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    Because of the “tares” Satan has been trying to sow into a field of true and faithful messages from the Lord, and the confusion resulting from it, I find it necessary to clarify my stand on the Gospel, the Lord Yeshua and Israel. As already John said: “Certain people from among us… have corrupted their true confession and been teaching error, confusing unsuspecting souls.”1

    Hoping to counter the error and confusion, I have written this pamphlet of the Gospel I teach. 2

    In the beginning of my walk with the Lord Yeshua, when I was yet ignorant of the life-saving truth of G-d’s Word, I held onto books whose misleading nature was not yet evident to me. These books were authored by Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery, false seers. I did not yet know how to distinguish between the true and the false. Therefore the Lord counseled me: “Search these books and see whether or not you find the blood and the cross of Yeshua mentioned, and accurately spoken of.” The Lord did not rebuke me for my ignorance, but hinted rather how to combat it. I searched the books and found not a word about the blood and the cross. As I increased in the knowledge of the truth, I discarded the books. Then the Lord instructed me: “Whenever you are in doubt about something, or you are in danger of vainglory, return to the foundations — My BLOOD and My CROSS! There your perspective will be straightened, and you will see clearly again the path that leads to eternal life.”

    I have followed this advise faithfully until this day. By Yeshua’s blood, and my confession, I shall overcome all the assaults of the adversary3 .

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    The following is an outline subsequently expounded on, with Scriptures listed to assist in the careful examination of the statements made in this pamphlet.


    Denial of one, or more, of these factors nullifies salvation and recreation, and cancels any share in the Body of Messiah and in the inheritance of the saints.

    The factors are:

    1. Messiah must have come from heaven4.
    2. He must be of divine nature5.
    3. He must have come in a body in the likeness of human flesh6.
    4. He must have been conceived into the womb of a pure virgin, the conception being by faith in G-d’s promise,
    and brought about by divine power and not according to the ways of mortal flesh7.
    5. He must have the genealogy of two lineages of the House of David:
         a) the royal lineage over Solomon;
         b) the natural lineage over Nathan8.
    Both were sons of David by Bathsheba.
    6. He must have lived a Torah obedient life and remained without sin9.
    7. He must have died a death of judgment for and unto sin10.
    8. His blood must have been shed, His body of flesh wounded, and He must have been put to death on a tree11.
    9. His sacrificial death:
    atones for sin and guilt past, present and future;
    destroyed the power of sin resident in our mortal bodies;
    destroyed the power of the curse – inherent in breaking the Law – over those who are                                                                                       under the Law, namely the Jewish people.
    10. He must have descended into hell, to verify to the souls kept there the preaching of Enoch and Noah12, and remained there for 3 days to complete G-d’s work of a threefold Redemption, stripping finally Satan, Death and Hades of their authority and power.
    11. He must have risen from the dead unto eternal, imperishable life, as the First Who was ever raised that way13.
    12. He must have ascended into heaven and remain absent from the earth for the duration of this age called “Age of Grace,” during which G-d is raising up the Body of Messiah, which is the Tabernacle not made with hands as well as G-d’s eternal priesthood14.

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    A. Necessary Steps of Salvation:

    1. He/she must believe in Yeshua.

    2. Confess Him as his/her Savior and Lord;

    3. He/she must repent of his/her sins;

    4. Obey His commandments15 .

    These four steps, without water baptism, are necessary to be saved from perishing.

    B. Necessary Steps to Share in the Body of Messiah:

       1. He s/her life must be hid with Messiah in G-d16 .

       2. He/she must be baptized into Messiah, that is into His Name17 , by being fully submerged, above the crown of the head (not sprinkled!) into a body of flowing (living) water18 , with an in- and outlet. A “mikve” is ideal, a river, or pool. The ingrafting into Yeshua is done in His Name (Yeshua, Jesus).

    Applies to Gentiles only: If afterwards he feels uncertain about his salvation, and for the sake of it undergoes circumcision and/or conversion to Judaism, although he was saved by grace through faith19 , he has severed himself from Messiah20 , and forfeited his share in the Body of Messiah. Henceforth the Law of Moses will apply to him, NOT the Law of Liberty. Messiah Yeshua will not mediate for him, nor bestow grace on him 21 . By circumcision for the sake of salvation he has placed himself under the Law. Hence he shall be judged, or have life, by it. He may indeed have life by the Law, but it will be inferior to the one in Yeshua. His name will neither be registered among the Assembly of the Firstborn, nor in the Book of Life of the Lamb.

    However, if he undergoes conversion to Judaism [a] for the same reason Moses “…refused to be called a son of Pharaoh’s daughter, choosing rather to share ill-treatment with the people of G-d than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin [easy life]…,” he does a righteous thing, without waiving his share in Messiah22 . Like Moses, “he considers abuse suffered for the Messiah to be greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt [or America], looking ahead to the reward.” 23 His faith, justification and hope rests in Messiah. He does not look to the Law to be justified or more righteous than the free gift has made him in the sight of G-d. To live a Torah obedient [b] life is the effect of the free gift of justification and righteousness. The Law of liberty does not mean “lawlessness,” but freedom from the merciless code-yoke of the Law. In Messiah our yoke has become easy24 .

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    C. To be Eligible for the Royal Priesthood:

    Besides sharing in the Body of Messiah, we must be baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire.C. To be Eligible for the Royal Priesthood:

    I repeat:

    1) Faith, true Confession of Yeshua, Repentance and Obedience to His commandments are necessary to be saved from the second death. That is, one can see the Kingdom of G-d25 as one can see the Tabernacle from the Court, but cannot enter it. Likewise, one can see but not enter the Golden City, the Heavenly Jerusalem. One’s name is not in the Register of the Assembly of the Firstborn, nor in the Book of Life of the Lamb26 . One’s name is registered in the Book of Life only, in which all the saints who are not members of the Body of Messiah are listed27 .

    2) All the above, plus correct water baptism is necessary:

    to be joined into Messiah’s death and resurrection28 ;
    to be joined into His Body, in order to share in His heavenly                                                             origin, and incorruptible, divine nature29 ;

    to be registered among the Assembly of the Firstborn30 ;
    to have one’s Name listed in the Book of Life of the Lamb31 ;
    and to have the right to enter the Golden City32 .

    3) All the above plus the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and with Fire is necessary:
    to be eligible to member among the immortal, royal Priesthood of G-d. Without these three witnesses, the Blood, the Water and the Holy Spirit33 , one is not eligible.

    (Note: It is what one does with these gifts and one’s new life in Yeshua that determines whether or not one also qualifies34 for this priesthood.

