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  • The Jericho-Gaza First Agreements

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    About 20 years ago the youth ministry of the large Metroplex church our family attended invited “Christian rock-groups” to their youth-camp meetings in order to draw “lost” youth to the Lord. I attended one meeting. What I saw was not the young people’s souls but their flesh being drawn. Then the Lord spoke to my spirit: “Since when is Belial in the business of salvation? What fellowship has My Word with his music? It is by My Spirit that I draw the lost unto My Son, NOT by attracting the flesh.” Today the leadership of this church is fallen and the congregants are scattered. By seeking to advance the Kingdom of G-d by carnal wisdom this ministry shipwrecked.

    If deception were not what it is, no one would be deceived. Therefore our Lord warned that in the last days it would lead astray, if possible, even the elect1. G-d’s people are in danger of perishing — for lack of knowledge; of coming to ruin for lack of understanding2. A deception is not apparent as error, as an outright evil. Its true nature is disguised with an appearance of true, good and just.*Jericho was the first of the cities of Canaan G-d delivered into the hands of His people Israel. It is the first of the cities of Judah delivered back unto the Canaanites by Israel’s apostate leadership. Yet millions of nominal Christians, and even “Spirit-filled” ones, are duped into believing that these agreements will lead to a “just and comprehensive peace” in the Middle East.

    Even the leadership of the Trinity Broadcasting Network has fallen for Satan’s deception. In a letter to a concerned lover of Israel Paul Crouch wrote: “We are sorry that you seem to misunderstand what we are trying to do in our contact with the PLO. We are not, in any sense, having “fellowship with a man who is a murderer.” We have met with THE LEADER OF A GOVERNMENT that is in control of an area in the world that we would like very much to have a television ministry in. We have made contacts with the leaders of Israel, leaders in Egypt, leaders in Jordan, and NOW WE HAVE MADE CONTACT WITH THE PLO. Our only desire is that we might be able to establish a television station in that area to bring the Gospel there… Be aware of the fact that in the early church the leaders of the church made contact with local governments in order to establish their work in those areas. That is exactly what we have been doing, AND WE SHOULD NOT BE ACCUSED of trying to have fellowship with someone who is a known terrorist…”

    Who is it that misunderstands the purposes of G-d? Had Mr. Crouch understood Psalm 83 and 60:6-8; Joel 3:2, 4, 12-16, 19-21; Isaiah 34:5-9, 12; and Ezekiel 25:15-17 [Is 14:29-32; Am 1:6-8; Zeph. 2:4-7], he would have shrunk in holy dread from making a deal with one of G-d’s worst enemies. Had he understood G-d’s counsel in regard to Egypt3, he would not have repeated the error of Menachem Begin, “carrying out a plan, but not G-d’s; making an agreement, but not of G-d’s Spirit.” He would not acknowledge Yasser Arafat’s “government” over the very areas G-d calls His portion and scepter (Judah), and His firstborn and helmet (Samaria-Ephraim). He is deceived into justifying his contact with the PLO as being for the sake of the Gospel4, and that he merely follows the example of the early church leaders. Yet none of the apostles initiated contacts with wicked men for the sake of the Gospel, as Paul Crouch did. Rather, they were summoned by them, brought before their courts, or visited by them in prison.

    The enemies of Israel are the enemies of G-d. Friendship with the WORLD is enmity with G-d5. We are to love OUR PERSONAL enemies, NOT the enemies of G-d. On the contrary. “Do I not hate them that HATE THEE, O LORD? And do I not LOATHE them that rise up AGAINST THEE? I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them MY enemies6.” Since when is the enemy of G-d and of Israel a participant in proclaiming the Gospel? What has the precious Gospel in common with this vile and contemptible person, who is a murderer and leader of a band of lawless men, who shall act deceitfully from the time an alliance is made with him by the ungodly leaders of Israel7? Yes, also Palestinians will be saved. But not by TBN making deals with G-d’s enemies, but by the counsel and power and anointing of the Holy Spirit8.

