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    A Report of the Divinely appointed
    “Jerusalem Assignment”
    on September 15, 1999

    by Annelore

    Persons assigned and present for this task:
    Yoseph M. (full name known) – apostle, prophetic anointing
    (Prior to our Assignment, we went with Yoseph to the Western Wall [Kotel]
    for him to receive the promised divine impartation of apostleship, with the gift of healing and miracles).

    Shira M. (wife; full name known) – prophetic minstrel, author
    Annelore (full name known) – prophetic office, seer, teacher, author
    Y  Naomi (full name known) – worship leader, minstrel, inner healing ministry
    Judy Gail (full name known) – End-time Handmaiden, prophetic intercessor
    Y  Noname wishes to be removed entirely from the pages of this prophetic assignment
    that it may not turn into a stumbling stone for Aliyah;
    Y  Phyllis (full name known) – gifted editor, seasoned holiness intercessor.


    PART I

    The first phase of our Assignment was to be carried out at St. Peter’s Gallicantu Church on Mt. Zion, by the road to the Dung Gate1. The sanctuary is round with window openings to the east, west, north and south. It is strategically placed above the Valley of Hinnom, over against the city of David, the Temple Mount, and Mt. of Olives. Our main battle against evil and reversing curses was to be waged there.Curses from the shedding of innocent blood had been released in the days of King Manasseh of Judah when children were sacrificed to Moloch in the Valley of Hinnom. We were to reverse these curses, overturn and bring down the stronghold of Moloch, and destroy his hold over the youth of Israel — something not done until this day.

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    Because of the perpetual burning and smoke in the Valley of Hinnom (corpses of criminals, animals and refuse were burnt there once King Josiah put an end to the human sacrifices) Ge-Hinnom (Hebrew) or Gehenna (Latin and English) became a synonym for hell. Jewish tradition says that in the valley of Hinnom is the mouth to hell. The Lord said that indeed one of the main gates of hell was there, and we were the vessels He chose through whom He would close it!

    The valley of Ge-Hinnom, or Gehenna, known today as Wadi al-Rahabi, lies between the southern side of the Old City of Jerusalem, and Ein-Rogel ~ Virgin’s Fountain, once marking the borders between Judah and Benjamin. It merges with the Kidron Valley (which runs from the East to the SE of the Old City along the foot of the Mt. of Olives) at Siloam, where yet a third valley, running from the center of Jerusalem to the SE, terminates. The Kidron Valley, however, continues all the way to the Dead Sea. (Hence, the possibility of the blood flowing for 200 miles from a very great slaughter, and reaching a horse’s bridle, is not impossible).

    These curses, which have for the past millennia devoured the Jewish people, will one day devour their enemies. I do not refer to “personal” enemies here, for such we are commanded to love. I refer to the enemies of G-d who oppose His plan for the land and people of Israel; who would possess His land, destroy His people destined to be His witnesses, and seize Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian State. Hence, in accordance with G-d’s Word, instead of the innocent blood of victimized Israelis, it will be the blood of G-d’s and Israel’s foes that flows through that valley2.

    It is commonly believed that the Valley of Ge-Hinnom, together with the Kidron Valley, represents the “Valley of Jehosaphat,” the valley of G-d’s judgment upon His enemies.

    It’s Joel 3 all the way!

    Following part one came part two at the Upper room, where we were to open the gates of heaven for G-d’s blessings and salvation upon Israel, but also upon all who love Zion’s gates. Those in whose hearts are the highways to Zion, who desire her peace and prosperity, and are seekers of G-d and doers of righteousness are co-heirs of G-d’s blessings and salvation.

    Before knowing anything about the Valley of Hinnom and the St. Peter’s church, Shira was told by the Lord that she would be playing prophetically the lifting of the corporate veil over Israel. It is the veil G-d had placed so the Gentiles could come in3.

    This report is not complete without reviewing the assignment’s divine confirmations. However, in order not to try your patience any further, I have placed the account of the actual assignment first. My record of G-d’s specific instructions regarding a fast; the curious “coincidence” of numbers, and an alleged “sign” in the heavens of a certain constellation allignment follow the report.


    Y  Some of the Jewish participants requested their names and pictures to be removed from this report because of persecution by certain groups such as Yad L’achim who do not accept Jews who believe Yeshua of Nazareth to be our promised Messiah. These organizations call the New Testament “a lie”, Jews who believe in Yeshua “missionaries” and their Kehilot “cults”. As Austin Cline states in his article, “Yad L’Achim seems to be accepting of someone being any sort of Jew rather than a convert away from Judaism — better a secular Jew than a Messianic pseudo-Jew..” Yet, our Jewish brethren who believe in Yeshua are no pseudo-Jews. They are born of Jewish parents, observe Torah and a Jewish way of life and believe that Yeshua of Nazareth is the promised Messiah, in fulfillment of Scripture, while those of Yad L’achim are still waiting for the Messiah. They rather prefer a mortal, no matter how kind but already dead man as Messiah than the One Who has risen from the dead and delivers not only from our mortal, human enemies, but above all from the power of sin and death.
    Hence, my Jewish brethren fear their coming home to Israel could be hindered by our fellow Jews who slander us and spread lies and falsehood about us:
    1The gate derived this name from the time when the people of Jerusalem would go out through this gate into the valley of Hinnom to burn their trash and refuse there.
    Y Additional reports by Noname, Phyllis and Naomi, and Barb Astrino, intercessor and associate pastor at a church in Akron, Ohio, follow at the end of this report.
    2 Revelation 14:20 3 2 Cor. 3:13-8; Ro 11:25-26


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    Before we 7 were ever led by the Lord to carry out this “Jerusalem Assignment” during the 10 Days of Awe, in the 9th month of the year 1999, many intercessors laid the groundwork for this gate-closing through years of tears, prayers and worship. Many were sent to the gates of Jerusalem and Israel to prepare the way through worship and prayer. Our part was to bring to completion that for which they had petitioned the Holy One of Israel.A) Our Assignment: (at St. Peter’s in Gallicantu, on Mt. Zion)

    1) To repent for the sins of the House of David and the House of Judah, having burnt human sacrifices to Moloch in the Valley of Hinnom;
    2) To bind the power of Moloch and cast down his stronghold;
    3) To shut the Mouth of Hell in the Valley of Hinnom;
    4) To quench the perpetual burning;
    5) To reverse the curses of the innocent blood shed
    a) by placing the curses upon the heads of G-d’s enemies, which are also the enemies of Israel;
    b) by reversing curses and releasing instead blessings so as to end the shedding of innocent blood in Israel.
    The following is what actually took place, and what the Lord did by and through us:

    B) Our procedure:

    1. We opened with Naomi, worshipping and singing praises on the keyboard, bringing us into spiritual readiness.

    2. While worshipping and praising G-d, we suddenly experienced the presence of angels. They had come to join us in accordance with our prayers and G-d’s promise.
    3. After some time, Shira. took over the keyboard, and things began to happen, since she literally “prophesies” on the instrument4.
    4. Shira. played from Isaiah 30:31-33 – the burning of the Tophet… the funeral pyre of Moloch. She literally played the grieving over the children being sacrificed, the burning of the demonic entity.
    5. Shira informed Annelore that the time had come for her to take her stand above the Valley of Ge-Hinnom for the act of repentance. Being a member of both the tribe of Judah and the “Succah of David”5, Annelore stood in proxy for both, repenting of Judah’s and her kings’ sin of shedding the innocent blood of human sacrifices offered to Moloch
    6. Repenting of the shedding of innocent blood tore at Annelore’s guts and she felt wrung out as one would wring out wet rags. The experience was wrenching, and she was indeed broken-hearted.

    Shira. played at that time the grief over the sin and the flames of Tophet. She was playing FIRE and MOURNING .


    4 Minstrels prophesy in song and on their instruments, as Psalmists – see 1 Chr. 25:1-7.
    5 The original tent of David was of fabric he had pitched to place the Ark of G-d into it (2 Sa 6:17; 1 Chr. 15:1).It has long desintegrated. It foreshadowed prophetically the “Tent of David” seen in Amos 9:9-11, which is a succah made of “natural branches” from [family] trees, with many gaps and breaches. It certainly is not the “ophel/city” of David.
    Messiah Yeshua is the fulfillment of the Ark of the Covenant. Isaiah 16:5 prophecies about Him sitting on the throne in faithfulness in the “Tent of David”. The word used here is ohel, formerly applied to the Tabernacle of G-d in the wilderness. Hence we see the former succah transformed into a sanctified ohel/tent. The only means of sanctification acceptable in G-d’s sight is by the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua. Both “tents” are fragile structures, non-impressive, nothing big, important, ornate, or glorious.
    G-d promised David that his line would continue before Him throughout all generations (see 2 Sa 7:25-29; 1 Chr. 17:23-27; Ps 89:3-4, 29-34, 35-37; 122:5; 1 Ki 11:39; 2 Ki 8:19; Ps 132:17). However, Gentile Christianity interpreted these Scriptures as referring only to Messiah Yeshua, Son of David, and not to a literal house of David. However, in the day the “Son of David” shall return as King of kings, which house, which throne would He claim? Without a people, a land, and a royal house a king cannot make his rightful claim to the throne (see “My Stand”, pp.11&12, to learn more about this). From Zechariah 12:7-9, 10, 12 it is evident that both Nathan’s – full brother of Solomon (1 Chr. 3:5) – and the royal lineage will be back in the land of Israel before Yeshua’s Second Coming.
    This “Tent” in which this King shall sit must be of necessity of like nature with Him. Hence, the natural branches of the succah of David are all believers in Messiah Yeshua, by Whom they are transformed into the sanctified ohel/tent of David.


