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  • A Kenyan Wedding And Ministry December 2013

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    Shalom, shalom, and blessings in our Lord Yeshua, and in His and our Father, the Holy One of Israel, for the new year 2014 to both near and far, friends and brethren.

    I really did not think I was going to Kenya this year. I did not feel at ease to go, nor did I have the funds for it. But I was prayed in – literally, by Apostle Christopher Simiyu Bera (see also his testimonial), his family, and by the bishops and pastors he oversees.

    In several of his emails he kept inviting me to the wedding of his eldest daughter Lucy, saying that the wedding just could not be without me as the guest of honor and main speaker. It was to be on Saturday, December 7th. I put the matter before the Lord. He answered:

    “It is your choice. I am not sending you. You are free to choose to go or not…”

    But then He said, encouragingly, “Go… Go! … I’ll keep you and protect you. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.”

    So what was I to do then – choose not to go?

    Hence I called my travel agent, and that very day the cost of the round trip Tel Aviv-Addis Ababa-Nairobi-Eldoret on December 5th dropped by $ 360. Abba’s way of smiling at me for accepting to go.

    I got my visa for Kenya into my American passport at the Embassy in Tel Aviv, and somewhere on the trip to Nairobi lost the passport. Fortunately I had also my Israeli passport with me (we are allowed dual citizenship), but had to pay for a new visa. My passport never got found. I called the Embassy in Nairobi to cancel it lest I suffer identity theft.

    At the Eldoret airport I was greeted by very happy Bera family members, and off we drove over innumerable bumps in the road (to prevent people from driving too fast) to Webuye (see map Saturday was the big day. A long procession of cars drove up to the wedding hall, where the best men and bride maids accompanied groom and bride into the hall, dancing all the way (see the pictures of “A Kenyan Wedding” at [1] ). I gave the teaching on marriage the Lord had given me in 1979 in answer to my cry for help – a subject ‘hush-hush’ in the Kenyan churches -, which had saved a good number of marriages in the States. Apostle Bera received days afterwards testimonies of saved marriages, of husbands and wives appreciating each other anew. The young couple thanked me profusely when we met again at the Nairobi airport on the day of my departure. It was the Lord Who instituted marriage and everything with and of it He called “very good.” (Gen. 1:31)

    December 12th was Kenya’s 50th year of Independence from the British. It is Kenya’s “Jubilee” year. And the Lord declared that He would minister “liberty to the captives” this year by me.

    The first 2 days I ministered in 2 churches in Webuye on a very personal level, to get everybody to experience Yeshua more intimately. With tears they embraced Him with a new found love and zeal. The children I encouraged to hug Yeshua in me. After initial shyness they almost squeezed the dear life out of me. And it began to rain, although it was supposed to be the “dry season.”

    The day of our first meeting in Eldoret it poured. This has happened every time I have come to Kenya that the rain follows me, ever since the Lord rescued by me a whole village from witchcraft. We eventually realized what was involved here and came against it and bound those forces. The rain promptly stopped.

    The messages the Lord had given me for His Kenyan churches were “Obedience is better than Sacrifice”; “Total Forgiveness leads to total Freedom”; “Who we are in Yeshua”; “Tithe & Offerings – G-d’s way out of poverty.” I also taught on water baptism and baptism with the Holy Spirit, as both are not really being understood what they represent and why they are needed. Many received the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

    In Eldoret I ministered twice daily for 2 days and one more morning before we returned to Webuye. Bishops and pastors from Eldoret and surrounding areas attended, even as far as from Mt. Elgon, to hear the “prophetess from Israel” teach and preach. The Holy Spirit led to repent of disunity, unforgiveness, and of the many things in their hearts that hinder believers to grow in Yeshua and having their prayers heard and answered. There was weeping and afterwards a hug session of loving Yeshua in each other.

    The constant rain had turned the roads in this Eldoret slum into terrible mud, leaving the car’s tires without traction, and Bera got sick from the cold, sleeping on a mattress on the floor without a blanket. The next 2 days I ministered in Kakamega twice daily to pastors and bishops and women leaders who received the Word of Truth with great joy. Allowing the Holy Spirit to freely move through me I felt like being “poured out,” the Lord’s passion, love, intensity and intimacy touching their very hearts and lives. They were eager to take the teachings to their flocks, and Bera was so fired up by them he preached on it some more in Swahili.

