9- Search of Family Book Of Generations (Paris journey)

  • The fallen Tabernacle of David

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    Some have asked, “What’s the story about Annelore’s ‘family book of generations?’”

    Well, the “story” of the family book of generations began when I was 23 years old. My mother could not produce the birth certificate of her birth year of 1918. She asserted the copy of 1938 to be the original. This, of course, was absurd. Likewise, throughout my childhood she tried not to take notice of my suffering due to our Jewishness. She ignored it. Perhaps people would forget. Moreover, she refused to make any claims on our lost possessions (which were substantial) lest new records would identify us once again as Jews.

    On that particular day in 1966 I had enough of her pretending our Jewish identity to be non-existent, and demanded to finally know the truth. Among the many things she at last proceeded to tell me was the following account: after the principal of the girls’ school my mother attended got arrested by the SS, my grandmother took my mother immediately out of that school and went into hiding.

    While hiding my mother was filled with traumatic fear of discovery. One day her father came to visit his daughter, acting rather strangely. He told her to be seated, then began very solemnly to wrap the tefillin on arm and forehead and the tallit around his shoulders. He picked up the book he had brought with him and, standing in front of mother, kissed it, spoke a prayer and opened it.

    Then he said to my mother: “My daughter, that you may know that you have no reason whatsoever to be ashamed of your Jewish identity and heritage I will read to you now from this book. For this book is the evidence that your family is older and nobler than the oldest and noblest royal houses of Europe. May it help you carry your head high and not be dismayed or ashamed of your heritage, for your father’s house dates back to king David, being of the Wise Stock1 of Solomon.”

    Then he began to read — names after names after names, for a long time. Mother did not understand all the names (I guess they were also in Hebrew as well as in Spanish). Grandmother thought that perhaps he had lost temporarily his proper mind from the traumatic stress.

    Then grandfather told mother and grandmother that he was leaving the country for Holland (we had family there) and that he would take this book with him, guarding it with his life (he was the firstborn of the family). But should he somehow fall into the hands of the Nazis he trusted that G-d would then guard and keep the book.It was meanwhile 1976, and I had become a Spirit filled believer in Yeshua, living in Carrollton, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. One day during prayer the Lord commanded me very plainly to “return to your people and heritage.” This I did. In the early summer of 1978 the Lord instructed me to begin writing down His sayings and teachings to me. In the course of these teachings He led me to the “succah of David” and reminded me of the story my mother had told me about the family book of generations.

    This became one of the most trying times of my life. I came under severe attack from the adversary during this period in which the Lord taught me about the “succah of David that is fallen” and which He now was preparing to raise up again. I don’t think I would have ever found or seen this without His leading me from Scripture to Scripture, teaching me.

    However, a spirit of fear was sent against me, which caused me to shrink back from any further writing and from the words the Lord had spoken to me. I was absolutely terrified by the prospect of being deceived, in error, imagining things! For 6 months I stayed away from writing and the “succah of David.” Then the Lord provided several prophetic words over me – one by prophet Chuck Flynn – which strongly confirmed the Lord’s teaching and my mother’s story of the family book.

    Still fearful of the possibility that I could be in error and terribly deceived I returned to writing and the “succah of David.” However, the trials in regard to this affair were by far not over. I “shelved” the matter so repeatedly until it aroused the Lord’s anger and rebuke. I had paused yet another half year when in February 1982 Chuck Flynn was once again in town. Before thousands of witnesses he called first upon my husband and me and prophesied words so powerful and confirming it finally put my fears at rest. But he also shouted a rather strange statement of — “legal victories!… legal victories!” I had no court case pending nor did I imagine one in the foreseeable future.

    Little did I realize that the Lord purposed to strengthen me already THEN against the obstacles 20 years hence.

    1 Regarding this name of “Weiser Stock…”(wise stock), mother told me of the tradition of this family delivered from generation to generation: that each generation has had and would continue to have at least one member in the family with Solomon’s gift of wisdom. These were the “wise” stock… The word “stock” is in reference to what remains of a tree that is cut down and only a “stock” remains from which grow again new branches. This Davidic lineage has been cut down to a “stock” several times, the last time by the ax of the Nazis.

  • Prophecies and the Family Book of Generations

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    After our Aliyah to Israel the Lord began to confirm even more precisely His words and teachings regarding the “succah of David” and the story about the book of generations. One of the most convincing words I received at that time were by a handmaiden of the Lord, Helga Zederman*, at one of her Bible studies she held in her home in Dallas. A lady friend of mine (known in Israel as “the sheep lady from San Angelo”) felt she should take me there. Ms. Zederman was speaking and praying when we arrived. Then she opened her Bible to begin the study but interrupted herself saying, she could not proceed until she gave this word of the Lord for this lady back there, pointing at me where I sat with my friend in the back. The Lord called me a shepherdess of His people Israel, that I was to feed them in “green pastures.” She saw me arising as a huge, brilliantly bright star in the deep dark sky over the “mountains of Israel” with a royal chaplet over me. Then she admonished me with the words the Lord had spoken to Joshua, to “be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the L-RD your G-d is with you wherever you go. Only believe, and obey, and be very courageous!”

