Letters to 3 Israeli Prime Ministers

  • 1- Prime Minister Yitzchaq Shamir – Letter #1

    The Military Strategy that won the Gulf War


    Prime Minister
    Yitzchaq Shamir
    Prime Minister’s Office

    19. 8. 1990
    Dear Prime Minister Shamir,

    “better late than never,” says the Volksmund, wherefore I still write you this letter. I am not sure it will do any good now, but I’ll try anyhow. When Menachem Begin was Prime Minister, he used to have the kindness to take note of my letters and also answer them. It may be be you will act as he did.

    When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuweit without warning, two records of Scripture came to mind: one is a historic record in the book of Yehoshua, the other a prophetic forecast in Daniel. Yehoshua was one of the greatest generals who ever lived, and his main tactic was to do the unexpected. The capture of the city of Ai is mainly what I am referring to (Josh. 8:3-23).

    1. The men of Ai were confident of their military superiority following their successful defeat of Israel, as Saddam and his army are now confident, following their successful military campaign against Iran.

    2. Yehoshua ”CONFIRMED” the men of Ai in their belief by ”PRETENDING” INFERIORITY in actual battle. This pretense ”weakened” the suspicion, alertness and caution of the army of Ai.

    3. Yehoshua created a ”FALSE FRONT!” With his pretense of inferiority in battle (note: I didn’t say, inferiority of equipment) he drew Ai’s attention and forces away from the ”ACTUAL FRONT”, which Yehoshua created at ”his” own will, at the ”REAR” of Ai, where he stationed an ambush of his elite troops, especially trained men.

    4. The suspicion and alertness of the king of Ai and his army disarmed through Yehoshua’s pretense, the city was left defenseless. While Ai’s army persued what they thought Israel’s complete force, the smaller company of elite troops took the city in ambush, occupying her.

    5. Yehoshua and his troops now turned upon the army of Ai, and they and their king found themselves TRAPPED BETWEEN THE MAIN FORCE AND THE ELITE TROOPS, their city taken.

    This came to mind immidiately upon Saddam’s surprise invasion, TO GET THE MAN WITH AN EQUALLY UNEXPECTED SURPRISE INVASION OF HIS OWN COUNTRY OUT OF KUWEIT.

    In the meantime, much precious time has been wasted, which gave Saddam time to set up extra guards over his chemical bases, which were to be taken in the surprise ambush together with Baghdad. Moreover, the international economic embargo is getting him merely enraged, and provides him with the opportunity to create an image of a hero of Islamic righteousness and Arab nationalism victimized by the corrupt West, while mortally hurting other nations who were not meant to suffer from this punishment. The embargo already shows that it will produce a catastrophic domino reaction, which in the end might have the effect of a bumerang, hurting the economy of the very nations by whom this embargo was launched.

    Can Yehoshua’s tactic still be applied now?

    1. Saddam expects the actual front to be in Kuweit and along the Saudi-Arabian border, for it is there that the international forces are amassing. Yehoshua’s tactic would be to ”CONFIRM” him in his belief that Kuweit and the Saudi border is the ACTUAL front, while he would SECRETLY TURN IT INTO A ”FALSE” FRONT, creating the ”ACTUAL” FRONT IN THE ”REAR OF IRAQ”.

    2. The main force of the international military contingents is amassed at the above stated borders. While they should continue to PRETEND GOING INTO BATTLE with Iraq, specially trained elite troops should be posted in the rear, which means either at the border of Turkey or Syria. Turkey’s border is mountainous and farther from Baghdad than the Syrian border. But Turkey might be more agreeable to such a set-up than Assad, although he hates Saddam. Since Saddam made the peace-agreement with Iran, the Iranian border can probably be ruled out (unless Iran is interested in getting back at Saddam, therewith restoring “lost face”).

    3. The AMBUSH TROOPS at the secret ACTUAL FRONT must be trained and experienced in the “SILENT” warfare, who know how to move quickly and quietly by night in foreign terrain to occupy main thoroughfares, Iraqs chemical and missile bases and her capital, Baghdad. If this is accomplished simultaneously both from the ground and from the air by parachuting in, while backing up the action with air-cover and anti-missile craft, it might succeed.

    4. The IMPORTANT factor is to have Saddam concentrate on a ”FALSE FRONT”; to have him amass more and more of his force against an ASSUMED front which he believes HE created with his invasion of Kuweit; to ”CONFIRM” him in his belief of his own military superiority by the international forces FEIGNING battle inferiority. He must be drawn out by the cords of his main weakness, his incredible megalomania. He is suspicious of everything and everybody, but deeply believes in one thing: his own greatness. To confirm him in this belief could lead to weakening his suspicion and therewith his alertness. If he believes himself on the verge of defying international forces and grabbing not only Kuweit, but also Saudi-Arabia and may be Egypt, he will rush toward that goal with all his might, not paying attention to his rear. He must be prevented from moving his chemical weapons.

    5. The main weakness of Saddam’s military might lies in the air. He cannot afford confrontation in the air. His main strength is on the ground. It therefore is apparent, that the ambush forces must first paralyze the chemical and missile bases in order to engage Iraq in aerial combat if necessary, rendering her ground forces of null effect. He must therefore be made to feel secure, even as the men of Ai. If he feels sure he won’t have need of his chemical weapons he might not move them nor overly protect them.

    6. But — because of too many big words from world leaders and all sorts of threat and waste of precious time and useless muscle flexing instead of swift surprise action, Saddam has already begun his counter moves. For a ruthless murderer such as Saddam to be held accountable for the lives of American citizens, as the detached Western super-man, US President Bush declared, is equal to holding Satan accountable for maintaining righteousness and justice in the earth. It’s simply utterly unrealistic!

    7. I believe the embargo is not only going to prove an utter failure, but a disaster. Only the taking of Iraq itself can have any valuable effect with the least of cost to lives and world economies. If it is true that Saddam already placed foreign citizens such as Americans on his various chemical bases in case of their bombing, then he proves to have a better understanding of the Western mind than the Westerners of the Arab mind, especially such as Saddam’s or Gaddafi’s or Arafat’s.

    Israel proved at Entebbe, how trapped and captured citizens can be lifted out. But Israel CANNOT AFFORD to get visibly involved in this debacle. May be she can provide intelligence, but visible involvement will only result in all the world blaming Israel if they fail to contain Saddam, or even suddenly unite the Arab world behind Saddam against Israel. Yet America already proved in Vietnam that she does not know how to fight a people who willingly sacrifice lives. Saddam will not hesitate to hit a vital target regardless of the cost of lives, while the US will hesitate because of some American citizens. This means loss of precious, vital time.

    UNLESS ELITE TROOPS CAN LIFT OUT THE ENDANGERED FOREIGN CITIZENS, the above listed tactic of General Yehoshua will fail because of Western hesitance in the face of utter ruthlessness and the Iraqi willingness to sacrifice life. Only swift, totally unexpected surprise tactic, that is willing to reckon with some losses, can succeed and prevent far greater and severe losses. If no effective ambush troops at the above mentioned borders can be formed, with special elite troops as forerunners to lift out the foreign citizens, then I suppose the prophetic forecast of the angel Gabriel in Daniel 11:21-44 might come true, words which were shut up and sealed until the time of the end (12:9).

    This is the second Scripture, together with Daniel 8:23-26, which came to mind while observing Saddam in action and the world’s response to it. If this “little horn” and “contemptible person” is indeed Saddam, then whether in victory or defeat, he will seek to swollow up Israel. If defeated, he will pour his undiluted wrath on us, holding us responsible for his defeat. If victorious, he will regard it his “holy duty” as the “true” leader of a united Arab Kingdom to eliminate the bothersome “Zionist presence.” And there will be no international response to rally in the defense of Israel. We are alone,
    unless we remember who we are and are willing to believe such words as written in the Psalms of 60:4-12, and 33:10-17 and 20:7-8.

    For as long as we (Israel) run from our destiny she shall persue us like an enemy. But the day we welcome and embrace her, she shall meet us like a friend.

    Dear Prime Minister Shamir, I hope my letter will not prove useless and in vain, even though because of precisely that thought I procrastinated in writing you. It does not matter who or what I am, if only the above listed ideas may yet prove of some usefulness to contain Saddam and for the security of Israel.

    With best regards,

    Respectfully yours,

    (Annelore’s full name)

  • 2- Prime Minister Yitzchaq Shamir – Letter #2

    The Madrid Conference and the Consequences


    Prime Minister
    Yitzchaq Shamir
    Prime Minister’s Office

    Dear Prime Minister Shamir,

    My prayer is that this letter reaches you in time for your trip to Madrid to encourage, strengthen and “fortify” you. But why did you, as a head of state, lower yourself to the level of the other negotiating team? You are not just any Israeli minister. You are our Rosh HaMemshalah. You have humiliated your position as head of state, while our foreign minister, who does not speak any English, is merely an embarassment in comparison.

    Dear Prime Minister, PLEASE, do NOT forget Who shall have the LAST Word in the matter of our Land and sovereignty: it is the Holy One of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, OUR G-d, Who made a distinct promise to our forefathers, which He has not forgotten and is intent to keep.

    For it is written: “The Lord of hosts has sworn: ‘As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand… For the L-RD of hosts has purposed, and WHO will annul it? His hand is stretched out, and WHO will turn it back?”1

    When Menachem Begin was still Prime Minister, I wrote him once in a while in relation to certain situations. In connection with the Camp-David Accords, President Carter and Sadat, I warned him with Isaiah 30 and 31 — that if he would rely on the words of men rather than G-d’s, and continue to put his trust in a treaty with Egypt, which we as a people are forbidden to undertake, and which would bring us no profit, then his government would cave in very suddenly, in an instant, like a high wall bulging out and about to collapse. I warned him that his helper (Carter) would stumble, and that he himself would stumble and fall, and all three of them together would perish off the political scene.

    M. Begin stumbled and fell literally, his hip injury troubling him until this day, and the bulging wall of his government, run through with multiple cracks, caved in on him in the instant of his dear wife’s death.

    Sadat paid for his treachery against us on Yom Kippur with being assassinated by treachery, and with his life for his partnership in a league not inspired by G-d.