    At all of the meetings I had wonderful interpreters whom I told to “preach” alongside me in Swahili the message they hear me give in English, rather than trying to translate word for word. Although most Kenyans understand some or most English, “preached” interpretation is far more effective.

    In Nakuru – after we seemed to have driven that long and torturous way in vain because the person who was supposed to have arranged the meeting for which we cancelled the third day in Kakamega disappeared – we went with the pastor to the market place where I witnessed to the people that Yeshua lives, having seen Him 3 times. A large number of people received Yeshua, including many children.

    In Malava I taught a Bible students class on discipleship, which linked like a wheel into a wheel into the lesson their teacher had just given them. One cannot prepare such things but G-d… Unfortunately, I could not finish the second session as I was overcome with nausea from the tea and food we were served at lunch. We returned to Malava the next day for a youth conference at a Bible College upon the request of the bishops and teachers there. The large hall was full with young people who laughed at my being thrilled to get to minister to them. I shared my testimony as part of making Yeshua very real to them Who accepts and loves everyone where ever he/she is at.

    On the way back we stopped at a tiny place of a recently founded church. We were greeted by several bishops and young men standing at the wall to our right and young girls standing to our left. They were going to sing to us. Never did I expect to encounter one of the most wonderful choirs I’ve ever heard, efficiently led by a musically untrained man who claimed his gifting to be from G-d. I heartily encouraged and exhorted them to not stay hidden but to go forth and sing across Kenya, even all of Africa.

    Who would have thought to find this treasure in such a tiny way-out place?

    Upon the bishops and pastor’s request I gave a short teaching on “G-d does not need our help,” using the story of Abraham & Sarah, Jacob & Rebekkah as an example, who had feared G-d might be too late to fulfill His promise.

    Bera cancelled the next day’s meeting as I was exhausted from the Lord pouring me out like this into the churches, into their lives. I slept almost all day and all night, and woke up refreshed the next day, a Sunday. Our dear friend and brother, Herman Kasili, pastoring a church he founded in Webuye, had dreamt the night before that I was to minister in his church. He prayed and shared with Bera the dream. I ministered at both morning services, once again making Yeshua “real” for the youth and for the adults. Especially the Mammas “ate” every word of “Who we are in Yeshua,” rejoicing in getting “to see” themselves the way G-d sees us. The people experienced their own “transfiguration,” and moreover received the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

    In closing I would like to quote a post (his English edited by me) by Lukas Maina, Pastor of Gospel Deliverance Church in Eldoret, because it is prophetic, posted on my Facebook timeline, although I had not even ministered in his church only a few hundred meters from the one where I was:

    December 25

    Thanks, my sister, for your kindness and prayers! It is great for me to be connected with great saints from Israel. May the almighty God bless Israel as a nation! I love praying for Israel as the nation!… We gospel deliverance church say, thanks my sister and may the Lord bless; thanks for accepting the divine call, and coming to equip the saints in our nation Kenya. We praise the Lord for your international ministry of outreach! Like a spring of fresh waters, the fresh waters will break forth to the whole nation of Kenya, and to the continent of Africa from your ministry. Many will drink and be refreshed, from the spring of Abraham’s seed … What the Lord put in your heart, no man may try to enclose that in a box!!! The enemy cannot stop that!! For the springs of the fresh water shall surely flow, and we from Africa shall quench our thirst… We need your ministry in Kenya! Be blessed! Thanks for preaching to our slum, you were a great testimony happening in our village, after you prayed and left. May the Lord bless you. Come again! We love you and pray for your ministry. The well of living and natural waters that have sprung up in Israel’s desert, in the city of Beer-Sheva where Abraham’s well is, have made their way even to Kenya. Lukas Maina knows nothing of our “Spring Up O Well” conference in April of this year 2013 in Beer-Sheva, and what the Lord promised and accomplished at that time. May the prophetic words of Lukas Maina come true for all of Kenya and Africa.

    Throughout the 35 years of ministry in the Lord’s service it has pleased Him to send me to the ones described in 1 Corinthians 1:(22-25), 26-31, regardless in which nation, of what race. As I was watching Joyce Meyers ministering to a packed sports-stadium auditorium, I thought of the slums, the poor, the lowly, the market places, the “way-out-yonder” people and churches the Lord would visit by me and pour me out for them, and all I could cry is: “Oh Lord my G-d, I want to know and understand you! I want to be one with You and Your Body as You and the Father are One! I in You and You in me! I want to keep your new commandment (John 15:34-35) and live according to 1 Corinthians 13, for You to be glorified in me. I have no greater goal!”