    D. What Steps of Salvation are Necessary for a Jew?

    The same requirements apply: believe, confess, repent, and obey. The Jew has no privilege or advantage over the Gentile for reason of being a Jew c. Salvation makes no distinction between Jew or Gentile35 . The only distinguishing mark between Hebrew and Egyptian to be saved from the destroying angel was the blood of the Lamb on the doorposts and lintels.

    Likewise, the only distinguishing mark for Jew or Gentile to be saved from     eternal death is the blood of the Lamb of G-d, Yeshua. A Jew will not be       inscribed in the Book of Life, nor in the Book of Life of the Lamb, on             account of being a Jew. The only advantage he will have over the Gentile is, that he shall rank first. For he was the FIRSTBORN and rightful HEIR of G-d, a descendant of Shem, a son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, born in that household. Therefore his privilege will be that of leading the throng of the “saved”36 . Nevertheless, without baptism he won’t either have the right to enter the Golden City, because his share is – like the Gentile’s – in the Court, and not in the Sanctuary.

    E. The same equality applies to Baptism: the Jew has no advantage over the Gentile37.

    The only priviledge the Jew has is his natural position as firstborn and             heir. As Judah always led the throng of the tribes of Israel, both in                   breaking up or setting up camp38 , correspondingly shall the Jews lead         the throng of the saved. It is the birthright of the Jew39 .

    F. To be Eligible for the Royal Priesthood the Same Requirements Apply.

    Whether Jew or Gentile, both must have the baptism with the Holy Spirit. In each of these stages of salvation the requirements are the same for both. No distinction is made between the two except for the one already mentioned — the birthright of the Jew. In each category it places him in the lead.

    G. Notwithstanding — A Jew may obtain Eternal Life by keeping TORAH…

    IF he does not transgress, but is blameless in observing all the commandments40 . If this were not so, then Moses would have been a liar, and all Jews before Messiah’s Coming would have perished, including king David, and Daniel, Nehemiah and Ezra, Mordecai and queen Esther, and others. No, a Jew may indeed live by the Law, but this life will be as much inferior as the first Adam is inferior to the last Adam, as the earthen glory is inferior to the heavenly one. A Jew who bases his righteousness on the works of the Law and not on the salvation in Messiah will be recorded in the Book of Life, and will be judged and rewarded by the Law. He has no share in Messiah whatsoever. For this reason the apostle Paul, this former Pharisee of Pharisees, counted as loss whatever gain he may have had from observing the Law blamelessly, that he may obtain the supreme gain of being found in Messiah41 .

    Conversely, the unbelieving Gentile is far from the commonwealth of Israel, a stranger and alien to the covenants of promise, and therefore without G-d and hope in the world42 . If the life in him is darkness, he will perish. If he has light, he will be judged by it43 .

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    Is it some religious ceremony? Is it specific rites? Is it living a good and honest life? Is it keeping all of the Law of Moses? What is it?

    “Salvation” is the escape from corruption ending in death, and from sin ending in eternal damnation44 . This permanent, inescapable state of corruption came into the world through the sin of the first Adam45 .

    Salvation has two stages:

    A. The First stage is restoration to the status that Adam enjoyed before the fall. For this to be accomplished, the first four steps — 1. faith in Messiah; 2. confession of Him; 3. repentance; and 4. obedience to His commandments — are necessary.

    (NOTE: To have a share in Messiah requires going into stage 2).

    B. The Second stage is recreation; this can only take place if one is also baptized correctly with water into Messiah, and receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit..
    Restoration produces a Congregation of men.
    Recreation produces a Priesthood of sons and daughters of G-d.

    As much as Messiah is more excellent than the first Adam , those in Messiah will be superior to the congregation of men. G-d went a step further with them than mere restoration. The first Adam was created in the Image and after the Likeness of G-d, but did not share in the divine nature. His frame was dust. Those who are in Messiah will be recreated in the Image and Likeness of the  Son of G-d and made to be partakers of His divine nature. His kind of body and blood will be theirs as well. BIG difference! And only those who share in the Recreation shall be eligible for G-d’s eternal priesthood.

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    A. Messiah’s Divine Nature:

    A Messiah of mere human nature will die, no matter how anointed. His reign would be temporary, as would his priesthood. After his death once again selfish and ungodly men would usurp leadership, and the enemies of Israel would resume plotting evil against her. Furthermore, the human race would continue in its bondage to sin, ending in death. Only an immortal Messiah of divine nature can destroy both sin and death, as well as the enemies of G-d and Israel, and establish a Reign of justice in righteousness which shall never pass away.

    Hence, if Yeshua is confessed to be the Messiah, but His divine nature and heavenly origin is denied, His unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit in the heavenly realms negated, and the Fullness of Deity dwelling in Him bodily46 rejected, then salvation has been undone. There is now neither restoration nor recreation. For if Messiah Yeshua was a created being like all men, then He shared in OUR fallen nature and corrupted blood, even though all seven spirits of the Lord were upon Him [Isaiah 11:2]. There would be no escape from sin and death ever.

    G-d does not merely clean up, overhaul and polish a corrupt and fallen race of slaves to sin and victims of death. This would be like trying to change the nature of a mud loving pig. A pig is a pig. Its nature won’t be changed by merely washing it. It will roll again and again in the mud. Likewise, a human being is a mortal sinner and remains so, regardless of his religious acrobatics to demonstrate otherwise. For that kind of “salvation” we need no Messiah. Aaron’s priesthood would have sufficed then.

    WHAT WE NEED IS A  N E W  A D A M !!!

    The first Adam , made from the dust of the earth, got corrupted. His BLOOD got corrupted! In the blood is the life47 . And the imperishable life of the earthen Adam got corrupted by sin. Henceforth the blood flowing in man’s veins carries the “DNA” of sin and death, inescapably!

    B. Messiah’s Body of Human Flesh

    Eternal Salvation required a NEW Adam, whose blood carried the uncontaminated “DNA” of immortality d . For this reason G-d sent His Son48 Who manifested His divine Person, appearing in the form and body of a Son of Man. And in His body in the likeness of human flesh flowed the uncontaminated Blood of G-d!

    Paul the apostle refers to Him as the “Last” Adam for good reason. Because by Him, this last “Lord-of-the-blood=אדם”, do we escape the corruption of this present nature, and are freed49 from captivity to the power of sin and death. By Him, the life-giving spirit, we receive a far superior nature as we become partakers of the Last Adam’s divine and eternal nature50 / e .
    Messiah’s sinless, uncorrupted blood is necessary for:
    a) the Expiation of our sins;
    b) for the Redemption of our lives;
    c) for Restoration ; and
    d) for our Recreation!
    Were Messiah Yeshua merely a created being, then His blood and nature would have been contaminated as is ours. His blood would have been shed in vain, having no power to expiate sin, redeem, restore or recreate. Man would continue in his present state of corruption leading to death, rendering Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:17 meaningless.

