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    Had Abraham not been willing to render up Isaac as a Sacrifice, his only PROMISED son of supernatural birth, it would have delayed the Coming of the PROMISED SEED, G-d’s only begotten Son of supernatural Birth.

    Isaac was Abraham’s only/yachid son brought forth by the will and power of G-d and not by the flesh. Ishmael is Abraham’s son after the flesh, and so are all the sons by Keturah. G-d required Isaac, the PROMISED, SUPERNATURAL seed of the FREE woman, Abraham’s wife Sarah, and not Ishmael, the son of the slave woman conceived of the flesh.

    G-d called Abraham’s seed after Isaac, amd not after Ishmael (though Moslems hotly deny this as they fail to understand G-d’s Salvation through the one/yachid DIVINE PROMISED Seed brought forth by the will and power of G-d and not of the will and flesh of man.

    G-d promised that on Mt. Moriah, He would be seen; for there He provided the eternal Sacrifice, prefigured by Isaac. In a vision I saw Mt. Moriah with Abraham’s altar of stone – the stones upon which Jacob later lay his head and which merged into one single stone1; this very same stone became the foundation stone of the House of G-d upon Mt.Moriah. In the vision the stone mutated into a T-cross, with an unblemished white Lamb upon it. thus foreshadowing the “altar of sacrifice.” And wound about that T-cross, hung a huge serpent.

    It was on this very cross that the Lamb of G-d, the divine PROMISED Seed supernaturally brought forth, defeated the serpent through His own violent death, and became our propitiation for sin, dying in our stead.

    Henceforth, whosoever would put his/her faith and hope in Him would not perish after death, but would live forever more. Oh death, where is your sting?

    The power of the serpent – his deadly sting of sin – has been undone and cancelled for all who believe in the Promised Seed that came down from heaven. Glory be unto G-d, and thanksgiving forever and ever. Amen!

    1 Genesis 28:11 (stones, plural), 18 (et ha even = THE stone that he had put for his pillows, pillows plural); the stones merged into one stone, which Jacob set up as a pillar, anointed it, and vowed and decreed that this stone shall be G-d’s house. 

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    The New Covenant has not abolished Torah; G-d’s commandments have never been cancelled by the New Covenant. It is simply that the old covenant has been replaced by a new covenant as was prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah1. The Old Covenant was ratified with the sprinkling of animal blood, an act which could not cleanse the conscience. This is evidenced by Torah-believing Jews who transgress the Law even the day after Yom Kippur.

    Just as the flesh itself cannot change its fallen, sinful nature so animal blood sacrifices of the Old Covenant cannot redeem or save. What was the purpose, then, of the Old Covenant? It was meant to separate the people of Israel unto G-d until the time of a new and better Covenant, as prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah (see footnote 1). The New Covenant was instituted by Messiah Yeshua in His blood that was utterly pure and undefiled.

    ”In the blood is the life…,” therefore blood atoned for sin temporarily with the yearly Yom Kippur sacrifice, and moreover consecrated Israel unto G-d. However, this Old Covenant of animal sacrifices was nothing more than a foreshadow of the New Covenant which, in contrast, provides eternal atonement for sin by Messiah’s blood containing the DNA of eternal life.

    When our hearts and consciences are cleansed by Messiah’s blood, G-d no longer sees us as we were, dead in our sinful nature, but He sees us as a new creation, born not of flesh and blood but revived by the Spirit of G-d2. Just as death was averted in Egypt during the Passover, when the destroyer passed over every house with the blood of the lamb on the door posts and lintel3, so death and eternal damnation is cancelled for all who receive the atoning blood of Messiah Yeshua, the Lamb of G-d.

    It was the blood alone that saved the Israelites in Egypt from certain death, and now it is Messiah Yeshua’s blood alone that saves us from eternal death. During the night of the Passover, no distinction was made between Israelite and Egyptian. Had an Israelite failed to apply the blood, the destroyer would have killed him and not spared him just because he was an Israelite. And any Egyptian applying the blood to his house, believing, would have been saved4.

    Likewise with the blood of the New Covenant: one cannot be saved from eternal damnation just because one is a Jew, a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob5. All Jews who refuse the New Covenant will be judged under the Old Covenant, and salvation will depend upon rigid obedience to every word written in the Law (Torah). Those deemed righteous by the Law’s standard will live6, but won’t receive the eternal, glorious body of the believers after Messiah7, but a body such as Adam had before his trespass in the Garden of Eden.