    Both my friend and I were struck with awe, for Ms. Zederman had never met or heard of me. She did not know that I am an Israeli Jewess. A few years later a similar word was spoken over me. It is this prophetic word the Lord had me illustrate and place on the home page of the “Electronic Tabernacle.”

    Two more words given under strong anointing with the laying on of hands, causing the prophet to tremble and shout – one by a prophetic teacher who had no inkling of my family background, and the other by a prophet who “mistakenly” took me for someone else – at length put my last remaining misgivings at rest.

    By then we had reached the mid-nineties!

    Although I began to step out by faith already in 1990, actively searching for that precious book, there were still moments when I felt like a fool, like a dreamer who was chasing after a phantom.

    In 1997 the Lord sent me to the annual International Genealogical Seminar, held in Paris, France2 that year, where I met a Parisien genealogist who became my friend. I had no idea at the time what role she would have in the Lord’s plans for me. I learned much at the seminar, but the book was not forthcoming, nor any information regarding it. I left rather disappointed.

    Finally, in 2001 the Lord gave me instructions for 2002, letting me know that I would not be going to the States that year because there would be no time for it3. To begin with, we would be moving into our new home; secondly, our two younger grandchildren would be visiting us for a month for the first time. The physical and financial burden seemed beyond our ability. But the Lord provided and enabled, and freed the children from the fear of the unknown, granting them a wonderful time in Israel, where they will come to live soon, G-d willing.

    As always, to obey the Lord’s instructions required steps of faith!

    Earlier I had also written my genealogist friend in Paris, asking if she would be willing to help me with my search for the book. “Yes, with pleasure,” she answered. The Lord had said to start where I had learned that my grandfather was interned first. This would have been Camp de Gurs — I thought at the time. Needing to write letters to the various institutions in advance of my coming I looked for the addresses but could not find them, no matter how much I searched. After our grandsons’ departure back to the States I searched again for those papers — and found them! I was amazed, then laughed! Of course, it had to do with the Lord’s timing. Because for every matter under heaven there is a season and a time!4

    Since the Lord instructed me to go to France in 2002 to look for the book, I kept asking Him for the precise time appointed by Him. The matter was simply too important to leave this decision up to me. It was already mid-July, and I still had no date.

    With the addresses found I immediately set about writing the letters, alas my French was no longer what it once had been. But even there the Lord had made provision by my dear Canadian friends in Ashdod, being fluent in French, who polished my letters into perfect French.Immediately the day after I had mailed the first letter I received a letter from Paris, France! Intrigued, I opened it and found it to be an invitation by Serge & Beate Klarsfeld5 to a commemorative ceremony for the Jews deported with convoy # 28, on which was also my grandfather. The Klarsfelds are conducting such services for all 80 some convoys departed from Drancy, France. Each convoy held one thousand Jews, and at each ceremony (held 3 times a week) are the names of those deported read out loud. Still living close relatives were/are contacted to attend the ceremony and personally read the names of the deported loved ones and tell a little about them.

    At the Seminar in Paris in 1997 I had given Serge Klarsfeld my Israeli address when I bought his latest book. Never did I think this small matter of any particular importance — until I received this invitation!

    In it was contained a fixed event, date and place: a commemorative ceremony on September 4th 2002, in Drancy/Paris, France, to honor my maternal grandfather deported with convoy # 28 from Drancy via Auschwitz, coming from camp de Gurs.

    Here was the Lord’s appointed time and place when and where I was to begin my search!

    The only question was: when would I stop over in Germany to visit my aged mother – before or after my visit in France? I did not know how long it would take me in France, hence I would need to go to Germany first. But the Lord gave Sept. 4th as the appointed time. Then I realized moreover that all the High holidays6 would be during that month. I was in a quandary. What to do?

    I prayed. Then I heard Him say, “What’s wrong with August? August is also a month. Go see your mother in August. I will give you also nice weather.”

    2 see also http://www.ortzion.org/images/archnws32_1.html. Such a seminar is held yearly, each time in a different city. Today I also find it rather telling that the first time the Lord opened the door for me to go to Israel was for the First Intl. Genealogical Seminar in — Jerusalem. He made complete provision for this trip!
    3 see http://www.ortzion.org/images/news44_6.html
    4 Ecclesiastes 3:1
    5 Serge & Beate Klarsfeld made extensive research about the Jews deported from France. In 1983 they published their first book, “The 80,000 Jews deported from France,” in which my grandfather is also listed. The Klarsfelds have continued their researches and are well known among genealogists.
    6 Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot
    * I don’t know for sure how her name is spelled; in a conference advertizement her last name was spelled “Zidermanis”

  • He is Jehova Jireh my Provider

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    And so He did!However, while we enjoyed the most delightful summer weather, a national disaster of Noahic dimensions had struck Germany: major rivers such as the Danube, the Elbe, Isar and other rivers broke through their dikes due to massive rainfalls and flooded land and cities in their vicinity. The pictures of destruction were heart rending, and to see beautiful cities such as Dresden or Prague (capital of Czechoslovakia) deluged with brown waters and their streets buried under mud was ever so saddening.

