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    The following prayers and confessions are all Scripture based prayers, “voicing” G-d’s Word in our every prayer. Praying His Word means praying according to His will. It means that these words will not return empty, but accomplish exactly that for which they were spoken1.

    Faith comes by “hearing” His Word2, as we daily AGREE with what His Word and promises say concerning us, speaking these promises out loud in and out of prayer. We need to conform our speech to what His Word says.

    As we thus “voice” His Word daily for our ears to hear, the spirit of our mind, which is our subconsciousness, is being “reprogrammed.” The old way of thinking is gradually “deleted” –put off your old nature, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt… do not be conformed to this world… put away anger, wrath, malice, slander… put off the old, former nature with its practices3 – and accurate, Word-based thinking becomes imprinted, programmed into our subconsciousness or spirit of our mind – but be transformed, metamorphosed by the renewal of your mind… put on, clothe yourself with the new nature [spiritual self], which is renewed and remoulded and reprogrammed into (fuller and more perfect knowledge upon) knowledge, after the image (the [Christ-]likeness) of Him Who created it 4.

    We are being renewed in the SPIRIT of our mind day by day5, by letting the Word of G-d (Messiah Yeshua is the Word), which is near us, even in our mouth6, dwell in us richly; and by the Holy Spirit teach and lead us into all the truth7. It is by the continuous absorbing of the truth of G-d’s Word into our thinking and speaking, that we are being set free from the former faulty, corrupted and defeatist kind of thinking8.

    It is this thinking – this girding up the loins of, and bracing our mind 9, conformed to G-d’s ways and Word, and His way of seeing and declaring things – that proves what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of G-d that will henceforth direct and influence our life, speech, actions, decisions, and affairs. It creates in us the mind of Messiah 10, Who only did what He saw the Father do, and spoke what He heard the Father say11. By this we are putting on the new nature… being changed, transformed into Messiah’s [character, way of thinking] likeness.

    In addition to our hearing the “voice” of G-d’s Word, G-d’s angels also hear and hearken to the “voice” of His Word, going forth to perform it. It is therefore impossible by these three things – the Word not returning empty; our faith filling the Word we hear; the angels going forth to perform the Word voiced – for our prayers to fail. Rather, ALL things are possible for those who believe12.

    What follows are only some examples of how to speak, pray, confess and believe. G-d’s plans and purposes for us are all perfect, nothing lacking, without spot or blemish. In heaven G-d’s will is performed with absolute, perfect agreement, in total harmony with His purposes, voluntarily, not under compulsion. We are to do the same on earth, by agreeing with His express will made known to us in the Scriptures. G-d’s Word addresses every single need and situation, providing the answers and solutions to them all.

    We must learn no longer to acknowledge and confirm with the words of our mouth the things we see and hear, which are NOT in agreement with G-d’s perfect will. We must learn not to establish with the words of our mouth the things we do NOT want, the things which are in opposition, disagreement with G-d’s perfect will. For faith comes by “hearing”…

    If we continually confess sickness, disease, lack, violence, divorce, lovelessness, loneliness, failure, despair, hunger and thirst, homelessness, anger, wrath, malice, lies, slander, bitterness, resentment, grudge, unforgiveness, greed, lust, sexual perversion, etc. etc., – all things which are diametrically opposed to G-d’s perfect will – our subconsciousness absorbs these negative inputs. These contrary confessions “write” a destructive program into the spirit of our mind13, and our (negative) faith in these things fills the spoken words and causes them to be created. It is exactly as Job said, “What I have greatly feared has come upon me.”14

    However, in agreeing with G-d’s promises, answers and solutions, we pray in accordance with His perfect will, which assures us that we are being heard and our requests granted15.

    1) Romans 1:5 – I walk by the OBEDIENCE OF AND TO FAITH…

    2) Hebrews 11:6 – … for without faith it is impossible to please God and be satisfactory and acceptable to Him. For whoever would draw near to and approach G-d must (necessarily) believe that G-d exists and that He rewards with an answer those who earnestly and diligently seek Him (to do His will) in prayer.

