Columbia Shuttle Tragedy

  • The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy


    from whence does my help come?
    My help comes from the L-RD, Who made heaven and earth.
    Behold, He Who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.The L-RD is your Keeper;
    the L-RD is your shade on your right hand. Psalm 121


    When I first heard the “Breaking News,” I could not believe what I heard and saw. I watched for many hours, turning from one news channel to another, both local and abroad, but the words and pictures were always the same.

    I was so distraught, so overwhelmed, that I could not hear anything other than what was said over and again on all the news channels. My eyes filled with tears as often as I saw the shuttle’s disintegration, that ominous white trail of the Columbia’s break-up.

    “I cannot believe this! This is too horrible, too terrible! They disintegrated! Oh my G-d, they disintegrated! They must have lit up like matches and disintegrated! There won’t be anything left of them to bury! Oh my G-d, why did you allow this?” And I just kept on watching, and crying.

    At 8 p.m. I turned to the Israeli news channels as is my custom, when suddenly I heard another voice within me, quite distinct from those I had heard for hours. “Debris over Texas! Debris over Texas!” the Lord said. And in an instant, as in a flash, the Lord let me see what was happening besides the obvious I had witnessed on TV.

    The understanding given was so very distressing I cried out loud and wept. As soon as I had regained my composure, I called my prophetic Psalmist friend in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, to see whether or not she had received similar insights and had a confirming message. She had!

    We felt compelled to disseminate this urgent message immediately, no matter how difficult, because of its dreadful warning. As Jeremiah had to deliver messages that were ever more appalling while his heart was breaking for sorrow and grief, so have I come to share the same burden and sorrow. Jeremiah voiced his grief in the book of “Lamentations”, for while his heart was breaking over the visions concerning his people, they hated him the more for them and wanted to kill him. So they threw him into a pit for speaking G-d’s warning, Who only desired their welfare.

    Jerusalem did not repent because they trusted in their own understanding and leaned on their own insight1, reasoning in their hearts that there was no G-d2. Therefore they did whatever they pleased.

    The end of this was the destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian exile!

    Therefore, Robyn and I, and her husband Martin who had himself received very disturbing messages, have put this word of warning together from what both she and I received from the Lord. We realize that this message is highly disturbing and might provoke reactions similar to Jeremiah’s prophecies. Hence we would much rather keep silent than speak up. However, woe unto us if we do not speak, seeing that necessity is laid upon us for reason of the office with which we are entrusted3.

    Just as G-d spoke the following words to Ezekiel in 33:2-6, 8-9 [Living Bible], so we also are required to sound the alarm and speak the warning we hear:

    “… the watchman… when he sees the army coming, and blows the alarm [the trumpet] to warn them, then anyone who HEARS the alarm, [the SOUND of the trumpet], and refuses to heed it – well, if he dies the fault is his own. For he HEARD the [SOUND of the trumpet] warning and wouldn’t listen; the fault is his. If he had heeded the warning, he would have saved his life. But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn’t SOUND the alarm [with the trumpet] and warn the people, he is responsible for their deaths. They will die in their sins, but I will charge the watchman with their deaths…”

    “When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you will die!’, and you don’t tell him what I say, so that he does not repent – that wicked person will die in his sins, but I will hold you responsible for his death. But if you warn him to repent and he doesn’t, he will die in his sin, and you will not be responsible.”

    In Ezekiel 3:17-21 [RSV], the Lord says the same things: “… whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them [the people] warning from me. If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. But if you warn the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness, or from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you will have saved your life.”

    “Again, if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you have not warned him, he shall die for his sin, and his righteous deeds which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand. Nevertheless if you warn the righteous man not to sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live, because he took warning; and you will have saved your life.”

    Hence, here are the understandings Robyn, Martin and I, Annelore, were given, which we have joined together into one message to the Church and to all who have ears to hear and a heart to heed the warning:


    1 Proverbs 3:5-8 2 Psalm 14:1-5; Ps 53 3 1 Cor. 9:16-17

  • The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy II

    Columbia-Tx-mapPage 2

    The Columbia space shuttle’s voyage was a joint Israeli/American endeavor. The following word issued is likewise a joint effort by Americans and an Israeli with dual (American) citizenship, making known what we believe G-d4 the Father is saying regarding the space shuttle Columbia’s disintegration on February 1, 2003. The disaster over Texas on that day is a strong word of warning allowed by G-d.

    As 9/11 in 2001 was a trumpet call to the United States of America to not partner with lawless men (i.e. terrorists) to divide up G-d’s own Land, so 2/1 in 2003 is a TRUMPET CALL from the Almighty Creator to mortal men — George W. Bush and Arik Sharon! The message of this trumpet is: “Don’t be conceited, sure of your own wisdom. Instead, trust and reverence the L-RD, not leaning on your own understanding; turn your back on evil and cease from challenging G-d and His oath.”5

    The first thing every witness interviewed said was that they had heard a great, loud and strange NOISE or BOOM 6 (sound from heaven) FIRST, and the ground shook, before anyone saw anything!

    G-D IS SOUNDING THE ALARM BEFORE we see the manifestation of the judgment about which He warns!

    Before we dissect what has happened and declare what we believe G-d is saying, we feel we should let it be known that on 1/31/2003, I, Shira Mayim, was given a quick vision of the shuttle exploding upon its return. I remember rebuking that vision and shuddering at the thought.

    I also know that many intercessors and ministries have been praying over Dallas, Texas in the last week. Since G-d does NOTHING without revealing first to His servants, the prophets, what is about to transpire, we knew that something was “in the pipeline” for Dallas. I truly believe that the concerted prayer effort of the many prevented the shuttle disaster from becoming one on the ground as well. Although G-d was indeed issuing a stern warning through this tragedy – and there is absolutely no doubt that He allowed this specific “warning” to happen – He nevertheless tempered His judgment with mercy. For He allowed the shuttle mostly to disintegrate, and that at a height which prevented a huge catastrophe on the ground.

    The first article on this explosion said the following: Officials in Texas dispatched search and rescue teams to the town of Palestine, southwest of Waco, the presumed point of impact.

    What G-d is saying is: The break-up of the Columbia over Palestine, Texas, is a call to the leaders of America, Israel and the world to repent for their intention to divide up Israel, as well as reconsider waging a war in the Middle East that is out of G-d’s timing and grace. It is an an “in your face” warning from G-d that the fallout and “debris” from such intent to divide His land will result in the breaking up of America (Columbia refers to America).