    Notwithstanding, I heard that still small voice within me saying, “Economy… judgment on their economy!”

    For what?

    “Because they have been sacrificing my people on the altar to their ‘godess’ economy!”

    But so many innocent people lost their homes, all they had worked for all their lives? Lord, what have they to do with this?

    “Just so innocent blood is shed daily within the cities of my people for the sake of these nations’ economy. Did they give it one single thought of remorse, of compassion, that my people have to die in order for them to enjoy the comforts of their well-‘oiled’ economy? Instead of walking in the fear of Me and having regard for my oath and my people, they rely upon their wealth, and their economy has become their ‘god’. And I will topple the economy of every nation which, for her own ‘national interests,’ furthered the disaster of daily terrorism against my people in their own land and cities. For the sake of their economy they are prepared to create an alien state upon the land I swore to my people Israel. They are prepared to reward men of lawlessness for their lawless deeds — all for the sake of their economy. Therefore I shall strike at their economy and men of lawlessness shall rule over them.”

    All of this He said with a still small voice, almost like a whisper. And I discerned that it gave the Lord not the least pleasure to allow such judgments upon peoples, just as it gave Him no pleasure whatsoever when the two temples of world economy were struck by men of lawlessness, and thousands of innocents lost their lives in that terror attack. G-d has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, much less in the death of the innocent.

    The only ones who rejoiced and threw a party were the Palestinians!I booked my flight for August 17th to Germany, leaving for France on September 3rd and returning to Israel on September 10th. I was promised I could change my return date without paying a fine.

    I had no money for this trip, nor did my husband. Or Tzion’s intercessory team prayed for my trip to France, some funds came in and Or Tzion’s board approved of my drawing upon the ministry’s funds.

    My travel agent booked my complete round trip for $ 248! Lufthansa (the airline I always fly) offered just then a free reward trip to three European cities — one of them Paris! However, the September 11th event had upted the airport tax for Israeli travellers. It took a whopping $ 180 only to get on the plane for the flight of only $ 248 the Lord had provided!

    Nevertheless, even $ 428 were still an incredible fare for a round trip of Tel Aviv – Frankfurt – Muenster – Frankfurt – Charles de Gaulle – Frankfurt – Tel Aviv.

    I thanked the Lord profusely for His faithful provision and for the prayers of Or Tzion’s prayer warriors!

    Next I received an e-mail from a believer in Germany I had not heard from before. He wrote me because he had told my dear friend Shira (the prophetic minstrel and psalmist most of you know), with whom he had been in e-mail contact for some time, of his plans to go to Israel and visit also Beer-Sheva, at which point she told him of us.

    I wrote him of my upcoming trip to Germany and he offered his help in finding accomodations if needed. He also asked if I knew of a place in Beer-Sheva he and his wife could rent for a few days. I sent him several addresses.

    Then came the next hurdle. When I called my dear friend Christa in Germany (G-d’s angel in my and my mother’s life for the last 20 years) at whose home I always stay when visiting my mother (who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s), Christa told me that for August 29th through September 3rd she expected the visit of another friend, something already planned long in advance.

    At first I was troubled at that, but quickly turned to the Lord, sure of His instructions and appointed time and provision. In an Internet “chat” with Shira she reminded me of the German believer, and suggested to offer him to stay at our new home during his visit in Beer-Sheva. When I asked my husband he said, “Yes, of course they can stay here!”

    I wrote Samuel of my need for another place to stay in Osnabrueck, and that we would be happy to have him and his wife as our first guests in our new home. And by Samuel the Lord provided me with another place after I would have to leave Christa’s.

    Little did I realize at that time, though, how indeed marvelous the Lord’s provision was, far above and beyond anything I could have imagined! I only had seen a problem, a hurdle in my way! But the Lord had prepared a wonderful blessing!

    Samuel contacted a small congregation in Osnabrueck, and one of their families agreed to receive me for the time given. However, they did not live in Osnabrueck! Oy! Again, all I saw at first was another hurdle. Oh friends, what patience our Heavenly Father must have with us! He got it all prepared from the foundation of the world, and all we can do is look at a problem and groan, “oy!”

    Everything worked out perfect! I attended that congregation’s Sunday service and met the family that would host me. What lovely people! At that service a young woman was called forward to share about a conference she had attended, held about and in support of Israel. She had been deeply moved by the event and shared some of the things she had learned there. I was thrilled!

    I also was allowed to share a word with the congregation concerning the support of the nation Israel, and in particular of fellow believers there. At the end of the service a woman came forth and blessed me with a love gift as her first seed towards her Jewish brethren in Israel.

    The next morning while in prayer at Christa’s the Lord opened my eyes to His provision: Germans who had been sons of the devil had taken from my family possessions, lives and the genealogical record of generations; now Germans who were children of G-d would pray for the restoration of this record by which the Lord will repair the breaches and close up the gaps in the genealogy of the “succah of David.”7

    I felt overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving!

