are the only ones who see Gaddafi might be the man of lawlessness.”26

    My British Brother was wrong. The Bible Code27 also sees him in connection with an atomic holocaust against Israel28. Many question the validity of the Bible Code. Were it not that I know the Word of G-d to be an unceasing fountain of revelation, perhaps I too would question it. But the findings of the Bible Code agree so very much with the prophetic Word, with the numbers in Scripture as already known, and with the prophetic words and visions given to me and other prophets of today, that I am inclined to believe the predictions of the Bible Code.

    Old Testament prophecies hardly ever mention names, they mostly give descriptions and tell what the person(s) will do. The Code gives precise names, dates, places, and naming the deed. I.e., it is a further enlargement on the already given prophetic prediction, which, however, could not be discovered until the computer age.

    Gaddafi sees himself as the “heir”29 of Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, and true leader of the Arab/Muslim world, not only of Lybia, and as the “savior” of this world. He indulges in the same delusions of grandeur as did Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Gaddafi has spread an invisible net of terror all across the globe, biding his opportune moment to seize the leadership and wipe Israel off the map. He is a zealous Moslem and Marxist, a fanatic [Beduin] Arab and terrorist. Everything about this man is fanatic — and Lybia has oil, and weapons of mass destruction 30. He would love nothing more than to give the Muslim/Arab world Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, destroy Israel and wreak a bloodbath among Americans.

    Here is just a short excerpt from the (former) “mathaba” web site ( this web site has changed its format, giving the appearance of being a peace-loving organization, seeking justice and equality for all, while in fact this “mathaba” new world order is to be achieved not by democratic means but by dictatorial ones — by “Brother” Gaddafi. The “Al-mathaba is still the true face of “mathaba”. Their backgrounds and often also their fonts are in GREEN, and the logo is a green dart boardmathaba_logo which identifies them all being of the same ideology such as set forth in Gaddafi’s “Green Book” , in which he outlines his view and principles of his new world order, just as Hitler did in “Mein Kampf”) :

    At a conference on Euro-Arab relations in Tripoli in May 1973 (scroll down to “Qadhafi’s Vision”) , the Leader of the Revolution expounded on the philosophical aspect of the Third Universal Theory (as Hitler envisioned his Third Reich) and its relationship to national and social liberation. In this speech we see the highly developed awareness of the Revolutionary Muammar Qadhafi and his acute appreciation of the complex inner needs of all the world’s peoples. It is worth recalling his words which are still very relevant to life in the 1990s. He said:

    “Humanity now urgently needs a cry of justice which would return it to its senses and to its Creator… We need to go back to God and turn away from evil… Atomic bombs, missiles, biological weapons and aggression can only be the making of the Devil. The ideology we propose to the world is humanitarian but not made by men, nor is it a philosophy, but it is based on truth…. This is Gods law, always one, immortal, and unchangeable, a universal religion of truth which belongs to all mankind. The Third Theory offers an alternative to capitalist materialism and communist atheism and calls for the return of mankind to the Kingdom of God. Mankind was never in greater need to rearm itself with faith than it is now. We all know that all the philosophies and ideologies have failed to disprove the existence of God, and as the truth of His existence is self-evident, it is quite clear that society must be reorganised in every country of the world in accordance with the will of God and the precepts of His Prophets.”

    Here we see the philosophical depth of the Third Universal Theory and how it has been drawn from the struggle of the masses for freedom and from the dynamic revolutionary precepts of the Messengers of God. “The Third Universal Theory,” in simple terms, is a comprehensive formulation of the noble principles and moral values sent down from Heaven to the Prophets and Apostles to help guide people on the right path leading to happiness, stability and human tolerance. It is a worldview based on the concepts of justice, righteousness, moral fortitude, and respect for national existence. The Third Universal Theory has answers for the political, military and socio-economic problems facing human communities. For instance, popular rule is the political face of justice and righteousness. Socialism is the economic face of social justice, and the armed liberation struggle against colonialism in all its forms is the military face of peace and justice. These are principles that are able to guide every aspect of life.

    Since the problems of democracy and economic justice are closely connected with the whole well-being of society, we can, in the light of these principles, achieve right among peoples through people’s power, and a new socialist society, free from exploitation, oppression and wrong-doing.” (Jamahiriya Era of the Masses, Libyan People’s Bureau, Canberra, Australia. P.20.)

    This is the world historical mission of the son of the desert Muammar Qadhafi to return to the natural precepts which alone can guarantee human fulfilment and establish justice in the society. As such Muammar Qadhafi’s message covers the political, economic, social and philosophical dimensions of life. In The Green Book he sets out fully the principles of the Third Universal Theory

    The Middle East and Israel may seem far removed from America’s shores. But distance means little in our age of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, of missiles and satellites. I began with saying that the Lord spoke of one more season of mercy and grace for the U.S., lasting three years. This is the time during which much can be changed for the good, much can be averted, other things rendered less severe, and yet others postponed. If the saints continue to slumber and not make the most of this time (for it certainly won’t be the wicked and the sinners who will turn to G-d and intercede!) the decreed judgments will descend upon America relentlessly.

    Therefore I urge all of you to awaken, to mobilize your “forces,” to be alert to the utmost and prepared and ready for G-d’s upward vortex. For real “Kingdom power” 31 alone will be able to stand in the coming age of evil, and harvest this earth of all those whose names were recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life from the foundation of the world. Let us pray with all our might that we may be granted to escape these days of evil, lest we be overwhelmed and fall away in the great apostasy.

    Now the L-RD bless you and keep you, the L-RD make His Face shine upon you, and be gracious to you: the L-RD lift up His Countenance upon you, and give you [His] Peace. In Yeshua’s holy Name, so be it. Amen and Amen.

    Yours in Him,



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