    1. This specific warning was already issued prophetically in 1996:
    2. and the “fall out” and “debris” of American Government and Economy in 1979:
    see vision of
    3. The warning on Iraq was given in the beginning of January 2003:

    Two definite judgments irrevocably pronounced against the area of the River Euphrates are recorded in Revelation 9:13-19 and 16:12. The first judgment, initiated by the sixth TRUMPET, proclaims the following: “So the four angels were released who had been held ready for the HOUR, the DAY, the MONTH and the YEAR to KILL a THIRD [1/3] of mankind” (vs 15). Coming up to this area outside of G-d’s timing could prove being even worse than what is spoken in this Scripture.

    ONE-THIRD of mankind means the death of 2 billion! While no amount of prayer may nullify this Scriptural prediction, one must not precipitate it.

    Now is NOT the time for this to happen!!!

    Should THIS President, whose home state is Texas, become the cause of the death of so many, including Israelis, it would lead to disaster for America. The Lord is making clearly a connection between the breaking apart and disintegration of the Columbia and the breaking apart of “the Americas”, linking it with President George W. Bush, who has not heeded as yet G-d’s warnings by His prophets regarding Israel and Iraq.

    “Columbia” is a term used to define America!


    4 Annelore explains the use of the hyphenation of G-d: It is a Jewish custom. We leave the -o- out of G-d and L-RD
    1) because it makes the words G-d and L-RD unpronounceable. We can read the names and know Whom we mean, but cannot pronounce them. The misuse and abuse of any of G-d’s Names is anathema [“accursed”] for a Jew.
    2) Another very important reason is the fact that there are many other “gods” of other nations. When our people were exiles in Babylon dwelling among idol worshipers, the elders of Israel ruled to make a distinction between the gods of the Gentiles and our G-d, by leaving the “o” out. The great sanctity and holiness of our G-d does not allow to be spelled like all the other “gods”.
    Hence, to distinguish the Holy One of Israel from other gods when we use the plain word – “G-d” – is to leave the “o” out and insert the “-” instead. Even secular Jews do this, not in particular because of their faith but because this is a tradition handed down for thousands of years, just as we say at the end of every year’s Passover Seder, “Shanah ha’ba’ah b’yerushalaim”/Next year in Jerusalem.”
    I hope this explanation will satisfy your curiosity and prevent you from taking offense because of this Jewish custom.
    5 Proverbs 3:5-7 6 See NewsClips1and 2

  • The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy III

    Page 3

    Significantly, the Columbia shuttle disaster occurred over the President’s home state, Texas, and the first reports aired over the major TV news channels linked it with the Texas town called Palestine!

    Rewarding terrorists with the state of “Palestine” on Israel’s covenanted Land will result in the “breaking up” of “Columbia”, to wit the “dividing up” of the United States of America and the disintegration of her Confederation.

    Therefore, the leadership of America and Israel in particular need to repent of these intentions, as well as other nations partnering in dividing up G-d’s OWN Land7.

    When the Israelites had crossed the Jordan river and were about to enter the promised land, they came to stand between two high hills, Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal. On Mt. Gerizim, Joshua had written the blessings of obedience, and on Mt. Ebal, the curses of disobedience. For before entering the Land, G-d confronted the Israelites with the choice between life and death, blessing and curse. Israel was admonished to choose the blessing, to choose life8!

    Likewise, President George W. Bush, i.e. America, is presented with a clear choice between life and death, between blessing and curse, good and evil!

    America can choose the blessing and stand WITH Israel; or it can choose the curse by dividing up Israel — and America will be divided up herself. This is a SURE WORD!!!

    For G-d covenanted the Land of Israel with an OATH by His own Name and holiness to Abraham, Isaac and JacobY. He did NOT bequeath it to either Ishmael, or to the Arabs or to the Philistines, speak Palestinians.

    No nation, regardless of her status of importance and power, has the right to divide up the Land G-d calls His OWN!

    If there is no repentance, the resulting fall out and DEBRIS from such a decision will be the division, the disintegration and “explosion” of America!

    This is a call upon President George W. Bush as well as Ariel Sharon to turn from allowing G-d’s own Land to be divided, from presumptiously defying G-d’s oath. This is not a matter for which the Church alone can intercede and repent and thus satisfy G-d’s just and righteous requirements. G-d requires it – NOW – of these leaders!

    Furthermore, President George W. Bush is endeavoring to lead the U.S. to a war outside of G-d’s expressly stated timing9. Unless there is a true turn about on the part of all leaders, in all humility, regarding their treatment of Israel and their endangering this troubled nation, divine judgment is certain in connection with Iraq. On the other hand, the leaders’ decision to stand WITH Israel will halt G-d’s judgment and generate a blessing.

    The U.S. of America and Israel – meant to be a blessing to all nations – have sowed this judgment jointly, and on January 1, 2003, both nations reaped it’s terrible fruit. This day was a Shabbat — the inviolable, most holy day G-d gave as a Covenant sign between Him and His people Israel10, the sacred day that uniquely foreshadows the coming Messianic Reign, a Reign that is preceded by severe judgments on the wicked, the lawless and the destroyers of the earth.

    Tampering with G-d’s Covenant, defying His oath and challenging the Holy One of Israel results in fearsome, very bitter and grievous consequences!

    May the warning transmitted through the tragedy of the Columbia shuttle bring our leaders and nations not only to their senses, but to their knees. Seven men and women who represent the best of man were taken in what would seem like a “burnt” offering to shake us up and wake us up. We are grieving, but G-d is grieving even more!

    For what tragedy does it require to finally grab our attention, to finally have us pay heed to G-d’s warnings?

    When Israel forsook G-d and daily challenged and offended Him, He sent judgment upon judgment, each worse than the last11, until at last they would return to Him with a contrite heart, realizing that G-d is a jealous G-d Who keeps Covenant.

    May the “kings and rulers of the earth” be wise to listen and heed the warning while there is still time, before G-d’s anger is roused and they perish. For G-d has already set His Son, Messiah Yeshua, as King upon His holy hill, regardless of the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions condemning the people of Israel and conspiring to give Judea and Samaria, with Jerusalem, to their enemies.

    What fools the nations are to rage against the L-RD! How strange that men should try to outwit G-d! He sits in heaven and merely laughs, and is amused by all their puny plans (their newest one being “the Quartet”)! And then in fierce fury, He rebukes them and fills them with fear12!

