3 Visions





    Annelore’s account of three visions of the night
    in which Abraham appeared to her to teach her the “mechanism,”
    or way of salvation, in the early summer of 1973.

    Dedicated to my beloved


    From the day of my salvation experience onward I searched the Scriptures for G-d’s will for me. I began with the Psalms, as they were the most understandable to me at the time. Because the Psalmist praised and upheld the Law with every breath, I concluded that that would be the most righteous thing for a person to do: keep the Law of Moses.

    Thereupon my struggles began.

    I was far from any Jewish community which could help me live by these laws. To keep Kashrut (dietary laws) proved impossible in my surroundings. Guilt and condemnation assaulted me. I found myself unable to do right according to the Law of Moses.

    In the midst of my struggle for righteousness with laws I couldn’t keep, Abraham appeared. He came in a vision to lead me in the path of faith. But I did not perceive the connection between my struggles and his appearance. Therefore Abraham appeared a second time, and a third, and brought me a “prophetic forecast” of my own walk of FAITH.


    The road I walked on unexpectedly ended at the foot of a towering mountain. A frightful mystery of an eggshaped dome arose out of nowhere, blocking my path. Baffled, I searched for a way around the mountain. But wherever I looked, the mountainous obstruction blocked any further advancement.

    The whole world had become a mountain1!

    Exasperated, I viewed this giant dome: there were neither shrubs nor trees, path nor track. It was as smooth as an egg. No twittering of birds could be heard, nor gentle breeze felt. A mysterious life- lessness enfolded this mountain.

    Suddenly a tall, middle-aged man stood to my left. Where had he come from? He met my eyes with an inviting, disarming smile. Dark brown eyes shone warmly under bushy, dark eyebrows mingled with lighter strands.

    “I am Abraham.” His voice rang deep and sonorous. “Don’t be afraid.”

    He pointed to the egg-shaped dome.

    “Come! I will show you how to climb this mountain. It is not difficult.”

    He took my hand and lead me to the foot of the giant dome. I followed, dumfounded.

    “Now watch,” he said. “I will place first one foot, then the other, into the mount, thereby making footprints. As I make the Avfootprtsfootprints, place your foot into them and thus follow me.”

    “I will go before you and make the way. All you must do, is place your feet into my footprints after me.”

    “Do you understand?” he asked, comforting me.

    I nodded. What was to become of this? Why was Abraham here with me in this trackless wilderness of a mountain? How did he and I, get here?

    But he had already begun to place his feet upon the mount.

    I stared incredulously!

    A clear-cut footprint formed in the smooth surface! Then another one… and another one!

    I looked up, hope flooding my heart.

    Abraham nodded encouragingly. Gently he pulled my hand. There — carefully I placed my foot into the first footprint, and into the second, and the third.

    I didn’t slip!

    It worked – as solid as a staircase of rock!

    Abraham placed his foot down, and afterwards I placed mine. Right… left, right… left. Up we climbed, slowly… slowly.

    Abraham never released my hand, nor did he rush ahead. Patiently he waited for me to place my feet into his carved-out footprints.

    I dared not look back. It might be too frightening!Avfootprts1

    The top of the dome came nearer and nearer. Hope and joy began to fill me. This inanimate obstacle of a mountain— we had almost conquered it.

    Step by step, Abraham carved a path where there had been none.

    “What kind of magic feet does he have?” I wondered. “Why do his footprints form steps in the rock as if by chisel and hammer?”

    With an amused twinkle in his eyes – probably at the expression of my face – he pointed to the footprints.

    “Watch where you step!” he warned.

    “Don’t take your eyes off the footprints yet,”2 he said, “even though we’re getting close to the top. There are a few more steps to go.”

    He was right. Before us stretched the final part of the dome — trackless, pathless, unconquered.

    Right… left, right… left, step be step…, step by step we moved upward. My eyes were fixed on the footprints until, finally, I placed my foot into the last one3.

    We had reached the top!

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    1. “A MOUNTAIN”
    Part II

    I looked up… and drew in my breath. An indescribably magnificent view suddenly opened up before me.

    Abraham made a wide, sweeping gesture.

    “Here!” he announced. “Here are the kingdoms of the world, nation by nation. They are ours. You have conquered the mount and entered into their possession.”4

    “They are… ours?” I whispered, feeling faint. We stood on the edge of the high mountain. Its dome broke off suddenly into a steep wall of rock as smooth as glass and utterly inaccessible5. From the foot of this unexpected precipice up to the horizon the nations radiated out6, one after the other, kingdoms of unequaled beauty and glory, on an earth as flat as a table7. The mountain Abraham and I stood on was the sole elevation.

    “Look!” Abraham directed my attention away from the nations to the foot of the mountain.

    An innumerable multitude of people were pressing, shoving, and moving toward something. As far as I could see, people of every age and race were trying to climb this dome.

    But how utterly irrational they were! One by one, men and women, young and old, all placed their feet into the same footprints8 I had just ascended!

    Incredulous! Why did they not make other paths? How could such a multitude ascend on one track only? Were they crazy?

    They continued to climb, one after another. Some, however, had simply quit and just sat down!

    This appeared even more irrational! They would never know how utterly glorious it was up here!

    “Up here!” I shouted and waved to them. “Its fantastic!”

    “No! No!” they called back. “It’s too much for us! We can’t make it. We’ll be alright here.”

    “Tsk! Tsk!” I shook my head, amazed. This made no sense. “They have never even seen those kingdoms from here,” I said to Abraham. “Don’t they know all this glory9 waits for us on the other side of the mountain?10 Why do they stay down here?”

    “They have heard of the glory,”11 he answered sadly. “But they don’t have the persevering strength12, you see. Those propelled by hope13 are sure of what they’ve heard14 and know they’ll reach the top. The hope of others dissipates and gives way to uncertainty, when they see nothing but this slope15. Notice, that it is mainly those who are holding hands even as I held your hands, who are making it to the top.”16

    “Were you not strengthened and encouraged17 when I held your hand?” he suddenly asked me.

    “Oh yes,” I nodded. ” Because you made it, I knew I could, too.”

    “But, Father Abraham,” I asked, wanting to satisfy my extreme curiosity. “What is this mountain all about? Why is it here?”

    “This mountain is the obstacle placed into the path of life between the world and the promises of God,”18 he answered. “It represents an impassable barrier to the promises of G-d, yet it is the only way 19. And there is no other means to conquer the mountain except by my footprints.”20

    “Whosoever seeks another route, shall find none. But everyone who walks the path I have already carved, and perseveres to the top, will enter into G-d’s promises21. Look at the glory and riches and the beauty of His promises.”

    He made a sudden, sweeping motion, and a sequence of mountains appeared in a vision before my eyes. It was always the same mountain, and yet different each time. One was called “First Promise;” another one “Faith;” still another one’s name was “Covenant,” and yet another’s “Service.” There was “Refuge,” and “Inheritance,” “Blessing and Curse,” and “Life and Death.” One was called “Moriah;” another “Golgotha” (Calvary); another “Salvation,” and still another “Righteousness.” There was “Mt. Zion,” and “Holiness” mountain, and finally the “Mountain of G-d.”

    “You see, my child,” Abraham said after the vision had ceased. “There is but one mountain in all of the earth22. To the world it presents an obstacle23, but to those who seek after G-d’s promises, it is the path of victory.”

    Looking deeply into my eyes, he grasped my hands firmly to emphasize his words. He said:

    “I am Abraham,” his sonorous voice rang again. “I have shown you how to climb this mount, called ‘Faith’. You have obeyed24and followed in my path. See, the mount has nothing that would appeal to your senses and emotions. For the mystery of this mountain is ‘faith’. It is not by what you see, nor by what you hear or feel, that you enter into G-d’s promises25. Only through the pathway of faith, symbolized by my footprints, can you achieve what G-d has for you.”

    Then he turned toward the kingdoms, and with wide outstretched arms firmly and loudly declared: “Behold, your inheritance!”26

    Then, I awoke27.

    That morning I read the entire Biblical account of Abraham. For the first time in my life I learned about “faith”. My lack of spiritual understanding, and my ignorance of G-d’s truth as revealed in the Scriptures was so great that G-d graciously taught me by means of this vision. It caused me to search the Scriptures intensely for spiritual understanding. Nevertheless, the enigma of the egg-shaped dome of a mountain called “faith” still remained an inexplicable puzzle. Thereupon Abraham appeared once more, in a second night vision which proved even more astounding than the first.

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    Part III

    I beheld Abraham once again ascending a mountain, one that was overcast with dark clouds. And at a great distance away I noticed another mountain looming. Abraham was placing wood on a rough altar on the first mountain. A young man stood next to him. I knew it was Isaac his son. Suddenly Abraham took hold of Isaac and bound him. Isaac offered no resistance – he didn’t struggle with his father. Had the shock and fear paralyzed him? Like a lamb led to the slaughter he allowed his father to place him on top of the wood28.