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    7. In the Name of Yeshua Annelore took the blood and the innocent lives out of the mouth of Moloch, shutting the monster’s devouring mouth and tearing down his stronghold by the power of the blood of the Lamb, by the power of His cross and in the authority of His Name.
    8. Just then Yoseph came and took Annelore by the hand, leading her from facing the Valley of Hinnom to stand next to Shira inside the circle.
    9. While Yoseph led her, she decreed the reversal of the curses off the heads of the Jewish people and onto the heads of G-d’s enemies, and especially upon the head of Leviathan, that old Serpent.
    10. Suddenly Annelore saw eagles plunging down from heaven in an exceedingly swift dive. With their awesome beaks and fangs they ripped into the demons trying to escape from that “mouth of hell.”I believe these “eagles” were prophetic intercessors who, prompted by the Spirit of G-d, swooped down upon the demons to prevent them from escaping. Shira, Naomi, Annelore and Phyllis had intercessors1 in the U.S.A. and other nations who committed to praying and standing with the team for the 15th/16th of September. Some even stayed awake in the middle of the night because of the time difference.

    11. While Annelore saw eagles, Shira instead saw horses with warrior angels on them, holding long lances in their hands as the knights used for games and battles in the Middle Ages. The angels were lined up on both sides of the valley, ready to ram the demons through. She saw them surround the enemy and run them through with their lances.
    12. Following the eagles in swift flight were angels who closed and sealed this “mouth of hell” with a cross. Then, strangely, Annelore saw one of the angels – a very tall one – sit upon the sealed “mouth of hell.”
    13. Once again the eagles appeared, flying up and down over the Valley of Ge-Hinnom, this time sprinkling something with their beaks upon the valley. It was the blood of the Lamb of G-d they were sprinkling.

    Again, I believe it was the [prophetic] intercession of those partners who joined us in this assignment that cleansed this terrible valley of curses with the blood of Yeshua. The innocent blood of the Lamb of G-d has now atoned for the innocent blood of children sacrificed to Moloch. This valley is now purified and sanctified.

    Zechariah 3:9: “…I will remove the guilt [of iniquity] of this land in a single day.”

    14. Then the eagles ascended, and I saw the dove, the Holy Spirit, descend upon that place instead, flying up and down above the Valley of Hinnom.
    15. Suddenly the Holy Spirit quickened Ezekiel 37 – the vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. He said, “See my sons and daughters of flesh and blood, for I have brought them back from the valley of dry bones. Now is the hour for the Spirit of G-d to be breathed into them. Now is the hour for sons and daughters to be born into the Kingdom of G-d.”
    16. By now Annelore was on her knees, and with a heart contracting in sorrow over the lostness of her people, cried, “The birthing is come! The birthing of the sons and daughters of G-d to be registered in Zion!”

    Throughout this time Judy Gail was pinned to the floor in intercession, face down. She could not move until this part of the assignment was completed.

    Noname stood or sat in different areas of the church, following right along these happenings in prayer, voicing agreement with the decrees issued. Phyllis walked continuously around the sanctuary, first in one direction, then in the other, calling out in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave utterance.

    Naomi followed the stirring of the Holy Spirit upon Annelore, flowing in perfect agreement with what was being prophesied on the instrument and by Annelore. She also shielded Shira. in the Spirit, praying for constant refreshing of the minstrel and strength for her to continue prophesying as long as necessary.

    The Lord used her moreover to minister deliverance for Shira at the end of this part of the assignment. She was used to make sure that no backlash came on the minstrel, standing between Shira and the demons that would have wanted to attack her. While Naomi was doing this, Shira sensed that the years of rejection as a minstrel of the Lord, and her pain and suffering for it, were being washed away.

    Yoseph stood as our watchman, keeping guard over us women with the authority of an apostle, guiding and interpreting. At strategic intervals he blew the shofar to undergird the warfare against the demonic dominion in the valley, and to take Shira higher in the anointing. With blasts of the shofar he declared the work done and sealed.


    1 See page 17



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    Tourists came and watched, astounded, awed, smiling, rejoicing, and some even taking pictures. But not one of them spoke a word or interfered in any way whatsoever. It was as if what they saw and heard forbade them to make any noise at all.There was then a break in Shira’s playing, announcing the completion of this part of the assignment and the beginning of another. When she played again, the sound shifted. The Lord gave her a different song — the victory release of HOLY FIRE!

    Once more the Lord granted Annelore to see what His minstrel was prophesying:

    1. At first a brilliant glow began to appear and intensified in glory, until it suddenly metamorphosed into a crown above a throne. Shira, too, saw the same light, and a huge crown being brought to cover the whole valley.
    2. I saw an angelic host, so vast one could not see the end, encircling the throne. All the angels fell upon their faces before the throne in worship.
    3. When they arose, they stood in a wide circle around the throne watching as four cherubim standing at the four corners of the throne moved away from the throne into the four directions of heaven6.
    4. A word of command went forth from G-d and the hosts of angels fell into formation, which looked like this:

    5. I then saw men who I was made to understand were “sons of Zion”, commissioned from the throne. They walked through the angels’ formation as the passageways opened northward and southward, eastward and westward, as well as northeastward and northwestward, southeastward and southwestward.
    6. These “sons of Zion” descended to Jerusalem, and were to go from there into Judea and Samaria and unto the farthest parts of the earth. And I was given to cry, “Yes, Jacob shall be a fire, and Joseph a flame!”
    7. And the Lord said, “As the heart pumps the blood even into the farthest parts of the body, so is Jerusalem the heart which shall ‘pump’ the Gospel even unto the remotest parts of the earth.”

    Following the purging, purifying and sanctifying of the Valley of Hinnom, the vision showed G-d enthroned above as Sovereign, crowned in glory. Indeed, as the innumerable angelic host did homage to the awesome Sovereign One of the universe, the Holy One of Israel, so every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He alone is Lord.

    When the Cherubim – the highest of all of the angelic host – move, it indicates a major move of G-d for they are G-d’s immediate messengers standing by and overshadowing His throne.

    When the Cherubim moved and the angelic host fell into formation upon G-d’s command, exactly eight passageways were created between the companies. To my eyes they opened precisely into the four major and four minor directions of heaven and earth.

    The “sons of Zion”, endowed with apostolic authority, passed between the companies of angels who, to my understanding, were assigned to the “sons of Zion” to aid them in their mission.

    The “sons of Zion” went first to Jerusalem, wherefore I believe – as I always have – that the final and greatest move of G-d will go forth from Israel, specifically from Jerusalem. G-d promised that the latter days shall be greater than the former, as the autumn and the spring rain together7. Hence, the latter days of the Church shall surpass the early days, and will see a double portion of the miraculous.

    They were Jews who first opened the gates to the age of grace, bringing the Gospel into all the world, and again it will be Jews proclaiming the Gospel to every people, nation, tribe and tongue, this time signaling the closing of the gates to this age of grace. Only then shall the end come.

    Having finished the first part of our assignment, we rejoiced that it was done and sealed it by Yeshua’s blood and the Word of the Lord.

    When Yoseph and Noname came out of the church they heard a clap of thunder and bells ringing as if to confirm that our task there was indeed accomplished.


    6 See Matt. 24:31; Mk 13:27: In the Spirit I was made to understand that these cherubim were moving East and West, North and South as the supreme messengers of the Gospel. As the angels shall be sent to gather the Lord’s elect from the “four winds”, i.e. the 4 major directions of heaven, so shall the Gospel go forth first. The moving of the cherubim initiated the going forth of the Gospel in a straight way, because the cherubim did not turn about but just moved away and back to the throne without turning.
    7 Hosea 6:3; Joel 2:23


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    After accomplishing our task over the Valley of Ge-Hinnom, we proceeded to the Upper Room, also on Mt. Zion.

    A) Our Assignment:

    1) To open heaven’s gates upon Israel, and release G-d’s salvation and blessings.
    2) In particular we were to lift the covering veil of unbelief that has prevented the Jews from seeing and recognizing their Messiah (as Joseph’s brethren did not recognize in the Egyptian lord their own brother because they believed him to be dead).
    3) With the lifting of this “blinding” veil we were to include the nations who also had been covered by it because the appointed time has come for the Gospel to go forth freely and with great power to every people, nation, tribe and tongue.
    4) We were to pray for the UNVEILING of the “Ark of the Covenant”, Yeshua HaMashiach, Who is Himself the fulfillment of the Ark, and for Israel to finally see and recognize Him.

    We arrived through a narrow gate that exits into the passageway to the Upper Room. Suddenly a friendly Arab official appeared and suggested that we park right in front of the Upper Room, rather than descend into the far parking lot. Seated next to me in the car, he guided us through a narrow path leading to the Upper Room building itself. There really was no parking — yet Achmed made room for us.

    When the Upper Room guard forbade us to play our instruments, Achmed, our friendly helper, took us to the roof of the building where we not only looked once more over the prophetic sites of Jerusalem, but also enjoyed cool breezes in the shade. It was a perfect setting. The favor of the Lord had made room for us, literally.

    B) Our procedure:

    We prepared ourselves again, and Shira began to minister once more on her keyboard. And again I saw what the Lord had her “prophesy”:

    1. First I saw innumerable hands raised in worship, then faces turned upward, lips moving in praise.
    2. From the raised hands I saw smoke of incense ascending.
    3. The continual praise created a sudden opening into heaven in the shape of a funnel, the wide part being heavenward.
    4. Through the opening I saw an angel catch the smoke of incense as one scoops up water. The angel entered the Holy Place and mixed the smoke of incense with the smoke arising from coals on the altar.
    5. Having filled his vessel with the incense, smoke and coals from that altar, the angel went back outside and poured everything out over Jerusalem.
    6. Then a voice said, “Let righteousness rain down that salvation may spring up.”8 I repeated the same words after this voice.
    7. Instantly I saw a brightness of glory rise up from the ground, meeting midheaven with the glory from heaven9. As they met a glorious whirlstream formed like the funnel of a tornado, yet not destructive.