    Touching Israel means touching the apple of G-d’s eye13! To drive this truth home, He touched the apple of our two nations’ eyes [America’s and Israel’s] when seven wonderful and precious people, a blessing and joy to all who knew them, perished before our very eyes.

    Do we have ears to hear and take to heart the warning? For though this may be a harsh word, it is not without compassion. While we cannot bury the bodies of the Seven, we shall carry their picture and memory in our hearts. May our leaders not provoke G-d to yet harsher judgments in order to finally get our attention!


    7 Joel 3:2 [4] 8 Deut. 27:2, 4, 12-13; 30:15, 19-20
    YGen.15:17-21; 22:16-18; 26:3; 28:13; Ps 105:8-11; Heb. 6:13, 17
    9 The gulf-war “Desert Storm” had at its goal driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. The aim of this war was not dragging the Iraqi population into a war of destruction nor toppling Saddam, although G-d delivered Saddam into the hands of the ‘’Desert Storm” allies. However, the professed aim of George W. Bush Jr. going to war is against the sovereign nation of Iraq and her leader, Saddam Hussein, with the hidden intent of entrenching the U.S. in the Middle East to gain control of its vast oil fields. Hence, the aim of this war falls into the category of Revelation 9:13-19, stirring up stored up judgments prematurely.
    10 Exodus 31:13; Ezekiel 20:12 11 Amos 4:6-12; Lev. 26:[14-17], 18-33
    12 Psalm 2, Living Bible 13 Zechariah 2:8, 9

  • The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy IV



    Page 4



    The L-rd said to pay very close attention to minute details concerning this tragedy because He is speaking through many of these details:

    Detail: The very first witness account was by a woman from PALESTINE, Texas, the owner of a horse ranch in Palestine, Texas, and one of her workers who had been out in the field. They kept repeating that they couldn’t see anything because of thick, dense FOG. They only heard a terrible loud noise or boom. The worker said it sounded like a TRAIN running through the property, so loud and awful.

    Witness after witness spoke of the terrible loud “noise” or “boom” they had heard, and of shaking, before they ever saw anything or heard on TV what was happening.

    Meaning: Just as the nations suffer from “blinding fog” (i.e. from deception, lacking insight, understanding and “vision”) concerning the truth about the Middle East conflict and the Palestinian insistence on establishing their own state upon the ruins of Israel, so was there dense fog over this TEXAN “Palestine”.

    Similarly, the President from Texas suffers from “fogged up” vision with his drive to establish a Palestinian state upon the covenanted Land, and going to war against Iraq.

    As horses symbolize earthly power, so does this FOG over the town of Palestine symbolize the FOG of human reasoning blinding politicians to the spiritual and warfare realities of creating a Palestinian state on Israel’s soil.

    It took a very loud BOOM to make the woman hear, but she still could not see anything as, prophetically enough, her area of Palestine, Texas was shut in by fog while the rest of Texas had clear skies.

    Furthermore, the boom sounding like a train implies that if President Bush, Ariel Sharon and  “the Quartet” 14 continue to pursue the establishment of a Palestinian State upon the Land of Israel, the matter will turn into a “run-away train” tragedy as terrible as the break-up of the Columbia.

    By the way, Texas is “the Lone Star state”! Do we really want to be going it alone against Iraq? G-d seems to be saying “no” to this war’s timing, and especially to the notion that WE ALONE (the U.S.) can conquer world terrorism. G-d is looking for humility here, for a recognition of human limitations — for there will be NO PERMANENT PEACE until He Who is the “Prince of Peace”/Sar HaShalom, returns.

    The haughtiness of President George W. Bush’s statements in his State of the Union address on January 28, 2003, regarding America’s calling as a nation to rid the world of global terrorism, is being challenged by the Almighty. G-d will be with us if we advance in agreement and communion with HIM; if we deal with Iraq in His timing, in line with His strategy, in accordance with His ways — and NOT our ways!

    Detail: Every witness told of the LOUD BOOM FIRST!

    Meaning: September 11th was the FIRST trumpet call! Now another one was heard with the disintegration of the NASA shuttle COLUMBIA and its SEVEN crew members, ONE of whom was an ISRAELI! It is a powerful TRUMPET blast of divine warning against dividing up G-d’s OWN Land, Israel! His warning sound was being HEARD BEFORE the disaster could be SEEN, even as the Lord declares in the Scriptures, “Surely the Lord G-D does nothing, without revealing His secret to His servants, the prophets. The lion has ROARED: who will not fear? The Lord G-D has spoken: who can but prophesy?”15

    I.e., there is STILL TIME to avert the disaster from happening IF the divine warnings of impending disaster are heeded!

    The number 28: This was Columbia’s 28th flight, in the 28th month of the Intifada, which began on Sept. 28, 2000, and was right after Bush’s State of the Union speech on January 28, wherein he again reiterated the USA’s (the “Quartet’s”) intention to see to the establishment of peace and of a Palestinian state on Israel’s land, along with his intention to fight a war in Iraq and anywhere else needed to rid the planet of terrorism.

    Numerically 28 means “eternal life”. It figures at least 4 times in this scenario (once for each member of the Quartet?). There have only been four space shuttles16, Columbia representing one of this “Quartet”. G-d is emphasizing the need to choose life over death now by yielding to His timing regarding events, in particular end-time events.

    The space shuttle Challenger, by the way, exploded on January 28, 1986.

    There were 7 astronauts on board Columbia. Seven is one of G-d’s perfect numbers. Seeing that there were seven astronauts, we may conclude with certainty that it is indeed G-d Who is making a statement here.

    Columbia’s crew was composed of male/female, black/white, Jew/Gentile and multiple nationalities such as an Indian native and an Israeli. The flight commander’s name was HUSBAND. G-d declares in His Word in Isaiah 54:5, that HE is our Husband, our “co-pilot”: “For your Maker [is] your Husband; the L-RD of hosts [is] his name; and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the the G-d of the whole earth He is called.”

    The hour has come for us to turn from the wisdom of man and seek the wisdom of our “Husband” – G-d.

