5b – Praise report: Kenya photo album 2008

  • Kenya Photo Album 2008 – Home Away From Home

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    1 Gospel Lighthouse Church, Nairobi;
    2 Rusama Villa Guesthouse+Manager Karemeri;
    3 Bishop Wanjala, Pastor Amukoa, me, Bera
    4 easycoach bus station in Nairobi;
    5 2007 post-election destruction at bus station;
    6 West-Kenya’s beautiful landscape
    7 Peninah Bera, helpers +5 of the 19 children;
    8 north-side of rented house (KSh 7,000 monthly);
    9 Entrance-porch, grandfather (95 yrs) + Josephine
    10 Entrance-gate + wash-trough in front;
    11 living-room, left side from dining area;
    12 dining-room with service window from kitchen
    13 kitchen cooking area over charcoal stoves;
    14 kitchen-counter, sink, running water+storage room;
    15 My bed with mosquito net, window west side
    16 My room closet;
    17 My shower-room with flushing toilet;
    18 Helpers Mama Josephine + Kathryn
    19 Helpers Samy+Joshua in front of storage room;
    20 Road to orphanage Lupao full of potholes;
    21 Orphans at Lupao singing for us
    22 Orphanage mother serving us lunch;
    23 Pastoring the orphans – Pastor Paul;
    24 Boys’ bedroom (15 to a room)
    25 Spreading sheets to dry mais on it;
    26 Orphanage ox during wash day;
    27 Orphanage water pump, Peninah, Kathryn + kids
    28 Orphanage dishwashing area;
    29 Practicing a worship dance;
    30 Beautiful, gentle orphan girl I’d love to adopt

  • Kenya2008 Photo Album – Masindu – Bungoma -Amagoro

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    31 Neema church at Masindu, many pastors visiting;
    32 Mamas joyfully dancing to praise and worship;
    33 I and my interpreter, Pastor Joseph Mukonambi, at Neema
    46 Amagoro – 2 churches + 7 pastors;
    47 Pastor ? + Pastor Robert + Evelyn + Pastor Amukowa;
    48 Amagoro – women at lunch-break
    34 Every nook and cranny filled as we are ministering;
    35 Personal ministry by me + Pastor Paul + Peninah Bera;
    36 Neema church grounds
    49 Happy Evelyn+Peninah Bera+Tim-boy+Shiro+others;
    50 Eating chicken in Kasili’s hotel, Junis invited me;
    51 Junis+daughter, right Lucy Bera visiting her mother Peninah
    37 New Bungoma-Gospel Outreach Church, at left Pastor Fred;
    38 Rejoicing in the Word;
    39 Bungoma – Bishop Christopher Simiyu Bera preaching
    52 Pastor Herman Kasili + I in courtyard of D.C offices;
    53 District Commissioner Dominiq M. Kyenza in Webuye;
    54 The D.C. + I after Indepence Day dinner
    40 I ministering to Pastors and congregants;
    41 3 of 18 Pastors at lunch break being served;
    42 After blessing Pastor Fred’s house, family + ministry
    55 D.C. and I in his Webuye office;
    56 At Pastor Martin Mwambu’s church in Machonge;
    57 Machonge, Junis praying;
    43 Bungoma – village children;
    44 3 visiting Pastors from Uganda;
    45 Christopher Simiyu Bera Sr. + Jr.
    58 Larry Goff washing hands as Pastor Peter pours water
    59 Larry having lunch with Peter + Kathryn;
    60 10th anniversary conference opening, Bishop Bera celebrating

  • Kenya2008 Photo Album – Masindu – Bungoma -Amagoro

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    61Bishop Bera + Pastor Peter at 10th anniversary conference;
    62 Conference dancing and rejoicing;
    63 Conference hoppla
    79 Bukole church lunch-break;
    ok Bukole worship team
    80 Bukole children unlike the ones in Bungoma
    64 All of us cutting the 10th anniversary cake Kathryn cooked;
    65 Serving the cake to all the guests;
    66 Larry preaching on John 17, Peter interpreting
    81 Dec. 12, 2008, 40 years Kenya Independence Day;
    82 Bishop Simiyu Bera + Junis + I guests of honor at I.D. dinner
    83 Herman Kasili + wife, I + friend after I.D. dinner;
    67 Larry, his bottle, Bishop Bera at the 10th anniversary conf.;
    68 Sr. grandfather Bera + Jr. Chris Bera, Lucy Bera’s son;
    69 Christopher Simiyu Bera Jr.
    84 Ideal location of Webuye house I claimed for Bishop Bera;
    85 The whole road to Kisumu below full of potholes;
    86 At Kisumu airport with Bishop and Miriam Bera
    70 Larry Goff, I, Bishop Bera, Pastors, family and team;
    71 Right to left: Pastor Peter, I, Larry, worship leader, Josephine;
    72 Larry cooked Choko-Indian rice + we’re tasting it
    87 Preaching at Gospel Lighthouse + interpreter, Nairobi;
    88 I + 5 Jr. Pastors of Gospel Lighthouse, Nairobi;
    89 We arrived at village Bissil of chief Moses, in Kajiado district
    73 Associate Pastor Mary + I in Bukole church;
    74 Pastor Mary + other pastors praying for service;
    75 Bukole church packed, with many pastors
    90 Maasai chief Moses + I meet in his sitting room;
    91 I explain to the chief where to wear the star of David;
    92 driver Steve, chief, Kiseve, Ezekiel, Maasai woman
    76 Bukole church structure + benches the Mamas sit on;
    77 Pastor Peter + helper Kathryn;
    78 Bukole, Larry preaching my message, Bera interprets
    93 Partially tarred road on the way to chief Moses;
    94 On our way out a herd of zebras was grazing;
    95 Landscape of land to the chief looks like the Negev