    While I heard the voice speak, Shira was told by the Lord to play an ascension. And just as I saw the glory arise from the ground, Shira’s playing was indeed taking us higher into the Spirit.

    8. Then I saw people being drawn into this whirlstream of glory — Jewish people I was made to understand. Once in that whirlstream they became “sons of glory!”
    9. Then I saw the waters above the earth as I had seen them once before, crystal clear and smooth as a mirror10. They were stirring in response to Shira’s music and again they dripped and drizzled from the “sea of glass” before the throne (apparently the “sea of glass” serves as a “filter” through which the waters from above the earth are poured, and transformed into a “rain of righteousness” which causes “salvation” to spring up).


    8 Isa. 45:8 [44:3]; Hos. 10:12 9 Psalm 85:10-11
    10 The appearance of these waters is like the surface of water looks when seen from beneath.


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    Shira knew she was playing the release of the water again and produced music that sounded like bubbling water. Then, through settings in the string sections she proclaimed the lifting of the veil.

    10. But this time the L-RD stretched out His hands over the dripping waters, rays of light pouring forth from His hands. The light mingled with the rain forming brilliant drops of light.
    11. Then the Spirit in me was disturbed because thunder and lightning were required yet none came forth, as the specific features were lacking on the keyboard.
    12. However, fountains of water again sprang up over the whole area of dry ground, and I began to pray for the “oaks of righteousness,” the “planting of the L-RD,” to spring up, according to Isaiah 61:3.
    13. As I prayed, I suddenly saw the Lamb of G-d in the vision. At His appearance all of heaven fell silent in utter awe of Him. Holiness surrounded Him. It almost was a tangible sensation.
    14. Loud praise then broke the silence. Heaven seemed to reverberate from these shouts of praise to the Lamb.
    15. Then blood began dripping. I saw the Lamb having wounds from which blood dripped, and a word appeared above the head of the Lamb: REDEMPTION!
    16. Again I saw faces turned upwards toward the Lamb and hands were raised in worship as people praised the Lamb.
    17. Suddenly praises arose not only from earth, but also from Paradise, joined by the praises in heaven. It was one mighty song of praise to the Lamb of G-d.
    18. Suddenly, as if produced by this threefold mighty song of praise, a liquid stream poured forth from the breast of the Lamb. I heard the Spirit say, “a stream of mercy! A stream of mercy upon Zion!” I repeated these same words after Him.
    19. As I watched, I saw young men and women suddenly jump into and dance inside that stream of mercy from the breast of the Lamb.
    20. More and more people leaped into that stream which seemed to expand and widen. Suddenly healing sprang up and I was filled with an urgent longing so great it seemed my breast would burst. Prompted by the Holy Spirit while watching the people dance in the stream of mercy, I proclaimed at the top of my lungs, disregarding onlooking tourists: “Liberty to the Captives! Jubilee! Jubilee! Restoration of the Inheritance, a double portion! Prisoners of darkness, ‘Come forth!’ Oh you who sit in the deep dungeon of darkness, ‘Appear!’ Let the blind eyes be opened and the hardened hearts be circumcised and changed to hearts of flesh. Heal us, O L-RD, of all of our backslidings and give us a new heart for your Name’s sake, that we may be able to believe and be saved. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon the gathered nation for your Name’s sake, according to your promise!”
    21. Then Shira’s playing ceased, and so did the vision.

    Achmed, our friendly helper, was with us on the roof almost the entire time and so we hope and pray this Moslem may be one of G-d’s own to be gathered into His Kingdom. Achmed had called his boss who met us downstairs and apologized for the guard’s obstinacy. He invited us back to play even for 2 hours, if we wanted to. Achmed accompanied us again through the narrow pathway, and Yoseph & Shira blessed Achmed liberally for his kindness.

    At the end of the narrow pathway I met an old friend and brother from Australia, dressed in his usual costume of King David, playing on the harp and singing. Never does he stand at this place, but this time he stood right at the entrance of the narrow pathway to the Upper Room.

    He placed a royal chaplet upon my head, directing his song at a daughter of the King while singing of G-d’s saving mercy. Then Naomi and Shira were also “crowned”.





    How significant that “King David”, as it were, crowned us for victory, especially in view of the fact that part of the third Assignment included “raising up the tabernacle/succah of David.” As we were now on our way to the third part of our Assignment, “King David” (as it were ) was greeting and blessing us.


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    A) Our Assignment:

    Our final session was upon the rooftop of an apartment building on Ayn Rogel11 street. From the rooftop we looked directly down on Ge-Hinnom, and straight ahead on Mt. Zion with the Upper Room visible. We could see Jaffa Gate to the West and the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock to the East. We could see the Mt. of Olives, the City of David and beneath it the Kidron Valley. And we were right on top of Ayn [Ein] Rogel!

    Judy Gail – an Endtime Handmaiden intercessor of Gwen Shaw’s ministry – adds a noteworthy observation to this remarkable place:

    Incorporated in the rooftop fence is a ship’s anchor with Jerusalem in the backdrop… Immediately she saw and knew for certain —


    Judy writes: “Just think how unlikely it is in the natural to have an anchor – especially one that large – exactly at that location! I am a boating person and know how much anchors weigh and how difficult it would be to get one up there. G-d is so good.”

    B) Our procedure:

    The Lord had me write out many prayers from Psalms which we were to pray at that time, PROCLAIMING His Word for the angelic host to go forth and accomplish all they HEARD the Word of G-d declare12. We ourselves were not to engage the enemy, the angelic host did that in Yeshua’s Name.

    Although we were quite open to public viewing and hearing, just as in the other places, the entire session went without any disturbance or interference. We assembled on the roof with two keyboards and sang and praised the Lord in the midst of the population, with some orthodox Jews living nearby. Yet we enjoyed freedom of worship and expression, and sovereignty in proclaiming, decreeing and declaring G-d’s perfect will over Jerusalem and Israel, without arousing suspicion. We enjoyed G-d’s divine covering to hide us from spying eyes and eavesdropping ears.

    Following decreeing, proclamation and declaration, Shira motioned to me that it was time to enter into the “raising up of the succah of David.” While she played on the keyboard I prayed the crucial Scriptures which live and burn in my heart since the day G-d interpreted them to me. However, for reasons unknown to me, Shira broke off before this particular assignment was completed, as the Lord gave me to understand. It is a truly Levitical ministry task. It may require her presence in the land, and yet further preparation and understanding from the Lord about the specifics regarding the restoration of the succah of David.

    Afterwards we ministered personal words to Judy Gail, Noname, and Phyllis as Naomi played and praised G-d. Phyllis, in fact, received a double portion of very special blessings that day. Downstairs I ministered to Yoseph & Shira in obedience to the Lord’s instructions, with the power and anointing of impartation and confirmation being quite strong.

    We completed our threefold Divine Assignment about 3:00 p.m. which is the hour of the burning of incense (in the Temple), but we enjoyed personal ministry and sharing for yet another hour and a half.

    Yoseph. and Shira.went on to minister as worship leaders for the Tom Hess Worship Convocation held for the next 5 days in Jerusalem. Shira. has her own report about what happened at the Convocation which, however, is not part of the report on the Jerusalem Assignment.

    On the first evening of the Convocation Tom Hess got up to speak and said, “The intercessors are reporting seeing angels ascending and descending freely — and they are reporting that the heavens are OPEN!”

    After the prayer assignment was completed, Annelore attended a wonderful, fairy-tale-like wedding of friends of the family.

    Behold, the wedding supper of the Lamb is shortly at hand. Let the Bride make ready and clothe herself with the pure linen of her righteous deeds.

    So be it! Amen and Amen!


    11 Gen. 16:7 : The Hebrew word, ayn means eye, or by analogy a fountain (as the eye of the landscape); rogel, although a word not found in Scripture, is commonly believed to mean spring, fountain. Hence, AYN ROGEL would mean THE EYE OF THE SPRING (or of) THE FOUNTAIN. However, in modern maps of Jerusalem it is penned as the Virgin’s Fountain, even though rogel is not a word for virgin. What I found is, that historically this area was scene to frequent clashes between Judah and Benjamin as it defined the border between the two — perhaps because of the precious water source there. If somehow a scribal error crept in to read rogel, instead of another word such as for anger, wrath, tumultous assembly, then we would see the past cast its shadows into the future when in that same geographical area shall be a “tumultous assembly” in the day of the Lord’s wrath.
    Another explanation one of the young guides in Jerusalem gave was, that it became a standing term in the days of King Hezekiah. He had built a water tunnel into the city of David and diverted the waters of that spring to supplement the water of the tunnel I.e., it would be said, “ein rogel!” – “No spring there!” However, this would be spelled ein, and not ayn, and divests the place of any significance.
    I was impressed by the Holy Spirit that we were literally standing “in the eye” of past and future events, as this area historically played such a significant role in the life of Jerusalem’s citizens and the inhabitants round about. In that place we were to proclaim G-d’s Word and declare it as done, accomplished, as a “fact on the ground.”
    12 Ps 103:20-21; Isa. 55:10-11


    page 8

    Now I want to share something, which, along with words of prophecy, confirms G-d’s being behind all of this and especially IN it!

    The Lord had me fast for this particular event according to the following: begin the fast at sundown, September 4th, i.e. the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the week, and continue for 7 days, until sundown Sept. 11th, which is the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the second day of Rosh Hashanah. Observe Rosh Hashanah and pick up the fast again at sundown of the 12th until sundown of the 15th — 3 days. The Lord further instructed me to go to the “Mikve”13 before Rosh Hashanah as a purifying outward act confirming the death of my old man and having died to sin, and to wear to the assignment a completely white outfit, with no print on it whatsoever14.

    noname, who joined in the complete fast (of 7 and 3 days), was also told to wear a purely white outfit.