    DetailThe Significance Of Torah In Space17
    An excerpt of Barbara Richmond’s “Special Jerusalem Report #2 on 2/1/03”


    14 The Quartet: NewsClips 3 15 Amos 3:7-8
    16 Columbia, Enterprise, Challenger, and Atlantis 17 Torah in space: News Clips 3; Special Jerusalem Report:

  • The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy V






    The word “Torah” means “The Teaching”, and in a larger sense the “Word of G-d”. It refers to the first five books of the Bible which embody G-d’s “Teaching,” namely His Law. The fact that this shuttle flight literally took the Word of G-d into the 1st heaven18 and there was blown to bits is a literal picture of the warfare over this Word (see Eph. 6:12-17). But as Joachim Joseph so eloquently stated in the article above, the symbolism is a strong statement that ISRAEL WILL SURVIVE. (Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that scroll was found intact?) The name “Columbia” refers to Christopher Columbus’ finding of America — and is a nickname for America. Christopher Columbus was, according to historians, a Jewish believer, known as “Marrano” in those days19.

    The shuttle was flying at 200,700 feet when she suddenly exploded.

    1) 200 = insufficiency of man;
    2) 7 is G-d’s perfect number (of spiritual perfection);
    3) 100 is the elect;
    4) 200,000 is also 20 x 10,000;
    5) 20 is redemption or priesthood;
    6) 10,000 is 10 x 1000.
    7) 10 is the prophetic testimony of Messiah, or ordinal perfection, while 1000 is the number of the Glory of G-d.

    We can imply much from the HEIGHT of the shuttle at its explosion point (said to have been at 40 miles above the earth; others put it in km), although obviously, it was still in the first heaven, where Satan was allowed to destroy it. It projects a picture of man’s insufficiency and need of a Savior, yet at the same time proclaims Yeshua’s perfect will being done for His elect, as we acknowledge our insufficiency and need of Him and His guidance.

    The Columbia was traveling at 12,500 mph when it broke up.

    1) 12 = G-d’s governmental authority;
    2) 5 is grace;
    3) 100 is elect.

    G-d is graciously giving us a last warning to be HEEDED!

    The shuttle was traveling at Mach 18 – which is 18 times the speed of sound. 18 is the number of bondage — symbolic of being bound to judgment by our actions. Mach is a pun for “mock”. We cannot MOCK G-D! We need to use SOUND judgment!

    It’s also important to understand what G-d is saying about the places – aside from Palestine – where the debris has landed in Texas. Although much small debris has landed in various locations such as Mineola and Ft. Worth, Texas, the majority of the pieces have been found in Nacogdoches, Texas.

    Nacogdoches is a very interesting place to consider, as it was the site of Indian settlement for centuries before the first European arrived. It is named after the Nacogdoche Indians. For more than a hundred years, the town was a major eastern gateway to Texas.

    1. Nacogdoches is the OLDEST town in Texas, near the ANGELINA River — Babylon is the OLDEST city of Iraq being rebuilt by Saddam Hussein. Four of the most terrible, destructive ANGELS who will cause the death of 2 billion, are held bound at the RIVER Euphrates.

    Hence we see Nacogdoches being a WARNING of going up against “Babylon at the River Euphrates” before the appointed year, month, day and hour20.

    2. Nacogdoches is called “the CRADLE of Texas LIBERTY”; hence, the falling of Columbia’s debris at this particular place warns of the dissolution and disintegration of U.S. liberties and freedoms.

    3. Nacogdoches symbolizes LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, OIL and CATTLE; i.e., it points not only to the possible loss of American liberty and independence, but also to the utter disintegration of the American economy.

    4. Nacogdoches had the first producing oil well in the State of Texas. Hence, a strong warning is implied that America’s economy may see destruction that leaves only “debris” of its former glory and wealth. In addition it suggests a direct link to possible ramifications of war with Iraq and taking control of Iraq’s [Middle East’s?] oil fields.

    5. Nacogdoches’ town square, which is the HEART of the town, is called WASHINGTON SQUARE; again, Columbia’s debris having fallen in this town points to WASHINGTON, to the White House, to the American government and specifically, to the President, a native and former governor of Texas.

    6. Washington Square was once the CEREMONIAL Plaza of the Caddo INDIANS between 1250 to 1450 A.D. President George W. Bush hosted in the years 2001 and 2002 during Islam’s holiest festival, Ramadan, a Ramadan dinner in the White House, with Moslem clergy praying to Allah in the name of Mohammed. Again a connection with WASHINGTON is indicated, hinting at the worship of idols, of other gods than the only Living G-d.

    It is the principality behind Islam which seeks to destroy the State of Israel and its Jewish citizens, in the desperate attempt to prevent the Return of the L-rd Yeshua and the establishment of the Messianic Reign. By having allowed this principality access into the White House, George W. Bush has exposed America, the Presidency and his own life to great danger!

    Moreover, it is one of many aspects which draws G-d’s judgment and His curse!

    Nacogdoches flies 9 (NINE) FLAGS! Spanish, French, Mexican, the Magee-Gutierrez Republic, The Long Republic, The Fredonia Republic, The Lone Star, The Confederate, and The United States. (These flags point not only to the very roots and beginnings of the American Nation, as they point to the very beginning of the State of Texas, but they also fly the number 9!!!) And the space shuttle exploded at 9 a.m. EST, while it was 8 a.m. in Texas. So, even though it’s a final word, it could also be a new beginning IF the warning is heeded.

    This number is regarded highly in particular by students of the OCCULT sciences; it also is the LAST of the digits, and thus marks the END; it is indicative of the CONCLUSION of a matter.

    Because it is related to the number 6, six being the sum of its factors (3×3=9, and 3+3=6), it thus signifies the END OF MAN, and the summation of all man’s WORKS, in this case “personified” by the space shuttle and the work the 7 astronauts had done — most of which was burned up and lost! G-d is warning us that unless we turn to Him and the works HE has prepared for us, MAN will suffer the loss of EVERYTHING!!!

    Nine is also, in the positive sense, a number symbolizing the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Most numbers have positive and negative possible interpretations. Prophetically, we are required to hear from God WHICH shade of meaning a number has in a particular interpretation. In THIS case, the Lord was using 9 as a number of FINALITY!

    8. A large piece of debris hit a BANK in Texas, also at Nacogdoches; again — the American ECONOMY will suffer a severe HIT!!! The DOLLAR will PLUNGE!!!

    9. Another large piece dropped at the Nacogdoches Airport!!! This suggests that G-d wants a DEPARTURE from the strategy America’s governments have been using up until now; and that He is judging the U.S. strategy of air war on Iraq at this time. He is also drawing our attention to the warfare in the 1st heaven, which is where the space shuttle exploded…

    10. Another piece of debris fell into a baseball park!

    Meaning: NOTHING WILL BE EVER AGAIN AS BEFORE! The “American Way of life” will never again be what it used to be. Like this piece of debris hitting a baseball park – baseball being part of the very culture and way of life of the American nation – so will the fallout of America’s dividing up the Land of Israel to create a State of Palestine destroy the very culture and way of life of the American nation. This must never happen!!!