    C. Messiah’s Heavenly Origin

    However, G-d is creating a New Race of “A-dam” Men, in the Image and Likeness of His Son. G-d is neither overhauling us nor discarding us. No. Rather, through a lengthy process of redemption He transforms our old, fallen nature into a new one, by means of His Son, through recreation. While it can’t be seen yet what we shall eventually look like – our present bodies of mortal flesh hiding the glory of our new nature, as the skins covering the Tabernacle in the wilderness concealed the splendor within – we are already now on the earth as Yeshua is, since we carry inside of us that imperishable seed of divine, eternal life which we received by faith51, through baptism. For whoever is baptized into Messiah has put on Messiah, that is His heavenly, imperishable and divine nature.

    It follows then, that anyone not baptized into Messiah is also not clothed with Him, and therefore does not share in His heavenly origin and imperishable nature. Instead he will be restored to the life and glory of the first Adam before the fall.

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    D. Virgin Birth:

    If Yeshua of Nazareth is confessed to be the Messiah, but the virgin-birth is denied, it is denying His divine nature 52. Normal conception would have conceived the usual, corrupted human nature of sin and death. However, the immaculate conception allowed for Yeshua’s blood and nature to be divine and sinless – His blood and nature originating from the Divine53 / f (the blood of the embryo and the blood of the mother do not mix in the womb). Miriam, the mortal mother of Yeshua, shared the fate of all humans g.

    Miriam’s womb had to receive the divine, imperishable Seed of the uncontaminated “Blood-of- G-d,” in order for the fruit in her womb to be both flesh54 and divine. Since the blood of this heavenly Seed did not mix with the blood of its mortal mother, it retained its purity and hence its redeeming and recreative power h. But because the Son of G-d was “clothed” with a body of flesh, He also experienced every sort of temptation 55. Yet He never sinned56. We, however, are still occasionally overcome by temptations, and need to renew our thinking daily and pattern it after His Word, that we may be transformed (“ metamorphosed” ) evermore into His Image and the likeness of His character57 (not personality).

    E. Messiah’s Violent Death

    If His death is denied, again salvation is entirely undone58. Messiah’s violent death was an absolute necessity to accomplish atonement for sin and guilt, and reconciliation with G-d59. His death was our judgment, the penalty for our sins. He bore the sentence of our punishment for us60.

    1. Messiah’s blood had to be shed:
    For atonement of sin and guilt past, present and future;
    For the purpose of recreation. Without His shed blood there would be neither restoration to the life man had before the fall; nor recreation of the life that is heavenly, divine, and imperishable.

    2. His violent death was moreover necessary because:
    He had to die to and for sin61 . His death to sin liberated us from the inescapable power sin exercised over us. His death for sin brought us freedom from fear of judgment62.
    He had to serve as our scapegoat / sa’ir la’Azazel. The entire spectrum of man’s corrupt nature was laid upon Messiah Yeshua. Every sickness and disease, every plague, depravity and abomination was put on Him. At that moment on the cross Messiah was most filthy, abominable, and horrible. He, Who is Light, took upon himself our darkness63. The Sinless suffered the chastisement of the sinner, the Incorruptible the violent death of the corrupted 64. Thanks to Messiah’s sacrifice G-d hears us when we call upon Him in Yeshua’s Name, by faith in His work of salvation. When He looks at us, we are clean! Therefore G-d listens to us.
    For healing and health. Because G-d laid every sickness, disease, affliction and ailment on Him, He has granted us escape from these things. The forty lashes minus one are like medicine, like ointment in our bodies for healing 65. If we truly understood what He has done for us, we would walk in repentance and forgiveness, free from envy, jealousy, gossip, slander, malice and deceit. Thinking, speaking and acting from a pure heart, we would walk in perfect health. Unfortunately, our failures, or those of others, cause us to suffer afflictions we are not meant to bear.

    If, for example, I wrong someone and ask forgiveness, but the other party refuses to forgive me my guilt, then the adversary has “legal” grounds from which to beset both me and the other party66 .

    If I keep a grudge against someone hid away in my heart, for whatever reason, that grudge creates an opening in my armor for the adversary to wound me, even with a deadly injury. G-d promised to vindicate us when wronged. Therefore we should entrust Him with our grievances and keep our hearts pure67.

    Of course, circumstances beyond our control may bring about heavy demonic oppression, or even the premature death of a servant of G-d. This may be a consequence of the spiritual warfare he is engaged in, and not because of sin or unforgiveness. Lack of intercession on his behalf may have allowed it. We must not forget that although we are no longer of this corrupt world, we still live in it. Hence we are surrounded by and exposed to all sorts of dangers. Satan uses every avenue he can find to hinder, steal, kill and destroy, even if we are guiltless.

    In spite of that, healing and health are ours.

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    d) The curse of the Law had to be broken. The unbending letter of the Law punishes every transgression i . And the one who dies by hanging from a tree is accursed68 . Hence Yeshua was condemned to the most cruel of punishments, crucifixion upon a wooden Roman cross.

    With His crucifixion the merciless legal demands of the letter of the Law, holding sway over Israel, were literally nailed to the cross. Gentiles misinterpret Paul’s words as meaning all of the Law of Moses (Torah) being nailed to the cross as opposed to its bondage being nailed to the cross. This would have rendered Israel lawless, and Yeshua’s and the prophets’ words lies69 . But lawlessness is the sign of the evil one and the Man of Sin, not of Messiah.

    It was the unyielding legal demands of the Law, its iron-clad yoke and destructive curse which were nailed to the cross70 . Furthermore, this terrible curse was buried since it fastened to Messiah’s body when it hung from a tree. Securely attached to His body the curse followed Him into the belly of the earth, where it is held captive for every Jew Who comes to Messiah Yeshua in faith.

    This deliverance applies chiefly to the Jew, not the Gentiles, since they never were under the yoke and curse of the Law. The Jew has been freed from the fear of punishment and enabled to keep the Law with all his heart. What marvelous deliverance!

    e) He had to die unto sin71 to break its iron-clasp over mankind. He nullified the stranglehold of the “DNA“ of corruption by yielding His incorruptible life to death.
    He broke the inescapable chain, replaced by the law of the Spirit of life in Messiah72 . The “genetic pool” of the new Lord-of-the-blood brought eternal life in the Image and Likeness of the Son of G-d Who came from heaven73 .

    Whoever is baptized into Him, is joined into His death and made to share in it74, which pledges a new GENESIS75 .

