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  • Divine Assignment To Kenya In 2011

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    “You must come back to Kenya,” Bishop Simiyu Bera emailed me.

    “Your work in Kenya is not finished,” Pastor Herman Kasili repeated this on facebook.

    “I want you to return this year,” the Lord answered in prayer. “Your work in Africa is not yet finished.”

    Having no idea what this African work was after a 2-year break, I knew for certain I had to go. I booked my ticket in June 2011, months ahead of time, and ironically almost missed my flight. A strange footnote on my E-ticket said: “Not valid before Nov. 20.” My ticket was for the 17th and it was Wednesday the 16th. A strong urge had me call my travel agent.

    “Make sure you’ll be on time at the airport this evening,” she said.”

    “Why?” I said, “I’m flying on the 17th.”

    “Exactly!” she replied. “Your flight leaves 10 minutes after midnight, which makes it the 17th!”

    “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “I would definitely have missed this flight had I not called you now.”

    I thanked the Lord profusely for His urging. What a domino effect had been avoided. Immediately I recognized satan trying to obstruct my way to Kenya – but the Lord was faithfully watching over me.

    Yes, this was definitely a DIVINE ASSIGNMENT to Kenya!

    William Hodge, an apostle from Michigan, was to join me .The Lord would have us work together, but what sort of work this would be was a mystery. Furthermore, we both lacked funds for the trip.

    As it turned out, we were three going to Kenya for some “unfinished business.” Laurie Boyd, a fellow apostle with William, would travel with him, as this was her first time in Africa.

    Meanwhile, disturbing news was coming out of Kenya. An Islamic terror group, Al Shabaab1, had kidnapped 4 white women, while a bombing in Nairobi killed several people. Bishop Bera assured me that we would be far from the trouble. Nevertheless, Laurie’s family tried to stop her, threatening to have nothing to do with her if she insisted on going. Despite fear and apprehension, Laurie obeyed the Lord’s calling.

    Bukole Women’s Conference
    We started a 3-days Women’s Conference in Bukole – something I had promised to do two years ago.

    I began with the Woman being a “responder”, a characteristic specific to woman, since her creation in the Garden of Eden. I continued with the “virtuous woman” based on Proverbs 31:10-31. Surprisingly, men also attended the sessions, with many more joining when I discussed “sex in marriage” – normally a “taboo” subject in the Kenyan churches.

    I knew from past teachings that God’s Word on marital sex makes for happy marriages!J Couples contemplating divorce fell in love all over again, and women with their ovaries tied had them untied.

    I concluded the seminar with the commandment “to love one another as Yeshua loved us,”2 coupled with the Word on “Total Forgiveness.”3 These two teachings are “twins” in the Word of God, joined by the “triplet” of John 17 – “Father, that they be one even as You and I are one: You in Me, and I in them, and they in Us and in one another, that they all be one.”

    Malaba – Webuye – and other Towns and Villages
    I laid this 3-fold foundation in nearly everywhere because of rivalry and animosity originating from tribal loyalties and rivalries. I always began with a show of hands of who loved Jesus. All hands would go up. Then I expounded on the commandment to love one another, explaining that one could not command a “feeling.” Hence, obedience to this commandment depended on “choice” and not “feeling.” We choose to love as He loved us and this means the willingness to lay down one’s life for one another.

    “He it is who loves Me, who keeps My word and My commandments,” Yeshua said4.

    Many came to realize that while they thought they “loved” Jesus, they fell short of what He said about loving Him.

    While teaching on “total forgiveness” I gave Scriptural and personal examples that forgiveness without total restoration to the relationship that existed before the offense is mere lip-service. If God were to “forgive” in that manner, most of us wouldn’t stand a chance.

    I always concluded with 1 Corinthians 13 – that the Lord’s “standard measure” of judgment will be those foundational three:1. to keep His Word and commandment; 2. to forgive and restore; 3. to be as one with one another as the Father and Son are One. All our great works, sacrifices and “international” ministries will pale before these 3 commandments.

    “Obedience is better than sacrifice; hearkening than the fat of rams.”5

    The teachings effected repentance: tearfully, saints requested and granted forgiveness, and broken relationships severed for years were restored. Used to tribal loyalty all their lives they needed one tribe they all could be loyal to. “The tribe of Judah,” I told them, “the tribe of our Lord and Savior.” They embraced this Scriptural proposal enthusiastically, especially after learning Ephesians 2:11-22, and Romans 11: how the former Gentile relates to Israel.

    After the 3 daily sessions, all were rejoicing while bishops and pastors expressed gratitude for teachings which helped them strengthen and build up the flocks. Moreover, my messages prepared the way for William’s and Laurie’s God-given messages, teachings they had not had the time to share with me. It would be our first time ever to minister together.

    I had arrived in sunshine, but with the marriage conference came the rain. A downpour kept some away, and drowned out my voice as the generators and sound system shut down. Moreover, the roads turned into impassable mud and raging rivers.

    As always when I come to Kenya, this “dry” season had turned very wet, and got me a hacking caugh with sleepless nights.

    Fund Raising
    Monday, November 21st, was to be a day of rest; but as usual Bishop had a surprise engagement for me: driving over potholes and a bumpy road for a meeting with pastors and bishops over dinner at one of the pastor’s house. All wanted a Word, a prayer, or a blessing by the prophetess from Israel, believing that God would surely bless them by a Jew from the Holy Land.

    The next morning, at a prayer meeting at Power Gospel Church initiated by Bishop Bera to promote unity among the congregations of the area, I exhorted 25 pastors to keep supporting this praise worthy endeavor. For a long time afterwards, the pastors kept remarking to Bera how much my ministry had blessed them.