    11. From a report on falling debris: In Nacogdoches, Jeff HANCOCK, a 29-year-old dentist, said he found a chunk of debris in his office: “There’s actually a piece in my office. It came through the roof of my office. It’s about a foot-long metal bracket,” he said.

    John Hancock represents the Declaration of Independence signers, and has come to be slang for a person’s signature.

    This incident has the signature of G-d on it!

    Our very foundational freedoms are at stake!

    We end this lengthy word and commentary with the following prophecy, which was given by Yeshua to Yoseph M. when he was on March 17, 1994, in Nacogdoches, Texas. He had made a business trip to Nacogdoches and was alone in his hotel room, when he received this word. He never quite understood why the Lord had him go from his hometown all the way to Nacogdoches to receive this word. But today, February 1, 2003, debris is falling there out of the sky.

    We have sent a much shorter version of this Word to President Bush through messengers who should be able to get it to him. Let us all proclaim G-d’s Word of repentance over global attempts to divide Israel, over an untimely war in Iraq, over pomposity, arrogance and refusal to yield to G-d’s spirit.

    Annelore, Beer-Sheva, Israel

    18 Scriptures teach the existence of “three heavens”: the first one is the one where the “prince of the power of the air,” Satan, and his minions roam [Eph. 2:2; 6:12], the one we can see with our physical eyes. Notwithstanding, G-d demonstrates His sovereignty also over this heaven by having it shine on sunny days in brilliant blue, for it is the color of His Throne [Ex 24:10; Ezek. 1:26; 10:1]. And the heavens are G-d’s throne, while the blue planet earth is His footstool [Isa. 66:1; Matt. 5:34-35] .
    The second heaven is Paradise, where the saints who have fallen asleep await the resurrection and return to earth with the Lord Yeshua.
    The third heaven is the glorious one, where G-d is seated, surrounded by 24 elders upon their golden thrones [Rev. 4:4], with a whole rainbow in the color of a brilliant emerald [Rev. 4:3] surrounding the throne in the vertical, with four cherubim darting to and from the throne into the four directions of heaven [Rev. 4:6; Ezek. 1:14; 10:11], and the multitude of the angelic host filling this heaven and worshiping G-d. Paul refers to this heaven as well as to Paradise in 2. Cor. 12:2, 3
    19 “Marrano” refers to a Jew who, by all outward appearance, is a “Christian,” yet continues to cling to and secretly observe the Jewish way of life and traditions. From Columbus’ log entries it is evident that he was a man of faith who believed in the G-d of Israel as well as in Yeshua being Israel’s Messiah and Savior.
    20 Rev. 9:13-19

  • The Nacogdoches Word of Prophecy




    Received by Yoseph M. in Nacogdoches, Texas on 3/17/94:

    It says in part: “Times, seasons, days — yearnings of the Spirit change their courses as a river changes its course. The Spirit of Holiness also says that if you have time to listen, He will speak and show us things to come; things of joy and JUDGMENT upon the face of the earth, and His people on earth, the church. For NOT ALL HAVE DONE WELL in His sight, and He will JUDGE THEIR WORKS, and their WORKS WILL BE BURNED UP and they, too, if they don’t repent and change their wicked ways.”

    “For they have not all clung to Me as a baby to its mother, or asked Me to nurture them and their wounds. But, they have sought other gods to heal them, to pity them, to understand them and make them feel better. But I have not forgotten you, for you have held fast to Me, even as a babe when chastised by his mother is holding on to the hope of comfort, not letting go in fear and running, but repenting and weeping. For you I have kept the anointing and the hour of My power and My judgment upon the face of the earth – the hour to display My right arm; the hour to shatter the heathen and unrepentant, and Satan and his cohorts. Vengeance is Mine. I shall repay.”

    “You shall be My just judges on the earth. Even those who will uphold My name, HaShem, the Almighty G-d, Adonai Elohenu, Melech Ha’Olam. The goyim shall bow before Me in your presence. They shall see My hand and My arm, as I have shown you (Note from M.: picture a Levi jacket with a zipper from the right wrist to the chest pocket). I will reveal My hand and flex My arm, and pound the earth with My fist, and the earth shall move, it shall tremble and quake and roll and seas foam.”

    “For I shall not be mocked any longer. I have held My peace, now I shall roar, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I shall conquer and take many captives, captives for life.”

    “You have seen My hand and will see it again, but soon you shall see My arm, too, and My full strength brought to bear before the enemies of G-d and His righteous. They shall see and know that I am G-d, Jehovah, Adonai Elohenu Melech Ha’Olam.”

    “Do not fear, My little ones, for I have infused you and encased you with My love. You are protected from harm and the environment of fear and anticipation, for I will be with you in a greater way than you have yet known. My peace will overwhelm you and insulate you from the screams and turmoil around you. But, you will see and know that what you have spoken and will speak is instrumental in My movements upon the earth and in the heavens and under the earth.”

    Let us pray that Pres. Bush and Ariel Sharon and other leaders are convicted by G-d’s Holy Spirit and quickly repent and hear the trumpet call of G-d.

    Yoseph M. and his wife, .Shira Mayim;

  • Columbia Space Shuttle News Clips Feb. 1-2, 2003

    Page 7

    January 1, 2003

    The interview that proves that there was a terrible noise and shaking when the Columbia broke up: 1
    (It is the same man who took the pictures on Photo Gallery 1 and 2)

    TYLER, Texas (AP) — A cardiologist who went into his backyard with cameras and binoculars to watch the space shuttle Columbia descend over Texas ended up capturing it on film as it broke into pieces.

    Dr. Scott Lieberman took vivid photographs as Columbia broke up 16 minutes before its scheduled landing Saturday. The photographs were distributed worldwide by The Associated Press.

    His love of space travel and photography brought him to his backyard with a still camera, video camera and binoculars. Lieberman had been tracking the shuttle on NASA’s Web site and was excited that the landing route was supposed to go over Tyler.

    “I handed the video camera to my wife Robyn, and I had a digital (camera),” Lieberman said. “I had a zoom lens on it. I started clicking some pictures as it came over.”

    He noticed that the space shuttle had unusual parallel contrails, but thought that perhaps landings look different in the daylight and didn’t immediately realize anything was wrong.

