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    It is not the aim of this article to prove that I am right and everybody else is wrong. I am not trying to make a point with my beliefs being inerrant concerning this or that matter referred to in Scriptures. The point I am trying to make is that, while all these matters are unquestionably of great interest and worth of careful study, research and insightful discussions, they are not of such vital importance as to focus on them as of foremost, crucial significance, eventually getting so obsessed with them that it leads astray from what is really of implicit, all-surpassing importance, which all boils down to this…

    …To Know, Understand and Love G-d 1.
    Who Is One, manifesting as Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
    To keep His commandments, and know and understand His Salvation
    And Kingdom Principles/Precepts/Laws/Ordinances.
    To do all things from and for love and as unto the Lord.


    I always marvel at how Satan manages to sidetrack people without them even knowing it or being aware of it. With such a jungle of interpretations and doctrines out there, it takes the holy fear of the Lord and His Word to avoid error, the pitfalls of going astray.

    There are those who are almost obsessed with proving that G-d created the earth in 6 literal days of literal 24 hours and that the earth is only 6 thousand years old. It almost seems as though their whole faith in the Gospel hinges on proving this, even though the earth itself clearly reveals that it is far older than a mere 6 thousand years. In fact, no life could exist on earth’s first surface that was bubbling with lava, its waters boiling, and storm winds of unimaginable magnitude ravaging its surface. It took a long time for the earth to cool so the most basic life forms could come into existence according to G-d’s plan and wisdom.

    The earth also discloses, clearly, that there have been several ice ages which didn’t last a mere few years. And Genesis 2 tells us that there are GENERATIONS2 of the earth, i.e., EARTH GENERATIONS, each lasting seasons of diverse lengths. Of the time frame G-d lives in we are told that a thousand years are not only as a mere day3 but as “yesterday when it is past,” as a night watch ALREADY PAST!4 A night watch consisted of 4 periods, each lasting 3 hours, from 6 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Basically, a thousand years are like nothing in the time frame G-d lives in. Man merely compared G-d’s timetable to man’s; to what man knew and was acquainted with, the only time frame HE knew, for he was bound by it. Similarly, we cannot understand and explain intellectually how G-d is without beginning or end, since all that we know and experience here on earth has a beginning and an end, including what we can observe in space.

    So, why is it CRUCIAL to some that it MUST have been 6 literal 24 hour days in which G-d created the heavens and the earth? What does it matter if a million years or even 10 millions years are equally like a night watch already past? Is G-d less sovereign, less divine if the earth is millions of years old, having passed through several “generations/toledot” or “ages,” of different climates? Is G-d less sovereign if very different and strange creatures populated the earth but then perished in a global catastrophe that resulted in chaos?

    Apart from the proven fact that some enormous meteorites collided with the earth, triggering catastrophical weather patterns that led to another generation/age/season of freezing, we are told by the Scriptures and various other sources that there was a major rebellion in heaven, led by the # 1 angel, the cherub who hovered above G-d and His throne, covering Him with his wings; who led the heavenly worship and walked among the holy coals of fire in the far north. Because of his extraordinary beauty and wisdom and his exalted position above all the multi-millions of angelic hosts, pride overtook him as he deluded himself into thinking himself equal to G-d and to the Son of G-d5, forgetting that he had been created like all the other angels, archangels and cherubim. He consequently became the “father of lies” because lies and the seed of lies came into existence with him.

    Because of the wisdom instilled in him by G-d, Satan could manipulate his fellow angels, blinding them to his perversion of truth. A full third of G-d’s angelic host joined the liar who had deceived them into rebelling against G-d. This resulted in them being cast out of heaven where G-d is enthroned6.

    But G-d did not divest them of the powers with which He had endowed them, and in unimaginable fury they rushed upon the ancient earth onto which G-d had cast them 7 , bringing upon her utter destruction and desolation, plunging her into total chaos (“tohouvabohou”) and darkness, above all the seas which used to be brilliant and bright and teaming with life. Henceforth, there was such darkness upon the face of the deep8 that life would have completely vanished, unable to exist in those conditions. But the Spirit of G-d was “brooding”9 upon the surface of the waters, moving to and fro to calm and save it until such time that G-d could rescue, restore and recreate both our galaxy and the earth and all her life forms.