    Carter instead was brought to fall by the Iranian Ayotollah Khomeini, who humiliated the mighty US in the sight of all the nations, which caused Carter not to be re-elected.

    All three partners of this “peace” league perished off the political scene and arena of power.

    Please, dear Prime Minister Shamir, consider therefore what the Holy One of Israel says concerning the “Palestinians” (Philistines) not only in the past but especially in our days:

    “Thus says the Lord G-D: Because the Palestinians [Philistines] acted revengefully and took vengeance with malice of heart to destroy in never-ending enmity [re: Intifada]; therefore thus says the Lord G-D; Behold, I will stretch out my hand against the Palestinians, and I will execute great vengeance upon them with wrathful chastisements..”2

    “I will kill your ROOT with famine, and your REMNANT I will slay,” declares G-d in Isaiah 14:30.

    In Jeremiah 47:4 He warns that ” …the day is coming to destroy ALL the Palestinians, to cut off from TYRE and SIDON [i.e. Lebanon] every helper that remains. For the L-RD is destroying the Palestinians, the REMNANT of the coastland of Caphtor” (which is Crete; repeated in Amos 1:6-8 and Zephaniah 2:5-7).

    In Joel 3:1-4 we read: “For behold, in those days and at THAT TIME, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather ALL the nations and bring them down to the valley of Yehosaphat, and I will enter into judgment with them there, ON ACCOUNT OF MY PEOPLE AND MY HERITAGE ISRAEL, because they have scattered them among the nations, and HAVE DIVIDED UP MY LAND… What are you to me, O Tyre and Sidon (cities representative of Lebanon, where the PLO was entrenched for so long), and all the REGIONS of the Palestinians? Are you paying ME back for something? If you are paying Me back3, I will requite your deed upon your own head SWIFTLY AND SPEEDILY.”

    Because of the Palestinians’ malicious vengeance against our restored nation, backed by Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Egypt, and all the other Arab nations mentioned in Psalm 834 , who have formed a League [Arab-League] against us, the goyim try to impose a “comprehensive” peace on us at the expense of our Land, security and sovereignty.

    Psalm 2:1-7, 10-11: “Why do the nations rage [conspire], and peoples plot or imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together (might this be the UN?) against the L-RD and His anointed, saying, ‘Let us burst their bonds asunder, and cast their cords from us.’”

    But G-d actually laughs at their plotting, for He has them in derision. By a spirit of misleading influence He gathers them into a net of destruction, the very net in which they imagine to catch us, Israel. They drag us to Madrid into a “peace” conference with those who hate us with a perpetual enmity, saying “peace, peace, when there is no peace and the wound of our people5 is healed only lightly.”6

    The day is coming when G-d will let the goyim/nations know that they are but ENOSH7, including Bush and Baker, while WE are a nation of ADAM men, bonded to G-d with an unbreakable covenant. Therefore, dear Prime Minister Shamir, do not cave in nor be afraid of any of them, no matter how boastfully they speak or what threats they make.

    Answer the envoys of the nations, who oppress us with lies on account of the Palestinians, accusing us of having taken “holy Arab land” by violence and occupying it wrongfully, that it were not mere men who founded the new state of Israel. The L-RD Himself founded Zion, for the afflicted [by the Nazis] of His people to find refuge there [from the Nazi extermination camps].”8

    G-d will use Judah as His bow, and Shomron [Ephraim] as His arrow to shoot at the nations who shall come up against us to impose upon us with military force a UN resolution (for which President Bush so purposefully set a precedent with Iraq), to make of Judea and Shomron a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. And it will appear at first as though G-d was on their side, having delivered us into their hands. The nations will believe to be in the right and that they will be victorious over us. But their scheme will erupt into the fiercest of battles resulting in catastrophic destruction. Our Judea and Shomron, and our beloved Jerusalem, will be the trap in which G-d catches them. By their own weapons these nations will be destroyed. The Palestinians themselves will be trampled under like sling-stones while a remnant of our nation shall escape9.

    Dear Prime Minister Shamir, I know we eventually will have a government that will agree to the terms of that peace-treaty, which violates G-d’s covenant and promises to our people. This will lead to one last time of great suffering for our people because we turned again our back on G-d and His promises. We look to goyim to rescue us, and to a foreign nation to save us. We have no faith in our G-d and do not trust His salvation, although He is bringing our exiles back under our very eyes until there is not enough room for them10.

    The man who will lead our nation into such a peace treaty – and therewith into one more great and terrible suffering11 shall be cursed. Why would you be the one? Despite your many less than noble dealings you still love our land and people more than yourself. But that man will neither have regard for G-d’s “helmet” (Ephraim) and “sceptre” (Judah), nor for Gilead and Manasseh (Golan) being His. He will neither grasp that Jordan (Moab & Ammon) is G-d’s “washbasin”, nor that over Saudi-Arabia (Edom) He will cast His shoe, and over the Palestinians (Philistia) shout in triumph12 .

    Rather, that man will delude himself into believing that he is very wise, and will love and esteem himself above our people and land. He will fall victim to his vanity and unbelief, for reason of which flatteries will persuade him to drag us into the disastrous peace treaty, which eventually will lead to the most devastating of all wars and to the Coming of Messiah.

    You are NOT that man!

    1 Isaiah 14:24, 27; All Scripture quotes are from the Revised Standard Version
    2 Ezek. 25:15-17
    3 … for fulfilling My Promise to Judah and Israel that I would bring them back from the countries to which I had driven them and settle them again in their OWN country, restoring their fortunes
    4 These are all members of the Arab League
    5 The Nazi Holocaust 6 Jeremiah 6:11
    7 Psalm 9:19-20; Men of the earth, void of the Spirit of G-d and far from Him
    8 Isaiah 14:32
    9 see Zechariah 9:13-15; 12:2-9; 13:8-14:1-3, 12-15; Isaiah 30:20; 37:32;
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    11 Daniel 12:11, 7 12 Psalm 60

  • 3- Prime Minister Yitzchaq Shamir – Letter #3 27.10.1991

    Israel versus the Arab League, or David versus Goliath

    Dear Prime Minister Shamir,

    I would like to call your attention to two more things: our military preparedness against the danger from the north; and what shall befall the Arab nations now in League against us.

    Years ago I sent then Prime Minister M. Begin drawings of underground missiles on a rotating base, with emphasis on the special design for extreme swiftness and mobility, with a minimum of manpower needed. The weapon needed to be able to launch and land the hit before the enemy could do so13. I mention these UMRB again also to you, for unless we have such weapons of superior velocity, mobility and accuracy, we shall have a very difficult stand against the overwhelming military power that may come against us from the north, perhaps even an alliance of nations.

    Goliath was a giant in size and heavily armed with whom David, because of his smallness, could not meet in combat on equal terms. It was David’s mobility, the swiftness of his movements and speed of his small projectiles which, apart from the unwavering faith in G-d, overcame and destroyed the giant. Again, a heavily armed cavalry is a dreadful thing if to be countered on equal terms. But a LIGHT cavalry, whose strength is in mobility and speed of movements, coordinated by superior strategy, can rout and spoil completely the cavalry slowed in her movements by her heavy arms.

    The point I am trying to make is that the arsenal of our weaponry may not suffice against the arsenal of our enemies. Nevertheless, we can outmaneuver and overcome then, even in our days of ultrasonic planes, intelligent missiles, heat-seeking projectiles and the more, if we move suddenly and unexpected before they can get their heavy and sophisticated weaponry ready against us. When they anticipate us from one side, we come from another. And when they calculate us doing a certain thing, we shall do the totally unexpected.

    The elements of surprise, of the unexpected, of flexibility, in conjunction with the elements of mobility and speed are our main weapons together with those UMRB, next to an unshakable faith and trust in our G-d. If, however, we place our trust in our Defense Forces and weapons ONLY, we shall miss it and run the danger of being overcome. On the other hand, if we employ our forces with perfect trust in G-d, there is not an enemy in this world that shall be able to withstand us. For though we may be tiny, it will be the Almighty Who is on our side. With Him we are superior in numbers and power. For then He shall fight for and with us.

    “Through Thee we push down our foes; through Thy Name we tread down our assailants. For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me. O grant us help against the foe, for vain is the help of man! With G-d we shall do valiantly; it is He Who will tread down our foes”.14

    Now, regarding the lot of our Arab neighbors in return for their fierce hatred of our sovereignty and authority in their midst:

    JORDAN: This nation, which exists today because of G-d’s promise to Moab and Ammon in Jeremiah 48:47; 49:6, shall become like Sodom and Gomorrah, possessed by nettles and salt pits, and a waste forever15. Jordan’s destruction will come from the air, fire devouring land and cities. Their utter destruction will come on account of their arrogance, insolence and pride, their haughtiness of heart and their lying, false boasts against us in the hearing of the nations16. They taunt and revile our people, and scoff and boast against our territory and borders, which they frequently violate. They say of us that we are like all the other nations, and rejoice with all the malice within them in the harassment against us17. The deceitful acrobatics of King Hussein may fool politicians and nations but not G-d. He sees this King and people for what they really are, and will reward them for their malice with perpetual salt pits and nettles.

    Saudi-Arabia: Although a modern-day creation, the prophet refers to her as “Edom” and “Dedan”. The Royal house of the Saudis claims descent from Esau, and the prophet obliges, saying, “Flee, turn back, dwell in the depths, O inhabitants of DEDAN! For I will bring the calamity of ESAU upon him, in the time when I punish him”.18

    Dedan’s geographical area covers part of Saudi-Arabia and her major oil fields.

    For — Saudi-Arabia’s sand shall be soaked with blood and oil, it shall be greasy with grease and fatty with fat. Her streams shall be turned into pitch [tar], her soil into brimstone, and the land shall become burning pitch. All her [now so proud, rich and arrogant] princes shall be nothing, and her name, “No Kingdom There”. This shall be the L-RD’s vengeance in the year of His recompense FOR THE CAUSE OF ZION. Saudi-Arabia’s destruction will also come from the air, suddenly and unexpected, executed by Israel and brought about by those who were her alliance partners and whom she trusted. Her fall will reverberate throughout the whole earth.