    “On the videotape you could hear my wife say, ‘Is it supposed to split up like that?’,” he said.

    Lieberman said he realized the shuttle had a problem when he didn’t hear a sonic boom.

    “The sonic boom is two discreet thumps – boom boom – that’s normal. What happened here was a loud roaring explosion like a cannon going off. It shook the house and was much louder than normal. It was a very loud coarse noise.

    “That was followed by a crinkling sound, a burning noise – like when your heater’s on in the house – that persisted for a minute or two minutes,” he said.

    One of the images he caught on his camera showed “25 or 30 different fragments moving through the air,” he said. “When I saw that, I realized it was the massive disruption of the vehicle.”

    With the help of the Tyler Courier Times Telegraph, the images were distributed worldwide through the AP.

    Lieberman, a New York native, said if he weren’t practicing medicine, he would want to work in the space program.

    “I’m one of those 40-year-olds who grew up watching the moon landings. It’s one of those things I always wanted to do. It strikes close to home,” he said.

    JANUARY 2, 2003

    Words of condolences from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: 2

    “Israel mourns the tragic death of the astronauts of the Columbia space shuttle, among them Israel’s first astronaut, who perished in the unsuccessful re-entry.”

    MFA Newsflash:

    “The Israeli government and people share the sorrow of the Ramon family, and of the families of the other astronauts, who perished today (Saturday), February 1, 2003, in the space shuttle Columbia disaster. The Israeli government sends condolences on behalf of the entire Jewish people to Rona Ramon and the Ramon family, the families of the American astronauts, US President George W. Bush, and the entire American people.”

    Cabinet Meeting – Feb 2, 2003

    Remarks by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon about the Columbia Space Shuttle at the Cabinet Meeting: 3

    Jerusalem, 2 February 2003

    Yesterday, at four o’clock in the afternoon, Israel time, communication was lost with the Space Shuttle Columbia. On Col. Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut.

    From the moment that we learned of the loss of contact, we followed, together with the rest of the citizens of the world, in trepidation, hope and prayer, the updates which reached us from the space agency until the bitter moment when there was no doubt that the seven astronauts were killed in the space shuttle explosion.

    I wish to send from here, on behalf of the government and people of Israel, our sincere condolences to the families of the American astronauts, to the President of the United States, George Bush, and to the people of the United States. Times such as these strengthen the bonds of our common fate, values and vision, all of which were realized in Col. Ilan Ramon’s journey into space.

    Unfortunately, I did not get to know Ilan as well as I would have wished. But I knew about his past as a bold fighter pilot and an outstanding commander.

    I spoke to Ilan a number of times before he took off on his last mission, and I spoke to him while he was on board. In my conversations with Ilan, I recognized a man of values. A man who dearly loved his people and country. A man who did not deserve to be taken from us, along with our hopes, dreams, history and future, to a place beyond that which we could ever have imagined.

    Last night I spoke with Ilan’s father, Eliezer and his wife, Rona. I am sure that you all join me in extending condolences to this wonderful family, a family of which we are all proud.

    The seven astronauts who were killed yesterday in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, are part of the heavy price paid by the human race in its quest for knowledge, and in our search to explore other worlds.

    Their deaths were not in vain. Man’s journey into space will continue. Cooperation between the United States and Israel in this field will also continue.

    The day will come when we will launch more Israeli astronauts into space. I am sure that each and every one of them will carry in his heart the memory of Ilan Ramon, a pioneer in Israeli space travel.

    All the people of Israel bow their heads in memory of Col. Ilan Ramon and the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, heroes of manned space flight.

    1 Interview at:
    Gallery 1:;
    Gallery 2:

  • Columbia Space Shuttle News Clips Feb. 1-2, 2003; page 2

    Page 8

    January 2, 2003
    The Salt Lake Tribune — Of Many, One Published in Salt Lake Tribune –
    Indexed on Feb 2, 2003

    The diversity of the crew — three white American men, a white American woman, a black American man, an Israeli national and an Indian immigrant — was what struck many Americans about Saturday’s tragedy. The astronauts were a combination of steely test pilots and modern-day engineering phenoms. Ilan Ramon was a bona-fide combat hero, flying missions in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and the Lebanon War in 1982. He reportedly took part in Israel’s bombing of Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981, setting back Baghdad’s quest for nuclear weapons by years.

    Mercury News | 02/01/2003 | Shuttle debris rained on Texas
    Published in – Indexed on Feb 2, 2003

    PALESTINE, Texas – Columbia’s explosion shortly after 8 a.m. Central Time, spewed wreckage along a 120-mile swath from the Dallas-Forth Worth area southeast to DeRidder, La. In addition, some human remains were found in Sabine County, Texas, near the Louisiana border, according to Sheriff Tom Maddox. The remains were placed in bags and taken by hrse to the office of the nearest medical examiner in Lufkin. While wreckage was scattered widely in the county, “Only a small number (of sites) had human remains,” Maddox said. In Montalba, Texas, residents found a rounded piece the size of a car hood beside a highway.

    The Globe and Mail: Breaking News
    Published in The Globe and Mail – Indexed on Feb 2, 2003

    At 9 a.m., Mission Control lost all data and contact with the crew. At the same time, residents in eastern Texas reported hearing “a big bang.” It was the 113th flight in the shuttle program’s 22 years and the 28th flight for Columbia, NASA oldest shuttle. In 42 years of U.S. human space flight, there had never been an accident during the descent to Earth or landing. On Jan. 28, 1986, space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff. “These astronauts knew the dangers, and they faced them willingly, knowing they had a high and noble purpose in life,” Mr. Bush said.

    An article in “Naples News”: 2

    Aubrey’s Cafe in Nacogdoches3, Texas, became a hub of sad activity Saturday, as students and residents gingerly took in the vast amount of shuttle debris that rained upon their town.

    “It shook the whole town,” said Mark Choate, 22, a student at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches. “Then everywhere, from pieces in my front yard, to all the way across town at the bank, there’s coned areas that are blocked off. There’s pieces of spaceship everywhere.”

    R.T. Gregory, 70, a waitress at Aubrey’s, walked over to a 4-foot piece of debris in front of the town’s Commercial State Bank.

    “It just made me sad, because I knew by looking at it someone had lost their life,” Gregory said. At the spot, she prayed, “just an ordinary prayer.”

    Folks who have come into Aubrey’s over the day “have been sad about it, they’ve wanted to come in and talk about it,” Gregory said.