    And it is THIS restoration and recreation of a former earth rendered useless and chaotic, which might have taken 6 literal days of literal 24 hours, even though I maintain that the time frame given is insignificant in view of G-d’s eternal nature and that time is absolutely relative when referring to the length of a day, a year, a thousand years or a million years in G-d’s time frame. I venture to say it is even but as a breath already past. Any time frame mentioned in Scripture is for OUR sake; that we can count and understand the meaning and significance of numbers. Outside of our “equator of time”, there is NO TIME!


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    Hence, whether 6 days, 6 thousand years or millions of years, it does not touch G-d, His eternal nature, His almighty power, His Son and Spirit, His Word – the Gospel! So why such obsession with it as though our very salvation hinges on it having been 6 literal 24 hour days? In what or in whom does the faith of such persons rest? On what or on whom do they focus?10  Yet others feel compelled to prove that G-d is not only masculine but also FEMININE 11. They go to incredible length of researching and studying to prove their “enlightened idea” that G-d is Father, and G-d Mother, and G-d Son and G-d Spirit, saying that the Son’s Name is “Michael” (which is actually the name of the leading archangel) and the Spirit’s Name “Gabrielle” (feminizing the arch angel Gabriel’s name, making of Him the “Holy Spirit”). These folk – especially the Mormons – preach the Gospel of salvation by insisting that G-d is a “Mother” or married to a mother god12, and that wicked religious leaders removed the feminine part of G-d in the Scriptures making G-d a chauvinist, since they themselves were chauvinists.

    Their whole focus is on proving this point, obsessing with it, as though their salvation and faith hinges on proving that G-d is feminine, or at least also feminine, and that in fact the angels were originally feminine and that it was men who transformed them into masculine beings13.

    And what, may I ask, has all of this to do with salvation? How does this touch G-d Who is Spirit?

    Apparently such individuals fail to grasp what G-d’s salvation and its eternal workings are all about; nor do they grasp the divine nature of the eternal, almighty, only living G-d Who IS ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN 14, independent of and regardless of gender. The fact is that G-d, as “Father,” is the protective, guiding, providing, authority figure, and as “Mother” the tender-loving, compassionate One, meaning He clearly manifests these attributes in the life of a believer.

    I, like many others, had great difficulty initially to relate to G-d the Father because I had had absolutely no relationship with my earthly father who did not care for me and whom I hardly knew way into adulthood. But as Yeshua revealed the Father to me and I came to know Him more and more both from Scriptures and experientially, I came to relate to Him ever more fully, without fear of rejection, disapproval or punishment. I often see myself cuddled at His Bosom in His everlasting arms, my ear attentive to what is on His heart. Nothing is more comforting and soothing to me than this, making me feel safe and at perfect peace15. I do not relate to G-d as Mother, but I know that He can manifest Himself in complete parenthood as is written:

    “When father and mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up” 16 ; i.e., He can meet my need for father and mother, being both parents in One, for the simple reason that He is omni-potent, omni-present and omni-scient, the Great and ONLY “I AM Who and What I AM.”

    Furthermore, when G-d created Adam, He said “Let US create man in OUR Image and after OUR Likeness,” a saying which hints that G-d is not only a Father, singular. Having created Adam male and female, I have always felt that the union of a man and a woman in holy matrimony exhibits G-d’s unique nature more completely, more perfectly, than a single individual does.

    To go to obsessive length to prove G-d’s “feminine” side or that He is actually “Mother” G-d, making of it a doctrine, is objectionable. Such doctrine misses the mark concerning what is truly relevant about G-d’s all-encompassing divine nature, and veers off into becoming a cult.

    “Hear O Israel, the L-RD our G-d the L-RD is One.” This is the banner of the only Living and Eternal G-d, the banner to which I, my people and engrafted Gentiles rally.

    Furthermore, others feel that salvation as we know it is not enough, and that it could not be that man lives but once and then comes judgment. Surely, man must have been provided with more than one chance in case they missed it in this one life – with yet another life. Here, reincarnation is the answer! That’s it! Man can save himself, or mess up one life and say, well, so what I missed it. I am sorry, I didn’t know any better, now give me another chance in yet another life.