    3)James 1:5 – For G-d gives to all men generously and without reproaching, faultfinding or begrudging..

    4)Jeremiah 33:3; Psalm 91:15 – Because I love the L-RD and cleave to Him, He will answer me when I call. He will protect and deliver me, He will be with me in trouble, rescue and honor me and place me securely on high. He will satisfy me with a long life (in health, joy and prosperity) and afterward receive me into eternal life in His Presence.

    5) Isaiah 65:24 – Even before I call He already has heard me and prepared the answer and made provision in advance…

    6) 1 John 5:14-15 – …because I always seek to do His will and pray in accordance with His express will. Hence I have this confidence, assurance and boldness in Him that whatever I ask in the Name of Yeshua G-d hears and answers me. Consequently I have already obtained, received from Him that for which I made request.


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    13It is comparable to the hard disk of a computer: the hard disk is totally neutral, without any preconceived ideas. We format that hard disk by installing various programs (as the human subconscious mind is being formatted with “programs” such as religion, culture, traditions, ethics, parental upbringing), and by, or through these programs we now create files and write and create various documents.
    The human mind, formatted, or preconditioned by the above mentioned “programs,” receives and perceives everything said, heard, seen, tasted, experienced, through the “screen” of these preconceived ideas. Just as the hard disk does not think or act of its own, so does our subconsciousness (which is the “spirit” of our mind) not act on its own volition. Whatever is installed, programmed and written into it is what we act out. When one calls up a certain file on the computer, the hard disk does not produce another file. When we call up the “files” of sickness and disease, of failure and poverty with the words of our mouth, this is precisely what will appear on the “screen” of our lives, and not healing and health, success and prosperity.
    Indeed, (abundant or miserable) life and death are in the power of the TONGUE!!![Pr 18:21]
    14 Job 3:25 15 1 Jn 5:14-15

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    7) Hebrews 11:1 – The faith by which I live, pray, and make my requests and petitions, is the substance, the confirmation, the title deed, the confident assurance of things hoped for, the evidence and proof of things I do not as yet see, and the conviction of their reality (perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses).

    Faith is the creative “material” (whether for good or for bad16) with which we fill the word we speak (in agreement with G-d’s Word and promises), causing it to materialize. What is not seen comes into existence through the spoken word, believing.

    Example: Children’s sand forms – whatever shape or size they may have – when packed full with sand, the formerly shapeless material will have the exact size and appearance of the sand form used. But if the form is only partially filled, when turned over the sand either falls back out or just crumbles into a heap without shape. For this reason James says…

    8) James 1:6-7 – “… let him ask of G-d… but in faith with no wavering, no hesitating, no doubting. For the one who wavers, hesitates and doubts… let him not imagine that he will receive anything [he asks for] from the Lord. “

    We must pack the word we speak [in prayer] full with faith! Then we may have in addition to this the assurance that …

    9) Psalm 103:20-21 – …G-d’s mighty angels are hearkening to the VOICE of G-d’s Word (for when we SPEAK G-d’s Word in prayer OUR voice becomes the voice of His Word), and go forth to perform it. For the angels are G-d’s and our ministers to do His will 17.

    10) Philippians 4:6– Therefore I do not fret nor have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything by prayer and petition [definite, specific, detailed requests] WITH THANKSGIVING continue to make my wants known to G-d.

    11) Isaiah 11:3– For this reason I shall not judge [or evaluate, or consider and accept as unalterably real a situation or condition] by what my physical eyes see; nor base my decision [expectation, anticipation, and confidence] upon what my physical ears hear, because…

    12) 2 Corinthians 4:18–…I am not moved by the things that are seen [by my physical eyes], but by the things that are not seen [except by my spiritual eyes]. For the things that are visible to my physical eyes are transient, temporal, fleeting, shakable18, not really “real” and therefore subject to change. On the other hand, the things that are not seen by my physical eyes – but seen with the eyes of the Spirit, my eyes of faith – these things are unshakable, eternal, and the only true reality.