    The next two days were spent fund-raising for the ministry. I preached on Malachi 3:8-11 and Proverbs 11:24-25, and on “what we sow is what we reap” – we cannot expect God to bless us with abundance while we give Him left-overs. For example: If a Mama sells her fruit and vegetables for 700 KSHl, then the tithe of that is 70 KSHl. Yet, on Sunday she puts only ½ Shilling in the offering basket. She is offending God, whether she knows it or not. I clarified that God does not need our money. Rather, He wants to bless the 90% we retain as we acknowledge Him with our tithe and offerings. I also spoke on the various kinds of offerings, such as votive-, thank- and peace offerings, in that what we receive is from Him.

    The fund raising proved successful according to Webuye standards. It was conducted with competence and humour by the coordinator, George, from Nairobi, whom I met for the first time at this occasion. I had no inkling as to what an extraordinary experience was awaiting me in connection with this man.

    1 Al-Shabaab ; Somali Terror group ; sooyaalnews.com ;
    2 John 13:34; 15:12, 17; 3 Ephesians 4:32 4 John 14:15, 21, 23 5 1 Samuel 15:22

  • Divine Assignment To Kenya In 2011

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    We were to pick up Bill and Laurie from the Eldoret airport and minister in that city at a 3-day-conference. But Pastor Kasili, whose car we were counting on, had driven far off on some business venture. As had happened the last three times just prior to my coming, Bishop Bera was without a vehicle. His car broke down, and each time he had no funds for the repair because just then a relative had died for whose burial he had to pay.

    Bishop tried unsuccessfully to get a car. The Lord had me rent a taxi and pay for it with the ministry’s credit card. We needed to get going quickly since Eldoret is a 2-hour drive from Webuye.

    Exhausted after their long trip, Bill and Laurie did not expect to minister immediately. However, we were taken to a large Kenyan family hosting us in their new house still under construction. While we were served dinner Martin and Yoshua arrived with the instruments and sound system in the 1968 car that frequently broke down. After the round of introductions Bill pointed at Joshua and said:

    “Son, you have the calling and anointing of an evangelist.”

    “Who told you that?” I asked, surprised.

    “The Lord,” Bill laughed. “I always can see the calling on a person.”

    Joshua loved to joke and tease, and play the keyboard very loudly but not very well. I didn’t even think he was saved. However, while he was sitting in a teaching session, to my surprise the Holy Spirit had me call Joshua out before everybody to impart on him the calling of an evangelist, the gift of healing with the laying on of hands, and a prophetic Word.

    Now the young orphan stood confirmed by an apostle, and from that day on served with electrifying enthusiasm and boundless energy at all our meetings. He has become my Kenyan “grandson” who affectionately calls me “grandmoma,” and who loves and serves the Lord with great zeal.

    During that 3-day conference this little church south of Eldoret – as feeble as a sukkah with bamboo sticks, a tin roof and a packed dirt floor – turned into “holy ground.” Under the unction of the Holy Spirit Bill, Laurie and I flowed as one, in perfect unity. Neither of us had an agenda of our own, nor did we promote ourselves and our ministry but had only our Lord’s interests at heart. Following the Holy Spirit’s leading our teachings merged in perfect harmony. We were living examples of what we had preached, having never ministered together before.

    We vividly exemplified the character and significance of “bondslaves,” with Laurie pointing out that the foundation of the Body of Messiah is laid by the apostles and prophets6, which meant they were at the bottom and not at the top.

    “And furthermore,” she said, “the foundation can’t even be seen because it is laid underground, below the surface.”

    The Shepherds of the Flocks
    The first day only a few pastors and bishops showed up together with a Mama who had been promoting unity among the shepherds and their congregations. But on the second day, many more came besides this Mama, including the leading bishop of Eldoret. As they introduced themselves, we immediately understood that although this church was small, we were reaching all of Eldoret and far beyond via these pastors and bishops.

    They all took notes and our messages to heart. Following my usual teaching on the commandment of love and total forgiveness (the Lord kept me from teaching on John 17, though) not only did they ask forgiveness of each other, but moreover committed to a new beginning, to unity in the Body and keeping the Lord’s commandment.

    Laurie followed only with a prayer. She had spent the first night sleepless in the lower bunk bed struggling against claustophobia, the fears her family had put on her, an upset stomach and Bill’s snoring. But after some encouragement she gave a teaching on the believer’s “identity,” John 17 being at the core of it. The next day, after prayer and a good night’s rest – we had relocated to a larger room with normal beds – she presented her teaching on the Father’s heart, perfectly illustrated with a large poster. Bill concluded with a message on restoration. Like a wheel within a wheel, our teachings merged while the unction of the Holy Spirit increased.

    Prophetic words and callings and personal ministry followed for all who came forward to recommit themselves to the Lord, to obey and follow Him. Bishop Bera was confirmed as an apostle, with God calling him a “Father to Africa.”

    On day 3, Bill concluded with the “womb,” forgiveness and restoration, and picked up any lose ends. Then, as an American, he unexpectedly fell to his knees on the dirt floor and repented of the abuse and neglect shown by the American Church to their Kenyan, African brethren. He asked them to forgive him and their American brethren.

    Covered with his tallit and head bowed, he waited. The shepherds were astonished – unsure of what to do. A white man, an apostle, humbling himself, kneeling down before them and asking their forgiveness – this was unheard of. I motioned to them to respond. And they did, with Bishop Bera in the lead and the chief bishop of Eldoret joining in. Weeping, praying and speaking words of repentance and forgiveness, they hugged Bill and laid hands on him. An anointing of brotherly love, so strong, covered us all like a giant tallit, as though we were under a wedding canopy.