    An exchange of nature takes place the moment a believer joins Messiah in His death on the cross. There is, as it were, an exchange of blood. Like the veins of embryos who have an incurable blood disease are wholly drained of the contaminated blood and reinfused with new, healthy blood, similarly our corrupted nature is done away with in Messiah’s death and replaced with His incorruptible nature. The apostle Paul alludes to the Abrahamic Covenant saying that as the flesh is discarded in the circumcision, likewise is our mortal body and sinful nature cast off in the “ circumcision” of baptism into Messiah Yeshua’s death76 .

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    F. His Burial of 3 Days and Descent into Hell

    Denial of these factors will yet cause the whole plan of salvation to collapse. Its like buying seed for a crop, and not sowing it. Because though now cleansed, we are dead and powerless.

    1. His Burial and Descent was necessary:

    a) Because we must be rid of our mortal, carnal nature for good, and freed from the claims on us by Death and Hades.
    It was therefore absolutely necessary for Messiah as Son of Man to take to the grave that body of flesh with all our sins and sicknesses and, as well, the curse of the Law. This body resembles a “sealed container” filled with all corruption and delivered unto Death and Hades. The contents of this “container” will be securely locked away forever.
    Since the imperishable nature of the Son of G-d dwelled simultaneously in the body of the Son of Man, Yeshua had the power to leave this body and go to the lost souls imprisoned in Hades…) Because we must be rid of our mortal, carnal nature for good, and freed from the claims on us by Death and Hades.
    It was therefore absolutely necessary for Messiah as Son of Man to take to the grave that body of flesh with all our sins and sicknesses and, as well, the curse of the Law. This body resembles a “sealed container” filled with all corruption and delivered unto Death and Hades. The contents of this “container” will be securely locked away forever.
    Since the imperishable nature of the Son of G-d dwelled simultaneously in the body of the Son of Man, Yeshua had the power to leave this body and go to the lost souls imprisoned in Hades…

    b) …To confirm to them – by His Appearance – t he preaching of Enoch and Noah77 . The righteous, whose place of resting had not as yet been relocated into heaven, rejoiced when they saw their faith in G-d’s promise confirmed by His appearance.

    c) …To take the keys of Death and Hades. Messiah destroyed their power and authority over the dead. They must release their prisoners78 : the righteous to the resurrection of eternal life, the wicked to the resurrection of eternal damnation79 . As our Redeemer He ransomed us from their power and authority by descending into their realm in our stead.

    To obtain our freedom He had to pay a “redemption” price: His life! This “purchase” and all of its transactions had to be carried out properly. There was no dodging the sentence, or sidestepping authority. Death and Hades held rightful claim over man, who had forfeited his right to imperishable life in the Garden of Eden. In order to strip Death and Hades of their authority, the Son of Man had to give them first what was rightfully theirs before He, as Son of G-d, could seize their key and authority.

    77 1 Pe 3:19-20; Jude 14-15 78 Revelation 20:13 79 John 5:28-29

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    But Why 3 Days?

    Because G-d’s salvation is threefold! Everything about it is in threes!

    a) G-d is of a threefold nature;
    b) He is redeeming a threefold people of imperishable nature, through the agency of …
    c) A threefold people of perishable nature, namely Israel; to form…
    d) A threefold Living Habitation
    e) Through the passage of three times , eras or ages j.

    To a) G-d is a United One G-d, Who manifests in three distinct aspects of His Person, and not as three individual persons or gods. Man was created in His Image and after His Likeness and hence is also of a threefold nature, namely: spirit, soul and body. Each “manifests” itself in perceivable and distinct ways, except two are invisible. He is but one man, and not three men, one called spirit, another soul, and the third body. Man, though but one, can manifest himself still in other distinct aspects of his person: to his parents as son; to his children as father; to his siblings as brother, and to his wife as husband. Although these manifestations are separate and distinct, they can occur simultaneously as, for example, at a family-reunion, with all of the family members attendant. Their presence with him is necessary because man is not omni-present. Furthermore, each manifestation is not interchangeable. If it is adulterated – as for instance with incest – it is an abomination.

    Hence, we discern that mortal man is severely limited in his manifestation, while G-d is not. He is omni-present, omni-potent and omni-scient. He can manifest at once all three distinct aspects of His One Person simultaneously in the past, present and future, and in different places. He is the G-d Who is, and was, and is to come80 . Whether in the past, the present or the future, G-d, i.e. the three distinct manifestations of His One Person as Father, Son and Holy Spirit81 , is always present. This is one of the reasons why His Name is “I AM“. For limited man this seems unimaginable, but for the Almighty and Eternal G-d it is His “every-day way of life!”

    And He relates to a threefold people, and indwells a threefold habitation. The blueprint of this eternal pattern-to-be was given the world in the form of a people, Israel, and their sanctuary, first the Tabernacle, and later the Temple.

    To c) Israel is one united people which consists of three groups, namely: 1) the congregation of twelve tribes; 2) the Levites; and 3) the Cohanim (high priests).

    To d) Israel has one united Sanctuary, consisting of three portions, namely: 1) the Court; 2) the Holy Place; and 3) the Most Holy Place.

    To b) By Messiah G-d is redeeming from fallen mankind three groups of people, through the agency of threefold Israel:
    1) A congregation of men (chosen race), restored to the state before the fall;
    2) A priesthood of the holy, levitical order (holy nation), which will serve manward on behalf of G-d, implementing G-d’s will among the nations who constitute the congregation of men.
    3) And a most holy, High Priesthood (royal priesthood), which will serve G-dward on behalf of men. They will worship, intercede, and receive His oracles and instructions for the Levitical priesthood to pass on and implement among the congregation of nations. The two priestly groups will be recreated in the divine nature and heavenly origin of the Son of G-d – born of G-d and not of man – but only the Royal Priesthood will have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. They shall minister together with the King and Priest, Yeshua.

    All three groups of man of once again imperishable nature had to be redeemed, reclaimed, purchased back: the group forming the congregation will be of earthen origin and glory, for it is this one who shall constitute the nations whose kings shall bring their glory into the City of G-d, and for whom the leaves of the tree of life in the Golden City are needed82 . The two priestly groups, however, will be of heavenly origin and glory83.

    Together the three groups of ransomed men will form G-d’s eternal Habitation, namely: the Common Court ~ alias Congregation, alias ~ Chosen Race; the Holy Place ~ alias Levitical Priesthood ~ alias Holy Nation; and the Most Holy Place ~ alias High Priests ~ alias Royal Priesthood84in relation to the Heavenly Jerusalem.
    The price was the life, the blood and the body of flesh of the Son of G-d. For each group of man and portion of Sanctuary, one day. Henceforth neither death nor Hades can hold any of the dead back, or make any claims. Whoever would believe and come to Messiah, Death and Hades could no longer register him/her as theirs. Only those who, by their own free will and choice, rejected G-d’s free gift through His Son, the Messiah, would find themselves registered in those hellish annals. In the end these will share the Lake of fire with them85. All others will be recorded in the Book of Life; but the Assembly of the Firstborn from the dead in the Book of Life of the Lamb86.

