6- Praise report: Germany – USA 2010

  • My Trip To Germany And Texas

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    Because He Lives In Me And I In Him


    Dear friends, and visitors to the Electronic Tabernacle,Shalom shalom from Beer-Sheva. Arrived back home safely on November 11th from one month away from home. My first visit was to Osnabrueck, Germany, where I arrived at o10 Celsius (o50 Fahrenheit) after our vacation at the Red Sea at temperatures of o30 C (o86 F) – o35 C (o95 F). Talk about temperature shock! In only two more days it dropped to o2 C below zero (o28 F). Brrrr!

    Nevertheless, as the rain and clouds gave way to heavenly blue and sunshine, I braved the cold and wind and went to check on my mother’s grave in Hollage1, a pretty town belonging to the county district of Osnabrueck. Armed with a folding chair and some Burbon to warm myself up from within, I sat down by the grave. A picture of my mother, young and beautiful, with an endearing smile, is mounted into the gravestone of her choice. Looking at her picture I would talk to her, as I feel quite sure that we can be seen and heard by those in Paradise. I think that Paradise is not distant from earth as measured by miles or kilometers, but is just in another dimension adjacent to ours. Perhaps this is not scientifically correct, yet the many testimonies of people who had died and came back make this more than plausible

    For 3 days I thus visited with my mother. People, overcome by curiosity, would approach and talk with me, intruiged by my sitting there in this cold. It was a wonderful opportunity to share of my and my mother’s faith in Yeshua and about who, what and how she had been before Alzheimer’s reduced her to this pitiful, lost old woman.

    I went to see the gardener for him to know that I regularly check on the grave, and to give instructions about the care of it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with German cemeteries, graves are kept like miniature gardens, planted with seasonal flowers, blooming shrubs and small ornamental trees, often decorated moreover with little angels, bird bowls and the lamps of “eternal light”. Since my mother’s grave is in a “mixed” cemetery and not an only Jewish one, it needs to be maintained in keeping with the custom at that cemetery.

    As usual, I stayed at my friend of many years who also had been there for me at the time of my mother’s death and burial2. She pampered me and helped me with some of the tasks and shopping I needed to get done. Without her hospitality I would not be able to make this trip to Germany, as I cannot afford a hotel.

    I visited again with the “Fit Gemeinde”, a small congregation in Osnabrueck, and brought them news from Israel, in particular about the Beer-Sheva trial. I had put together 4 major prayer points – listed here very abbreviated:

    A. The unity of the Body of Messiah in Israel – a major problem: 1. Yeshua’s Prayer in John 17:20-23, for oneness of His followers; 2. Being of ONE Body, not two – 1 Cor. 12:12-27; Eph. 2:14-19; 4:4, 16; 3. being members of one another – Ro 12:4-5 .
    B. To go where our Jewish brothers (non-believers in Yeshua) go: 1. For Messianics no longer to keep separate; for how are our brethren to meet Yeshua if they can’t meet and experience Him in and by us? To realize that Messianics have not forsaken our G-d nor our fold but hold the same hope they do? A short historical overview for explanation follows; then a) to go where our brethren worship G-d and read the Scriptures – in Synagogue; b) to participate in events and activities important to our people; c) to participate in activities that unite our people.
    C. The Court-case in Beer-Sheva – Important prayer points: 1. For Judge Iddo Ruzin not to succumb to pressure, threats or bribes, but to render a just, fair and righteous judgment on behalf of the plaintiffs, and Messianics in general. 2. For the Judge to rule that Messianics have the same right of expressing their faith as Jews of various streams of Judaism have. 3. That this ruling will lead to the elimination of the law that divests Messianics of their right of return to Israel and can automatically annul their Israeli citizenship. 4. That this ruling will lead to the equal standing of Messianics with all other Jewish Israelis. 5. That this trial will bring about a greater unity among Messianic leaders and therewith among the congregations.
    D. The dividing up of G-d’s OWN Land, which is the inheritance of the Jewish people and their Messiah and King, Yeshua, Son of David: 1. Strengthening and wisdom from the Lord for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 2. Israel is best served with a strong unity government, without the meddling of ultra-orthodox parties who don’t care for the nation, only for their own constituents. 3. Praying Psalm 9:16-17, 20-21; 7:15-18 with view of the division of the Land of Israel for a Palestinian State; Ezekiel 25:15-17; 28:25-26; 34:11-16; 35:5-6, 10-13; (Edom refers to today’s Saudi Arabia; Edom was Esau’s nickname. “Esau” instead refers mainly to Gentile Christendom, especially Rome, which declared the Jewish people as rejected and claimed their inheritance for themselves [the replacement theology]). Ezekiel 36:3-15, 22-32; 37:21—23; 39:25-29