    The spirit of error, which disguises the “Jericho-Gaza-First” agreements as being G-d-willed, good and just, is a master in deception. Unless the saints are kept constantly informed and warned they are in serious danger of getting robbed of their inheritance without even knowing it.


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    *Picture of Jericho by “Ancient Sandals”

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    4 This is from a recorded program on TBN of Nov. 11, 1994, on which Paul Crouch justifies his dealings with Arafat. What follows is the transcript of Paul Crouch’s words:”The Holy Land TV! …Oh glory, I get just happy, shouting happy on that. We’re going to *Jericho, man! We’re going to *Jericho! The walls have already come down. Hallelujah! Hey! Hey, hey! We’ve delivered the first half million dollars to buy the first load of equipment, and its on its way, now, to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. And the Palestinians are going to pick it up and start installing it just in days now. Jericho is going to be on the air! Then Gaza city will be on the air, and it’ll be up and down the Gaza strip clear to Tel Aviv. And then the next pace, when this autonomy agreement gets under way… oh people, am I going to have to do all the shouting here tonight! Hey! Hey! Hey! Ramallah is only 8 miles from Jerusalem! Do you think we can reach Jerusalem from Ramallah? You bet we can! You bet we can! We’re going to have TV over the holy city of Jerusalem! If you’ll call tonight, that’s a new station! That’s… now I need the other 500,000 dollars… we committed 1 Million dollars to get these first three little stations on the air in this first phase of the autonomy agreement you’ve been reading about in the paper… Remember… Jericho first, Jericho and Gaza.””And some folks got out of sorts with me a little bit because we went and shook hands with Mr. Yasser Arafat. Listen, I’ll shake hands with ANYBODY that let me built a TV station. O.K.? Get off of my case! Haha! IF THE DEVIL GOT A TV STATION AND HE’LL LET ME PUT A PROGRAM ON IT, I’LL DO IT! [People shouting, “Alright!”] YES, SIR. AND TAKE IT OVER…haha… IN JESUS’ NAME.”
    * Pictures of Jericho from
    My comment: Has the Lord Yeshua now become so weak He needs the devil’s help to get the Gospel out? Since when is Belial in the business of salvation? Since when are the Son of G-d and the devil in partnership for the salvation of mankind? Is compromise now acceptable in the Kingdom of G-d, and does the cross of Messiah give a message of compromise???
    The stations Mr. Crouch supported to equip are NOT broadcasting the Gospel but anti-Israel hatred tirades, daily calls for “yihad” and films that manipulate parents, children and teenagers into becoming “martyrs” as suicide bombers. The stations exalt fundamentalist Islam, praising Hamas and Hizbullah terror acts against Israel.

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  • The Camp David Accords and the Strategy of Phases

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    “The Israeli military government and its civilian administration shall be withdrawn as soon as a self-governing authority has been freely elected by the inhabitants of these areas to replace the existing military government.”

    “As soon as possible… negotiations will be conducted among EGYPT, ISRAEL, JORDAN and the ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES of the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza to determine the final status of the West Bank and Gaza and its relationship with its neighbors and to conclude a peace-treaty between Israel and Jordan by the end of the transitional period.”

    “A strong local police force will be constituted by the self-governing authority. It will be composed of the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza.”

    These accords — against the Begin government’s preferences and ideology — laid the groundwork for the “Oslo Declaration of Principles” and the “Jericho-Gaza First” agreements. They created an irreversible political fact, which would soon turn into the nucleus of something like a Palestinian state. The proposal of these terms was incompatible with the Begin government’s strategy, whose main objective was to avoid a Palestinian state9.

    The prophet made it abundantly clear, that this alliance was not made by G-d’s counsel. Therefore “the helper will stumble, and he who is helped will fall, and they will all perish together.”10President Carter was not re-elected after the hostage fiasco in Iran. Menachem Begin literally stumbled and fell, sustaining a serious hip injury. His government collapsed over the Lebanon disaster. Anwar Sadat, the world’s “prince of peace,” perished from an assassin’s bullets while celebrating Egypt’s sole victory (and that after the Camp David accords!) against Israel with their surprise attack on Yom Kippur. All three perished off the political scene, and CAME TO THEIR END TOGETHER.