    While looking at the calendar, the numbers of the days with their Scriptural, spiritual significance just leapt out at me: # 3 stands for divine perfection; # 7 stands for spiritual perfection; while adding the two together we have #10, which stands for perfection of divine order. Sandwiched between the 7 and the 3 stood this 1 great day, the day in which the trumpets sound and the blasts of the shofar are heard, and the gates of heaven are opened for the 10 Days of Awe. Because of the Dispersion Jews keep Rosh Hashanah for 2 days, so that all of Israel, Klal Yisrael, will observe this day together no matter in which country of exile. The one day I was to observe was from sundown Sept. 11th until sundown Sept. 12th, “Yom Teruah”.

    The #1 as a cardinal number always denotes unity, and as an ordinal number it stands for primacy. The #1 excludes all others, and hence always stands for the only living G-d, the indivisible Holy One of Israel. Consequently, this assignment was from Him alone Who would move upon and through us.

    Instead #2 affirms that there is a difference — there is another. This difference may be for good or for evil. Hence, the #2 takes a two-fold coloring, according to the context.

    It is the first number by which we can divide another, and therefore in all its uses we may trace this fundamental idea of division or difference. When the earth lay in the chaos which had overwhelmed it (Gen. 1:2), its condition was universal ruin and darkness. The second thing recorded in connection with the Creation was the introduction of a second thing — Light; and immediately there was difference and division, for G-d DIVIDED the light from the darkness.

    So the second day had division for its great characteristic (Gen. 1:6), “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it DIVIDE the waters from the waters.” Here we have Division connected with the second day.

    This great spiritual significance is maintained throughout the Word of G-d15. For example in Ezekiel we read: “They shall teach my people the difference between the holy and the common, and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and the clean.”16

    This assignment was of G-d and would hasten His next move. It would effect a separation, a division, a difference, creating something new separated from the old, the common, the unclean, the mediocre, the lukewarmness. G-d would do a NEW thing different from what we have known until now! Immediately this word came to mind, “Remember not the former things nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”


    13 The “mikve” is a pool of “living” water for purification in accordance with Torah, but also a “baptismal” into death and resurrection. A convert to Judaism “dies” in it as a Gentile and is being “born again” as a Jew; and a new believer in Yeshua “dies” in it as a sinner and is “born again” as a child of G-d. Baptism origniated with the Jews, from the practice of the “mikve”, and was commanded by Yeshua to be performed with every repentant sinner who believed in Him, whether Jew or Gentile.
    15 This short treatise on the meaning of numbers is quoated from “Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance,” by E.W. Bullinger, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501, 1991; pages 92-93
    14 See 1 Chr. 15:11-15 16 Ezekiel 44:23


    page 9

    Furthermore, as I checked again the meaning of the numbers in E.W. Bullinger’s wonderful book, “Number in Scripture”, I came upon something I had formerly ignored — the circle! While in St. Peter’s Gallicantu church – the first site of our assignment – we were to be standing in the center of that building, within a circle, beneath a cupola.

    Time does not permit me to go into all the details of it, but this, too, holds a rather very interesting aspect: the number 7, in Scripture, is always divided into 3 and 4 (3+4=7), and 11 is divided into 5 and 6 (5+6=11). These numbers, 3, 4, 5, and 6, are related by a perfect arithmetical progression, whose difference is unity (1). Their product gives us the well-known division of the circle into 360 degrees (3x4x5x6=360).

    The great circle in the heavens is equally divided into 360 parts, and, as extreme as it may seem in relating all these things, the musical scale also features these numbers, 7 being the primary notes and 11 being the semitones. In fact, Isaiah 40:22 declares that G-d sits upon the circle of the earth!

    I do not believe for one moment that G-d’s instructions regarding to the days and time of my fast – for which I was joined by Noname – was purely accidental. Rather, I believe our fasting “undergirded” both the significance of these numbers and our literal standing in their spiritual reality by the power of G-d, the Holy One of Israel.

    Hence, I asked all who would pray to envision us standing within this circle right beneath the heavenly circle. They were to see us entering the Heavenly Gate (which opened on Rosh Hashanah) by means of the minstrels’ music and, together with prophetic interpretation and intercessory declarations, they were to see us receiving and bringing down to earth G-d’s specific Word, Will and Purpose for that place, that hour and that time in eternal measurements.

    What’s more, we were precisely 7 persons!

    In addition, that month of September held a moment in time very significant which we, as G-d’s children and citizens of His Kingdom here on earth, should not have let slip by. I am speaking of the 9th of September, 1999. Even though this is the date according to the Roman Gregorian Calendar and not that of the Jewish Calendar, it still holds significance, as you will see in a moment:

    The # 9 is the last of the digits, and thus marks the end; and is significant of the conclusion of a matter. It is akin to the # 6, six being the sum of its factors (3 x 3 = 9, and 3 + 3 = 6), and is thus significant of the end of man, and the summation of all man’s works. Nine is, therefore,

    It marks the completion, the end and passing of all things pertaining to man (the judgment of man and all his works). It is a factor of 666, which is 9 times 7417.

    There were 7 “nines” on that particular day, as another teacher of the Word so rightly pointed out: Thursday, 09.09.99, 9th hour, 9th minute, 9th second. Counting the time according to G-d’s time table, which begins counting the daytime hours at 6:00 a.m. (night and day are each divided into 4 sets of 3 hours, a total of 12 hours each), the 9th hour of the day would be 3:00 p.m. here in Israel.

    3:00 p.m. is the perpetual HOUR OF PRAYER, “the continual…”.
    It was about the ninth hour when Yeshua, on the cross, cried with a loud voice,
    “Eli, Eli, la’ma sabach-tha’ni?”
    It was from the sixth to the ninth hour that darkness covered the earth.
    And it was at the ninth hour that the veil in the Temple was torn in two.
    And it was that hour when our Savior, hanging from the cross, said, “IT IS FINISHED!”
    Hence, at 3:09:09 p.m. (or 15:09:09) of that Thursday, this particular set of time occurred for the instant of one second: 09.09.99, at 09:09:09, albeit at different times in different time zones. I decided to devote my attention that day to prayer, making it my first and only priority of the day. I dared not skip the significance of these seven NINES!

    When I wrote Shira about these numbers and their meaning, her husband Yoseph remembered a dream he had had some time ago: he was looking up at the stars. A small child interpreted for him the heavenly constellations and told him that important events would take place corresponding to the 1st, 3rd, and 7th star, and that Shira would “birth between the 9th and 10th star”. They thought these numbers to mean months of the year, not “DESTINY”. Apparently, these numbers had spiritual significance and were a confirmation of both the dream and the assignment.


    17 see footnote #5; pp. 235; preceding quoatations on pp. 23-24, 50, 107, 167-168


    page 10

    It was reported that there was a constellation line-up within Virgo on the 12th of September, Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah) which occurred last 26,000 years ago. What follows is a text copied from an article by Greg Killian, who carries a web site as “The Watchman”18. This article – which is accessible by clicking on “Revelation 12:1 as a celestial sign. Preceded by a spectacular total solar eclipse over Jerusalem,” at this given URL19, has been spread abroad as an already established fact. Each time it is retold it undergoes some more changes.

    The same is true of the meaning of the heavenly constellations. Hence some of Greg Killian’s observations are incorrect. However, he immediately states that his paper is considered to be an “interesting speculation” and not “Gospel truth”.

    “Yom Teruah” is the birthday of the world and day six of creation. It is the day when Adam was created. As such, this day contains the spiritual energy of creation. If we prepare ourselves correctly, and behave as we should on this day, then we have the opportunity to be born again. We have the opportunity to begin a new year infused with the energy of creation! This day is also known as Judgement Day. The whole world will be judged on this day, for the coming year. The books of the living and the dead will be opened. This is truly an awesome day!

    Revelation 12:1 has fascinated Bible scholars for many years. A few years ago, I (Greg Killian) was examining the stars in the heaven with an astronomy software program which allows me to simulate what the stars will look like at any day, at any time, and at any place. I set the date for Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets, September 12, 1999. I set the place to be Jerusalem, and I set the time to be just after sunset. The following picture was presented to me:

    Revelation 12:1-5 “A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with even heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. The woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.”

    When I first saw the above picture, I immediately thought of the Revelation 12 sign. This celestial picture is for Yom Teruah, The Feast of Trumpets in 1999, which is 5760 on the Biblical anno mundo scale. This sign occurs on Shabbat, the Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown). The above picture does not show Draco, the Dragon, because it would make the picture curved and hard to relate to. If you had a larger picture you would see that Draco is poised above the woman, waiting to snatch the man-child. The moon is poised in the “birth canal” of the young woman who is lying down with her feet in the air. The word “Bethulah” is in the location where her head should be. The constellation of Coma Bernice is the crown of twelve stars above the young woman’s head.


    18; this and the following url in #19 can no longer be found, though referred to in other pages such as, and
    Greg Killian’s (he calls himself now Hillel Ben David) web site is now called “The Watchman”, and the report on the woman of Rev. 12 can be found under “Celestial events”, scrolling down to 1999 September 12 (Tishre 2, 5760). However, his full report as listed on my pages is not given on his web pages.


    page 11


     PART I

    Commentary by Annelore:

    The astronomy software program Greg Killian was using apparently featured perversions of some of the constellations, such as Coma Berenicæs, which means the wig of Berenice, and not a crown of 12 stars. Furthermore, even in ancient times before this constellation was “converted” into a wig, it never was a crown. It was known as Coma~Desire of the Nations, and is an integral part of the constellation of Virgo.