    This is my prayer for all of you, dear beloved friends and brethren, for this new year 2014, and for the times and seasons still to come.

    Yours in Yeshua,
    Annelore [aka Elinor] www.ortzion.org

    A letter to one of my faithful supporters of 30 years: When in Webuye, I am always the only white person the people get to see. And somehow they got the idea that every white person is a “missionary” and comes with a load of money from abroad. They still seem not to know that I am not being supported by a church system. Hence, the moment they see me they think that now my friend, Apostle Christopher Bera, is “swimming” in money, and immediately either raise the rent for the house they live in, or, as this time, they cut off the electricity and presented him with an electric bill on December 9th that wasn’t due until December 29th. So, there we were, sitting in the dark, with candle lights and a kerosene lamp. But we needed the electricity, the more as all of Kenya was celebrating its 50th year of independence from the Brits. Every Kenyan wanted to be able to watch the news, including us.

    So, as I sat talking to the Lord, He said, “You got it!”

    “I got what, Lord?”

    “The money.” “???”

    “For the electric bill.”

    “But Lord, I need that money to pay for renting the car!”

    “The rent is not due yet, this bill is.”

    “But Lord…!”

    He seemed to smile. “But Lord, that would force me to use my American credit card, and I really did not want to get into debt again.”

    “It will be alright. Take care of this now.” Well, and that was that! So, 29,800 Kenyan Shillings is $ 345.70. That’s the electric bill. The rent of the car for 14 days was 45,000 Kenyan Shillings = $ 521, and that does not yet cover the several thousand Shillings for gasoline to take us to all the meetings.

    Hence, YES, your gift is highly appreciated, since I do not have $$$ and got to buy them with our Israeli Shekels, which is always at a loss. But since the Lord said it would be alright, then this would mean that He has already some source(s) from which to meet those expenses. You know, Teri, those of us “hidden prophets” who are being sent out by Abba but do not have a TV ministry or evangelistic outreach or a home church wealthy enough to support us, we just don’t get the financial backing for the work we do in our Lord’s service. You are one of the few who still think that my work for the Kingdom is worth supporting. May the Lord bless and reward you for your faithfulness.


    Your support is received with much thankfulness. All donations please send to:
    Or Tzion, Inc.
    c/o Annelore Rasco
    P.O. Box 3213
    84131 Beer-Sheva

  • A Good Testimonial For Kenyan Work 2013

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    A Letter from Apostle Christopher Simiyu BERA, January 12, 2014

    Dear prophetess Ann,

    Shalom shalom. I salute you in the Name our Lord Yeshua, hoping that you are doing fine after the great work you did here in Kenya. May God bless you – may He bless you in abundance for sacrificing your time and your money to come and minister to our people. I want to tell you that I have received testimonies from all the churches we went to with you: the Pastors confirmed to me that new members have joined their Churches and spiritual growth is being experienced. They are also practicing what you taught and now we have seen fruits of forgiveness, love and giving on Friday. More than 5 pastors came in my house and we had a good time with them praying together, praying for the work that you did and thanking God for the great harvest and spiritual awakening in the ministry. It was then that they were giving me testimonies what is happening in their churches. Some members were filled with the Holy Spirit after we left, and they thank God for that.

    Otherwise I read your Email and we thank God for all the information and for the good work you are doing in the Kingdom of God. We love you so much. You are very, very important in our lives because you are someone who shows us the way to heaven in very practical ways. You are a very important person in our lives and we can not forget to thank God for you and to thank you. We have stated decrees from the Word for 2014 and we are looking forward for great things to happen in our lives and also in our Ministry. When I was reading in the book of Joel 2:25-27 I was very encouraged; I know God will restore everything the Devil has stolen. The health of my wife, and the property of the ministry. Moreover, God reminded me of His promise in the book of Deuteronomy 15:6. He said he will bless us as He promised His people. So I want to say that no matter what happens, God will not put His people to shame or allow His enemies to rule over them again. He is the God of Israel and there is no other God Who should be worshiped and be glorified on earth and in heaven. He alone is the most high God.