    The patriarch Isaac blessed his son Esau with a “spill over” from Jacob’s blessings. The “spill over” materialized first, and the revived remnant of “Esau” uses it to curse Israel. Therefore by that very oil shall she, alias “Edom”, be judged and completely destroyed, at the time when an alliance of nations shall come up against Israel as they came against Iraq, to reinforce the most evil of all UN resolutions19.

    Syria: Damascus will cease to be a city and become a heap of ruins. Many Syrians will flee from the war and become refugees in exile. This will be G-d’s recompense for warring against Israel and harassing her at her northern border and in the area of former Gilead. But Syria’s destruction will not be as complete as that of Jordan, Saudi-Arabia and of the Palestinians20.

    Egypt: Presently restored to some of her former power, she will be rent by civil war and suffer severely under a coming dictator. The Nile will dry up because its waters will not be fed by rain, and famine and poverty will spread. War and lack will drive most Egyptians into temporary exile. And those nations who supported Egypt against Israel shall fall because of it. Egypt’s involvement with the Palestinians and the “land-for-peace” scheme will ultimately develop into a veritable terror for her, and all her helpers will be broken. These judgments will come upon Egypt because a) of her partnership with the Arab League nations who still plot “to wipe Israel off the map”; b) because of partnering with the Palestinians to make of Judea and Samaria a Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital; and c) because Egypt is a false hope to Israel. She is “Rahab who sits still”, and a reed that breaks when leaned upon. Yet she will not be fully destroyed, only stripped of her power to ever rule again or exalt herself over other nations. Although then a lowly nation, at the end Egypt shall turn to the Lord our G-d and, together with Israel and Assyria [Syria/Iraq?], shall be a blessing in the midst of the earth21.

    Iraq/Iran: These two nations constitute the revived “nation” of Elam22 [especially Iraq] who shall be punished but not utterly destroyed.

    Palestinians [Plishtim, Philistia]: They are mentioned most frequently. Their utter doom and destruction is testified to by many witnesses. We therefore must not fear the Palestinians, or their power of influence, for they shall be completely annihilated except for a scarce few, who shall form a settlement in the south of Israel. I personally believe those to be the remnant of the Philistine king of Gerar, Abimelech, with whom the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac unfortunately made a covenant, invoking the name of the Almighty in that oath. G-d will bring the Palestinians’ lies and false boasts, their vengefulness, malice of heart and never-ending enmity against us upon their own heads, because they seek to divide up our land and destroy us. Nothing at all would remain of them were it not for the oath of the patriarchs23.

    “And when Isaac realized that day that he had DONE WRONG in swearing to them (the Philistines) to MAKE PEACE with them, he cursed the Philistines that day and said: ‘Accursed be the Philistines, more than all the nations, till the day of wrath and indignation: may G-d make them a laughing stock and curse, and an object of wrath and indignation, in the hands of the sinful Gentiles and in the hands of the Kittim. And whoever of them escapes the sword of the enemy and of the Kittim, may the righteous nation root him up in judgment from under heaven; for they shall be my children’s enemies and foes in EVERY GENERATION on the earth. And no remnant shall be left them, nor shall there be one that shall be saved on the day of the wrath of judgment: for destruction and rooting up and expulsion from the earth is the whole brood of the Philistines reserved; and there shall not be left for any of those from Caphtor either name or posterity on earth… for into eternal malediction shall he depart” [Jubilees].

    May you be mindful of the Almighty only, dear Prime Minister Shamir, and His Word concerning Israel and our enemies. Then you shall have nothing to fear nor shall anyone be able to withstand you.

    Yet someone will succumb to this “land-for-peace” treaty.

    Let it not be you.

    Sincerely yours,

    (Annelore’s full name)

    13 For obvious reasons I shall not disclose here publicly what I alluded to specifically. It is sufficient to note that I received a personal acknowledgment of my letter as having been read by the PM M. Begin with interest, and was signed by him. I destroyed the copy of the drawings of which I now have not even any recollection.
    14 Psalm 44:5-6
    15 Zeph. 2:8-10; Jordan borders at the Salt Sea, and a major earthquake [the Indian Ocean vault running through the Red Sea and the Salt Sea all the way up to the north of Israel] could erupt the underground vault, which already once turned the fruitful Jordan valley into a salt-wasteland.
    16 Such as was the case before King Hussein of Jordan made an about-turn with his fellow Mason, Yitzhak Rabin.
    17 Isa. 16:6; Jer. 48:26-30, 40-44; Am 2:2; Ezek. 25:8-10; It needs to be noted that 90% of the Jordanian citizenry is “Palestinian”, and the prophet’s description of their attitude toward Israel is amazingly accurate.
    18Jeremiah 49:8
    19 Isaiah 34:[1-6], 7-12; Jeremiah 49:7-22; Ezekiel 24:12-14; 35:5-6, 10-13; 36:5; Amos 1:11-12; Obadiah 7 [10-14, 15, 18-19
    20 Isa. 17:1; Jer. 49:23-27; Am 1:3-5; … because G-d is going to preserve an Assyrian remnant, of which some lives in Iraq, and other Assyrian exiles in the US.
    21 Isaiah 19:1-10, 16-25; Ezekiel 29:6-16; 30:1-9; Joel 3:19
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  • 4- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #1

    Prime Minister Netanyahu – a Saul, or a David?


    Prime Minister
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister’s Office
    J e r u s a l e m

    December 31, 1996
    Re.: Will you follow in the footsteps of king Saul — or of king David?

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    Your predecessors Begin and Shamir used to have the courtesy of both personally reading and replying my mail. I sincerely hope that you will follow at least this good example.

    Sir, your name predestined you to be a “son of the right hand” both for G-d and your people, ”given unto us” by HaShem Himself. But the name still left open the choice whether you were given unto your people “for good or for evil”, as a right hand “to curse or to bless” us.

    It appears you made your choice — for evil, not for good; for a curse, not for a blessing.

    I was among those who marched together with you from Tulkarm to Netanya, and I, together with all the others, heard your words. I did not join the chorus of “Bibi! Bibi!” because words don’t mean much to me until they have been translated into action. But — I was among those who voted for you in the hope that your name and your words may prove true.

    Dear Prime Minister, it is not as yet too late — not yet. But it soon will be if you make the wrong choice! I had warned Prime Minister Menachem Begin (whom I loved and respected) with the Scriptures of ISAIAH 30:1-7, 8-11, 12-14, and 31:1-3, concerning the Camp David accords. I warned him that, if he would hearken rather to men than the Holy One of Israel, his government would collapse, suddenly, like a bulging wall. I warned him that he would stumble and fall, and that he, together with Sadat and Carter, would perish off the political scene. I warned him that through these accords the “treasures of the South” such as the discovered oil-well, Yamit and other developments would go to Egypt while we will receive nothing in return except, may be, a temporary absence of war. He proceeded thereupon to level Yamit . But — after Sadat was assassinated on the day he celebrated Egypt’s sole victory of the Yom Kippur war; after Carter was humiliated in the eyes of the whole world by Khomeini; and after he himself had literally stumbled and fallen and sustained the ever afflicting hip injury, he realized what he, the man who loved his people with such a passion, had done: he had sold us out. Camp David laid the groundwork for undoing the State of Israel — and he KNEW it.

    The death of his wife gave him the rest. He couldn’t show his face anymore to his people whom, dispite his love for them, he had betrayed, caving in under the international pressure. Prime Minister Shamir was trying to follow in Begin’s footsteps, as a “talmid” does in his rabbi’s. But Begin’s “mantle” was not on him, nor had he Begin’s charisma and passion. But worse of all, he was trying in his own strength to swim upstream — against Camp David which, since its inauguration, has been coming down on us like a destructive waterfall, having the appearance of a blessing.

    Although we are Jews and call ourselves by the Name of “Israel”, we are the most apostate of people I have ever known. The peoples who worship idols and false gods are by far more dedicated and devoted to them than we are to the Only Living G-d. Israel’s leadership courts and pursues anyone, even men of lawlessness and murderers, rather than turning to her only Savior, the Holy One of Israel. Why do our leaders continue to bow to “Esau” and to “Ishmael” and make our people’s back like a road for everyone to walk over us? Why does prime minister after prime minister treat the American president as if he were Israel’s Mashiach? Why does prime minister after prime minister believe that “pharaoh” is the answer to peace and security? Are all our leaders mad? Are they all blind and deaf? Who suddenly threw sand into your eyes and stopped up your ears? Were you not warned? Did you also not perceive and understand?

    Yitzchaq Rabin was not killed by a mere man. It was the Word of G-d, the Covenant which he violated, that killed him. In the week during which Genesis 15:17-21 was part of that week’s Parsha, Rabin died. On the day on which he sang, “Do NOT whisper a prayer, only sing a song of peace”, the “fire” of the Holy One of Israel struck him. The sheet of that song was soaked with his blood. Oh yes, I know, we all only SAW a young man, apparently a fanatic. But the Covenant Rabin violated was one between the G-d of Israel and Abraham. It is an unalterable, inviolable Covenant regarding the inheritance of the Land of Israel. It was not human, but divine fire, that consummated this Covenant.

    The two bullets that judged the betrayer of this Covenant may have appeared to have come from a human source, but were indeed divinely sent. This does not make an apology for assassination, which is lawlessness, anarchy. Rabin, Perez, and all those with him relied on human wisdom and insight, and promoted a “kingdom of lawlessness and anarchy”, namely Arafat’s. By a lawless act Rabin was killed. The prophet foresaw this long ago and wrote about those “scoffers who rule this people in Jerusalem”, in ISAIAH 28:14-19. They scoff at the Bible, at the prophecies, at prayer, at anyone of our people putting their trust in HaShem and His promises. They scoff at HaShem Himself and want to be more “goy” than the goyim themselves. They call the remnant of our people who still love G-d and hope in Him “evil” right-wing extremists, while they exalt the apostate, anti-G-d anti-Jewish anti-Israel “Peace Now” folks as “good”.