    13) Romans 4:17–By faith I call into existence the things that do not exist, for I see and acknowledge the things not yet seen as already existing, and call them into their manifestation, to appear, through prayer. Reversely…

    14) 1 Corinthians 1:28–… by faith I bring to nothing [even with the things that are not seen, or disregarded, despised, ridiculed and not taken serious by the world] the things that are (such as sickness, lack, poverty, failure, rejection), which exalt themselves against the knowledge of G-d, contradicting His promises to me [and to Israel and all the redeemed], disagreeing with G-d’s perfect will for me, and opposing me in carrying out the good works my Heavenly Father planned and prepared in advance for me.

    15) Ephesians 2:10– For I know that the good works G-d has called me to walk in were already planned and predestined beforehand by Him, prearranged, prepared and made ready for me in advance. Therefore, seen that…

    16) Hebrews 4:3–… G-d has finished and completed all His works from the foundation of the world, prepared and waiting for all who would believe…

    17) 2 Corinthians 9:8–… I know and am absolutely assured that G-d will make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to me in abundance, so that I may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, possess enough to require no aid or support, but am furnished with and provided for in abundance for every good work.

    18) Ephesians 2:5-7– And He enabled and equipped me [to carry out these works divinely planned] by having raised me up together with Yeshua HaMashiach and made me sit down together with Him – giving me joint seating with Him – in the heavenly places (spheres, realms). He did this that He might clearly demonstrate… the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing riches of His free grace in kindness and goodness of heart toward me [who is found to be] in Messiah Yeshua.

    19) Colossians 3:1-2– Therefore, since I have been raised with Messiah and am seated with Him at the right hand of G-d [which is the place of omnipotent power and sovereign authority, where there is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore19] I seek the things that are in heaven, and set my sight upon [the rich joys and treasures of] G-d’s Kingdom. I fix my mind upon the things that are above (such as love, joy, peace, power, anointing, glory, authority, abundance, health, success, honor, perfection, harmony, holiness, Messiah-likeness, spiritual insight, knowledge, wisdom and understanding) and let heaven fill my thoughts, rather than the things that are on earth (such as sickness and disease, lack, poverty, failure, inability, loneliness, lovelessness, lies, covetousness, greed, moral and sexual perversion, hate, terror, crime, bloodshed, war). I resist, and refuse, spending my time worrying, fretting and being fearful about the things that are [going on] on earth.

    20) Luke 10:19 – To overcome the world in and around me as well as the opposing forces, the Lord Yeshua has given and delegated to me authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and [additional physical and mental strength] over ALL the power the enemy [possesses], and nothing shall in any way harm or hurt me20.


    16 Negative faith – usually resulting from fear, anxiety, distrust – works according to the same principle as the faith for good works and blessings
    17 Hebrews 1:14 18 Heb. 12:26-28 19 Psalm 16:11
    20 see also Ps 91 and Isa. 54:14, 17, for terror shall be far from me, no evil shall come near me and no harm befall me

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    21) John 14:12-14 – Because I steadfastly believe in Yeshua, my Lord, I will also do the works He did, and even greater works than these because He has gone to be with the Father. Whatever I ask in Yeshua’s Name HE WILL DO IT, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. For this reason the Lord Yeshua will grant, and do for me, whatever I ask in His Name.

    22) John 15:7; 16:23-24 – Because the life I now live I live in Him, and I keep His words in my heart and live by them, I may ask whatever I will and it shall be done for me. Because G-d is my Father now, I may ask anything of Him, and He will give it to me in Yeshua’s Name. For when I ask I will receive, that my joy may be full and complete.

    23) Mark 11:23-25 –Whenever and whatever I ask of the Father in Yeshua’s Name, I have not any doubt that I am heard, but believe with all my heart that what I say will take place and come to pass — and it WILL BE DONE for me.

    Therefore I believe, trust and am confident that I have already received whatever I asked for in prayer, and know and am assured of that it is mine, and that it will certainly manifest and appear.

    And to be certain that my Heavenly Father will be pleased to do for me and give me whatever I ask of Him in Yeshua’s Name, I walk in forgiveness and allow no grudge, resentment or bitterness to reside in my heart. Because He has forgiven me my great debt, I also forgive whoever has wronged me.