    Bill and Laurie concluded the service with the sounding of their shofars and all of us joining in with shouts of praise and thanksgiving. After a late lunch (we were always fed abundantly – breakfast and dinner at our hosts’ home; and lunch consisting of rice, vegetables, meat and fruit at the church), we returned to Webuye.

    From Crooked to Straight
    Kasili had returned and invited us all to a sumptuous Kenyan dinner at his home, after which we ministered to each member of his family. The next day we planned to drive up to witchcraft mountain to undo those forces that have loomed over Webuye and surroundings. This was one of Bill’s main assignments from the Lord. But Kasili, without consulting us, had made previous arrangements for us to minister in a church in a place called “Crooked ” in Swahili.

    I taught on total forgiveness and on how and why to believe big; Laurie spoke on the believer’s identity and Bill on the “womb” and “restoration,” his focus being why women became witches. During the altar call for repentance, forgiveness and restoration, a domineering, disruptive spirit manifested through a woman and would not be quiet (a typical experience in Africa) until I took authority over it and we bound it and drove it out.

    Our ministry had effectively turned the place called “crooked way” into a “straight” one.

    6 Ephesians 2:20

  • From Witchcraft to Victory Mountain And Isaiah 60:1

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    Bill had been told by the Lord that we needed to be on the mountain by 3:00 p.m. That’s when Bishop Bera returned to pick us up and drove Bill, Laurie, me and Kasili up the mountain on a bumpy road. We parked the car and met with members of Kasili’s congregation in their house to pray.

    The Mama of the family acted as our guide. She took us to a grassy overhanging platform from which we had a perfect view over Webuye, the Panpaper and the whole valley. We decreed the Word of God over the forces of witchcraft and vodoo, and with the power of the blood and cross of the Lord and in the authority of His Name we bound and brought down those strongholds, sealing their demise with distinct sounds of three shofars blown by Bill, Laurie and Bera.

    The bumpy road we drove up to the mountain
    View from the road over the valley and Panpaper
    Google map of Webuye and surroundings

    The Mama led us still to another strategic place where 5 transmitters were towering, covering all of Western Kenya and the Rift valley. Bill suddenly recalled a prophetic word given him before he left for Kenya about “5 stones” he was to pick up. He noticed that we were 5 on this assignment, and that there were 5 towers. Just then we reached the gate of the broadcasting station and a young guard called us saying, he wanted to give his life to Jesus after he had heard the shofars.

    The guard led us to the compound of his family nearby, where his mother and 3 of his siblings also came to Jesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit after our laying on of hands. As we were getting into the car our guide and her daughter gave Laurie and me each a chicken, a gesture of honoring a person. Bill looked forward to have grilled chicken for supper but I would have none of it.

    On the way back Bill and Laurie sounded rather excited, laughing and giggling. She just had grasped the meaning of the “5 stones” word: 1) we were 5 “living stones”; 2) there were 5 transmitter towers; 3) 5 salvations; 4) we had completed the assignment at 5:00 p.m.; 5) and we had 3 shofars and 2 chickens. Who but the Lord could arrange for such a double 5-some?

    Afterwards Kasili took us to the Webuye waterfalls known as the “suicide falls,” where desperate people hurled themselves into the rushing wild waters. The waterfall has three rushing branches which join together at the bottom into one river that flows into Lake Victoria and feeds the river Nile. We climbed a steep rock pile which overlooked the whole area. Because of the “5 stones” word it made me think of what Yeshua had said to Peter:

    The “Broderick Falls” of the river Nzoia by Webuye

    The heap of rocks – I think of as “petra” – we climbed

    From left to right: Laurie Boyd, Herman Kasili, William Hodge, and I

    “You are ‘cephas/petros/a little rock,’ and from a ‘heap of such rocks/petra’ I will build my church.” Here we were 5 such “living stones”7 climbing this “heap/petra,” and we knew that whatever we bind on earth is already bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth is already loosed in heaven8. We bound and drove off for good that murderous spirit of suicide, chasing it to flight with the mighty voice of the shofars.

    A Prophetic Wedding
    The next day we got a surprise: instead of ministering in a church we were going to attend a wedding – at Panpaper! I couldn’t even imagine that anyone would want to hold a wedding there. Yet Bishop was the best man for the bridegroom, and Mama the attending lady for the bride. We all got dressed up and walked over to the social hall, where we were seated on stage with all the bishops. Kasili came, however, and carried Laurie off to another wedding at his church.

    It was a long, drawn out affair. What began to amuse me, however, was that the bride maids came dancing into the hall and then danced back out, and then back in again with the MC announcing each time, “Assante sana!!” — “Welcome! Welcome!” In they danced and back out, but neither bride nor bridegroom showed up. Eventually we spotted Bera leading in the bridegroom, with boys in matching suits dancing before them. What began to irritate me was again that bossy, disruptive spirit that manifested typically through a woman who was moreover the wife of a bishop. She kept hollering with a shrill voice, running and dancing up and down the aisles, allegedly rejoicing. Unfortunately I couldn’t take authority over it this time.

    At long last Mama Bera guided in the bride, the bride maids dancing ahead of them toward their seats. The wedding was a renewal of the vows, at the first of which the bride had not been a believer in Jesus. It was to be a new beginning, underscored by the groom to be ordained as a bishop. The banner of it all, hanging above us on stage, was Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.” This has been the Word for Kenya and in particular for Panpaper.