    I would like to urge you to continue standing with us in prayer concerning the school fees because Alex and Phyllis passed their exams with flying colors, with excellent marks. And they are expecting to join school again next month. Also, pray for me about the house, constructing the house because as I told you, they have sold the Company (Panpaper, the largest paper producing company in Kenya) and anytime now they can tell us to move out of the house. Right now I don’t know what I can do and where to go because, as you know, we have moved from house to house, into many houses. This situation has made me fast again for 7 days, seeking the Lord to give me direction. I know, through your prayers and those of other friends that the Lord will not put me to shame in my hope and trust. He will provide a solution once and forever. Concerning the church we are also trusting God to move the church from that place to the plot. Hence, these are major prayer requests I am voicing before the Lord, and you also voice them to our Lord.

    Thank you so much for the good picture you posted on my timeline on FB: they were very beautiful. May God bless you, and receive warm greetings from my family, Kenyan friends and the Church at large, wishing you a fresh beginning in the Year 2014 with your family and all the friends in Israel, not forgetting our dear sister in the Lord – Phyllis – and her family; may God bless her so much.

    Am looking forward to hear from you.
    Your son in the Lord
    Apostle Chris







    1 Bride maids in blue outfits, with Lucy’s sister Miriam (first to the left), 2nd eldest, in the lead.
    2 Bride maids in orange outfits
    3 Youngest bride maids in brown outfits
    Waiting in the Bera home for the bride getting ready…
    5 … and more waiting…
    6 To the right Lucy’s sister Shiro, 3rd eldest – waiting 🙂
    7 Four of the best men
    8 Martin Bera with family friend George from Nairobi
    9 Pastor Mike (my wonderful interpreter who “preached” alongside me in Swahili) with wife and kid, and my fellow “whitey” – Tim from Finland, who came as a volunteer to Kenya and was guest at the Bera’s when I arrived. We had some great conversations.
    10 True African outfits
    11 Life without mobile phone has become unthinkable even in Africa.
    12 Daddy Chris Bera with grandson Jr. at his left and nephew at his right in front of his rented home, preparing for the bridal train.
    13 The bridal car arrived
    14 Bride Lucy carried into the car.
    15 Bridal procession standing ready
    16 Filming crew up front, with onlookers lining the road filled with potholes that don’t seem to ever get repaired.
    17 Driving through the Panpaper neighborhood.
    18 Hanging around at place of wedding
    19 Mingling…
    20 Getting bridal procession organized. The girl to the right is Phyllis, youngest sister of Lucy.
    21 Ben Bera (right), Lucy’s 2nd eldest brother with adopted brother Nick, 2nd from left.
    22 The bridal procession proceeds toward the wedding hall – dancing all the way 🙂
    23 Bride Lucy surrounded by her bride maids
    24 Pretty bride Lucy
    25 Handsome groom Tyras
    26 Tyras dancing – even his tongue does 😉
    27 The wedding hall
    28 The acting bishop leading the groom’s procession
    29 The youngest “best men”
    30 Groom and best men standing awaiting the bride



    31 Bridal procession entering
    32 The youngest bride maids dancing
    33 Pastor friends performing as MC’s, did very well & with humor
    34 Lucy’s parents bring her to Tyras.
    35 Marriage vows by Tyras
    36 Marriage vows by Lucy. Unfortunately, the pictures of the ensueing exchange of rings didn’t turn out good.
    37 After exchange of rings partaking of the cup
    38 Acting bishop’s exhortation about marriage.
    39 Bishop Gabriel (left, at whose wedding and inauguration 2 years ago I also ministered) and elder bishops looking on.
    40 G-d’s blessings prayed and released over the couple. Following the blessing I was ushered in as the main speaker. According to many testimonies days after the wedding my teaching on marriage, which I had received from the Lord in the late 1970’s, healed several marriages and changed some husbands’ understanding and attitude. This teaching has proven a healer in many marriages, even a restorer of love and commitment.
    41 Tyras signing marriage contract.
    42 Witnesses signing marriage contract
    43 Happy couple, best friend Maureen at Lucy’s side
    44 Lucy, and some adornments I brought, in her hair.
    45 The wedding hall was filled to the last chair. Mama & Daddy Bera sitting with the children.
    46 All that cake! A “tree” of cakes 🙂
    47 Time to cut the cake. The pieces are then brought to all the guests of honor to taste.
    48 Mutual cake tasting.
    49 The cake cutting and tasting is followed by a long line of well wishers, bringing presents to help the young couple establish their household. Afterwards dinner was served for which a large number of chickens were roasted and a whole cow cut up for beef dishes.
    50 Picture taking with friend Annelore (were at least 3 or 4 cameras) LOL. I’m standing between Lucy & Tyras, Jonas (a dear old friend) kneeling in front of us.
    51 Sorry, I don’t know – or remember – the names of everybody
    52 Bridal party foto session
    53 With George and friends
    54 The couple and I


