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  • Messiah Yeshua’s Command to Love our Enemy

    What follows is a question by a born-again, Spirit-filled believer concerning Israel’s “siege” of Gaza. She utterly separates the Land of Israel and Jerusalem from the Gospel, from the Lord Yeshua and His Return, placing it into the category of “political issues” which, in her eyes, are insignificant. However, the people, land and capital of Israel are extremely significant in regard to the Lord’s Return. Moreover, the Bible is full with stories about “political issues”, only then it was not called “politics”. Annelore: I have to ask you, how does all of this fit with Jesus’ command to love our enemies and to give them something to eat and drink? It just seems to me that if Israel actually followed that policy that the Arabic people would find less to hate about Jews and become more willing to try to live together in peace. I’m sorry, but I don’t see much happening in the Middle East that reflects God’s heart. It all seems to be about LAND and He always seemed to me to be all about PEOPLE.

    Just asking. Thanks, Diane Bahler

    My comment: It is not food and drink the Arabs want from Israel. What they want is for Israel to disappear off the face of the earth. For the proud Arab Muslims Jewish sovereignty in their midst is unacceptable, an intolerable “injustice” that turned their world order upside-down. Jews are to be “dhimmis”, subservient subjects ruled over by Moslems. Western Christianity felt the same for most of its history as being “predestined” to rule as superior over the “inferior” Jews.

    Even if all the food and drink in the world were to be given to the Arabs by Israel it would not appease them nor make them more willing to live together in peace with sovereign Jews. The only thing that will “appease” them to accept Jews is the destruction of Jewish sovereignty. Even if only the city of Tel Aviv were to remain a sovereign Jewish enclave, the Arabs would not rest until they destroyed it.

    This is the reality of the Israel-Palestinian “conflict”. If people like Diane, who
    professes to be a born again and Spirit filled believer in Yeshua of Nazareth can be so ignorant of the facts on the ground, how then should secular people know the truth and understand the true nature of the “conflict”? This is my reply to her:

    “…. if Israel actually followed that policy…”

    Dear Diane,

    shalom shalom in Yeshua. If you would be in contact with people who LIVE in Israel and not go by what the anti-Israel world Media reports, then you would know that this is PRECISELY what Israel does. We literally supply them with everything, including their hospitals, without which they could not treat their patients. The doctors there know this very well but do not speak up for fear for their lives. If they would tell the world the truth about how Israel is sustaining their hospitals and provides the services needed for daily life while the “Palestinian” leadership has robbed the people by stealing millions of $$$ from the donations by the UN, the EU, etc., they would be abducted in the middle of the night and tortured to death. Until this day Arafat’s many accounts have not been located where he stashed away the millions he took for himself. His widow lives in great luxury in Paris while “her” people live in squalor, whom she does not even want to visit because “they stink”.

    “… He always seemed to me to be all about PEOPLE…”

    Diane, you are one of many who have asked and are asking me this question. Many confuse the commandment of “love your enemy” with referring also to G-d’s enemies. The commandment is to our PERSONAL enemies, to those who slander and malign us, who trick and backstab us, who lie about us and speak evilly of us, who do us harm, even seek our destruction. THESE – our PERSONAL enemies – we are to love, to forgive, to return their hatred and ill will with kindness and goodness and compassion, praying for them as well.

    But we are not commanded to love G-d’s enemies, for then we might as well love the devil and those who are his! There IS a distinction between the House of Israel and the Jewish people and the “goyim/Gentiles/nations”, meaning those who are not joined to the Commonwealth of Israel through their faith in Yeshua. Reading in Ps 83, for example, you will find that the nations mentioned there who have made a pact for the sole purpose of “wiping Israel out as a nation so that she won’t be remembered anymore” are referred to as “G-d’s enmies who have raised their heads… who want to take possession for themselves OF THE PASTURES OF G-D.” These nations mentioned (their root origin) are today’s nations of the Arab League, to which belongs also the PA (Palestinian Authority).