    7 To those of you who are not familiar with a “succah,” i.e. the particular booth during the Feast of Tabernacles: it is a rather fragile structure made from branches of trees and somewhat transparent hangings, with many gaps and breaches.

  • From Melle to Montparnasse, from Drancy to Auschwitz

    page 4

    My hosts-to-be invited Christa and me to “Kaffee und Kuchen” one afternoon, and sitting on the terrasse of their beautiful house in their yet more beautiful garden I was amazed at the Lord’s blessed provision: the funds for the trip; the promised sunny, warm summer weather from the day I arrived, so that I could daily take my mother out in her wheelchair, walking her through fields and villages. It so enlivened her that she even began to humm melodies and form again complete little sentences.

    Christa cooked for me some of my favorite German dishes, went shopping with me, showed me how to purchase the train tickets from computerized machines, and finally helped me with my luggage to the train station and waited with me for the tardy train. I even could still take the same bus at the same hours from and to the train station I had been taking from Christa’s place to visit mother. To top it all off the Lord gave me yet an extra little icing on this delicious cake of divine provision to demonstrate His loving care: during my morning prayers on my hosts’ garden terrasse a flock of swallows kept circling overhead in the blue sky, twittering as they did.

    I love – and dearly miss in Beer-Sheva – in particular swallows!

    Christa liked Stefan & Hanni very much as they did her, and I told them of her and her selfless service of love and help she has rendered my mother and me without much ado for the last 20 years. She has been and still is G-d’s answer to my prayers, His angel in our lives. For without Christa I would not have known how to properly provide for my mother who did not want to leave Germany. Through Christa’s efforts my mother is lovingly taken care of around the clock in this wonderful home for old people not far from where she used to live. Twice a week Christa faithfully visits my mother for at least one hour, sees to it that she got decent clothes and a pretty wig to wear (mother lost most of her hair) and proper nourishment and health care. And year for year I am Christa’s trusted guest, her home being “my home away from home” when visiting my mother. What would we have done without her?! She has been a balm on my soul from the wounds other Germans had inflicted on me, a “peace-maker” between me and Germany.

    Yet she thinks her acts of kindness are nothing out of the ordinary!

    For years now I have petitioned the Lord for Christa’s salvation, and I believe the many years of our friendship and my witnessing have readied her for Hanni & Stefan to lead her to the Lord. I would have loved to be the one having this privilege, but when G-d answers prayers He usually has more in mind than we do. Then Christa will finally be coming “home,” for G-d’s laws are already written on the tablets of her heart!Early morning on September 3rd Stefan took me to the train station in Melle. Every day at their home had been a blessing: even got to enjoy delicious German home made bakery at a birthday party of a neighbor held under my hosts’ porch roof, and a tour of the Melle flower festival exhibiting all sorts of floral figurines and themes. Now it was time to leave for France, empowered and safeguarded with the congregation’s prayers. I said my good-byes, taking with me new wonderful memories and my camera full with pictures helping me not to forget.

    The shuttle bus took me to the airport, and when I arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport another shuttle bus, standing directly in front of the exit/entrance of the Lufthansa terminal, took me straight to the front door of the building in which my friend Stéphane lives. Her daughter Raphaelle was waiting for me, recognizing me immediately.

    This also was prepared by the Lord in advance. For when I was e-mailing with Stéphane she told me that her daughter was in Israel just then and gave me a phone # by which I could reach her. One day the Lord suddenly prompted me right urgently to call Raphaelle. I did so immediately and asked where she was. “In Beer-Sheva, at the Canyon,” she told me. What an amazing thrill! I went at once to meet her.

    Now we hugged and carried my luggage of “bricks” up to their apartment, then went for a stroll through Montparnasse, the Parisien district where Raphaelle and her mother live, until Stéphane would come home from work. It was grey, cool and drizzly. Raphaelle claimed that this was typical Parisien weather… “always,” she said.

    But the next day the sun shone from a blue sky with white puffs of clouds, warming the air, so that people filled up the sidewalk cafés enjoying the summer weather. And it stayed that way all the way through the day of my departure.

    Stéphane arranged for my transportation to Drancy by calling the “right-hand man” of Serge Klarsfeld. Following her instructions I took the Metro to make it to the place of meeting which I actually found. Then we drove to the Memorial in Drancy for the ceremony. I was full of expectation. The Lord’s timing… oh, now it would happen! I was like a little child expecting the impossible!

    Only about a dozen people showed up, mainly older folks, and because I had come all the way from Israel I was called upon first. I had so well prepared, knew exactly what I would say, had it all written down in proper order. But as I stood there with the eyes of survivors fixed on me, to honor my mother’s father whom I could not remember because I had been too little, I began to tremble and my eyes filled with tears.

    All the years of experience with talking in the presence of many people went up like smoke in the awful memory of the holocaust. I stammered, I babbled, I mixed up the pages, and finally could not read anything through the veil of my tears. It felt as though thousands of eyes were fixed on me like witnesses, the eyes of my family diminished to a fragile “succah,” just like the eyes of that dozen people present with me. It felt as though I was the last link in this long line of family to carry the torch, both of memory as well as of restoration. It felt as though these eyes were pleading, “don’t let us down!”

