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Commentary by Annelore:

The astronomy software program Greg Killian was using apparently featured perversions of some of the constellations, such as Coma Berenicæs, which means the wig of Berenice, and not a crown of 12 stars. Furthermore, even in ancient times before this constellation was “converted” into a wig, it never was a crown. It was known as Coma~Desire of the Nations, and is an integral part of the constellation of Virgo

The Virgin who was to conceive and bear a son is the Hebrew almah~a veiled lass of marriageable age20,  i.e. a maid who was in every sense of the term a virgin. This was Miriam, the mother of our Lord at His First Coming. Virgo is the dominating constellation and indeed the Scriptures declare her “blessed above [among] women,” and “henceforth all generations will call me [her] blessed.”21

However, the name of the constellation Virgo in Hebrew is Bethulah. This word refers to a young woman, whose lifestyle may or may not be separate from the defiling ways of the world. She is, however, from G-d’s point of view, a Virgin because He sees her already cleansed, purified and sanctified by the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Spirit long before she actually is. She is a virgin in the same sense in which the 144,000 in Rev. 14 are virgins

Bethulah implies specifically a separation unto G-d, whether for good or for evil, such as is inferred in Isa. 23:12; 37:32; Jer. 14:17, 18:13; and 31:4, and 21. Each time the word used is Bethulah, but from the context it is apparent that she did not live a holy life of purity, as a bride who is engaged in a marriage covenant. It is therefore incorrect to ascribe to Bethulah only the meaning of purest virginity.

The name of the constellation, Bethulah or Virgo, identifies her as the prominent subject. However, in the first of the three constellations of this sign where the woman appears, the name Coma points to the CHILD as the great subject. Virgo carries in her left hand an ear of corn, and in her right hand a branch. It’s brightest star, of first magnitude, is in the ear of the corn and has an ancient name handed down in all the star maps, in which the Hebrew word Tzemech (today pronounced “tzemach”) is preserved. 

It means “The Branch”!

This is testified to also by The Branch in her right hand, and clearly speaks of His two comings: one was as “My Servant the Branch,”22 Who would come and humble Himself even to death on a cross. The Second Coming is as the “Man whose Name is the Branch,”23 who shall bear both priestly and royal honor, and Who shall build the Temple of the L-RD.

Bethulah who holds in her hands the ear of corn and the branch is the dominant sign of the constellation Virgo, not the Child. It is NOT the church of which she is a sign. Later prophecies clearly identify her as being of the stock of Israel, the seed of Abraham, the line of David.

But what we want to look at is the Sign of His Second Coming which is connected with the constellation Coma (The WOMAN and Child), the Desired of all nations. Coma is the ancient name of the sign which was later renamed as the wig of Berenicæs. Hence, the “sign” that really came into focus above Bethulah was Coma, a fairly small constellation of a woman sitting upon a throne (royal), holding a young child on her knees. It is the CHILD here – the MANCHILD, the Desired One - Who is the dominant part of this constellation. It speaks of His Second Coming, for the MANCHILD is already born!

Furthermore, Bethulah, as well as the woman in Rev. 12, is first of all “pregnant” and THEN in birthpangs. The image shown on Killian’s web site shows “Rosh Chodesh”, the New Moon, in the womb. So, it is the Resurrected One Who presents Himself to be birthed. If we carefully study the woman in Rev. 12 we find her in travail to birth forth the One and only Manchild, the Greek word being areen huios, which means a son and heir of ADULT age, of lifting power. However, what she finally brings forth are little born [again] ones, the Greek word being teknon. And it is the company of teknon the red dragon wants to devour but can’t because --- HIS MOUTH GOT SHUT --- before the woman would bring forth the little born [again] ones

Finally, it is the company of teknon that is caught up to the throne of G-d, and not the Manchild. He was caught up almost 2,000 years ago. In the Book of Revelation the woman wears a royal victory chaplet of 12 stars, not of 11, or 10, or 21. The only crown in the heavenly constellations is Corona Borealis, its Hebrew name being Atarah~A royal crown, and it has 21 stars.