    Abraham lifted his hands worshipfully toward heaven. Instantly the dark clouds disintegrated, revealing a crystal-clear sky radiating in deepest rainbow colors29. Then, there appeared two logs of rugged wood, joined together in a ‘T’, in place of Abraham’s altar30. On top of the logs lay a lamb31, as white as snow. I then heard a Voice, as deep as a bronze bell, resounding from every direction:

    “Behold, the son of promise32. After him shall your seed be named33. Because you have not withheld the only beloved son I promised you34, neither shall I shall withhold my Only Son whom I love, the Seed of Promise35. With you I make My Covenant this day, Abraham, friend of My Bosom36. I have tested your love and faith, and found your righteousness perfect in my eyes37. Therefore in your Seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed38 /[a] .

    Suddenly, I saw Abraham’s mountain (Mt. Moriah) move toward the second mountain that was looming in the distance39.

    I gasped in surprise! Abraham’s mountain entered into the other one and instantly, dark storm clouds hung threateningly over that mountain. It was a terrible mountain40.

    “This,” announced Abraham, “is Mt. Sinai. Here was given the law of conditions41, which Israel proved unable to keep42. Their hearts did not incline to the Law of love, and so, G-d guided them with bit and bridle43. Behold the curse! Behold the judgment pending over this mount! For every descendant of Israel who seeks to please G-d apart from faith in Messiah’s atonement is under the law of conditions44.”

    “Do you see the difference?” He asked, pointing to the brooding darkness. “If you seek righteousness pleasing to G-d on the basis of fulfilling these conditions, consider the fearful darkness above it.”

    “In contrast,” he said, his lively, dark brown eyes smiling encouragingly again , “do you remember the radiating brilliance of the sky, shining in the colors of promise?”45

    I nodded. I remembered.

    “Look!” He directed my attention to the mount again. As I watched with amazement, both mountains – which were as one – moved on, crossing a long stretch of land46 toward a third mountain, which suddenly appeared on the horizon.

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    Part IV

    This third mountain swallowed Mt. Moriah and Mt. Sinai. Nevertheless, the two mountains remained clearly recognizable within the one single mountain they entered. Truly dumfounded, I looked at Abraham.

    “This third mountain,” he willingly explained, “is Golgotha. It is an extension of Mt. Moriah, where G-d promised that He would make provision and would be seen face to face.”

    “Perceive now, my daughter, what the Lord your G-d is doing. As He has promised, out of supreme love for us, He is about to give His Beloved, Only begotten Son as a sacrifice for our sins, just as I, Abraham, had been willing to offer up my only son of the promise to the Lord my G-d, Whom I love. As it is written: ‘For He so loved the world that He gave up His only begotten, unique Son, so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.'”

    “You see, G-d sent His Son into the world so that the world might be saved through Him. All who believe in Him need not fear eternal damnation, but rather receive hope for eternal life. Those, however, who refuse the Son of Promise, are already tried and condemned by their unbelief.”47

    Suddenly Abraham stretched forth his hand in a commanding gesture. I saw mount Golgotha and the Son, Yeshua, crucified on two logs of wood assembled in a “T”48. (It was the same “T” I had seen replace Abraham’s altar.) The dark and gloomy clouds of Mt. Sinai loomed over Yeshua49. Suddenly, I spotted a hand holding a hammer, nailing something to this tree50.

    Then Yeshua (Jesus) – Whose Hebrew Name means “YHWH (Jehova) saves” – bowed His head51.

    “Now look!” Abraham commanded, nearly shouting.

    Suddenly a tremendous blast of deafening noise thundered52. It resembled an aircraft breaking the sound barrier. The brooding storm clouds ripped apart53, instantly disintegrating. A sublime heaven – crystal clear – appeared, radiating in deep rainbow colors54.

    Simultaneously, the crusts of Mt. Sinai and Golgotha cracked and fell apart like two broken nut-shells, liberating the first mountain55.

    Once again the deep Voice resounded from every direction of heaven: “In your Seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.”

    “Come!” Abraham said solemnly, reaching for my hand. “Enter into the blessings of G-d. By following Yeshua faithfully you fulfill the Law of Righteousness56 which is: ‘Love the Lord your G-d with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might and strength, and treat your fellow men with the same love and care with which you would like them to treat you.'”57

    “The Son of the Promise, Yeshua, the Only Begotten Son of G-d, has fulfilled ALL the CONDITIONS of the law of Moses, and in His own flesh has banned forever the curse of transgression58. Do you remember the hand with the hammer? This was the hand of G-d nailing the curses of transgression upon the implement of curse and judgment… the cross.”

    Abraham raised his finger in emphasis. “Therefore, my daughter, it is not by the Letter of the Law – which G-d rendered obsolete59 on the mount of sacrifice – that you should seek to please G-d. Rather, enter into His promises by faith60. Incline your heart to Him in love, keeping His commandments gladly61, without fear of judgment62. Then you will please Him.”

    Abraham paused. “The Ten Commandments,” he continued, “and the pattern of the Tabernacle were the divine instructions Moses brought down from the mount of G-d63. These G-d shall engrave now on your heart. The Law of G-d, being the working and writing of His own Hand on the tablets of your heart64, is not a burden to keep for those who walk by faith in His promises.”65

    “Understand then, my child” Abraham urged, laying his brown, sinewy hands on my shoulders. “The Lord your G-d IS your Shabbat66, your Law67 and your Tabernacle68. He came in the form of His Beloved Son69 to fulfill all three70. With His shed blood He worked atonement for the world71 and has sealed His promise given with an oath72, rendering obsolete the conditions [Letter] of the Law of Moses.”

    Abraham looked deep into my eyes, as if to chisel his words on my heart.

    “Love Him with all your heart,” he said now. “Believe in Him with all your heart. Abide in Him with all your heart. And He shall deem you righteous as He deems me righteous. For by faith in the atoning sacrifice of the Only Son of the Promise, the Son of G-d, Yeshua HaMashiach, you have entered into the righteousness of G-d.”73

    “Do NOT struggle, then,” he said tenderly. “But rejoice, believing in the righteousness of G-d made yours in Messiah.”74

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    Part V

    As is evident, these visions are not meant for a superficial acceptance, but demand careful corroboration from the Scriptures. Much error has crept into the teachings and doctrines of the Church through the centuries, because of incorrect reading of the original language; misunderstandings due to a pagan mindset, and wrong interpretations based upon these misunderstandings. Peter warned beforehand that ignorant and unstable persons would twist not only Paul’s teachings but also other Scripture to their own destruction and to that of others also. Because of and by them the way of truth would be reviled75.

    Therefore, please note, that at NO TIME EVER does Abraham imply that G-d discarded the Law [Torah]76. What He does show is, that salvation is obtained by faith in G-d’s Word and promise77. The avenue to please G-d is the same — through faith in His Word and promises78.

    Keeping every letter of all His commandments while neglecting the heart of them, is futile. It is not the letter of the Law, but the spirit in which it was given, that is important. Keeping my kitchen kosher while cursing my neighbor in my heart renders my heart unclean and the cleanliness of my kitchen worthless. Fasting twice a week while defrauding a neighbor turns fasting into an abomination. Keeping both kitchen and heart clean, observing fasts and upright dealings are what G-d seeks. Observance of the Law (Torah) without a pure heart G-d rejects as hypocrisy.

    Keeping the commandments is by the obedience of faith, with love. Failure to adhere rigidly to each detail no longer brings condemnation and judgment79. G-d cancelled the lordship the Law exercised over me due to my inability to keep it perfectly80, freeing me from both its conditions and curses by Messiah’s sacrifice which atoned for all my transgressions – past, present and future81. Henceforth it is Messiah Who is my Lord, no longer the Law of Moses82. My new Lord renders Torah an easy “yoke”, not a heavy one83. I can love G-d without fearing His wrath when I fail.

    For if G-d did put away His own commandments, which are good and wonderful and wise84, as the Psalmist points out over and over again, then He would have rendered void His promises in Zechariah 8:23, as well as in Isaiah 2:3 and Micah 4:2. For unless our (the Jewish believers’) righteousness exceeds that of the rabbis; unless we are careful to keep the Law even more conscientiously from the heart, we will never enter the kingdom of heaven85. (The Gentiles, however, never were the recipients of Torah, and were never obliged to keep it. The elders of the Jerusalem Church (Kehila) in Acts 15:19-29 made this absolutely clear. The Law of Moses, its conditions and curses, never held sway over the Gentiles. Therefore, neither did they require to be set free from it. It was the Jews alone, who needed to be liberated86 from the lordship the Law exercised over them with its conditions resulting in trespasses, effecting curses.

    By applying Paul’s teachings to themselves, the Gentiles misinterpreted them and brought almost 2,000 years of suffering to the Jews, for the spirit of anti-Christ [NOT the man [b] has been active for a long time, seeking to change times and seasons87 and supplanting Torah with his counterfeit laws, as is evident from John’s epistles88.)