    ”I won’t! I won’t!” I cried out in my spirit, stuttering about the family’s book of generations. I was so very small, such a tiny link, yet — “The eyes of the L-RD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show His might on behalf of those whose heart is blameless toward Him,”8 the Holy Spirit breathed into me. Right! It did not depend on me but on the Lord! He would do it!

    But no one came with the book, no one knew of the book, and those twelve advised that I should not get my hopes up. Klarsfeld himself was so very negative I suffered a severe Asthma attack, feeling desolate. But I quickly comforted myself in the Lord, as David had done at Ziklak.

    However, there was one kind old gentleman, a survivor of camp de Gurs who, though he had not known my grandfather, personally knew the director of the “Amicale de Gurs” whom I had written earlier, and had his phone number. Back at Stéphane’s I called Monsieur Laharie. He was very kind and advised me which of the Archives I should try first, and gave me name and phone # of the Archive and the archivist.

    8 2 Chronicles 16:9

  • The Succah-Hut of David shall become an Ohel-Tent

    page 5

    By now I was flowing again in French, it all came back to me. And I was amazed how what I had learned over 30 years ago when still a sinner running away from my past, my life and Germany, served now the Lord and me for His purpose. Oh, how true indeed is the Word in Romans 8:28! For although I did not love G-d at that time, He knew I would one day with all my heart, and therefore had called me according to His purpose.

    I called the Archive, Pyrenees Atlantique at Pau, immediately, talking to the supervisor. It needs to be understood that Archives in France in general may not give out information, certainly not over the phone. If they do at all then only to persons who can prove that they have a legitimate right to the information.

    The Lord granted me exceptional favor, which I am positive is due to the steadfast prayers of Or Tzion’s prayer team. Not only did the supervisor take the time to search for possible files of my grandfather even though Rosh Hashanah was upon us; having indeed found a dossier in his name and informed me of its contents, she agreed to send me copies of the dossier’s contents to Stéphane’s address.

    I was elated!

    After the let-down on September 4th the news contained in the dossier wholly made up for it. Completely new information was forthcoming and one major point of importance: the dossier closed the gap between my maternal grandfather and me! While the papers already in my possession may not have withstood a court battle over the book, together with the papers in the dossier they would stand in any court of law.

    Grandfather was the firstborn of his generation and family and hence the heir. In the dossier his parents are named as well as my mother. I am holding a copy of his birth certificate in which his parents are named, and a copy of my mother’s.

    According to G-d’s commandments in Torah, when a man has died and has no sons but only daughters, then his inheritance is to pass to his daughters 9. My mother was my grandfather’s only child, and I am her only child, because my brother died in infancy. Hence the inheritance of the firstborn passes to me and from me to my sons, speak to the firstborn son. My son Yizrael is the firstborn of his generation not only of my family but also of his father’s. And since his early childhood days people have recognized the “hand of G-d” on him. Yizrael is not only above average handsome, he also possesses wisdom, a deep sense of fairness and justice, and a faith and trust in G-d that gives him peace of mind and steadies his life. He orders his steps and decisions by daily seeking G-d for guidance and studying His Word with greatest thoroughness. He is humble and has learned that to give is better than to take. The Lord has done much work in Yizrael to ready him for the position of the firstborn in the “succah of David,” the genealogical record once again in our possession closing up the gaps and repairing the breaches.

    Yizrael is a Spirit-filled disciple of Messiah Yeshua and loves our people with great devotion and compassion. He even was crowned “king” at the age of 18, when he won the title “Melech ha yophi” (beauty king) at Israel’s first such contest. The Israeli papers lauded him as “Israel has again a king” while not in the least aware of his family background. He felt thoroughly embarassed, but I pondered the whole thing as significant the more, as the following year’s contest was a complete failure and has not been repeated since.

    Yizrael was and remained the only “Melech ha yophi” in Israel. And I trust that the Lord will use this young man in the raising up of the ruins of the sukkah of David that it may become the “ohel of David” to which shall return the only and true King of Israel, Yeshua HaMashiach!

    Lest I keep repeating myself unnecessarily regarding this divine promise and Scriptural prophecy, please visit the following pages and study the listed Scriptures: and page 12; ; , endnote “r”; and ; Y

    As though my elation over the found dossier was not enough the Lord took pleasure in blessing me even more: a friend of Stéphane who manages the “Center of Jewish Genealogy” in Paris invited us to their Rosh Hashanah dinner on Friday, September 6th. It was a wonderful dinner in good Jewish tradition, with much laughter and noise. Here I sat at table in the home of a large Jewish family I had never met before, and was treated as part of the family. We had lively discussions and when we finally left, satisfied and pleased, we were invited back for Sunday for another sumptuous, concluding meal before observing the customary “Tashlikh” for which we would be going to the canal.

    The custom of symbolically casting the sins into a running stream presumably dates from the fourteenth century, mentioned for the first time in Sefer Maharil by Rabbi Jacob Moelin (1355-1427), the leading Jewish authority of his time. Without going any further into the Midrashic tales, the name “Tashlik”/ (“thou wilt cast”> is derived from Micah 7:19.