    The Osnabruecker congregation is networked with many other congregations in Germany and abroad. They promised to share the prayer points with them.


    1See Google map http://www.maplandia.com/germany/niedersachsen/weser-ems/osnabruck/hollage , and from Adenauer Allee is a straight shot up to the cemetery, visible as a large plot with lots of trees and rows of graves.
    2 See http://www.ortzion.org/images/stairwaytoheaven02.html

  • A CFNI Alumni And A Family Reunion >

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    On Oct. 19th I flew to Texas, from rainy and cold to sunny and warm. Flying with Lufthansa allows me a prolonged stay-over in Germany on my way to the States. I stayed with friends who love Israel and assisted me in ministry, and who picked me up from DFW. From Oct 21-23 Ladell and I attended the Christ For The Nations Alumni Worship Reunion. I met some old acquaintances and made some new ones.The Lord arranged for several divine connections, one in particular standing out: from day one we kept bumping into the same brother until it became too obvious to ignore. We met with him and listened to him share about his life and walk with the Lord. I sought the Lord about what He wanted us to do, but all I got at the time was to bless the man: in the Name of Yeshua and the House of David over Solomon, something I was told to do only once before.

    As we were wondering what G-d’s purpose was in meeting with Andy, I remembered him saying that for the first 7 years of his walk with the Lord he felt called to Israel. But having started a family for whom he needed to provide, he turned to what was at hand – pastoring a church. In the years that followed the call to Israel got buried under the pastoral and family responsibilities.

    “Perhaps the Lord wants us to unclog this stopped up ‘well’ of his call to Israel?” I pondered, at which point the Holy Spirit rushed on and through both of us. Yes, this was it! Hence we ministered to Andy both the blessing as well as a distinct impartation and calling. The anointing and Presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that even later at dinner table I still felt Him all over me. Glory!

    The worship at the general sessions was not quite what I had hoped and longed for, although all were skilled musicians and worship leaders3. They planned carefully every detail unto perfection, which seemed to leave little room for the Holy Spirit to be in charge. Strangely, though, during times of practice the Spirit’s Presence could be felt wonderfully. The theme was a war-type worship, going into battle against the enemy with the two-edged sword of the Word, and the sword of the Spirit, and was put on view with a sword march.

    However, when Dutch Sheets shared passionately about the burden God had placed on his heart for the United States, we experienced strong anointing filling the place. A spiritual “Woodstock” of fervent intercession for the nation and warfare-type worship is in the planning sometime in 2010, divinely inspired and confirmed with Isaiah 44:4, a plot of land of 444 acres, a street address with the number 444 for the event, and one of the planner’s child weighing 44.4 lbs. J The place is in Missouri at Poplar Bluff, near or on the Madrid Faultline5 seen here in the shape of a “dallet”, the Hebrew letter for “d”.

    My husband’s brother Rick (1 year his junior) came to pick me up from CFNI, and the afternoon and evening spent with him at his home in Carrollton was the first time in all the years we know each other, that we actually talked and shared about ourselves and our lives. It was most rewarding.

    The next day we drove to my husband’s youngest sister’s home in McKinney for a family reunion of his closest relatives. Ruth-Ann’s husband is into Real Estate and a builder4, and I was simply amazed at the size of their mansion. The family reunion was a success, and Betzalel’s sister Emmy came with the good news that the latest MRI showed her lungs cleared from cancer. She was the main reason why I had requested this get-together. I brought anointing oil from Israel and wanted to pray for her. Inexplicably I forgot to do this very thing, which greatly troubled and saddened me when I realized it. It was out of character for me to have forgotten a matter as important as anointing Emmy and praying for her healing and salvation (although I already had prayed, of course). Ladell inferred that perhaps Emmy was not ready for such a thing and that the Lord may therefore have kept me from doing this.