    Presidents Carter, Bush and Clinton esteem Egypt’s role in the Middle East peace- process and partnership with her as “incalculable.” G-d declares her help as “worthless and empty,”11 and warns that “those who support Egypt shall fall… and all her helpers be broken.”12 But — Anwar Sadat, with his success at the negotiating table, had proven that his idea of “the strategy of phases” worked. With U.S. pressure on Israel who is dependent on U.S. aid, and with America’s economical and financial lifeline in the power of the oil-rich Arab states, the Arabs are enabled to seize the land of Israel by phases, until she’d be “wiped off the map” as a sovereign state13.

    In order for the world not to realize the true goal of the Arabs but rather to sympathize with them, the “Palestinians” were invented and pushed into the forefront. It would shift the world’s sympathy for little Israel struggling for her survival onto the “Palestinians’ plight.” The world would no longer pay attention to the overwhelming manpower and military arsenal of the Arab League’s 22 member Arab states. The League was formed in Cairo on March 22, 1945, for the sole purpose of preventing the establishment of the Jewish state. Rather, its gaze would fix on Israel as the “evil Goliath” oppressing the uprooted, homeless Palestinian “refugees.” Who would remember that their own leaders had caused the homelessness of their fellow (Syrian, NOT “Palestinian”) Arabs? To polarize the Arabs’ efforts the Arab League formed the PLO in 1964, centralizing the various Palestinian terrorist groups. This created a political “nationalist” entity through which disinformation, lies and terror were spread throughout the leading centers of the world. The movement is dedicated to the creation of a “democratic and secular” Palestinian state, and its charter (the “Palestinian Covenant”) calls specifically for the elimination of Israel. History was rewritten in which the Western Media assisted as a willing collaborator.

    What is the quest of the Arab world? To unite into one great “Arab nation” with the Middle East, under their sole control, as power-base from which to finally fulfill the mission of Islam. Israel is regarded as an “imperialistic outpost” in the midst of “holy” Arab land to block the Arab thrust toward unity and renewed world dominance. Therefore they will not rest until ALL of Israel has been “reclaimed.”

    The chief instrument employed to achieve this aim is the “jihad,” or holy war. It means an ACTIVE STRUGGLE USING ARMED FORCE WHENEVER NECESSARY. The object of “jihad” is NOT the conversion of individuals to Islam but rather the gaining of POLITICAL CONTROL over the COLLECTIVE AFFAIRS of societies to run them in accordance with the principles of Islam. Individual conversions occur as a byproduct of this process when the POWER STRUCTURE passes into the hands of the Moslem community.


    9 Observations,” Henry A. Kissinger, Weidenfeld, 1982
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  • Islam and its Influence on the Arab/Israel Conflict

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    A “just and comprehensive peace” in Arab understanding means the destruction of Jewish sovereignty in their midst. In order to better understand why peace with Israel in the Middle East is a delusion, we need to take a look at the doctrine and thought of Islam.

    Mohammed became the founder of a state and of a religion, when he created a federation of Arab tribes and united them into a socio-religious community commissioned by God to bring its own value system to the world. “The Islamic State, whose principal function was to put God’s law into practice, sought to establish Islam as the dominant reigning ideology over the entire world. It refused to recognize the co-existence of non-Moslem communities, except perhaps as subordinate entities, because BY ITS VERY NATURE A UNIVERSAL STATE TOLERATES THE EXISTENCE OF NO OTHER STATE THAN ITSELF… Mohammed’s early successors, after Islam became supreme in Arabia, were determined to embark on a ceaseless war of conquest in the name of Islam. The jihad was therefore employed as an instrument for both THE UNIVERSALIZATION OF RELIGION AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN IMPERIAL WORLD STATE… Thus the jihad, reflecting the normal relations between Moslems and non-Moslems, was the STATE-INSTRUMENT for transforming territories under non-Moslems into ‘Dar al Islam’ (the House of Islam).”14