    The Virgin who was to conceive and bear a son is the Hebrew almah~a veiled lass of marriageable age20, i.e. a maid who was in every sense of the term a virgin. This was Miriam, the mother of our Lord at His First Coming. Virgo is the dominating constellation and indeed the Scriptures declare her “blessed above [among] women,” and “henceforth all generations will call me [her] blessed.”21

    However, the name of the constellation Virgo in Hebrew is Bethulah. This word refers to a young woman, whose lifestyle may or may not be separate from the defiling ways of the world. She is, however, from G-d’s point of view, a Virgin because He sees her already cleansed, purified and sanctified by the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Spirit long before she actually is. She is a virgin in the same sense in which the 144,000 in Rev. 14 are virgins.

    Bethulah implies specifically a separation unto G-d, whether for good or for evil, such as is inferred in Isa. 23:12; 37:32; Jer. 14:17, 18:13; and 31:4, and 21. Each time the word used is Bethulah, but from the context it is apparent that she did not live a holy life of purity, as a bride who is engaged in a marriage covenant. It is therefore incorrect to ascribe to Bethulah only the meaning of purest virginity.

    The name of the constellation, Bethulah or Virgo, identifies her as the prominent subject. However, in the first of the three constellations of this sign where the woman appears, the name Coma points to the CHILD as the great subject. Virgo carries in her left hand an ear of corn, and in her right hand a branch. It’s brightest star, of first magnitude, is in the ear of the corn and has an ancient name handed down in all the star maps, in which the Hebrew word Tzemech (today pronounced “tzemach”) is preserved.

    It means “The Branch”!

    This is testified to also by The Branch in her right hand, and clearly speaks of His two comings: one was as “My Servant the Branch,”22 Who would come and humble Himself even to death on a cross. The Second Coming is as the “Man whose Name is the Branch,”23 who shall bear both priestly and royal honor, and Who shall build the Temple of the L-RD.

    Bethulah who holds in her hands the ear of corn and the branch is the dominant sign of the constellation Virgo, not the Child. It is NOT the church of which she is a sign. Later prophecies clearly identify her as being of the stock of Israel, the seed of Abraham, the line of David.

    But what we want to look at is the Sign of His Second Coming which is connected with the constellation Coma (The WOMAN and Child), the Desired of all nations. Coma is the ancient name of the sign which was later renamed as the wig of Berenicæs. Hence, the “sign” that really came into focus above Bethulah was Coma, a fairly small constellation of a woman sitting upon a throne (royal), holding a young child on her knees. It is the CHILD here – the MANCHILD, the Desired One – Who is the dominant part of this constellation. It speaks of His Second Coming, for the MANCHILD is already born!

    Furthermore, Bethulah, as well as the woman in Rev. 12, is first of all “pregnant” and THEN in birthpangs. The image shown on Killian’s web site shows “Rosh Chodesh”, the New Moon, in the womb. So, it is the Resurrected One Who presents Himself to be birthed. If we carefully study the woman in Rev. 12 we find her in travail to birth forth the One and only Manchild, the Greek word being areen huios, which means a son and heir of ADULT age, of lifting power. However, what she finally brings forth are little born [again] ones, the Greek word being teknon. And it is the company of teknon the red dragon wants to devour but can’t because — HIS MOUTH GOT SHUTbefore the woman would bring forth the little born [again] ones.

    Finally, it is the company of teknon that is caught up to the throne of G-d, and not the Manchild. He was caught up almost 2,000 years ago. In the Book of Revelation the woman wears a royal victory chaplet of 12 stars, not of 11, or 10, or 21. The only crown in the heavenly constellations is Corona Borealis, its Hebrew name being Atarah~A royal crown, and it has 21 stars.

    Hence, what we are presented with in Rev. 12 is a SIGN of a Woman who is, in G-d’s eyes – since He is the One Who put that constellation there – a virgin and a bride with whom He has entered into a marriage covenant24. She is travailing for the Manchild to be birthed. Yet, how can a son and heir of adult age be birthed?

    Paul the apostle – a man – gives us a hint in Galatians 4:17. He says, “My little children [Gr. teknion~ infants, darlings [Christian converts], pl. of teknon/a little child [as produced], with whom I am again in travail until Messiah [i.e. the areen huios, the Manchild] be formed [birthed] in you.”

    In other words, she is travailing to give birth to faith in the [resurrected] Manchild in the hearts of many teknon25. The SIGN of the Virgo occurred about 2,000 years ago, and she literally gave birth to the Manchild who then was a [Gr.] brephôs~ infant, baby26, a paidon~childling27. The SIGN of this Bethulah~woman is to give birth to the “areen huios”, the Son and Heir of adult age. However, she brings forth a company of teknon, namely babes in FAITH in the arreen huios, the Son and Heir of adult age. These the red dragon desires to devour but can’t, as they are caught up to G-d and His throne.

    Traditional Gentile Christianity interpretation in the Catholic camp has been that this Woman is the Virgin Mary, an interpretation which conflicts with the actual text. The Protestant camp has held her to be the Church. This interpretation must then, of necessity, ignore such passages as the woman fleeing into the wilderness where G-d has prepared a place for her, and “the dragon … went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of G-d and bear testimony to Yeshua.” The place the woman flees to is a “spot, limited in occupancy” (i.e. no room for hundreds or thousands or millions of people), and the wilderness is a place “void of human habitation” (and not necessarily a true wilderness). And it is a chasm which keeps her safe from the presence of the serpent. In addition, her seed~sperma in Greek, those she either conceived, or sowed, or gave birth to, not only bear testimony of Yeshua but also keep the commandments of G-d.

    With all due respect to Christianity’s great teachers, this cannot be either the Church or the Nation of Israel. Not all of Israel keeps G-d’s commandments, many Israelis being secular; neither does Gentile Christianity nor the organized Church as we know it. Rather, every one observes what seems right to him, as Paul and the Jerusalem council made clear: there were no obligations with the exception of 4 things. (Notwithstanding, the church fathers went further and called Torah obsolete).

    The seed of this Bethulah, however, both keeps G-d’s commandments and bears testimony to Yeshua. The seed then is those who for some reason remained behind of that company of teknon which was caught up to G-d. They are neither the whole of the nation of Israel, nor the Church. A careful word study of this chapter makes either such interpretation impossible.


    20 Isaiah 7:14 21 Luke 1:42, 48
    22 Zech. 3:8 23 Zech. 6:12-13
    24 Let’s not jump immediately to the conclusion that this, of course, means the Church. Both the old and new covenants were made with Israel, and the Gentiles are brought near by the blood of the Lamb, through faith. The name of that bride is still Israel – see Hos. 2, and many other Scriptures – and ultimately, Jerusalem, the one most intimate and of equal holiness with Him. It is not Church. Church is the transliteration of the Greek, “ecclesia”, which is the transliteration of the Hebrew, “kahal”, or “kehila” which means a “community” (of saints), an “assembly” (of the firstborn from the dead) a “congregation” (of believers).
    25 Because the use of the word is in the singular – although it is apparent that it is meant in the plural – it suggests a certain “company” of born again ones. As the ensuing text clarifies, this “company of little born ones” is Jewish.
    * The picture of VIRGO and COMA I assembled from the illustrations in E.W. Bullinger’s book, “The Witness of the Stars.” Normally the constellation Coma is to the left of Virgo, between the constellations of Bootes and Leo.The entire book of Bullinger, with the map of constellations, is featured on
    26 Luke 2:12, 16 27 Luke 2:17


    page 12



    Commentary by Annelore:

    Let us continue now with Greg Killian’s observation:


    Remember that God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years.” Genesis 1:14

    This SIGN, as depicted above, is how it looks from Jerusalem! Remember that God’s view is always from Jerusalem. Notice that the Chamah (Sun) is below the horizon so that this sign can be seen. This sign would not be visible if the sun were to be above the horizon. Because the sun is below the horizon, the constellation is literally clothed with the sun!


    Please consider this paper as interesting speculation. Not as gospel truth. I do not yet know if this is how God will display this sign. It does seem to suggest that it might be the sign spoken of in Revelation 12:1-5. Those who celebrate Rosh Chodesh (the new moon) have learned that Messiah is represented by Lavanah (Moon) – Be aware, though, that the moon is also an Islamic symbol prominently displayed on many of their flags. The celebration for Rosh Chodesh, the new moon, includes the announcement of the new moon with the words:

    David, King of Israel lives, lives and endures!

    Lavanah, the moon, represents Messiah in this unique astronomical event. This particular positioning of the mazzaroth (constellation) Bethulah, the young woman, about to give ‘birth’ to the moon (the Messiah), has never occurred before, and will never occur again, due to the precession of the equinoxes. Actually, if you believe that the earth is older than 26,000 years, then that is when this sign would have last occurred. If you believe that the earth will endure for another than 26,000 years, then that is when this sign will next occur.

    Commentary by Annelore: We already were told in Psalm 19:2, that “the heavens are telling the glory of G-d; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. Day by day pours forth speech, and night for night declares knowledge… their voice goes out through all the earth, and THEIR WORDS to the end of the world.”

    In Psalm 147:4 we are told that “He [G-d] determines the number of the stars, He gives to all of them their names…”

    In Psalm 89:37 we are told furthermore, that “the moon is G-d’s FAITHFUL WITNESS.” For it is a light in the darkness that by it man may not stumble; it decreases in glory until it is no more for 3 days and nights, the first and the third day not being a full 24 hour day. Upon the first sighting of the reappearance of the moon the shofar is blown. It is Rosh Chodesh, bearing witness to the resurrection of Him Who diminished and became poor for our sake, but afterwards was restored to His glory He had before with the Father. And when we look upon the full moon we see clearly a face with a sort of sad smile, and we hear the words of the high priest: “The L-RD bless you and keep you; the L-RD make His FACE SHINE upon you, and give you His shalom.”

    Finally, in Rev. 21:23 the angel declares that “… the City has no need of sun or moon to shine upon it, for the glory of G-d is its light, and its lamp is the LAMB.” The moon has always born witness of Messiah, that at His First Coming He would be “cut off from the living” as the Lamb of G-d, but that He would be resurrected from the dead and be restored to His former glory. It also bears witness of His eternal priesthood, of His divine nature and of being the Light that lightens every man.