    Over “Philistia” G-d shouts triumphantly (Ps 60:8; 108:9), and in Joel 3 He speaks to “the ‘regions’ of Philistia/Palestinians” asking, if they are “paying Him back for something,” in context with “dividing up MY land”. He does not ask if they are paying His people back for something, but if they are paying HIM back for something, namely that He has brought His people back into their OWN land which He covenanted to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their descendants. In Ezekiel 25:15-17 the Palestinians are described in detail to how they act toward Israel and why: “Because the Philistines/Palestinians acted revengefully and took vengeance with malice of heart to destroy in never-ending enmity; therefore thus says the Lord G-D, behold, I will stretch out MY hand against the Philistines/Palestinians, and I will cut off the Cherethites1 and destroy the rest of the seacoast. I will execute great vengeance upon them with wrathful chastisements. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon them.”

    You may also want to read G-d’s words of judgment against Philistia/ Philistines/ Palestinians in Isa. 14:29-31; Amos 1:8 – “… the remnant of the Philistines shall perish.” Zeph. 2:5-7; Jer. 47:4. The Palestinian entity is challenging the covenant of the Holy One of Israel, defying His oath. They want to usurp the whole land of Israel, always lying and saying that the Jews are occupying their land, Palestine, while, in fact, it is THEY who are occupying the Jews’ own land. There never has been a sovereign entity by that name ruling over the whole covenanted land of Israel. Before the Jews returned the land was but barren, rock-strewn wilderness and swamps, renamed “Palestine” by the British after the example of the Roman occupiers.

    The first Jews who escaped the Russian pogroms and returned to the land BOUGHT the seemingly worthless land from Arab landowners who lived in Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and were NOT Palestinians nor ever identified themselvs as such. It is a modern invention. Now they want to take over the whole infrastructure the Jews have built, their cities, their agriculture, everything, claiming the Jews “stole” it. Why did they not build cities and infrastucture before the Jews returned, if that land was indeed theirs and they were a sovereign nation?

    If you fly over the area you will understand what the “green line” means: on the Jewish side you see a flourishing agriculture, much green, on the Arab- “Palestinian” side wilderness. Why? Because the land does not yield itself to the “invaders”= “plishtim=Palestinians”, but only to the rightful heirs who have returned to their own land, the Jews. Read Ezek. 35:10-15, you will come to realize that coming against the Land of Israel, wanting to usurp and plunder it, is literally defying and challenging the Almighty, Who has chosen this land for His own heritage, sort of like a “tithe” from all the earth. Read also 36:1-15, and onward, where G-d makes it clear He will do this NOT for Israel’s sake because the Jews are so righteous, but for His holy Name’s sake; hence, wanting to give the Palestinians the land of Israel is like spitting G-d in the Face and on His holy Name.

    1 These are the people [descendants of Ham by-the-way] who escaped from a natural catastrophe on the island of Caphtor known today as Crete – and you may want to read in Titus 13-14 about the Cretans as it descibes so very well the Palestinians – and invaded the coastal nations of Canaan, slaughtered them and settled in their stead. The Canaan peoples therefore named them “plishtim” = “foreign invaders”, which later became “Philistines” and that is what they are to this day. The so-called Palestinians are an invention above all of Arafat, and you may want to read the article “A Japanese of the Palestinians” ; as well as the 2 articles I attached as Word documents, “Who Are The Palestinian?” by Hal Lindsey

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    Christians Supporting the Palestinian Cause are Siding with God’s Enemies

    Well, I just don’t have the time to keep writing on and on. But if YOU will take the time to read all those Scriptures, such as Jer. 50 and 51, where again it becomes very clear that seeking to destroy the Jewish people and take over their land means “striving against the LORD” and “proudly defying the Holy One of Israel”. To support the “Palestinian cause” means you are supporting the devil’s scheme against the Almighty and against the Return of the Messiah and King of Israel. I know you did not think in such terms but this is what millions who call themselves Christians literally do. If you want to be truly informed and take your stand on the truth and not on “political correctness” or erroneous understanding of the Lord’s command “to love our enemy”, then take the time to go to these web sites, read and get yourself informed and STAY informed, bearing in mind the warning given us in 2 Thess. 2:9-12.