    24) Mattew 18:19-20 – Should negative thoughts trouble my mind that weakens my faith, rendering me unable to envision as done what I have asked, I shall request two or more fellow believers to agree with me for my need and stand with me in prayer, voicing G-d’s Word in my behalf. And when we agree on anything I ask, praying (no need for being physically in the same place) in one accord, it will be done for us [me] by our Father in heaven.

    25) James 4:3; 1 John 5:4-15; 1 Corinthians 13 – When I ask anything whatsoever I will, I am mindful not to ask with wrong or evil purpose, nor to satisfy the lust of my flesh, nor anything harmful or hurting to others. Whatever I request is not to make myself a name, but for the glory and praise of G-d and the advancement of His Kingdom. In anything I ask I make love my aim, prefering my fellowman before myself 21.

    26) Matthew 7:1-2, 7-8; Ps 37:4 – I thank you, L-RD, that because I delight in You, You will give me the [right] desires of my heart. Thank You that I always receive whatever [good, right and needful] I ask, and invariably find whatever I seek [the right work with the right pay; the right home for the right price in the right neighborhood; something lost; old friends or relatives, the right mate, wisdom, etc.]. Every [right] door at which I knock [bank loan, publisher of books, finding favor and support for a project, ministry, lobbying, etc.] opens for me, because you are a G-d Who hears and answers prayers. And my prayers are not being hindered, because I make it my aim not to judge others, but give honor where honor is due22, and also give liberally, as I am able23.

    I thank you, heavenly Father, that you have made me an heir of Abraham and of G-d, and co-heir with Messiah in your Kingdom24, which renders all your good promises, answers and solutions part of my inheritance. As your child I have the privilege to request these things which you have made rightfully mine [to advance your interests and Kingdom in the earth, and to make my joy complete], and they will come to me [at their appointed time, sooner or later].

    27) Mark 10:29-30 – (The following prayer is only applicable if the condition for its requests was fulfilled):

    I thank you Father, that in Yeshua’s Name I may ask you for a new home, even more than one (making very specific requests with what you need, what you are looking for, and what you would like to have) and that you have these homes already prepared for me. They are mine and will come to me as I go seek them. Because you promised that whosoever has left house, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for your sake and for the gospel, will receive a hundredfold NOW in this time, houseS, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. O L-RD, I have gladly left everything for your sake and the Gospel’s. I thank you that what you have said will be true in my life. I thank you for my new homes.

    28) Matthew 6:32-33; Ps 55:22; 33:9, 10; Ph’pp 4:6; 1 Pe 5:7 – Heavenly Father, I cast my burden on you, for you will sustain me and never permit me to be moved. Hence I am not anxious about anything, but make all my needs known unto you in prayer with thanksgiving, seeking Your Kingdom and Your righteousness first. I thank you, that you provide for my daily needs such as food, clothing, payments of rent, utilities, etc. as well, because You know that I need them all. I worship you with reverential awe and seek you with all my heart, therefore I have no want and lack no good thing.


    21 1 Cor. 14:1; Ro 12:10 22 1 Pe 2:17; 3:7; Ro 13:7
    23 2 Cor. 9:6-8; 8:12 24 Gal. 3:29; 4:7; Ro 8:17

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    Of course, the examples of Scriptural praying, speaking, decreeing, declaring and confessing is endless. Whether for personal security and safety, or for the safety of family, relatives, friends, or national leaders, etc.; whether for personal, national or international relationships, or for personal happiness, marriage, healing not only in body but of the whole person — for every single need G-d, our most wonderful and faithful heavenly Father, has provided us with the appropriate words to speak.

    Example: If my marriage relationship is not a happy one, shall I complain, or even divorce25? What is G-d’s perfect will for my marriage? Since He is the One who established marriage26, it is His perfect will that husband and wife live in peace and harmony27, cherishing and honoring one another28. They should be of one united heart, mind and purpose29, doing each other good and not evil all the days of their lives30. They should bless, not curse each other31. The husband is to love his wife as his own flesh32, desiring and delighting in her33, and her desire shall be for her husband34.