    Choate said that outside, in Nacogdoches’ roads and yards, “everyone’s out there with cameras.”

    “You walk down the strip of downtown, and everywhere you walk is another cone, and another small piece, because each piece is marked off. And it’s taking them awhile to collect all the different pieces all over town.”

    As national heartbreak fell over the skies of Texas, the state’s flags were lowered. It mourned some its own. Shuttle commander and Air Force Col. Rick Husband, of Amarillo, Texas, earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Texas Tech University. Shuttle pilot Willie McCool attended Coronado High School in Lubbock, and mission specialist Kalpana Chawla earned a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas-Arlington.

    “The thoughts and prayers of all Texans are with family members of the astronauts lost in today’s tragedy,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said.





    1The two Texas color maps are by: Texas Travel Tex; They provide outstanding maps with detailed descriptions of all Texas counties, their capitals, cities, cultural life, hotels, bed & breakfast, etc. They make learning about Texas a fun experience:
    2“Naples News” article:
    3The two white maps of Nacogdoches and Palestine, Texas, are by “MAPQUEST”


  • Columbia Space Shuttle News Clips Feb. 1-2, 2003; page 3

    Page 9

    Following is an excerpt of Barbara Richmond’s “Special Jerusalem Report #2 on 2/1/03” (

    A Holocaust survivor who sent a tiny Torah scroll into space with Israel’s first astronaut says the flight has allowed him to fulfill a promise he made 59 years ago. Astronaut Ilan Ramon held up the Torah — the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures — aboard space shuttle Columbia during a televised conference Tuesday with Israel’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon.Watching with emotion from a NASA control center in Greenbelt, Maryland, was the Torah’s owner, Joachim Joseph, a 71-year-old atmospheric physicist at Tel Aviv University who is overseeing an Israeli experiment aboard the shuttle. The scientist received the Torah from a rabbi while both were imprisoned at a Nazi concentration camp in Germany in 1944. Joseph had just turned 13, and the rabbi had secretly arranged a 4 a.m. bar mitzvah ceremony in the prisoners’ barracks.

    After the ceremony, he said, `You take this, this scroll that you just read from, because I will not leave here alive. But you must promise me that if you get out, you’ll tell the story,”‘ Joseph recalled. The rabbi was killed two months later. Joseph was freed from the Bergen-Belsen camp in a prisoner exchange in 1945, one month before it was liberated by the Americans and British.

    Ramon, whose mother and grandmother survived the Auschwitz death camp, visited the scientist’s home two years ago and saw the Torah. “He was deeply affected. He almost cried,” Joseph said. The astronaut asked if he could take the Torah with him into space. “This represents more than anything the ability of the Jewish people to survive despite everything from horrible periods, black days, to reach periods of hope and belief in the future,” Ramon told Sharon and other Israeli government officials in Jerusalem.

    Joseph said: “I feel now that I finally was able to fulfill my promise to Rabbi Dasberg 50 years ago, more than 50 years ago, and then on a grand scale, and I’m very grateful to Ilan for making it possible.”

    Today, that tiny Torah that survived a concentration camp was destroyed in the explosion of the space shuttle, Columbia. None of us imagine how Joachim Joseph who gave it to Col. Ramon feels this evening.”

    End of excerpt.

    Communiqué issued by the Quartet
    New York, 17 September 2002

    United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, High Representative for European Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana, and European Commissioner for External Affairs Chris Patten met today in New York.

    Reaffirming their previous statements, the Quartet members reviewed developments since their last meeting, on July 16, 2002. They deplored and condemned the morally repugnant violence and terror, which must end. They agreed to intensify their efforts in support of their shared goal of achieving a final Israeli-Palestinian settlement based on their common vision, as inter alia expressed by President Bush, of two states, Israel and an independent, viable and democratic Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.

    The Quartet will continue to encourage all parties to step up to their responsibilities to seek a just and comprehensive settlement to the conflict based on UN Security Council resolutions 242, 338, and 1397, the Madrid terms of reference, the principle of land for peace, and implementation of all existing agreements between the parties. The Quartet reaffirms the continuing importance of the initiative of Saudi Arabia, endorsed at the Arab League Beirut Summit, which is a vital part of the foundation of international efforts to promote a comprehensive peace on all tracks, including the Syrian-Israeli and Lebanese-Israeli tracks.

    The Quartet is working closely with the parties and consulting key regional actors on a concrete, three-phase implementation roadmap that could achieve a final settlement within three years. Comprehensive security performance is essential. The plan will not succeed unless it addresses political, economic, humanitarian, and institutional dimensions and should spell out reciprocal steps to be taken by the parties in each of its phases. In this approach, progress between the three phases would be strictly based on the parties’ compliance with specific performance benchmarks to be monitored and assessed by the Quartet.

    The Quartet also supports, in preparation for establishment of a Palestinian state, efforts by the Palestinians to develop a constitution which ensures separation of power, transparency, accountability, and the vibrant political system which Palestinians deserve.

    The plan will contain in its initial phase (2002-first half of 2003) performance-based criteria for comprehensive security reform, Israeli withdrawals to their positions of September 28, 2000 as the security situation improves, and support for the Palestinians’ holding of free, fair, and credible elections early in 2003, based on recommendations established by the Quartet’s International Task Force on Palestinian Reform. The first phase should include a ministerial-level meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) to review the humanitarian situation and prospects for economic development in the West Bank and Gaza and identify priority areas for donor assistance, including to the reform process, before the end of the year. The Quartet Principals will meet alongside the AHLC ministerial.

    In the plan’s second phase (2003), our efforts should focus on the option of creating a Palestinian state with provisional borders based upon a new constitution, as a way station to a permanent status settlement.

    In its final phase (2004-5), the plan envisages Israeli-Palestinian negotiations aimed at a permanent status solution in 2005. Consistent with the vision expressed by President Bush, this means that the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 will be ended through a settlement negotiated between the parties and based on U.N. resolutions 242 and 338, with Israeli withdrawal to secure and recognized borders.

    The Quartet welcomes the Task Force’s report on the progress of the seven Reform Support Groups, and notes that a number of significant achievements, especially in the area of financial reform, have been realized in a short period of time under very difficult circumstances. Under the aegis of the Quartet, the Task Force will continue its work of supporting the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority as they establish and prioritize reform benchmarks, particularly on the issues of elections, judicial reform, and the role of civil society.