    Because of the rise of anti-Semitism in France only few groups made their way to the canal, and many did not wear their kippah until they stood by the canal praying. It was the first time for Stéphane, Raphaelle and me to observe this custom, and while I thanked the Lord for His salvation in Yeshua I cast “my sins” (symbolized by pieces of bread) with zeal backwards over my shoulder into the canal, thinking also of Isaiah 38:7.

    Afterwards we went for a walk along the canal where, it being Sunday, no vehicles were allowed to drive. People were frolicking all along the canal, enjoying a juggler doing his tricks and musicians in the nearby park performing their songs. We walked across a partially painted street, the work of art students from the school of arts on the other side of the canal, and tried to stay out of the way of roller skaters. The canal is framed by trees and both old and new houses with beautiful iron work on windows and balconies. As we came to a bridge crossing over the canal just then a barge was being lowered into the next section of the canal. We joined the crowd watching with great interest. The barge even had a “garden” of a green carpet with a table and chairs on it and potted flowers along the carpet’s sides.

    As we walked along the other side of the canal we would at regular intervals catch up with the barge as it took time to lower it from section to section. Eventually we came to a bridge that opened from side to side to let the barges pass, and now came another barge from the opposite direction, going up level to level, its deck “guests” being 2 ducks, a rooster and 3 different kind of chickens J

    Oh, this whole day and experience had been most enjoyable! The Lord had provided a most wonderful way to yet get to observe Rosh Hashanah, although not in synagogue or among Messianics.

    On Saturday Stéphane and I attended the memorial ceremony for convoy # 29 at Drancy, Klarsfeld’s right-hand man taking us again. This time were at least 30 people attending, some of whom were trembling and weeping worse than I did. I went up again to read a page of the names of the deported, many being German often badly pronounced with the French accent. I wanted their names to be pronounced correctly.

    9 Numbers 27:5-8

    YAs regards the restoration of the Davidic order of worship commanded by G-d Himself [2 Chr. 29:25], please go to , and read the whole letter and the Scriptures of the footnotes.

  • French Archives de la Haute Garonne at Toulouse

    page 6

    Stéphane was a very generous host, taking me shopping and buying cheeses to my delight. Those of you who have ever eaten French cheeses know that they are a true French specialty, simply delicious! We would sit at the huge open window in the kitchen, the table loaded with cheeses, butter and fresh baguette, and have a feast while sharing stories and insights. We had a lot of good laughs!

    She even had me sleep in her own bed while she slept on a short couch. She would have none of my protests and insisted I have her room to myself. I slept unbelievably good in her old bed next to a huge window, with the mattress lowering in the middle section. Mornings and evenings I would look out the window into G-d’s blue sky and meet Him there in prayer and thanksgiving, reminiscing or just delighting myself in Him.

    I waited for the copies from the dossier. Meanwhile I called the Archive10 of the place mentioned in the dossier where my grandfather had been arrested11. The supervisor informed me that it was not customary to give out any information, and that in order for her to look for a file in my grandfather’s name I would need to send her first copies of all the papers in my possession that proved my relationship to my grandfather and where he had been arrested and interned and by whom.

    She continued to advise me that even though my family record would be found the Archive would under no circumstances hand it out to me. All files in the Archive are the property of France, according to French law. I argued that this book is property of our family, in extension even of the people of Israel, and the Archive had no right to keep it from us. She declared that the handing out of the book was absolutely out of the question. I would be allowed to make copies and have them notarized, but I could not get the book.

    I got rather upset at that when the Lord brought to remembrance Chuck Flynn’s prophecy in February 1982, of “legal victories… legal victories!” Suddenly this prophetic utterance seemed to come into focus. No matter what this supervisor said, I would prove victorious!

    Then Stéphane told me of a case where a French Archive had refused to hand out the property of a family. The first lawyer did not succeed in claiming the property, but the second one built the case upon the law of the “spoil of war,” in which case France was required to return the disputed property to the owners.

    Hence, whatever the Archives may claim in refusing to hand out the book when and where it will be found, our Heavenly Father declared it already 20 years ago that I would win that dispute in court, apparently in two goings, as Chuck Flynn proclaimed the legal victory twice. The prior court case will serve well as reference and pattern how to go about making the legal claim.

    Then I fully realized the major importance of G-d having first closed the gap between my grandfather and me: I needed to have my lawful rights properly established through the papers proving that I am the only living grandchild and heir of my maternal grandfather. Twice the dossier names his “confession” as being “Israelite” (the French version of “Jewish,” just as the German version was “Mosaisch”[Mosaic] such as was written in my mother’s original birth certificate of 1918), and the reason for his arrest being a German “foreign” Jew.