    The Woman is indeed pregnant with Messiah ~ New Moon [Who laid down His life for the sinners], Who is the Manchild [the resurrected Son and Heir of adult age]. However, as stated before, she brings forth teknon. In addition, the constellation of Coma, as well as Rev. 12, defines her again as being of the stock of Israel, the seed of Abraham, the royal line of David. In Rev. 12, however, the woman is standing on the moon, which instantly brings to mind the Word that says, “no other foundation can any man lay than that which is laid, which is Yeshua the Messiah.”28 Hence, it would appear that not only does the woman travail for the Manchild/Messiah to be formed in the teknon~little born ones, but her foundation is moreover Messiah Himself, the Rock of her salvation. Furthermore, she is wrapped in the sun because G-d is her Light.

    Is this now the Church? Is the Church the one who is going to be that great sign in the heavens? Let me put it more plainly: G-d does not view the Church as separate from His natural people Israel, and His city, Jerusalem29. For example, the first revival in Azusa Street broke out simultaneously with G-d reviving the “national” consciousness of the Jews, and their desire and vision to return to the Land. It was not the Azusa Street events that captured worldwide attention, but the return of the Jewish people to the Promised Land. Similarly, every move of G-d in the Church has coincided with – or has been triggered by – His move among His people Israel.

    What stands on the threshold is, then, one of the greatest moves of G-d — and it will begin in Jerusalem, with Israel, with the Jews – especially the youth. THEN we shall also see such a movement spread among the churches. Actually, to be totally precise, this Bethulah~Woman is of a threefold nature, because she is:

    1) Zion and Jerusalem, the literal nation and city. She is the one who has the “sons” of flesh and blood whom she brought forth in one day30.
    2) a woman of flesh and blood, a Jewess, of the royal line of David, who is hidden in the shadow of the nation. She is “pregnant with the “Manchild/areen huios” and travails to give birth to Him in the hearts of the nation’s sons31 who when she brings forth, are the company of teknon32. She is, then, part of both — the earthly Zion and the heavenly Zion.
    3) the heavenly city “Zion – represented on earth by those whose “citizenship” is in her – which shares in the travail and the birthing. She cannot be separated from Israel because she originated from her: Israel is the womb in which the “heavenly Zion” was conceived, and in which “Zion” grows into the fullness of the Body of Messiah. When the time of “gestation” is complete, the natural [womb] Zion shall “produce” the manifestation of the Body of Messiah, give birth to the “heavenly” one – hence, sons of G-d in the Messianic Reign. The “heavenly Zion” is indeed the final, glorious Bride, the Bethulah betrothed unto the Lamb/Manchild.


    28 1 Cor. 3:11 30 Isa. 66:7-8 (see also Ez 37:7-8)
    29 Why? Because all who are ingrafted into Messiah (Ro 6:3-6; Eph. 2:15-16) are necessarily ingrafted into Israel (Ro 11:24-25) and have ceased to be Gentiles (Eph. 2:11-13, 19-22). We are called to walk by the obedience of faith. Hence, regarding converts as “Gentiles”, and the “Church” as separate from Israel, is not in accordance with the obedience of faith which says that they have become members of the Commonwealth of Israel. “There is but ONE Body and ONE Spirit, One hope, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM, One G-d and Father of us all” (Eph. 4:4-6). Either G-d’s Word is true, or it is not. ALL of God’s people have only one Name – Israel = Prince, Heir and Champion of G-d – and the Lamb’s Bride has only one Name – Jerusalem (Re 21:9-10). Both Jew and Gentile, as ONE NEW man, share these names by the cross and blood of the Lamb, Yeshua.
    31 Mic. 5:3 [Isa. 7:3 She’ar-jash’uv/A Remnant shall return
    32 or, as Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ for the Nations, calls them, Manchild Company. See also Ez 37:9-14


    page 13



    Commentary by Annelore:

    It is a little difficult to understand how these three are so intricately interwoven with one another that they appear as one. And without a solid knowledge of the Tenach~Old Covenant (O.T; two thirds of Scriptures that many put aside), it is basically impossible to see it. If one relies solely on the New Covenant (N.T.) for understanding and interpretation, one is bound to miss the mark.

    It has been “Woman” who has been the Sign. Since the Garden of Eden. But the woman’s message in Coma is the “Desired One.” Her sign heralds the rebirth of a nation not only after the flesh, but also after the Spirit. Her appearance announces that salvation has come to Zion, and that the times of the Gentiles are drawing to an end.

    The word used in Rev. 12 for sign is semeiõn which means an indication of, signifying coming events, and is a [supernatural] miracle, sign, wonder, and portent. Her appearance indicates change — something new G-d is going to do.

    The Church has existed for almost 2,000 years, but this “sign” is a new portent. Nobody took “note” of her until the moment of her travail.

    About 20 years ago when the Lord taught me about this particular subject, He said that interpreting her as the “Church” was not a gross error because of her intimate relation to the nation Israel and the city of Jerusalem. However, it did not hit the mark. Both “Zion’s” are like two sides of a coin.

    From Greg Killian cont’d:

    The sun is just below the horizon such that Bethulah is ‘clothed’ with the sun. The sun must be below the horizon in order to have any possibility of seeing this ‘sign’. The moon is ‘new’ and after ‘birth’, the moon will move directly to the feet of Bethulah (Virgo, the young woman) within 24 hours. Over Bethulah’s head is the mazzaroth (constellation) known as ‘Bernice’s hair’. This is the crown of twelve stars! Higher and above her legs, we will find Draco, the Dragon, poised to devour Bethulah’s child.

    On Av 29, 5759 (August 11, 1999), there will be a total eclipse of the sun, visible over Jerusalem. This is just two days before the beginning of the month of Elul. On Elul 1, we begin a forty (40) day period of repentance, culminating in Yom HaKippurim, The Day of Atonement. The last ten (10) days are known as the awesome days, or Days of Awe. These ten days begin with Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah), The Feast of Trumpets. So, Ha-Shem[1] is going to warn the nations, concerning Jerusalem, just before we begin the intense time of repentance. Recall that the eclipse of the sun is a bad omen for the Gentiles, the nations:

    Commentary by Annelore: Indeed, the eclipse of the sun is a bad omen for the Gentile, as is also the woman, for the Lord said many years ago that AFTER the sign of the woman, the pride of the Gentiles would be brought low. The eclipse was, I also believe, a warning sign to the nations, and as I wrote in newsletter Vol. 37, the path of darkness from the eclipse moved across nations who either sought to destroy the people of Israel or grab their land. Iran and Iraq aspire to do both.

    However, to correct Greg Killian about the total eclipse being visible over Jerusalem: not so! Over all of Israel there was an eclipse of about 77-80%. This percentage of what was eclipsed over Israel made me very uneasy, because I heard in my spirit these words: “’In the whole land,’ says the L-RD, ‘two thirds shall be cut off and perish, and one third shall be left alive. And I will put this third into the fire, and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested.’”33 The sun was never completely eclipsed. One third of it remained visible as we observed from our roof, from our TV and from friends in Jerusalem and other towns of Israel. Thank G-d Greg Killian’s prediction was wrong!

    And whether or not the sign of the woman was visible only from Jerusalem I also question, since Rev. 12 does not limit her SIGNAL specifically only to Jerusalem. I would think, rather, that astronomers who keep alert to the signs and occurrences in the skies could see it from various locations at specific times. Research in astronomy magazines, and on the Internet, should verify if indeed on that day this unique line-up of constellations was observed.

    Nonetheless, what is significant is, that it was projected to appear34 in the skies 3 days before this “Jerusalem Assignment,” at evening of the 11th to the 12th of September 199935, at sundown, precisely on “Yom Teruah”, in Israel being the second day of Rosh Hashanah observed nationally. That also was the day I was NOT to fast but to observe it.

    I thought it necessary to go into such length about the latest words regarding the Woman and the Manchild and the Birthing because interpretations have begun to run more and more into the “symbolic” and further and further away from the actual Biblical texts and meanings. But we are to test everything, and dissect, divide, search out and weigh the Word rightly.

    To return now to Yoseph’s dream — Shira shares that she did indeed play the birthing of this Manchild – the lifting of the veil – the “open heavens” for G-d to fulfill His end-time purposes and send the angels on assignments. This was done from the rooftop of the “Upper Room” on Mt. Zion!


    33 Zechariah 13:8-9; HOWEVER – the eclipse did refer to the Gentile nations; I just cannot believe that G-d would do this thing by first gathering all His people back into the Land, having them build cities and plant fields, orchards and vinyards, only to suddenly turn on them, “backstab” them and destroy what they have built and two thirds of His people. This just makes no sense and is not in line with G-d’s character. He promised He would not “deal again with His people as He did formerly” – punishing them for their wrong doings – but would save them and do them good with all His soul for – His Name’s sake. While the above Scripture came to mind I don’t believe G-d is going to destroy both two thirds of both people and land. Why then bother bringing them back???
    34 So far we have no verification, no evidence of the ACTUAL manifestation. Hence, to declare it as fact already is not in accordance with careful testing. Doubtlessly if it occurred it was also observed by various astronomers. THEN the prophetic Word has been made even more firm.
    35 Here is a partial confirmation of a professional (non-religious J) astronomer regarding this constellation (he did not confirm that this constellation actually did occur on the given date but it appears from his statement that this can be assumed):
    “Dr. Brian Kane” wrote:
    I’d have to get more information from you (like the web page where you saw this) in order to confirm. I couldn’t find this page through the search engines. I’m curious, since the Moon appears to pass through Virgo each month! Sincerely, Dr. Brian Kane
    From: Annelore <>To: “Dr. Brian Kane” <>Subject: Re: Constellation Virgo on Sept. 11th to, and/or 12th>Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 03:04:22 +0200
    Dear Dr. Brian Kane,
    thank you for getting back with me. Here is the URL of the web site where I got this info from of which I seek confirmation: <>This unconfirmed alleged alignment of constellations is making the rounds among people as an already established fact. This particular alignment shall have occurred in the night – or better at sundown – of Sept. 11th to the 12th. Allegedly this alignment takes place only once every 26,000 years!>So, I would be very grateful to you, if you can tell me if the man was right with his “speculation”, or if indeed it was nothing more than that. Sincerely, Annelore Rasco
    Subject: Re: Constellation Virgo on Sept. 11th to, and/or 12th>Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 15:46:56 PST>From: “Dr. Brian Kane” To:>CC:
    I waded through the web site, and, if ignoring all the religious nonsense, the core statement that such a positioning of the moon occurring only once every 26.000 years or so, is correct. J Sincerely, Dr. Brian D. Kane


    page 14

    Shalom and greetings from the city of the Great King!!!