    Both the reform effort and the political process must include Israeli measures, consistent with Israel’s legitimate security concerns, to improve the lives of Palestinians, including allowing the resumption of normal economic activity, facilitating the movement of goods, people, and essential services and to lift curfew and closures. Consistent with transparent and accountable Palestinian budget arrangements, the Quartet welcomes Israel’s decision to transfer part of the Palestinian VAT and customs revenue that has been withheld since September 2000, and calls on Israel to continue this process and reestablish regular monthly revenue transfers to the Palestinian Ministry of Finance. And consistent with the recommendations of the Mitchell Commission, Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories must stop.

    The Quartet welcomes the report of UN Secretary-General’s Personal Humanitarian Envoy Catherine Bertini as well as the latest UNSCO report on the impact of closures. It calls on Israel and the Palestinians to recognize and act upon their respective responsibilities and to move quickly to ameliorate the sharply deteriorating humanitarian situation in the West Bank and Gaza. In particular, Israel must ensure full, safe and unfettered access for international and humanitarian personnel.

    Reiterating the critical importance of restoring lasting calm through comprehensive performance on security, the Quartet calls on the Palestinians to work with the U.S. and regional partners to reform the Palestinian security services, strengthen policing and law and order for the civilian population, and fight the terror that has severely undermined the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians. Israelis and Palestinians should reestablish security cooperation and reciprocal steps should be taken by Israel as the Palestinians work to combat terrorism in all its forms.

    The Quartet will continue to discuss the timing and modalities of an international conference.

    The Quartet also met and discussed these issues with the Foreign Ministers of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, as representatives of the Arab League Follow-up Committee, and with representatives of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The Quartet looks forward to continuing consultations.

    1 Barbara Richmond has changed her name to Leah Rafaeli, has abandoned her faith in Yeshua as Messiah, and changed her web site to Judaism has become her god – not merely a way of life. More about this change can be found at: 2A004N9G&UCD=gh6, (a letter written by a personal friend of hers of many years);; and

  • The Israeli Ilan Ramon – a great Man and Astronaut

    Page 10

    Ilan Ramon- A Personal Encounter
    by Chuck King, Jerusalem,
    February 1, 2003
    Dear Friends,

    Two years ago, my daughter Kaitlyn and I were on a return flight to Israel from the USA. A layover in Amsterdam turned into a seven hour delay due to mechanical problems with the plane. Vouchers for the various airport restaurants were distributed to calm the weary and irritable passengers, but by that time, the only thing open was the “snack bar”. Kaitlyn and I found ourselves sharing our tiny table with a rather inebriated, but congenial gentleman from Alaska.

    Before long, a slightly built Israeli pulled up a chair beside us. We quickly learned that the Israeli had been carefully looking after our Scotch Whiskey loving friend throughout the previous flight, making sure that he was hearing and understanding the announcements, was remaining in the right terminal, etc. For this, the Alaskan was most grateful, and we also couldn’t help but be impressed by the presence of this kind man with the fair complexion and sandy blonde hair, who was going out of his way to help a stranger.

    Forget every gross generalization you have ever heard about Israelis…rude, pushy, demanding, and so on. This one broke the mold. We immediately sensed that we were conversing with someone special, for even though he was soft spoken, gentle, and non-assuming, he also carried with him an air of intelligence, dignity, and charisma.

    He was at once personable, and following the line of usual questions (“What are you doing in Israel?” “How long have you lived in Jerusalem?” “Do you have other children?”), we found ourselves comparing notes on raising children, and coming to the conclusion that in spite of everything wonderful that America has to offer, Israel was clearly the better place to be. I learned that he had been living in Houston with his wife and young children for a little over a year, and that they had been very much enjoying the hospitality and wide open spaces of Texas. But when I asked what he was doing in Houston, the Alaskan chimed in with slurred speech saying, “Oh, he’s really tight lipped about that. I’ve been trying to get him to tell me that for hours, but he won’t budge.”

    I have visited the Israeli Consul General’s office in Houston, and so I immediately assumed that he must be connected with Israeli intelligence or security, and felt it best not to follow that line of conversation any further. It was well enough to be sharing our little table and lively conversation with this gentleman, who understood, appreciated, and shared our deep love and respect for his country.

    The time passed quickly, and as the airline finally called for our boarding, we agreed to keep a mutual eye on our dazed Alaskan friend who was also Tel Aviv bound. Relieved to be in our seats and on our way home, the conversation between Kaitlyn and I turned to the Israeli, speculating on his actual occupation, and both agreeing that we hoped to see him again one day. Its not so unlikely in a tiny country like Israel.

    And to our surprise, there he was again, standing sheepishly in the aisle beside our seats, with last minute words of goodbye before the plane departed. He held something behind his back, and it was immediately obvious as he leaned toward us, speaking in whispered tones, that he did not wish to draw attention to himself in any way. Then he pulled his hand from behind his back, and shyly presented us with a gift…the photo that you are all seeing on the news networks, now hanging near me on the office wall – Ilan Ramon in his NASA uniform, posed proudly in front of the Israeli and American flags, with this personal inscription in his loopy English handwriting:

    “To All the King Family, May God help us all. Ilan Ramon 5/11/01”

    Genuinely great people never need to boast of their own greatness. I knew that day that I had met a truly great person, and I sensed that someday, our paths would cross again.

    How much I appreciated the words I heard just moments ago from President Bush as he quoted the Prophet Isaiah, and expressing faith that each crew member of the lost Space Shuttle Columbia had been brought “safely home.”

    Tonight, I grieve with Americans for their loss, and I grieve with Israel, once again, this time for their fallen hero.

    I pray that Ilan Ramon finds himself safely in Abraham’s Bosom, and I believe that one day, I will see him again.

    Shalom from Jerusalem,

    Chuck King

    P.S. By the mercy of G-d, Ilan Ramon’s remains were found and positively identified, which allows for burial. We thank G-d for the grace to enable the family and every sorrowing Israeli to visit the grave of Ilan, saying a prayer and being comforted. More details are at the Israeli Newspaper, “” Haaretz English Edition, entitled:
    “Remains of Ilan Ramon identified, to be buried in Israel”

    More about the man and astronaut Ilan Ramon you find at the web site of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, at the page entitled:

    Col. Ilan Ramon Israel’s First High-Tech
    Ambassador in Space 1954-2003
    The exact same text copied for keeps is at

    The picture of Ilan Ramon in his NASA uniform is featured by the Israeli Foreign Ministry on the page about “Col. Ilan Ramon: Israel’s First High-Tech Ambassador in Space”