Newsletter Vol. 44

  • Life in Israel Today | VOL. 44 * NEWSLETTER * JAN./FEB. 2002 |


    Dear Friends of Israel and “Or Tzion”,

    the peace of G-d which passes all understanding be a protection about your mind in Messiah Yeshua for the days are evil. Let us all the more hold firm to the sure hope we have in the Son of G-d.

    Living in the land covenanted to Abraham by G-d with an oath means standing on that oath and “keeping the fort” against overwhelming odds. A few million only dare dig in their heels, determined to safeguard the divine inheritance.

    It reminds me of the last stand at the Alamo, where only several brave ones staked their lives against the enemy which outnumbered them more than 1000 to 1. Because those against Israel are so much more than those for Israel. Common sense says, “Quit, there is not a chance you make it. Surrender! Give up! Save yourselves!” But then — Israel is not a common place! G-d has placed us here and G-d is keeping us here! Alas at a great cost!

    There is no longer a safe place in all of Israel! Every city, street, restaurant, bus, mall, market, is a terrorist’s potential target. The only possible way to ensure safety is to keep all Arabs out of Israel proper. But that is impossible! Some are part of the work force, and many of them hold Israeli citizenship. Furthermore, closing Israel’s borders completely to all Palestinians in the so-called “territories” would bring world-wide pressure on Israel to let the Palestinians return.

    Damned if we do and damned if we don’t! Living in Israel means having to live under the whip of a double standard! Y

    The natural right to self-preservation and security; to decide who may enter and may not enter the country is denied to Israel. While the U.S. and allies zealously pursue terrorists all across the globe, Israel is commanded to let terrorists in. Today, every Palestinian has become a potential suicide bomber or gunslinger. It is impossible to know who may be trusted; even young women have joined ranks with the suicide bombers!!

    Living in Israel means living with murderers, wrongly depicted as victims. Living in Israel means raising children whose future1 is uncertain. Parents question the priorities in their children’s lives, for youth just out of high school and barely in the army are being killed regularly by bloodthirsty terrorists. The Media, however, distorts the truth. For our soldiers are no warmongers, but 18 – 21 year-old defenders, cruelly slain or abducted and murdered by vicious assailants. Media reports about slain “settlers” mean aged grandparents, or father, mother and children on their way home from family visits.

    Living in Israel means hearing on a daily basis the perversion of truth by the world media and the outright lies of the Palestinian leadership. Each lie means feeling violated and deprived of the inalienable right to defend ourselves, our cities and our land.

    For decades now the Israeli/Palestinian issue has been portrayed as a “conflict” between “overbearing” Israel and “helpless” Palestine. Never, I repeat never, is it said that the Palestinians are targeting not only so-called “Arab” land (in which they include Judea and Samaria termed “territories” or the “Westbank”) but ALL of Israel! All of it! The modern cities and productive farms, the dried swamps made fruitful, the rocky ground tilled and planted, the barren heights reforested and modern highways and educational and commercial institutions; in short, the entire land and the whole infrastructure built by the Jews IS what they are after! This present 17 months lasting GREAT INTIFADA2 is meant to accomplish this!

    So convinced is Arafat of taking over ALL of Israel, that he refuses to build a sorely needed Palestinian infrastructure in the autonomy, waiting for the day that he appropriates all of Israel with the help of Arab oil, the West, and the ever-growing aggression of Islam. Something like the cuckoo bird who, instead of building her own nest, takes over other nests, throws out their eggs and replaces them with hers.

    Palestinians are indeed “plishtim” — INVADERS of G-d’s OWN land and the Jews’ inheritance!!!3

    This is not merely “conflict!” It is war with the intent to utterly destroy the Jewish state and establish a Palestinian one on the ruins of that state and the corpses of its citizens4.
    Were this fact truthfully reported by the world Media, perhaps nations would have their governments stand with Israel in her struggle for survival.

    Living in Israel means to be victims of “the end justifies the means”: better to control Israel and drive her to suicidal genocide than to perturb oil-rich Arab states.

    I would like to point you now to a book I strongly suggest to read:

    by John McTernan & Bill Koenig (who maintains an excellent news web site Koenig’s International News, which he expanded to WorldWatchDaily, truthfully reporting about Israel), Hearthstone Publishing, P.O. Box 815, Oklahoma City, OK 73101; for more information call 1-888-891-3300. The book lists facts and dates any researcher can verify for himself in any good Public Library or via the newspapers archives on the WWW. The information is eye-opening, and the authors deserve credit and praise for their excellent, fact based work. It definitely is a MUST-READ!