    Not even the Chief Rabbinate in Israel can refuse me my rights clearly laid down in Torah.UPDATEThe copies of the dossier had still not arrived and I began to get a little anxious, because my return date to Israel was just a few days hence. I would have to change the date of my departure, but did not want to miss Yom Kippur in Israel. I called Lufthansa who informed me that I could not change the date of my departure because it was a reward flight for 20,000 mileage points, not for 30,000. I went all the way up to the supervisor to get the date changed, telling her of how I was promised by the Tel Aviv office that I could definitely change the date. I demanded she call the Tel Aviv office to get authorization for the change. But Tel Aviv also refused. I would have to buy a new ticket for the flight from Paris to Tel Aviv at the cost of $ 685, plus paying once more time the $ 75 airport tax. No way!!!

    I was extremely upset, since now I would not be able to go personally to that Archive should the book be located there. Stéphane and I had already looked up train rides and fares in preparation for an immediate departure. Because of the “legal twist” I felt that may be it was indeed that Archive where the book would be found. Stéphane would have to go in my stead.

    I had prayed the Father most urgently to get my date of departure changed, but nothing happened. Knowing from the many years of walking with Him that the reason for my request not getting answered can be that granting it would be the wrong thing, resulting in greater troubles, I began to suspect that there was a more urgent need for me to return home on September 10th than for me to stay on in France.

    King Hezekiah’s plea to have his life extended is certainly such an example. For had he died at the time appointed by the Lord the king of Babylon would not have lusted after the treasures of Judah, which Hezekiah had shown so pridefully to Nebuchadnezzar’s servants.

    I had barely arrived Wednesday night the 11th, when I received a phone call mid-morning of that same day from an attorney’s office: Ami, our youngest, had not made his last two payments to pay off his debt of 20,000 shekels, and I had signed as guarantor for him to help him out12. The lawyer wanted to have an answer by Thursday, the 12th, when these payments would be made. I called up Ami and learned from Yizrael that Ami had gotten fired from his job because he did not get up in time once too often13. And his employer had not as yet paid him, but promised to do so on the 13th.

    I called the lawyer the next day to tell him the situation, but he was just on the phone — with Ami!

    Our son needed me more urgent back home than I was needed to make copies of the book when found, since Stéphane could do that just as well and better, because she knows the procedures required to obtain certified copies from French Archives. Had I not returned on the 10th, arriving on the 11th in time to intercede for Ami, he would have gotten into serious troubles. Our Heavenly Father wanted to prevent that.

    10 Archives Départementales de la Haute Garonne à Toulouse, regarding the camps of Fauga, Mazères, and Récébedou
    11 At GUCHEN, Haute Pyrenees or Haute Garonne, France
    12 See http://www.ortzion.org/images/news44_2.html
    13 Ami’s rhythm of being an evening rather than a morning person has caused him troubles in a world that rises for work at 6:00 a.m. Like me, he is at his best getting up late in the morning and working until late into the night
    UPDATE 27.01.2004: On Tuesday, 04 Feb 2003, I was informed by Stéphane that in a Bank in Brussels, Belgium, in the Bank’s vault a container was found holding 100 sealed envelopes of people before or during WWII. The Lord had said that He has kept the genealogical record of our family (the Wise Stock of Solomon) as He has kept the Dead Sea scrolls; and that I am to look for the book where my grandfather was FIRST arrested!
    I had always thought this to have been in France, hence that is where I kept looking until — the dossier from the Archives of Pyrenees Atlantique at Pau showed my grandfather having been arrested for the FIRST time on May 10, 1940 at — BRUSSELS, BELGIUM! He had lived and worked there [Etterbeck/Brussels] since November 1939! I only had known him having been in Holland and France, but not in Belgium.
    Here it was — the geographical location in exact accordance with G-d’s instructions: the Dead Sea scrolls had been found preserved in a container inside a cave; these 100 sealed envelopes were discovered in a container in a Bank “cave” alias vault, in Brussels, Belgium! Of course, those involved in the matter state that no envelope with my grandfather’s name on it has been found. Notwithstanding, from G-d’s vantage point the book IS already found! For it is He Who has preserved this genealogical record and pinpointed its location.
    The day in which this book shall be in our rightful possession is a clear sign of two things: 1) Messiah Yeshua is standing at the door! 2) G-d has redeemed His servant Jacob!

  • We’ll have what we say and believe

    page 7

    G-d is faithful at all times and we can always trust Him implicitly, even when we don’t understand why our prayer was not answered. I know from experience that there is a very good reason for that, apart from when a prayer is downright selfish, vain and utterly contrary to G-d’s perfect will. Getting vain and selfish prayers answered can in fact be very dangerous, as the example of the Israelites demanding flesh instead of constantly that same sweet fare of the “Mannah” illustrates. Though eating day in day out Mannah was definitely getting boring to the palate, it preserved the Israelites in perfect health and youthful energy and strength, while eating flesh opened doors to sickness and disease. They did not understand G-d’s perfect will for them and thus aroused His anger with their faultfinding and complaining. Mannah, though bland, meant the strength needed for their desert walk and driving the nations out of the promised land. Flesh, though tasty, meant feebleness and sicknesses in contrast.

    G-d let them have the consequences in full measure — while the meat was still between their teeth!