    Similarly, when a Gentile who is far from G-d, from the Law and the Commonwealth of Israel receives Israel’s Messiah and Redeemer, the blood of the New Covenant expiates his sins and old nature as he receives a new and eternal life in G-d’s Kingdom.

    Whether Jew or Gentile, it is the blood of the New Covenant that atones and saves.   Works of the Law8, religious traditions and observances, whether Israelite or not, are of no avail9.

    As we eat the leaven-free matza at the Passover table, just so are we to partake of the sinless Body of Messiah that we may share in His glorious body in the resurrection. And as we drink the Passover Seder’s third cup of wine, so do we partake of His blood during Communion, that we may share one day in the eternal, imperishable life of the Son of G-d when His pure blood will be flowing in our veins. And just as the middle matza of the three matzot [like Father, SON and Holy Spirit], riddled with stripes and holes, is broken, buried and then “resurrected” for all to share in that “risen” matza, so shall all believers, Jew or Gentile, partake of Messiah and His resurrection.

    Under the Old Covenant, we taste of the bitterness of a fallen, sinful nature, unable to escape its dreadful end, and the salt of our tears burns in our eyes and hearts. We toil and labor in vain, either for this life or that we may “merit” the life to come: yet, only faith and hope in G-d can sweeten our lot. In contrast, under the New Covenant, we are delivered from our vain efforts and our toil and labor become sweet and joyful and are no longer in vain, for we have the promise of eternal life with G-d Who will one day wipe away all our tears.

    Our hearts are hopeful and we rejoice in G-d’s eternal promises as we thank Him for His Son, Messiah Yeshua. As Son of Joseph and Lamb of G-d, He fulfilled His first mission – that of redeeming mankind, both Jew and Gentile, and reconciling man back to G-d. And with expectant hope and faith we await His Return as the Son of David upon the throne of Israel, reigning as King of kings and Lord of lords. Then He will carry out His second mission, destroying all of Israel’s and His enemies, and establish the Kingdom of G-d.

    Then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth10 by unfaithful disciples, hypocrites, apostates and unbelieving sinners, faced with eternal damnation. Upright believers in G-d who refused the New Covenant yet are judged righteous by Torah’s standards, will mourn, as they are excluded from the new Golden Jerusalem come down from heaven, and will be ruled over by those who believed, even by the very least of them.  

    To G-d be the glory forever and ever, for His salvation and for eternal life in His Kingdom. As sons and daughters and priests of the Most High, we are made partners with His divine nature11. Amen and amen!  

    1 Jeremiah 31:31-33 2 John 1:13 3 Exodus 12:21-27 4 Exodus 12:12-13
    5 Matthew 3:9 6 Ro 2:12, 17-25; Gal. 3 7 Ph’p 3:20-21; 1 Co 15:22, 42-50 8 Romans 3:28
    9 Ephesians 2:12 10 Matt. 8:11-12; 22:11-13 11  2 Peter 1:3-4

  •  MessianicScript-card-03

    Messiah Yeshua is often despised, mocked, ridiculed and rejected, as prophesied by the prophet Isaiah1. And though existing in the form of G-d, He did not consider His equality with G-d something to cling to, but willingly surrendered His mighty glory and power to be born as a man, Assuming the guise of an obedient Servant, He humbled Himself to the utmost, laying down His life and dying like a criminal to bear the collective sin of man and the punishment for it as G-d’s “Sa’ir la’Azazel/ scapegoat”2 in fulfillment of the Day of Atonement. And as the “Lamb of G-d” by whose blood the power of the destroyer would be undone He willingly let Himself be taken to the ordained altar of sacrifice — the Roman crucifix3, so that all who believe in Him and in the New Covenant by His blood are forgiven of their sins and reconciled to G-d.

    Therefore G-d has highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the Name which is above every name – Yeshua – that at this Name every knee shall bow, in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Messiah Yeshua is Lord, to the glory of HaShem, G-d the Father.

    Then all mockers will be silenced and all unrepentant blasphemers will howl in despair. For when Messiah Yeshua returns it will not be as the humble and gentle Lamb, but as the Lion of Judah4 Who shall roar for His people and bring them into the safety they long for. Then the survivors of the nations will tremble before the King of Israel, Who shall rule over them and over all the earth with an iron rod, from Jerusalem.