      Y  See also the “Hasbara”~”Public Relations” web site:
    1An article worth reading:
    All pictures of victims are taken from, now called OneFamilyFund
    2 Arafat in an October 21, 1996 speech at the Dehaishe refugee camp: “We know only one word: “jihad, jihad, jihad! When we stopped the intifada, we did not stop the jihad for the establishment of a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem. And we are now entering the phase of the GREAT JIHAD prior to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem… We are in a conflict with the Zionist movement and the Balfour Declaration and all imperialist activities.”
    3 Ezekiel 36:5; Jeol 3:2; Ps 83:12; 132:13-14; Jer. 50:11; 2 Chr. 20:11; Ezekiel 34:13; 36:24; 37:14, 21; 39:28
    4 Psalm 83:2-5

  • Israeli Reality of Everyday Life

    page 2

    It is no secret that Saudi Arabia has for decades supported the PLO, a terrorist organization like the al Quaida. Furthermore, the U.S. pursues Osama bin Laden and his al Quaida with determination and every possible military strategy, all the while coercing Israel back to the Mitchell Plan and renewed “peace talks” with Arafat and his terrorists, the PA alias PLO. Does President George Bush Jr. really expect a life-long terrorist to uproot terrorism? This is indeed like asking the devil to fight against himself!

    Arafat is the very man who introduced terrorism under the auspices of the Arab League and turned terrorism into a new form of warfare. Arafat IS terrorism! He knows nothing else! This he has done all his life, since the days of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser. He thinks and plots terror, he eats and sleeps terror, he designs and executes terror. He simply knows nothing other than terror!

    When he created a terror fiefdom within the kingdom of Jordan, King Hussein drove him and his terrorists out (the event became known as “Black September”). They went to Lebanon and created an inferno there. Until this day the Lebanese shudder at the atrocities the PLO committed among them. But rather than rescuing the Lebanese and Israelis from the scourge of the PLO, Western nations led by the U.S. and President Ronald Reagan interfered with this liberation (the reason for Secretary of State, Alexander Haig’s sudden resignation in 1982), thereby abandoning beautiful Lebanon (once “the Riviera of the Middle East”) to the oppression of Syria and the terror of Hizbullah and condemning Israel to a 20 year quagmire.

    Likewise, The Brussel World Court blames Israel’s prime minister, Arik Sharon, for war crimes committed by Lebanese Christian Phalange soldiers against Palestinians, most likely in revenge for heinous crimes the Palestinians had committed in Lebanon.

    Is there no end to world hypocrisy? Is there no limit to the double standard that “Christian” nations hold to? Who can live with this and not get angry? Who can bear this anger and yet sin not?

    Yet living in Israel means precisely that — getting angry at the hypocrisy; the lies and the twisting of truth, all the while refraining to hate as they hate, refraining to malign and slander, and refraining to murder in violent, blind hatred as they do. ZN

    “Be angry but sin not”6 is a command Israelis must practice daily!

    Let me share with you some of our daily life, using our own family as an example. Without the help of parents, young people have a very difficult time “making it”, as we say. For example, our youngest son, Ami, having completed his army service of 3 years, fell into a “minus” (overdrawn account) at his bank when he lost his job at a hi-tech company at the time the hi-tech business crashed last year.

    When he finally found other work, he was called up for yearly reserve duty and his new employer refused to keep his job open for him. Many employers in Israel hire young people only on a temporary basis because it is cheaper and they can replace them when they leave for reserve duty.

    Survival is the name of the game, and young people just out of school and the army can’t survive unless parents help them over the hurdles.

    Ami eventually found another job and enrolled in a computer course to better his chances in the job market. Half a year later the well-reputed school folded and our money was lost. After that, Ami was unemployed for 7 months despite his constant looking and ceaseless efforts. Israel’s economy had taken the worst downswing ever, and, in fact, the economy is still falling due to 17 months of violence, while unemployment is on the rise as the Shekel falls against the U.S. dollar. Even academics fill the corridors of employment agencies, unable to find jobs. We thank G-d daily for the work the Lord has given my husband! The Al Aqsa intifada is hurting everybody in the land!

    Since Ami could not pay off the overdraft on his account, the bank charged him over 20% interest, resulting in an overdraft of NIS 20,000. He only earns about 3,0007 Shekels, barely enough to live on8.

    Recently he received a court order to pay NIS 29,000. Question is, from what? How? On February 4th, I went with Ami from bank to bank and finally to the judge to take care of this. And hardly had Ami begun his new work when he was called up again for reserve duty. This time, however, the boss promised to keep his job for him.