Hence, what we are presented with in Rev. 12 is a SIGN of a Woman who is, in G-d’s eyes – since He is the One Who put that constellation there – a virgin and a bride with whom He has entered into a marriage covenant24. She is travailing for the Manchild to be birthed. Yet, how can a son and heir of adult age be birthed? 

Paul the apostle - a man - gives us a hint in Galatians 4:17. He says, “My little children [Gr. teknion~ infants, darlings [Christian converts], pl. of teknon/a little child [as produced], with whom I am again in travail until Messiah [i.e. the areen huios, the Manchild] be formed [birthed] in you.”

In other words, she is travailing to give birth to faith in the [resurrected] Manchild in the hearts of many teknon25. The SIGN of the Virgo occurred about 2,000 years ago, and she literally gave birth to the Manchild who then was a [Gr.] brephôs~ infant, baby26, a paidon~childling27. The SIGN of this Bethulah~woman is to give birth to the “areen huios”, the Son and Heir of adult age. However, she brings forth a company of teknon, namely babes in FAITH in the arreen huios, the Son and Heir of adult age. These the red dragon desires to devour but can’t, and are caught up to G-d and His throne.

Traditional Gentile Christianity interpretation in the Catholic camp has been that this Woman is the Virgin Mary, an interpretation which conflicts with the actual text. The Protestant camp has held her to be the Church. This interpretation must then, of necessity, ignore such passages as the woman fleeing into the wilderness where G-d has prepared a place for her, and “the dragon … went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of G-d and bear testimony to Yeshua.” The place the woman flees to is a “spot, limited in occupancy” (i.e. no room for hundreds or thousands or millions of people), and the wilderness is a place “void of human habitation” (and not necessarily a true wilderness). And it is a chasm  which keeps her safe from the presence of the serpent. In addition, her seed~sperma in Greek, those she either conceived, or sowed, or gave birth to, not only bear testimony of Yeshua but also keep the commandments of G-d. 

With all due respect to Christianity’s great teachers, this cannot be either the Church or the Nation of Israel. Not all of Israel keeps G-d’s commandments; neither does Gentile Christianity nor the organized Church as we know it. Rather, every one observes what seems right to him, as Paul and the Jerusalem council made clear: there were no obligations with the exception of 4 things. (Notwithstanding, the church fathers went further and called Torah obsolete). 

The seed of this Bethulah, however, both keeps G-d’s commandments and bears testimony to Yeshua. The seed then is the rest of that company of teknon which was caught up to G-d. They are neither the whole of the nation of Israel, nor the Church. A careful word study of this chapter makes either such interpretation impossible.

20 Isaiah 7:14 21 Luke 1:42, 48
22  Zech. 3:8 23  Zech. 6:12-13
24  Let’s not jump immediately to the conclusion that this, of course, means the Church. Both the old and new covenants were made with Israel, and the Gentiles are  brought near by the blood of the Lamb, through faith. The name of that bride is still Israel – see Hos. 2, and many other Scriptures – and ultimately, Jerusalem, the one most intimate and of equal holiness with Him. It is not Church. Church is the transliteration of the Greek, “ecclesia”, which is the transliteration of the Hebrew, “kahal”, or “kehila” which means a “community” (of saints), an “assembly” (of the firstborn from the dead) a “congregation” (of believers). 
25 Because the use of the word is in the singular - although it is apparent that it is meant in the plural – it suggests a certain “company” of born again ones. As the ensuing text clarifies, this “company of little born ones” is Jewish. 
* The picture of VIRGO and COMA I assembled from the illustrations in E.W. Bullinger's book, "The Witness of the Stars." Normally the constellation Coma is to the left of Virgo, between the constellations of Bootes and Leo.The entire book of Bullinger, with the map of constellations, is featured on
26  Luke 2:12, 16 27  Luke 2:17



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