    Mama + bride maids bring the bride; disruptive woman behind the bride

    More bride maids – little girls dancing. The hall is full to the last seat

    Still more bride maids – from Kindergarden to adulthood

    This picture shows every chair occupied as the father brings the bride

    This picture shows the dilapidated state of the Panpaper social hall

    Instead of champagne – orange soda; on the wall the banner with Isaiah 60:1

    The groom to be ordained bishop at his wedding; bride + Mama Bera

    It is customary for the couple to pass out cake pieces to guests of honor

    Am testifying what I had prophesied over hall + Panpaper – the bishop interpreting

    The wedding was the first religious event held in the Panpaper social hall, over which I had declared that it will not only get totally renovated and fixed up but that meetings will be held in it with every chair occupied, not a single chair empty. God has purposed the restoration and success of Pan Africa Paper to be a testimony to Yeshua and for his glory.

    I was struck with the realization that the prophetic words for Panpaper were confirmed before my very eyes: every chair was occupied, even on stage. The wedding represented a “new beginning” under the Lordship of Yeshua, just as the Lord spoke concerning the huge paper mill managed now by Kenyans.

    Bishop Bera called upon us to bless the couple and for Bill to sound the shofar. The couple knelt, ready to be ordained. Bill spread his tallit over them which got soaked with the anointing oil when the presiding bishop poured it out upon the two. Before I could pray for and bless the couple the Holy Spirit had me bear witness to the multitude of the prophesy over this hall, Panpaper and Kenya. Then I prayed for the newly re-wed and ordained couple, and for the Lord to baptize them with the Holy Spirit and with fire, and blessed them with the Aaronic blessing.

    7 1 Peter 2:5 8 Matthew 16:18-19

  • The Latter Days of the Time of the End

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    We concluded our ministering together with another 3-day conference in Bishop Bera’s Power Gospel church in Webuye. Many bishops and pastors, and Eldoret shepherds said they were looking forward to the conference.

    The main burden on my heart was to share God’s warning messages with the shepherds. I needed to reach them because sheep are easily spooked and scattered and require slow and gentle guidance. As I had already laid the 3-fold foundation, all were now ready for this, my last opportunity to prepare them for the times ahead.

    I addressed the so-called Israel-Palestinian “conflict,” which, being seen as a political agenda, is not recognized by most Christians as Satan’s all-out attempt to prevent the Lord’s Return to His people, Land and city. I exposed certain elite people whose plan it is to usurp the throne of David and prevent the Reign of Yeshua. I spoke on the New World Order (NWO), and how to identify the Man of lawlessness, the anti-Christ9. I taught on the “abomination that shall render the earth desolate,” on what shall be standing in the Holy Place; and what is happening beneath the Temple Mount. I spoke on today’s ultimate “arms-race10 – a computer virus11 able to totally paralyze a nation like the U.S., whose entire infra-structure and defense system are electronic. I spoke on the schemes of the NWO, so incredibly evil, that people dismiss them as fantasy. Their plans for the reduction of the world population 12 are as follows:

    1. one population slated for killing;
    2. one population slated for slavery;
    3. one population slated as “worthy” to join the NWO13.

    I spoke about G-d returning to a Temple that was undefiled by the Man of sin14; to the Third Temple, built by G-d’s Servant “The Branch,”15 the King who returns and sits on David’s throne.

    Webuye housing seen from the road to Power Gospel church Another view of Webuye housing The area all around Webuye is beautiful
    Road from Eldoret to Webuye; in the bkgr former witchcraft mountain Eastern entrance into Webuye coming from Bungoma At the junction by the eastern entrance
    Vendor stalls in Webuye’s main market Display of clothes, curtains, bed linens and other wares on the grass Plot of land in 2008 in front of Power Gospel church; now, in 2011, this plot is filled with goverment buildings

    I spoke on the ”tent” (ohel) of David,16 which will be an unimposing, humble structure rather than a sumptuous “palace,” as the true family of David won’t be impressive like the European royalty, the “sang-real.” I reminded them that like Yeshua’s First Coming was very humble, so will His Second Coming be without worldly pomp and glory. May we not be deceived by the appearance of the usurper.

    I spoke on the role of the papacy 17 in the NWO, particularly the last pope, and how to distinguish true signs, wonders and miracles from false ones: whatever does not undo the works of the evil one, testify to Yeshua being both Son of Man and Son of G-d, and does not bring down strongholds that exalt themselves against the knowledge of G-d18 are false signs, wonders and miracles. Whatever does not glorify G-d is false.

    I taught on Ephesians 2:11-22, Romans 11, and Psalm 9:19-20 “Arise, O LORD! Let not ENOSH (carnal, feeble and sickly race of) / man prevail; let the GOYIM/Gentile nations be judged before You! Put them in fear, O LORD! Let the GOYIM/Gentile nations know that they are BUT ENOSH (a feeble, inferior race of) / men!” Enosh being the “wild olive tree.” The former Gentiles, now engrafted into the “cultivated olive tree” Israel – which is still a race of ADAM19 – must understand and know how they relate as co-heirs and fellow-citizens to the Commonwealth of Israel, lest they be swept away when the Lawless one comes with ALL WICKED DECEPTION.

    I closed with an exhortation to believe BIG! While satan is still the prince of this world20, God does only as much as His children ask of and believe Him for. Asking for very little is false humility. We want our God and Lord to be known to every man, and for His Kingdom to come. Therefore we dare ask BIG in accordance with His Word and Will – and believe BIG:

    “Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.”21

    Laurie followed up with the NWO: who they are, and for how long the organization has been in the planning. Unfortunately, her power-point illustration failed when the generator blew out the lamp of her laptop. Although she continued, the subject was too complex without visuals. Nevertheless, we got out G-d’s warnings. I left my teachings with Bera and Kasili, who put them into booklets for the shepherds and saints.

