My Kenya Mission January 2016

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    It all began with the Lord postponing my trip from 09.12.2015 to 05.01.2016 to avoid conflict with a visiting sister at the same time. I avoided not only this potential discord but also the death and funeral of my host’s beloved wife, Peninah Simiyu Bera. I was shocked that her passing would have occurred precisely during my visit had I not postponed my trip. I had so fervently petitioned the Lord for her complete healing as she was a pillar in Christopher Simiyu-Bera’s home, ministry, in the church and community. Her departure leaves a huge gap, very difficult to fill.

    I suddenly became aware of the strange “co-incidences” of deaths every time just before my arrival. Peninah’s was the 5th funeral, and funerals being such big and elaborate events in Africa, ate up all the funds Simiyu-Bera had set aside for my visit.

    The Lord had clearly said to invite only the shepherds – pastors, bishops and teachers – for a 4 day conference where I would teach about the Bride of Messiah and the Rapture, as explained in my book awaiting publication. This is a very complex, detailed teaching that I would offer the shepherds on DVD’s. I made 150 copies, for that many shepherds had confirmed their coming.

    In addition to this, I would give a 3-day seminar in Eldoret and minister at several churches. I had the plane tickets and a full schedule – but no funds to host 150 ministers. We needed to rent one or two homes to house them, mattresses for them to sleep on, chairs for the humble church where the conference was to be held, busses to bring those without cars, and groceries to feed everyone 3 meals a day.

    I came before the Lord with my “Gideon’s fleece: should the funds arrive before my scheduled trip, I would take this as divine confirmation of this mission which, according to the Lord, was not only for Kenya but for the Church at large in Africa. If no funds turned up in advance of the trip, I would consider the mission cancelled for the time being.

    My husband had just gone into retirement for which he received a generous severance pay. Then the Lord said, “The tithe from this will pay for your Africa mission and for your trip to the States.” The Lord had replied to my Gideon’s fleece. Although there were many other needs, I was to spend half of this tithe to feed 150 shepherds with ‘meat’ from the Word of G-d.

    When I arrived in Eldoret my luggage did not arrive with me. The check-in clerk in Nairobi had put a sticker on my luggage with instructions to take if off in Kisumu, the Fly540 airline making the round trip Nairobi-Kisumu-Eldoret-Nairobi. Nevertheless, I finally claimed my luggage and the fear of G-d so came upon the manager of the airport in Eldoret and at the Nairobi domestic terminal that they sent my belongings to me in Webuye that same day. It led to instant “airport fame.”

    I arrived on Wednesday, January 6th; on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I ministered the Word of total forgiveness and G-d’s way out of poverty, a word desperately needed for the healing of the churches. The shepherds arrived on Monday, January 11th. They sat with Bera in front of the house, chatting, laughing, fellow shipping.

    The next day the conference began; but where were those 150 shepherds?

    That same evening when the brethren sat with Bera fellowshipping at the house, disturbing, sidetracking news reached them: the 20-year-old son of one of the bishops had suddenly died. Immediately, most of the brethren left to help the father take the body and learn the cause of death which turned out to be poisoning. They all stayed for the funeral of several days and never returned. Only about 30-40 ministers chose to stay for the conference.

    The Word which I repeated many times in my meetings – “Many are called and eligible, but few are chosen and qualify” – manifested before our very eyes, etching into our minds the importance of seeking the Lord first for what to do, when, where and how, and whom we choose to follow. There was a young man whom the Lord had called to follow Him. But the young man replied, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” Now this is a good and righteous act, wholly expected by all for a son to do for his father. But Yeshua said to him, “Follow Me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim the Kingdom of G-d.”[1] Yeshua also said, “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad and easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”[2]

    The Lord had prepared a banquet from His Word, but two thirds of the shepherds chose to follow after death, and only one third chose to remain and partake at the Lord’s banqueting table. For although we are foreknown, predestined and called, not all of us will be justified and glorified, disqualifying ourselves with our own choices.[3]

    Many of those who chose to stay were women, who received the teaching with great joy and gratefulness. They reminded me of the Lord’s Word in Psalm 68:11-12 [NAS]: “The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings [of victory] are a great host;” the word in Hebrew being “tzava,” which means army, and hence implies warriors, soldiers. Yes, indeed many are the women in our days who proclaim the good tidings of Yeshua’s victory for our salvation, and even those who remain at home but support this “tzava” will share in the spoil.

    [1] Matthew 8:21-22; Lk 9:59-62

    [2] Mattjew 7:13-14;

    [3] Matthew 22:14; Romans 8:29-30

  • A-Precious-Gift

    Yes, there are many conferences, so why was this one to be any different? Just as a humble wooden cradle worth hardly $ 1 contained the most precious heavenly gift ever bestowed upon mankind, so this unpretentious conference brought a message, invaluable in regard to either qualifying for the Bride or standing outside, the door to the wedding feast closed.

    Those who faithfully attended all 2-hour sessions – two in the morning and one after lunch, with Bera closing the day by summing up the teachings – were given the DVD with the book of the whole teaching. Despite the lowliness of the place the Holy Spirit was there with great anointing and powerful personal ministry, even some personal prophetic words and impartations with the laying on of hands and anointing. But we also had a tremendous downpour which flooded the church building, turning the dirt floor into mud and ending the day’s sessions.