    The whole entire matter has to do with our Lord’s Return all hell is trying so desperately to prevent.

    G-d also is gathering “Palestinians” into His Kingdom and those who have come to Yeshua are our beloved brethren and we fellowship with them and they with us AND — they have come to LOVE Israel, because it is impossible to love the King of Israel and hate His people. If He LIVES in us then we love as He loves, and won’t get confused and misled. Here are the pages I suggest you read2.

    There are many more but I won’t bog you down with them. However, if you want to take the time and read those as well, go to archive newsletter Vol. 22, and read on from there, asking yourself the same question as in Ps 94:20 – “Can wicked rulers be allied with Thee?” Yet the leaders of TBN “allied” their ministry with a son of the devil, a man of lawlessness, a murderer who has shed much innocent blood, claiming they did this for the sake of the Gospel. How could they be so deceived? Their ministry has become their god who holds first place in their heart it is no longer the Lord whom they claim to serve. G-d required of Abraham what was dearest to him lest this son may take the place in Abrahm’s heart that belonged only to G-d.

    Here are words in Scripture that are a most fitting description of this entity that is openly defying the Holy One of Israel with endless lies – Ps 73:6, 8-9: “Therefore pride is their necklace; violence covers them as a garment (literally, when you see the terrorists of Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigade, etc.). They scoff and speak with malice; loftily they threaten oppression. They set their mouths AGAINST THE HEAVENS, and their tongue struts through the earth.”

    Ps 74:18-23: “Remember this, O LORD, how the enemy scoffs, and an impious people REVILES THY NAME. Do not deliver the souls of Your dove (Israel) to the WILD BEASTS; do not forget the life of Thy poor forever, have regard for THY COVENANT, for the dark places of the Land are full of the habitations of VIOLENCE/HAMAS. Arise, O G-d, plead THY cause; remember how the impious scoff AT THEE all the day! Do not forget the clamor of THY foes, the UPROAR OF THY ADVERSARIES which goes up continually!”

    On, and on we are shown that standing against the Land and those who want to usurp it is standing against G-d; to make common cause with the enemies of Israel and support their claims is equated by the Scriptures with making common cause with G-d’s enemies, i.e., defying and challenging G-d.

    I am sure you do not mean to do this. And it is because I care for you and for decent, sincere people like you who have been deceived by the lying claims of the so-called Palestinians and by the Media, that I am taking all this time to help you see the truth, so that you may escape the wrath of G-d. For although we who are in Yeshua are NOT DESTINED for wrath, by our own ignorance we still can manage to end up in it. So, stay informed, love the truth, and be safe.

    Yours in Yeshua,
    Annelore wrote:

    Annelore: I don’t think asking questions is something that has ever caused the Lord to reckon anyone as His enemy. If more “Christians” asked questions there might be less deception. I am concerned about your implication that I would come under God’s wrath for seeking out the truth. I am covered by the blood of Jesus and His work is complete regardless of whether I fully understand all of the political issues or not. Any other Gospel is a false one. I would appreciate it if you would remove me from your mailing list.

    Diane Bahler

    Love is patient, and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful and does not take offense; it does not rejoice at wrong, at injustice and unrighteousnes, but rejoices when right and truth prevail. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails – never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end3.