    On day 2, Laurie spoke about the believer’s identity, and on day 3 about the Father’s heart. As usual, Bill had the concluding sessions. He taught on the shofar, on the gifts of the Spirit, and how to flow together in unity in the Body. On day 3, Bill was to minister the entire afternoon. But before that, we all went on a Jericho march.

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    14 As it once was defiled by Antiochus IV “Epiphanes”; and its cleansing and rededication to God’s service being commemorated until this day with the festival of Hanukkah
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  • A Jericho March, the Maasai of Kajiado Kenya, and a Man Greatly Beloved

    Page 5

    Several years prior to this, we did a Jericho march around a plot that Bishop Bera needed for his Bible Training Center. But we were only a few and without shofars. Now we had shofars, and the understanding of their power, thanks to Bill. So, with loud praises and the sounding of the shofar, we marched. After the 7th round, we formed a circle, shouted and sounded the battle cry of the shofar. Bera, Bill and Laurie prayed and decreed. I concluded with a prophetic decree as we all gave thanks.

    After the march, Bill devoted his first session to the children, ending with a song he learned in Uganda. Bill then taught on the “womb” and restoration, (even for witches). Ordination of Bera to apostleship, and of others to pastors and bishops followed.

    After Bera and his wife Beninah had been anointed, prayed over and blessed by apostle Bill, Laurie and I, Laurie gave Bera one of her 2 shofars, and the poster of her teaching on the Father’s heart. What a wonderful gift for the occasion! Apostle Bera then presented certificates which Bill and I had signed as witnesses the evening before. Twenty-five were ordained, their heads glistening from the anointing oil Bera poured on them. Bill, Laurie and I followed with prayers and prophetic words and impartations as the Holy Spirit led.

    As for the “coordinator” George, the Lord mentioned a very great desire George had had for years but considered too big to ask for. The Lord said, “Ask!” and promised that I, Bill and Laurie would be ministering to him.

    Laurie is walking up to Bera with her 2 shofars

    Laurie kneeling before Bera, handing him one of her shofars

    Preparing for the ordination; am holding Bill’s tallit ready

    Mama Bera holding the poster of the “Father’s Heart” given by Laurie

    Bishop Bera ordained apostle together with his wife Beninah

    Mama Bera and all the ordained pastors and bishops rejoicing

    Once again we stood on “holy ground”, and again in a most humble place of a dirt floor; aluminum sidings and roof’; narrow wooden benches for seats; a simple wooden pulpit and tin-cans filled with wild flowers from outside. I rejoiced that the Lord is not a respecter of person, position, race, or wealth. His Spirit was present, and we rejoiced before Him with cake, and much singing and dancing.

    It had been a glorious three days, and though some pastors and bishops had to leave for a while, the place was packed and we knew we had accomplished our mission there.

    The next day we left at 5:00 a.m. for Eldoret to catch our flights to Nairobi.

    Visiting the Maasai
    Our last assignment in Kenya was to visit the Maasai Chief Moses Nkuruna, whom I had visited in 2008. I couldn’t remember how to get to him and during our conference asked Bera to get directions from the Chief. Bill and Laurie were also present when Bera talked to the Chief. Afterwards Bera looked at us and said, smiling, “The Chief invited me to come and meet with him.”

    The moment I heard him say this the Holy Spirit leaped in me so powerfully that tears shot into my eyes and I began skipping through the living room. It reminded me of when Elizabeth heard Miriam’s greeting, how the babe leaped in Elizabeth’s womb and she got filled with the Holy Spirit.

    This was apparently something big, really big! I immediately knew that Bera was to come with us, which meant we had to come up with the funds to pay for his plane ticket. I was willing to use the credit card again but Bill and Laurie took care of it. I still had to use it though to pay for the taxi and driver to take us to the Chief.

    What a pleasant surprise it was when our driver turned out to be Bera’s son Mike, his firstborn. We first tried, unsuccessfully, to get to George’s house to deposit our luggage, but turned around and drove to Bissil of Kajiadpo, where the Chief met with us and took us to his village.

    His family of many children, several wives, in-laws and elders were waiting for us. After tea we went to sit outside to have it cooler. They had prepared a program for us: first a song, then the women in their colorful clothing and ornaments dancing for us, then Lucy, the Chief’s second oldest daughter, reading from the Bible Psalm 118:24-29, thanking God for us visitors and for His steadfast love enduring forever. Most members of his family were believers, and even he had come to believe in Yeshua but apparently was not yet born again.

    Following their program it was my turn to tell again why I had come to see the Chief the first time and how I found him miraculously in this vast Maasai land, having nothing but his first name. This second time I came again at the bidding of the Lord, in the company of apostles, one of them himself a “chief.” One of the Chief’s sons, Emmanuel, a precious young man and believer in Yeshua, interpreted what I said into Maa, their language.

    I reported that presently descendants of the tribe of Menasseh were being brought home to Israel from India, and explained that apparently one half of the tribe had been scattered to the Asian continent, and the other half to the African continent. And God was going to fulfill His promise to them and bring them back to Israel as well. This might take some years of preparations, but I could see them in the Negev, of which I proceeded to tell them, asking Lucy to read Isaiah 35 and 51:3.

    None of them seemed surprised or opposed to such a move, having always believed that one day they would be led back to the Promised Land, and since my first visit with the Chief having come to expect it.

    After I finished the Chief spoke, acknowledging and accepting what I had said, and confirming the faith of the Maasai that they were descendants of the tribe of Menasseh and that one day they would be led back to the Promised Land. Then he asked me to stand up and told us that they had prepared some presents for us. One of the women stepped forward and placed two necklaces around my neck, trying to attach also some ear rings, but I don’t have pierced ears. She was disappointed.