    He will judge the peoples, first those who have believed in Him and share in the First Resurrection; afterwards those who shall be raised in the Second Resurrection at the end of the Messianic Reign lasting a thousand years. Messiah will be a strong and righteous Judge and those of the House of Israel who refused to believe in Him will mourn inconsolably as for an only son, as prophesied by the prophet Zechariah5. They will wail bitterly when they see Him Whom they had pierced – the marks of His wounds proving that He had indeed come once before as the Lamb of G-d, slain upon a wooden cross for the salvation of G-d’s people and the world. For Ha-Shem, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel), had made His only begotten Son to be the One and only acceptable “korban” / Sacrifice, for us all.

    While Messiah has not as yet returned it is still called “The Day of Salvation.” Let us not reject Him Who is offering us such a marvellous and most costly, free gift of forgiveness of sin and redemption with G-d. For after Messiah’s return, there remains nothing but judgment for the survivors of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, who refused to receive and believe in Him, as it is written:

    “There will be tribulation and distress for every human being that does evil, the Jew first and also the Greek (Gentile and worldy person), but glory and honor and peace for everyone who does good, the Jew first and also the Greek. For G-d shows no partiality.”

    By their works done under the Law, or of faith and charity, they will stand or fall.

    But all who belong to Messiah Yeshua, whether Jew or Gentile, will exult in Him and marvel at His majesty, when He shall reign upon the throne of David. As the fearsome Lion of Judah He shall exercise His rule and authority over all.

    O the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of G-d! Hallelujah! Amen and amen!

  • The almond branch; the crown, and the almond branch with menorah
    are sketches by AnneloreThe Mountaintops set was by Moon & Back Graphics






     “I sinned, and perverted what was right, and it was not requited to me.
    He has redeemed my soul  from going down into the Pit,
    and my life shall see the Light.”
    “Behold, G-d does all these things, twice, three times with a [wo]man, to bring back
    his/her soul from the Pit to be lighted with the Light of Life.”
    Job 33:27-29

  • His_hand

    Let Thy hand be upon the Man of Thy right hand,
    the Son of Man Whom Thou hast made strong for Thyself!
    … Give us life, and we will call on Thy Name!
    Restore us, O LORD G-d of hosts!
    Let Thy Face shine, that we may be saved!

    Psalm 80:17-19

    The LORD [YHVH] says to my Lord [Adonai]:
    “Sit at My right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool…
    rule in the midst of your foes!”

    Psalm 110:1-2
    The almond branch has symbolized judgment ever since
    the rebellion of certain Israelites in the wilderness,
    when G-d commanded Moses to cut twelve rods from an
    almond tree, and give them to the twelve heads of the tribes,
    and one to Aaron of the tribe of Levi.
    None of the cut off branches came back to life, budding,
    blossoming, and bearing fruit; only the branch of Aaron
    the high priest, did.
    Numbers 17:2-10


    The almond tree is the very first of the trees in Israel that
    begins to blossom. It is the first to come back to life.
    According to tradition, it also was an almond tree which G-d
    showed Moses to throw into the bitter waters at Marah:
    the almond tree absorbed the water’s bitterness while
    “transferring” its own “sweetness” into the water.
    The tree “healed” the water and made it sweet.
    Exodus 15:22-25

    It also is said that the stick, which Elisha threw into the
    Jordan river at the place where an ax-head had fallen
    into the water, had been cut off from an almond tree.

    Elisha employed the same principle of “transfer” G-d
    had shown Moses: the almond stick absorbed the weight of
    the ax-head and “transferred” its own light weight onto
    the ax-head, which rose back up to the surface.
    2 Kings 6:5-6 


    Likewise Yeshua bore our sins, sicknesses and diseases and,
    taking our judgment upon Himself by dying upon a
    tree, He set us free from the power of sin and death.
    Our iniquity and unrighteousness were laid upon Him,
    and His sinlessness and righteousness were transferred onto us,
    as a free gift, by the will and grace of G-d, and by our faith
    in the atoning sacrifice of our Messiah-Redeemer-Savior.
    As it is written, “G-d so loved the world that He gave His
    only begotten Son that whosoever would believe in Him
    should not perish but have eternal life.” 
    John 3:16



    1 John 4:8


    As for the menorah, it is a symbol of Messiah – as well as of
    Israel – Who was coming into the world as “the true light
    that enlightens every human being” who will believe in Him.
    In Him was eternal life, and the purpose of this life
    was to lighten men with the light of life,
    to shine into their souls.
    This Light of eternal life shines into man’s spiritual darkness,
    and this darkness has not overcome it.”
    John 1:4, 9-13; Job 33:27-30