    Following the family reunion, Rick drove me to Farmers Branch to a dear friend I’ve known since 1977. We had so much to share and to talk about. The next morning we went to attend the service at St. Paul Lutheran Church at Webbs Chapel. I was shocked to see only a few people attending, three of whom did recognize and greet me graciously.


    3 Mike Massa, David Butterbaugh, Russ Taff, Gabriel Allred, Mary Nystrom, Brian Ming, Bryan Peterson, Sandy Childress, Keith Hulen, Marco Barrientos & Klaus Kuehn
    4 See http://www.rodwede.com/contact.html
    5 See “New Madrid Fault Beware”

  • The Almighty Is Non-Partisan; It Is Man Who Is Biased

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    When the Lord used us there as “salt” from 1975 until 1985, the Church grew and came wholly alive. Even congregants from another Church joined because of the love, joy, Presence and Spirit of the Lord felt at St. Paul. In addition to the choir and organ a band had formed, producing lively and often deeply moving worship. Frequently the church would be so full that chairs had to be brought in to seat the worshipers. People got born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit, and began to experience miracles in answer to their prayers.After we left, a wolf in sheep’s clothing came in and did not spare the flock. Now, on Reformation Sunday of October 25, 2009, the church was nearly empty, with no choir, no band, not even the organ playing, only an old, shrill sounding upright piano. L

    We left for lunch at Luby’s. One would not think this to be a place of divine connections, yet there the Lord had us meet with a Nigerian man who is an elder in T.D. Jakes’ mega church, the “Potters House” in Dallas. The man is selling his business to obey the Lord’s call into fulltime ministry, not knowing as yet what and where. As he shared about his life and call and I about my ministering in Kenya since 2005, the Holy Spirit would frequently rush upon us. We recognized our encounter was set up by Him. The continent of Africa is calling my new Nigerian friend, and I am once again the Lord’s catalyst as I was for Larry Goff. For this is the time of salvation for Africa and the season of harvesting into the Kingdom.

    In the afternoon my friend and I went to attend service at the Catholic Charismatic Community of the “Children of God’s Delight,” founded by Bobbie Cavnar, and which had been our family’s cradle from 1976 – 78. G-d taught me early on that with Him there is no regard of person, position, race or religious affiliations: I attended a Lutheran Church, was baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire in a black Church with a white pastor couple (Victory Temple in Ewing, Dallas), was an active member in this Cath. community, as well as of the Jewish community of Dallas and the beautiful Tiferet Synagogue, in obedience to the Lord’s command to return to my people and heritage.

    But what had been once a vibrant community of more than one thousand adult members (not counting youth and children), with the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit manifesting most wonderfully, all enjoying the refreshing freedom from man’s traditions and religious bondages, with brotherly love, tremendous joy and a spirit of worship permeating every gathering and our daily fellowship, had now become a dry place in comparison.

    The river has moved on, but they have remained where it used to flow over thirty years ago. Only a fraction of the former flock was there, and that jubilant joy and glorying in the Lord was conspicuously absent. I felt heartbroken, as I always remembered the Community with great affection. Now I was not even welcomed nor recognized as though I was a stranger.

    A definite closure was being made, both with St. Paul and the Community. Once they were part of my life and I of them. But I have moved on, following my Lord and His Spirit to the people and Land of my destiny – Israel.

    My friends Gary and Ladell picked me up and I stayed in their home in Arlington until they drove me Sunday, Nov. 1, to my friends Ed and Nancy in Abilene. Ladell took me shopping and to lunch with an old Israeli friend and Hebrew teacher of hers (got to talk some Hebrew). Two long-time dear friends who were with me from the beginning of my ministry came to visit with me. Ladell arranged for a meeting, held in her home, during which I shared the “Prayer Points”, ministered person to person and prayed once again – very specifically – for their CP daughter Andrea in the presence of all these witnesses. I believe the vision He granted of Andrea being fully healed will come to pass.