    1 Approaching Nairobi Yomo Kenyatta airport with Kenya Airways.
    2 As above
    3 On the tarmac.
    4 Gotta walk across the tarmac to the baggage claim.
    5 Yomo Kenyatta Nairobi airport birds view
    6 Front view of international arrival terminal.
    7 Departure hall for international flights
    8 The international arrival terminal was totally burnt out on August 7, 2013. It is still not known what caused the fire but it is assumed to have been a terror act. No wonder I had not felt at ease to go to Kenya and was especially uneasy about being at the Kenyatta airport.
    9 In Eldoret, at Pastor Ronald Mangeni’s church, whom the Lord had put on my heart in particular. Here I’m holding the Kenyan flag with Pastor Obed Maina Nyakundi, who is also a gifted singer and blessed us with some of his songs.
    10 The Kenyan flag was everywhere because the nation celebrated her 50th year of independence from the British. It is their “golden year of jubilee”. The Kenyan flag’s emblem depicts a traditional Maasai shield and two spears which symbolizes the defense of freedom
    The flag of Kenya was adopted on December 12, 1963
    11 My interpreter at this Eldoret church.
    12 I ministered twice daily for 2 days, and one more morning. It needs to be understood that a session/service in African churches is not limited to 30-45 minutes, but can easily go for 2 hours and longer. I never preached or ministered less than 1 hour, usually 1 1/2 – 2 hours. There have been times I ministered up to 5 hours (personal ministry for healings, etc.), and one time I preached for a solid 4 hours – LOL
    13 Obed & my interpreter. Origin and meaning of the flag: The flag of Kenya originates from the Kenya African National Union. Known as the KANU, it is a political party that ruled Kenya for almost 40 years since its independence from the British colonizers rule in 1963 until its electoral loss at the end of 2002. Before 1960 when it was renamed, it was known to be the Kenya African Union. The colors symbolize the black majority, red for the blood that was shed during the struggle for independence, and the color green for the nation’s land. The color white fimbriation was added after a while. It signifies peace. The colors black, red and white traditionally is a Maasai shield and two spears symbolize the protection from all the things that are catastrophic.
    14 Our hosts in Eldoret, Bishop Ruven & wife. She fixed me a Mexican omelette for breakfasts. For dinner we had chicken, greens and rice. Their house does not have running water nor a shower nor a toilette to sit down on. They have to bring their water from outside into storage barrels
    15 I slept in their storage room in which they have a guest bed. Having to go about 3x at night to the potty, the crouching down over the hole always causes me difficulty as I am not that flexible anymore 😉
    16 Now that’s what you call smiles. Aren’t they just beautiful? To the left is Pastor Mike, my wonderful interpreter, with Ruven & wife. I love seeing those bright white teeth shining out of their dark faces. Kenyans are a particularly handsome, good looking people.
    17 The church in the Kakamega province, way out in the country side as usual 🙂
    18 Green land and fields behind the church building. Kenya is very green and beautiful, that is why the third bar in their flag is green.
    19 Front yard of the church during a break after the 1. session. The blue Pajero is the car I rented for us to have means of transportation. My host, Apostle Bera, does not have a car, although he is in desperate need of one like this Pajero because he travels across Africa to minister.
    20 My eager and very attentive “students”
    21 Some of the bishops and pastors
    22 Some of the Mammas with Beninah Bera in the middle
    23 Beninah, the leading woman standing and Mammas.
    24 Beninah and lead woman standing on a huge rock. There are huge bolders of rock all over that landscape.
    25 Teaching in Kakamega town in a large church a class of Bible students.
    26 Finishing 1. session. Couldn’t finish 2. session because got overwhelmed with nausea from the tea and food served at lunch.
    27 My stomach did not agree with the tea and those beans – and ejected it all 🙁
    28 A Bible College in Malaba in Kakamega province, where this tall bishop (in charge of several churches in the province) took us for me to speak at their youth conference. Next to him stand a bishop and a teacher.
    29 The bishop and I, Beninah and Martin Bera, brother of Apostle Chris. Martin has a servant’s heart, always willing and ready to serve, to help, to fix things, and that always with a smile and – without pay! Try that in some of the Western nations!
    30 Sitting with Beninah among the students after my session. Some of the students already left for the break.