    80 Revelation1:4, 8 81 John 14:23, 26; 17:11,21-23; Eph. 2:18
    82 from Revevation 20:12-13, to Revelation 21:24-26; 22:2
    831 Cor. 15:40, 48; see also 1 Cor. 15:38-41; as star differs from star in glory, and a celestial body from a terrestrial body, so will our bodies differ.
    84 1 Peter 2:9 85 Rev 20:11-14;21:4-5 86 Revelation 13:8; 21:27

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    G. Messiah’s Resurrection

    If all other factors are confessed but the resurrection is denied, we may compare this with a fully outfitted car that lacks gasoline. We are a perfect, unblemished seed with the power of eternal life resident in us, but — we are useless. We have the new nature, we have the keys and therefore the authority over Death and Hades — but we are powerless. We can’t move. The devils have a laugh.

    1. His Resurrection was necessary:

    a) Because as long as the Son of Man remains below, so do we, due to our having been baptized into His death87 .
    b) Because the very instant that G-d quickened the divine Son of G-d , Who could not be held by any chains, we also broke lose with Him, and were raised up together with Him. For through the same baptism we also share in His resurrection88 .
    c) Because from that instant on we are totally new creations. The old is gone and discarded in the “ circumcision” of Messiah’s death89 . In the twinkling of an eye we became genuine sons and daughters of G-d90, raised in Him Who, of necessity, had FIRST to be raised from the dead unto imperishable life91 . We are – in fact from that moment on – genuinely G-d’s children.
    The only reason the world cannot see us, nor we ourselves when we behold our image in a mirror is, that our new, imperishable and heavenly nature in the likeness of G-d’s Son is still cloaked k “camouflaged” as it were, by our mortal body of sinful flesh92 , as the beauty and glory of the Tabernacle was hid under the unattractive curtains of dyed animal skins. But the new reality since His ascension is that…
    d) …Because we believed and have been baptized into Messiah, we are already now on earth as He is93 .

    H. Messiah’s Ascension

    Finally, if all the above aspects of Messiah are confessed but the ascension is denied, we are still in DEEP trouble!

    1. His Ascension was necessary:

    a) Because our ability to overcome and our authority to conquer comes from the very Throne of G-d94 . We could never be “more than conquerors” in Yeshua HaMashiach, nor battle with principalities, powers, and dominions and keep standing, nor bring down strongholds that exalt themselves against the knowledge of G-d, had Messiah not ascended to the right hand of the Father.
    A person might ever so verily be the ambassador of one country to another. If his king, who clothes him with authority, has no authority himself, then neither has the ambassador. The devils would simply laugh at us had our Redeemer failed to ascend to the place of authority.
    b) For G-d has subjected all things unto our Redeemer, Who is putting all His enemies under His feet95 . And He is not alone, as a vast army of the redeemed – empowered by Him and clothed with His authority – are engaged in that very same task along with Him.
    c) That we may know what to do, and how to do it, and when, the Holy Spirit teaches us all things, leads us into all the truth, and is our Guide and Advocate96 . Yeshua’s ascension was requisite for the advent of the Holy Spirit.

    The ascension of Yeshua, Messiah and Son of G-d, is a necessity in order for us to be properly equipped and sanctified. Without it we could neither function as children of G-d while still on earth, nor enter into our inheritance. We are called to do G-d’s will on the earth as it is done in heaven97 . This would prove impossible without the Holy Spirit and heavenly authority.

    Unhappily, most of the redeemed do not fully grasp their authority, who they already are on earth, and Whom they literally represent. But Satan and all the demons know! Their best strategy has been to furnish the saints with “ religion ” l, doing away with essentials of Messiah’s attributes and work, and keep them in the dark. It suffices to abrogate just one detail to render the believers ineffective. Consequently, Satan has infiltrated the Church with deceivers and false brethren in order to steal from and destroy the Lord’s own. This strategy has proven exceedingly successful in minimizing, or even nullifying, the saints’ effectiveness.

    87 Romans 6:3; 1 Cor. 15:12-19, 29-33 88 Romans 6:5; Colossians 2:12
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    97 Ephesians 2:10; Luke 11:2, KJV

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    Although the denial of this factor does not alter salvation, nor ultimately prevent Him from returning, it still is a required credential of the Messiah. Yet many do not perceive the necessity of two genealogies. In order for Him to make His rightful claim to the throne of David:

    a) He must be of the royal lineage of David.
    b) This royal lineage must have continued until this day, and be back in Israel.

    But…! G-d would prevent Him from sitting on the throne, for reason of the curse upon king Coniah, descendant of Solomon, son of David98 . No descendant of the royal lineage may sit upon the throne, yet — only an heir from this family has the Right of Claim.

    In order for Messiah to be Eligible as well as Qualify:
    To sit upon the throne of David, He must be from the tribe of Judah , of double Davidic descent:

    a) He must be of royal descent; and
    b) He must be of natural descent.
    In addition, over His mother Miriam’s aunt Elizabeth, Miriam’s mother’s sister, He is also a descendant of the house of Aaron, the tribe of Levi99 .

    G-d had to sidestep the curse on the royal lineage through a second Davidic lineage, in order to prove true to His oath to David100 . This second lineage is of the family of Nathan, son of David101, of whom Miriam’s father, Heli, was a descendant. Joseph, Miriam’s husband, was of the royal lineage of Solomon (see footnote 101). Solomon and Nathan were full brothers, sons of David and Bath-Sheba. G-d chose the sons of this woman as the channel through whom He would fulfill His promise to David102 .
    c) These two houses of David will have to be present again in Israel, BEFORE Messiah can and will return103. For the Lord, Who gave to Israel the commandments and established Law and order in the earth, is not going to disregard His own commandments.

    An heir may possess ever so rightfully a claim to throne and country. If neither the royal family, nor the throne, nor the country exist, what claims could he make? In order to claim an inheritance, the inheritance must be present, not absent. He cannot assert a claim upon something which no longer exists.