    Yitzchaq Rabin was still afforded the honor of a statesman’s burial, because before he was led astray by all the false counselors surrounding him he had devoted his life to his people and our Land. But you, sir, shall not receive the same honor, if you continue on the betraying course you have taken, in total opposition to your words of promise and assurance during the election days. This day I tell you that your end shall be like that of king Saul who, though chosen by G-d Himself to be a deliverer for his people from their enemies, looked to men rather than to Him Who chose him. He stood a head above his fellow Israelites, and Samuel had anointed him. Still Saul was swayed by what his eyes saw and what people said and did. First he transgressed his office when he thought the people were abandoning him. Then he listened to the people’s reasoning in regard to the spoil taken from Amalek rather than obeying G-d’s explicit command to destroy the very memory of Amalek from under heaven.

    It sounded so good and righteous to keep the best of the spoil and “offer it up to G-d.” Is that what G-d had required? No, Samuel had to come and slay the king of Amalek. Saul failed in every quarter — because he looked to men and not to G-d. Henceforth “peace” alluded Saul, it became the tormenting spirit that harassed him day and night.

    Why would you choose Saul’s lot? Do you not know that the PA is “Amalek”? Consider the words of the teenager David in answer to Goliath, that big-mouthed Palestinian terrorist who had challenged: “Today I defy the armies of Israel!” He said: “What shall be done for the man who kills this Philistine, and TAKES AWAY THE REPROACH FROM ISRAEL? For WHO is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should DEFY THE ARMIES OF THE LIVING G-D?”

    Who should come along and put David down if not the oldest brother, Eliab, like a Yossi Sarid, and a Yossi Beilin, and a Shimon Perez, and a Shulamit Aloni, thinking himself so smart, so understanding, so knowledgeable? But David wasn’t swayed by that “firstborn brother”.

    Neither Saul nor Eliab had the honor of closing permanently this big-mouthed Palestinian’s boastful mouth. The honor fell to a mere youth — who trusted the might and promise of G-d, not the words and might of men. He was jealous for G-d and His people. Saul was worried about himself and only saw weakness. David only saw victory.

    The same example we find with the 10 faithless spies who saw themselves as mere “grasshoppers” in the sight of the “giants” in the Land. Their words corrupted the people and their faith, and it led to disaster. Only Joshua and Caleb had spoken true — like our settlers today — but them the people wanted to stone.

    Why are Israel’s leaders bent on repeating the errors of our forefathers? We have survived two thousand years of relentless attempts at our annihilation. We have returned to the land from which we were driven two millennia ago. We are barely 50 years back in the Land as a sovereign people and already our leaders are prepared to give away this precious land, to sell us out to our enemies? Is this fathomable? Is this believable? Are we forever bent on backsliding? Is it not written:

    “In Shuva and Aliyah shall you be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”

    Why then do our leaders and this blindest of all blind people continue to refuse hearkening to the Only One Who can give us true “Shalom”? Why do you continue to bow, like Jacob and all his family bowed to Esau? Did not Esau’s angel Samael admit, although reluctantly and only under pressure, that “henceforth it shall no longer be said of you, that you are the transplanter of your brother. Instead it shall be said of you that you – not Esau – are indeed the established heir, you are the ‘prince with G-d’. ”

    So why did Jacob, the heir and prince, bow to him whom G-d rejected? Why is it that all our leaders seem to be without any understanding, and without faith?

    Turn about, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, while there is still time. Be bold and very courageous, don’t fear nor be dismayed. Do what is right in the sight of G-d and not in the sight of men. And don’t be moved by the tirades of Mubarak, or Hussein, or any other leaders for that matter. President Mubarak’s “throne” is shaking severely and in the not far-off future an Egyptian “Khomeini” will bring him to fall and rule over Egypt, as Khomeini brought the Shah to fall and ruled over Iran. Then many Egyptians will flee, and Egypt will be indeed “Rahab that sits still”. Don’t lean on him, for he will be unto you and unto our people like a reed that breaks under our weight and pierces through our shoulder. All his ranting against us now won’t save his hide from the Islamic fanatics. Mubarak is doomed.

    And so is Hussein, whose land shall become a place of salt pits and nettles, and no one will remember him. Because he coveted our land, not the peace of “kin”. And what of the Saudis? The oil they are using to blackmail the world and to curse our people and land shall curse them instead, and turn their land into perpetual burning pitch and their sand into brimstone. The “allies “ in the blackmail, whom they trusted, will betray them, and the whole earth will reverberate from the fall of Saudi Arabia.

    Why, dear Prime Minister, oh why would you fear mere mortal men, if it is the Holy One of Israel Who chose you to lead our people?! I call out to you as Deborah did to Barak. Arise, therefore, and walk at the head of your people with courage, with honor and with faith in the Holy One of Israel. But if you will not do it, shame and dishonor shall cover you, and the curses of your people whom you betrayed will devour your “peace of mind” and your flesh. And the people shall neither mourn or weep over you as has been granted to Menachem Begin and Yitzchaq Rabin, the former zealous patriots turned violators of G-d’s Covenant.

    Let it not be said, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, that you were not warned. Let this letter not be withheld from you. Anyone who does this, the words of this letter shall pursue him/her.


    (Annelore’s full name & e-mail address)

  • 5- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #2

    The Seventh War against Israel and King Yehosaphat’s Prayer


    Prime Minister
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister’s Office
    J e r u s a l e m

    January 28, 1997

    Re.: The coming war – and king Yehosaphat

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    Very little time is left to remedy your actions and therewith the ensuing consequences. Their outcome is in the power of YOUR decision.

    Apparently you did not receive my letter of warning of December 31, 1996; or you did not read it; or you brushed it off as being just another one of the many letters of dismay, disappointment and warning you received. However, the words of this warning and counsel are not inconsequential. I beg you, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, THIS time read and HEED these words. Someone much wiser than you and me, and much more powerful than all the armies of the world, has spoken concerning our present “reality” long ago.

    All agreements concerning the People and Land of Israel are reversible with the exception of those made with the Holy One of Israel. The covenants made by Him with our forefathers concerning our People, Land, and Torah, were sealed by an oath, with blood and with heavenly fire. Only these agreements are irreversible and may not be broken. Our violation of them results in the most dire consequences for our people, to which fact our history amply testifies. Conversely, if we adhere faithfully and courageously to these divinely sealed agreements, the Holy One Himself will battle on our behalf against our enemies.

    Even Ben-Gurion, the atheist and Zionist, said in a speech at the Basel Zionist Congress, 1937:

    “No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish people in Israel.
    “No Jew has the authority to do so.
    “No Jewish body has the authority to do so.
    “Not even the entire Jewish people alive today has the authority to yield any part of Israel.
    “It is the right of the Jewish people over generations, a right which under no condition be canceled.
    “Even if Jews in a specific period proclaim they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to deny this right to future generations. No concession of this type is binding or obligates the Jewish people.
    “Our right to the country – to the entire country – exists as an eternal right, and until the full and complete redemption is realized, we shall not yield our ‘historic’ right.”

    Notwithstanding Ben Gurion’s atheistic views, his beliefs concerning our People and Land agreed with the covenants G-d made with our forefathers1. Yitzchaq Rabin’s beliefs were those of a Freemason, conflicting with the covenants and promises of the Almighty. He paid with his life for it, as I already explained in my first letter to you. Do you share PM Rabin’s beliefs? If you do, then woe is us and you.

    There is no more time, measurable in decades or centuries, for G-d to correct the errors of our leaders and the apostasy of our people. Retribution and judgment will be an almost immediate consequence. Please, HEED my appeal as Barak heeded Deborah’s!

    To give Hebron to the “Plishtim/Invaders” equals cutting Israel from her roots! A tree, or a people, without roots cease to be.

    But if you will reverse the Hebron “deal” — because Hebron is the place of our beginning as a people, where Abraham purchased with money and owned the first parcel of land promised by G-d to his descendants; because Hebron is the place where G-d made a Covenant by blood and fire with Abraham regarding the inheritance of the Land; because in Hebron G-d confirmed this covenant with Isaac, and established it with Jacob; because in Hebron our patriarchs’ and matriarchs’ bones await the resurrection; because in Hebron Caleb established his allotted inheritance in Judah by driving out the three sons of Anak, son of Kiriath-Arba; because in Hebron David was first crowned king and reigned for 7 years before becoming king over all of Israel — then G-d will also reverse judgment and requital, and turn to you and our people!

    When the Arab nations and Islamic fanatics will angrily declare war against us — supposedly because of our breach of agreements — and the European nations and the US threaten us with boycott and sanctions, and Russia with joining the Palestinians’ “cause”, then G-d will fight for us. If you and all of Israel will repent before G-d, with fasting, and seek His help in prayer, then He will do what is written in Ezekiel 38 and 39: the approaching armies and the Palestinians will begin to disagree among each other and, instead of fighting Israel, will fight and destroy one another with their own weapons. G-d will strike their launching systems from their “left hand”, and make their missiles (like ground-to-air) drop out of their “right hand”. Their corpses will litter the mountains of Judea and Samaria and the open field, which would be the Jezreel valley in the Galil (Syrians & Iranians?), the Shephela (Palestinians) and/or the Negev (Jordan & Egypt?). G-d will display His greatness and holiness, and the nations will realize that He is still with His servant Jacob, with Israel His (very apostate) people. For His Name’s sake He will do it (Ezek. 36:31-32).

    I assume that you are fully informed about the contents of the American Congressional Report filed on December 10, 1996, compiled and researched by THE US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TASK FORCE ON TERRORISM & UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE. The Report is entitled: “APPROACHING THE NEW CYCLE OF ARAB-ISRAELI FIGHTING”(see http://www.ortzion.org/images/taskfor_1.html).

    When Mr. Ross acted as President Clinton’s envoy to exercise “due” pressure on you and your government to acquiesce to US conditions, and to the demands of the PLO2, the Jordanians and Egyptians, the President was already fully aware of the Arabs’ hostile activities and intentions. Despite this knowledge he used his power to manipulate you into bowing to more concessions, wantonly weakening Israel yet more. The fact that even Nathan Sharansky has “bowed” to the Hebron “deal” reveals how deeply compromise is already entrenched in Israel’s leaders. “Pragmatism” is the new ideal — or is it the “New Order”? –, not Zionism, nor even faith in G-d.