    The Moon, whose “face” shines down upon us, is the faithful
    witness of this truth which G-d placed in the sky:

    faceinmoonPsalm 89:37

    For the moon diminishes in glory until its light is eclipsed for
    three days, seemingly swollowed up by the darkness of night.
    But on the third day the moon reappears, announced
    with the sound of trumpets and proclaimed “head”
    of a new month – “rosh chodesh” – among Jews.
    Eventually the moon is restored to its former glory and
    its “face” shines once again down upon us.
    Even so did Messiah Yeshua relinquish His glory He had
    from G-d the Father until, cut off from the land of the
    living, His life and light appeared to have been eclipsed and
    swallowed up by the kingdom of darkness.
    But on the third day He rose again from the dead
    and is now fully restored to the glory He had at first.
    The prince of darkness could not overcome the Son of G-d Who,
    as our high priestly Redeemer, forever blesses G-d’s people
    with the high priestly blessing.
    John 17:5, 22; Numbers 6:23-26


    And this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the
    world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because
    their deeds were evil.
    John 3:19




    The drawings here are only sketches to illustrate
    the prophetic Word and
    its fulfillment
    by Messiah Yeshua,
    the Servant of G-d Whose Name is “The Branch.”

    I will put enmity between you [the serpent] and the woman,
    and between your seed and her Seed;
    He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel…Genesis 3:15
    Yet it was the will of the L-RD to bruise Him; He has put Him to grief;
    when He makes Himself an offering for sin,
    He shall see His offspring, He shall prolong His days… Isaiah 53:10



    For as the serpent in the wilderness was lifted up,
    even so must the Son of Man be lifted up:
    that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
    but have eternal life… John 3:14-15; Numbers 21:5-9


    The Man Whose Name is “The Branch” has overcome the serpent;
    although bruised, beaten, bleeding and nailed to a tree,
    and cut off from among the living.
    But He rose again from the dead, having destroyed the serpent’s power
    and taken the keys from Death and Hades. Now
    starshine2 HE LIVES starshine2

    never to die again, but to mediate and intercede for all


    who are destined to be saved unto eternal life in G-d’s Kingdom. 




    An Anointed One shall be cut off… Daniel 9:26
    By oppression and judgment taken away…
    for the transgression of My people… Isaiah 53:8
    Yet You did not leave His soul in sheol
    nor suffer Your Holy One to see corruption… Psalm 16:10
    But hast brought up His soul from sheol
    and restored Him to life… Psalm 30:3; 86:13

    starshine2  HE LIVES  starshine2

    Even as the [cut off] rod of the man whom You chose
    sprouted and put forth buds and produced blossoms
    and bore ripe almonds… Numbers 17:5, 8

    Just so Your Servant, the Man whose Name is “The Branch,”… Zechariah 6:12
    You quickened back to life; and He is bringing forth the fruit of His soul…
    sinners made righteous through Him as born-again children of G-d.


    The Testimony in the Ark of the Covenant… Exodus 40:20
    The Tables of the Law… Deuteronomy 10:5
    The Mannah from heaven… Exodus 16:33; Hebrews 9:4
    The cut off Branch that budded… Numbers 17:8, 10
    And the Mercy-Seat above the Ark…
    Together are the Testimony of the New Covenant.
  • Annelore’s “Big Bang” Theory Based Upon

    A Visualization Of A Scriptural Description



    I drew this image from the above Scriptural descriptions.

    Afterwards I searched the Net for a visual depiction of an Atom.

    This is what I found at the FREE RADICAL EXPLANTION  web site:






    They even drew it in the same rainbow colors as I did.
    Studying the Atom, and the effects of dividing it
    brings us closer to understanding the mystery of the “Big Bang’s” origin.
    G-d, at the center, is the Nucleus of such immense power that
    when He, Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, “divided” Himself
    to act separately yet in one accord – the Spoken Word,
    the Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit and the Sovereign Will
    of G-d the Father – this act “exploded” into generating a “living” universe.

  • Wheeloftime-ttl

    There is an invisible Equator surrounding the earth, a “wheel of time,” encircling her until “all has been fulfilled.”1 Man could travel back and forth on it if he knew the mechanism of it. Thank G-d, so far man has not discovered the workings of it, or else wicked and ignorant men would begin to interfere with history, trying to alter it to their profit and benefit. The disastrous consequences of such actions cannot even be imagined!

    We can see from the account in the Book of the prophet Ezekiel, beginning with chapter 40, that everything already exists, and is done and accomplished on the wheels of time. Ezekiel is being transported on that “wheel” into the future, existing on yet another “wheel,” namely that of the Millennial Messianic Reign, and is shown the Millennial Temple already standing. He is commanded to very carefully observe what he sees and hears, and with a focused mind record everything. Afterwards he is transported back onto the precise spot and moment on the time wheel where he is living his life.