    5 Matt. 12:25-26; Mk 3:24-26; 6Psalm 37:8; Eph. 4:26
    ZN The name of the young Palestinian holding up bloodstained hands is Aziz Salha, 20, from the village of Dir Jarir.
    7 At the time of this writing, the Shekel stands 4.67 vis-a-vis the U.S. dollar. I.e., NIS 3,300.00:4.67 = $ 706.64. Neither in the U.S. nor in Israel can anyone make a living, even the most modest, with that amount of monthly salary.
    8 Life in Israel is what is described in Ezekiel 34:2-5 “The shepherds of Israel are feeding themselves. They eat the fat, they clothe themselves with the wool, they slaughter the fatlings: but they do not feed the sheep. The weak they do not strengthen, they sick they do not heal, the crippled they don’t bind up, the strayed they do not bring back, and the lost they do not seek, but with rudeness and harshness they rule them… “ The Lord says further, 8 “My sheep have become a prey, and my sheep have become food for all the wild beasts, since there is no shepherd.” 17-22 “As for you, my flock,” the Lord continues, “behold, I will judge between sheep and sheep, rams and he-goats. For not enough that you feed on the good pasture, then you tread the rest of the pasture down with your feet; and you drink of the clear water, but foul up the rest with your feet. Must my sheep eat what you have trodden with your feet, and drink what you have fouled with your feet? Behold, I myself will judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep. Because you push with side and shoulder, and thrust at all the weak with your horns, till you have scattered them abroad, I will save my flock, they shall no longer be a prey…..28 They shall no more be a prey to the nations [as is the case today], nor shall the beasts of the Land [Fatah, Tanzim, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah, PLO – Intifada] devour them!”

  • Israeli Reality of Everyday Life

    page 3

    As I have mentioned before, Israel’s Defense Forces Y are not separate from the population. The people is the army! All men and women are called up to serve for three and two years respectively at the age of 18, and all men after that must do one month reserve duty, yearly, until the age of 45. In times of threat of war or actual war, this time extends to 60 days or even more. Presently Israel is preparing for the possibility of an attack by Iraq, Iran and Syria, in retaliation for America’s military action in Afghanistan and President George Bush Jr’s “war” against terrorism. Since President Bush is fighting terrorism with bombs and missiles he must allow Israel that same right, a fact that infuriates the militant Islamic states (such as Iraq, Iran and Syria.) Since the Islamic states cannot fight America victoriously, they instead target Israel.

    Living in Israel means always being in the wrong, always being blamed for whatever is wrong in the world. Israel is the world’s “scapegoat.” It is a Messianic destiny. It is an Israeli reality.

    To conclude Ami’s story. I signed as guarantor and made the first payment of NIS 500. However, beginning in July he must pay NIS 1,000 from his monthly income of barely 3,000 Shekels. In addition, he was charged with NIS 9,000 court costs.

    If it weren’t so sad I would laugh! They’ve charged Ami 20.5% interest! Unless and until G-d grants Ami and his brother Yizrael success with their music, I don’t know how they will manage. Yizrael works in a bank right now, translating and typing the director’s and vice president’s correspondence from Hebrew into English and from English into Hebrew, as well as working nights elsewhere and babysitting for friends.

    On Sunday (our first workday) February 3rd, the TV news showed several hundred textile workers who are now facing a bleak future. Their company went bankrupt and they are all without work, unexpectedly. The economic crisis in Israel is gradually taking on catastrophic dimensions similar to the situation in Argentina. People who have worked 20 years or more at the same company are suddenly jobless, with no income. In most families both husband and wife must work. The loss of both jobs means living off small savings until nothing remains; nothing to feed and cloth children, nothing to make house payments, pay bills, etc.

    But as our enemy and the world are relentless, so must Israel maintain a defense force strong enough to ensure our survival. We must build expensive bypass roads around Palestinian Autonomy areas (even though we are still being ambushed and killed on these roads as well). Israeli citizens pay high income taxes, not to mention a multitude of other taxes. A 17% tax, comparable to the U.S. state tax, is added to every purchase, every service, and every restaurant meal. Automobiles carry a 100% tax, electric appliances larger than a cassette recorder carry at least 45% taxes. Property tax, municipality services tax and a yearly car registration tax also must be taken into account.

    Israel is a small people of a little over 5 million Jews. The rest are Arabs, Christians and Druze. No other people of that size could make it under such circumstances. Hence, living in Israel is a daily miracle and a witness to G-D’S grace and His faithfulness to His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and a stubborn determination on our part to stand!