    I apologize, dear Diane, if I offended you. I did not mean to upset you or imply that you are not saved. When I said that although we are not destined for wrath we still can be in it is just another way of saying that the once saved always saved is a false security. Why would the Lord state with sadness that “MY people PERISH for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE,” if that could never happen? He does not refer here to His enemies, or to sinners who don’t believe in Him. He speaks of MY PEOPLE. And in the Lord’s messages to the 7 churches He says to the church of Sardis, ch. 3:5 “He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I WILL NOT BLOT HIS NAME OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE…” I.e., it is possible to have one’s name blotted out even though one was/is a believer, belonging to His church. The Philadelphia church also is told to “hold fast to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown…” I.e., it is possible to lose this crown if one does not watchfully hold on to it. To Thyatira He also says, “hold fast to what you have.” I.e., it is necessary for us to hold fast to what we have attained to in the Lord, and not compromise the truth but keep His Word of patient endurance.

    Asking questions has indeed never caused the Lord to reckon anyone as His enemy. However, consider what sort of question you asked in the light of the Lord’s oath and covenant. I took so much time to list all these Scriptures and show you where the Lord stands here and who this entity is that calls itself Palestinian because I CARE for you. It was not my intention to offend you, and as one who quoted the Lord’s commandment of love I did not think you would take offense but on the contrary would see in the length of my reply and the time it took for it that I was not out to put you down or call you G-d’s enemy. I did not in any way whatsoever imply that you would come under G-d’s wrath for seeking out the truth. How could you possibly misinterpret me this way? I did not say this, I did not imply this nor mean this. Yes, you are covered by the blood of Yeshua, and so am I; that does not put us at liberty to support an entity that wants to annihilate His people and usurp His own land and His holy city, Jerusalem.

    I practice the love He commanded us by not only having forgiven the people who robbed me of family, of all possession and of my childhood by no fault of my own, but I have come to love many of these people and have dear friends among them. I still love those who have proven false, who have lied about me and slandered and backstabbed me. And I will give to eat and to drink or help an individual “Palestinian” if I have the opportunity to do so. I have friends and acquaintances among them. But as far as the entity is concerned, it is an “Amalek”, an enemy of G-d, and I will not side with or support such in any way. But as I wrote before, Israel has been providing the necessities of life to the Palestinians, even though they want us dead. I don’t think any other nation would actually help and support their enemy, and even take the risk of employing them.

    Again, sorry if you misunderstood, or misinterpreted and took offense at me. I shall take you off my list as you wish, and your articles on Hanukkah off my website if you would want that as well. I hope you will come to the point in your growth in Yeshua where you will not immediately take offense and out of that come to a misinterpretation of what is being said or written.

    Take care, and G-d bless you.

    Yours in Yeshua,
    2 Journalist Samir describes Escape from Bethlehem ; A Palestinian Authority (PLO) Sermon (read also Annelore’s comment); Israeli Reservists Butchered in Ramalla ; The Amalek Syndrome – A Lesson in History ; The Jericho-Gaza-First Agreements ; The “Unjust Occupation” of Arab Land – Who Is The Heir Of The Land? ; Israel Provoked To War ; Israel’s War On Two Fronts ; The Children And Myth Of Palestine
    3 1 Cor. 13:4-8; Diane does not see that the “issue” of the land of Israel is not a mere politcal one: without the restoration of G-d’s covenant people to the covenanted land, forming again a sovereign nation, with Jerusalem as capital, the King of Israel, Yeshua HaMashiach, won’t return. He is not coming back to a scattered people living still in exile, for where then shall His throne, the throne of David, be set up? In the Vatican? He is not coming back to a Gentile church scattered across the globe, nor is He coming back to His Own Land occupied by an alien people of “enosh” race. He is coming back to His city, Jerusalem, and to His people, the House of Israel, and to His Own land. And the believing Gentiles will be joined as fellow-citizens and co-heirs.
    Without this people, this land and the city of Jerusalem being one sovereign Jewish nation the Lord’s Return will be delayed. He will not just pop up like a Jack-in-the-box with nowhere to go. All the prophets make this quite clear, especially Moses in Deuteronomy, and Zechariah, Amos, Joel, Zephaniah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc., and, of course, the Book of Revelation.