    One by one, each of us were asked to step forward to be honored with their typical, handmade jewelry. The Chief apologized for the smallness of the gifts, that they hadn’t had time to prepare proper gifts but that next time we come they would have appropriate gifts ready for us. I had no idea what these would be but didn’t ask. Then he said that next time I come he would have all of his people meet me, as this time it was only his family, with not even all members present.

    We were served the typical meal of white rice with beans and meat, then we went to visit their mud huts made by the women: small, low, but very practical, with makeshift fences to keep the lifestock out. At last we took a lot of pictures and said our good-byes, with the Chief and Emmanuel returning with us to Bissil.

    On our way back to Nairobi apostle Bera pointed out how large the Chief’s domain is, and Mike stated that they too were Maasai. How so, I wanted to know. Then he and his father told us that they were Maasai left behind on Mt. Eglon when the other ones moved. That their name “Bera” was a Maasai name and that in fact their hosts asked them about it. Now Bera’s coming with us to meet the Chief made even more sense.

    A man greatly beloved
    We arrived safely at George’s apartment, where Laurie and I shared a bedroom and queen size bed. When George came home we were served supper. He had planned to join his family in Mombasa for Christmas, but the Lord urged me to make sure the man would stay with us until we left.

    The next morning, after breakfast, the Lord said it was time to minister to George.

    “You have a great desire in your heart,” the Holy Spirit began. “You have this desire already for some years. But you have not dared to ask me because you think it is too big. Ask!” the Lord now said, without revealing to me of what nature this great desire was. Apparently it was a godly desire, else the Lord would not have exhorted George to ask.

    George only nodded regarding the “great desire,” went down on his knees and the moment I laid my hands on his head the Holy Spirit rushed into me and him so powerfully I almost fell over. I began to weep as the Holy Spirit spoke through me and His love for this man simply overwhelmed me. He even called him, “a man greatly beloved,” and I felt George should be renamed “Daniel.”

    After I finished speaking Laurie laid her hands on him, weeping as well as she spoke to George prophetically, confirming what I had said. I fell on my knees, unable to stand any longer in such presence of holiness, seeing tears streaming down George’s cheeks. Laurie knelt on the floor, leaning against the wall to brace herself with tears flowing. Bill also spoke and blew the shofar but I was so “drunk” in the Spirit I don’t recall what he said. The Holy Spirit kept running through me for a long time, and we all felt the presence of angels while not seeing them. Bill stated that Michael was present, and repeated that twice.

    I haven’t experienced this powerful presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit since the late seventies, early eighties. Here, in this humble Kenyan’s dining room, we were being visited by Him Who is a holy fire, a wind and breath of G-d and anointing oil, Who is power and holiness, and Who called George a man “greatly beloved.”

    It was absolutely awesome!

    Eventually Mike arrived, we paid another 5000 Kenyan Shillings for the van, and drove into down-town Nairobi. I have always wanted to see the “hub” of Kenya, the huge plaza framed by the flags of the world, and surrounded by Kenya’s government buildings. As Bera, George, Bill, Laurie, Mike and I walked through the huge park we came upon an idolatrous monument in pyramid shape commemorating the late Pope’s visit and speech right there, with the typical symbols of the NWO and usurpers of our Lord’s inheritance and throne. We pulled that stronghold down!

    All the flag poles were empty and the fountain of Jomo Kenyatta’s monument did not work, but it still was an impressive sight with all those buildings and old trees. Then Mike drove us to the airport and we hugged each other good-bye.

    Bill, Laurie and I did a little souvenir shopping in the duty free shops, had a bite to eat and then waited for our flight to Addis Ababa that was a whole hour late. We somehow missed each other in Addis Ababa and did not get to say our good byes. But we had hugged plenty before that, and I got Bill’s lingering cold to take home with me for a souvenir.

    At 3:00 a.m. I walked out into the waiting hall of the Ben Gurion 2000 airport where my husband greeted me with tears in his eyes, ever so happy to have his wife back after a 1 month absence.

    By then I knew the work that I hadn’t finished in Kenya:

    A. to establish this nation prophetically, together with William and Laurie and apostolic authority, as the lighthouse God has
    ordained this nation to be to the continent of Africa;
    B. to promote unity among the bishops and pastors, to bring unity to the Body of Messiah in Kenya, and prepare them for God’s
    new move of a double portion.
    C. to prepare mentally, emotionally, prophetically the Maasai of Kenya for their return to the Promised Land, and work together
    with Israeli experts to carry out this task, bringing them into the Negev to turn it into the Garden of the Lord.

    Our “divine assignment” in Kenya served as a kick-off to a “New Beginning” for the Body of Messiah in Kenya, for Panpaper, for the Maasai, and for the nation of Kenya. God’s plans for them cannot be annulled, His purpose stands; what He has said He will do, what He spoke He will perform, and He will accomplish all His purpose. To Him, the only and eternal God, omni-scient, omi-present and almighty King of the universe be glory and honor, praise and thanksgiving forever and ever. Amen!

  • Kenya 2011 Photo Album – Divine Assignment

    Page I

    Point cursor on picture you want to see, right click, click on “view image”, and the
    picture loads in full size, with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
    With Explorer point cursor on image, right-click, then cklick on “Open Link in New Tab.”