    Israelis suffer and pay a high price for living in the land, due to a most tremendous hostility towards us but also because of much sin in the land. Comparatively few (even in the vast sea of Christian- ity) righteous individuals stand with Israel, pray for her and support her actively. And even scarcer are those who actively support their Jewish brethren, fellow disciples of Yeshua, firstborn members of the household of G-d.

    Although the apostle Paul is extensively quoted in the churches, scant few are those churches who make reference to his exhortation in Romans 15:26-27: “For Macedonia and Achaia have been pleased to make some contribution for the poor among the SAINTS IN JERUSALEM; they were pleased to do it, and indeed they are IN DEBT TO THEM, for if the Gentiles have come to share in their spiritual blessings, they ought also to be of service to them in material blessings.”

    Nor is any attention paid to Paul ‘s request to put money aside every first day of the week (Sunday) to store up as a gift for the saints inJerusalem9 (Paul told the Roman governor Felix at Caesarea10). Furthermore, Paul commends the believers in Philippi for their show of kindness and concern in sending him (a Jew) a gift of donations by Epaphroditus11.

    Would that our fellow-citizens and co-heirs in the household of G-d would likewise revive their concern for the saints in Israel and be moved with loving kindness to share our troubles, to help us carry our burdens. It would indeed be a fragrant offering, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to G-d; for the rendering of this service would not only supply the needs of the saints but also overflow in many thanksgivings to G-d. Under the test of this service, the churches would glorify G-d by their obedience in acknowledging the gospel of Israel’s Messiah, and by their generosity to Messiah’s natural brethren.

    9 1 Corinthians 16:1-4; 2 Cor. 8:1-4, 8-9, 12-15; Chapter 9
      Y  The IDF Homepage won’t load the pictures when using Microsoft Explorer. It comes up in English and Hebrew with Chrome and Firefox browsers; this is their FaceBook site:
    10 Acts 24:17 11 Ph’pp 4:10, 14-19

  • Beer-Sheva-Ramot, a City on a Hill

    page 4

    In March 2001 we purchased a new apartment in one of Beer-Sheva’s new neighborhoods, high upon a hill overlooking the whole area and all of Beer-Sheva. For many years I had prayed the Lord for a place such as this. Last year spring when I prayed again the Lord simply said, “Dear child, the house won’t come to you. You will have to go and and look for it!” I immediately began to look around.

    One day, on my way to make copies of my newsletter, I noticed the newly opened office of the well-reputed Anglo Saxon Real Estate Agency. I felt prompted to “go in and ask.” Asking doesn’t cost anything. A very kind lady showed me pictures and floor plans and took me to a construction site. My husband was willing (after years of iron refusal) to come with me and look at the place in question. But it just did not feel right. It wasn’t “it!”

    A few days later I felt moved to drive up to the hills of the beautiful neighborhood of Ramot to inspect the high rise buildings there. Searching for the company who had built these housing units, I entered an office that stood in front of a huge empty lot. This construction company had just started building. I looked at the floor plans and at the model of the complex —and one apartment matched precisely what I had prayed for! I loved it! And, miraculously, it was still available! But would my husband love it too? I prayed and took my husband to have a look. He loved the same place — instantly! We had found our new home the Lord had reserved for us! Halleluyah!

    Later I realized that the answer to my prayers could not manifest until the city had freed those hills for construction. For our new home is on top of a hill, with G-d’s sky above us and an unobstructed view before us!

    Getting a mortgage was a “piece of cake” according to the director of that national mortgage bank. Selling our old apartment would be another “piece of cake” because of its proximity to Beer-Sheva’s ever growing university campus. My husband and I rejoiced!

    Then came September 11th and the whole world rattled and shook!

    The price of housing began to fall… and fall… and fall. We could only sell at a great loss and would still need to increase our mortgage. The next payment for our new home was about due when the Lord said, “Do not sell the apartment at this time. Keep it and rent it out!” This would mean a significantly larger mortgage and barely enough income for it.

    Then my minstrel friend Shira Mayim from Wisconsin, suggested to make our old apartment available rent-free for new immigrants, especially Messianics, by asking the friends and supporters of my ministry to pledge $ 20 a month for one year. Part of the “Or Tzion” purpose is to help new immigrants, as the ministry’s rallying cry suggests: “For the Return unto G-d AND the Land!”

    Therefore, if 22 – 25 people give faithfully $ 20 a month for 1 year, we can make the apartment available rent-free for new immigrants.