    Accordingly, when I pray to G-d for my marriage, I ask for these things to manifest in my marriage. And I know that it will please the Father to do it.

    It is His ideal intention and perfect will that His saints [His redeemed sons and daughters] should speak HIS words into the earth, into the lives of others and their own. This has absolutely nothing to do with “naming and claiming.” G-d does generally not answer requests made with the wrong motif, for the wrong reason and purpose. However, if one stubbornly insists on one’s request for the wrong purpose, these spiritual laws established by G-d will yield what was requested. Being part of G-d’s permissive, albeit not perfect will, this often results in the hurt, sometimes even destruction, of that person35.

    Abuse of G-d’s infallible spiritual laws invariably backfires
    on whoever abuses them!
    G-d IS love36. Consequently any request, decree or confession, which is not founded on and does not spring from love, is contrary to His nature and hence not in accordance with His perfect will37. Many prayers do not receive an answer because they are made for selfish, foolish desires, for vainglory and the praise of men, for riches, for revenge and for many other wrong and not wholesome purposes.

    G-d loves a soul wholly yielded to Him, who embraces His divine will whole heartedly, with all joy, zeal and devotion. Foolish stubborness, stiffneckedness, anger and rebellion, faultfinding and complaining are attitudes G-d does not reward with answered prayers. Remaining yielded to Him in perfect trust, even when it seems that the exact opposite of what we asked for is happening, invariably will produce His answer sooner or later, but definitely never too late38.

    If someone takes advantage of us, a brother or sister cheating or pushing us aside, we must not “react” and pay back39, but commit our cause to the Lord in perfect trust. His Word is ready to help us, to pray [not vindictive! Remember, bless and do not curse!] for such situations, and His promise that He will act is sure40, bringing forth our vindication as the light, and our right as the noonday41.

    We must trust Him without wavering. We must not get moved by the outward appearance of things, which tell us that it is useless to pray because nothing has changed. We are being tested and trained in forbearance, perseverance, and endurance, tempted by the adversary to quit, to give up in hopelessness. But, as I already said, these “appearances” – although they look so “real” – are subject to change. Human beings are tested daily whom they will believe — G-d’s Word and promises, or the “appearance” of things42. We must choose daily what and whom we really trust — our five senses [which are part of the flesh], or G-d?

    It bears repeating that everything is already done, finished, in existence43. It is us, who are captives of time, moving along on the “equator” of time. Albert Einstein already said that “past, present and future exist at once, side by side,” and that time is only an “illusion,” though it seems so real. The prophet Ezekiel could not have been shown the third Temple in the Messianic Reign, had it not already existed. The apostle John could not have seen the time of the end, the beginning of the Messianic Reign and the new heaven and earth, had all of this not already existed, become past, present and future in one single vision. The past has not disappeared into nothingness, nor is the future a dark and uninhabited void. All is existent simultaneously, and what for us is still future is also already past44.

    Every human being was born at an appointed time and at the age of accountability chooses which path to follow. There are many parallel path45, which we may picture in our minds like the three concentric rings revolving around Saturn at its equator. For this reason we must seek G-d for guiding us and ordering our steps46 in the path that leads to life everlasting, on which are all the works G-d has prepared for us in advance that we should walk in them47.

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    Understanding then, that from G-d’s point of view these works are already done and past, while we are moving toward and into them, step by step, one by one, we also come to understand that for every work full provision is already made. The things, talents and abilities, situations, people, etc., needed for doing a work will come to us by necessity. Our Lord, Yeshua, fully understood this principle, and we are given many examples of Him practicing it.

    When He needed to pay the Temple tax – which was a law for all Jews including, therefore, also for Yeshua – He knew that Messiah Ben Joseph had to obey and fulfill this Law too, since He wasn’t glorified yet. Having no money on Him He decreed the tax money to be found in a fish’s mouth, because Peter, who asked him about the temple tax, was a fisherman48. Yeshua could have chosen any place whatsoever for the tax money to be found. He knew it would be there because it had to be there, in view of the fact that all the works He was destined to walk in (including paying Temple tax) were already finished from the foundation of the world, just as He was slain even before the foundation of the world49. Our names were recorded in the Lamb’s book of life also from the foundation of the world, at which “time” we were chosen by G-d in Messiah and predestined to be His children50.