    Separation of State and Religion is therefore incompatible with Islamic doctrine, as is the creation of a “democratic and secular” Palestinian state. Arabs have never known a democritic rule. It is absolutely foreign to their social makeup. Rather, Moslems view themselves as “the middle community bearing witness on mankind,” as “the best community produced for mankind,” whose function it is “TO ENJOIN GOOD AND FORBID EVIL.” Since this requires active reinforcement, so that “there is no mischief and corruption” on earth, the doctrine of the jihad was the logical outcome.

    The Koran requires recognition of ALL prophets without discrimination, although considered human and never part of divinity. Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus are considered great prophets, who were vindicated by G-d and saved from their trials. Thus Jesus was not only born of the Virgin Mary, but G-d also SAVED HIM FROM CRUCIFIXION BY THE HANDS OF THE JEWS. Mohammed is believed to be the last of such prophets and the greatest of them all, because in him all the messages of earlier prophets were consummated.

    Within a century after Mohammed’s death in 632 C.E. a new Arab Moslem Empire extended from Spain across Central Asia to India. But Christianity’s equally aggressive and bloody expansionism led to the disintegration of that Empire and put a halt to its mission. This humiliation by “infidels” is neither forgotten nor forgiven. It has marked Christianity as “evil,” and therewith all Western powers. The U.S. as their leader is viewed as the incarnation of “evil” and called the “Great Satan.” Israel is viewed as the Christian/Jewish imperialists’ “pawn” to obstruct the Arabs’ quest and mission and is called the “Little Satan.”

    A few days after signing his agreement with Israel in Cairo, Arafat addressed English speaking Moslems in South-Africa. Citing Koranic passages he asked them and the rest of the Islamic world to join him in the fulfillment of the Islamic duty of jihad. Jerusalem, he said, was the “first Moslem shrine” and the permanent capital of Palestine. He declared the “Jericho-Gaza-First” agreement merely his FIRST step in his continuing JIHAD TO LIBERATE JERUSALEM. He alluded to the agreement as having followed the example of Mohammed in his dealings with the Quraysh tribe of Mecca: he made a treaty with them, known as “Truce of al-Hudaybiyah,” which was to last 10 years. After only two years he broke the treaty. This truce became a model and precedent in Islamic law for ALL agreements with INFIDELS: NEVER permanent, never lasting more than 10 years (with the possibility of another 10 years extension, no more). Islam is NOT PERMITTED to stop its war against non-Moslems for more than this period.

    Arafat alluded yet to another treaty: the one between Caliph Omar, the conqueror of Jerusalem, and the Patriarch Sophronius, leader of Jerusalem at the time of the conquest. They agreed that Jews would not be allowed to return to live in Jerusalem. Christians were guaranteed free access to their holy places under Moslem control over all of Jerusalem. What would prevent the Palestinian leader (or “Man of lawlessness”) to make a similar treaty with the Pope?!

    Apparently, this is what Arafat has also in mind: a Jerusalem without Jews, capital of an Islamic Palestinian state, in which the Christians will assume again the status of “protected” people. Arafat assured his listeners that the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Patriarch of Istanbul have already been informed of their inevitable fate.

    14 Introduction of part two of War and Peace in the Law of Islam, entitled “The law of war: The Jihad,” by Prof. Majid Khadduri.

  • Arafat, Islam and the Spirit of Lawlessness

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    May be you understand now better what underlies the incessant terror attacks, and why there will be no end to the “land for peace” process. They will not rest until the “evil” is eliminated and “the good” may be enjoined by the Moslems upon the whole world, spreading it from a united Arab power-base having complete control of the Middle East — and therewith the Western “Christian” powers at their throat.