    No, Abraham did NOT teach me to forsake the commandments89. Rather, he taught me to please G-d by my faith90; not by struggling to keep the commandments. I ALREADY was pleasing to G-d for reason of my faith in Yeshua (Who had wiped out the guilt and judgment of my own sins by bearing them in my stead91). He was now my new and everlasting Master Who, as Son of Man, had kept Torah perfectly92. His redemption thus made me a beneficiary of G-d’s blessings and promises93 as is written: “… in Him it is always ‘Yes.’ For all the promises of G-d find their ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ in Him (Messiah)…”94


    Enraged that I had escaped bondage, Satan unleashed his fury against me. He knew that I, as an infant, did not know that he was a defeated foe in Yeshua’s Name and literally under my feet. His attack was swift and frightening, with nightly threats of death. The Lord hastened to my aid, by instructing me in warfare and how to bind and cast out demons.

    How was I to wage this warfare?

    In a third and final night vision, Abraham showed me my own, personal walk of faith and warfare. Again Scriptural truth was illustrated metaphorically in the form of pictures. This third visitation by Abraham provided me with this vital knowledge: Satan is powerless before the cross of Messiah; as long as I abide in Yeshua I have authority in His Name; and that in Him I am FREE INDEED.

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    Part VI

    Abraham appeared this time without mountains, in what seemed to be a spaceless dimension. He smiled, revealing a row of white shining teeth and little wrinkles appearing at the corners of his eyes. A beard of dark- and scattered light-brown locks handsomely framed his cheeks and manly chin. He looked like a man in the best of his years, although the Scriptures record him to have died very old95.

    He said not a word. The silence was serene and soothing.

    I waited.

    Suddenly he lifted an arm, pointing upwards. Smiling no longer, he declared with great solemnity::

    “Now I shall show you YOUR walk of faith… the various stages of it. Consider EVERY detail,” he urged, “and keep them in your heart. In time to come you will understand their meaning. When trials and testings come, you will be encouraged.”

    “Do not forget what I showed you,” he urged once more. “Store these Scriptures up in your heart. Then you shall see me again…” — the smile returned on his face like sunrays breaking through a cloud — “…in due season.”

    Still pointing upwards, he suddenly vanished. Immediately a window appeared, and I could see into heaven!96

    I saw indescribable beauty and incomparable glory!

    A marvelous bright light evoking euphoria filled heaven. Seven beings shining brightly and resembling very tall men, were singing in harmonies no human voices could match. They stood before what resembled a throne. These beings, more beautiful than humans were angels called “stars”97 and represented groups of redeemed men before G-d98.

    Immediately above those seven bright and beautiful singing “stars” was a throne cut out of a enormous, crystal-clear sapphire99, radiating in an intense phosphorus blue. From the throne there emanated a light sparkling like billions of brilliant diamonds100, exceedingly bright and resplendent in rainbow colors. Such was the glory of the Lord Whose form, however, I did not see101.

    There were also four strange-looking, winged beings, whose bodies shone like polished brass. They moved from the throne in the four directions of heaven and back without ever turning about102. They were four separate creatures, yet had only one body. They always seemed to move forward, never backwards, because they had no “back”. Their faces represented the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, the domestic animals and men [c]. They were very strange. What was their meaning? Why did these four totally different creatures form one united creature?

    Suddenly there appeared another heaven which was not illuminated with this glorious light (I later understood this was Paradise). It’s light was like daylight103 and it seemed to consist only of solid rock104. The rock was of fleshy pink, patterned by a network of red colored veins like beautiful Venetian marble, and glimmering with sparks of gneiss105. This solid rock constituted the ground here.

    Three distinct groups of people sat on that rock, separated106 by fences. The fences surrounding each group formed rectangular spaces like tabernacles107. Before each rectangle arose a pillar of that same Rock, in the shape of an obelisk [d]. The people included men, women and children of all races and ages108.

    Everyone wore a tight-fitting gym-suit that resembled a second skin109. The suits were colored, according to the various groups: The first group wore red [e]; the second blue [f], and the third green [g].

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    Part VII

    Suddenly, with no apparent connection, I stood beneath one of the two chestnut trees which, in my childhood, graced the lawn in front of the boathouse of Dori Kirchmeier the fisher man, at the lake in Chieming. Chieming is a village in South-Bavaria, Germany, where I spent eleven years of my childhood and early youth. The Kirchmeiers were among the leading, influential families in the village. They were instrumental in our suffering anti-Semitic persecution and slander. The tree beneath which I stood I had often climbed as a child and used as a hiding-place.

    I could see Dori Kirchmeier’s house, the street that led down to the lake, and the beach road.

    Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the fisherman’s house. I observed its movement in amazement. A reddish-yellow-bluish wave of power flashed through the whole house, dove into the ground leaving the house, crossed the beach road, and zig-zagged down the beach into the water, where it exploded in a little fountain, and extinguished.

    Over and over again lightning bolts struck in this manner!

    Suddenly – again with no apparent connection – my mother stood beside me. Through a pair of binoculars I showed her heaven, just as I had seen it a little while ago.

    Then, she disappeared as unannounced as she had come.

    I continued to watch the lightning bolts. Unexpectedly one advanced toward me, assuming various shapes of all different sorts. It stopped in front of me, and like a vicious serpent110 rose up before me, turning into a burning red111 fist, which grew bigger and bigger. I was aware of a
    powerful threat of danger. I turned and fled. Between the fist and me appeared a barrier of two rugged wooden logs in the form of a “T.” It saved me from destruction by this terrible fist.

    The moment I fled, the strangest lightning began. Not mere lightning bolts, but dense and intensive power of electricity flashed upon me. The heavens above shone brilliantly white from the awfully bright light.

    I ran for what seemed a while, passing through a valley, when I came to a heap of rocks112 that looked and sparkled like the Heavenly Rock113. The orderly pile of rocks114 was shaped like that mountain of “faith” Abraham and I had climbed, braced by what looked like the beach road.

    Once again I climbed. But it wasn’t Abraham’s footprints which helped me climb upwards, but those rocks that resembled the one in heaven, orderly stacked into a heap. Bright flashes of light continued to bear down on me with unbelievable power. I wondered why I hadn’t died from the mounting pressure within me, feeling certain that I would if I could not escape this lightning in time.

    I reached the beach road, bracing the heap of rocks, unscathed.

    The instant I stepped upon the road, I became “weightless” – not an ounce of weight115! The force of gravity seemed to have been deactivated. I took a step — and floated. One small step turned into a gigantic leap.

    With only a few steps I reached the old farmhouse where we used to live. I hated that “storehouse” of evil memories. There, behind lock and bars, were the rejection and loneliness of eleven years of my childhood.

    Beneath the small kitchen window with its iron bars of the second floor apartment, I made a tiny leap. Instantly I reached the window. I looked straight into the room full of memories I sought to forget and, like a little girl — stuck out my tongue at everything in the room!

    Miraculously, a sudden gust of wind blew the house away, and a gloriously bright figure appeared in the spaceless dimension as at the beginning. A Man of majestic stature stood before me, robed in a long garment as bright as the light emanating from the throne, with a sash of gold around His waist. Light radiated from His face and hands116. Even His hair shone white from the brightness117.

    I fell on my face, stunned and overcome with awe118.

    The immense joy that I had experienced from the light of the heavenly throne filled me once again and all fear left119. At once I recognized the features of my Messiah seen twice before:

    “Jesus, my Lord!” I cried out loud.

    I feasted my eyes on His beauty and glory. But the love and happiness emanating from His Presence was even greater and my heart overflowed. He looked at me, His eyes radiating like the sun so bright120, penetrating even the deepest recesses of my heart and mind. Nothing could be hidden from such a gaze. Nevertheless, I felt boundless happiness beneath His gaze, soaking up His Presence like a sponge.

    He spread out His arms wide before me, the scars in His hands once again clearly visible. With a voice resounding like the bronze bell of the second night vision121, He said to me:

    “Now you are free indeed!”

    He said no more.

    I fell prostrate at His feet, my heart consumed with love, my soul raptured with inexpressible joy and happiness. The tremendous awe created by the Majesty of His Holiness overwhelmed me to the point of expiring. I felt my spirit and breath on the verge of leaving me. I lifted my head. He was gone, and with Him the brightness and spaceless dimension. As I lay on the road I had reached after climbing the heap of rocks, His words rang within me:

    “Now you are free indeed!”

    And I KNEW it was so.

    Luke 10:18
    Revelation 12:3, 9
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    Part VIII

    This night vision, as well as the other two, I received in the early summer of 1973, when I still lived with my husband in Italy. I had absolutely no knowledge of any Scriptures – neither Ezekiel’s, Daniel’s, John’s nor any other prophet’s visions and descriptions of the Lord’s appearance and glory. I was unfamiliar with beings called “stars” and “cherubim.” I had never heard of the “third heaven”, into which I was granted to look as through an open window, like the apostle John. I did not know Messiah was referred to as a Rock, nor did I understand the omnipotent power of His cross. In short, none of the Scriptures illustrated to me were known to me. Those visions transformed me into a most ardent Bible student. Each time I came upon a Scripture previously illustrated to me, I instantly recognized its meaning. The visions and the Scriptures merged, like two copies of the same map perfectly match when layed one upon the other.