    May this report, though lengthy, glorify G-d and build you up in your faith, showing you that G-d is at work in our lives long before we are even aware of it, or not at all seeing it. It is the perfect trust in G-d’s faithfulness, steadfast love and almighty power for Whom absolutely nothing is too difficult or too hard, and with Whom nothing is impossible, that sees us through safely to the other side. Doubting His faithfulness is extremely offensive to Him, as is doubt in general. Because it says that “I doubt that you can do that;” or, “I doubt that you really mean what you say;” or, “you say that you love me, but I’m not really sure of that;” or, “you say that I am righteous and worthy now, but I doubt that; I can see what I am,” thereby implying that Yeshua’s sacrifice is insignificant and that G-d is a liar. Is G-d like man that He should lie?!

    Years ago at one of my retreats the Lord reminded me to the umpteenth time that the reason I was having a certain problem was that I was looking, gazing and focusing on it instead of looking, gazing and focusing on the Lord for the answer. It really is so simple! And yet, aren’t we all struggling with it every day — focusing on the problem instead of on the answer from the Lord?

    Problems tend to grow bigger as we focus on them, as if our concentrating on them was feeding them. In contrast, focusing on the Lord for the answer to the problem the thing grows smaller and then is suddenly resolved. Yeshua NEVER focused on a problem but only and principally on the answer to it. He acted as if the problem was only there as a catapult to show forth the power, love and glory of G-d!

    The people saw the little girl dead — Yeshua saw her sleeping and rising for the glory of the Father and a witness to the Son’s resurrection power. Lazarus was already 4 days dead and stinking (a real problem?) — Yeshua only saw him risen as a testimony to Yeshua being the promised Anointed One.

    Klarsfeld and those people at the memorial only saw the family book irretrievably lost (insurmountable problem) — but I see it found as a witness to the faithfulness of G-d and the truth of His Word.

    Once I cried to the Lord, all stressed out, that “Father, I can not handle this anymore! I’m getting too old for all that stress! Please, have mercy on me and help me out of all that stress!” A few days later I was emptying a box still littering my room and in it I found the notes of my retreat diary. I read them again and the Lord’s words hit me square between the eyes, so-to-speak. What a fool I had been!

    The Word clearly states that having one’s mind stayed on the Lord keeps one in perfect peace. Not just peace, but “perfect” peace. And what had I my mind stayed on when I drove to town? That this one was driving like a “chutzpan” and that one like a “berserk” and this one like a “maniac.” I only saw the lights turning red every time I approached one and no parking spot when I needed one. My mind was stayed on endless queues every time I had to go to the bank or the post office. And guess what? I got exactly what my mind was stayed on!

    Paul already had commanded us to think on lovely, noble, true, just and praiseworthy things; to set our minds on the things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Ha! But we have done the exact opposite of that! At least I did!

    We used to see only our big overdraft at the bank and keept confessing: “We can’t afford that!” I have decided to only look to the answer from the Lord and not agree with the “can’t afford it,” as this implies that our Heavenly Father is too poor to supply us above and beyond with what we need. The Lord just gave us this brand new home we supposedly “couldn’t afford,” and it is an opportunity to practice not looking at the things that are – PTL! – subject to change!

    The words “we can’t afford that!” are in direct disagreement with the Lord’s words which say, “wealth and honor are in the house of the righteous!” G-d says that He has made us the righteousness of G-d in Messiah! How more righteous can one get? We can’t add to it one iota! We only can learn to walk in the gift so freely bestowed on us. And part of true righteousness is to agree with what the Lord says and not contradict Him with our confessions of doubt and unbelief.

    Nor must we ever give in to the fear of men, nor focus on threats or seemingly insurmountable problems, such as lack of money, difficulties within the family or marriage, or with children. Practicing daily to see problems and difficulties arising in our lives as “catapults” for the demonstration of G-d’s power and might, steadfast love and faithfulness, will truly turn our lives around.

    Certainly, it’s an uphill struggle against a lifelong habit to focus on the problem, drilled into most of us from infancy. But that means mostly defeat! G-d is waiting for us at every instant of a problem arising that we will look to Him for the answer. In fact, I think He frequently allows these problems only to coax us into looking to Him. But we are so stubborn, so dull, thinking it depends on us to solve the problem, when in fact our Heavenly Father has ALREADY solved it for us. But — we just won’t look to Him for the answer, oh no! We just GOT to concentrate on the problem! And if we fail to solve it we look for someone else to blame — either a friend, a family member, anyone, even G-d.

    Beloved prayer warriors, this lengthy report is especially for you and for those who have not yet fully grasped the tremendous power and effectiveness of precise prayer in accordance with G-d’s Word and will, which is the same. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the reason things went so smooth for me and that at every step I found a level path made for my feet is because of your prayers. I don’t know exactly how many of you are committed to faithful praying on behalf of my ministry, my family and myself, but I can tell that such prayers are being made. The provision was so divinely perfect with impeccable timing, every aspect so well prepared, every need met, which definitely was a result of prayers. I hope and pray you will enjoy this report and that it will inspire and motivate you to even more faithful and exact prayers.

    G-d bless and keep you, preserve you in health and well being, grant the desires of your heart and fulfill all your petitions.

    Yours in Yeshua,