    On August 9, 1980, I wrote Prime Minister Menachem Begin concerning Underground Missile Defense Bases on Rotating Systems, in the light of Ezekiel 38 and 39. The prophet had seen a vision of war I also saw vividly, and for which Israel MUST be prepared.

    It appears that this war, of which I warned almost 17 years ago, is standing on the threshold!

    It will require extremely swift weapons and a mode of employment with which the enemy cannot interfere. The manpower to handle these weapons would be minimal, yet assist efficiently our fighting forces as well as protect our coast, our Northern, Eastern and Southern borders simultaneously. I suggested a method of obtaining parts, and of secret construction, which would prevent both friend and foe from having knowledge of the building and existence of these missiles. On October 21, 1980, the personal assistant to PM Begin, Ms. Yona Klimovitzky, informed me that PM Begin read my letter and enclosures with interest and thanked me for them. Whether or not these specific missiles — shown to me with detailed instructions by HaShem, Who afterwards had me destroy my drawings and erased my recall of their details — were indeed built I do not know. But shortly thereafter constructions, as I had suggested, began all over the country. I hope with all my heart that the UMDB/RS are in place.

    Please, consider therefore closely the actions and alliances of king Yehosaphat of Judah and the resulting consequences as recorded in II Chronicles, chapters 17-20. Because whether or not Israel will suffer great losses, or hardly any at all, will depend on your next decisions and actions.

    So long as Yehosaphat walked courageously in the ways of G-d, he increased in power and wealth. But G-d rebuked by the seer Yehua, son of Hanani, Yehosaphat’s ill-advised alliance with wicked king Ahab of Israel; and his later alliance with wicked king Ahaziah of Israel by Eliezer son of Dodavahu of Mareshah, as follows:

    “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the L-RD? Because of this, wrath has gone out against you from the L-RD. Nevertheless, some good is found in you… and [that you] have set your heart to seek G-d” (II Chr. 19:-23).

    “Because you have joined with Ahaziah, the L-RD will destroy what you have made” (II Chr. 20:35-37).

    When did you cease to seek G-d? Why do you make an alliance with the very men the people of Israel voted against, and whom you yourself once vociferously opposed? Why do you make a covenant with a terrorist and compulsive liar, who hates us with a perpetual enmity? Like Yehosaphat did not learn from the misguided alliances of his father Asa, so you seem to have learned nothing from the mistaken agreements of Camp David, of Oslo I & II. The seer Hanani said to Asa:

    “Because you relied on the king of Aram (Syria?), and did not rely on the L-RD your G-d, the army of the king of Aram has escaped you… You have done foolishly in this; for from now on you will have wars (II Chr. 16:7-9).

    When the armies of the Ethiopians (or Cushites) and the Lybians had marched against Asa the king cried to G-d for help, and not to pharaoh of Egypt, or to the king of Syria. And G-d heard and fought for him (vs. 14:9-12; 16:8-9). And Hanani the seer said:

    “The L-RD is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you… But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded”
    (II Chr. 15:1-7).

    And Asa took courage. What caused him to change his mind? Why do you rely on the President of the United States, on President Mubarak of Egypt and on king Hussein of Jordan, all of them mortals, but not on the L-RD our G-d?

    When the armies of the Moabites, Ammonites, and Arameans (Jordan, Syria, Iran?) came to war against Yehosaphat, he was afraid. And he set himself to seek the L-RD, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah3. Then he prayed. In conclusion he said: “For we are powerless against this great multitude that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.”


    In answer to Yehosaphat’s and the people’s prayer G-d said: “Do not fear or be dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but G-d’s… This battle is not for you to fight; take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the LORD on your behalf…” Then the king and the people believed G-d and praised and worshipped Him and did as He had said.

    Thereupon G-d confused the approaching armies so that they began to fight against each other, utterly destroying one another. Without one “gunshot” their enemies’ corpses littered the battlefield. All that the king and the people had to do was to carry off a huge booty for three days.

    The Holy One of Israel has not changed. He is the same He was in Abraham’s days, and in king David’s and Yehosaphat’s days. If you will seek Him, He will be found by you. If you reject Him, He will reject you. If you will make “peace” with men of lawlessness, and alliances with wicked men, terror will not cease from our land and wicked men will rule over us. If you rely on corrupt mortal men rather than on the LORD our G-d, then instead of peace sudden destruction will come. If it were not that Messiah will come to fight for us (Zechariah 14) our enemies would complete Hitler’s “Final solution” to the last of us.

    As I told you in my first letter, so it will be: President Mubarak and king Hussein will fall, as will Saudi Arabia, from which the whole earth will reel. But our people will bury for 7 months the corpses of our fallen enemies; and their weapons, which they now buy from the Europeans and the US at an accelerated pace, will serve us as fuel for seven years.

    Yes, there will eventually be a war with an alliance of nations over the Galil to make it part of a Palestinian State, and another over Jerusalem. But it is not meant to be in your time of office.

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, G-d named you from your mother’s womb. Walk in accordance with your name: instead of being a “son of the right hand” to those who hate us, and a “gift” to the New Agers and Freemasons for Israel’s destruction, be a true “ben-jamin” to our G-d, and a true “gift from Him” to us for our welfare.

    But if you will not heed this second warning and counsel, it shall be as I warned you before: then shame and dishonor shall cover you, and the curses of our people whom you betrayed will devour your “peace of mind” and your flesh. Nor shall the people mourn or weep over you as was granted to Begin and Rabin, the former patriots turned violators of G-d’s Covenant. Because you, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, stand at the crossroads, for good or for evil, for life or for death, for blessing or for curse. Therefore… take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.


    (Annelore’s full name & e-mail address)

    1 Ben Gurion always had an open Bible lay on his desk, consulting with the prophetic scriptures and the divine promises regarding the Jewish people and the Land of Israel
    2 I refuse to regard ruthless murderers and terrorists, haters of G-d and our people, as socially and politically acceptable by referring to this band of lawless men as “Palestinian Authority [PA]”.
    3 see also Joel 2:12-18

  • 6- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #3

    The Self-hating Galut Jew and the Sovereign Israeli Jew


    Prime Minister
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister’s Office
    J e r u s a l e m

    April 15, 1997/Nisan 8, 5757

    Re.: The people you lead are NOT like all the other peoples

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    when you stood firm on the Har Homa decision I thought that may be you had indeed read my letters of warning and encouragement, and taken them to heart. Please, do not think I am some weird lunatic who writes you her own opinions. I have better things to do than that. Although our religious authorities say that today G-d does not speak anymore by prophets, somehow G-d seems to be unaware of their assessment, because I have had the dubious “privilege” of somewhat sharing in Jeremiah’s lot: I always receive a word of warning. I felt urged to write you one more time before you went on your trip to the States, but I tried to ignore this urging. Unhappily, this urging has become so strong that I can no longer ignore it with good conscience.

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, I have seen an awful thing: our own police and soldiers manhandling and mistreating our own people in Hebron under the gleeful eyes of the Arab onlookers; and Uzi Dayan (I believe that is his name) walking off smilingly with Palestinian military (or was it police) officials. Is this possible? Has the self-hatred of some of our leaders gone that far? When I see the hatred in Jael Dayan’s eyes as often as she speaks to some of our people who happen to disagree with her, I cannot help but wonder about Adolf Eichmann. It had been suggested that Eichmann was actually a Jew, the mere thought of which I found utterly unbearable, and just simply proposterous. Impossible! But when I observe the self-hatred, or Jew-hatred, of said Dayan, or of Peres, or Beilin, or Aloni, or of the “Peace Now” bunch, is it indeed so impossible?

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, when we celebrate Hanukah each year, we do NOT commemorate the Hellinist Jews who joined the “cause” of the Syrians and sold their own people out to the enemy of Israel and of G-d. We commemorate the courageous Maccabeans who not only withstood the arrogant, oppressing Syrians, but drove them out! And G-d confirmed this deed with a miracle. When we celebrate Purim each year, we do not celebrate a groveling, bowing and “pragmatic” Mordechai and Esther, NO! Thanks to them we still live to celebrate Purim. Because Mordechai and Esther did NOT bow, and grovel, and pusillanimously call such lack of spine “pragmatism”. They courageously withstood the demands of their arrogant enemy. They did not cower in fear before his threats. On the contrary! With faith and courage, with prayer and fasting, they overturned their enemy’s plot, so that what he had planned for the Jews was instead done to the oppressor. Neither “pragmatism” nor “cowardice” has any place of honor in our people’s history, and the way self-hating Jews view Rabin today would not be understood by those who founded the State, nor will it be understood by later generations.

    Sir, you are the elected leader of a sovereign people., who are moreover the people of G-d NOT, because we are so much better or nobler (obviously not), but because the Almighty loved our forefathers and made a Covenant with them. And we are their offspring, with all their faith and faults also present in us. No leader of any sovereign nation will bow to the dictates, demands and threats of a terrorist and murderer, which Arafat was and still is, even though the world now calls him “president”. The British won’t bow to the IRA, and the Americans won’t bow to terrorist threats against them, and the Peruvian leader won’t bow to the demands of the terrorists holding those hostages. But come to a Jewish head of state — and he will bow. How is this? Were you not born in this land? Did you not have the privilege of growing up as a “sovereign” Israeli Jew?

    Although we may be the smallest of peoples, you are privileged above all other heads of state: you are the leader of G-d’s people! They elected you! If G-d be with you, who can be against you? Stop bowing! This is not pragmatism — it is cowardice! This is not political “common sense” — it is pusillanimity! Jacob had no business to bow to Esau, and you have no business to bow to Clinton, or Mubarak, or Hussein, and last of all, Arafat! You are to bow before one alone: the Holy One of Israel! THIS was the “pragmatism” of Mordechai, and consider his triumph and our people’s deliverance! This was the “foolishness” of Daniel’s friends, and G-d saved them out of the fiery furnace! This was the political “common sense” of Daniel, and the Almighty delivered him from the lions’ mouth! Do you think G-d has changed? Or vanished? Or is it rather that so many of our leaders and people of today are trying desperately to emulate the goyim, to be “broad-minded” Hellenists and “one-worlders”, just not, for heaven’s sake, G-d’s “chosen people”?