    And they, too, go to extremes in trying to “prove” from all sorts of resources and even the Scriptures that reincarnation 17 is in fact true, Scriptural, spiritual and from G-d. Indeed, there is not a cult or erroneous doctrine that has not claimed “absolute proof” based upon Scriptures. Satan himself quoted Scriptures to the Son of G-d, albeit out of context.

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    Is there Reincarnation in the Bible? ; What does the Bible say about Reincarnation? ; Reincarnation: Does the Bible allow for this possibility?


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    There are also those – mainly among Jewish “believers” – who base their doctrine of the true nature of Messiah upon mere two verses in Scripture, namely on Romans 1:3-4, insisting that Yeshua was the Son of G-d only in the sense in which G-d calls Israel/Ephraim His “son.”18 Their claim is that Yeshua was only the “Son of Man,” as He customarily referred to Himself, yet not divine until AFTER the resurrection. They consent to Him having the 7 spirits of G-d according to Rev. 3:1, but adamantly deny His like-nature with G-d. Their contention that Yeshua is both Savior, Messiah and King of Israel, yet not divine from birth as a Babe in Bethlehem undoes salvation19 for themselves and for anyone they deceive into believing as they do. The ova in Miriam’s womb from which G-d formed a body of flesh for His Son20 was human, but the Seed that entered that ova was Divine, the Word of G-d implanted by the power of G-d and the working of His Spirit. Apart from the pure and incorruptible DNA of the Son of G-d and the life in His blood, there is no salvation, as there then would be neither restoration nor recreation. Mankind would remain trapped by the power of sin inherent in every man since the trespass in the Garden of Eden, which led to corruption and death.

    And again there are those who made a whole doctrine of who Ephraim 21 is, as though it was of major importance that Ephraim is not just one of the twelve tribes, but actually is the Church which fulfills the prophetic restoration of Ephraim. Of such importance is this interpretation to these people, that grievous dissensions have arisen within the brotherhood of believers. Yet, G-d promised the restoration of all twelve tribes, Abraham’s e.g. Jacob’s natural descendants of tribes – with the exception of Dan – in the book of Revelation where Ephraim is referred to as Joseph (who represents both tribes, namely Manasseh and Ephraim); while Levi, who used not to be numbered among the twelve will replace Dan who, standing for judgment, is no longer part of the whole House of Israel.

    But whether Ephraim is called by his former name or renamed Joseph, why focus so intensively on this as though it changes the nature of the Gospel and affects Messiah? Nothing changes about the Church being the Assembly of the Firstborn from the dead, among whom many may be descendants of Ephraim. Why get carried away with interpretations and doctrines, which only sidetrack from what is truly essential and of principal importance?

    What does it matter who Ephraim22 is, as long as one knows that G-d’s promises are sure and His every Word proves true?23 None of His promises to Israel will fail in literal fulfillment, nor those He made to every one who is part of the Body of Messiah. Why focus on things not quintessential regarding the Gospel? Why can’t the former Gentile believe that he has indeed been joined into the ”Commonwealth of Israel,” spiritually and literally, from G-d’s point of view. G-d gives us ample patterns:

    1. To begin with, when Noah blessed Shem as being the “heir” of his blessings, he assigned to Japhet “co-heirship,“ because he said, and “Japhet shall SHARE in Shem’s tents.”24 Although the “tents” are Shem’s, Japhet will share in them as an equal. It is the first biblical hint to Gentiles being included as “co-heirs” of the covenants, promises and blessings given to the partriarchs and the whole House of Israel.

    2. The “sign” of the covenant with Abraham is not only on Abraham’s own flesh and blood descendants, but also on those born in his house, albeit not of his own flesh and blood; and those bought into his household25.

    3. When Jacob returned after 20 years26 to the Promised Land, he had become two companies27: one was of his own flesh and blood, the second of servants28 bought or born in his household, but not flesh and blood descendants.

    4. Joseph was sent by G-d ahead of His people to save many survivors29 for Israel. However, Israel numbered only 70 souls30 at that time. Besides Israel, all the Egyptians were saved31 and they were not related in any way to Israel. Moreover, “all the earth” came to Joseph for bread32. They all were not Israelites, yet all of them were saved by coming to this one man – Joseph, the “Man of the Bread.”

    5. At the time of the Exodus, not only the Israelites were led out of Egypt by Moses, but also a large company of non-Israelites – the mixed multitude33 – together with them. If any of them wanted to partake of the Passover lamb, they too needed the sign of the covenant on them34.