    On Saturday, Oct. 31 (the Scripture/Parsha portion for that beginning week being “Lech Lecha…,” of Abraham being called to “go forth” from Ur of Chaldea to a Land G-d would show him), I taught and ministered at “Build a Foundation Church” with Pastors Mario and Denese Ramos, with personal ministry to everyone afterwards. The Presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit was wonderful.

    On Nov. 1 Ed, Nancy and I drove to “The Haven” in Clyde, where believers gather for personal ministry. Each person present took turns sitting in the “hot seat,” while the others began to pray. Deborah, having a prophetic gifting, had a word or a vision for everyone; and just like last year, she was always right on. When it was my turn to sit in the “hot” chair she received a vision of which she could not possibly know the significance:

    She saw a large crowd of people waving a sea of banners to and fro, rejoicing, celebrating, holding a great “royal” celebration. She repeated it being a “royal” celebration in Israel, people waving banners joyfully, and added that it was in my honor. This vision seemed to indicate that the finding of our family’s book of generations is nearer than I thought, as well as the House and families of David 6 being presented to our people and the world at the planned, albeit delayed, Davidic Family Reunion7/a.

    I love their house in Hawley, where I enjoy the peace and tranquility of the country side. Ed is an oilman. He and Nancy drove me around the plots of land we had done a “Jericho” drive-around-7-times nearly 20 years earlier for the release of it, and the oil, into their ownership. Ed drove to a hill overlooking the whole area of land, and as I stood, stretching my hands toward it, praying and calling forth in Yeshua’s Name the land and the oil couching beneath, the Holy Spirit rushed upon and through me mightily, signifying “It is DONE!”

    We drove yet to another plot of land rumored to have a large treasure of gold buried in it from a gold transport that never arrived at its destination, and claimed the treasure for the Kingdom. G-d’s calling on Ed has remained unchanged — to serve as one of G-d’s stewards to dispense His wealth among works of the Kingdom.

    My friends also took me where I could buy nice clothes for my slimmed figure at reasonable prices, and on Friday, Nov. 6th, drove me all the way to Gary and Ladell’s home in Arlington. I splurged on buying Turkey bacon and links at Sam’s for my loved ones at home for yummy “Texas brunches”, and health food items for my next hcg diet protocol. On the 10th I flew back home.

    Altogether it were thirty wonderful days, getting refreshed, pampered, blessed and being a blessing. May much good fruit come from it for the glory of the Lord our G-d, His Son and Holy Spirit, with much thanksgiving unto Him.

    Yours in Him,


    L On Dec. 3, 2011, I received a letter from my friend who had visited St. Pauls’ with me on that Reformation Day and informed me that St. Paul had been sold to the City of Farmers Branch, who was going to turn it into a Fire Station. The destruction the wife of Pastor Peterson had sought for that church was complete. She had undone the faithful work of Pastor Overcash, and of the Holy Spirit by us. How very sad!
    6 See “Families of David”: Zechariah 12:7-8, 10, 12
    7 See “Davidic Dynasty”: http://www.davidicdynasty.org/press.php

  • The Davidic Dynasty And The Constellation Coma – Endnote



    a) There is a tiny constellation inside the constellation of Virgo, being part of it yet separate: a woman of royalty – for she sits upon a throne – holds in her hands [i.e. He is hers and she is His] Him Who is the “Desire of the Nations.” The Virgin is great, as she became the literal mother of the Son of G-d, blessed above and before all women. The woman of the constellation “Coma” (for it is NOT the “wig of Berenice”) is not an unmarried, veiled lass and is little in comparison, but – she also shall give birth – to faith in the AREEN HUIOS / SON AND HEIR OF ADULT AGE, in the hearts of many Jews, bringing forth a company of “teknon”/born-again ones (See Woman is the Sign, and the next pages; Rev. 12:4-5; “The Witness of the Stars” by E.W. Bullinger: http://philologos.org/__eb-tws😉