    Assuredly I was ecstatic when I learned that my visions of G-d’s glory, of heaven and of the Lord, paralleled those of Ezekiel, John, Nahum, Daniel, etc. I was exultant … and in awe! When I read of Paul having been caught up to the third heaven and to Paradise, I was speechless, and the discovery of the “footprints” of Abraham, the “father of faith,” in the Epistle to the Romans, elated me. The exposition on the three great “pillars” of our faith in 1 Corinthians 13 – love, faith, and hope – almost raptured me.

    I have often been accused of having an over abundance of enthusiasm and exuberance. People were embarassed by my “unbridled display of emotions”. I should act more mature, put reigns on my “feelings”. However, my elation has nothing to do with emotions or feelings. Rather, Paul hit the mark when he said, “… to keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me, to keep me from being too elated…”122.

    My “Scripture-visions” provided me with a sure foundation, girding me up with His Truth that cannot be shaken. Indeed, what happened to Paul, also happened to me: “… I did not receive the Gospel from man, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ)… And when He Who had set me apart before I was born, and had called me through His grace, was pleased to reveal His Son to me [in order that I might herald the closing days of this age of grace and His Return, both to my own people, the House of Israel, as well as to the nations123], I did not confer with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to [those who were reputed to be something]…” 124.

    Notwithstanding, I needed to learn how to divide the Scriptures rightly. Consequently, the Lord sent me to “Christ For The Nations Institute” in Dallas, Texas, where I lived. One of the reasons He chose this Institute for me was their love and support of Israel.

    The apostle Paul was given a thorn into his flesh, and so was I. It has considerably curbed my elation, mistakenly interpreted as “maturity”. The thorn is furnished by carnal “Christians,” not by a personal ailment. I, too, have pleaded the Lord to remove this thorn from me. I could no longer come into His Presence without weeping, so great was my yearning for the past elation, of which I was robbed by Satan’s messengers.

    It has rendered me more agreeable to those who do not share in the same elation. When I seem too powerful in Word, warnings and exhortations to my hearers, my enthusiasm and emotions too great, I sometimes wonder what it would be like without that damper of a thorn.

    Hence I consider even Satan’s thorn part of G-d’s wisdom for me. Manifestly my exceeding great joy, happiness and enthusiasm in the Lord proved overwhelming for some people, who prefer a more “temperate deportment”. But after having read the three visions (as well as my personal testimony), my great zeal and love for the Lord, His Word and will, might become better understandable.

    The Lord has shown very great kindness and grace toward me, and so I desire to share His goodness and blessings with others.

    Therefore I shall endeavor to interpret the third vision, even though I believe that the Scripture references supplied by me suffice to explain the meaning of the visions. If their message would involve my person only, I would not share them. Since Abraham explained nearly all of the first two visions, I shall concentrate on the third one.

    I encourage you, though, to first study all the Scripture references I supplied. Then, should some things still not be clear, you are welcome to inquire concerning them. I hope and pray, that those heavenly visions of Scriptural truth concerning G-d’s plan of salvation will gird you up in hope, strengthen you in faith, and fortify you in the one and only true Gospel of our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, beyond all shaking.

    Cor. 12:7
    Gal 1:12-17
    The words in the brackets are my own interjection


    Part I

    Spaceless dimension (or void space) is like timelessness. Time is relative and measured by those bodies that move in space, like our earth, sun and moon. Abraham stood in this space- or timelessness. I.e., he was going to convey a timeless truth, which would be valid for all ages. Abraham is the last of the race of men called “Adam” [h], and the father of a new race of “Adam” men, which G-d would raise up by His grace, through faith in His Son’s redemptive work. The new race of men is created and elected through faith, of which Abraham is the Patriarch, the “father of a multitude of people.” [i].

    By him was this vision brought to me.

    It first began with a window opened into the third heaven [j]. The first impression received was light — marvelous, brilliant light, speaking of the very Presence of G-d, Who IS Light and dwells in unapproachable light125. He called me out of darkness into His marvelous light126. The vision was meant to impress this truth upon me, compounding it with the experience of tremendous joy.

    Secondly I saw those seven exceedingly bright and beautiful “stars”, who were spirits, “angels” taking charge. Who were they? Why were they shown next? In the Book of Revelation we find Yeshua holding seven stars in His right hand, Himself explaining their mystery to John: “… the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches… .”127 In Job 38:7 we also find stars mentioned, singing like those in my vision. (These are “morning stars”, or sons of the morning, once affiliated with the “son of the dawn,” who was their chief and director of their music until his fall128. Yeshua, Who is now their chief, will delegate authority over them129 to such conquering saints as mentioned to the angel of Thyatira.)

    The Archangel Michael is the guardian angel in charge of Israel130, while the angel Gabriel was charged to confirm and strengthen Darius the Mede131.

    Therefore the vision was showing seven angels in the likeness of stars in Yeshua’s hand, who stand before G-d as representatives of the seven Churches (Kehilot, communities, congregations) of Messiah. They are in charge of the Churches’ welfare and safety, as Michael is in charge of the Jewish people. For the angels are all ministering spirits sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation132.

    Why was the Lord showing them to me right at the beginning? Why did He want me to take notice of those seven “church”-angels? What is it that the Spirit is saying in the Book of Revelation to the seven angels in charge of the seven churches?

    These churches are not simply the small congregations of 2,000 years ago from those towns mentioned. They represent communities of saints worldwide, from the beginning until the end, with their particular conduct, strengths and weaknesses. By showing those specific angels first, the Lord was indicating that His visitation of churches was at hand: either for revival or for discipline133.

    Today I know that Yeshua is preparing us for both. For some time now He has been sending a MOST URGENT WARNING to all of His churches:

    a) to wake up134;

    b) to take His messages to their seven guardian angels to heart;

    c) that a mighty revival is coming, but very different from before.

    The Lord won’t abandon us to our weakness unassisted. The seven communities of saints must prepare to meet their Lord and Bridegroom. We better not waste our allotted days with the cares of this life, thinking we still had plenty of time135. We must be ready (braced, fortified, shaped up) for obstacles and trials we will meet in these last days136. By overcoming them we will acquire our bridal beauty, adornments and splendor.

    Yes, I too had become part of these angels’ charge and care (I had beheld their beauty and glory, their majestic stature, and heard their songs of joy). I had come out of darkness into Yeshua’s marvelous light, to the glorious stars watching day and night over Messiah’s communities of saints, of which I had become a member.

    When I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire in the spring of 1976, a particularly deep burden for the Kehilot’s ONEness was imparted to me. I yearn for us to be united in LOVE, FAITH and HOPE, no longer divided over doctrines and traditions of men, over differing opinions and stupid, senseless controversies, which only breed quarrels137. The Lord’s heart is indeed that of a Shepherd. Therefore for the past thirty years I have warned, instructed and gathered His sheep, that He may unite them into one flock, together with His own sheep of the House of Israel, and bring them into the safety of His sheepfold.

    1 Jn 1:5; 1 Ti 6:16
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    Part II

    The angels of the seven Kehilot were the first shown to me. They stood at the foot of the throne of G-d, in the brilliant splendor of His Presence, beholding His face. Evidently their charges, the communities of saints, tower in importance above all others.

    Thirdly, I beheld those four multi-winged and multi-faced beings of Ezekiel 1:5-7. They are called cherubim. Above their outstretched wings was the glory of the Lord, as above the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant138, and in Ezekiel’s vision of the Lord139. Cherubim are angels of the highest rank and order.

    These very special angels, bright and sparkling like polished brass, were shown to me. Furthermore, a strong impression was made on me by their constant movement from the throne outward into the four directions of heaven and back. Perhaps their movements indicate the global outreach of world evangelism by satellites.

    After all, the Book of Revelation pertains to the closing days of this age. Only now can visions be properly understood and interpreted, as much that was described two thousand years ago has just come into being. For example, only modern weaponry has the potential to destroy the whole earth and all that is in it; and only in our days have the Jewish people returned to their own, G-d given land and formed a sovereign nation, Israel. The Book of Revelation cannot be correctly understood apart from that people and nation.

    So, G-d is sending forth the Word of His grace into the four directions of heaven and earth140 — by satellite! As those four cherubim move, so does the Gospel of the Kingdom move by the instrument of modern technology — by satellite.

    The Gospel, which is the power of G-d unto salvation for all who believe141 goes STRAIGHT AHEAD, WITHOUT TURNING! And it is the Gospel which carries G-d’s redemption into every corner of the earth. It was these four guardians of G-d’s Presence142, who were going forth toward East and West, North and South. Their appearance of polished brass moreover indicates that the Gospel brings not only redemption, but also judgment: redemption to those who believe; and judgment to those who reject G-d’s salvation143. Because brass represents judgment.