    The Lord confirmed this idea by several witnesses, including by our son Ami who did not know of Shira’s suggestion. As we look back on what seemed like a total disaster, we see the Lord working things out according to our desire and His purpose: to help “olim” (returning Jews) make it in the Land, and especially those who are believers in our Lord Yeshua.

    Occasionally I have shared with you about the importance of not only bringing Jews out of their country of exile back to Israel, but also helping them get settled. One is bringing them out, the other is bringing them in. Moses led the people out of Egypt toward the Promised Land, but Joshua brought them in.

    Many new immigrants despair and fail when they come here. They need continual support and a helping hand until they establish a solid footing in their new, (yet ancient), homeland. A few Christian organizations do help Jews return and also assist them within the Land12 but they are too few for so great a need.

    I know of no Church that helps Messianic Jews return to Israel and get established. Yet this should be a priority of all Churches: to give some of the weekly offering to Messianic immigrants – those already in the Land and those preparing to come. Our God deeply desires to gather in His sheep and to bring His Jewish disciples back to the Land of Israel. Where are those Gentile brethren who will carry on their shoulders Messianic brothers and sisters back to their own Land?13

    Why are millions of dollars donated to TBN spent on broadcasting the Gospel by Moslems for Moslems, who daily incite their listeners to commit acts of terror in Israel  [a] and proclaim Jihad against G-d’s own, covenanted Land of Israel? Wouldn’t it be more fruitful to help Jewish believers make Aliya?

    12Christian Friends of Israel[CFI]; The International Christian Embassy;
    Bridges for Peace; The Ebenezer Emergency Fund
    13 Isaiah 49:22
    a) See the PA_TV_sermon at the End Notes page 8.

  • Beer-Sheva – Metropolis of the Negev, a City with a Future

    page 5

    Beer-Sheva14 is a growing city with increasing job opportunities and beautiful new neighborhoods, connected to the rest of the country via trains, highways, buses and planes. Beer-Sheva is rapidly becoming the metropolis of the Negev, with its growing university and medical facilities, business parks and growing chemical and high-tech industry attracting new immigrants and people from all across the country.

    An apartment rent-free for 1 year will help a Messianic Jewish family get settled successfully in Beer-Sheva. To make this possible we have the following needs:

    For the monthly payment of $ 450: We need 22 written pledges of $ 20 monthly for one year. These pledges are tax deductible within the United States. The money will go into a specified fund with the rent being paid to the ministry’s VISA. Payment will be made here in Israel. It is wiser to pay in dollars because of the high exchange rate.

    Furnishing the apartment: New immigrants first arrive without their belongings as their shipments are stored at the port of entry. They either live first in absorption centers, or rent fully furnished apartments until they can buy their own place and get their shipment of belongings out of port. It is therefore necessary to furnish the apartment completely: major appliances, kitchenware and linen, telephone, TV and a computer for learning and work purposes.

    Helping with the first bills: The first six months are spent learning Hebrew in an intensive “Ulpan” (language center) and filling out forms: to register the family as new immigrants, to enroll the children in school, to get unemployment benefits, etc. Bureaucracy in Israel is a trial, especially for new immigrants.

    The next few months are spent job hunting. It generally takes 1 year – or more – to settle down with some measure of success. For example, it took us from April ’87 till the beginning of January ’88 until my husband got his job harvesting the Dead Sea. It took writing over 50 job applications and several job interviews in various towns before he found employment (where he is still is today).

    Hence, generous support from churches, Bible study groups, various organizations and ministries, and from individuals is needed. Perhaps someone knows how to make application for established special trust funds for the above mentioned purposes? Helping your Jewish brethren return to the Land of Israel and succeed in building a new life is not only a wonderful way of fulfilling prophecy, but also a holy duty according to G-d’s Word. Moreover you would be a partner in helping to spread the Good News effectively for who knows better how to witness to a Jew than a Jew? Jews were the first and will also be the last to proclaim the Gospel.

    Once my husband and I are established in our new home, we can begin helping the first Messianic family. My prophetic friends Yoseph & Shira with their two children are planning on making Aliya next year. However, the prospects look extremely dim as they lack the necessary finances. The same is true for our daughter and her four children. Yet G-d wants to lead them out and bring them home to Israel.

    His Word states that the Gentile brethren should assist graciously and cheerfully. May G-d touch your hearts with His compassion!