    These are only 5 examples that clearly foreshadow the “mystery” of how the Gentiles would one day be included in Israel, in her salvation. Nowhere does it state that as a requirement for the Gentile to be included he must, as a necessity, be a literal flesh-and-blood descendant of one of the lost 10 tribes.

    Even though some Messianic Jews treat their engrafted former Gentile 35 brethren as “second-class Israelites,” this does not nullify what G-d ordained, promised and foreshadowed in clear patterns: the Gentile joined into Messiah by faith and baptism has ceased to be a Gentile but has become a new man and, in G-d’s book, an Israelite, regardless of tribal affiliation. The non-acceptance of this truth by some Messianic Jews does not nullify it. There is no need to create a new, and non-biblical, doctrine about being Ephraimites.

    Without a doubt, there are descendants of the 10 lost tribes to be found in churches and in every denomination, but there is still no need to add to what is said in Eph. 2:11-29,and create the “the church is Ephraim” doctrine. The legitimate Church is the Assembly of the Firstborn from the dead, a company of the Bride and Bride Maids. And among them may be those who are literal descendants of the lost 10 tribes.

    If G-d cannot literally fulfill His promise and needs Batya Wooten 36 to help Him out with the regathering of the 10 lost tribes, then G-d is neither Omni-potent nor Omni-scient, but limited, and needs help in explaining how He is fulfilling His promises.

    Why can’t we just believe G-d and His Word, trust, wait and obey?37 We are warned not to add nor subtract from the Word of G-d; yet it seems there are always those who contend that G-d’s revelation in the Scriptures is incomplete and must add on to it and “explain” things by twisting the Word out of context.


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    Further, others insist that the sons of G-d in Gen. 6:2-4 were descendants of Seth who saw that the daughters of man were beautiful and married them, while claiming these daughters were descendants of Cain. How such unions would have producedthe Nephilim38, the “godlike” giants a , who lorded it over mankind, they can’t explain. Yet we know from Peter and Jude, who quote in their letters39 from the Book of Enoch, that angels referred to as “watchers ” 40 used to guard the ancient earth. When recalled by G-d, they rebelled, hoping to maintain a dominating presence in the earth. Their leader came up with the scheme to mate with humans, i.e. the daughters of man, in order for their offspring to continue their dominion in the earth, an idea diametrically opposed to G-d’s will and purpose Who had commanded both Adams, male and female, to take dominion in the earth  41. Jude refers to them as not having “kept their own position” but instead “left their proper abode” for which they are being kept by G-d in eternal chains in nether gloom until the judgment of the great day42. Jude continues with Sodom and Gomorrah, saying that they LIKEWISE acted immorally and indulged in UNNATURAL lust, just as it was UNNATURAL for an immortal being to cohabit with a mortal. Ancient mythology, especially from the Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Medes Empires, as well as that of the Grecian and Roman Empires, are replete with tales about gods who mated with humans, their offspring being “half gods” of giant stature and superhuman power and strength, the “heroes” of ancient days43. They were what the Scriptures call “the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown”, such as Hercules44, Perseus45, Gilgamesh46, etc.

    Fallen angel cast to earth

    Fallen angel seizing daughter of man

    Fallen angel chained in nether gloom

    These “watchers” and the Nephilim were responsible for giving man knowledge and skills he was never meant to have. It was THIS knowledge which led to man’s wickedness becoming so great that every imagination of his heart was continually evil47. Man was playing god by crossing over every boundary G-d had set. Having been taught the “secrets” of genetic engineering they created monsters mythological tales report as having been half man half horse, half man half goat, or a man with a bird’s or animal head, or even having a man’s head, a lion’s body and wings of an eagle, such as the Egyptian sphinx48. Mankind’s ways had become abominably corrupt with their conscience seared from what they had learned. While man imitated the ways of the Nephilim filling all the earth with ruthless violence/”hamas”49, G-d had no choice but to wipe out this utterly corrupted race of Adam along with their abominable creations by bringing ”a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy ALL FLESH in which was the BREATH OF LIFE” 50. The waters rose so high they covered all the high mountains “under the whole heaven” 15 cubits above them so that ALL FLESH died that moved upon the earth, AND EVERY MAN. EVERYTHING on the dry land in whose nostrils was the BREATH OF LIFE died. G-d blotted out EVERY LIVING THING on the ground; they were ALL blotted out from the face of the earth. Noah, his wife, sons and their wives51 were the sole survivors since only Noah, out of this whole generation of Adamic mankind, had not succumbed to wickedness and remained uncorrupted.