    Therefore they do not perceive their terror attacks as “evil” in view of the fact, that they regard themselves as those who are “to enjoin good and FORBID evil,” and if necessary, fight evil in an armed struggle. Since Israel is perceived as evil, they regard their murderous deeds as “just,” “good” and as a “moral struggle” of the “faithful” of God [Allah] against Satan. For the sake of the great Arab Nation, and the mission and glory of Islam they are willing to sacrifice their lives — their best possession. For this reason a terrorist is regarded as “hero,” and one killed by an Israeli bullet honored as a “martyr.”

    Christianity regarded – and a majority still does – the Jews as “the seed of the serpent,” who are God killers and who plot to gain control of the world. Today’s Arabs share this view, which may eventually lead to some sort of alliance between the Palestinian leader (or the “Man of lawlessness”) and the Pope in the dispute over Jerusalem. May be the latter will be the second beast of Rev. 13:11? For he has horns like a lamb… yet he speaks like a dragon. The Pope has the title, “Vicar of Christ,” meaning he is the earthly “deputy” of Christ, the LAMB of G-d, even though Yeshua never instituted ONE man to represent Him on earth but rather the fellowship of believers.

    Hence this particular Pope may outwardly appear as a LAMB whose power is from Christ [horns = power], yet the one who actually speaks through him is Satan. The second beast is a “FALSE” prophet15, who will present the first beast, or “Man of sin,” to the world as the resurrected Christ who returned to fill the whole earth with his reign. The Pope is believed infallible, and his word is law for vast millions. It may well be that the two religious powers, who claim to be G-d’s heirs, will unite to displace the actual heirs.

    Arafat is a Moslem Arab, who grew up under the influence of the Jew-hating, Nazi-loving grand mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini (the grandfather of Faisal Husseini), to whom his mother was related. He went to school in Gaza, studied at the university in Cairo, joined the fanatical Moslem Brotherhood (which was responsible for Sadat’s assassination) and the nationalist Union of Palestinian Students, and served in the Egyptian army in the 1956 Suez campaign. He idolized Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser and dreamed of the Greater Arab Nation, the restoration of Arabs and Islam to their former glory. He perceived Israel to be in the way of that dream and co-founded al-Fatah, which became the leading “terror” arm of the PLO, to pursue Israel’s destruction militarily in the spirit of his idol Nasser. But defeat after defeat by Israel of Arab military aggressions finally persuaded him to follow the path of Anwar Sadat. The fanatical Arab Moslem groups disagree with this policy.

    His goal has never changed: to “liberate” Palestine of the “evil Zionist presence” and with a sovereign Palestinian state, Jerusalem again under Moslem control, to join the family of the Greater Arab Nation, and thereby eventually play a major part in the ruling of the Middle East and the domination of the world.

    With his speech in Johannesburg as well as in Tunis he attempted to convey the idea that the Arab/ Israeli conflict is not a mere personal, territorial one between Palestinians and Israelis, but rather a conflict of universal scope — ISLAM CHALLENGED BY THE JEWS. His speech made plain what any astute observer has known since September 13, 1993. The battle for Palestine is over. The battle for Jerusalem – and then Israel itself – has begun. The process is irreversible. It is the beginning of the end!

    Since Oslo, important changes have occurred. But Arafat’s pledge of repealing the PLO charter, which he made in a letter to former PM Yitzhak Rabin and was part of the signed “Oslo” agreements, still remain unfulfilled. Instead, Arafat asked a senior French lawyer to examine a draft of “the Constitution of Palestine” to be submitted for the approval by the Palestinian National Council. According to the text, JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL OF PALESTINE.

    Zechariah 12:2-6: “Lo, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of reeling to all the peoples round about… I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it shall grievously hurt themselves… while Jerusalem shall still be inhabited in its place… “

    Thank G-d for His abiding love for His people Israel. Thank G-d for all who are faithful and lovers of the Truth, who keep His commandments and bear testimony of Yeshua. Everyone who heeds the instructions and warnings by His servants will not be taken by surprise. They will have strength to endure and, by the grace of G-d, power to escape the coming trials.

    15 Revelation 16:13; 19:20