    I was moved upon by the Ruach ha Kodesh about 2 days after I met Annelore (a month and a half before the div. Assignment). The book of Zephaniah was the focus of what God gave me to decree and declare in the workings of our day of prayer from the Roof Tops. The Lord also gave me an awesome song from this.

    Zephaniah ~ Sephanya, means God has hidden. So the main message of this book of the prophet is that He will judge in a very severe way (have any of you read Zephaniah lately? Better stop right now and read it!!!) the enemies and cities/nations around Israel. He will give the coastlands, and cities, and the land to Israel. And in the time of His anger, we, his worshippers, who seek Him for righteousness and humility, shall be HIDDEN IN HIM!!! (Zeph. 2:3)

    Sephanya = I am hidden in Adonai in the day of His anger! The plans and purposes of God for the destiny of Israel and the nations will SOON be coming to pass, on account of the controversy He has with the nations for dividing up His land.

    But — Yeshua said, “Be anxious for nothing.” He is our Forerunner. He goes before us, ever interceding in our behalf as our High Priest after the order of Melchisedek (Hebrews 6&7). And NOW He is preparing a place for us so that where He is, there we may be also! (John 14:3) He leads us and goes before us.

    We are hidden in Him in the day of his anger!

    What a promise!

    And the last big battle where the Lord Himself will fight, Adonai Tzavaot, the L-RD of hosts (Who has NEVER been defeated and never will be defeated), will be fought right in the “front yard” of where I live: the Valley of Jehosophat, which we looked down upon from my roof. He will fight for Jerusalem and His chosen ones – Jews and Non-Jews – who are hidden in him!

    For some reason I thought that the last big battle would be fought at the Jesreel Valley, at Armegeddon, Meggido. But NO, it’s right here where I live, overlooking the junctions of the Valley of Hinnom and the Kidron Valley (together they are believed to be the Valley of Jehosophat) where the blood will flow for 200 miles up to the bridles of the horses! What a strategic site!

    From this web site of the Jerusalem Assignment Report, you can be a virtual watchman over this area and bathe it in prayer! Better yet, come over here! Better yet – God, transport us as you did Philip! I say that the L-RD will be translating us on site, so be ready and available ….keep the night watches and be ready with a clear conscience! Fast for the Lord to bring you to that place of intercession! Let His Word be more for you than your daily necessary food — for man does not live from bread alone, but from every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Ask God to lay a fast on you for His plans and purposes and the destiny of the nations and Israel!!!

    Alert!!! Prayer is better than sleep! Stir yourselves ! Trouble yourselves! Keep the night watches! Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! Plead the blood of Yeshua over this area! Declare the plans and purposes of God from His Word, and for those of His who are in bondage to Judaism and Islam, who must be called out into his marvelous light! Do it! Do it ! Now!

    Don’t delay another day! Or night! Can you not watch with Me one hour? These same words of Yeshua are going out today to you! We can’t ignore Him ! We can’t let Him down and leave him alone and sleep! Awake, sleeper! What meanest thou???

    This will also have an effect on what happens to America! Your stand in these days with Jerusalem and this land and surrounding nations will have an eternal effect on the destiny and plans and purposes that the Lord has for America as well as Israel !!! You can secure a blessing for yourself, your family, your nation by standing as a watchman with Adonai Tzavaot in these days! G-D has promised to BLESS those who bless Israel…and curse those who curse Israel.

    May the Lord bless you from Zion
    May the Lord hear your prayers out of Zion
    Pour out his power and grace for this hour
    Multiply your soul in peace and
    Satisfy your soul in drought.
    And as from days of old, may He look down in mercy and
    Give you the desires of your heart.

    Shalom and love in the Name of the SAR SHALOM,

    Mary (full name known to us)


    page 15

    First let me state what an unsurpassing joy and privilege it was to have been part of the “7”: HALLELUJAH!

    Even at home while first reading about our assingment, the burden rose up within me.

    I wasn’t surprised, then, to be overwhelmed with tears and heaviness the instant my feet left Noname’s apartment. I descended the stairs restraining my tears, allowing the burden to grow. As I drove to the Western Wall [Kotel] with Noname and Judy, I prayed quietly but forcefully in tongues, all the while agreeing with my sisters’ declarations of victory.

    Once at the wall, the burden continued for Yoseph. My eyes were riveted on him, and as I watched him, the tears flowed unceasingly and the tongues persisted until he had completed his task.

    When we left the wall, the burden lifted and I knew I had interceded according to G-d’s will. Hallelujah!

    When we entered the church, I knew I had to walk around and around and around the designated area. This I did, all the while exclaiming G-d’s will as the Spirit gave utterance in tongues. Then Yosep’s blowing the shofar evoked a wrenching in my spirit, causing me to cry out with each tone. I had to repress further cries – the Spirit yearned to go on.

    At a certain point I knew I had to remove my shoes as we were then on sanctified ground, Hallelujah! At the same time the direction of my steps was reversed, and I proceeded to walk around in the opposite way.

    Naomi had asked me to photograph the entire assignment in sequence. I inwardly hesitated because I did not want to sully the sanctity of the assignment nor hinder the move of the Spirit. However, I discerned the “go, ahead” from the Lord.

    Towards the end, an Arab caretaker entered and asked me who we were, whether we had received permission from “The Sisters”, and if the tourists who came to pray were upset. I told him we were a private group and that we had received permission from Jesus. (He was quite perplexed at this!) I assured him emphatically that the tourists were all very happy, smiling and even taking pictures. He repeated his concern about the tourists, but once reassured, he left satisfied. Thank G-d for favor!

    It was a while until we settled down and Shira had to call us together. As she did so, the same moment I was aware of something “pulling” me into the others, as it were. We were truly joined as ONE, in Him, to accomplish His purposes! Amen! Hallelujah!

    Despite my tiredness, I was determined to proclaim G-d’s Word and did so alongside Annelore.

    I was also determined to pray according to the following prophetic vision given in a Jerusalem worship service. The LORD appeared – STANDING – and He called out His people Israel, tribe by tribe. This I did, in faith, calling forth each and every tribe individually. After doing so, I saw in the Spirit men, women and children rushing forward, toward salvation! Hallelujah! Praise G-d!

    This had to be the most precious ministering a saint could receive! As Shira and Yoseph ministered to me, Yoseph began by gently kissing my right hand over and over again. At first I was surprised and shy; but when he continued this (and this he repeated a second time) I understood its significance, and my heart was deeply touched, and tears flowed. Their words along with Annelore’s and Judy’s were like the Balm of Gilead and I was set free, strengthened and empowered again to go on! Hallelujah!

    Because I yearned so much to receive very specific anointing as a psalmist and minstrel, I requested even more prayer. I desired more and more – why limit G-d?

    Naomi came forth, and prayed precisely those words I needed to hear and G-d said, “Because it is a desire of your heart!” Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! To G-d be the glory! Amen! Amen!



    page 16

    My experience of our day together in Israel was this:

    I remember walking into the Old City, feeling as though I was in a bubble. I felt completely covered by the Presence of Yeshua. I felt very focused and on high alert, almost a bit surreal. I definitely felt like a secret agent, sent into the land for a holy purpose. I was very at ease and ready to flow with whatever the Lord wanted to do. I knew that it was not about me at all but the One that sent me. I felt very privileged and honored to be included in this mission.

    I was so aware of the angelic all around us. When I began worship I felt an immediate ushering into the Presence. There was an open channel and God’s holiness was manifest. When Shira took over playing I went over to the altar and bowed before the Lord in reverence to his awesome Presence and as a sign of my humble gratitude for being his vessel. As the praying continued I just flowed with the Holy Spirit, as he would direct me. Mostly I felt that I was to cover Annelore and Shira while both were in prophetic intercession. I felt I had a priestly role in being there. The angelic host would direct me in my arm movements. This type of praying only happens to me when the angelic is very present. Somehow I intuit their movements and really just go with the flow. Sometimes it feels like incense going around and up, it is hard to describe. So, my focus was covering Annelore and Shira with the Holy Presence. When I prayed for Shira afterwards it was what she described in her report. I felt a rush of the Holy Spirit come through me to her. I was a conduit and she interpreted what was actually happening.

    On the rooftop I felt God using me as a conductor of a heavenly orchestra and choir. I also remember feeling like I had to stand in front of the keyboard facing Shira. Again there was a strong sense of the angelic but I have no words to go with the experience.

    I was very hot and tired and felt sheer discipline and obedience to play. I played for the Lord and trusted him to accomplish his purposes. It was difficult to stand and play in that hot sun, but I felt the Lord’s pleasure with all of us. Praying for Phyllis was very special and a blessing.

    Being with you, Annelore, was an honor and a great blessing. I will never forget our Tuesday together, I love you and Israel so much.