    Had only a limited number of men corrupted their ways, G-d could have dealt with them without flooding the earth 15 cubits above the highest mountains. However, man had created beings that were no longer each after its own kind, in whose nostrils was also the breath of life, such as the Mesopotamian mythological figure of Enkidu52. Hence, G-d destroyed everything that drew breath, in addition to man, salvaging only those creatures He Himself had created, each of them according to their own kind with no abominable hybrids.

    Nevertheless, Noah’s sons, and perhaps even Noah himself, told their grand- children and perhaps even great-grandchildren what that pre-deluvian race of man had been like and their deeds, and how their violence, immorality and pursuit of forbidden knowledge and skills53 had corrupted the whole earth. For they must have needed to explain why they were the only men on the face of the earth, why there were no others. They must have been compelled to explain why G-d wiped out the former race of man with a flood of waters that covered the whole earth, with no creature living on dry ground escaping save those that were with Noah in the ark. O

    Doubtlessly, the stories of those genetic monstrosities became the foundation for the “gods” during Nimrod’s reign and even afterwards, especially once Babel came into existence. All the ancient kingdoms of Mesopotamia, and especially Egypt, worshipped as god those half- man half- god, half- man half- animal, half- man half- bird, creatures.

    G-d had sworn that the waters of Noah would never again deluge the earth. But He saw His hand forced once more by mankind who was again populating the earth, having to show that these abnormal creatures were no gods. He used His chosen people, the children of Israel, when preparing to lead them out of Egypt with great signs and wonders: each judgment was aimed at Egypt’s “gods”, dethroning them, in order to demonstrate to both His people and the Egyptians, as well as to all the world, that such creatures were no gods. Notwithstanding, and despite His strict command to His people not to worship these so-called “gods”, they were fascinated with them, enticed by their legends and accompanying religious rites, and routinely turned to the worship of them.

    Now, I ask, why would G-d have bothered bringing about such a terrible flood, if only the descendants of Seth and of Cain had intermarried and produced offspring? There would have been no Nephilim, no giants, nor would man have learned forbidden secrets known only to these angels and their seed. Cain became the murderer of his brother, yes, and his descendants became craftsmen and artisan of all sorts; but none possessed the power and the knowledge these angels had and their offspring to whom they passed it on. The “mighty men of renown” were not descendants of Sethite and Cainite intermarriages, but of these angelic “watcher” rebels and the human females with whom they mated. Many stories are told of the Greek god Zeus about how he disguised himself into different forms so as to mate with a beautiful human female he fancied. All of his offspring are known in Greek mythology as half-gods, as “mighty men of renown,” heroes who accomplished feats way beyond normal human capability.

    It is not the descendants of Sethite and Cainite intermarriages who are being kept in chains of nether darkness but rebel ANGELS because they crossed forbidden barriers: immortals mating with mortal human beings, an unnatural act that was absolutely forbidden and therefore a very great transgression of an immutable law. Their sin and their influence upon the pre-deluvian Adamic race forced G-d to take such drastic actions.

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    O However, it would appear that somehow some of these giants survived the flood, else Og the king of Bashan, Goliath, and Anak would not have existed, nor would the skeletons of huge giants been found having lived after the flood. G-d did not create Adam as giants, and even if there had been creatures who had evolved – for we have ample proof of humanoids such as the Neanderthal man, who had lived in caves long before Adam had been created – they most certainly don’t fall into the category of “sons of G-d.”


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    Why, then, must people insist upon their “pet interpretations”, arguing so heatedly, insisting on the understanding of their own mind, as though it were of decisive relevance regarding G-d, His salvation, Messiah and the Kingdom to come? They even go so far as to leave the Church and form their own “denomination”, another strain or brand of Christianity, for the sake of THEIR interpretation and NOT because the true Church perverted the Gospel. Christian Science54, Jehovah’s Witnesses55, and Messianic Israel Alliance56 are just a few examples of where such side-tracked understanding can lead to.