    When it was time to eat the Passover Seder to establish the New Covenant in His blood, Yeshua did not have a room of his own in Jerusalem, or a house to go to. He couldn’t go to his parents’ house who lived in Nazareth, where moreover none of His family would have understood what He was doing51. The “Lamb of G-d” had to be slain in Jerusalem52, and the Passover Seder had to be eaten there. Since this was the purpose for which He had come into the world, He knew that whatever the need would be for this, it was already provided. He chose a man carrying a pitcher to fetch water53to be the one who would lead Him to the house where Father had prepared for Him from the foundation of the world to eat the last Passover Seder. He instructed His disciples what to say to the owner of the house, not doubting for a single moment that he would say “yes”. And “yes” it was. It HAD to be for Yeshua to walk in fulfillment of His purpose.

    The same spiritual principle proved true where the donkey with the colt was to be found for Yeshua to ride into Jerusalem. He knew the Scriptures, and He knew His purpose and destiny. He was totally surrendered to the Father’s will, which kept Him walking in the right path on which were, one by one, ALL the works the Father had prepared for Him in advance. Consequently the donkey with colt HAD to be there54, infallibly!

    These same spiritual truth and laws apply to each and every person, but most people are not even aware of them and much less understand them. These laws apply to the good as well as to the evil. This predestination does not preclude freedom of choice, but is based on the foreknowledge55of an omniscient G-d.

    G-d’s children are created as vessels for good works, Satan’s seed as vessels unto judgment and destruction56.

    Hitler had a very strong sense of purpose and destiny, and pursued this destiny with singular faith and devotion, which was the reason why he accomplished whatever he planned, and why none of the assassination attempts succeeded. But when his appointed time of the end had come, no ever so strong sense of destiny could prevent his demise. He had finished walking in the works G-d allowed the devil to prepare for Hitler. The challenge had been to the Church and to the nations, and they utterly failed except for a few hundred individuals and a few nations.

    We must grasp that faith and spiritual laws work both ways — positive and negative, for good or for evil. G-d has given the human being the power and free will of choice. We can choose to leave the path of destruction and enter the path that leads to life, through repentance and faith in Yeshua. And we can know and be utterly certain of it that G-d has prepared for His children good works to walk in, each appointed for its specific time, with every provision made down to the smallest detail. Therefore we seek Him to know our purpose, our destiny, what the works are, and ask Him to guide us into each of them. Because…

    29) Proverbs 3:1-4 –… I do not forget Yeshua’s teachings, and what my Father in heaven and the Holy Spirit have shown me. I keep His commandments [of love, righteousness and justice] and spiritual laws, pondering them in my heart, for by them I have length of days [multiplied hours, getting more accomplished] and years of life [worth living], and abundant welfare [inward and outward and continuing through old age till death].

    I let not mercy and kindness [shutting out all hatred and selfishness], and truth [shutting out all deliberate hypocrisy or falsehood] forsake me. I bind them about my neck [letting them steer and control my decisions and actions, being the guiding force into the right paths] and write them upon the tablet of my heart [“installing” G-d’s spiritual laws in the “spirit” of my mind, “programming” my subconsciousness with His liberating truth, renewing my mind with the counsel of G-d’s Word], thus finding favor and ideal understanding, and good repute and high esteem in the sight of G-d and man.

    30) Proverbs 3:5-7– I lean on, trust and am confident in the L-RD with all my heart and mind, and do not rely on my own insight or understanding. In all my ways I know, recognize and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain my paths. I am not wise in my own eyes, but hold the L-RD in reverential awe, and turn away from evil.

    Therefore I may ask anything whatsoever of Him in Yeshua’s Name, and it will be done for me by Yeshua, and given to me by my Father Who is in heaven, that the Father be glorified in the Son and in me.

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