    Hence, G-d showed the cherubim specifically after the seven church angels, because it is the “Kehila of the Redeemed”, “the Assembly of the Firstborn”, which is called to evangelize the world. Peter clearly stated that it is a chosen RACE, a royal PRIESTHOOD, and a holy NATION, even G-d’s own [one united] people, that should declare the wonderful deeds of Him who called them out of darkness into His marvelous light144, making disciples of all the nations, teaching them to observe all that Messiah commanded us145.

    I came to Yeshua in a time when the Gospel would be preached in all the earth, to every nation, people, tribe and tongue146.

    Fourthly, a vision of the throne was granted, radiating in the most intense phosphorous blue. Why would G-d have me notice the blue brightness of His throne147 – like the sky above us on a clear day?

    Because the heavens are the Lord’s THRONE148.

    Ever since, I rejoice when I see the sky’s deepest blue, for it reflects the brightness of His throne, the seat of His glory.

    The satellites carrying the Gospel of His power and grace move in such a realm. Who can hinder this work149, which goes forth from the very Presence of G-d,moving within the realm of His throne?

    Further, the throne was filled with the brightness of G-d’s glory, as Ezekiel describes: a most marvelous brightness in rainbow colors, comparable to the brilliant clarity and sparkling beauty of diamonds (or prisms). It produced immense, unspeakable happiness and joy in my heart150.

    Genesis 9:13-16 declares the rainbow to signal the reliability and sureness of G-d’s promises. Is not His faithfulness, like the brightness of His glory, round about Him151? Does He not cover Himself with the light of His glory as with a garment152? Yes, every promise of G-d proves true153. As sure as His throne is filled with His glory, so is His promise certain: the Good News of Salvation will be proclaimed to all men, and the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the deep154.

    We, who form G-d’s own [united one] people (both Jews and ingrafted Gentiles155) are the messengers of His Promise. We are the bearers of the brightness of His glory to the very ends of the earth156!

    Exodus 25:18-22
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    Part IV

    But why was I shown yet another heaven? For the vision of the glorious heaven differed greatly from the one I was shown next, which, I believe, was Paradise, the resting place of the saints. This was relocated at the time of Messiah’s ascension and taken above157. Here the light was as daylight, and not the glorious brilliance of the third heaven. For the saints’ glory is not as yet seen158. The light of their temporary heavenly abode was shown to be as of the day, for they are children of the day159.

    The saints I saw were children of the day, and I had joined their company when the Daystar160, Yeshua HaMashiach, arose in my heart.

    The whole sphere of being of these saints was Rock. It resembled shining Venetian marble, or those stones called Carnelian and Jasper161. Its color looked similar to flesh in appearance. It is Messiah Yeshua Who is the Rock of our salvation162, that Living Corner Stone. By Him we also have become living stones, being built into a spiritual house, to serve G-d as a holy habitation163. In Him we live and move and have our being164. He is our sphere of living, our only source and reason for having eternal life165.

    Upon Him the saints of all ages and races were resting. For NO OTHER FOUNDATION can any one lay except Yeshua HaMashiach166. The flesh of His body became our sacrifice, His blood the expiation for our sins and guilt. By it the saints have been reconciled to G-d, entering His Sabbath rest – and all the saints of the vision were resting.

    This confirmed what Abraham had explained to me: I was reconciled to G-d by Messiah’s sacrifice and not by the works of the Law. Then I understood what kind of rest I had entered into167. It meant perfect peace to the soul.

    The saints were all clothed with something as tight as a second skin in red, blue and green (see page 6, and endnotes e, f, g). They all had put off their old nature and clothed themselves with their new nature in Messiah168 , of which the highest virtues are love, faith and hope169. Their bodies of flesh170 could not even be seen, because their old nature had passed away. They had become a new creation in Messiah171, bonded together in perfect harmony.

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    Part V

    I grasped that it was essential for me to be likewise renewed. I too needed to put on this new nature after Messiah, just as the Scriptures exhort us to do. If I wanted to get to Paradise, I needed to imitate the example of these saints.

    Through LOVE for one another we become Yeshua’s genuine disciples. Through LOVE we come to know G-d, because He is LOVE. And it is by LOVE that we keep ABIDING in Him172.

    Through FAITH the righteousness of G-d is revealed in Messiah. By FAITH in Him we all are G-d’s children, and without FAITH it is impossible to please G-d173.

    And by our HOPE in His salvation we are purified and saved174.

    The saints were set apart in rectangular areas like that of the Tabernacle, because in Messiah they ARE set apart into a dwelling place of G-d in the Spirit175. Each group was separated by a fence resembling the posts surrounding the court of the Tabernacle, as I discovered later. A fence delineates and encloses property owned. It may not be trespassed176. No one could enter beyond those posts of the Tabernacle WITHOUT the proper sacrifice, not even the priests. Hence, those saints were truly Messiah’s redeemed, His very own. They were set apart unto G-d in Messiah177.

    These saints were divided into three sections. Then it dawned one me that the saints in Paradise constitute the living Tabernacle of G-d with its three partitionsk.

    I had come to the Tabernacle of G-d178, His spiritual house of which I was now a part. Not only that, but I myself also constituted a spiritual house and sanctuary for G-d179. This would crystallize in me in yet much richer ways later on, as I meditated on being the tabernacle (sanctuary) of G-d.

    Lastly the three pillars, which each stood before a fenced rectangle and were of the SAME SUBSTANCE as the Rock, speak clearly of faith, hope and love180. They underscore the vital importance of faith, hope and love and their Christ-like nature, for they are the MAIN PILLARS of our salvation and the MAIN STAY of our walk as believers. They supersede all difference and dissension.

    Faith, hope and love fulfill all the Law, for it is impossible to do wrong by these three181.

    The saints in Paradise were clothed with these three, and united by them to form G-d’s living Habitation. Saints of every age and race MUST BE UNITED BY THESE THREE! It is contrary to the whole purpose of G-d to focus on differences, on the things which divide. We cannot serve Him – divided182, nor be part of His people – divided.

    Therefore we must concentrate on those things which unite. It is inconceivable for the One and Only Body of Messiah, Who is the Rock of our salvation and the foundation of our inheritance, to be divided. G-d’s objective is to unite us with those who precede us183, and with those who will yet follow us184, to form together a holy Tabernacle unto G-d. In it we will serve Him – with Messiah in the lead185 – as a holy and royal priesthood.

    John 13:35; 14:21; 15:17, 9-10; 1 John 4:7-8, 11-17
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    20, 22-25…HE shall provide
    ; 47:10, 21-23;
    Ezekiel 46:10


    Part VI

    Hence this “heavenly” vision spoke both of, as well as to the Church. It caused me to realize that we have much “pressing on” to do186, in order to obtain our place in paradise as did those saints. We must strain to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize of the HIGH CALLING (or, upward call) of G-d in Yeshua HaMashiach. If I desire maturity, then I must be thus minded and strive to remain true to what I have attained. This applies to all of the Church, and to me as an individual187.

    Following these glorious visions, I found myself abruptly back on earth – at the most unpleasant and unloved place I could possibly imagine – opposite the home of a family which had scorned and hated us. They had slandered us maliciously, and publicly reviled me.

    It was there where I had suffered every sort of humiliation for eleven years, that the vision took me. There I had to face the home of our most vicious enemy.

    Yet the tree under which I stood was like a friend to me. It had been my familiar hiding place, protecting me from spying eyes in His “tent” of rich leaves.

    I understood that there would be a high price to pay for the heavenly vision and calling I had received. But the Lord would be my refuge and Hiding Place, my faithful Friend Who would shelter me under His wings, as that tree had sheltered me.

    I stood under that tree watching the lightning bolts strike the fisherman’s house. The lightning entered, but did not destroy the house. The bolts were clearly discernable as “power” that moved through and left this particular house. (Yeshua said of Satan, that He saw him fall as “lightning” from heaven, yet, He has given us authority over all the POWER of the enemy188.)

    This “satanic power” moved through the habitation of people who hated us most, slandering us because we were — Jewish! The indication seems to be that much of the opposition toward me would be of anti-Semitic nature, by people who can’t find it in their heart to acknowledge the Jews as G-d’s people and the State of Israel as a sovereign reality.

    After this “power” left the house, it entered the ground underneath, crossed the beach road which separated the house from the lake, and entered the water, where it was extinguished. This created a little fountain, accompanied by a “shshsh” sound.

    I have practiced for some years now to “extinguish” Satan’s lies with G-d’s Word, and have countered every attack on me equally with the Word – which Scripture often refers to as “water”189. The “water of the Word” has authority over the “power of lightning”.