    98 Jeremiah 22:28-30 99 Luke 1:5
    100 2 Samuel 7:16, 25-29; 1 Chronicles 17:10-14,3, 26-27
    101 Luke 3:23 (son of Heli = son-in-law of Heli), 31; Matthew 1:6, 16;
    102 1 Chronicles 3:5; 2 Samuel 11:2-5, 27; 12:10-15, 24-25;
    103 Zechariah 12:7-12

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    When Messiah comes, all will be prepared for Him: already His people and rightful country are restored as a sovereign, national entity, a fact which the devil and his multitudes are desperately trying to alter. The two Davidic families will be back (or already are) in the Land of Israel. The breaches in their genealogies will be repaired, the gaps closed up. The end-time ” booth/succah ” of David consists of natural descendants (branches), taken from a ” family-tree”104 . It is neither the former tent of perishable material nor a referral to the “city of David” (ophel). Then Yeshua will sit in faithfulness in the Tent of David upon the throne established by G-d in steadfast love. Here Isaiah uses the term ” ohel”, which formerly applied to the Tent of the Tabernacle. The “booth” of David of natural descendants will have become a sanctified, consecrated “ohel”~”tent”~household105 , of like nature as the returned Messiah, Son of David, King of Israel.

    His Return is therefore prophetically linked to both the re-establishment of the sovereign nation of Israel and the return of these two Davidic families to Israel, prior to His Coming back. The denial of His dual Davidic descent, as well as of His Return to the literal nation Israel, may lead to false or premature expectations, such as have indeed occurred. The disciple who desires Messiah’s soon Return, should pray also for the return and lawful re-establishment of those two families; for the missing links of their genealogies to be found, restored and repaired; and for the safety of the people and sovereignty of the nation of Israel.

    Furthermore, the denial of this twofold Davidic descent does away with His Return as King of kings to reign from Jerusalem. And anyone denying, or simply ignorant of this Messianic attribute, may fall into the trap millions already are caught in: that an alien Arab people, who gave themselves the name “Palestinians” (although no such sovereign national entity was ever established in the land of Israel!), has rightful claim to the land and city of Messiah Yeshua.

    Due to this ignorance, millions of “nominal” Christians support the claim of this alien people who, historically speaking, would correctly be called “Syrians,” since they were part of “Greater Syria” prior to the British Mandate. Hence, ignorance of this twofold Davidic factor as being necessary for Messiah’s Return and Reign, puts one in danger of believing that great deception plotted in the very belly of hell, for which the nations shall be consumed by the wrath of G-d106.

    Numerous times I have warned that in these last days only the ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH IS THE WAY OF ESCAPE from the trials that shall come on the whole earth. Whoever does not esteem his eternal life precious enough to carefully study the Word of G-d, will end up like Esau: STRIPPED OF HIS INHERITANCE!!! Whoever treats his salvation lightly, taking the free gift of G-d for granted, and does not vigilantly guard his inheritance of eternal life, shares in the irreligious nature of Esau, and therefore will share in Esau’s lot107 .
    Those who heard, but refused tolove the truth, will yet perish, because they refused to receive into their hearts the truth G-d sent them by His messengers, but rather had pleasure in unrighteousness and chose to believe what is false108 .

    Hence, we can see how dangerous it would be to pass over a seemingly insignificant detail of Messianic attributes. All Messianic attributes are of the utmost importance! The adversary must not be allowed to steal a single one of them, lest the redeemed get robbed or worse yet, destroyed.

    104Amos 9:11; the Hebrew word here is “succah,” meaning “booth,” “tabernacle”. A succah is made up of tree branches. The “booth” of David is made up of natural descendants, “branches” of the “family-tree” of David.
    105 Isaiah 16:5; THIS “ohel-tabernacle” is the dual Davidic lineage only, and not ALL of the House of David, as is evident from Zechariah 12:12.
    106 Revelation 16:13-16 107 Hebrews 12:16-17 108 2 Thess. 2:9-12

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    This is my confession and statement of the Gospel, sometimes in terms a little more understandable according to our knowledge of today than to the knowledge available in the days of the apostles. But it is the full, true and same Gospel which the Lord Yeshua, and Paul [Shaul], Peter [Cephas] and John [Jochanan] preached109, with nothing missing, or bent, or made to fit anyone’s doctrine. I have written this detailed statement of my understanding of the Gospel and my faith in it, because of the many conflicting teachings which are unsettling the minds of some, confusing others and bringing unstable souls onto the brink of perdition.

    Paul the apostle was afflicted with much grief over brethren who walked at first according to the truth, but then corrupted their ways and confession. I, too, have not been spared such grief. And if such a brother cannot be persuaded with the truth, but persists in his error, then we are not even to receive him into our house, our fellowship, or our congregation, nor even give him any greeting. For he is a stumbling and a snare to weak and unstable souls. If we receive him, we share in his wicked work110. The apostles Peter, Paul and John warned against the coming deceivers, as did Jude [Yehuda]. Yet because of a lack of accurate knowledge of the truth, many souls are being led astray.

    With this detailed – and I believe accurate – statement of the Gospel truth, I want to gird up and assist believers to look to themselves, that we may not lose what we have worked for, but may win a full reward111.We must KNOW and LOVE the truth, that by it we may clearly recognize the deceiver. Some went out from us who were not of us… They went out, that it might be plain that not all of them are of us. He who confesses the Son correctly has the Father. But no one who denies the Son (i.e. one or more aspects of His Person and work of redemption) has Him. This is the spirit of antichrist, that speaks falsely of the Son112. Let us guard ourselves prudently through the knowledge of the Truth, since it is due to LACK of knowledge (of the life-saving Truth) that G-d’s people perish113.

    It is neither circumcision of the flesh; nor subjection to Halacha (rabbinical law); nor being a mortal Jew; nor religious rites; nor a return to the covenant with Noah, that avails anything unto salvation. Our accurate knowledge of Messiah, unwavering faith in Him and close walk with Him alone will reap us in the end the reward hoped for. May this writing make your hope and confidence more certain and help you understand, that coming out of a corrupted church, an alien fold, is the calling of the Chief Shepherd today! All of the Lord’s sheep are to come home now into their one fold, His own fold114, that He may guard and keep them from the coming storm115.

    Whoever calls him/herself a disciple but hates Israel, either through active anti-Semitism or mere passivity, is a liar and does not know the Shepherd and King of Israel116.Whoever claims Messiah but remains passive in these last days (see Ob 11), while G-d’s enemies are trying to take possession of His own Land117 and fly their flag over the city of the great King118, let such a person know that G-d will reckon him/her among His enemies. And he/she will share in the coming wrath and judgment on account of Zion119/ m.

    In these end times, since the House of Israel has been restored to G-d’s and her own land120, disciples are faced with a decision: to be for or against Israel. Some may not even care. Those who are indifferent or against her have joined the enemies of G-d, and are therefore unworthy of their calling in Yeshua HaMashiach. (If they escape, it will be only through the fire of G-d’s undiluted wrath).

    But those who love Israel and understand that the believing Gentile has been made a fellow-citizen and co-heir with her121, and therefore support, strengthen and defend her, prove themselves to be genuine disciples of the Savior and King of Israel. He shall hide them in the day of wrath because they were jealous for His land and city, His and their inheritance.