    When mankind shall have arrived at the precise moment on the Millennial time wheel at which time the House of the LORD is to be built by the Man Whose Name is “THE BRANCH,” it will be built exactly according to the details recorded by Ezekiel.




    I have such an example of my personal experience: when I was ministering in Texas, a friend of mine took me to a Bible study in Dallas, conducted by a handmaiden of the Lord, Helga Zederman, or Zedermandis. My friend and I sat in the second, open room to the right of the opening. Miss Zederman was praying, and then opened her Bible to begin the study. But then she closed the Bible again, looked up and straight at me and unexpectedly said, “I cannot continue and begin the study until I have given this Word from the Lord to this lady in the back there,” and she pointed at me. She saw me as a huge and brilliant star in the dark skies over the mountains of Israel; said that I was a shepherdess of the LORD to feed His sheep; and that I must not be fearful, tremble or be dismayed at men, but be very bold and courageous, for much, very much depended on my obedience and boldness in the LORD to speak and act in accordance with what He assigned to me.

    Years later, when the Lord commanded me to start this web site of TET (even though I had  absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of how to do this) He instructed me to illustrate Miss Zederman’s prophecy to me, and place it on the homepage [pg 12]. I did that, and one day I came to realize, after having studied both Ezekiel’s vision of the future Temple and John’s vision in the Book of Revelation of the golden city of Jerusalem coming out of heaven, that the Lord apparently showed Miss Zederman my illustration, and she then prophesied what she saw. She saw what I had done before I had done it. Her prophetic vision and my illustrating it is like a wheel into a wheel, for one could not be without the other.

    This is another image to illustrate the nature of the “equator of time, and how G-d”

    is present at every instance anywhere on that “time
    wheel,” as He is seated
    above the “circle of the
    earth. It matters not
    wether going into the
    far past or the
    distant future, G-d is
    ALWAYS there, ALWAYS present!

    To understand this even better, I feature here another visualization of the “wheels of time,” how the wheels “overlap” or link into each other, until ALL of G-d’s re-creation – this last and final “Genesis” – shall have been accomplished with the new heaven/galaxy and new earth.


    Our knowledge, insight and understanding is still very limited, despite great 6-time_wheels

    advancements. And thank G-d it is, else we would do the same evil things
    Noah’s generation did. In fact, Yeshua declared that the days of Noah would
    again be in the earth at the time of His Second Coming. And not only this,
    but also the days of Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah, all three together in
    the earth at the same time, filling up the measure of wickedness, returning it
    to its place of origin — Iraq, the land of Shinar2.

    On the time wheel of “our age” we are rapidly approaching the end of it, and
    the coming of the Messianic Reign. There is an exponential speeding up of time,
    one downward and one upward: Just as a car speeding downhill without its brakes
    increases in speed until it crashes, so it is with the world. This same principle also
    applies to the upward movement of the saints, however in a different sense, as the
    laws of this 3-dimensional world no longer apply to them. Just as a plane increases
    speed before it takes off to flight, time speeds up for the saints’ rescue out of this
    present world’s disastrous end. Hallelujah!


    1 Matt. 5:18; Rev. 21:_5-6 2 Matt. 24:37-38; Zech. 5:6-11
    The house for this full “ephah of wickedness”already stands: it was built by Saddam Hussein in his attempt to rebuild the ancient city of Babylon. The house he built is the temple to the godess Ishtar, together with the Ishtar gate. Saddam believed himself to be the son of, or reincarnation of king Nebuchadnezzar, and that he would live forever.







    The following pages of sketches were ideas for a logo

    a friend of mine wanted for her ministry.

    She presented them to the man who was her pastor at the time,

    and he used the one of the praying hands enfolding Israel,

    altering the image with a globe as backdrop.


    I am featuring all six drawings on these two pages as an encouragement

    to all who love this City of the Great King, and hope one day

    to live in her and worship in the New House of G-d/HaBeit, the 3rd Temple,

    together with Him Who is our Messiah-King and Priest,

    after the order of Melchizedek – Yeshua.

    It is He Who shall build HaBeit for the Millennial Reign,

    for He is that Servant of G-d Whose Name is “THE BRANCH.”


    What it might look like: instead of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque the Third Temple of the Holy One of Israel to crown the Temple Mount again.

    What it might look like: instead of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque the Third Temple of the Holy One of Israel to crown the Temple Mount again.















  • mount_logo