    The part of my mother still puzzles me. She appeared and disappeared, never saying a word, while I was observing these lightnings. She used to disapprove of my work and of my having returned to Israel. She refused to join me in Israel. As in the vision, she is not able to see the Kingdom of G-d for herself. I have literally “magnified” the Gospel to her, as in the vision with the binocular. For a while she grasped it and received Yeshua as her Messiah and also the seal of the Holy Spirit. But she has not held fast to all she received. Perhaps she will depart from me as unexpected as she came because of age, to the paradise I had shown her. In any case, my mother’s part still puzzles me.

    Immediately following her departure, this “satanic power” changed its course. Its snake-like movements leave no doubt about the identity of this “power.” Its rising up before me like a snake ready for attack, and its sudden mutation into a burning red fist recalls those Scriptures in the Book of Revelation, where the Dragon “stationing” himself in front of the woman is of a red appearance190. Apparently this red power will greatly increase in its destructive nature, deducing this from the serpent having developed into an ever bigger red FIST.

    It would seem to me that the “red” power is obvious (having nothing to do with the “secret language” of colors which do not represent “powers”). In these last days only ONE power is represented by the color “red”; namely communism, its ideology based on marxism and socialism. Their origin and nature is the same. Let me just name a few: Red Army, Red Place, Red China, Khemer Rouge, Red Brigade, Red Front, etc. etc.

    Communism, or red, represents here the enemy of G-d and all that is His, and what He stands for. The haters of G-d’s people, Israel, are featured almost daily on worldwide television, disseminating their lies and false claim to the land G-d calls His own. Their “struggle” is not one of “freedom fighters,” but of lawlessness, terror, murder, violence, hatred, and wicked deception without limit191.

    The fist represents rebellion against all established authority, and the violent hatred with which to crush G-d’s people. It is the unmistakable symbol of LAWLESSNESS, Satan’s sign of “victory!” It is erroneously taken to be the symbol of freedom lovers and fighters. Not so! On the contrary! The movement of this “red fist” will only spread terror and misery everywhere. We don’t have to look very far to see it: behold Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat! They happen to be Arabs, Moslems, Marxists, terrorists, and above all – haters of Israel!

    Such a “red fist” stationed itself in front of me, while growing continuously in size
    (see Archive News # 7, page 2)

    Ph’pp 3:14, KJV
    3:15,16; Re 2:25; 3:11
    Lk 10:18, 19; Mt 28:18-19
    Isa. 12:3; John 7:38; 15:3; Eph. 5:26; Heb. 10:22
    Revelation 12:3, 4
    2 Thess. 2:9-12


    Part VII

    My flight and climb up that heap of rocks was accompanied by the brightest lightning. The sky was brilliant white from the constant flashing power, which differed from the lightning that struck the fisherman’s house. It was as described in Matthew 17:2 and 28:3; in Mark 9:3; Acts 26:13, and in Habakkuk 3:4. Hence I conclude this brilliance to be the kind of lightning which goes forth from G-d’s throne192, from the very midst of His Presence193. It appears to be the purifying, sanctifying power of G-d that was pounding on and right inside of me, producing an ever mounting inner pressure.

    This can only refer to the “immeasurable greatness of His power in us who believe, according to the working of His great might”194, and to the power of the Word of G-d195 (which is Yeshua196), and to the work of the Holy Spirit. For it is by the enabling, purifying POWER of the Holy Spirit that we put to death our carnal nature, the deeds of our body197, and by the Word that we renew our mind, so as to be transformed into the likeness of His character198, from faith to faith and from glory to glory l .

    The experience of imminent death was very real. I did not understand then that this mounting inner pressure represented the work of the Holy Spirit convicting me of sin, and His power by which I was rendered DEAD to sin, and alive to G-d199.

    The brilliant white, electric Power from heaven did not cease until I had reached the road braced by the pile of rocks. G-d’s power at work in us does not cease to perfect our salvation until the time of Messiah’s Appearing200.

    I was fleeing from evil and the threat it held. To whatever event this pointed, it clearly stresses a Scriptural exhortation: resist the devil and flee evil, even the mere appearance of it201.

    I ran hard, like in a race202. The race took me through a valley203 where I spotted a pile of sparkling stones providing a means of escape. I ran toward the pile with all my might.

    The stones were identical in substance and appearance to the Rock in heaven. As Yeshua said to Simon Bar-Jonah, after Simon had confessed Yeshua to be the Messiah, the Son of the Living G-d: “And I tell you, you are petros (‘a little rock’-‘Peter’), and on such petra (‘mass of such rock’) I will build my Church…”204

    Apparently the “mass of rocks” are believers who, like Simon Bar-Jona, confess Yeshua to be the Messiah, the Son of the Living G-d. “For,” Yeshua said, “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father Who is in heaven.” And of such believing and confessing “little rocks” Messiah will build His Church (Kehila).

    It is these divinely elected, believing “rocks” who constitute the “mass of rock(s)”. The very apostle to whom this statement was made, wrote, “… Like living stones be yourselves built into a spiritual house…,”205 . This is reaffirmed by Paul in his letter to the Ephesians206.

    It was THIS mass of rocks orderly joined one upon the other that was the only means of escaping the evil threat207.

    We believers are exhorted to serve each other; to build each other up in our most holy faith; to uphold one another and bear one another’s burdens. We should be of one united heart, mind and purpose208.

    Because the “stones” were fitly joined together209, my climbing was fast and easy. This mass of rocks were genuine children of G-d, recreated in the Image of the Son of G-d, Yeshua HaMashiach.

    In addition, I understood that whereas the saints in Paradise rest from their labor, having finished their course on earth, those still on earth are not called to a cessation of labor, though at rest from the works of the Law210. On the contrary. We are to labor in love; to contend for the faith; to work out our salvation with fear and trembling; to bear one another up; and to be rich in works of faith and good deeds211. We are G-d’s workmanship, created in Messiah for good works, which G-d repared beforehand that we should walk in them212. For we are appointed to produce the “material”213 of G-d’s spiritual house while still on earth214.

    Hence I had come to the “living stones,” to the “running of the race that is set before us.” I climbed with perseverance until I reached the road, at which point I became weightless, and one step turned into a giant leap.

    Revelation 4:5
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    Part VIII

    Certainly all of us are called “to strip off anything that slows us down or holds us back215;” to put off every sin that so easily besets us, and lay aside every weight of this life. We will not be hampered anymore in our race, once carnal ways no longer impede us. Instead, every step we take in the Kingdom of G-d turns into a giant leap forward. What fantastic advancements we can then make for the Lord!

    After just a few leaps I stood before the house I used to live in. I was ready to face the severe rejection and loneliness of my childhood. Nothing weighed me down anymore or bound me. Although I reached the old place of pains and the window of its memory, I was outside, beyond the bars, light and free, no longer its captive. All aches and pains, the fears and nightmares were locked up, behind bars. They could hurt me no more.

    Clearly this vision shows that we must deal with the hurts and pains and evil memories of our past. Once we walk in the freedom and authority of the Kingdom of G-d, we must face former “demons” and deal with the past as soon as we are strong enough. It is essential that we forget the shame of our youth and remember no more the pain of our forsakeness216. To be without spot or wrinkle217, no evil memory must be allowed to evoke bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred or fear, or weaken us in our hope that we are henceforth truly worthy and beloved.

    From my experience, this particular aspect in our walk of faith is the most neglected. Most assume that being “saved” and “born again” in Messiah automatically takes care of everything. Not so! Human “memory” is analogous to that of a computer (see endnote “l”) — wrong information must first be corrected before new commands can be properly received and dealt with by the computer. Else the computer will do what it is NOT MEANT to do!

    Just so do we need to be purged of bad commands and memories. Then only can we be fully renewed through new input from the Word of G-d, which the Holy Spirit enters expertly by His power.

    The “born again” experience does not produce sudden amnesia, whereby our past is forgotten. As we still live in our mortal bodies, former experiences and wrong inputs are “saved,” or “stored” in our “memory”. This “memory” MUST be dealt with, else it may develop into a festering wound which destroys the new creation, or severely damages it.

    Many struggle in vain, unable to fully overcome former ways. Thoughts and emotions are still defiled and affected by past memories. The deep sense of shame and unworthiness that ensues prevents them from believing that they are truly loved and forgiven. Consequently they themselves are unable to forgive and forget… and love. However, a born-again child of G-d is not meant to enter eternal life blemished, but in the fullness of the joy and stature of Messiah218.

    So great and child-like was my joy, so uninhibited the expression of it — that like a little child from the safety of her Father’s arms I stuck my tongue out219 at what used to afflict and hurt me, but could no longer do so. Glory! What a true deliverance! What marvelous freedom!

    At once the Spirit of G-d, that holy “Wind,” blew these things out of sight and memory, like chaff220. Not only did the memory leave my brain, but also my heart, mind and soul, which remember no more the feeling of shame and forsakeness, the pain of countless wounds. It is as if I had never experienced any of it221.

    Into the space that once was occupied by the memory of an unhappy past appeared the King of Glory. He filled the sudden created void with His most glorious Presence, just as He promised in Isaiah 54:5. It is He now Who fills my life, my soul, my mind and heart. He is the Beloved of my soul, to Whom I am betrothed by the eternal blood covenant222.