    In Yeshua’s name, Naomi


    page 17

    By Barb Astrino, Associate Pastor
    In a small Church in Akron, Ohio

    The evening [of intercession] was a first in many ways. The call to participate [in the Jerusalem Assignment] was given from the pulpit on Sunday. Very few details were given… just that a few intercessors felt called to support a ministry team in Jerusalem… meet at the church at 12 midnight. Nineteen people showed up!

    We only have about 50 functional adults. People came with a sense of adventure and expectancy. After a brief explanation of the word the Lord had given us, and an overview of the two major goals of your team, we simply entered into the Lords Presence and waited on His leading. As you had warned us, the ministry was not particularly memorable or exciting… but for most of the people it was ground breaking! I realize, now, that much of the Scriptures given have vision pertinent to our body mixed in. Yet there were very clear times when the strategic purpose of the gathering was gloriously evident.

    At 1:15 a.m. Michelle blew the shofar in all four directions..1. simultaneous Scriptures given… The King is coming/ Opening of coronation procession/ Isaiah 45:82; Psalm 24:8-103 (prophetic gestures opening our literal sanctuary doors… proclaiming the passage); Psalm 44:34; Song – Psalm 895.

    2:00-ish Reading of sins of Judah, and the Scriptural promises in Isaiah 4:1-56. Incredible corporate cry for MERCY for Judah…7 pleading the Blood of Jesus… Exodus 12:7-13..8. Blood on the Doors… Michelle enters into psalming over the doors of judgement and abortion…9 mockery, Jezebel and Ahab… over Judah, Israel, and the bridal companies standing with Israel10. Revelation 3:7 11. Vision of Jesus inspecting every door for the presence of His blood.

    RELEASE… DECLARATION of opening of restoration gates, closing of evil gates. Several Hebraic style party songs… circle dancing, tambourines, clapping and shouting.


    3:00ish Daniel 9:4-1912: We identify with the plight of Israel, Isaiah 66:1-2 again… stand with Israel… crying out for their salvation13. Romans 11:28-32. Vision of great dark cloud over Jerusalem… Isaiah 60… gradual building of power till declaration of opening of gates of salvation — opening!14 Song – “Blow the Trumpet in Zion” – with Michelle blowing the shofar repeatedly…15 ELECTRIC… dancing, shouting… Song – “Yahweh you have created me,” …Isaiah 43; Song – “Yahweh is Holy” – “Thou art enthroned on the praises of Israel”16 – links all the previous intercession… JOY!…17. Philippians 2:9-1018; Ps 121; Ps 122.

    Michelle closed with a prophetic song… It’s a New Day

    At the end of the meeting an elderly woman in our body came up to me to share her miracle. She suffers from Tinitus…19 and has been unable to tolerate strong praise for years… She asked God to help her stay for the entire time… As the evening progressed she gradually moved from the perimeter to eventually putting her chair right in front of the altar and within feet of the piano! She even did a little jig around the altar with a tabret! She said she had been waiting for twenty years for this release!20

    Michelle had privately expressed a desire to have words of knowledge expressed through art. At the end of the evening another woman came up to me with a drawing of what she saw as Michelle played…

    The drawing contained two musical staffs. The first staff was firing notes as arrows that pierced the unseen realms preparing the way for the next staff. The second staff sent notes which turned into battering rams that destroyed the false walls, and everything that lifted itself up against the knowledge of God! (I couldn’t help thinking that God wants our walls to be called Salvation!)21


    Barb, you precious people were partners with us indeed in this special mission in Jerusalem. It is incredibly faith building to see how your intercession and our mission went in perfect accord, although more than 3,000 miles separated us. By the activity of the Holy Spirit we flowed in perfect unity in both realms — on earth and in the heavenlies. In awe, I can but repeat after the Lord: “ I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was Your gracious will” (Matt. 11:25-26; Lu 10:21).

    And I rejoice in the words of Paul the apostle, for “… G-d chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise, G-d chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong, G-d chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that NO HUMAN BEING might boast in the Presence of G-d… Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord!” (1 Cor. 1:27-31).

    We were a humble group of 7. No fanfares were blown and great “ministry” advertisements made. By a humble and lowly group of G-d’s children, supported by equally humble and lowly bodies of believers, G-d closed gates no one can open, and opened gates no one can shut. Now is the time for salvation to come to Zion, and to G-d alone and to the Lamb be all the glory, honor and praise, and the love and obedience, adoration and worship of the saints.


    1 See page 4: point 3. / footnote 6 2 See page 5: points 6. and 9.; beginning of page 6
    3 See page 4 4 See page 3, points 10. and 11.
    5 End of pp. 6 and beginning of pp. 7, in regard to raising the “Tabernacle/Succah of David” 6 See point 2. until end of pg. 2; pg. 3: point 16.
    7 Page 2: points 5. and 6. 8 Page 3: points 7. and 13.
    9 Page 3: points 7. -9. 10 See page 4
    11 Page 3: point 12. 13 Page 6: points 15. and 18.
    12 Prime example of prayer of identification; see Phyllis remark on page 15, under “Upper Room”, of having suddenly felt pulled into us, all of us being as one.
    14 Page 4: point 5. 15 Page 5: points 7. and 8.
    16 Page 6: points 14., 16. and 17. 17 Page 6: beginning with the song and shofar blowing, all that follows.
    18 Page 4: 2nd paragraph of point 7.; page 6: point 13. 19 A ringing or buzzing in the ear not resulting from an external stimulus
    20 Page 6, point 20
    21 See newsletter Vol. # 37 on this web site, about the power of anointed shofar-, trumpet- and drums – playing, in conjunction with the prophetic and intercession, to bring down, scatter, destroy, bring into disarray the powers of hell

  • Apostle Yoseph and Minstrel Shira Mayim

    page I


    Yoseph M. (industrial engineer, apostle, healing ministry)
    and his wife Shira (prophetic minstrel & psalmist).
    They have two children, Jon & Jen.

    Yoseph at the Kotel (Western Wall, in the yelow shirt) in
    anticipation of the fulfillment of G-d’s promise
    for a ministry of healings and miracles. G-d later
    confirmed the fulfillment by prophetic impartation
    of apostleship, in the presence of witnesses.

    page II

    Naomi at the keyboard, sitting within the circle of the Church of
    St. Peter’s Gallicantu, by the road to the Dung Gate and to the Kotel.
    Our assignment began with her leading us into spiritual preparation.

    Yoseph blowing the shofar



    page III


    Noname (in white); in blue, Judy Gail. Both were Endtime Handmaidens
    with Gwen Shaw’s ministry, and prophetic intercessors.
    Noname is also an accomplished musician on the piano and keyboard.

    Naomi, D.MIN., L.P.C., Co-Founder & Director
    of “Break Thru Ministries”. She ministers mainly in inner healing,
    is a Counselor, Minister, Conference Speaker and Worship Leader.
    She lives with her husband Paul in California.


    Annelore, mother of 3, grandmother of now 8 and great grandmother of 1;
    alumni of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas;
    prophetic ministry, author, teacher, founder and president of
    OR TZION (Light of Zion), Inc. Creator of Web site.
    She lives with her husband, two sons, daughter and
    grandchildren in Israel.

    page IV

    Four of us seven at the Kotel, kown also as Western or Wailing Wall. From left to right:
    Judy Gail Arnold, Annelore, Naomi, Phyllis


    page V

    JERUSALEM TEAMInside the Upper Room on Mt. Zion
    From left to right:

    Achmed, our friendly Arab helper. May the Lord our Savior reward him for the favor and
    service he showed us with the salvation of his soul. Without Achmed we could not have
    carried out the second part of our assignment.
    Next to him stands noname with the mighty shofar under her arm.
    Next to her stands the Russian immigrant guard who refused to let us play on the
    keyboard or sing longer than five minutes. May the Lord reveal Himself to this Jewish man at the Upper Room.

    Praise and thanks be unto G-d Who surrounded us with His favor wherever we went!



    page VI

    On the roof of the Upper Room on Mt. Zion
    From right to left:
    Shira at the keyboard, setting the chords for the second part of the Jerusalem Assignment.

    Judy Gail setting her camera.
    Noname declaring and proclaiming G-d’s Word from the book of Zephania.

    Phyllis standing in agreement, praying in tongues.

    We women had our heads covered for this assignment, wearing the covers as the “badge” of our authority. Just as a police officer in civilian clothes may not enter our house to search it without presenting his badge of authority and a search warrant; or regulate traffic without being dressed in his police uniform, even so did we women not presume to bind, decree and declare without wearing our outward “badge” of authority, delegated by the Lord to ALL of His disciples. Without authority we would have accomplished nothing at this assignment except getting ourselves harmed.

    Shira also had her head covered while she ministered, although she did not really have to do so since her husband (our apostle from beginning to end) was present with her.

    “If any one is disposed to be contentious, we recognize no other practice, nor do the churches of G-d.”1



    1 1 Corinthians 11:16


    page VII

    At the entrance to the Upper Room on Mt. Zion
    Shira’s smile says it: “How do I look as a daughter of the King? VICTORIOUS! Even King David is amazed! I LOVE it!”



    page VIII

    At the entrance to the Upper Room on Mt. Zion
    There stood Annelore’s Australian friend in his costume of King David, harp in hand, proclaiming the soon coming of the Son of David, Yeshua the Messiah. Annelore stopped and jumped out of the car to greet him, and he took and placed a royal chaplet on her head, addressing her as a “Daughter of the King.”

    Naomi enjoyed it, too, getting crowned by “King David” with a royal chaplet of victory. All of us are “daughters of the Great King,” the Holy One of Israel.
    Shira looks on thinking, “She looks good with that chaplet. Well, we battled, we won, and I’m going to try out, too, how it feels to be ‘crowned’ with victory!Isn’t this fun?”


    page IX

    The house on Ein Rogel.
    On the roof of the house on Ein Rogel street we completed the third and final part of the Jerusalem Assignment. The panorama picture on the first page was taken standing in front of this house.