    14 Beer-Sheva Links: <Beer-Sheva – Capital of the Negev>; <Beer-Sheva – gateway to the Negev desert>; <Beduin Market>; <The Old City> ; <Modern Beer-Sheva & neighborhood Omer & desert area>; <pictures of Ben Gurion University> <Ben Gurion University>, and <down town Beer-Sheva> (constantly changing and improving):
    <Soroko Hospital> (Hospitals in Israel); All pictures are from Alexei V. Sergeev Archives.

  • The Return of Esther and the Sukkah of David

    page 6

    Regretfully I will not be coming to the States in the year 2002 for my “marching orders” are:
    a) Prepare the new home;
    b) Bring the two younger of our grandchildren to Israel for the summer vacation in order to dispel their fears of the unknown, of moving to Israel;
    c) Travel to France to find the family book of generations with the help of
    Stephanie, my French genealogy friend.
    To a: Our new home will serve the Lord as a gathering place for a home fellowship and for the Lord’s minstrels and psalmists. Although I myself am not a musician I saw in the spirit the Lord’s musicians being drawn to our new home up on the hill. The Lord then gave me two visions:

    1) Music poured out from the heart of G-d to the heart of man, breaking all hardness toward Yeshua, especially in the Jewish people15: heavenly sounds and lyrics, music so powerful as has not been heard since the days of King David; not man’s worship to man, but G-d’s Divine Worship; His heart calling man’s heart.

    And the musicians were captivated and drawn by that music which only they could hear (just as some creatures can hear certain sonar sounds the human ear cannot hear).

    2) The second image was Noah gathering the animals into the ark: no need for Noah to travel the globe in search of these animals. G-d drew them by their very instinct. One place only was safe and secure – Noah’s ark – and that is where G-d had them run. Then Noah made his selection according to G-d’s instructions.

    Just so did the musicians gather. G-d called them to this place on a hill in the Arava. At first this seemed bizarre, as I myself am not a musician. Our sons are, and so is my psalmist friend Shira in the U.S. When she plays, things happen. When our sons play and sing together one’s heart gets captivated. When I shared this strange vision of the “gathering of musicians” with Ami, he was amazed, because our new home is very near a Beer-Sheva landmark called “Antarta,”16 known as “the gathering place.” And Isaiah 51:3b speaks of the Arava being made like the Garden of the Lord, with joy and gladness found therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of melody/”kol zimrah!”

    Our new home will signal a new era — a “breakthrough ”: what has been hoped for will soon come true.

    To c: This is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, with G-d nothing is impossible for it is He Who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that are not17. Over 20 years ago, the Lord confirmed the reality of our family’s book of generations, saying that He has kept this book just like the Dead Sea scrolls. Now I must go to France and begin the search where my maternal grandfather was arrested by the Nazis and sent to a camp. (The Nazis recorded every Jew and where their belongings were stored. This is how hundreds of magnificent works of art were found.)

    Several years ago the Lord sent me to a genealogical seminar in Paris where I met Stephanie, a French genealogist who agrees to help me. I believe this is of the Lord, for soon after writing her, the Lord spoke to me about Queen Esther. When the Jewish people faced annihilation (as we do today from the Palestinians in the role of Haman), Esther’s uncle Mordecai said to her, “…who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom [to royal authority] for a time such as this and for this very occasion?”

    This was extraordinary confirmation for this book. No one who spoke to me about Esther knew of my family background nor what the Lord had said more than 20 years before.

    This undertaking will involve expenses such as my ticket to France, room and board and possible entrance and archival fees. Believing G-d that this is indeed the year of “break through” I pray and trust that full provision will be forthcoming, above and beyond what I have imagined.

    I will travel after the visit of our two grandsons, which the Lord has purposed for their sake and future Aliyah. Hence I believe also for these necessary funds.

    It’s all written in the Lord’s book — not in my bank account. Therefore, may you with a “willing, generous heart” give cheerfully to these works and be blessed. May all “whose hearts are stirred” know that you are blessing the Lord’s work, ordained on behalf of His people Israel and the Succah of David18.