    “For your Maker is your Husband,” He declares, “the L-RD of hosts is His Name (the Name which depicts Him victorious in battle); and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the G-d of the whole earth He is called.” He had become the G-d of my whole life. By His transforming power He was making me holy as He is holy.

    This was the third time that Yeshua appeared to me in a vision. The first time, He was veiled223. The second time, I saw His features as He was without veil, but also without glory. He came as the One Who had been wounded for my transgressions224. But now, this third time, I saw Him clearly in all His glory, beauty and majesty, the way He now is with the Father. This will be His semblance when He returns225 as the King, Judge and Victorious Messiah. He no longer is of the appearance of the Suffering Servant Messiah.

    I beheld details about Him which I had not seen the previous two times. He was ALL light: Radiant, dazzling light, like the brightness around the throne226. And His robe and hair shone as brilliantly white as had the sky above me just a while ago. Also rays of brilliant white light went forth from His hands. His face instead shone like the sun and His eyes radiated like fire, burning even into the remotest recesses of our hearts. Nothing can remain hidden from the holy flame of such divine vision. He knows all our secrets. No impurity or evil motif can escape His gaze. Such eyes as His are fearsome. Yet for those who love Him the fire of His gaze kindles a flame of love227, happiness and joy that words cannot describe. To be in His glorious Presence is joy beyond utterance.

    At last He had come to FILL my life: My Shepherd and Savior, My Lord, My King and My G-d. All the misery, depression, loneliness and shame of my former life had passed away. All the fetters of old bondages had fallen off. Laying at the feet of Him Who had been the object of all my hunger and thirst, my longing, yearning and searching, I heard the verdict from His own mouth:

    “Now you are FREE INDEED!”

    Heb. 12:1 LB
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    Part IX

    Before me — the Prince of Peace, the King of glory. Behind me — a past buried forever. And under me — the narrow road that leads to life. My walk of faith had overcome every obstacle and every threat of danger and affliction. By faith in Messiah we are “more than conquerors”228 in every circumstance of life. In Him we overcome every tribulation we may encounter in this world229. The victory may not be instantaneous victory and repeated battles may be required. But we have strength for all things, because He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world230. We can face anything through Messiah Who empowers us and is our strength231. He has given us weapons for warfare which are not carnal, but are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

    The weapons shown me were: childlike trust in G-d; unwavering faith in Yeshua; the power of His blood and cross, and the authority of His Name; the Word of G-d; the Holy Spirit; unity of the faith; love for the brethren; perseverance, love, faith and hope, all of which enable us to make most effectual prayers. We are NOT FATED to wage this warfare alone, but in unison with the brotherhood of believers. Then the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. Instead we shall possess the gate of our enemies232.

    What this vision has shown in regard to my walk of faith is not for me only, but for all who have faith in G-d and follow Yeshua. The saints in heaven and the saints on earth are united through their faith in the Risen Son of G-d, and ALL ARE OVERCOMERS! For with this Word does the Lord close SEVEN times His SEVEN messages to the SEVEN Kehilot: “He who CONQUERS!… CONQUERS!… CONQUERS!”

    We who CONQUER shall inherit the promises set forth by Messiah in those seven exhortations. We who CONQUER shall be the co-heirs with Messiah233. But the COWARDLY and the FAITHLESS (the Spirit speaks of apostate saints, NOT of unbelieving sinners) shall be FIRST to be handed over to the Second death, namely the lake that burns with fire and sulphur234.

    Without adversity there is no need for conquering. Without obstacles there is no need for overcoming. Without affliction and tribulation there is no need for emerging victorious. The walk of faith is studded with adversities, obstacles and afflictions. And G-d has provided all of us with the power to conquer in everyone of such trials.

    Part of this provision is the heap of Living Stones!

    Therefore, dear brother and sister, don’t neglect to occupy your proper place assigned to you by the Lord in the Body of Messiah. Don’t omit to perform the particular task He has put you in charge of235. If you do, you have not only failed yourself, but your brethren and your Lord. And He will not hold you guiltless for your faithlessness. For each one of us is ESSENTIAL for the advancement in maturity and growth of the brethren.

    Every minute part of our body is indispensable for good health and smooth functioning. Most of us think only of heart and kidney and liver, etc. as truly important. Not so! Even so small a thing as a thyroid, if malfunctioning, can overthrow the whole bodily system. A lack of certain acids, fats or minerals, can lead to a total breakdown.

    So don’t despise your place or task!

    Should WE neglect or delay to take our place, OTHERS are hindered and might fall short because of our own failure. Should we procrastinate, evade or even refuse to complete our task due to fear or lack of faith, or timidity, woe to us! For the lot of the cowardly is the lake of fire! Should we be too busy and pre-occupied with ourselves, proving faithless in our responsibilities and thereby faithless to the Lord and our brethren, woe to us! For the lot of such faithlessness is the lake of fire!

    The Cross of Messiah, the Word of G-d, the Holy Spirit and YOU, my beloved brethren, were the key milestones during my visionary walk of faith. By them I escaped the power of Satan, overcame every obstacle, was freed from every bondage, and reached the path to eternal life and complete freedom in the glorious Presence of the Risen and Ascended Lord.

    Have you, dear Living Stones of the brotherhood of faith, taken your place in the petra, the mass or heap of rocks, from which the Lord is building us into a Spiritual House unto our G-d? Or are you sinning against the Lord and the household of G-d by keeping to yourself, not filling the task of your charge? Because of your omission others may never obtain the fullness of salvation intended for them by the Lord.

    And THIS would be your guilt before the Lord!

    Hence, I pray this vision will speak to you. May it inspire you to occupy the place of your divinely assigned charge amid the Living Stones. Until He comes, fight the good fight and run the race with perseverance, that you may obtain the reward of the righteous236.

    “For G-d did not give us a spirit of timidity, of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear, but of power and love and of a calm and well-balanced mind, with discipline237.”


    Ro 8:37
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    2 Timothy 1:7


    a The word “seed” appears in the Hebrew both in the singular and in the plural. One refers to the Promised Messianic Seed, Yeshua of Nazareth; the other to the promised Messianic seed, the nation of Israel. In both these “seeds,” singular and plural, should the nations be blessed and bless themselves.

    b “Anti-Christ” the man is called “man of lawlessness,” “man of sin,” “the man of rebellion,” “the lawless one,” “the Wicked,” “son of perdition,” “son of hell,” or “son of destruction;” [see 2 Thess. 2:3, 8 in the KJV, RSV, NAS, NIV, LB]

    c The lion is the king of the beasts of the field; the eagle is the king of the birds of the air; and the ox (or bull) is the king of the domestic animals.

    d Obelisk: a four-sided pillar, carved from a single large block or piece of stone, slimming from its wider square or rectangular base towards a pointed, pyramidal top, often embellished with religious dedications.

    e In many cultures, color is used as a silent “language,” to express a meaning, a symbol, a status or feeling. This “language” is also extensively employed by the Scriptures regarding the furnishing of the Tabernacle. I used to be well acquainted with this “language,” considering it a secret code. In Germany, where I grew up, “red” symbolizes love, “blue” faith and “green” hope.

    f Love – 1 John 4:7-8 (9-10); faith – Galatians 2:16,20; Romans 3:22; hope – Colossians 1:27; 1 Timothy 1:1;

    g see endnotes “e” and “f”

    h The Hebrew word “dam” means “blood”. The name “A’dam” is generally believed to have been derived from its fem. form, “a’dam’ah”, meaning “earth, soil, ground,” because of its reddish characteristic implied by the word “dam”. Because “adamah” means earth, soil, ground, the name “Adam” is believed to mean merely “man”, since G-d created him from the dust of the earth. However, I believe such interpretation overlooks the word “dam/blood”, and its utterly crucial importance for the redemption of mankind. Hence, the name “A’dam” may actually mean “god of [the] blood” or, “Blood-of-G-d” (the “A”-aleph” being an abreviation for “Adonai” as well as for G-d being the “Aleph” and the “Tav”, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, the A & the Z).

    G-d repeatedly states that in the “blood” is the life. The life that is in G-d, when His breath entered the man’s nostrils, was somehow imparted into man’s blood and made him a living being [Gen. 2:7; 1Cor. 15:45]. Because G-d never says that He created man in the likeness of His “ruach”, that is “breath, spirit, wind”, but in His “dam’ut”, that is “blood-likeness”. Nor does our Redeemer ever suggest that man is redeemed, or atoned for by [His] “breath”, but always and only by [His] “blood”, because in it is the life.

    I realize that I may be fairly alone with this view, but I find it to be the only one which really makes sense when taking into consideration the vast amount of Scriptures pointing to the blood as the redeeming agent, and not to the breath nor to the earth. It is the DAM/BLOOD that matters, not the dust of the earth. It was not the “dust” which got corrupted, but the life. And the life is in the blood!