    In these days, we can no longer separate Messiah from His people Israel. To share in the One requires to be ingrafted into the other122, a fact which must be manifest in words and deeds as proof of the ingrafting. One cannot be part of Israel’s Messiah, yet not be part of Israel; just as one cannot love G-d but hate one’s brother. UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE!

    So, let us be on our guard, and watch carefully how we walk, and whom we receive, and to whom we listen, that all may be well with us in the day of the Lord’s Appearing.

    Amen. Amen.
    People may have lied to you and told you that “religion is opium for the masses” (a threshed out saying by atheists, who regard themselves as being above the “need” for G-d), and that Yeshua was just another one of the many religious fanatics. That He was a “good” man who believed himself to be a son of G-d, and the Savior of the world but, alas, he was deceived like all the others. He merely created another religion.

    I hope, my friend, that this writing is convincing proof to you that Yeshua of Nazareth was not a deceived impostor and religious fanatic, but exactly Who He claimed to be: the Messiah of Israel, Son of G-d and Son of Adam, the Savior of Israel and the world. And of every person, regardless of race and nationality, that would come to Him with a repentant and broken heart, asking G-d for forgiveness and for Yeshua to become his/her Savior and Lord.

    Believe me, my friend, when I say that you have not come to this page by accident, but that a loving and most caring Creator brought you here, that you might find your way back to Him and be restored to loving, intimate fellowship with Him. If this is indeed what you have been seeking after, whether conscioulsy or not, and you are tired of, fed up and disillusioned with the life you have been living, even if you attended church, synagogue, mosque or temple regularly, then pray this simple prayer, with all your heart, mind and soul:

    “Yeshua, Lord, I believe that you are Who you claim to be, and that you are the Savior of the world, and my Savior. I deeply repent of all of my sins, of the life I have been living away from G-d, and I ask you to please forgive me all my sins, and come into my heart. Please, from this moment forward, be my Savior and my Lord, the Lord of my life. I surrender all to you. And in your Name I ask the Almighty G-d, your Father and now also mine, to please forgive me all my sins, and make me a new creation, with my old life passed away and gone.”

    “Thank you, Lord Yeshua, for becoming my Savior, and thank you, heavenly Father, for giving me a new and eternal life in Yeshua, your Son. Amen and Amen.”

    See True Story; also True Christmas for a prayer from a Jewish heart.

    This writing is copyrighted, and therefore may not be copied in part or as a whole in any kind, shape or form, or by any copying means, to advance another cause not in agreement with the Gospel, or for raising funds. The use of this pamphlet for teaching, or Bible Study, or short quotes in another writing are permissible with proper acknowledgment of the author and ministry of Or Tzion, when employed for the advancement of the true Gospel. This pamphlet of my confession of the Gospel is the property of “Or Tzion,” Inc., and may not be reduplicated, or sold to further the personal interests of another individual or ministry.

    This pamphlet can be ordered by clicking the CONTACT US button on the menu bar.

    If you order more than one pamphlet, a donation toward the cost of production and handling would be appreciated. The PayPal button on the home page is a secure way to do this. If  with check, make it out to Or Tzion, Inc. and email us for instructions where to send it.

    109 Gal.1:7-9; 2 Cor. 11:4 110 2 John 9-11 111 2 John 8
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    121 I am not speaking of those Israelites, who, although natural descendants, have completely corrupted their ways and who reject Messiah Yeshua.
    122 Romans11:24