    Baptism-withHoly-Spirit_0684 Baptism-with-HolySpirit_0686 bariki-Beninah+I_0647
    31 Another angle of that large hall that was packed full with young people.
    32 At the tiny church on our way out from Malaba. Opposite the young men stood the girls at the other wall, and together surprised me with being one of the most wonderful choirs I’ve ever heard.
    33 The man in the white shirt and crossed arms is the director of this amazing choir, himself untrained in music yet gifted by G-d to raise up those young singers.
    34 It was the tall bishop behind me who founded this tiny church only 7 weeks before and who took us there. Who would have thought to find such a rare treasure in this inconspicuous, tiny place? Hmmm… wasn’t there an inestimable treasure somewhere hidden away in a manger in a stable?
    35 Apostle Christopher Bera & wife Beninah. He has ministered already in 20 African nations and receives constantly requests to come. He needs support from people who have the Lord’s vision and heart for Africa because – NOW IS THE TIME OF SALVATION FOR AFRICA!!! And Bera is one of the Lord’s chosen vessels to gather in that huge harvest! The Lord calls him a “father to Africa!” And that he is!
    36 At Pastor Rev. Herman Kasili’s church in Webuye. Congregants lined up for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It were mainly women who came forward.
    37 Some need a little encouragement to open their mouth and let the Holy Spirit speak and pray through them in another tongue than English, Swahili or their tribal language.
    38 The baptism with the Holy Spirit is received the same way as salvation in Yeshua – by faith! Many believers do not know how to relate to the Holy Spirit as the Third and very distinct Person of G-d, being One and yet – distinct. For this reason I always demonstrate the unique Oneness of our G-d with a man, this time with Kasili: everybody could see and testify that he is but ONE SINGLE man and not 4 men, and yet – he is a son, a husband, a father, and a brother, and none of these aspects of his one person may be transgressed or exchanged. They are unique and distinct, and at a family gathering one would be able to see him manifest these distinct aspects: as a son to his parents, husband to his wife, father to his children, and brother to his siblings. He may not act as a husband toward his daughter or as a son toward his wife, etc. Everybody understood then G-d’s unity after my demonstration.
    39 “Barikiyua! Barikiyua!” Beninah and I and others not in the picture were sending blessings on each other – “Be blessed! Be blessed!” it is a very popular thing to do in Kenyan churches, especially during praise and worship.
    40 Kasili got the floor in his church cemented and colored, which makes it more comfortable to move about. There are no upholstered chairs but at least some comfortable plastic chairs.
    41 Kenyans don’t take it so particular with time. Time is a flexible matter – it is whenever – LOL. So, eventually the chairs all filled up. After service the chairs are stacked and transported into a storage place so they won’t get stolen. Kasili is interpreting for me here.
    42 Kasili & wife were expressing their appreciation and honoring me, and I felt humbled and embarassed.
    43 Don’t remember what Kasili and I are saying here, but his wife is interpreting.
    44 Receiving free-will love offerings, resulting from my teaching on “Tithe and Offerings – G-d’s way out of poverty.”
    45 Devoting the offering to the Lord to sanctify it. The Lord had me give this later to Beninah rather than to her husband 😉
    46 Greeting everybody outside after the service.
    47 The front of the church building Kasili began 2 years ago, when there was nothing but a tin roof only.
    48 Big hugging session with the women who all wanted to hug both me as well as Yeshua inside of me. The Africans REALLY did catch on to that and freely used the opportunity to hug their Lord, what they so desired to do, something that is personal and immediate, not far away and aloft. It made some of them cry out loud for joy, others would shake and tremble. They were hugging THEIR LORD! 🙂 <3
    49 Beninah, I and a leading woman.
    50 Beninah, I, and the Mammas who loved and rejoiced in their own “transfiguration” (see my report”)
    51 They all wanted a picture with me and Beninah
    52 A little girl joined us.
    53 Benjamin Bera (Nickname ‘Timbo’), the younger of their 2 sons. This young man is a giver, a servant and one who LOVES fixing things 🙂
    54 Martin Bera, with Phyllis Bera and Daddy & Mama Bera’s grandson, Jr.
    55 The bed I slept in with the mosquito net
    56 No wall-to-wall carpet, no fancy easy chair or fine table but I had all I needed in the room that otherwise is the Bera’s bedroom.
    57 A rainbow (actually it were 2 rainbows but it doesn’t show in this picture) on my last day in Webuye, taken from the backyard of Bera’s house.