    15 Ezekiel 36:26
    16 The picture is of the Hanegev Palmach Brigade Memorial [“Antarta”] at Lucia’s Beer-Sheva pages of her web site
    17 Jeremiah 32:17, 27; Luke 1:37; Matt. 19:26; Romans 4:17
    18 Exodus 35:5, 21-22, 29; Amos 9:11; [Isa. 16:5; Zech. 12:7-9]

  • The year 2002 – a Year of Omens: The Chip, the Intifada, the Moon and Two Minutes of many Two’s

    page 7

    I was about to close this letter when the Lord reminded me of a “sign of the time” which, while easily overlooked, signals a drastic change in the affairs of man, another type of “break through.” In the month of February of this year (in which also the Jews’ victory over Haman is commemorated) G-d prepared a two-fold witness to the Body of Messiah and to the nations in a single day:
    1) The first witness was on the 22nd day of the 2nd month, at 2:22 a.m.
    in the year 2002, i.e. 02:22hr, on 22/02/2002;
    2) The second witness was at 22:22hr (which is 10:22 p.m.) on 22/02/2002.
    The first set of 2’s has 8 two’s, the second set has 9. Whereas the #8 always signifies a new beginning, a new move of G-d, the #9 invariably speaks of the conclusion of a matter, marking the end of something, because it is the last of the digits. New is the opposite of old, hence it does not refer to a “revival” but to something novel. The sets are in 2’s: 8 x 2 totals 16, foreshadowing both a “double portion” of G-d’s new move as well as a “separation,” such as dividing the genuine from the false, seeing that the #2 signifies separation and division as well as a double portion. This the Lord announced already two years ago, saying that it would manifest with the power and suddenness of a vortex19.

    The #9 also speaks of rebellion and battle, and “is akin to the number six, six being the sum of its factors (3 x 3 = 9, and 3 + 3 = 6), and is thus significant of the end of man, and the summation of all man’s works. Nine is, therefore,

    for judgment is committed unto Yeshua as ‘the Son of man.’ It marks the completeness, the end and issue of all things as to man — the judgment of man and all his works.”20 Seeing that this # also appeared in a set of 2’s indicates that the matter is quite imminent and certain.

    Another “sign of the times” in both calendar and the sky appeared on Wednesday, February 27th – the second day of Purim called “Shushan Purim” – the full moon being brightest for the year 2002. Purim commemorates the Jews’ rescue from annihilation by having the genocide intended for them turned upon the heads of those who planned to carry it out a. It was a great slaughter of over 80,000. The “moon” instead represents Messiah in the Scriptures, the Light that came into this present darkness to lead us back to G-d. The moon is G-d’s “faithful witness” in the sky J, testifying of the Son of G-d Who would diminish and be cut off for our sake, yet would rise again and be restored to His former glory. The 22nd and 27th of February therefore represent two witnesses which testify that the judgment of man and Messiah Yeshua’s Return will not delay.

    Another “signal” alarming us of the lateness of time can be found in a special report by ABC on the development of the “Chip”. 21

    Hence, besides a personal “break through” there will also be a worldwide one for the Body of Messiah as well as a “threshing” to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    The Lord even had several people independent from one another send me messages that this year 2002 is a year of “break through.” And truly, I am beginning to feel tension like “an arrow on the Lord’s bow,” waiting to be released. All fear of man is gone, all concern for self. I am consumed with care for our people counted as sheep for the slaughter, being devoured by bloodthirsty beasts, with no shepherd to protect them. I am torn up by our people’s faces, distorted from pain, grief and sorrow. Yeshua in me bears their pain, shares their sorrow. I want to arise and comfort our people and lead them into the arms of the Shepherd of Israel Who alone can save them, bind up and heal their wounds and give them a hope and a future.

    I hear Him say, “Let Me carry them, let Me bear them, that I may comfort them and fill them with new courage.”

    There is hope for your future O Israel, there is hope as you look for His Coming! Seek Him while He may be found, implore Him and make petition. Perhaps He will hear and have mercy on you! O Israel, know and receive your Savior and King. He will defend you; He will vindicate you; He will make your light rise and your right shine bright as the noonday.

    With this newsletter I hope to have faithfully depicted for you the reality of life in Israel. May it arouse in you the Lord’s love and compassion for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, siding with them for His sake. May you be encouraged to take a stand with the Truth and Israel as co-heirs, seeing the nation neither through “rosy” eyeglasses nor through the world Media’s eyes, but from the Lord’s – and His people’s – perspective. The Jewish disciples of Yeshua returning to Israel need determination to persevere and endure, to practice forgiveness, mercy, and kindness – and possess a lot of humor. Life in Israel is a daily test of patience, faith, and unconditional love.

    All of Israel needs your undivided loyalty, friendship and support.