    1 I, with Mama Bera, friend Josephine, and Junior
    2 Mama Bera+Jr., I, Josephine, Mercy Bera, neighbor+Miriam Bera
    3 Bera-bunnies Phyllis, Cheero, Sheila, Jr, Yvonne
    16 Bera wash day: bent over buckets Sheila, Monica, Cheero
    17 The laundry hung up everywhere, on wash line and fences
    18 Sisters Cheero and Phyllis exhausted from the day’s work
    4 Bera-girls (fr. right) Cheero, Phyllis, Sheila
    5 Jr. in front-yard flower bed
    6 Orphan Alex in front-yard in flower bed he planted
    19 Women at Bukole Marriage Conference
    20 Marriage Conference; Pastor Mary in pink dress
    21 Dancing in Malaba village church during a torrential down pour
    7 House back-yard to kitchen entrance
    8 Last window my room; shed for cows, chickens, + bunnies
    9 Mama Bera + Alex, Panpaper neighborhood housing
    22 Malaba village: Bishop Bera and Pastor interpreter praying
    23 Dancing again during another down pour
    24 Malaba town church – women and children
    10 Mama Bera + I holding my favorite bunny, at kitchen entrance
    11 I holding my favorite bunny white + grey, and a 2nd one
    12 The Bera backyard with huge tree
    25 Malaba town – 3 congregations assembled: I teach, Bera interpr
    26 Malaba town church and I teaching 3 assemblies
    27 Malaba town – dancing through the aisles
    13 Bera “hair salon”: Miriam, Lucy, Monica, Mercy
    14 “Hair salon”: Mama Bera’s expert help, daughter Lucy, Monica
    15 Lucy getting more beautiful from Monica’s expert styling
    28 Seated between bishops, next to Mama and Bishop Bera
    29 The children performing a dance to a song
    30 The dance, with young woman in the background responsible

  • Kenya 2011 Photo Album – Page 2

    Page II

    Point cursor on picture you want to see, right click, click on “view image”, and the
    picture loads in full size, with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
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    31 I, with Bishop + Mama Bera, woman pastor pledging
    32 Coordinator George + 3 women pastors pledging+testifying
    33 George + pledging women pastors
    46 Teaching in a village church, Bera interpreting
    47 Pastor of church, fellow pastors rejoicing in the exhortation
    48 Blessing the offering that followed my teaching on giving
    34 I between Bishop + Mama Bera
    35 Reliable Kembo Bera, always hard working and cheerful
    36 Orphan Samy at Power Gospel, serving the Lord
    49 Pastors at lunch break; everybody was served rice & beans
    50 Mama Bera, I, pastors listening to a woman’s testimony
    51 Lots of children wanting to see the “mzungu” – white woman
    37 Tallying the pledges, pastors in background
    38 Coordinator George + I
    39 I + some women pastors
    52 Bishop Bera following up on deliverance, Pastor interpreter
    53 Bishop speaking on what happened – the Pastor interpreting
    54 Woman in red jacket delivered of demons; next to her got healed
    40 One of 3 pastors at Panpaper’s daily lunch-hour prayer meeting
    41 Mercy Bera + some Panpaper men
    42 Mercy, some of the men and I teaching
    55 Eldoret: Bishop Bera, Apostles Bill & Laurie in hosts’ livingroom
    56 Our host Robert Luyayi + his family + Mama Bera
    57 Our hosts in Eldodret: Robert Luyayi & wife
    43 In front of the stage of Panpaper Social Hall where I prophesied
    44 Another pastor in blue shirt, in management + assistant
    45 The pastor with a Panpaper foreman
    58 Mama Luyayi with her children, Mama Bera + Sheila
    59 Kembo + Yvonne (Martin’s daughter) Bera, Luyayi daughter
    60 Spiritual Power Center building of bamboo sticks and tin roof

  • Kenya 2011 Photo Album – Page 3

    Page III

    Point cursor on picture you want to see, right click, click on “view image”, and the
    picture loads in full size, with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
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    61 Bera children Sheila, Kembo, Phyllis, Cheero + Joshua dancing
    62 I teaching, never behind a pulpit;want to be close to the people
    63 Some of the bishops and pastors
    76 Closing her teaching with prayer and declarations
    77 Everybody praying to walk in our “true identity”
    78 Day 2: Laurie teaching on the “Father’s Heart”
    64 The woman on the left is the Mama trying to unite pastors
    65 Pastor of the church, next to him the keyboard player
    66 Bishops and pastors introducing themselves
    79 Bill, the “apostle” of the Father’s heart, holding the poster
    80 Laurie’s illustration of how the Body of Messiah should function
    82 God confirming Bishop Bera as an apostle
    67 I teaching; I like to look into people’s eyes when I preach/teach
    68 Apostle William teaching the 3rd session on day 1
    69 Was speaking on the “womb,” how we get affected already there
    82 I am prophesying over Bera, God calling him a “Father to Africa”
    83 Prophesying, Bill & Laurie in prayer of agreement
    84 Bill + I ministering to both Bera
    70 Speaking on “restoring” us to what God intended us to be
    71 Speaking on the reason why so many turn to witchcraft
    72 Speaking on “loving them back” to God, Yeshua and soundness
    85 The Lord has us hug them in proxy…
    86 … saying, “It is I Who is holding you in My arms”
    87 Concluding this prophetic apostolic ministry with the shofar
    73 Day 1: Laurie feeling totally “out of it” after a bad night
    74 Laurie was asked to pray
    75 She taught on the “identity of the believer” after encouragement
    88 The “Voice of God” was sounding forth mightily
    89 Praying for God to call forth His servants the “bondslaves”
    90 Calling upon the people for recommitment and to unity

  • Kenya 2011 Photo Album – Page 4

    Page IV

    Point cursor on picture you want to see, right click, click on “view image”, and the
    picture loads in full size, with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
    With Explorer point cursor on image, right-click, then cklick on “Open Link in New Tab.”