    a Orthodox is the proper one; also, unlike the Reform movement, they do not demand a denial of Jesus; thus your conscience won’t be injured, until you understand properly the difference between the TRUE Yeshua and the Jesus Rome created [2 Corinthians 11:4].
    b Torah is the standard of righteousness by which we are to conduct our lives and daily affairs, in view of the fact that we have been justified and saved by grace through faith in Messiah. Torah is the commandments of G-d. And the love of G-d is to obey His commandments [see 1 John 5:3; 2 Jn 6; Jn 14:23-24; 15:10]. We are not to conduct our affairs as the people in the days of the judges did, every man living according to what seemed right to him [Judges 17:6; 21:25]. We are to live according to what is right and good in the sight of G-d.
    c But… although there is no distinction between Jew or Gentile in regard to the steps of salvation, there remains still one distinction as far as the observance of Torah is concerned: the Jew was and remains the recipient and entrusted guardian of the Law of G-d. Therefore he continues to keep the commandments, but without fear of punishment! Because it is no longer the Law who is his master and judge, but Messiah (Gal. 3:23-25; Ro 7:4, 6). He obeys the commandments of G-d as was enjoined upon the House of Israel, being G-d’s witnesses to the nations of His righteousness and coming Kingdom. In the place of the unbending yoke of the Letter of the Law the Jew now bears Messiah’s merciful yoke. He does not cast away Torah and becomes “lawless”. He walks in the Law of liberty instead, upholding G-d’s standard of righteousness based on love, which is no longer a yoke (Gal. 5:18; Ro 6:15-19; 7:12, 14, 22, 25; 8:1-2; 1 Pe 2:13-16, 24).
    d It is generally believed that “Adam” is derived from the word “a’dam’ah” (the fem. form of “Adam”), which means “earth, soil, ground”, because of its reddish characteristic implied by the word “dam”. Because “adamah” means earth, soil, ground, the name “Adam” is believed to mean merely “man”, since G-d created him from the dust of the earth. However, this seriously impairs the relevance and importance of the blood, of which G-d repeatedly states that in it is the life. When G-d’s breath entered the man’s nostrils, life was somehow imparted into his blood and made him a living being [Gen. 2:7; 1Cor. 15:45]. Because G-d never says that He created man in the likeness of His “ruach”, that is “breath, spirit, wind”, but in His “dam’ut”, that is blood-likeness. Nor does our Redeemer ever suggest that man is redeemed, or atoned for by [His] “breath”, but always and only by [His] “blood”, for reason that in it is the life.Hence the combination of the abbreviation with the word “dam” spells “A-dam”, and means “G-d, or Lord of the Blood” in Hebrew, not merely “man”. The woman also was a “G-d, or Lord of the Blood”, even though she was a female. She was taken from the man, therefore she shared in his kind of nature and life. “Dam” is the Hebrew word for “blood”, and the “A” is the abbreviation for “Adonai” [this word often appears in Scripture in place of the unutterable Name of G-d, and means “Lord, Master”]. (The Hebrew scholar, Dr. Roy Blizzard of “Yavo” Inc., of Austin, Texas, however, interprets “Adam” to mean “Blood-of-G-d.” Since Hebrew is written and read from right to left, it reads “Adonai” – “G-d, Lord” first, and then “dam” – “blood”. Hence it is the more correct interpretation, which does not necessarily disqualify Dr. Blizzard’s interpretation.)
    e I realize that I am pretty alone with this view, to which I was originally inspired by Dr. Roy Blizzard, founder of “Yavo”, Inc., a Hebrew scholar from Austin, Texas. But I find it to be the only one which really makes sense when taking into consideration the vast amount of Scriptures pointing to the blood as the redeeming agent, and not to the breath nor to the earth. It is the DAM that matters, not the dust of the earth. It was not the “dust” which got corrupted, but the life. And the life is in the blood!
    f See also: Matthew 17:2, 5 * John 1:1-2, (12-13), 14, 18, 34 *3:16-18, 34-36 * 11:27 *14:10-11, 20 * 17:1-5, 8, 11, 21-23 * Romans 1:3-4 8:3 *1 Corinthians 15:47 * Philippians 2:5- 6 * Colossians 1:15-20; 2:9 * 1 Timothy 3:16 * Hebrews 1:2-3, 4-6; 3:6; 5:8; 13:8; 2:9, 14, 17 does not indicate that He therefore was not divine (verses 10 and 11 make that clear), but rather that He was made to share in the nature of our body of flesh, so that by the death of His body He may destroy the power of the devil to whom man is in bondage due to the fallen nature * 1 Jn 1:1-3 * 3:8-10 * 4:9-10, 15 (2-3; 2:22-24) * 5:5, 8, 9-12, 13, 20
    g The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Miriam was not contaminated by the first sin. How this should have been the case in view of the fact that Messiah had not yet come, and that she eventually succumbed to death like all mortals, can only be explained by the former heathen practice of ascribing to the divine magical powers. It is wishful thinking, not understanding the laws which govern G-d’s entire creation, and which are also the foundation for G-d’s plan of salvation.
    h The blood of a mortal human being is composed of his father’s and mother’s blood. In Yeshua’s case I don’t think that G-d composed His Son’s blood after the same manner. I am no scientist, and hold no degree in medicine, hence can’t “prove” the validity of my statement. However, the letter to the Hebrews already states that “by faith we understand that the world was created by the Word of G-d, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear [Hebrews 11:13].” Presumably no scientist will agree with this Biblical statement, since he can’t scientifically “prove” it. But there simply are things between heaven and earth which are far beyond the capacity of human understanding, and can only be grasped by faith. Such is the case with the composition of Yeshua’s blood. For although we all know that G-d is Spirit and not flesh and consequently would not have blood as we have, YET G-d named the male and female He created Blood-of-God, namely ADAM. And He based the salvation of the fallen human race on the blood, not of sheep, goats and oxen, nor of any man no matter how wise and anointed. He based it on the blood of His Son.
    i Israel has been punished time and again for transgression. The Gentiles would see it and conclude to be superior, since they did not suffer in like manner. However, without knowing it they were even worse off, since they were without G-d or hope in this world (Ephesians 2:12). They were neither the recipients nor guardians of Torah, therefore transgression of it effected no discipline. Whereas the curse of transgression has crushed Israel repeatedly — until Yeshua HaMashiach came. He kept all the commandments perfectly in the spirit in which G-d gave them, and was guiltless of transgression. He also observed Hanukkah (John 10:22-23), even though this is no “Torah-commanded” festival.
    j See John 19:30; Revelation 16:17; and 21:6 — these are three “It is finished!” The first, uttered by Yeshua on the cross, ended the era of the “lordship of the Law” from Moses until Messiah’s work of redemption, inaugurating the “Age of Grace”. The second, uttered by G-d, concludes the “Age of Grace”, the era from Yeshua’s Ascension until His Return, and inaugurates the Messianic, or Millennial Reign. The third, again uttered by G-d, concludes the Millennial Reign and initiates the new heaven and the new earth, G-d’s everlasting Kingdom.
    k However, there IS a way by which the genuine children of G-d may be perceived and seen by the world — by obeying the Lord Yeshua’s chief commandment: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By THIS all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one anotherGreater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends... (John 13:34-35; 15:12-13).”
    l “Religion” is: rites; doctrines and traditions of men; secret initiations; worship of things or persons besides G-d, idolizing places and articles such as burial places, an “authentic” wooden piece of Messiah’s cross, figurines of saints, pictures of revered rabbis, etc. Pure “religion” is to provide for the poor and needy, the sick, the homeless, for widows and orphans, to lift the yoke of oppression and set the captives free (see Isaiah 58; Galatians 2:10; and James 1:27).
    Salvation, however, is more than religion: it is the power of G-d which destroys the power and works of the evil one. It rescues man from his clutches to live again in fellowship with G-d our Creator, immortal, imperishable. All memory of the knowledge of good and evil, sin, transgression, etc. gets canceled. Salvation is not a religion, it is our eternal life in a new world purged of all evil. Faith in Yeshua, the Son of G-d and Messiah of Israel, is not a religion, but the way — the only way — to eternal life in the City of G-d, the Heavenly Jerusalem.
    m It is not Israel by whom we have salvation. She is the channel, the agent through whom G-d is raising up a new race of immortal men. Within her, and her alone, is Messiah. As a fetus does not grow and develop separate from the womb but rather within her, so does the Body of Messiah not grow and develop separate from Israel, but withinher. Israel and Messiah are an integral part of each other until the time of Birth has come — the birth of the fully completed Body of Messiah and therewith of the Kingdom of G-d (Romans 11:11-12).Israel and Messiah may also be compared to a nut: the nation is the Shell, Messiah the Seed within that shell. They belong together. Therefore G-d also sowed them together. For this reason a Gentile must be ingrafted (through his faith in Messiah) into Israel (see Romans 11:13-24) to share ultimately in the inheritance of G-d’s promises. For this reason Yeshua said to the Samaritan woman at the well, “salvation is of, comes from the Jews” (John 4:22). Because Israel is a people of mortal Adam, while the Gentiles are of the mortal race of Enosh ( human flesh – Psalm 9:19-20). The Adamic race is the cultivated olive tree Israel; while Enosh is the wild olive tree. Apart from this cultivated tree and Adamic people, the Jews, the Gentiles are no people of G-d. They need to be “fused” into the Jews’ tree in order to share its richness and become children of Abraham and co-heirs with Messiah (Romans 11:16-18, 24).When Jacob went into exile to Mesopotamia, he crossed the river Jordan alone, with but his staff. When he returned after 20 years (or today, 20 centuries) to the promised land, he had become two companies: in the one camp was his immediate family, in the second those who were joined to his household (Genesis 31:38; 32:10). In Messiah, a “second company” of believing Gentiles has been joined to Jacob, forming “Klal Yisrael”/“the Commonwealth of Israel” together with the Jews.I write about these things in greater detail in my books, “GENESIS II”, and “The Threefold Remnant of Israel…”