    The life-blood in the first human being carried the DNA of eternal life. Sin corrupted this DNA and altered its genetic code into corruption and death. Through the first “A-dam” sin and death have been passed on ever since, the characteristics of the species being carried by the genetic code from generation to generation. G-d told us again and again, “the life is in the BLOOD. Life has to be given for life taken.” Out of this understanding Paul called Yeshua, the Son of G-d, the LAST “A-DAM.”. His origin and blood becomes our origin and blood through faith and baptism, and by the the Holy Spirit energizing us by His power.

    i Av = father; ra = multitude; h = letter representing G-d’s unutterable name; am = people (NOT “nations”), like “the PEOPLE of G-d.” The Hebrew word for “people” is “am” and is written with the letter “ayn.” The plural for “peoples” is “amim.” In the case of Abraham’s name the letter “ayn” was deleted and replaced with the letter “heh-h.” Else Abraham’s name would read “Av-ra’ha-am.” Abraham’s name literally means, that he will be the father of a single people numbering a vast multitude. That single people we find stated by G-d Himself in answer to Rebekkah’s question why the twins in her womb were so rumbunctious. He said, “Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people be separated from thy bowels…” [Gen. 25:22-23; AV]. The two manner of people is le’umim in the Hebrew, which later would become the community of saints known as Israel. At the conclusion of G-d’s work of salvation this “community” will be formed by all the redeemed of the earth, G-d’s eternal and everlasting “Israel.” Whether they were Jews or whether they were Gentiles will be of no consequence anymore. For only a new creation, only men recreated in the likeness and after the image of the Son of G-d, will inhabit the new earth as the eternal people of G-d.

    j There are 3 heavens: 1. the natural heaven, or blue sky, of which Satan is “the prince of the air;” 2. paradise, where the saints are gathered, awaiting the time of their full redemption; its light is as daylight, but bright, pure and crystal clear, in contrast to that of the earth, which is less bright and very misty due to the heavily polluted air; 3. the third, or “glorious” heaven, is where G-d is seated upon His throne, His glory radiating throughout in the colors of the rainbow.

    k Today I know, that two of those three partitions make up the Tent of Meeting, consisting of saints which belong to the Body of Messiah, being of like nature with Him. They, too, are of heavenly origin as He is, and have become partakers of the divine nature[1 Jn 2:2; 4:17; Heb. 12:22-23; 1 Cor. 15:48; Ro 8:29-30]. The third portion, which forms the court, is made up of saints who are not part of Messiah’s Body. They were assembled from the days before Messiah’s Coming, from the days after His Ascension until His Return, as well as from the thousand year reign following His Return.

    They too, were saved, and have escaped the power of sin and death, when they believed in their heart and confessed with their mouth the Promised Seed, the Savior, the Son of G-d [Ro 10:9-10]. But they were not baptized into His death and resurrection (ingrafted into His Body), hence do not share His heavenly origin and divine nature [Matt. 11:11; Jn 3:3, 5; Ro 6:3-5]. Consequently they do not share in the First Resurrection [Rev. 20:4-5], with the exception of saints such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and those mentioned in Revelation 20:4-6 [Rev. 19:9; Matt. 8:11; 27:52-53; Heb. 11:(7-39), 40]. They will be raised in the Second Resurrection and awarded eternal life for their righteousness, through the White Throne Judgment [Rev. 20:11-15; Heb. 5:9]. But their nature will be of terrestrial origin and glory, as the first Adam was before the Fall [1 Cor. 15:40, 47-50].

    But this is a separate teaching I expound upon in my publication, “My Stand” (see link below). It suffices for the moment to discern G-d’s promise to Abraham that his seed would be as the multitude of the stars in heaven and of the dust of the earth (or sand of the seashore) [Gen. 13:16; 15:5; 22:17; 26:4; 28:14]. G-d never uses this or that word for lack of a better one, because He always means what He says and says what He means. He pursues to convey a truth with everything He says – or omits – in HEBREW!

    Hence He indicates that Abraham’s seed will be both of heavenly and of earthly nature [1 Cor. 15:48-50]. It is the one of earthly nature which shall bring into the Golden City the glory and the honor of the nations, and receive healing for their ailing from the leaves of the tree of life in the midst of that city [Rev. 21:24-26; 22:2, 14]. While the ones of heavenly nature will inherit the Kingdom of G-d and reign over those very nations. They will walk in divine health.

    For how can one inherit nations, if there are none? How can one reign and rule, if there is nobody to be ruled over [Rev. 2:26-27; 5:10; 20:4]? How can ALL inherit and rule, if there remains no inheritance and no one to be ruled over? And why would anyone need the leaves of the tree of life for healing, if ALL are of heavenly and divine nature?

    l I like to compare this work of putting away and renewing with that of a computer. It is indeed quite similar in principle. Old programs and documents we find no longer applicable or useful must be deleted. Faulty input and wrong commands must be corrected. We need space for new programs and documents. But we cannot do anything until we correct the wrong commands.

    So we start the deleting process. But merely deleting a document is not enough. It can be recalled any time through the back-up program.

    This is one of the main problems in the Christian’s walk of faith: often we do not understand how it is possible for a bad habit or some sin suddenly to reappear. We thought we had fully put away with it in Messiah. We failed to realize that we did not go deep enough into the memory of our “soul” computer. Of course, humans are far more complicated than computers, because besides the purely mechanical memory of the brain, we have also one of the soul, connecting feelings and emotions.

    One needs to go into the “back-up file” to destroy the undesired program and document there also. Should our “computer” moreover be linked to a central computer, then it is necessary to go also into that memory bank and repeat the entire process. Otherwise, through that central memory bank our old and undesired programs and documents can be put back onto our personal computer.

    What this imagery is meant to describe is, of course, the effect the sins of our fathers can and do have on us. Generational curses, and far reaching, unrepentetd sins of grand- and great-grand parents can affect us, their offspring of several generations later, unless by the Spirit we penetrate deep into the far recesses of our “memory bank” and delete its input altogether. Sometimes it requires to go all the way back to birth or conception; and in some instances even a few generations, to “call up” the programs and documents “written” into our memory at that point of time. There is conscious and subconscious memory, genetic and purely bodily memory, soulish, mental and spiritual memory. By the guiding and illuminating action of the Holy Spirit and the triggering effect of circumstances those memories are brought to the surface, one by one. Then, by the power of Messiah’s cross, blood, death and resurrection, with the Word and activating power of the Holy Spirit, we delete those old “inputs” permanently, one by one.

    But we must not leave this newly won space unoccupied [Matt. 12:43-45; Ex 23:29-30]. Rather, we must fill the freed space IMMEDIATELY with new programs and documents — from the Word of G-d! We are literally being “reprogrammed” with a brand-new program, superior to all other ones! The wrong commands are replaced with correct ones, and gradually we know what to do and how to conduct ourselves in any given circumstance as we call up the new “files” of our “memory-bank”. As the Holy Spirit fills us with the new “software” from the Word, we are being transformed, “document” for document, “program” for program, into Messiah’s character-likeness, because He IS the Word. The more we absorb of it into our memory bank, the more we live by it, and the more we become like Him.

    There simply is no quick and easy fix involved in this renewing process. The old memories and habits won’t just simply disappear “hocus-pocus,” the moment we are born again. Have we become new creations? Yes. Was the old man discarded? Yes. Notwithstanding, we are still at home in the old mortal body of sinful flesh. We are still run by the old inputs written into our memory bank of soul and mind. They MUST be deleted, because we are no longer to be controlled or “written” by them. Otherwise we shall not prove victorious, but rather be overcome again and again by our old nature, habits and memories.

    It is the marvelous work of the Holy Spirit to call up all those old inputs, and then delete them. But without our full cooperation nothing will happen. The Holy Spirit does not simply run over us. It is similar to the deleting process on our computers. As we initiate it, the question appears: “Delete this document? Yes/no.” Some programs ask a second time: “Are you sure? Yes/no/cancel.” To wit, this deleting process by the Holy Spirit depends entirely upon our free will and cooperation. If we don’t want it deleted, it won’t be. Hence, if we press on forward, forgetting what lies behind, then input after input will be deleted [Ph’pp 3:13-16].

    However, sometimes we prove unable to locate the problem, even with the help of the Holy Spirit. This requires the help from a godly and compassionate “third” person to penetrate into and locate in the “directory” of our memory bank the program that continues to cause troubles. This can take time. Other old input (such as pride, boastfulness, selfishness, various types of lust, fear, insecurity, etc.) requires repeatedly sets of circumstances to “call” it up until … one day… it finally is permanently deleted.

    We’ll know it the moment another similar circumstance occurs and we react no longer as formerly. The old memory, the old habit, the old sin, the old hurt — its gone. Completely, utterly “deleted!”

    But without the Holy Spirit there is no hope to accomplish this. Our flesh cannot delete the works of the flesh. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit and our full cooperation to put to death the deeds of the body, and it takes equally His power, to write the new program upon the tablets of our hearts.