    Yours in Him,


    For you “watchmen on the wall” who stand in the gap for Israel, making intercession on her people’s behalf before the Holy One of Israel, you may want to make use of the Scripture prayers (perhaps print them out) I have assembled at:

    19 You can read all about it in newsletter # 43;
    20 Quoted from “Number in Scripture,” by E.W. Bullinger, pp. 235; published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501; 1991
    J Other interesting “moon” web sites are: <The Moon>; <Sandburg Center for Sky Awareness>; <Inconstant Moon>; <Science NASA 2002>
    21 Revelation1 13:16-17 [15]; some more articles on “the implanted chip” by <C.A.S.P.I.A.N.>; <ZDNet – implanted ID chip>; <World Net article>; < article>; < article>; <VeryPay chip>; <CBS Health & Science>

  • From Saddam to Shi’ite Islam

    Page 8


    May 13, 2005
    The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews – even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.’

    ‘Allah has tormented us with ‘the people most hostile to the believers’ the Jews. ‘Thou shalt find that the people most hostile to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists.’ Allah warned His beloved Prophet Muhammad about the Jews, who had killed their prophets, forged their Torah, and sowed corruption throughout their history.

    ‘With the establishment of the state of Israel, the entire Islamic nation was lost, because Israel is a cancer spreading through the body of the Islamic nation, and because the Jews are a virus resembling AIDS, from which the entire world suffers.

    ‘You will find that the Jews were behind all the civil strife in this world. The Jews are behind the suffering of the nations. Ask Britain what it did to the Jews in the early sixth century. What did they
    do to the Jews? They expelled them, tortured them, and prevented them from entering Britain for more than 300 years. All this was because of what the Jews did in Britain. Ask France what it did to the Jews. They tortured them, expelled them, and burned their Talmud, because of the civil strife the Jews wanted to spark in France, in the days of Louis XIX. Ask Portugal what it did to the Jews. Ask Czarist Russia, which welcomed the Jews, who plotted to kill the Czar – so he massacred them. But don’t ask Germany what it did to the Jews. It was the Jews who provoked Nazism to wage war against the entire world, when the Jews, using the Zionist movement, got other countries to wage an economic war on Germany and to boycott German merchandise. They provoked Russia, Britain, France, and Italy. This enraged the Germans toward the Jews, leading to the events of those days, which the Jews commemorate today.

    ‘But they are committing worse deeds than those done to them in the Nazi war. Yes, perhaps some of them were killed and some burned, but they are inflating this in order to win over the media and gain the world’s sympathy. The worst crimes in history were committed against the Jews, yet these crimes are no worse than what the Jews are doing in Palestine. What was done to the Jews was a
    crime, but isn’t what the Jews are doing today in the land of Palestine not a crime?!

    ‘Look at modern history. Where has Great Britain gone? Where has Czarist Russia gone? Where has France gone – France, which almost ruled the entire world? Where is Nazi Germany, which massacred millions and ruled the world? Where did all these superpowers go? He who made them disappear will make America disappear too, God willing. He who made Russia disappear overnight is capable of making America disappear and fall, Allah willing.

    ‘We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history.

    (The preceding are excerpts from the official Friday sermon on May 13, 2005, on Palestinian Authority TV. The speaker is Sheik Ibrahim Muderis, a paid employee of the PA.)

    Comments by Annelore: The history given by this Sheik is invented, nothing whatsoever is truthful in this sermon. What IS truthful , however, is the PA’s and Arab/Muslim world’s aspiration to world dominion. This is no hoax! And this sermon is not an exception but the rule. Whether in the PA controlled areas, or in Egypt, Iran, Syria, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, and Hizbullah controlled Lebanese areas, etc., these are the kind of sermons preached every Friday in every mosque.

    What grieves me most about this sermon is the fact that it was broadcasted from the TV station for which TBN raised the funds to buy the equipment a). It won’t help Paul & Jan Crouch in the day when they stand before the Lord to claim, saying, “But Lord! Did we not do great and mighty works in your Name; and were we not the largest Christian TV enterprise in the world; and did we not preach the Gospel across the globe?” And the Lord will answer them then, “You have done it for your own name and glory. What you have not done for the least of these my BRETHREN you have not done for me. Be gone from Me you evil doers.” And He will appoint them a place with the hypocrites.

    You may have been a faithful “disciple” of the Crouches and giver to TBN, and and therefore you take offense at my words. But I believe your love for the Lord Yeshua/Jesus, and for the United States of America supercedes your love for Paul & Jan Crouch. Seeing that this virulent sermon is not only directed against the Jews (who still are G-d’s elected people) and their nation Israel, but against the USA as well and the world at large, you may want to seriously reconsider where you give your tithe and offerings. TBN sowed this one into the devil’s field.

    We must stand against this virulent drivel and for Israel and the Jewish people. Please take a moment now and add your signature to this letter to President Bush:
    Antony Pearce
    a) See Archive Newsletters # 22:5-7; and #23:3-4