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, twice I sent you HaShem’s warning, this is the third one. Shechem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and now Hebron have all become battle fields, because our leaders fail to demand from our adversary what Jacob demanded from Esau’s angel Samael: “I won’t let you loose until you confirm me as the rightful heir.” Demonstrate moral and military strength, the faith of a Jewish leader, the power of head-of-state of a sovereign nation, and the intifada will stop. Instead of fearing mortal men fear G-d, because cursed is the man that leans on the arm of flesh, but blessed is the man who trusts in G-d (Jeremiah 17:5-8).

    The threat of shame and disgrace was lifted with your firm Har Homa stand — but not removed. If you will continue in weakness and worse yet, join with Peres, Barak, Beilin and the rest of Jew-haters, and allow religious hypocrites to establish a religious dictatorship over the whole land (is one Deri not enough?) with the help of the Knesset, then the “shame” of your weakness shall catch up with you and cover you and clothe you with disgrace.

    Be what you were elected to be: our sovereign leader who refuses to bow to threats and demands, who reckons Oslo I and II no longer binding upon Israel because Arafat has ALREADY nullified them. The USA is not our Messiah, and Mubarak is not our priest. They threaten with no more foreign aid? The US needs Israel as her ally in the Middle East more even than she needs the Arab oil. There is more wealth in the Dead Sea and in the depth of our soil than the [former] wealth of the US and Saudi Arabia combined. But why should G-d allow it to come up as long as our leaders look to men for help rather than to Him? It seems we are a people who fail to learn from our history. We keep repeating the same mistakes our forfathers made.

    What if they threaten us with war? To whom will you look — to their weapons or to the might of our G-d? If king David, who was but a mere youth, would have thought as “pragmatic” as our recent leaders, he most certainly would not have killed Goliath and got the whole Palestinian army defeated as a consequence of it. It was not “logical” for a youth, untrained in warfare, to go with but a slingshot against that big-mouthed giant of a Palestinian. But David’s perspective was right, for Goliath was “defying the armies of the Living G-d” (see 1 Samuel 17:36, 44-47), and Arafat and Jibril Rajhoub are following in the footsteps of that conceited, big-mouthed Palestinian. Question is, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu: will you follow in the footsteps of king Saul, or in those of king David? Saul G-d eventually rejected, because of his lack of faith; David He loved.

    Sir, be the leader of G-d’s people, not a subservient, “groveling Jew” to the leaders of other nations. Be bold, be courageous, be proud, have faith, and rectify the wrongs done. Be not confounded or dismayed by the outcry of the nations (they always make noise, no matter what Israel does!) nor fear their threats of war or cancellation of monetary aid. Do the unpopular, have faith in G-d! Trust Him, and He will deliver you and our nation, until the time appointed for the end shall come. But if you will honor the agreements with this despicable person, giving away the land and towns over which you hold no sole right, for the sake of “peace” — although you utterly know the true aim and goals of the PLO — then the curse of G-d and our people shall devour your “peace” of mind and your flesh, as I warned you before.

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, be bold, be strong, be very courageous, and do not fear. With G-d on our side we are mightier than the mightiest of our foes! Therefore… take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.


    (Annelore’s full name & e-mail address)(

    Hag sameach to You and Yours!
  • 7- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #4

    The Middle East Peace Process Challenges God’s Oath



    Prime Minister
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister’s Office
    J e r u s a l e m

    April 19, 1997/Nisan 12, 5757

    Re.: One last warning and exhortation

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    G-d willing, you hopefully received and read my third letter of warning and exhortation and, please G-d, have also taken it to heart. Although I usually refrain from saying, “Thus says the L-RD,” it is indeed He, the Holy One of Israel, our G-d, Who has been prompting me to send you these messages. Like Amos, who was but a herdsman and dresser of sycamore trees, I may be an unknown and of no account to those in the country who consider themselves “important”. But I am not an unknown to HaShem, Who has been using me as a messenger since 1976. The following, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, is in all probability my last letter to you. I know it is a last warning and exhortation. Because…

    …thus says the L-RD: “They are saying, ‘there is no hope for him. He is powerless, he is helpless, he cannot extricate himself from the trap we have set for him. Now we shall give him the final blow.’ Has my arm been shortened that I cannot save? Has my hand lost its power to deliver? Was it not I,” says the L-RD , “Who loved you and set you as a shepherd over my flock, Israel? Was it not I Who chose you to lead my people back to strength and to safety? But you forsook your calling, you betrayed your promises, and instead of looking to Me for counsel you leaned upon the arm of flesh. Instead of saving Hebron you abandoned it; instead of nullifying the agreements against My Covenant with Abraham you confirmed them. Therefore I warned you,” says the Holy One of Israel, “that shame would cover you and disgrace clothe you if you do not rectify the wrong committed by your predecessors and by yourself. Was the price of the 73 not enough? Must the abandonment of My cities, abandoned by Israel’s leaders, crush upon the whole nation? Must the punishment for Hebron come upon all the people?”

    “Therefore hear this,” says the L-RD, the Holy One of Israel, her Savior and Redeemer, “if you will repent with all your heart of your faithlessness, of not having sought My counsel but trusted in the counsel of mortal, sinful men; of having bowed to the demands of mere mortals and evil men instead of in faith and hope to Me, the G-d of all the earth, the Shepherd of Israel; of having forsaken your promises, betrayed the trust of the people and abandoned Hebron; if you will repent with sackcloth and fasting, seeking My Face with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, THEN I will deliver you,” says the L-RD, “and rescue you out of the trap they have set for you. Then I will command and the trap intended for you shall catch them instead. And you shall be cleared of all charges, and not a single spot shall cling to you. And you shall lead my people Israel as I ordained it to be done and for which I raised you up, that you should lead them to strength and to safety.”

    “But if you will not repent, and will not humble yourself before Me with fasting and sackcloth, and will not weep before Me and seek My Face with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then,” says the L-RD, “the shame of your weakness shall surely catch up with you and cover you, and the disgrace of your faithlessness and betrayal shall surely clothe you. And you shall be powerless to extricate yourself out of the trap your enemies have set for you. It shall catch you and pull you down, and My curse and the curse of the people shall devour your “peace” of mind and destroy your flesh, nor shall Israel mourn you or weep over you. And you shall be to Me as king Saul was, whom I loved, whom I had chosen to be My anointed to lead My people. But he proved faithless and weak, and leaned rather on the arm of flesh than on Me. And it repented Me of having chosen him and I turned My Face away from him and rejected him from being the leader of My people. “

    “There is still time,” says the L-RD, “a little time provided by my grace for you to turn, to repent and to rectify the wrong done. Therefore do not procrastinate, and do not say in your mind, ‘I shall get myself out of this. I shall not be undone, but I shall continue to rule and lead this nation,’ for I shall surely bring you down, if you do not repent,” says the L-RD.

    “Seek good and not evil, that you may live; and so the L-RD, the G-d of hosts, will be with you, just as you have said. Hate evil and love good, and establish justice in the government; it may be that the L-RD, the G-d of hosts, will be gracious to … you.”1


    (Annelore’s full name & e-mail address)

    Hag sameach to you and yours!
    This is an excerpt from an E-mail posting of April 18, 1997:

    Hebron-Past, Present and Forever
    by David Wilder

    The Jewish Community of Hebron

    Assassination of the Prime Minister
    As a practicing, observant Jew, I believe that these events [the Bar-On-Affair] are no less than a curse brought on Netanyahu because of his abandonment of Hebron and his willingness to abandon other parts of Eretz Yisrael. He was put into office, and I use the word `put’ because his victory was a literal miracle, in order to neutralize the previous regime’s policies and change them, starting with Hebron. Netanyahu failed the test and now he is paying the price. There is, there really is a G-d in heaven.

    All of that not withstanding, the current plot to overthrow the Netanyahu government is much more dangerous than Netanyahu. It is much more dangerous than Yigal Amir. For Amir was one person who took the law into his own hands, killing Rabin. That act has been condemned by everyone. However, this attempt to assassinate Netanyahu is being initiated at the highest levels of government – not by a `Yigal Amir’ but by people holding the most senior public offices in Israel. It is being supported by those who desire to replace Netanyahu. In other words, this is nothing less than an attempted coup.

    Perhaps Netanyahu should be replaced, but not this way. If this coup succeeds, we can literally kiss Israeli democracy goodbye. The results will be nothing less than cataclysmic.

    I hope and pray that we should witness the same kind of Divine Intervention that brought Netanyahu to office and is now punishing him, to save us from the hands of the real, true criminals, whose motives are far from pure.

    Presented by
    The Jewish Community of Hebron
    POB 105 Kiryat Arba, Israel 90100
    Tel:972-9965333 Fax:972-2-9965304

    1Amos 5:14-15; applied to you, Prime Minister Netanyahu

  • 8- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #5

    Violating G-d’s Oath has deadly Consequences


    Prime Minister
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister’s Office
    J e r u s a l e m

    November 30, 1997/1 Kislev 5758

    Re.: Your safety, Sir

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    Sir, I feel compelled to send you this alert to your safety — I believe your life is in danger! I have sent you four previous letters of warning, Dec. 31, 1996; Jan. 28, 1997; April 15, 97; and April 19, 97. Michael Drosnin, the author of the book, “The Bible Code”, also tried to warn you.

    Sir, whether G-d is a mere religious concept to you or real has no effect on G-d, nor on what is written. But it does have an effect on your life, on your decision making and hence on what happens to Israel. PLEASE, I beg of you, HEED OUR WARNINGS!

    Consider this, please: after Camp David Menachem Begin’s government collapsed suddenly. After the Madrid “Peace” Conference and its terms of “land for peace”, Yitzhak Shamir was not re-elected. Yitzchaq Rabin, a “Freemason” of belief who, according to the confessions of Freemasonry, opposes everything our faith in the Holy One of Israel stands for, paid with his life for ceding land, shaking hands with the murderer of our people and enemy of G-d. Assassination is NOT G-d’s way. It was Rabin himself who brought about his own death sentence. How?