    While ministering in Eldoret at the 3-days seminar[1] the police chief of Webuye, bribed by county officials in charge of the Pan Paper estate, locked up Bera’s house located on Pan Paper land, with the children, women and their little ones evicted. The house was opened up again before we returned, but after my departure on January 26 the house was again locked, with the family left outside and their humble belongings inside. With the support of brethren who know him, Bishop Bera was able to rent another house but the family has been without change of clothes, unable to wash, to cook, without beds to sleep in. Bera now requires extra funds for a lawyer to obtain a court order to open the house, retrieve their belongings and move to the new house. Apparently, county officials [who have replaced the mayor and city council] have chosen Webuye as the site for their offices and are determined to evict all Pan Paper residents from the Pan Paper estate.

    I have always come to Kenya during the dry season, yet somehow rain seems to follow me. It did also this time. Then I remembered that the Name of Yeshua is above every name being named on earth, under the earth and in the heavenly realms, and took authority over this unseasonal rain in Yeshua’s Name, and it stopped. Much of the opposition and troubles I and Bishop Bera face when the Lord sends me to Kenya is due to witchcraft. Ever since I snatched a whole village and their elders from witchcraft to come to Yeshua, and a witch and her whole family repenting and kneeling to receive Yeshua after our team witnessed to them in 2011, those still practicing witchcraft get very active as soon as they hear of my coming which, unfortunately, cannot be kept secret.

    The Lord also prompted me to buy an engine [a good, 2nd hand one] for the Mitsubishi Pajero a retiring missionary had given Bera. (However, a 16 year old relative of Bera, who had no drivers license, secretly drove the Pajero and in the course of it ruined the engine). For Bera’s eldest son, Mike, who turned 30 on the day of my arrival, the Lord had me donate funds for a laptop as his birthday present. The Pajero and laptop are indispensable right now for the work of the ministry and the follow-up with the pastors and bishops who attended the conference and seminar.

    I am much in demand in Africa, many pastors and bishops requesting Bera to bring me to their churches, as they hear the praise reports following my visits. Despite the miracle of funds for this particular mission there just seems never enough to be able to minister in all those countries requesting me to come. We prophets of the Lord are the hidden ones who are not on the list of donors supporting those prophets who put on a “prophetic show” to entertain the “Laodiceans.”

    Besides, I can no longer handle anymore endless hours of driving over roads plagued with potholes; we would need to go by plane. I have put this need before the Lord. It is He Who has given me this work in Africa for the Body of Messiah there, and for preparing the Maasai (they are the other half tribe of Menasseh, living in Kenya) to be led back one day into the Promised Land.

    May the priceless teachings Abba gave me for His Africans serve His plan and purpose of transforming the Church in Africa, and furnish the disciples with the whole armor of G-d, in Yeshua’s Name, for the glory of G-d the Father, His Son and Holy Spirit, and very much thanksgiving unto Him. Amen & Amen!


    [aka Elinor]

    P.S. As soon as I have received the videos I will place this letter, with pictures and videos, and the profile of Bishop Christopher W. Simiyu-Bera on “The Virtual Tabernacle.”

    [1] Day 1: New commandment of love; being one with each other as the Father and the Son are One; G-d’s way out of poverty, concluding with 1 Cor. 13; Day 2: Marriage as instituted by G-d; how male and female differ and why; sex in marriage as G-d created it; Day 3: Who is the Bride; and when and how does the Rapture take place. I was wholly exhausted after this.

  • Kenya Conference 2016 Photo Album

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    After the conference, when the people were waiting on the grounds of Bishop Bera’s home for the busses to take them home, the choir from Mt. Elgon sang some songs for me, their way of thanking me for having come this long way to bring this great blessing from the Lord to them. It were praise songs in Swahili, and as usual, Africans don’t merely sing – they perform the song they are singing. The word “mungu” – pronounced “moongu” means “G-d.”

    I just was made aware [22-02-16] of what is written on the T-shirt of the young man to the left in the 2 videos. Without a doubt the young man is totally unaware of the meaning of those words [the English of most is very limited] nor does he know anything of the vile movie it refers to, just as I was totally unaware of those words and what they refer to. I will not let a T-shirt with those stupid words undo the performance of those precious songs performed for me out of love and gratitude toward me and the Lord. Enjoy the videos and ignore that stupid T-shirt.


  • Bishop Bera’s Unfinished House

    Praying for volunteers skilled in construction to come and help complete the house, and funds for the material and equipment. Bera was given an ultimatum: either start building immediately on this property that was given to him, or the government authorities would seize it to build on it. He had no funds to purchase the material, to rent equipment, to pay skilled workers. He literally built by faith. As can clearly be seen from the pictures, Bera’s helpers were not skilled in construction, but he had no choice – build now or lose that property!​

    We are trusting that G-d will send 4-6 able and skilled men who can pay their own way and will get this house done. It will be a wonderful adventure and great experience for them, as well as a marvellous testimony to G-d’s faithfulness in Webuye and throughout the region.