    91 Prophetic apostolic confirmation of Bera’s apostleship + Mama
    92 All 3 of us + a pastor ministering to the Beras + Joshua
    93 Condluding the prophetic session with mighty blasts
    106 Leading bishop of Eldoret ministering forgiveness
    107 Weeping, prayers and restoration
    108 At end of 3rd day Bill started ministering individually to pastors
    94 Laurie & I praying for, + imparting God’s gifting on young woman
    95 Prophetic confirming decree over the young woman
    96 Pastor kneeling to recommit unto the Lord
    109 Blessing and praying
    110 Blessing Ronald M. Mang’eni, pastor of Spiritual Power Center
    111 Each received an apostolic prayer and blessing
    97 Bill still calling for recommitment and surrender to the Lord
    98 Kembo came foward, all 3 of us ministering, Pastor interpreting
    99 Setting Kembo apart with prayer and the laying on of hands
    112 Webuye water works next to the waterfalls
    113 The 3 branches of the “Broderick Falls” visible
    114 The most powerful and wildest of the 3 falls
    100 Bill ministering, Pastor interpreting
    10I Laurie ministering with the laying on of hands;
    102 I doing the same; however, we don’t lay hands on just anybody
    115 Check this link; this is Western Kenya as I have known it
    116 Rushing toward the river Nzoia
    117 The 3 joined into 1river flowing into Lake Victoria, feeding Nile
    103 Touching the man’s mouth for speaking the Word in Truth
    104 Bill kneeling in repentance of American shortcomings
    105 Bera praying + weeping, a pastor, Laurie and I praying together
    118 the outermost, right branch
    119 Apostles Laurie, William and Bera, and I
    120 Pastor Herman Kasili, Bill and Christopher Simiyu Bera

  • Kenya 2011 Photo Album – Page 5

    Page V

    Point cursor on picture you want to see, right click, click on “view image”, and the
    picture loads in full size, with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
    With Explorer point cursor on image, right-click, then cklick on “Open Link in New Tab.”

    121 Bera, Laurie, Bill; Josephine; other apostles, bishops, pastors
    122 Walking toward the plot where the brick building stands
    123 The long line of people visible
    136 Josephine, pastors, Mama Bera, Bill
    137 Worshipleader + apostle Ronald Mang’eni
    138 Laurie, Bill, Ugandan “eagle”
    124 Passing the brick building that could serve for student housing
    125 On the other side of the brick building
    126 Claiming the plot of land + brick building for Power Gospel
    139 Pastors at lunch break with rice, beans and ugale
    140 Pastors from the “village”
    141 Bill with Ugandan Pastor the Lord called an “eagle”
    127 Praising and singing while making the rounds
    128 It was a long row of praying and praising people
    129 Apostles Bera, Laurie, Bill
    142 Women at the lunch break
    143 Bill leading the children in song and dance
    144 Whatever he did they did
    130 Passing the back side of Power Gospel Church building
    131 7th round completed; concluding the march with “take-over”
    132 Praise + worship led by Kenyan worship leader
    145 Bill loves ministering to children
    146 They enjoyed the time with Bill
    147 Heads glistening with anointing oil at ordinations
    133 African praise + worship is always with dance
    134 Joshua taking his new role as keyboard player very serious
    135 Coordinatior George, pastors + Bill dancing
    148 Praying for the ordained man + for infilling with the Holy Spirit
    149 Beloved Josephine holding on to me as I minister to her
    150 Bill praying for baptism with the Holy Spirit for ordained woman

  • Kenya 2011 Photo Album – Divine AssignmentPage VI

    KENYA 2011 PHOTO ALBUMPoint cursor on picture you want to see, right click, click on “view image”, and the
    picture loads in full size, with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
    With Explorer point cursor on image, right-click, then cklick on “Open Link in New Tab.”

    01 Pastors at the “Crooked Way” place turned “Straight Way”
    02 I teaching on forgiveness at “Straight Way”
    03 Laurie teaching on the “Identity if the believer”
    016 First wife honoring me with gifts of jewelry
    017 Second wife honoring Bill, elder + pastor son looking on
    018 Chief Moses Nkuruna, Bill and I with Maasai jewelry
    04 Bill speaking on “restoration of womb,” even of witches
    05 I speaking on “believing BIG”
    06 The altar call for repentance, forgiveness and restoration
    019 Laurie with older daughter-in-law, Lucy behind Laurie
    120 Bera, Nancy Nkuruna, Chief, grandson, elder, another son
    021 Oldest son a pastor; can’t remember his name
    07 Bera, 2 wives, daughter-in-law, 3 wives, Mike, Emmanuel
    08 son, Bera, son, friend, elder, Laurie, I, chief, elder, grandkids
    09 The chief’s family; next to him daughters Nancy+?+Lucy
    022 Chief’s son Emmanuel, our interpreter, in front of a typical hut
    023 Laurie at a hut entrance
    024 One of chief’s wives in her hut
    010 Chief with daughters + sons, Emmanuel + Pastor brother
    01I Chief, elder, us, Bera, Mike Bera, Emmanuel our interpreter
    012 Some of chief’s sons, daughters and grandkids
    025 2 of chief’s wives, older daughter-in-law, wife of pastor son
    026 a typical hut entrance
    027 the interior of that hut
    013 Mike Bera holding shofar and 3 of chief’s wives
    014 Mike with all wives and 2 daughters-in-law
    015 Chief+2elders+pastor son, grandson, Mike + a daughter-in-law
    028 Make-shift fence to keep the lifestock out
    029 Clusters of huts in chief’s domain
    030 Ideal land for cattle, sheep and goats