    BY VIOLATING THE INVIOLABLE COVENANT G-D MADE WITH ABRAHAM! How does a mere mortal human being presume to disregard the OATH of the Almighty and Eternal G-d and think he will not suffer serious consequences from it? If a mere man makes an oath and then breaks it, G-d requires it of him. Will G-d then allow any man, whether Prime Minister of Israel or President of the U.S.A., to break the Covenant He swore by His own Name? Is the Almighty subject to the decisions of mere mortals? Is He powerless to keep the oath He made? Does He despise His own Name by which He swore? Hence, will He hold guiltless those who violate His oath?!

    PLEASE, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, check again Bereshit 15:17-20; 22:16; 24:7; and 26:3. It is this oath against which M. Begin signed the Camp David Agreements, and Y. Shamir went to Madrid, and Y. Rabin utterly violated, which caused their demise and death. And you would be no exception, Sir. I already warned you four times what the outcome for you would be, if you continue with this cursed “Land for Peace” Process.

    However, your demise would have been a slower process than what I see now. Sir, your life is in imminent danger by the hands of people who have a misconception of how to serve G-d. Although they believe in His covenant with Abraham and in His promises, they err in thinking to serve Him by breaking his commandment, “You shall not kill”. Nevertheless, interfering with G-d’s oath and thereby provoking His jealousy for His holy Name proves to be a deadly mistake. Michael Drosnin tried desperately to warn you of such danger to your life, just as he tried to warn Yitzchaq Rabin, who apparently gave this warning no credence. History shows who proved right. Your ignoring our warnings as mere fantasies won’t change the fact that violating G-d’s oath has deadly consequences.

    Sir, by trying to appease everybody you have everybody turn against you, from within and without. Right now it looks that you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Why then not make a sweeping move worthy of a true statesman?! Why not consum- mate a daring decision that would make history? Arafat has not implemented any of the agreements but rather broken a whole number of them. This acquits you from any legal obligation toward these agreements, since the other party has voided their terms by his flagrant violation of them. A sudden, swift and unexpected move by Israel retaking the ceded areas and annexing them rather than occupying them again would be an act of extraordinary courage, strength and statesmanship (even though everybody would call it folly). Of course, you will have all of Israel’s left and the whole world in an uproar, and a declaration of war by the Arab states is certain. However, if you go ahead with more ceding of the land covenanted to us by a divine oath, you will have not only all of Israel’s right against you, but worse than that the Holy One of Israel Himself. To have Him as your enemy is worse than all of the Arab armies and the UN’s combined. It would cost you your life and your soul. Seen that whatever your decision will be it is certain to arouse protest, uproar and condemnation and the demand for early elections, then why not make a decision at least worthy of the clamour, one that is RIGHT IN THE SIGHT OF G-D?

    G-d promises in Ezekiel 39 that He Himself will war against the onrushing hordes of the enemy. But can you, who does not believe in G-d, trust in this promise? The great old man, Ben Gurion, believed in the prophets’ predictions as in a blue print. Why can’t you? Please READ Ezekiel 39 and SEE WHAT G-D WILL DO! It will result in 7 incredibly prosperous and blessed years and in a peace agreement favorable for Israel, signed by many co-signers. Alas, these agreements eventually will be broken, according to the prophecies in Daniel.

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, you can enter history by making an incredibly daring and unpopular move, which will result in a war and seven years of unprecedented welfare for Israel; or you can cede still more of the covenanted land by caving in to the pressures of godless men, and you will not enter history at all except as having been one prime minister whose only achievement was to stay longer in office than expected, but who did not finish his term because he got killed.


    Someone who has not ceased praying for our people and for you.


    (Annelore’s full name & e-mail address)

  • 9- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #6 Page 1

    Israeli Elections of 1998 and the Clinton Scandal


    Prime Minister
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    Prime Minister’s Office
    J e r u s a l e m

    August 18, 1998

    Re.: The next elections and your opportunity, Sir

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    Sir, I felt compelled to write you again:

    A) in view of the concerted effort of your opponents to bring your government down;

    B) of President Bill Clinton revealing himself as a liar in the eyes of the whole world;

    C) of the American bombing of terrorist facilities in Afghanistan and Sudan.

    These actions of the American President have dealt major trumps into your hands, Sir:

    to B) The world’s most powerful leader – a “cowardly” liar about a matter many of his predecessors were also known to have indulged in. It is not his affair that has hurt him, but his emphatic denial of it. In an ABC poll Thursday after the air strikes he got a record low score of 24% when people were asked if they rate him as “honest and trustworthy.” American pollster John Zogby said “the public was embarrassed about Clinton’s admission” and added, “an embarrassed public is dangerous.” People question: has he also lied as emphatically about more important national and/or international matters? America’s pundits condemn his willingness to deceive, and to hold out for seven months before telling the truth, grudgingly.

    Trust in Clinton’s words is at an all-time low.

    to C) President Clinton’s address to the nation on U.S. military strikes. He has – with his own words – counteracted his insistence on the Israeli government to bow to terrorist demands of handing over parts of the land of Israel to an organization which has vowed to destroy the State of Israel. The Palestinian Covenant’s stated aim has remained unchanged.

    Following are quotes of President Clinton’s address:

    “The groups associated with (Bin Laden)… share a hatred of democracy, a fanatical glorification of violence, and a horrible distortion of their religion to justify the murder of innocents… (Bin Laden) vowed to wage a terrorist war against America, saying… ‘We do not differentiate between those dressed in military uniforms and civilians. They are all targets.’”

    “Their mission is murder. And their history is bloody.”

    Sounds just like the groups associated with Arafat, Hamas1, Islamic Jihad, Hisbullah, etc., who “vowed to wage a terrorist war against Israel, and who also don’t differentiate between military and civilians.” Indeed, Arafat’s and the PLO’s history is drenched with the blood of murdered innocents! The Lebanese people (and king Hussein) should also remember it all too well!

    “America has battled terrorism for many years.”

    So has Israel. However, Israel’s actions are routinely labeled “retaliatory,” “evil aggression,” “murderous,” “violation of the peace-process,” etc. The saying “what’s right for the goose is right for the gender,” seems not to apply to Israel.

    “We have quietly disrupted terrorist groups and foiled their plots. We have isolated countries that practice terrorism.”

    With the exception of the Palestinian “autonomy,” which harbors Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the veteran terrorists of the old PLO renamed PA.”

    “…There have been and will be times when law enforcement and diplomatic tools are simply not enough. When our very national security is challenged and when we must take extraordinary steps to protect the safety of our citizens.”

    Except for Jews, of course. Israel’s’ “extraordinary steps to protect the safety of her citizens” is to yield more land to those who hate her, to insure national insecurity and weakness instead of sovereign strength and resolve. Once Israelis were admired by the world for and feared by her enemies for the latter. Alas, these were short-lived days of the sovereign Jews. Now we’re back to the self-hating pusillanimous Jews, of whom Shimon Peres, Yossi Sarid and Yossi Beilin have distinguished themselves as leaders.

    “… Bin Laden’s network’s infrastructure … in Afghanistan … has served as a training camp for literally thousands of terrorists from around the globe.”

    What about Arafat’s “police” and “security forces?” Most of them were also trained in terrorist camps in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya? Bin Laden’s organization is evil terror, and Arafat’s “security forces” are benign law enforcers??!!!

    “Afghanistan and Sudan have been warned for years to stop harboring and supporting these terrorist groups.”

    What about warning (Iran and) Syria, to whom we should cede the Golan, and the PA, to whom we are to add yet another 13.1%, thanks to American insistence?!

    “But countries that persistently host terrorists have no right to be safe havens.”

    We certainly agree.

    “…our actions were aimed at fanatics and killers who wrap murder in the cloak of righteousness, and in so doing, profane the great religion in whose name they claim to act.”

    And who, according to President Clinton, are the veteran terrorists of the PLO, Hamas, Hisbulla, etc., who for decades have wrapped murder in the cloak of “Allah Akbar,” the “just armed struggle of the Palestinian people against the imperialist aggressor and occupier, Israel, for the liberation of Palestine,” and a “just and comprehensive peace” in the Middle East, which means the destruction of the State of Israel?

    “We will not yield to this threat… we take an uncompromising stand against terrorism.”

    Right on! But because of your insistence on Israel’s “uncompromising stand against terrorism” you have been called obstinate, hostile, obstructing the peace-process, deliberately causing it to collapse. Talk about a double standard!

    “The risks from inaction to America and the world would be far greater than inaction (of this Mr. Clinton is also sure). For that would embolden our enemies, leaving their ability and their willingness to strike us intact.”

    Affirmative! Israeli inaction and submission to U.S. and Euro pressure to satisfy Arab “moderates” has changed Israel’s image of strength to weakness, emboldening our enemies and leaving their ability and willingness to strike us intact.

    “But in this day, no campaign for peace can succeed without a determination to fight terrorism… There are no expendable American targets..

    Oho! But Israel must implement the Oslo accords irrespective of Palestinian violations of the agreements, failure to implement them, and continued terror acts against “expendable Israeli targets?!”

    “There will be no sanctuary for terrorists. WE WILL DEFEND OUR PEOPLE, OUR INTERESTS AND OUR VALUES.”

    1Did you know that it says in Psalm 74:20: “Have regard for the Covenant; for the dark places of the land are FULL OF THE HABITATIONS OF HAMAS (violence)?” The word for the “violence” which shall “no more be heard in our land, wasting nor destruction within our borders…” (Isaiah 60:18), and which filled the earth in Noah’s days (Bereshit 6:11, 13), also is — HAMAS. Hamas = violence; cruelty, injustice, oppressor; take away violently, wrong, imagine wrongfully, violent wrongful dealing, damage. Thought it rather interesting!

  • 10- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #6 Page 2

    America’s Double Standard on Terrorism August 18, 1998

    U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen said, quote:

    “…our message is clear: there will be no sanctuary for terrorists and no limit to our resolve to defend American citizens and our interests – our ideals of democracy and law – against these cowardly attacks.”