    In the final analysis, what is truly relevant and of eternal significance and value is this: TO KNOW, UNDERSTAND AND LOVE G-D! Out of and from this flows whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, gracious, of any excellence, and worthy of all praise57. It is impossible to wantonly, wickedly and rebelliously do wrong, willfully sinning, when one knows, understands and loves G-d. Obedience, walking in G-d’s ways, wanting to please and glorify Him, doing all things as unto Messiah out of love, careful about His interests and not one’s own, all flow from this basis of knowing, understanding and loving G-d. The love of the truth is a logical outcome of such an intimate relationship with G-d, and it is a shield and a buckler against all error, deception, and going astray.

    Indeed, all the doctrines and sermons and teachings and insight and understanding and wisdom and righteousness and godliness and holiness boils down to this:


    There is nothing else flesh may boast of; even the greatest miracle crusades, and raising the dead and healing the sick and working great signs and wonders amount to nothing and is but vanity before G-d unless we KNOW, UNDERSTAND AND LOVE HIM!

    This is what we need to press in to obtain, to make our own! It was not Martha of whom Yeshua said that she had chosen the good part; it was her sister Mary who FIRST sought to know, understand and love Messiah and G-d His Father, to receive from His lips the Fruit of eternal Life, the knowledge and principles, statutes, precepts and ordinances of G-d’s Kingdom. Mary focused on what is essential, wherefore Yeshua said that she had chosen the good part that would not be taken from her; while her sister had chosen what was not of primary importance, not essential, for these things come and go and pass away. Martha served the stomach, Mary learned Kingdom principles and truths pertaining to eternal life..

    Abraham is a primary, all important example to us, for although his son Isaac was of the greatest worth to him and very, very dear to his heart, he did NOT focus on Isaac but ON G-D! G-d tested His chosen, where his heart really would be, what would be of primary importance to him – G-d Almighty, or Isaac, or the promise. Abraham turned neither to the left nor to the right but proved to G-d who and what was of all-surpassing importance to him: G-d Almighty, the eternal and only Living G-d. Then, and only THEN did G-d establish His covenant He made with Abraham with an oath by His own Name and confirmed it and His promises to Isaac.

    All who claim to love and serve Messiah Yeshua yet focus on interpretations of minor importance, or new doctrines or ministry, will stray further and further from the straight and narrow path which alone leads to life everlasting in G-d’s Kingdom. For many, their ministry or interpretation has become their “god”as they persist, unaware of their error and fooled by Satan, into believing that they are actually serving Messiah, and that they do it all for His sake and the Gospel. However, their focus is not on Him and His interests, but on their interests, for having a great ministry, of being someone important, of being recognized and acknowledged as a greatly anointed and successful servant of the Lord. The central issue for them is not the Lord – but who and what they are and do in His Name.

    Paul the apostle had stated that Timothy alone was genuinely concerned with and focused on the interests of the Lord. Demas, a former fellow servant, in love with this present world, deserted Paul the bondslave of the Lord, as did other believers at a time of great trial for Paul58.

    In conclusion, “Let him who boasts, boast of the LORD.” For it is not the man who commends himself that is accepted, but the man whom the Lord commends59. Likewise, the Lord once told me not to concern myself with being recognized, acknowledged and received by men, whether believers in Yeshua or not; because where it really mattered was in heaven.

    “When your name is mentioned in heaven,” the Lord continued, “and everybody rejoices and says, ‘Oh yes, we know her, she walks wholly with the Lord!’, now that is fame, “ the Lord said, “the kind of fame that matters.”

    Hence, “I appeal to you, brethren, by the Name of our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.”60

    May this be true in your lives as well, and keep you on the straight and narrow path that leads to life everlasting in His Kingdom and His glorious city, the heavenly Jerusalem. May it keep you from turning neither to the right nor to the left but preserve in you an undivided, pure and meek heart with a pure conscience, and have you daily press on …

    Amen and Amen.


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  • ENDNOTES to What It All Boils Down To

    Page 6

    a) The following images are from the Web site, GIANTS FROM TIME PAST.

    Ancient Mesopotamien tablet depictinhg warring giants, in the left corner
    showing a human man.

    A winged giant such as a fallen angel, as the so-called “sons of G-d” were depicted in ancient history.

    Images of giants, differing in size, stating where their skeletons were found.