    Absolutely! With view of the “peace-process”, which is a “process that divides up Israel piece by piece,” and the Oslo Accords, President Clinton and his Defense Secretary performed the notable feat of: open mouth, insert foot!

    Clinton and Cohen cannot recall their words which were televised worldwide. Plain hypocrisy and double standard, in addition to lying, would tarnish irreparably the chief executive of “a nation of ‘leaders, who act to advance peace, democracy, the rule of law and basic human values…’”

    I love the words: No limit to our resolve to defend…!

    What a splendid tool with which to invalidate the Oslo Accords, even repeal, or at least modify, Camp David! By their own mouth President Clinton and Defense Secretary Cohen justified such action.

    NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT, SIR, with courage and diplomacy! This windfall of opportunity must not pass uncaptured! Every moment counts! Procrastination can cost you a decisive advantage, if not the loss of this opportunity altogether! It is politically expedient to seize on President Clinton’s questionable trustworthiness and on the above quoted statements, to strengthen and reorient Israel’s position as well as your own vis-à-vis your opponents.

    For example:

    I) Arafat threatened to proclaim a Palestinian State of the autonomous areas! This is in defiance both of the Camp David AND the Oslo Accords! Even American policy never supported an independent Palestinian State, but solely autonomy! The answer to such a threat is not a 13% cession of land, but a resolute return offensive: if Arafat undertakes this outrageous breach of agreements, then Israel has the legitimate right to declare “Oslo” annulled and to recapture the handed over areas.

    Furthermore, rather than repeating military occupation, which has proven hurtful to both the Palestinian and Israeli people, annexing these areas and placing them under civilian administration, with local Palestinian representatives elected into the Knesset serving their local communities, may turn out to be the best move in the long run.

    Leveling Palestinian houses, curfews, and roadblocks only increases hatred and frustration, and plays into the hands of the extremists. Humiliation is NOT the answer. Determination to execute national sovereign power is, and affording equal opportunity, rights and responsibility to ALL, as G-d commanded Moses Israel should treat the foreigners who live among us2.

    Increased efforts and support for Aliyah will maintain Israel as the Jewish homeland.

    II) For every terror act Israel will react with expansion of settlement; for every major terror act (such as at Beit Lid, Dizzengof, Bus #18 in Jerusalem) Israel will retake relinquished cities and land. There should be no giving up of land in return for mere promises.Act now, act quickly, while President Clinton is in no position to pressure you with a strong hand.

    This may lead to war (possibly the Ezekiel 39 one). However, neither the “land-for- peace-process” nor fearless intransigence will ultimately avoid war. Nevertheless, the probability of war is much greater as long as Israel grovels before her enemies and U.S. and European pressure. Our people enjoyed the longest time of peace, with nearly no terror acts, under M. Begin, because Israel showed strength. Under “peace-maker” Rabin severe terror acts were the rule such as had not been for nearly 20 years. The “land for peace” deal has but one aim: to render Israel indefensible. Then it won’t be a war, but another genocide.

    III) The best deterrent is unwavering resolve to insist on our rights as a sovereign nation, strength, determined military preparedness and prowess and — yes, Sir, faith in G-d and His promises. My two sons had this to say about you: “Whatever his critics say, he is doing something right, because we can use again buses and move about the country and feel safe.”

    President Clinton’s power to coerce you into actions which strip Israel’s government of the ability to “defend our people, our interests and our values” is temporarily at an all-time low — thanks to his embarrassing lie and his and Cohen’s rationalization of the American air strikes in the hearing of the whole world.

    IV) To further strengthen your position and government: Israel’s health care needs drastic improvement! The former Norwegian prime minister rightly said that “health is a basic human right, and investing in health brings tangible returns, like lower social costs, a better educated population and a more productive workforce.” If the present deterioration of health services is allowed to continue the negative effects will soon enough manifest, one of which will be an increasing disappointment with your leadership.

    V) The same is true if the encroachment of ultra-orthodoxy as well as ultra-liberalism is not checked. If cigarette smokers are being restricted by law from smoking in certain public areas without infringing on their democratic right of freedom of choice, then the ultra-orthodox as well as the ultra-liberal can be lawfully restricted from imposing their specific way of life on the general public. Please, do not, for the sake of strengthening your government, let these factions – indifferent to the nation’s interest at large – place an unbearable yoke upon the people.

    VI) Finally, increased funding and support for research and development, especially in harvesting national resources such as the incredible mineral wealth of the Dead Sea and oil fields underneath our soil, should prove a worthwile investment. According to the blessings of Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, Israel is richer in the “blessings of the deep that couches beneath;” in the “honey (petroleum resembles in color and texture raw honey; bees don’t dwell in rock) that flows out of the flinty rock;” and in the fatness (not merely agricultural) of the earth,” than Saudi Arabia.

    2 Leviticus 19:33-34: “And if a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not vex him. But the stranger that dwells with you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall love him as yourself (i.e., treat him with equality); for you were strangers in the land of Egypt (or Germany, Russia, Polen, France, USA, etc.).” Torah is full with wise guidelines regarding alien residents among us. So far, we have ignored them all.

  • 11- Prime Minister Netanyahu – LETTER #6 Page 3

    Ehud Barak’s Treason of 1998 August 18, 1998

    In the geographical area of Zevulun and adjoining Issachar Israel shall SUCK the abundance of the seas and treasures HID in the sand” (Deuteronomy 33:18-19); in the adjacent area of Asher, shaped like a leg, Israel shall “dip (Asher’s) foot in oil” (of course, the word “neft” was unknown to the prophet, as was the existence or importance of petrol). The “shoes” on this “foot” of Asher shall be of “iron and brass,” which invokes a vision of drill towers in that area (see Deut. 33:24-25). Of adjacent Manasseh and Ephraim Jacob says in Bereshit [Genesis] 49:26, that the blessings of the patriarchs shall be “on the HEAD of Joseph” (i.e. the area of Ephraim), “and on the CROWN of the head of him that was separate from his brethren” (which is the area of Manasseh).

    I.e., this geographical area of Israel is the prophetically indicated landmass and sea basin underneath which abundance of natural oil (certainly not olive oil!) will be found. Whether that is oil resident underneath our soil or sucked from our neighbors’ oilfields because of our lower position, I don’t know.

    The mineral wealth of the Dead Sea (four times the wealth of the United States at the height of her prosperity) and the oil wealth underneath these mentioned areas make it well worth to invest more into research and development. The successful harvesting of our natural wealth would render us independent from foreign aid and consequently free us from much of American and European pressure. It would make Israel one of the wealthiest nations of the world.

    Such success would guarantee your re-election. It is well worth looking into it.

    to A) The best strategy to win a game of chess is offense, forcing the opponent into the defense. You have struggled long enough to survive your contenders’ attacks. It is time to turn the tables on them, dear Prime Minister Netanyahu!

    In the absence of a signed peace treaty (we have only a “process” and signed but unfulfilled “promises”) collaboration by (non-elected) Jewish leaders – whether of your party or the opposition – with Israel’s enemies, presumably in the interest of the Israeli people and in the name of peace, is inherently treason. Lobbying at a foreign government against the leadership of one’s own nation is traitorous by any definition. Even the opposition owes loyalty first of all to its own nation and to her integrity and self respect.

    If sexual misdemeanor justified law suits and a lengthy and very costly investigation against the chief executive of the world’s most powerful nation (President Kennedy and his brother Robert were both known for their extra-marital affairs, yet it was not thought to be a matter affecting national interest), how much more would the treasonous conduct of Israel’s Labor party leaders justify an investigation and legal actions!

    Any Israeli citizen – or Jew of foreign nationality – who actively engages in lobbying against the democratically elected government of the sovereign State of Israel among foreign governments, thereby undermining the interest, welfare and security of our nation, is essentially engaged in a treasonous act which justifies legal action.

    The behavior of Ehud Barak and his associates was damaging to Israel’s immutable rights as a sovereign nation, her integrity, and the power of your office and leverage in negotiations. Do you really think your verbal condemnation on August 2nd regarding the Labor party leaders’ conduct was sufficient for the ruling Prime Minister of Israel? Are you, or are you not, a man of power?! The people want to see LEADERSHIP, more than anything else! Clinton won a second term in office primarily because he showed leadership and the ability to make quick, definitive decisions, something his decent rival lacked. In the face of Barak’s attacks your smooth elaborations make you appear as a wimp, a failure, a sleek politician, but not as a LEADER! And the people crave a
    L E A D E R , Sir! They elected you to LEAD — not to barely survive in office!

    Ehud Barak is setting up gallows on which to “hang” you. Consider the wisdom of Queen Esther, how she entrapped Haman in his own plot. Her strategy is worth a careful study.

    How does a mere mortal human being presume to disregard the OATH of the Almighty, to break the Covenant He swore by His own Name? Will He hold guiltless those who violate His oath?! The Labor party leaders have committed a serious traitorous act against the sovereign nation of Israel and her democratically elected government, and should be held accountable for it.

    Let me close with a reminder – once again – of Ben Gurion’s categorical claim in a speech at the Basel Zionist Congress, 1937:

    “No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish people in Israel.
    “No Jew has the authority to do so.
    “No Jewish body has the authority to do so.
    “Not even the entire Jewish people alive today has the authority to yield any part of Israel.
    “It is the right of the Jewish people over generations, a right which under no condition be canceled.
    “Even if Jews in a specific period proclaim they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the authority to deny this right to future generations. No concession of this type is binding or obligates the Jewish people.
    “Our right to the country – to the entire country – exists as an eternal right, and until the full and complete redemption is realized, we shall not yield our ‘historic’ right.”

    Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, “it is better to trust in the L-RD than to put confidence in man; it is better to trust in the L-RD than to put confidence in princes” (Ps 118:8-9). For cursed is the ’gever’ that trusts in ‘Adam’ and leans on the arm of flesh” (Jeremiah 17:5). “The best-equipped armed forces cannot save a king, for great strength is not enough to save anyone. A war horse (today, modern tanks) is a vain thing to secure safety; though powerful they (the tanks) cannot save…. it is the L-RD Who is our Help and our Shield” (Ps 33:16-17, 20). Amen.


    (Annelore’s full name & e-mail address)